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tv   Today  NBC  August 31, 2017 7:00am-10:01am PDT

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morning. that's what's happening today in the bay. we're back at fen:25 for a live local news update. >> and join us for nbc local news at 11:00. beat the heat, stay cool. good morning, breaking news. ten officers being treated in the hospital. the surrounding area evacuated. the death toll from harvey rising to at least 28. much of southeast texas still under war. this morning new flooding, new evacuations, and new misery. >> it's just devastating. >> as the powerful storm moves north targeting millions more today, thursday, august 31st, 2017. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is a special edition of "today," the impact of hurricane harvey with matt lauer and
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savannah guthrie, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. good morning, everybody. welcome to "today." so good to have you with us on thursday morning. we have craig in for matt once again. for the first time in a week, for the first time in a week, the rain has finally stopped, but of course harvey's fury is still being felt across the gulf coast. >> let's get to the latest. breaking news in crosby, texas, just outside houston. that's where fire is burning at a chemical plant following two overnight explosions. its owners had warned they were unavoidable after the facility lost power and its ability to cool those potentially volatile materials. we'll go to crosby live in a moment. >> at least 28 deaths are being blamed on the storm, but that number is expected to climb sharply in the coming days. houston's fire department is beginning a block-by-block search of thousands of flooded homes today.
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>> in texas alone, 25,000 water rescues alone have been carried out since the storm started with ongoing operations still happening. the u.s. military is now sending more ships and more aircraft to assist with those rescue efforts. >> we have complete coverage for you this morning. let us start with nbc's jacob rascon in crosby, texas, where the emergency situation at a chemical plant is unfolding as we speak. jacob, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we just got new numbers. we learned that, in fact, 15 deputies were checked at the hospital after inhaling fumes near that chemical plant, and two of them remain in the hospital. we're a couple of miles from where this is. this is as far as they want us to go. a chemical plant rep just said these things burn very quickly and very violently, and there's a possibility that we'll see more incidents like the one this morning later today. this morning reports of two explosions and black smoke coming from a chemical plant near houston, a result of harvey's catastrophic flooding.
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the plant located in crosby, texas, about 30 miles northeast of houston. the company based out of france releasing a statement this morning warning that a threat of additional explosion remains and telling residents please do not return to the area in the evacuation zone until emergency response authorities announce it is safe to do so. the facility drenched by more than 40 inches of rain has been without electricity since sunday. the plan manufacturers peroxide used in every day products like kitchen countertops. the explosion came hours after warning, reminding some of the devastating explosion at a fertilizer plant in west, texas, in 2013. 15 people were killed, more than 200 injured, roughly 150 buildings damaged orb destroyed. this morning the harris county sheriff tweeting, one deputy taken to hospital after inhaling
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fumes from arkema plant in crosby. nine others drove themselves to hospital as a precaution. arkema ceo warning at a news conference that if the chemicals got too warm, some sort of explosion was likely to happen. >> materials could now explode and cause a subsequent intense fire. the high water that exists on the site and the lack of power news at 11:00. h it. >> reporter: so in a press conference just now, they tried to explain what actually happened. they have these smaller containers of chemicals that are not being refrigerated that reacted and popped and started to heat up, but they're inside larger containers, and those essentially ruptured or erupted or blew up. then you have the flames shooting 30, 40 feet in the air. that container where it happened is essentially gone. what they expect is the same thing will happen in the other eight containers later today. what they hope is that all of this is contained within the facility and that the
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neighborhood around it is not affected, but of course that all remains to be seen, guys. >> all right. jacob, thank you very much. that sets us up nicely for harris county sheriff ed gonzalez, who joins us now. sheriff, good morning. i think jacob explained it pretty well. so what is the concern when you talk about explosions, smoke. it's very disconcerting, of course, to the people in the area. >> yes, we definitely understand that. we know the term explosion obviously draws up conjures of all kinds of images. we're just trying as best we can to just put in context what we're dealing with. we had been expecting these chemicals to eventually catch fire. this is why we helped coordinate an evacuation of all residents our deputies did encounter smoke and complained of respiratory irritation. there were actually 15 total. the initial number was not correct. >> is it a dangerous situation?
