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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  August 28, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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hundreds 100s. >> another heat wave is on the way and more details on that in our full forecast. today some of the hottest temperatures came back across the east bay. it was debilitating. hard to stay cool. 107 in livermore. old record 105 set in 1981. you can also see here for walnut creek, 106. concord 105 and morgan hill 102 degrees. still remember to hydrate and don't forget the pets. contra costa alameda county through livermore. 1 104 in livermore. colder 60 in san francisco. details in how much this fog cools us off tomorrow.
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>> we will see you then. jodi hernandez joins us live from livermore. a lot of people had to go looking for ac today. >> reporter: oh, they did, jessica. this community center here is serving as one of the cooling stations across the bay area. when it gets this hot, spending time outside can be dangerous >> right now, i feel dizzy. >> reporter: lilian ruiz is drinking lots of water and has kept a wet cloth on her head and spent most of the day at a livermore cooling station. >> ridiculous. this is the most heat i have ever experienced. >> reporter: the temperature gage in livermore reads a whopping 109 and folks say they
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it feels like it. >> increase of likelihood of spot fires or fire being resistant to being put out and extinguished. >> reporter: cooling centers like libraries are popular today. >> crazy. wait too hot to be outside. i am on my lunch break so i decided to come in here and do a little reading. >> reporter: back in livermore not just the little ones taking advantage of the downtown fountains to stay cool. so hot, even fully clothed big kids. >> right now, i am sweating and
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my foundation is coming off. >> reporter: if you don't have air-conditioning or you can't afford it, you are being urged to take advantage of the cooling stations. this one is opened until 9:30 tonight. temperatures soaring once again at the end of the week. jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> all you need to do is download our free nbc bay area app and it will give you the weather in your neighborhood. historic floods in texas. it just won't stop raining. in the next 48 hours, 20 more inches of rain could fall in the wake of hurricane harvey. the mayor of houston has updated numbers for us. 3,000 people have been rescued from the flood waters.
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and 1,000 of them rescued today in the last eight hours. flooding in the town of bay town. you might have heard the words biblical or unbrprecedented whe it comes to the flooding. steven stock has been with us. and you have been looking at the fema map there and giving us perspective. >> reporter: fema puts out flood maps where flooding may occur. now this is an updated fema map of downtown houston just put out earlier this year. updated a half dozen times over the year. see these lines right here. those are what fema calls the 500 year flood zone. what engineers say would likely
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be the worst case scenario for a flood occurring once every 500 years. this is an arial picture showing the same area. the flooding has well exceeds the 500 year flood zone. houston would see about 21 inches of rain. at the moment, that rain has already fallen. and as you mentioned, we expect another 15 to 20 inches of rain to fall on that area again in the next 24 to 48 hours doubling what fema had estimated to be a once in a 500 year event. raj? >> we passed that 20 inches about 24 hours ago. thank you. just after 8:00 p.m. in houston and the rain is still coming down. live look at our doppler radar. we will go to houston for a live report. information tonight about
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the arrest made at the demonstrations in berkeley. 13 people arrested. eight are from the bay area. one from reno. another from portland. it is a case study in crowd control. police in san francisco and berkeley had their hands full with protesters. >> sam brock joins us live from that city. what happened and why the difference in the way the protests were handled. >> reporter: police here say they did not want to inflame a suddenly strained situation with antifa protesters. the protest on sunday did start peacefully. now the question many are mulling, could the violence have been prevented. >> a faceoff pitting the principles of free speech and anti hate. events turned out to be
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one-sided. many antifa demonstrators armed and seemingly ready for answers. >> the police made the right decision to pull back. >> reporter: there were, at least, 500 police officers posted up around the park from all different agencies. when the wave of mass protesters showed up, they were allowed in to avoid a conflict. >> reporter: t >> said nobody gets in with weapons and yet they let people in with weapons. >> reporter: tony ribbera was chief of police. he worries about the precedence of empowering a group like antifa. >> when people are committed to breaking the law, when you let them get away with it once, they will get away with it twice.
