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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  August 30, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm marcus washington as we are here on this hump day looking ahead to the holiday weekend for a of people. >> and a lot one. >> it will be all about trying to find theest places to hang out over the next several days. this could be the hottest weather we've had all summer long and it could be the longest heat wave we've had so far this season. as we start out this morning it's nice and cool. we're in the upper 50s to lower 60s. it has cooled down to 51 degrees in the north bay looking at high temperatures it's still going to be very warm for the inland valleys. san jose up to 83 degrees and 64 in san francisco. we'll talk more about this but mike is now tracking san jose and oakland. that's where we see the slowing. oakland the bay bridge toll plaza has your metering lights on a little slowing at the berkeley curve. nothing major. a nice, easy drive. and, in fact, most of the rest of the bay, light flowing to the
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south bay. that's where we have the other concern here, north 101 starting to build once again. look at our live shot. we do have also on the southbound side restricted lane flow, south 101 getting off at story road. i saw a lot of smoke just died down over the last five minutes and san jose fire is not worried about it spreading but it's still there. to you. and our top story this morning tropical storm harvey back on land. the storm system made its third landfall early this morning just outside of lake charles, louisiana. not far from the texas border. a live look from cameron, louisiana, as you can see there the wind is certainly blowing. the camera is shaking because of all of that. this is one of the first peck tours out of louisiana since harvey started moving in that direction. of course a close eye we are following and staying on this area as it could experience massive flooding as you see there. take a look at this new video just in this morning.
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flood victims in port arthur, texas, just can't catch a break here. they were evacuated from their flooding homes and then the evacuation center flooded overnight. the person who shot this video said she even saw a snake in the water they plan to move evacuees to another location. in the meantime a lot of new information about the rescue and recovery operations under way. within the past two hours we've learned there have been more than 18,000 water rescues and at this hour nbc news can confirm, sadly, nine people are dead and the number is expected to rise. many others are missing and feared dead. with no official number for how many people are missing, dozens of families have posted photos asking for help just to try to find their loved ones. "today in the bay's" sarah dallof live this morning to explain how the city of houston is now preparing to open more mega shelters to try to house some of these harvey evacuees.
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>> reporter: yeah, that's correct, laura and mark as more than 17,000 people have checked in to red cross shelters, a number that is sure to rise as the day goes on. inside houston's shelters seeking refuge. a hot meal and news of neighbors. >> we're very thankful we're here safe. >> reporter: outside the strain of days of historic rainfall pushing critical infrastructure to the limit. two reservoirs that protect downtown houston now spilling over even as emergency workers continued to release water. houston police announcing the loss of one of their own. >> he was a sweet and gentle public servant. >> reporter: sergeant perez drowned in his patrol car on the way to report for duty. his wife devastated. >> and she tells me, i told him not to work. his response was, i have work
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to. >> reporter: president donald trump offered reassurances to texans during his visit tuesday. >> this is historic. it's ep what happened, but, you know what, it happened in texas, and texas can handle anything. >> reporter: while there have been arrests for looting, officials say overall things have been orderly. rescues continue around the clock. strangers coming from far and wide to support a region battered but not beaten. and in just the last few minutes officials have confirmed a tenth death storm related. many remain missing. officials say they will continue to focus their efforts rescues. marcus and laura? >> thanks the very latest there. we do have our team coverage continuing this morning. i want to bring in meteorologist kari hall right now who has been tracking harvey even before it
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made landfall. now it's hitting louisiana. >> we are seeing where sarah dallof is, there's a break from that rain and some of the heavier rainfall bands with tropical storm harvey now moving out of the houston area which will provide a little bit of relief but the flooding will go on for weeks and we are also seeing some of the heavier rain moving into the mississippi, louisiana alabama as well as the center of the storm moves off to the north and east. it will make a little bit more of a faster northward progression over the next several days. as we go into thursday as well as friday. we'll continue to monitor that over the next several days. and many of you have been asking after seeing those images how you can help. the red cross is taking donations. head over to click on the link. it's as simple as sending a text message with your cell phone. our own damian trujillo is on