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i guess that's the bottom line people are wondering. >> yeah, we do not see it as being a danger to the broader community. we're taking a defensive posture and feel it can all be contained within the plant site. but again, we do have an evacuation and perimeter established around the property. >> so to be clear, though, sheriff, we can expect more of these explosions or pops or whatever we're calling them, we can expect more of them throughout the course of the day. >> correct. as your reporter explained correctly, there's a total of nine of those box containers. some will be eventually just due to the reaction of what's happening inside and the loss of temperature and all that. it's likely to happen, similar to what happened today, that pop, that rupture, if you will. >> sheriff, this is just one plant. i know there are a lot of chemical and manufacturing plants in this region. are you concerned about any of those? >> we're not concerned about that. we have not had any reports of any other plant being compromised in any way or having
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issues to the extent that we're seeing here. >> all right. well, our best to you. we know these have been busy days and nights for you and your entire department. sheriff, thank you for your time this morning. >> thank you, savannah and craig. appreciate it. men while in other parts of southeast texas this morning, round the clock operations to reach and rescue people from flooded neighborhoods is stretching into a sixth day. nbc's miguel almaguer in the hard hit town of orange along texas-louisiana border. miguel, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. many thought harvey's punishing blow was over, but they were wrong. this town is 100 miles away from houston, and it was hammered. this parking lot was turned into a military facility for rescue teems who at this hour are conducting more rescues. this morning harvey is now a tropical depression and is carving a new path, moving inland over louisiana after leaving behind a disaster in
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southeast texas. the monster form causing flash flooding in beaumont and port arthur. both cities under water after harvey released 26 inches of rain in one day. the u.s. navy and air force are staging a massive rescue operation, flying around the clock surge missions, plucking men, women, and children from rapidly rising waters. we rode along with one team experiencing some of the dramatic rescues firsthand. within minutes tameka singleton and her family were spotted from the air desperately waving a towel. her grateful family lifted one by one into the chopper. ask >> we were waving in the streets. we were so happy. god had answered our prayers. >> reporter: the devastating floods cutting off roads in and out of beaumont, a city of 120,000. for many, this is the only way out. but the danger is still high
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with winds tossing rescue baskets as they are lifted into the air. this woman clinging to her daught daughter as they were lifted. >> i'm deathly afraid of heights but we're good, blessed, thankful. >> reporter: but for some families in beaumont, tragedy. 41-year-old coletta and her 3-year-old daughter were swept away by the floods. coletta lost her life, but miraculously, the toddler survived. for evacuees, a temporary respite. more than 300 people pouring into the shelter just outside beaumont. newborns carried by rescuers out of harm's way. in port arthur, neighbors and rescuers rushing to a nursing home. nearly 70 elderly patients stranded inside as it quickly filled with water.
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dozens traveling by boat and by helicopter, even a dump truck, evacuated to a nearby town. in the skies over port arthur, customs and border patrol officers bringing relief to those left stranded. for one man, who was paralyzed, there was no other escape. >> this is awesome. never expected. so glad. >> reporter: with harvey's death toll now at at least 28, many fear the number will rise much higher. they're still searching neighborhoods, still searching communities here for those that remain missing. craig? >> miguel almaguer for us there in orange, texas. thank you. >> it's going to be years before this region fully recovers from the storm. while the rain is over in texas, the rivers there are still rising and threatening to flood even more homes. nbc's gabe gutierrez is at houston's main convention center this morning. it is now a massive shelter for thousands of evacuees. gabe, good morning.
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>> reporter: savannah, good morning. harris county is now consolidating its shelters. this is one of two mega shelters that will stay open. today search crews plan to begin going door to door to homes they believe got more than three feet of water to make sure nobody was left behind. this morning harvey's death toll is rising dramatically, now up to at least 28. search crews discovering this submerged van that belonged to the saldivar family. they'd been missing for days after flood waters swept an elderly couple and their great grandkids off a bridge. >> our worst fears have been realized. >> reporter: also near houston, these videos posted on facebook show the hours before authorities say a group of volunteers out doing rescues hit a power line and were electrocuted. two of the rescuers died. two others are missing. two journalists were also on the boat and survived. george perez was one of the rescuers who was killed.
