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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  August 25, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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impacted. sam brock at crissy fields. the story changing bit minute. >> reporter: good evening. right now maythe mayor is -- th san francisco police are going to be posted up at alamo square for the next 24 hours. this would be the safest place for a rally and a change of venue throws it into flux. and crissy fields was the epicenter of the city's universe as preparations zoomed ahead for a high profile protest. in an instant, that changed. >> after several conversations with the police and understanding what is going on, we decided that tomorrow really seems like a set up. it doesn't seem safe.
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a lot of people's lives are going to be in danger tomorrow. >> reporter: he is changing plans. instead he wants everybody to show up at 2:00 p.m. at alamo park. >> bringing in tons of extremist. >> reporter: mayor lee spearheaded an antihate rally. the mayor asked people to avoid areas of confrontation. >> he want to make sure that the people have a place to be peaceful and safe. >> reporter: we talk about the fact that be the situation is changing by the second and within the last couple of minutes we have another epdaupd
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to support. the mayor is now releasing the fact that the national park service has revoked the permit in writing. the security here is still a go. that is the latest from san francisco. i am sam brock, back to you in the studio. >> what about sunday now, the conservative rally at berkeley. this statement was released. i have concerned that an tiffa and bamn will attack my people attending. >> this man chapman is facing charges in connection with one of those. he became a viral sensation after a video emerged of him fighting at a rally.
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he is still in jail at this hour. jodi hernandez joins us live outside the santa rita jail. big development that everything may or may not happen this weekend. >> reporter: it certainly is. it is unclear whether or not kyle chapman will bail out of the jail. he has been intent on attending these events. he was even scheduled to speak at one of them. tonight he remains behind bars. this is what landed right-ring activist kyle chapman behind himself. taken into custody this morning. prosecutors say he had a weapon, a led filled stick at a berkeley rally last march and was seen swinging it at the crowd. the judge ordered chapman to
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stay 300 yards away from the rally. >> the safety of the community. >> and it is nice to see the courts working in a way to protect the public. >> reporter: organizers say they are glad chapman has been ordered to stay away. they are encouraging the community to go to the rally and stand against hate. lawyers will help counter demonstrators if they are arrested. >> we want the community as a whole to feel comfortable with extending enthusiasm and vigor against white supremacy. >> what side do i stand on? >> chapman took to social media pledging to attend weekend rallies and to never surrender. as rally organizers announced later today, they are cancelling the event, sympathizers insist
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on they were never about why supremacist. th >> they just want a civil discussion of moderate people. >> reporter: the organizer is now urging people not to go. the police department released a list of 29 items that will be banned from the park. metal pipes, bats, shields torches, eggs, and balloons. >> a lot of developments in the last couple of hours. the rally in berkeley has been canceled. the rally in san francisco has been canceled. and the city of san francisco is asking the national park service to revoke the permit for that patriot rally in crissy field.
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that hasn't happened yet. a lot of changes and a lot of developments within the next 24 hours. download our free nbc bay area app and stay on top what is happening. 11 million people impacted in texas and along the gulf coast. hurricane harvey is about to make landfall in just a few hours. big surf and high winds from this category 4 storm. this is the strongest hurricane to hit the region in almost a half a century. once harvey makes landfall, the system is expected to linger for days. and could dump an unprecedented am of rain. thousands of people are leaving town. and peoples are i gnoring. >> we don't have the money to go ahead and take that ride out of town. >> we have plenty of food,
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canned food and essentials. >> a lot of people are being bussed to houston and dallas. and in north texas. the most severe part is expected over night. >> jeff, let's talk about what your expectations are about the eye of the storm, how much fringe effort you expect. >> it is now picking up forward speed. so the worst of it for the coastline is likely to happen in the next one to two hours. the center of the storm, winds at 130 miles per hour. so it is going to be a small zone with the largest impacts but wide reaching in terms of the rainfall. storm ranger is out right now. the outer eye wall is approaching the coastline near rock port. winds topping 120 miles per hour
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moves inland into tomorrow morning. the big thing we have been tracking, this is going to sit around five days with 30 inches of rainfall. >> we have been monitoring hurricane harvey on social media throughout the day. going to continue to do. that jeff is going to have more info for you. head to our website. new developments in a case surrounding a well-known trainer. our investigative unit was the first to uncover details about david wolf smith. allegedly saltsing 13 female victims. one victim, a minor, she spoke to robert handa about what took place in that gym. >> doing erotic things while massaging you. it is nothing that a child, adult, a woman, should have to
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endure let alone think it is okay. >> wolf smith pled guilty to 14 counts of sexual assault and was sentenced to seven years in prison. another potentially dangerous flood. what is being down to safe guard a san jose neighborhood. celebration in the north bay as people get a new option to get around. dangerous situation in berkeley after a victim of a crime tried to take matters in his own hand. how he ended up in the hospital. devastating flooding in san jose
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earlier this year. some promising news this evening for people impacted by the devastating floods in san jose this year. the valley water district is considering putting in temporary barriers in coyote creek. nbc bay area damian trujillo is in the rock springs neighborhood. >> reporter: things are getting back to normal here in rock springs. and today, the valley water district arrived with good news. these are the images the valley water district waited years to see. that agency would approve and help fund a permanent flood control project here to prevent
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this from happening again. >> we are doing everything we can from the water district perspective. >> reporter: the valley water district said they saw these images. when the coyote creek overflowed its banks. >> to resolve and fix the creek. >> reporter: he gave us a brief overview today of the plan to bring temporary relief to the rock spring community. >> it will be in the creek doing work very soon. >> reporter: this is what the water district has in mind. the board voted to build a barrier along coyote creek. the hope is to complete it by the end of september. >> short-term, but it will be
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doing the work toward the final result. >> reporter: some victims are trying to get back to normal and applaud the project. the water district says it is now on track for a temporary and permanent solution. in san jose damian trujillo nbc bay area news. taking the law into his own hands. and tonight he is in the hospital. this happened in downtown berkeley. the victim ran over the suspects and was dragged by their car. the man's arms were in the car and he was screaming for the driver to stop. >> i saw that the car was hanging on to somebody. and the guy was screaming for help. and then the car actually rammed into the parked car and they seemed to be intentional. they tried to get him off.