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the ground in houston gathering the latest on this historic flooding. you can head over now to it is 6:06. police say one person is dead after a hit-and-run in concord. we have new video to show you. it happened about 10:30 on highway 4 near the solano off ramp. the police log shows that a truck and another vehicle collided. the truck driver fled. the other driver died. overnight we reached out to chp to ask for suspect information. we've also asked what led up to the crash. when we hear back we'll let you know. and happening today at 6:06 a crime crackdown in the south bay. in less than half an hour law enforcement officers will be out in full force in parts of santa clara looking for people who rn following the rules of the road. kris sanchez is live in cupertino to explain what we might see as they under way this
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morning. kris? >> reporter: you might see more lights, hear more sirens today. we'll tell you, though, that by telling you this enforcement we're not doing anything wrong. officers and deputies have long told us when they do this sort of thing, they don't care why people are driving more safely whether it's because they get pulled over or hear there's the possibility that they might be pulled over from us. so we're onboard with them. they're onboard with us. we won't give you the specific locations. we are talking santa clara county. it is going to be local and state law enforcement officers, deputy police as well enforce that go traffic law. officers will be in cupertino. i have been asking to give me some of the traffic data on the kind of pullovers they do, the tickets they write, but i haven't gotten that yet. when i get it i will post that online. now i do have a poll up on my
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twitter feed asking you what kind of bad behavior are you hoping these officers will focus on. so far folks are saying texting and driving and definitely speeding. as a mother i hope some the enforcement is happening in school zones because i do see some bad behavior driving through school zones. we'll let you know how it's going on later this morning. the officers are starting to arrive. we saw one more motorcycle officer. we'll go along with them so we won't see you the rest of the morning. we'll bring you the outcome at 11:00. in cupertino, kris sanchez, "today in the bay." >> a good reminder to buckle up and slow down. if you plan on taking b.a.r.t. you might want to prepare ahead. b.a.r.t. will be doing some track work. the lake merritt station will be closed saturday through sunday. b.a.r.t. will provide some free buses for riders with tickets to connect to other stations.
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the work up to 25 minutes on all lines and even a longer delay through the oakland airport. it's 6:09. as you get ready to head out the door, a few clouds in the south bay and temperatures this afternoon will be very nice and comfortable but still very warm for the south county reaching into the low 90s. inland areas are going to see those 90s from the tri-valley up to con and antioch while hayward will see a high of 75 degrees. san francisco reaching into the mid to upper 60s and for the north bay up to 85 degrees in napa. we will be tracking some much hotter temperatures and a look at today's temperature trend coming up at about 6:13. mike has another issue for the south bay. >> that's right. in addition to the fire we're tracking, the fire at story road off ramp from southbound 101. the off ramp is open but there's a fire crew there and flares as well. we heard about a number of incidents, seeing a deer.
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it sounds like it might have been hit or injured. be careful. there may be roadside activity on the northbound side through that stretch. here is the rest of your northbound commute. it hasn't kicked in for most of the south bay. over here a build for the tri-valley. in fremont northbound 680. a report of a crash. it sounds like everything is out of lanes. i will track that. it could be a distraction. we'll look at your travel times to the bay bridge. a nice, easy drive. we're still under 25 minutes to the berkeley curve and the backup. back to you. >> let's hope it gets moving. thank you, mike. 6:10. the housing crisis. we investigate overnight to see just how many homes need to be built to keep up with the demand for new housing. houses under water in texas. what effect will that have on the american economy? we'll take a look.
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it's 6:13. we wake up and head out the door with nice cool temperatures and cloud cover as we take a live look outside in the south bay. take you to the neighborhood of willow glen to check out the temperature trend today. upper 60s at. as you get ready to pick up the kids from school in the lower 80s. that's where we stay throughout the day.
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this is our break before temperatures get really hot. more on that coming up in five minutes. i just watched the third vehicle in the last 30 seconds try to use the story road off ramp. what's going on here in san jose. thank you very much, kari and mike. 6:14. continuing coverage this morning. the flooding in houston where the waters are now starting to recede ever so slightly. there's one thing that did not take long to appear. investigating hundreds of price gouging complaints. supplies in houston are in short supply. customers say the markups, however, have become outrageous. one complaint the teller at a houston store was trying to sell a 12-pack of water for $45. the attorney general says businesses will be held accountable.