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despite her grief, his wife says she's happy because he's a hero. after harvey's historic downpour, the country's largest fuel transporter says it's shutting down its main pipeline to the northeast. that could result in higher prices at the pump. houston's rivers swollen, water rescues still under way. >> it's just devastating. >> reporter: evacuee maria thoreau came to check on her flooded home along buffalo bayou but couldn't, the water much too high. >> i just keep thinking of what i could have done or maybe -- i left the garage full of stuff. i keep thinking what's in there. >> reporter: thousands of other displaced residents packed into two houston mega shelters. >> it was really hard for us because we don't have a lot of family in here. >> it is real crazy because i don't know what to think. i just brought my babies. >> my son said, mama, let's go. >> reporter: today they're grateful for what they have left. overnight curfews are still in
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effect here in houston and in neighbori neighboring ft. bend county. there have been more than 25,000 water rescues throughout texas. savannah? >> all right. gabe gutierrez, thank you very much. harvey's torrential downpours are now taking aim at other parts of the south. dylan is still in for al. she's got the storm's outlook, where this thing is headed now. >> and it's heading north. it is going to bring potentially flooding rain through parts of arkansas and western tennessee. here it is as a tropical depression. notice how it's finally clearing out across texas. even the heaviest of the rain is starting to come to an end in louisiana. winds right now are at 30 miles per hour. it's all about the motion, though. at this point moving north-northeast at 10 miles per hour. we have flash flood warnings just west of memphis across eastern arkansas, also west-central parts of louisiana. but we have flash flood watches through memphis through friday. we also have through friday some of those flash flood watches in nashville and even pensacola, florida, on the eastern edge of
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that storm and those rain bands moving through. as we go through tonight, we'll see more heavier rain move into northern mississippi. also across western and central tennessee. then we'll start to see it move up into kentucky as we go into friday morning. we'll even see some of the moisture make its way to the east coast by the time we get to the weekend. but this is the area of concern going forward because we're looking at about 5 to 7 inches of rain with locally 6 to 10 inches of rain possible, and that's what could lead to some of that flash flooding. just because it was so much rain, it's still tropical in nature, so it really comes down just in buckets at times. >> all right. thank you. >> thank you, dylan. there's some breaking news overnight in the north korean crisis. the u.s. flying bombers and fighter jets over south korea, a show of force against kim jong-un after the regime's latest missile test and a promise of more to come. nbc's chief foreign correspondent richard engel is in seoul this morning. >> reporter: good morning. the u.s. military says this mission lasted about ten hours.
7:15 am
the american aircraft taking off from japan and guam, crossing over the korean peninsula but staying safely inside friendly south korean air space. it was a warning with aircraft that the united states can attack north korea if it wants, when it wants, and decisively. the u.s. flying two b-1b super sonic bombers and four f-35 fighter jets over south korea overnight. the american response coming just two days after north korea fired a ballistic missile over japan. the flexing of its military muscle following a tweet from president trump, who declared that the u.s. has been talking to north korea and paying them extortion money for 25 years. talking is not the answer. but just hours after the president's post, his own defense secretary seeming to contradict him. >> we're never out of diplomatic solutions. we continue to work together. >> reporter: but actions, not diplomacy, are setting the pace
7:16 am
of events now. today in south korea, u.s. marines were honing their skills, running live fire exercises under stress 300 miles from the north korean border. the point of this drill is for u.s. and south korean marines to train together, to see each other's skills in case they need to fight north korea together, training that has a renewed urgency now. lieutenant colonel jeremiah is the battalion commander. >> i think we're a little more focused just because of current events, but we're always focused. that's our job. that's why we're here. >> reporter: the exercises were previously scheduled, but there are growing concerns the one upsmanship between president trump and kim jong-un could escalate, perhaps even spill over into conflict. in a sign of unity, japanese and south korean fighter jets also took part in this show of force exercise. back to you. >> all right. richard, thank you. and now to developments in
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the fight against isis. coalition air strikes blocked hundreds of isis militants from moving from one isis enclave in syria to another. earlier this week, the terror group had negotiated a cease-fire with lebanon's hezbollah group that included a deal to evacuate its militants near the lebanese border and move them to an isis-held area on the iraqi border. but the u.s.-led coalition had not agreed to that evacuation plan. a military spokesperson saying, quote, relocating terrorists from one place to another for someone else to deal with is not a lasting solution. new trouble this morning for wells fargo. this country's third largest bank says a review has uncovered another 1.4 million accounts opened without customers' permission. now that, that's on top of the 2 million previously disclosed. wells far doe algo also revealey have enrolled more than a half million people in online bill paying services without their okay. the findings come nearly a year after wells fargo reached a
7:18 am
settlement with regulators over phony accounts. all right. dylan is back with us. as we look at your western map, the heat is the story again. >> the heat is on, and it's only going to get hotter, actually. we do have excessive heat warnings and watches all through california and up into parts of washington and oregon as well. so we have about 35 million people under some sort of heat advisory because temperatures are going to heat up. we have this ridge in the jet stream that allows the heat to build across that part of the country. san jose should get up to 104 by tomorrow. portland, 99 degrees by saturday. and las vegas should be running and las vegas should be running in the lower 100s. ♪ and las vegas should be running in the lower 100s. ♪ i'm... i'm so in love with you. ♪ ♪ whatever you want to do... ♪ alright with me. ♪ ooo baby let's...