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>> midday in front of everyone. they had stole his laptop. a milestone for the bay area. plenty of people turned out to take a test drive. nbc bay area christie smith. >> reporter: there were cheers when this train pulled into the station here in san rafael. they also talked about using this as a different way to get around and hoping this reduces traffic on 101. >> wonderful. just delightful. >> it has been about a year and a half. >> reporter: across the street at extreme pizza, assistant manager says he has watched it
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closely. >> hoping to bring in new br business. >> reporter: a big celebration. the service had many kmaechalle and set backs. but today, the time, effort and tax dollars will pay off. >> hthis is the setting the example of what we are trying to do all across california. you can't just continue to always build a lane and add more cars. >> reporter: some weren't sure about the schedule on the first run. >> we waited from quarter to 12 and still waiting along. >> reporter: a promise of growth along the corridor and along the rail system itself. >> i was on the last train of this line and now i am on the first train. >> reporter: future plans to add
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service to larks purr and out to cloverdale. today it was free and then half price and then full fair on september 5th. >> time to get your phones out. rise up and get that app. hamilton has just launched a new one. there is an app for everything. you can get all the news and merchandise for the hit musical and it makes it easier to enter the hamilton ticket lottery. it will be back in san francisco in 2019. >> and i will not lose my shop. >> you have a problem, contact us. and our nbc bay area response program has gotten a lot of buzz. >> chris chmura is here with some of the trends he has been following. >> these problems that we are going to talk about are probably familiar to you because we have been taking consumer complaints
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for about 15 months now. since we started the most common complaint we have gotten has been about lousy cellular service. people who have cellular phones having all kinds of problems. resolving issues from sign up to cancellation. we have handled 122 complaints about one wireless company. insurance. 295 different insurance cases, home, auto, life, you name it. our team has had several big successes. our largest recovery so far have involved insurance claims. the average amount we have gotten back for folks stands at
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2,656. and total 1,073,230. call 888-996-tips or visit us online at who here has had trouble with their cell phone? >> all of us. >> no special treatment here. >> a million dollars, that is impressive. >> aiming for two. we know it is out there. >> and penmanship is very clear. you are not a doctor. >> jeff is with us and talking about the hurricane in texas and also a big hot weekend here in the bay area. >> dangerous heat. let's get into that micro climate forecast. heat advisory saturday and sunday. temperatures ranging 94 to 105 degrees. do not leave anyone inside a parked car as temperatures can
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go 30 degrees hotter. that is for the north bay, east bay, and south bay where that is in effect. as far as tomorrow morning's forecast, fog in the south bay. fog in the morning for san francisco but again temperatures warming up there as well. let's take you into our micro climate numbers and in the south bay 90s are returning. 94 in los gatos. 97 in morgan hill and 99 in gilroy. triple digits in concord at 103. pleasanton at 100. drink plenty of water and take frequent breaks if working outside. san francisco 75 degrees expected in the mission. up towards the north bay 96 in napa. let's move into the other top story, hurricane harvey. category 4 storm. we are an hour or two away from
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la landfall. continuing on to saturday and we could be dealing with this storm system all the way into wednesday of this week. that is how we are getting into ten to 30 inches across coastal and north texas. full coverage at san francisco in the 70s. and we may have 80s this weekend, sf right close to the airport. and for the inland valleys, hot 103. 102 on sunday and stay with the trend of 90s all the way through next week's forecast. >> we need a fan right now. >> yeah. >> you notice the orange friday for the giants. counting down to first pitch. back in a moment. happening now on our website.
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==reveal== controversy at the white house. president trump is pardoning former controversial arizona sheriff joe io happening on our website, controversy at the website president trump pardoning former sheriff joe arpaio. and on facebook, all you need to know about silicon valley pride festival this weekend. more news after the break. uber is making a u-turn.
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oakland is a no-go. ==vo== today, san francisco base jooiks okay. uber is making a u-turn.
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oakland is a no-go. it comes two years after uber bought the building for more than 120 million bucks. origin originally planned to staff the building. best known for his appearance in wire and selma wants to build a housing project in richmond. the development would have more than 400 housing units and commercial space and would be a short walk from the richmond bart and amtrak station. 49ers are taking on the vikings. kick off is five clock sunday.
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>> the third pre season game is always the most important. that is sunday evening. but tonight, it is orange friday and the giants are here on nbc bay area. game time in just a few minutes in arizona. because of the game, programming changes. america has talent will air on cozi tv comcast 186 and jessica is prepared for tonight's giants game. >> i am. i came in the giants colors. i am like a cheerleader here in the bay area. >> 106 degrees in phoenix. >> there is a dome there. >> thanks for watching us here at six. up next.
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next. it is out of here. it is so hot here in the desert. 112 degrees during the day, but the giants and diamondbacks are going to play this series


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