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a who's who of mayors from california's largest cities are scheduled to appear in san francisco. that includes mayor ed lee, libby schaaf, they plan to call on lawmakers. and more details overnight. digging deeper in california's housing crunch, poring over the findings. they say 180,000 homes have to be built each year through 225 to keep up with the population growth. an average of 85 homes have been built. home ownership rates are at their lowest levels. it is 6:15. a judge today may decide if a suit filed three years ago against fastrak and the golden gate bridge district can receive
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class-action status. the suit accuses the toll thert and xerox, the contractor that runs fastrak of inflating charges for non-fastrac users. it was filed after the golden gate bridge converted to an all electronic system. good news for americans. it's growing even faster than expected. >> though, scott mcgrew, not as fast as the president would like. a few minutes ago showing 3% growth. we are eight years into a boom cycle that usually lasts about five years. now the damage from hurricane harvey was included in the report but it's reasonable to ask what sort of effect harvey will have on the american economy. some say disasters like this are
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kind of a wash. well, sort of canceling out the storm, i suppose. neither north korea nor the united states seem to take further action gouging 56. the nasdaq up tuesday. more or less official uber has a ceo. dara khosrowshahi says he will take the job. the next question how does he deal with uber's previous ceo founder travis kalanick. who is still on the board. other candidates for the uber ceo job say they wouldn't take it unless he was removed. in an e-mail, he says, i have to tell you, i'm scared. i've been here at expedia for so long that i've forgotten what life is like outside this place. i thought that was delightfully honest. >> very much so. he has a lot to tack.
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also new this morning, new rules could mean morry for uber. uber could pick up new passengers immediately after dropping off passengers at l.a.x. that practice had been prohibited but all changed monday. someone new needs a ride. three major bay area airports. what happens in the bay area. >> the heat is coming tomorrow. >> today is the day to enjoy. it won't be that hot today except for parts of the inland areas. we will have some very high heat starting tomorrow. a very fine layer of clouds and we will see that take longer in
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spots like twin peaks in san francisco. some of those cooler temperatures extending to observing, take a look at the seven-day forecast at the bottom of the screen. those temperatures on the way as you look at the holiday weekend forecast. expecting a high of 92. 67 at noon. breezy wind will feel very comfortable. as you pack the kids' water and backpacks today it will be a mainly clear and start heading to school, very comfortable at recess. for the 1:00 hour of those temperatures for the inland hours in the 70s with some 60s along the.
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the excessive heat warnings kick in. today is an excessive heat watch. the heads-up as you make plans for the extended holiday weekend that we will have very intense heat for the areas in red and solano county already an excessive heat warning in effect. very warm temperatures. mike starts us out again in the south bay. we want caltrans to sit in the area because of the smoldering fire. just want to make sure nothing flares up. the flares will remain. they'll hit the brakes causing clusters.
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smooth all the way up just north as you approach, another crash causes sudden slowing. on city streets. cleared as well as that drive through the tri-valley. a quick look at waze and show you there are no major problems for the east bay. join our waze team. you have to select the team. select profile. here is the animation. back to you. >> thanks, mike. and coming up, we all know how difficult it is to find parking. the new feature google is rolling out. the harsh reality of flooding and insurance. i'm chris chmura. nbc bay area responds next. along the gulf coast.
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and we're never far from our top story. harvey's continued impact along the gulf coast. kris sanchez tweeted a link with ways to help. follow her @krisnbc. de most homeowners will be on the
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hook for the there's an unfortunate truth about the texas flooding. homeowners will be on the hook. >> homeowners' insurance won't
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help. investigator chris chmura is here to explain why and where he sees the wake-up call for california. >> reporter: your insurance will cover you if rain falls down on your home but not if it rises up. it requires a separate purchase from the national flood insurance program run by fema. the entire state of texas had flood insurance. the vast majority of homeowners have zero coverage for floods. here in california the insurance president clinton tour is even more bleak. just.8% of us have flood coverage. out of the 13.5 million homes, condos, and mobile homes here there are only 246,000 flood insurance policies.
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we've had exactly one call about flood insurance. make one call. there's only one provider. you might not have to budge quite as much for a little extra protection. >> thank you, chris. new this morning google is making it easier to find parking. in a blog post tuesday google announced that new tool. pull up a list of parking garages in lots near your destination all within the google maps app. it is launching first for android devices in major cities
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including san francisco. people in the bay area we certainly all know what a nightmare it can be to park in places like san francisco. overnight we looked through the latest numbers. according to a 2016 report by the san francisco county transportation authority were approximately 172,000 off street parking spaces in the city in 2014. "the chronicle" reported 280,000 on street parking spaces. now getting to them before the guy in front of you. how you can weigh in on the plan for a new ballpark in the east bay. >> reporter: an east bay school district shuts down a proposal to split in. the reason this fight is not over yet. this is the new comfort food.
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grown right here in california, with absolutely no antibiotics ever. a better way to grow, a better way to eat. and it starts with foster farms
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simply raised chicken. california grown with no antibiotics ever.