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♪ ...let's stay together... good morning i'm kari hall. you just heard we're talking about the heat and temperatures ramping up today. it is going to be hot respect especially for those interior valleys. in livermore expect a hive 105 degrees. 10 snichl concord. and san jose will see a high of 93 degrees, 84 in oakland, and 97 today in napa. san francisco in the upper 70s, upper 80s tomorrow. and even as we head into labor day some extremely warm temperatures while the inland areas will stay over 100 degrees. and that's your latest forecast. dylan, thank you very much. just ahead the public health threat from harvey, it is just beginning. frightening images of what else is lurking in those floodwaters. >> also ahead this morning, how the world is remembering princess diana on the 20th anniversary of her tragic death
7:20 am
as her sons william and harry honor their mother with a touching tribute of their own. but first this is "today" on nbc.
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==cam== we )re in a microclimate weather alert - as the first in a a very good morning to you. it is 7:26 i'm layer lawyer. we are in that microclimate weather alert this morning it's the first in a string of seriously hot days settling across the bay area. this is the live look at dub blip right now. the tri-valley is supposed to be especially hot now through the weekend. we may see temperatures near all-time records. one of the biggest concerns for parents during the coming heat waive, how their kids will stay cool at school. some districts are taking extra precautions including limiting outdoor activities and providing chilled bottled water, even using portable air-conditioning units for the classrooms that might need it. check in with kari for a look at the forecast. >> we are seeing for the first time in a long time a very clear start to the day in san
7:27 am
francisco. and at least it still feels nice and cool as we start out this day, but temperatures ramp up quickly and all of these areas inland will be under an excessive heat warning with heat advisories in evekt infect, kind of a step down for bay area beaches. but it will be very hot today as well as tomorrow. we're going to see those high temperatures in san jose up to 93 degrees, triple dingts for concord, antioch, livermore with upper 90s for parts of the north bay, palo alto 93 degrees and 93 in san jose and 92 in palo alto. we'll be following this. mike now has a traffic alert he's following. we continue to follow this for the tri-valley. overall traffic moves well in south bay not so bad and getting down to the south bay say problem from fremont out of sunol. that crash still blocks your slow lane dirt from an overturned tractor trailer and we have a lot of backup but the express lane does move well. folks can pay a little bit and move over toward that lane.
7:28 am
and knots over in hayward slowing as well. back to you. thank you very much. another update in half an hour. we'll see you then.
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a good morning. we're glad to have you with us. i'm savannah guthrie alongside craig melvin in for matt and hoda is here, too. it's just incredible to think of the days upon days, weeks and months of recovery. >> one city seems to be out of the woods and you watch another one fall into it. tough to watch. >> let's get right to today's headlines starting with breaking news tied to harvey's devastation. >> plumes of smoke. >> explosions rock a chemical plant outside of houston sparking contamination fears as the death toll from harvey
7:31 am
spikes overnight. right now it's a waiting game. residents who live a mile and a half from the flant are being evacuated. >> this is a once in a generation opportunity. >> president trump turns his focus to taxes, reform to millions while sending a warning shot to both parties. >> i don't want to be disappointed by congress. do you understand me? >> 2 million muslims gather around mecca in a pilgrimage for the ages. >> for peace. >> the fda recalls more than half a million pacemakers over fears they could be hacked in a cyber attack. >> you say tomato. a food fight in spain colors the streets red in a messy yet entertaining annual tradition today thursday august 31st, 2017. let's turn back to our top story, harvey, and what so people have had to flee their flood ravaged homes are facing when they wade into that water. nbc's kerry sanders is in beaumont, texas, for us. kerry, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, craig. this morning as waters recede,
7:32 am
homes like the ones behind me have water in the front and back. they are like islands. as people now begin to leave their waterlogged homes with the panic of the crisis over, there is another threat they should think about, poisonous snakes. this morning a new worry for rain soaked residents in houston with floodwaters as far as the eye can see there are many hidden dangers lurking just below the surface. >> in so many cases people tell us they want this rescue by helicopter because of their fear of what's in the water. >> we went airborne with marine operations helping stranded residents to safety. all just wanting to get out. there's more in this water than critters, dirt, and debris, there are serious health hazards, too. >> bacteria in the water is a huge concern for a dumb of reasons.