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>> reporter: this theory will be protested tunes. u.s. berkeley is hosting milo yiannopoulos. >> i personally, my own personal opinion is yong the campus should allow him to come. >> reporter: that is a conversation that the mayor is going to be continuing with uc berkeley. the university president says they will be hosting milo yiannopoulos to preserve free speech. i am sam brock, back to you in the studio. activist of the group met with bay area. they pointed out what they called the good part of the group. >> this was not something that
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was just a couple of people being attacked by fascist. this was an entire community standing up and saying no. and we need to see more of this. >> the group is also calling for people to fill the streets on november 4th to once again stand up against fascism. stay with us for continuing coverage on air and online. uc berkeley mourning a campus loss, chief counsel chris patti was killed in a bike crash. a car hit him left its license plate behind. a driver lost control on a curve and hit him. witnesses say the driver of the car never stopped. chris patti is survived by his wife and two sons. a major victory for the group looking to recall the
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judge aaron persky. they have been given the green light to continue. starting tomorrow, volunteers plan to start collecting the needed signatures. 150 days to get 159,000 verified signatures to get the recall measure on the june ballot. >> judge persky filed a frivolous lawsuit. >> efforts to recall judge persky began after he sentenced stanford swimmer brock turner to six months in jail after sexual assaulted a woman on campus. san francisco police officer accused of having child porn on his computer.
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police arrested him in july after a month long investigation. they say they discovered child pornography on his home computer. >> he is happy for the opportunity to defend himself against these charges and that is what we are going to do. thank you. >> he will be back in court in early september. i am chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. way too hot today. close eye on the fog for you. and plus when a brand new heat wave arrives. at 6:20 tonight. i am squad budman. your whole food bill will get cheaper in the future. jail without having to post
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new at 6:00 a suspected would be child molester released from jail without having posted bail. this case puts another spotlight on san francisco bail system. mark matthews joins us from the hall of justice with the details. >> reporter: police say he was picked up after a meeting
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with what he thought was a 14-year-old girl. charged with three counts sending pornography and arranging a meeting with a 14-year-old girl. he was corresponding with a police officer. and when he showed up for his meeting he was arrested. bail was posted. but two days later, judge joseph quin reduced bail with nothing. with instructions that he was not to chat on websites and no visits to locations where minors are supposed to be. other than at&t ballpark. mark clasp is a child abuse advocate. >> giving this guy the ability to walk is a terribly irresponsible thing to do.
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>> reporter: his roommate says he is still in town though he was not home when we stopped by this afternoon. a spokeswoman for the public defender's office says the suspect does not have a criminal record. and there was no one at the office who could speak with us today. the district attorney's office said there was an objection made to the release. >> some harsh words from a local member of congress. representative jackie speier. the subject of local jobs brought the congresswoman to the college of san mateo. she says she has been working
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with transgender in the military for two years. >> the president has got to wake up and realize this is not the base. he is the president of the united states he is no longer come painicampaigning for offic. >> representative speier says gender reassignment surgery is estimated $500 a year which is a fraction of $40 million the military spends each year on viagra. the grocery chain famous for its high quality and high process got a little less expensive today. some price haves already jobs. scott budman went shopping to check it out and scott, are shoppers happy, or pre occupied
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about the quality, maybe? >> reporter: yeah, very good question, we spoke to a lot of shoppe shoppers today and they do appreciate some of the prices going on. but they hope whole foods doesn't change too much. whole foods as usual had a steady stream of shoppers and diners. and it also had some lower prices. >> definitely avocados are cheaper. usually two or $3 for an avocado, and they were $1.99. >> at a price that i can afford, that is a real possibility there. >> reporter: we can confirm. the signs are up. and some prices are down. customers say they love the speculation about event home
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deliver delivered whole foods items. >> i learned that you can return amazon items here at whole foods. so that would be convenient for one stop shopping. >> reporter: some worry their favorite store may change with its new owner. >> i was concerned at first because i want to make sure that the quality of whole foods stays impeccable. >> everybody has a right to be skeptical. >> reporter: waiting to see how technology and groceries mix. now amazon already does some home delivery when it comes to food. i spoke to the whole foods headquarters today they would not comment on if or when they do that here. reporting live, squad budman, nbc bay area news. scott was beaming because those avocados were a dollar
