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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  August 29, 2017 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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the rising waters earlier today. there are a lot of blank stares here as the victims wait and wonder what's next. the texas governor activated the entire national guard for this major catastrophic event. this baby was one of the victims the guardsman gently handed the baby to her awaiting mother. >> we were on the second floor, but because of the kids we decided to. >> this place, my apartment typically never floods but everything is gone now. >> reporter: these images repeated themselves throughout the houston area as several local levies breached. catherine estrada was one of
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many with the blank stare. wondering what happened. >> i lived here when katrina was going on and i thought oh my gosh, those poor people and now it is happening to us. >> reporter: tonight, the effects of hurricane harvey are sticking around. how wide spread is the damage, well the mayor of houston announced that he is opening the toyota center which is an arena nearby this convention center. too many people who actually need the shelter. so that will be opened momentarily and some of the people waiting in line outside can go to that area. these people are here because of an armada of volunteers and we will meet some of those people to want. live report can from houston. damian trujillo nbc bay area
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news. natural disasters and crisis zones often leads to presidential visits. mr. trump and the first lady landed in corpus christi. he met with the governor and director of fema. and stood between two fire trucks to address the onlookers there. the crowd cheered loudly as he waved the state flag. >> this is historic and epic, what happened. but you know what, it happened to texas, and texas can handle anything. thank you all, folks. >> the president toured the emergency operations center in austin. avoiding the houston not to be a distraction or take away any resources as those efforts as we see, are still continuing. communities from across the country are impacted. several rescue crews from the bay area have arrived in texas
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and have been put to work. the oakland fire department tweeting out this photo and task force three arrived in san antonio today. the stranded pets in the houston area. a bay area group is organizing the transfer. this flight arrive can today in el cajon outside of san diego. most of these dogs and cats will be made available for adoption. social media playing a huge role during this storm. bay area companies like twitter and facebook leading the way. scott budman with that part of the story. >> this is net from something edited. this is a helicopter rescue from the texas air national guard broad cast live over live stream
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as it was going on. part of social media helping to save lives in texas. >> reporter: with rescues broadcast live over social media to get the word out to those who needed help, this woman's tweets -- >> the rain has gone from our ankles to our thighs. >> reporter: reached rescues phones. >> we reach out. >> reporter: nick class adams followed social media. he said information posted by organizations can be life saving during situations like this. >> people want to hear from real people and on the ground what is happening. >> we go go deeper into the efforts of the national guard.
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and point out that there were almost as many hoaxes on social media today as there were tweets. countless images from texas that are heart breaking. as families flee their homes left with nothing. also illustrations that illustrate the passion of others you can see many of these images on our website go to lester holds has a first hand of heavy equipment being brought in to rescue people. coming up in about 25 minutes. breaking news ner lake oroville. these are live pictures from our sister station. an 80-acre fire broke out just before 1:30 this after noon.
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there are evacuation orders. we don't know how it started or what the containment level is. we will continue to follow this story and bring you updates on air and on our twitter feed. there could be problems tomorrow on the iconic golden gate bridge. a post on facebook about blocking traffic on the bridge. the organizers listed there on facebook as john walter monroe of san francisco. inviting the alt-right to gather around 9:00 a.m. and march towards the golden gate bridge. the post claims the san francisco supports antifa. the chp says it is aware of the facebook post and will take action if indeed there is a
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march. a local college student was formally charged today with battery and resisting arrest. of the 13 people arrested she is the only one that has been charged. jodi hernandez joins us in dublin with the details. >> reporter: a 22-year-old san francisco state college student just appeared in court on very serious charges stemming from sunday's protest in berkeley. yessenia mendez dabbed away tears where she was charged with battery and resisting arrest. that arrest was captured in video. prosecutors say she used her dog to evade being arrested. her family calls the charges
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ridiculous. an attorney says her actions are not criminal but courageous. >> it takes an incredible amount of courage to do that. the white supremacist in our communities are not going away by themselves. >> reporter: now police arrested 13 people in all on sunday. 11 of them were counterprotesters and two of them were right-wing demonstrators. mendez is the only one who has been formally charged. she pled not guilty today and her attorney hopes she will bail out some time this evening. i am jodi hernandez. nbc bay area news. >> despite a plea from berkeley's mayor to reconsider. >> i don't think berkeley should
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allow milo to come. >> milo yiannopoulos says he is coming back. cal sent out a statement today. saying we have neither the legal right or ability to interfere with or cancel their invitations based on the perspectives and believes of the speakers. >> a gruesome discovery and now clues. a san francisco woman was found dead on the side of the road in contra costa county. they learned that avila told friends she planned to visit contra costa county and now they want to find out where she was and who she met. first crash involving an uber car.