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warm day in the bay area, and you better enjoy it while it lasts- right now at 6:30 we are getting ready for another warm day in the bay area. enjoy it while it lasts. we head into the weekend. taking a live look outside, that cloud cover keeping us cool for a nice bay area start. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm marcus washington. >> right around the corner now, kari. >> today is the day to get out there in the yard.
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clean out the weather. our high temperatures in the south bay and san jose up to 83 degrees. 92 in concord and 85 today in napa. it will be definitely much warmer with the lack of clouds and fog. check this out. after today all bets are off. it isly going to be unbearable for the valley. mike has a watch for south bay. >> a fire watch. the roadside has been a problem for story road, it may smolder day. dry conditions, make sure this does not flare up again. there will be a crew arriving. another major concern there.
6:32 am
we do have a food truck versus a big rig further north blocking one of the slow lanes. no major injuries. a lot of spectator slowing. meanwhile the rest of the bay shows a nice smooth, easy drive. just under a half hour to the backup at the toll plaza. back to you, laura. >> thank you, mike. 6:32. we continue to monitor tropical storm harvey this morning. the storm system made its third landfall overnight. this time in louisiana. want to take you live this morning and look for washington, d.c., where the acting secretary would provide an update on federal efforts to support tropical storm har. members of the "today in the bay" team are looking into the news conference monitoring any major developments. we'll bring them to you as soon as they come in. in the meantime here is what we have confirmed right now.
6:33 am
at 6:00 this morning we received word there are now ten confirmed deaths in the flooding including a houston police sergeant who drowned in his car as he was heading to work. dozens of others are missing and feared dead. early this morning rescue officials announced more than 18,000 water rescues. thousands of rescues so far in the wake of harvey. >> we've seen some of those dramatic images right there of this devastation. here is one woman. >> it's hard to believe this is truly happening. we thought we were in the safe zone. nobody is in the safe zone. >> 200 police officers are staying on duty though their own homes are damaged or destroyed. >> we helped to make it easier
6:34 am
to find how you can help. head to a link of how you can donate. simple as sending a tex with your cell phone. our own damian trujillo was on the ground in houston. live updates throughout the day. >> new this morning a proposal to create a new school district hit a roadblock. it's a story we've been following on "today in the bay." the board of education voted overnight not to move forward that would have split mt. diablo in two. "today in the bay's" bob redell is live in pleasant hill with what happens next. bob? >> reporter: well, laura and marcus, what happens next it will be up to the state board of education to decide whether or not to split the district which covers schools in pleasant hill and walnut creek the contra
6:35 am
costa county board of education voted against the split this morning at 12:30 in a 3-2 vote. we put together this map we will put on your tv screen to give you perspective. there is a new one they are considering splitting off from mt. debe a, walnut, acres, bancroft, valverde, foothill middle and north gate high school. critics call the proposal segregationist because it would be predominantly white and wealthy. advocates say this is not about race. they want better accountability and control over those five schools. they feel the mt. diablo unified school district has gotten too big for the job. now our own pete suratos did some digging yesterday. he found that according to the nonprofit edville, 71 communities have attempted to secede since the start of the millennium. 47 of those have succeeded. nine have fails including two in
6:36 am
southern california. still nine more communities still deciding. reporting live in pleasant hill, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> all right, bob, thanks for the update. a live look this morning at the home of oakland a's. the coliseum. that could soon change today is the last day of meet and greets hosted by the team as team owners consider options for a brand-new ballpark. "today in the bay's" pete suratos live with a closer look at the potential site and how the changes could certainly impact fans as well. good morning, pete. >> reporter: good morning to you, laura. i had a chance to speak with the oakland a's about this meet and greet they're calling a listening tour and they say they have been very beneficial as far as gaining public input on the potential sites. we'll show you the map of the potential sites and it's really down to three options. the first one right here where we're standing at the observing coliseum. those other two options will be a little bit up north and the howard terminal and community
6:37 am
college headquarters. now fans are speculating they could be moving to the howard terminal location but when i reached out they tell me they're evaluating all their options and it's important to understand the needs of their stakeholders when it comes to their final decision. now if the a's do end up at the howard terminal location public transport could be an issue since b.a.r.t. does not run to that location. i did reach out to b.a.r.t. who explained in an e-mail as many as 13% to 18% of fans use b.a.r.t. to get to games and they will consider to do so to the other two sites. the economic impact is too early to tell. they have to figure out where that final location will be but the last day of that listening tour is today. you can meet with the team president at 4:30 p.m. in oakland. we're live, pete suratos for "today in the bay." >> pete, thanks for that update and a live look at the golden gate bridge.