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off. >> i wish i had better news for us. the heat wave is going to ramp back up. bear with us here. the temperatures going to be fluctuating quite a bit. the foggy breeze is beginning to drop temperatures. i know it is hard to notice in the interior valleys. big dips in santa rosa. fog starts to filter in. this will have an impact but don't expect numbers to drop in the 70s and 80s inland. still a very hot 98 in concord. you have 86 in palo alto. again, the heat wave is going to ramp back up again. you can see by thursday,
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103 degrees. friday, 105. saturday 102. even into labor we expect temperatures to remain in the low 100s. drink the water. stay hydrated. cool towel is a good way to keep your body temperatures down. don't leave anyone inside a parked car. it can turn deadly quick and rermg the pets. we have been talking about the heat a lot this summer. a lot of us have been complaining because we have now had 12 days at 100 or hotter. we will have update on harvey and where that is headed. >> thank you jeff. love at the beach. prompted a human display of love in san francisco over the weekend. happening now:
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==reveal== san jose announced some of its cooling centers will s happening now, san jose announces some of its cooling center will stay open until 9:00 tonight. roosevelt, bascom. bud will send 100,000 cans of drinking water to the victims of the flood. coƱ(
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flag-day and valentine )s day on san francisco )s ocean beach this weekend. demonstrators gathered on the
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well it looked like a combination of flag day and valentine's day. they said they are sending a message of love to the nation in response of outright protest. spelled out the message resist on the same beach back in february. protecting immigrants in the california courtroom. today the state senate passed this bill coauthored by san francisco democrat. that is if the judge doesn't consider it relevant to the case. supporters say it is important for immigrants to feel safe. >> people are going to be reluctant to be witnesses to report crimes. they don't want to come to the courthouse if they are undocumented. and they feel their participation as a witness may
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cause them to be deported. >> the bill will now move to the state assembly for further consideration. follow up to the city council shakeup in piedmont. the meeting has been canceled. so who takes over now. comes after he made controversial comments on his facebook page about transgender people, liberals and the black lives movement. they will vote next week to elect a new mayor. up next, it could be a defining moment. president trump will be heading to the flood zone in texas. larry gerston will join us with his political analysis. while jay gray joins us live. stay with us.
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our collaboration with pg&e is centered around public safety. without pg&e's assistance, without their training we could not do our mission to keep our community safe. anytime we are responding to a structure fire, one of the first calls you make is for pg&e for gas and electric safety. it's my job to make sure that they have the training that they need to make the scene safe for themselves and for the public. it's hands-on training actually turning valves, turning systems off, looking at different wire systems all that training is crucial to keeping our community safe and our firefighters safe. together, we're building a better california.
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floods in houston. harvey enguled the city, and re right now at 6:30, devastating floods in houston. harvey engulfing the city and more rain on the way. the people of houston, the nation's fourth largest city struggling to stay above rising flood waters. rescues likely to continue in the next 48 hours. this includes the first responders from the bay area. jay, what are you seeing now at this hour? almost 9:00 where you are.
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>> reporter: hey, and the rain continuing to fall. the help from the bay area much needed here. we are getting rain. it has been constant throughout the day. the water is climbing and pushing into places it's never been before. the rain here just won't stop. >> people who lived here 25, 30 years, haven't seen anything like this. >> reporter: water forcing its way into homes. >> this was, more than we could imagine. >> reporter: and more than many can bear. >> rescue people came and took us. >> reporter: some areas have taken on more than 20 inches of rain and before it is over, that nam could double. >> this is a landmark event. we have not seen an event like this. >> reporter: every member of the texas national guard has been deployed. joined by state, local law
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enforcement, federal agents and volunteer navy. >> we are still involved in the search and rescue process. >> reporter: using every available asset, coast guard choppers, boats, even flatbed trucks. >> over five feet in our house. barely made it out. so grateful they came. >> reporter: and the effort is far from over. >> still a dangerous situation out there. we are expecting more rain. >> reporter: rescue teams like the nation's fourth largest city stretched to its limits but still delivering survivors to safety and shelters giving literally, everything they can. and everything is exactly what they need right now. you know, they are going to need it for quite some time. the rain is expected to continue for days here.