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it happened august 11th. this is video of an uber test drive in the same area but not the car involved. the dmv report that we requested shows the uber was stopped and waiting to make a turn when it was rear-ended. >> mostly white, mostly rich school district, i am sam brock live in contra costa county behind me the fight going on behind those closed door. what this means for giving that plan momentum. >> north bay family gets a tesla, an unwanted tesla after it ends up inside their home. >> a brand new heat wave ahead. i will let you know when it hits 108 degrees. plus tropical storm harvey and where it is headed next. the hot button issue within the
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mt. diablo unified school district well some say it is class warfare in the east bay. the hot button issue within the mount. diablo school district continues tonight. if the plan goes through, the district will be split into two. sam brock joins us in pleasant hill where that meeting is just
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now underway. >> reporter: this meeting started an hour ago. we have seen meetings before but that is not what is going on here. they are listening for recommendations for a state board recommendation. it will take five schools in walnut creek and peal them off and form a new district. as you look inside, those people in the orange shirts, those are the folks with north gate caps which is the groups petitioning for the new district. it is about governance that they can have more control over their own resource. some say this is a blow to diversity.
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here is the principal of north gate high school and the woman leading the petition. >> currently we are roughly 58% white. if they get their own district, we are looking to it going from 58% white to nearly 80% white. >> i disagree. based on the school commission report. they said there would be no segregation and that is false. >> that was the conversation that we had just before the meeting started. i did talk with the principal from north gate high school and he said they are privy to information data that north gate caps could not look at. this is about funding, about special ed programs and whether or not the teachers in the district will stay. we will dive into that coming up
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at 6:00 news. i am sam brock, back to you in the studio. >> well it never hurts to ask. and here is a good example why. >> an 18-year-old south bay girl believes in it and she has nearly 2 million reasons why. >> she recently graduated from homestead high school in sunnyvale and she is off to college but leaving behind quite a gift for her community. >> here. >> reporter: she has a lot of experience selling things to adults. >> this was for cookie sales. >> reporter: even with that track record, this 18-year-old is a bit surprised at the sale she recently closed. >> so i came home after that, and i was like that's a lot of money. did i really do that. >> reporter: this all began when
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esther was looking for a project to earn her gold star. >> i want to do something where i can help people who don't have the same things as other people. >> reporter: the people esther settled on with children with disability. she realized she never saw them at her local playground. her research on the topic led her to magical bridge. a fully accessible and wildly accessible playground. she was convinced that her city needed this. so in september of last year availi availing herself to city council meetings.