6:38 am
there are planned protests calling to block traffic on the iconic span. calling for the al-right to gather for an anti-marxism rally and march. chp officials say they are aware of that facebook posting and will take any if there is a march there this morning. >> looking around the bay. mostly green sensors. mild slowing for hayward. the south bay where we've seen the build on theest change. really jamming up. still blocking the slow lane. a slow drive through that portion of silicon valley. there's the slowing we talked about south 680, heading out of hayward across the san mateo bridge. travel times will show more build off the castro valley ".".
6:39 am
>> download the apps for this weekend. some traffic there. already make plans to head to the beach. some 80s and 90s. the inland areas will experience some dangerous temperatures over 100 degrees. have more of the same on sunday and where the bay will be at 89 degrees the inland valleys up to 103 degrees. so this weekend one of the places with some milder weather, the sausalito art festival. all weeklong.
6:40 am
let's check out the forecast for saturday. highs throughout the day up to 85 degrees andly sunny skies. we also have the begonia festival in capitola. that's where we will have milder weather there. highs up to 74 degrees. if you are making plans to go to the sierra in the mid to upper 80s and looks like it will be very nice there as well but you may want to make indoor plans, some pool weather or swimming in the lake. heading down to l.a. it is going to be unbearably hot. saturday and sunday looking at a high of 86 degrees. we'll feature morning events coming up. let me know where you're going. your forecast at 6:38. laura? >> our own personal forecast. that's great, kari.
6:41 am
6:40 right now. televangelist osteen who was criticized for not doing enough to help the victims of hurricane harvey now speaking out. >> i think if people were here they would realize there were safety issues. this building had flooded before. >> hear his reasoning for not immediately opening his church as a shelter for the victims of the historic flooding. plus, texting 911 for help. we investigate overnight to see which bay area cities offer the new lifesaving service and which ones are planning to launch it soon. >> president trump this morning speaking out about north korea. we will bring you the very latest. and of course, scott, those comments are part of what people were saying about the stock market. the dow down one point, flat right now. stay with us. you're watching "today in the bay."
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that's 40% off everything coit cleans. (mike ad libs) it is 6:44 on this wednesday morning. today is the best day of the week in terms of weather. we do start out with clouds looking live in jose and the temperature trend for los gatos at 71 degrees at 10:00. lower 80s. a look at those numbers, excessive heat warnings and where that's coming up in five minutes. >> slow out of vallejo and a
6:45 am
crash just past there and on the shoulder with a spirited discussion going on. >> these are live pictures from houston this morning. they need these waters to subside. floodwaters from hurricane harvey. people literally do not have a place to go. they were looking for a place. new this morning, the leader of husband ton houston's church is responding to claims he didn't respond by opening his church. lakewood is stepping up flood relief efforts and pastor osteen spoke about that initial delay.
6:46 am
>> once they filled up, never dreaming we'd have this many displaced people, they asked to us become a shelter and we said, hey, we would love to become a shelter. people saying we weren't here for the city is as off as it could be. >> the church can hold up to 16,000 people. 6:46. ups, fedex and the postal service have suspended service to some parts of texas and louisiana due to the flooding of tropical storm harvey that could disrupt critical supplies of medicine, food and other packages. cbs people in the region who are affected can get a-time emergency reville for a ten-day supply. people are trying to get an upper hand on the butte fire in lake oroville.
6:47 am
our affiliates in sacramento say nine to ten homes have been destroyed. one woman found her horse survived but buildings around the horse were gone. >> she was still there. >> and people in the area had been told to evacuate their homes. we've been told that a team of firefighters from san jose are on their way to butte county to help. 6:47. starting today people living in the monterey bay region can text 911 for help. the service is available in monterey, santa cruz. it's an alternative to calling the emergency service. they require to offer texts to 911 options. so where does the bay area? we investigated overnight. only sunnyvale, antioch,
6:48 am
martinez, and richmond offer the service. several departments are expected to come online by the end of the year, belmont, santa clara and vallejo. guided missiles launched from the "uss john jones" targeted the launch from hawaii. the test comes one day after north korea fired a ballistic missile over the japanese islands of hokkeido. and meantime our first glimpse of north korea's ballistic launch. the missile landed in the pacific ocean. tensions have been heightened between the u.s. and north korea. >> scott mcgrew joins us now and says the time for talking is over.
