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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  August 30, 2017 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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6:00. >> both coming over to my house with the air conditioning. >> thank you for the invite, raj. so sweet. >> thanks for joining us at 5:00. see you back at 6:00. >> good night, folks. air lift. where in the sky as desperate flood victims are rescued from new flood zones as harvey makes another landfall. also, the death toll swells. confirming the worst fears. and now concerns about the ripple effectf health risks after the storm. hard sale, president trump hits the road talking taxes, but what's the plan and what will it mean for your money? mixed signals after north korea's new threat president trump says talking is not the answer, but tonight his own defense secretary is saying something very different. and remembering diana, princess kate's symbolic gesture on the eve of a tragic anniversary.
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nightly news begins right now. good evening as we welcome our viewers in the west. a disaster many thought couldn't get any worse has done just that. tropical storm harvey made its third landfall in texas early today, creating a major new flood disaster east of houston and stranding potentially thousands more. beaumont, texas has seen almost 50 inches of rain since it all began over 26 inches yesterday alone. a stretch of i. 10 there captured in these before and after photos shows a virtual storm tossed sea where traffic once flowed. tonight the death toll across the disaster zploen has climbed to at least 21 and right now an armada of helicopters is hoisting stranded victims.
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texas governor abbott tonight saying this crisis isn't over. our team remains in the thick of it. miguel starts off with a mission of mercy. >> lester, good evening. it's still a very fluid situation here in beaumont. as you can see, the military has taken over this parking lot. a short time ago they were launching helicopters from here and just down the road they're sending rafts into the water. they have been conducting rescues all day long. many thought the worst had passed, but they were wrong. tonight this is the massive rescue operation under way. harrowing moments as children like 11-year-old joshua, his parents and neighbors, are plucked from fast-rising flood waters. desperation turning sboo relief. >> we were like so happy, like god -- >> it happened all day long. starting early this morning when we boarded a team of navy
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see hawk helicopters headed to hard hit beaumont, texas. >> the weather in beaumont has been deteriorating all day long. it's now time for these crews to go. >> within minutes at that mika single ton was spotted with her family, desperately waving a white towel. >> i thought you all were going to pass us up because another helicopter had came and passed us up. we got so emotional. >> the navy and air force working together, lifting single ton to safety. then this moment as her son joins her. finally, her husband. the family safely reunited. >> when you were in that helicopter what were you thinking? >> thank you for saving us. >> i'm like so relieved now. you all just don't know. we're in dry land. we ain't walking in water. this is my mom. >> but single ton's mother, like so many others, is still stranded, desperate for help. >> my mom is still stuck in her house. please, somebody go get my momma out of
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there. she old and she can't move around like that. >> even for the lucky, safety almost seemed out of reach. whipping winds tossed rescue baskets. gentleman equity at that white clung to six-year-old bella. they thought the worst had already passed. >> we were watching how long go through and it actually having to go through it ourselves, life can change in a minute. >> flooding has completely cut off roads to beaumont. the city of 120,000 is now an island. colet suls certificate and her infant were swept into a canal. she lost her life saving her baby. tonight the waters continue to rise. >> i've been through katrina, rita and ike, and this is by far the worst. >> the convention center where evacuees are brought is being turned into essentially a military base. these helicopters have been landing and taking off all day long. >> because this is the
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only way out. within hours hundreds of people poured into this shelter just outside bow monlt. the frightened, the shaken, the elderly being carried in. newborns in the arms of rescuers. >> i got my life, my baby and my family. >> to live 34 years and suddenly overnight your life is destroyed. until it happens to you, you can't explain it. >> these families leaving behind everything, but holding on tightly to what matters most. it turned dire in beaumont quickly while we were on the ground and in the air there were more than 300 rescues and they continue tonight. the crews we were with in the air say they have infrared. those helicopters, lester, they'll be flying all night. >> what a sense of the human drama. hats off to those rescuers. thanks for bringing us story tonight.