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she used her two minutes to make her pitch. >> why do i not see many kids with disabilities at the park. >> they said they liked the idea but can't go forward with it. they would have to think about it. >> i have a few words i want to say. >> reporter: well they did more than just think about. this summer the city allocated $1.8 million to begin transformation of one of their bla grounds into magical bridge sunnyvale. it is, esther admits so much more than she had hoped for when she walked up to the microphone last september. so much sweeter than any box of cookies. >> it has been really cool and really eye opening what one small thing can do. >> reporter: two things to add. they are not done raising the
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money. and have you noticed it never seems like the city council is taking notice. so give them credit in this case that they listened. >> good job. >> ever went a fancy new tesla, here you go. home delivery. this tesla sailed right through a home in novato. lost control and ended up anybody the living room. the family were in the house at the time. but happy to report no injuries. just some damage. no injuries and that's the way you get a new tesla home delivered. >> close call there. another warmup is coming. it is going to get even more. >> enjoy the rest of today and tomorrow. and then you guys, it is going to get dangerous. possibly the hottest day of summer coming up in the next seven-day forecast. going to detail that and also get you the track here on
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tropical storm harvey. the big headline is drop in conditions. it was dramatically cooler right now at this hour we are down 18 degrees cooler in livermore. down 11 in concord and san jose down 12. we are finding blue skies here. still a warm 91 degrees. but ocean breeze staying in place. as we roll into tomorrow morning, no issues at all. we start off with the nice cool breeze remaining in place. and for the tri-valley, a comfortable 66. for the north bay a few patchy crowd with 59 and patchy clouds in san francisco at 57.
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get outside if you can tomorrow, last time for a while to be able to stroll around for lunch or take the kids out. a much warmer 92. for the east bay no 100s. warm 95 in concord. 94 in danville. 83 as you get closer to the bay. towards the peninsula, redwood city at 79. and towards daily city, a cooler 64. 65 along the embarcadero and just a little bit of wind here in the north bay as well. and we will check in with 86 in sonoma. a quick look at tropical storm harvey. winds at 50 miles per hour. this heads off to the north in louisiana and also arkansas through tomorrow's forecast we
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can see an additional of 2 inches in houston. this brings totals anywhere from 30 to 50 inches. for us, high pressure will set in on thursday and that looks like a six-day heat wave coming our way. now for san francisco, temperatures warm up into the 80s. friday and saturday. and 70s into the labor day forecast. for the inland valleys this is where you have got to watch out. back up to 103 on thursday. 108 on friday. hottest day of summer it looks like. and stay with low 100s. no joke, folks, you can't be outside that many days in a row. you are going to have to take breaks and stay in doors for tall tha peri that period of time. >> lowering the voting age.
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the new push to let 17-year-olds vote in important elections. >> sh food. water. internet. we need it to live. but what we don't need are surprises, like extra monthly fees. i see you, fee, played by legendary actress anjelica huston. you got me, mark.
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we just want fast internet for one, simple rate. for all the streaming and the shopping and the newsing, but most of all... for the this. internet for one everyday simple price and no extra monthly fees. . happening now, we want to update our breaking news. that fire in butte county near lake oroville. now 80 acres and growing. keep track with more updates on our twitter page. also the oakland a's will give away $1 for every ticket sold in their series against the houston astros. back in a moment. new signs today that the suicide
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barriers are coming to the golden gate bridge. ==take vo== take a look... temporary fencing new sinus today that the suicide barrier is coming to the golden bridge. temporary fencing is now in place on both sides of the bridge. aimed at protecting the workers down below. they will be installing a steel net the length of the football field. and the project will cost about 200 million bucks and take three years to install. california is trying to make it easier for teenagers to vote. it would extend the right to vote to more high schoolers
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dropping the age to 17. lawmakers say it would instill a lifelong habit of voting in the state's youth. the bill needs a super majority approval.
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involving a 75 year-old chnese woman.. tonight at 6:00 a business czar case in san jose involving a chinese woman. she was the executive director of the chinese performing arts center. . a photo taken by a chp officer is now going viral. a deer perfectly posed perfectly lit on the bay bridge. a caption saying officers stop the doe. the dear had antlers so it is a boy. it is not a buck short. it is a short buck. lots of funny puns. oh deer, we are out of time. >> long way from the forest to
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get there. up next, lester holt from houston with more flood coverage. tonight an emergency in houston, as critical infrastructure begins to buckle. and massive reservoirs overflow for the first time in their history. the nation's fourth largest city blowing past a record-shattering 51 inches of rain. ening new mega shelters for thousands with nowhere to go. and tonight, a word of tragedy of the police force. an officer dies in the floods while trying to get to work to help others. >> we couldn't find him. it was too treacherous to go under and look for him. >> president trump and the first lady on the


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