7:33 am
the sewage system starts backing up, so that bacteria gets in there. >> reporter: health officials are worry about other spills they are wading through. >> chemical contamination, especially if it's gets in your mouth are huge concerns. >> invisible dangers, downed power lines. authorities are warning to be on the lookout for reptiles. >> oh, my god. >> this reptile crept up to a home in houston. snakes. houston area hosts more than 20 species of snakes, and all of them can swim. if that's not scary enough, there have been sightings of floating apartments of fire ant colonies, several feet wide that not only survive but thrive in floods. >> i actually picked it up. i had rubber gloves on. >> reporter: something authorities highly recommend against. there are billions of these ants
7:34 am
in the water. their sting can cause burning, blistering, even death to people hyper sensitive to their venom. those swimming snakes, rogue agents and swarms of stinging fire ants seems like something straight out of a horror flick. they aren't actually out to get anyone. like all residents in the flood zone, they are just trying to weather the storm, too. now, as the water has left the homes here, and the electricity remarkably already is back, residents who are now back in their homes do need to worry about another long-term problem, a waterlogged home is a great breeding ground for mold. that can cause serious respiration problems. savannah. >> yeah, there is so much to think about. kerry, thank you. when we see these heartbreaking images in texas and louisiana, it makes us all want to help. sadly we want to tell you there are scammers out there and they are looking to take advantage of that goodwill. after hurricane katrina, $20 million lost to scams.
7:35 am
we had "today" national correspondent jeff rossen look into this. he's got some tips. we really want to make sure this good hearted motivation, money ends up in the right hands. >> this is when criminals come out, like christmas, when we all want to help people. they know they can pull on our heart strings. department of justice issued a new alert to be careful of these scams. we wanted to come to you and tell you about some of the things you can do to avoid that start with the first one which is you want to avoid donating via e-mails. ou legit charities won't be blasting you with e-mails and telling you to e-mail there. if they have your e-mail address, you've donated to them before, this is when criminals will send you fishing e-mails. it will look like from the american red cross. it will have one letter off you won't notice. you click on that, they're suddenly into your computer. also your credit card information. >> cash.
7:36 am
anybody asking cash, no-go. >> legit charities don't want cash. they want goods or they want you to donate with credit card or check. if you give cash and find out there's a scam later, there's no way to get that money back. there's no record of transaction. they don't want cash. pay via credit card. pay via check. >> obviously big name relief organizations we know but there are also copy cats. >> this is when the copy cats come out. you may get that e-mail from them, you may see that american red cross logo we know well. maybe called national red cross. instead of toys for tots, maybe it's tots for toys. they can mimic the actual name of the charity. you want to look out for copy cats as well. again, going back to that first step, i can't stress it enough, look out for one wrong letter in an e-mail address. they do that. that's one of the classic signature moves. >> eyes peeled.
7:37 am
if you get an e-mail and there are attachments or photos, don't click. >> this is advice we've done on rossen reports a lot. never open attachments if you don't know who it's from. some fake charities will send you a link or some attachment to show you a picture of a disaster. look at the kids you're going to help. do not click on attachments unless you know who it's from. by the way, if you get an e-mail from one of these places and want to click on an attachment, don't do it. don't, even if you think it's legit, get off the e-mail, go to the website for the charity confirmed to donate. >> which was our last tip. check out the websites, what am i looking for when we look at websites. >> a lot of legit charities will end in .org. if you see dot-com, not necessarily a scam but something to look for. red cross,.org, a red flag. >> good information. i hope people will open their hearts. let's head to dylan and get a check of the forecast. >> thanks, savannah. i want to point out heat out west. we have excessive heat warnings and watches all along the coast of california. 35 million people under the gun for this extreme hit. area of high pressure, jet stream, heat will continue to
7:38 am
build. san jose should get up to 104 by tomorrow. portland, oregon, back to 90 degrees by saturday. las vegas 103 by saturday. the heat is going to be extreme. it's very dry, too. that could lead to fire danger. as we go into next week, seattle gets to 92 by the time we get into tuesday. of course we also want to men's the flooding from harvey is about to move into parts of mississippi and western tennessee where we could see 5 to 7 inches of rain and that could lead to flash flooding if it comes down too quickly. that's a look at weather across the country, now here is a peek good morning i'm meteorologist kari hall. we get a shout out from national weather and you know that it's going to be a hot day. as we start out, though, with some nice cool temperatures, enjoy it, but it will be heating up quickly. right now 50 degrees in the north bay and going it see the highs there in the napa reach up to 97 degrees. san francisco 78, 84 in oakland
7:39 am
and 93 in san jose with highs over 100 degrees. for the delta and the tri-valley as well as the south county later today. for the delta and ty as well as the south county later today. for the delta and the tri-valley as well as the south county later today. f and the tri-valley as well as the south county later today. forecast any time weather channel and cable. >> dylan, thank you. >> coming up next princess diana's lasting legacy. twenty years to the day since her death. her death. the average family's hectic home: her death. its raised 1 dare devil, 2 dynamic diy duos, and an entrepreneur named sharon. its witnessed 31 crashes, 4 food fights, and the flood of '09. it's your paradise perfected with behr premium plus low odor paint. the best you can buy starting under $25. unbelievable quality. unbeatable prices. right now get incredible savings on behr's top-rated paints and stains. only at the home depot.