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and then, begins the difficult and long clean-up and recovery. fema officials say they expect to be in houston for years. back to you. >> thanks jay, for your coverage. we mentioned the bay area firefighters helping to save lives there. the menlo park search and water rescue team heading out of town with their boats, their gear and food. the drive to texas takes 26 hours they went straight through taking shifts. teams from oakland, santa rosa and stockton. >> damian trujillo in texas and we will provide live reports from that region. president trump is heading to texas. president trump says he wants
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his visit to cause as little disruption as possible so going to the corpus christi area. >> one way or another, mexico is going to pay for the wall. >> president trump defended his decision to pardon former sheriff joe arpaio. >> the trip is not supposed to be anything like the campaign rally he has been holding. larry is with us and as you know, this could be a defining moment good or bad for president trump. >> absolutely. he has to be presidential. calm, empathetic of what people are going through. praise responders of what they are doing. and has to offer hope in the
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context that we are all going to go through this together. >> so focus is going to be a major issue here. that is one of the challenges that poses because he seems to be able to get off message easily. >> often he praised what was going on in terms of personnel getting together. urging people to be calm. but then inter spershe had the arpaio rig arpaio remark. and talking about nafta. >> or now the wall. >> this weekend, these are the kinds of things you don't want to do. and then something else, we are going to go to missouri and campaign in a state that i won a
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lot. stay on message. >> today in his comments, he was complimenting the governor there, if he stays on script, this could be a big win for him. >> if he stays on script. that is the best way to say it. he has had a hard time staying on script. his national economic adviser took him to task in an article. james mattis talked to military personnel. rex tillerson says the president only speaks for himself. all of that happened this weekend. his own staff wondering if the president can bring it together. so yes, to get to your point, it is a defining moment. and we are going to wait and see whether this time the president can pull it together and stay together. >> and shouldn't be a political issue as well.
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>> thank you, larry. >> the pentagon has confirmed that north korea has launched a ballistic missile that flew over japan. the launch comes months after north korea tested an intercontinental ballistic missile. governor brown is urging the president to protect children of immigrants. the choice to dismantle daca would be cruel. the president has until next week to make his decision and announce it. >> young people have applied for daca, and paid their fees. they are paying taxes. they help grow their economy in the neighborhood and for the country. it has been a total success.
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>> nearly 800 daca participants live in california. state attorney general says he is prepared to challenge the president. a setting on her cell phone cost her 500 bucks. a lesson we can all learn. how aout sjc to cabo?
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non stop. some new and high profile destinations from the how about this, sjc to cabo nonstop. new and high profile destinations. southwest is adding flight to cabo san lucas --
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>> delayed because of a rodent. new delhi to sfo is normally 16 hours. but there was a ten-hour delay because of a rat. the air india flight was taxing on the runway about to take off. so everything stopped. passengers taken off the plane. the plane had to be fumigated and the passengers had to reboard minus one small passenger. san francisco to l.a. in less than an hour via pod. elon musk's dream. getting closer to become a reality. traveling under ground in a powerful vacuum tube. each team built its own prototype pod that could carry us, humans 700 miles an hour.
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they were put into a test in a mile long tube. a german team won the competition after hitting more than 200 miles per hour. >> what this is about is advancing the state of transportation. trying new things that have never been done before. >> could happen. transportation experts saying it is a long way away. >> a rugby player paralyzed during a match. injuring his spine. since then he has been in intense rehab. paylor as a result can now move his finger and even now has feeling in his legs. he is spending time with his family before heading back for
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another bout of rehab. >> we are talking about this heat wave here of when it might come to an end. >> short break for us this week. but the seven-day forecast will show how things are going to ramp back up for us. we are down to 99 in con cacorde to the fog at the coast. update on tropical storm harvey. i am chris chmura. nbc bay area responds, next. san jose woman who says a phone
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bill dampened an overseas trip. ==raj/2shot== she asked our responds team for nbc bay area responds to a san jose woman saying a phone bill dampened her trip.
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>> christine carl isle took a trip to morocco. she sent paid a flat rate. but on day four of her trip, she received a text from verizon saying she had accrued $500 in data charges. christine called verizon. and learned her iphone was wi-fi assist. she didn't even know about wi-fi assist and thought verizon should have told her to turn it off. she asked verizon to for give the bill. but they said no. and offered a $100 credit.
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verizon said we are garateful fr the opportunity to assist ms. carlisle with this issue. if you want to see if it is turned on. go to settings and scroll all the way to the bottom. if you have a tip, call us at 888-996-tips. >> that is a good tip. palo alto city leaders are considering a ban on cars that idle for more than two or three business. just how harmful is idling? according to the bay area air quality is saying 65% of pollutants come from vehicles.