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the death toll is climbing dramatically and today divers made a discovery they had been dreading. that family washed away in this enormous tragedy. we get the latest from nbc's gabe gutierrez. >> today in texas the death toll grew sharply. search crews discovering the submerged van believed to belong to the sal at that var family. six relatives who had been missing for days r retirees and their great grandkids, the youngest just six years old. >> our worst fears have been realized. >> also near houston two volunteer rescuers are dead and two others missing after authorities say they hit a power line and were electrocuted. among the tragedies, the uncertainty of other families still desperately searching for loved ones. some of their faces poegsed online. >> do you expect the death toll to climb? >> yes. i worry about what we're going to find when we start doing our secondary searches and when the water starts finally moving
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along. >> so far water rescues have topped 18,000 and more than 32,000 people are packing shelters. today evacuees streamed at the one in houston's newly opened mega shelters. >> they're inside. we've got people all in the bleachers. mattresses up on top of chairs. >> port arthur over run by water. this morning tell advantage list joel osteen defending himself from a storm of criticism on social media for failing to open his church's door soon enough to flood victims. >> i don't know that we would have opened any sooner because again there were safety issues. >> houston's mayor imposing an overnight curfew amid scattered reports of looting and armed rob% posing as police officers. although the rain has finally stopped in houston, the disaster has not: water still being released from two city reservoirs to ease pressure on the
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cam. >> it's just devastating. >> up to 40,000 homes could be damaged with no telling of when people can return. >> i left the garage full of stuff. i keep thinking what's in there. >> tonight the rescues aren't over in a city so tired of water. >> here in houston the rain has relented, but just look at all this water still gushing into the suburban neighborhood. it is simply astounding. today texas governor greg abbott said that the national guard in this state is maximumed out. so another 10,000 members from across the country are being deployed. lester. >> all right. gabe gutierrez, thank you. and tonight this storm is on the move, bringing several more states under the threat of severe weather, and that's not all we're watching. potential new trouble brewing in the tropics. nbc meteorologist difficult lan dryer is back with us. >> we did just peak the hurricane season. here is the tropical storm that is harvey. and we do still on the eastern side of it
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have tornado watches in effect. and the storm is now over land, so it has been weakening. we're down to 40-mile-per-hour p winds. still very slow moving but the good news for beaumont, the rain is just about over. weaken to a tropical depression overnight, but it doesn't matter what it is at this point because it is still producing a lot of rain. and we do are have the poernl of seeing flooding rain extending up into tennessee. we have flash flood warnings in parts of eastern texas, parts of louisiana, watches extend over into the panhandle of florida and up into kentucky. we're looking at an additional perhaps five to seven inches of rain, especially the farther north you go. we're going to start to see the rain taper off in louisiana as we go into tomorrow, but we could see the flooding in western tennessee with five to seven, eight inches of rain possible. here is tropical storm irma. now, it is still very early to determine if it will have any impacts on the united states, but it's forecast to strengthen into a category 2 hurricane by the weekend, so that's why it is certainly worth watching. >> prime time for
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hurricanes. all right. thank you. in the wake of this storm hitting right at the heart of america's oil and gas refineries force the to temporarily shut down. gas prices are lr on the rise, up to 20 to 40 cents a gallon in the midwest. and in flar as well. the national average is also on the rise, up 2 cents today according to the analysts at gas buddy and prices are expected to continue to jump throughout the weekend. meantime, president trump hit the road today, talking the devastation in texas and then turning to the subject that will dominate much of the fall, tax reform. but big questions remain this evening, what's the plan and what will it mean for you? we get more from our chief white house correspondent ali jackson. >> before pushing politics, the president getting personal directly addressing victims of hurricane harvey. >> to those americans who have lost loved ones, all of america is grieving with you. >> that consolation coming as the president visits missouri to talk tax
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reform. part of a hard sell, but no hard numbers. instead, an outline that leaves it to lawmakers to fill in details that will dictate the tax bills of millions of americans. like who could see cuts, how much they'll be, and how to pay for it all. >> so this is our once in a generation opportunity to deliver real tax reform for everyday hardworking americans. >> the president makesing his case by hitting the road, specifically route 66, known as america's main street. promising to help small businesses and the middle class. >> this is where america's main street will begin its big, beautiful come back. >> his speech, an early counter to criticism from democrats that the president's plan will benefit the wealthy more than anyone else. president trump promising bipartisan ship heads into september looking for a legislative win after an august that saw him courting controversy from his comments about charlottesville. >> i think there's blame on both sides,