6:49 am
paying them extortion money for 25 years, says the president. talking is not the answer. the united nations is still talking. the u.n.-sponsored conference on disarmament is meeting and the u.s. ambassador robert wood is expected to speak out against north korea. yesterday they met but took no option. the problem is what action is there to take. sanctions are in place. the u.s. has asked china to influence north korea but with limited success. secretary james mattis says that's his authority under the president's original order. what he didn't say those studies have done by the defense department.
6:50 am
they were not high enough to worry about and soldiers could be integrated into the military. i was going to show you a video of ash carter saying the very same thing. while the link is on the department of defense's website, they've taken down the video. can tell you what link is not broken, the link you have with us. tell us what you think about the president and our coverage. every day we examine the president tweets and executive orders. you can comment and reach me directly on twitter. i'm @scottmcgrew. >> thanks so much, scott. 6:50 right now. looking at weather and traffic together. almost 7:00 already. >> yes, it is. the coolest day of the week. enjoy it. and then it gets really hot. a few clouds and 60 degrees in the south bay.
6:51 am
and we will have more fog and drizzle looking san francisco, lower 50s in the north bay. there we're heading up to 82 degrees in santa rosa. concord a high of 92 degrees as the seven-day forecast comes up, wipe your eyes again. at least today we're keeping things mild. palo alto, 81 degrees. it will be a nice and warm day. you might need a jacket. will be trying to stay cool over the next several days. if you're going out hiking or enjoy time in the park, in the south bay it will be hot in the hills. things are more comfortable.
6:52 am
all these areas that include the bay area. san francisco today in mid-60s. 77 tomorrow and lower 80s for the start of the weekend. the inland valley up to 108 degrees on friday, the hottest day. >> still supposed to follow the truck so the truck is 10,000 pounds. they need a large and a medium tow truck down there. still blocking lanes down here. i don't know what type of food truck it is. that's what i was concerned with. there are no major injuries but a lot of slowing going on. the south bay is having an issue.
6:53 am
the green route, highway 85, also coming in for cupertino and the best drive now jogging over to 87. the nbc bay area wazers. >> northbound 101 where? >> at 87. it's been there for about half an hour. >> a little thoroughfare there. coming up a quick look at your top store on "today in the bay" including the crackdown under way right now to prevent traffic accidents in the south bay. first, happening now, at least 18,000 people have fled violence in myanmar and crossed into bangladesh. the government is blaming insurgents for the violence. sean spicer, who is roman catholic, finally got his chance
6:54 am
to meet pope francis. he was in the vatican as part of a meeting. when president trump visited in may spicer was left off the list of officials who had a chance to meet the pope. before you head out the door -
6:55 am
6:56 am
here are the top stories on today in the bay... and welcome back at 6:56 before you head out the door top stories on bay. new this morning police say one person is after a
6:57 am
hit-and-run in concord happened about 10:30 last night on highway 4 near the solano off ramp. it shows a truck and another vehicle collided. chp has not given out any suspect information. if your drive takes you through santa clara, more law enforcement on the road this morning. traffic enforce is going on right now, it started within the past half hour. a controversial proposal to create a new school district is not dead yet. the office of education building. members voted 3 to 2 to not move forward with the plan that would divide the district. they say the plan is elitist. a look at the observing
6:58 am
coliseum, home of the a's, but for how much longer. the last in a series of planned meet and greets as they look for a new stadium location. three options are in the works. one is the current coliseum site. another is howard terminal at jack london square. another near lany college. and the situation in many cases still dire in southeast texas. shelters reach maximum capacity. emotional new images. a building that was considered to be safe floods overnight pushing through those walls under the evacuees beds. a woman says she found a snake in the water. the newest threat from harvey as the storm dumps a foot of rain. >> how can your heart not go out
6:59 am
to these people? >> if our neck of the woods -- >> today is the day to enjoy. we take a look at our seven-day weather forecast. that's going to be the peak of the heat and through labor day. >> a food truck versus a big rig. >> that's the biggest issue. there's a food truck. they weigh 10,000 pounds.
7:00 am
>> good luck this morning. we'll be back with a local news update. >> join us at 11:00 for nbc bay area news. have a great day. enjoy this day. good morning. breaking news -- harvey roars ashore for the third time with even more torrential rain. a deluge in beaumont, texas. an unprecedented foot in a matter of hours overnight, two feet in a day and more rain on the way. the storm's death toll growing, a sixth day of misery pushing residents to their breaking points. >> not knowing what to do and there's not a way to really get out. >> president trump there surveying the damage trying to reassure the region. >> it happened in texas and texas can handle anything.


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