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an hour i'dling equals. mark zuckerberg got a lot of likes with this family photo introducing his new dollar. he and his wife welcome daughter august this month. getting a quainted with her sister max. he will be taking a two-month paternity leave from facebook. let's turn things to meteorologist jeff ranieri. >> i wish we had an end in sight for this hot weather. temperatures are going it spike back up especially as we head into the up coming weekend. keep your eye on the scrolling forecast. meanwhile, i am going to bring you back to the hottest temperature today which is now a new record.
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107. you drink the water. you try to stay cool. but really impossible today. good news right now, you can probably feel it a little bit. the breeze is beginning to pick up from the fog. it is dropping temperatures down. it is hard to realize in concord and livermore. much more noticeable difference is up in santa rosa down ten degrees. 69 expected in the south bay peninsula. 65 fog at the coast. warm 73 expected in the tri-valley. so let's go ahead and detail the microclimate for tomorrow. you can see the south bay, we are going to drop down to 87 in san jose.
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be mindful in gilroy, still likely going to see 94. hottest portions be the east bay. 105 to 107. 97 in livermore. 98 in concord. and 96 in pleasanton. throughout the peninsula, 86 in palo alto. san francisco, mild 70 in the mission and up towards the north bay. 90 in napa and 82 in mill valley. we will have more on the new heat wave coming up. but i want to take it back to tropical storm harvey. sitting to the south of houston and this is what everyone is fearing in houston, another ten to 20 inches on the way as this storm system will move just off the east. eventually by tomorrow evening, it starts to push into louisiana also for arkansas.
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once again, next 24 to 72 hours. houston near 50 inches near isolated max total. full coverage at back here at home, san francisco will warm up yet again once we hit friday back to 80 degrees and this weekend, plenty of 70s in the forecast. for the inland valleys, dangerous levels of heat. we will go down tuesday and wednesday. back up to 103 on thursday. friday the hottest in the forecast. 1 105 and triple digits all the way through labor day. >> i just got a new dog. posted it on facebook. keeping up the water. and the pets. they get so hot so fast. >> keep lucy inside. >> i am going your facebook page
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right now. checking out the new dog. up next. not kaepernick, but another kapernick -- he had a change of
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heart... 49ers safety eric reid) well the 49ers, the starting unit. this is four niner safety eric reed who decided to kneel during the national anthem. this all started last year after collin kaepernick met with green beret. >> reporter: it has been a year since most of us first learned about nate boyar. after he stood next to cap during the playing of a national anthem. i caught up with boyar hr at stanford over the weekend. i wanted to know what is their
6:55 pm
relationship like today a year removed from their first meeting. >> i haven't talked to collin since i guess the super bowl. he has been out of the media and spotlight and all of that. from the get go, i don't think he was prepared for what it was going to become. >> reporter: as we know, what it did is spark a national debate. what it became is still a national controversy. boyer believe part of his calling in life is assist people. >> it was defending his right. whether i agree with him or not. he has those rights and that is what i fought for. and that is what makes our country great. those freedoms. he is a good guy.
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>> reporter: who in his person deserves another shot in the nfl. steve young agrees. >> collin has said i want to play football and he is capable of especially kind of igniting offense. i don't know if there is a more qualified guy that can come on the field and something something happen some of i have got to believe there is a place for collin kaepernick. >> tonight at 11:00 from the bay area to houston, help is on the way. the great lengths that first responders and ordinary citizen are going to rescue flood victims. damian trujillo will have a full report here at 11:00. >> that is going to do it for us at 6:00. stay skpocool and we will see y back here at 11:00. who are these people?
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the energy conscious people among us say small actions can add up to something... humongous. a little thing here. a little thing there. starts to feel like a badge maybe millions can wear. who are all these caretakers, advocates too? turns out, it's californians it's me and it's you. don't stop now, it's easy to add to the routine. join energy upgrade california and do your thing.
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. the stars take sides in the katy-taylor feud. pink texting her little girl. harris jackson gets political. >> all the headlines from the mcas. >> new video. katy perry behind the scenes. >> and one major feud playing out as taylor swift debuts herself new video. >> you said you were team taylor. >> plus demi lovato on her knockout national anthem. >> what was that like? >> we're inside the vegas


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