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and i have no doubt about it. and you don't have any doubt about it either. >> to his pardon of former sheriff joe arpaio. >> sheriff joe is a patriot. >> top republicans on capitol hill tell nbc news they're confident tax reform will be easier than health care, with speaker paul ryan pitching it too. but before congress can get to that, it has to pass a budget first, as pressure from the president builds. >> i don't want to be disappointed by congress. do you understand me? >> and congressional sources today tell nbc news the top republican and democratic lawmakers will meet with president trump here when they're back in town next week with plenty on their plate come september. not just taxes but funding the government, raising the debt limit and providing relief for harvey victims. lester. >> hallly jackson at the white house. thank you. turning to the threat overseas from north korea and the mixed signals the trump administration is sending after the latest missile launch by the regime. president trump issuing a tough new message to north korea today, only to be contradicted by his
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own defense secretary. nbc news chief foreign correspondent richard eng elis in south korea tonight and has more. >> north korea's latest missile launch over japan now has kim jong-un and president trump trading threats. north korea overstate media. today saying more missile launches are coming, and could as threatened before, be pointed at the u.s. territory of guam. and president trump over social media, tweeting the u.s. has been talking to north korea and paying them extortion money for 25 years. talking is not the answer. president trump is apparently referring to clinton era negotiations that failed to curb north korea's nuclear ambitions, talks that often ended with aid payments. but just hours after the president trump's tweet, defense secretary mattis chimed in, seeming to contradict the president. >> we're never out of diplomatic solutions. >> it leaves u.s. policy confused by a
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140 character burst and that could be dangerous when it comes to north korea. today u.s. troops in south korea were preparing for the worst, testing patriot anti-missile systems, part of annual war games. lieutenant colonel mark pa lean says the missiles are essential because the 28,0005 hundred u.s. troops in south korea and their families are in north korea's cross hairs. >> my family feels very secure because they drive by and they see a thaad patriot battery sitting here knowing that it's defending them and we're on the wall watching 24 seven. >> but the danger now reaches the u.s. as well. today the u.s. military released images of missile defense tests near hawaii. >> the question in this region is now what the u.s. and its allies may do in response to the missile test. in the past they've reacted with some kind of show of force. lester. >> richard engel in south korea. thank you. still ahead the new
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danger emerge frg the flood zone. growing risks to public health while many hospitals remain shut down. we go inside one of the triage centers on the front lines of all of this. also, cancer breakthrough. the personalized treatment the fda just approved for the very first time in the u.s. we're back now
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with more on the ripple effect from the history making storm in texas that will linger long after the water has receded. physical and mental health risks that medical teams are now working overtime to combat.
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here is nbc news medical correspondent dr. john torres with more. >> although the water is receding in some parts of houston, shelters are flooded with people presenting major medical challenges. nearly two dozen hospitals across the region have evacuated. >> kidney disease. swelling up in my legs. >> robert jordan's medication washed away. >> high blood pressure? >> high blood pressure. >> and all that medicine is gone. >> yeah. >> so it's truly a mass casualty situation. >> it is. >> with military precision, a medical response team at the houston convention center has set up triage areas, a pharmacy and stock piles of supplies. >> what can you treat here? >> we can treat initially pretty much anything. we can treat minor wounds. do suture erg, deliveries. >> dapgs from the storm will linger for weeks, even months. flood water contaminated with chemical waist and debris, even fire ants and alligators. the immediate health risks including wounds, medication shortages, food poisoning and
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infectious disease from dirty water and closed quarts and in the long-term, stress leading to heart attacks and ptsd. both spiked after katrina. >> what a bundle of joy. >> she's beside herself with worry. fr far from home praying her baby sophia will be okay. >> the critically ill infant was one of several floppy from corpus christi to cook children's in fort worth. >> it was really scary. everything was just too like tense. >> now reunited, baby sophia is in better shape and so is her mom. >> lester, the mental health of evacuees, especially in large centers like this in houston is a big concern, which is why they've brought in experts to help people cope with the stress that can build as the days, weeks and months of recovery go on. >> all right. dr. john torres, thank you very much. we're going to take a break in a moment we'll have the changing trend among america's dads that may surprise you.
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we're back now with a cancer breakthrough, for the
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first time ever the fda has just approved a gene therapy treatment. it's for children and young adults are relapse right leg leukemia. genetically modifies the patients own immune cells. in the past we have reported on emily white head, the first child to receive the then experimental treatment in 2012. five years later she remains cancer free. you might find this spriedsing that american men are becoming dads later than ever before. the average age of first-time father's in the u.s. has risen to nearly 31, up from just over 27 in 1972. according to a new study. researchers point to a number of possible factors like more effective birth control, longer life expectancy and a desire to focus more on careers before having kids. it's hard to believe it's been 20 years since we got that tragic word from paris. princess diana killed in a car crash at the age of just 36. today on the eve of the 20th anniversary
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of her passing, her sons william and harry and princess kate walked through the gardens of kensington palace, the dutch he is wearing a dress covered with pop piz, a symbol of remember rans in the u.s. k. the inspiring images emerging like the sun from the clouds in storm ravaged texas. we )re live with breaking news
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===take vo=== a deputy shot and killed - how the chase of two women in a car turned deadly. ===raj/take vo=== and - we investigate the 6 year old mystery surrounding the death of a toddler. the unlikely group that finally took action.
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===next close=== next. finally tonight, even as the flooding disaster continues to sfred in texas, we are seeing so many powerful images of hope and heroism that remind us that even in worst catastrophic catastrophe, the best can come out in people. >> a week after the eclipse through our eyes to the sky, texas is looking up again with photos of the emerging sun multiplying on social media, a welcome sight accompanied by a joyful sound. >> victoria white and friends lifted the spirits of evacuees with a performance that echoed through the loan star expo sound. they sing your glory, shaking up the earth and sky. it's a moment that has gone viral, much like football star j.j. wats' fund-raising campaign which has now
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collected more than $5 million for relief efforts. >> the most difficult times seem to bring out the best in humanity. >> for all the suffering, there are images of hope, and heroism and healing in a bitterel torn nation. >> politics can talk about race and creed and religion and all this other stuff all day long, here is proof right here that none of that matters. >> it's a theme that permanent yates the helter in league city where the good is measured in a gymnasium's worth of -- >> i will eltu, league city is probably one of those cities that's on that border between blue and red. haven't heard or seen any of that since we've been here, guys. it's just everybody getting together and getting done what needs to be done. >> perhaps harvey swept away some of the things that divide us. maybe in those moments it's the darkness that's eclipsed by the sun. joe fryer, nbc news, league city, texas. >> and before we go, one more note on the storm. many of you have asked
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how you can help. we've put together a list of charitable organizations. you can find them on our facebook page. that is nightly news for this wednesday night. i'm lester holt, and for all of us at nbc news, thank you for watching. and good night. we )re followin: a chase, a shootout, and now a standoff. we )re live in sacramento wherea gunman has killed a sherrif )s depy. a chase, a chuteout ashoot stand off. the danger continues. the news at 6:00 starts right now. good evening and thanks for being with us. i'm raj mathai. >> i'm jessica augeri. a sheriff's deputy died after a dramatic hotel shootout that started with a stolen car investigation. two chp officers also injured. several people under arrest. and a man with a high-powered rifle dead.
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21--year-old veteran died on the way to the hospital. nbc bay area cheryl heard joins us in sacramento with the very latest, cheryl? >> reporter: the officers you see here are in mourning, mourning the death of one of their own. it's a difficult time. they are in mourning and also have a job to do. right now, it's still an active scene at this location at the ramada inn off capital expressway and at the area where the male shooter was taken into custody a short distance away where the suspect crashed his stolen car. he was in year watt avenue. that's where the suspect opened fire again and was hit by officers. right now, authorities are still ze searching the hotel making sure all of the suspects are accounted for. >> they have isolated the room which this shooting occurred. it's unknown if there are additional suspects in there. they are still trying to determine that. until that time, most of the other occupants of the motel ha b


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