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back at 7:43, tributes around the world for princess diana. >> everyone from her sons to her fans reflecting on her remarkable legacy. nbc's keir simmons at kensington house with more on this. hey, keir, good morning. >> reporter: hey, hoda, good morning. hard to believe that princess
7:44 am
diana passed 20 years ago. folks watching will remember exactly what they were doing that day. others will learn about her legacy. if you want to see the impact she had, just look at the crowds outside kensington palace, two decades old. overnight a candlelight vigil for the people's princess. >> she's very much alive. >> in the rain, diana's boys, william and harry, replaced their steps of 20 years ago to see the flowers left in memory of their mother, taking some themselves from the public to the gates of kensington palace. echos of two decades ago, a sea of flowers outside the home where they lived with her until her sudden death when william was 15, and harry just 12. the princess describing that time in a recent documentary. >> what was very peculiar but very touching was everybody
7:45 am
crying. the wailing and crying. all i cared about was i lost my mother and i didn't want to be where i was. >> the way people were grabbing us and putting us in their arms and stuff, i don't plame anybody, of course, but it was those moments that were sort of -- i don't know. they were quite shocking. >> there were flowers in paris, too, where we took dr. frederick back to the tunnel. he was one of the first people on the scene where diana's car crashed. >> arrived no more than 30 seconds after the accident. >> he did what he could to assist the injured passenger in the back seat. >> i remember a very pretty young woman with a nice hair. she didn't have any blood on her face. >> she spoke? did you speak to her? >> i said ambulances were on the
7:46 am
way, that everything would be all right. i'm pretty sure that was my words were the last words she heard. >> the days that followed rocked the royal family. this morning two decades later, the impact still felt. >> she had a way of connecting with people of all ages. >> most of all by her boys, determined to ensure she is not forgotten. princess william and harry spending today, as you'd expect, in private thinking about their mum. even people here, guys, talking about why was diana so important. maybe because she took this traditionally stuffy country and said it's okay to cry. it's okay to reach out to other people, strangers, and show them you love them. and when you bring up chirp, the right thing to do is to help them understand and have empathy for others less fortunate than them. that's something you can see now with william and kate and the way they are raising their children. >> thanks very much. everyone seems to remember where
7:47 am
they were. >> hard to believe it's been 20 years. >> for more on princess diana's legacy, check out the special, diana, seven days, right here on nbc. still ahead twitter crowns the song of the summer. apparently it is not what we think. >> i don't know what it is. so i'm going to stay tuned for that. coming up in the orange room, a beauty pageant controversy. you won't believe what caused packed with flavor, one hero was on a mission to save snack time. watch babybel in the great snack rescue.
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7:51 am
we're back, 7:50. we've got a beauty pageant making headlines for all the wrong reasons. dylan over in the orange room with carson for that. >> good morning, guys. miss united kingdom has withdrawn from next month's united continent pageant and given back her crown because she had organizers asked her to lose weight and go on a diet plan. in a facebook post, it saddens me who believe you must be skinny to be beautiful. some of you may think this is cowardly. however, i don't think it is right to have my face representing a itteethos i don' believe in. others taking a different stance. when you sign up to be a putin pageant contestant, a look that's not ordinary. we asked, what do you think of her decision to withdraw.
7:52 am
results in, 80% agree, 19% disagree. this morning she posted this thanking people for her support. either way she's absolutely beautiful. i don't know. what do you think? >> i think good for her. that's ridiculous. >> it's a shocker. are you kidding me? i don't understand that. that's crazy. all right. thank you, dylan. thanks for crazy town. coming up traveling in style at coach prices. take you inside the plane offering a peek into the future of let's see, there are the wildcats 'til we die weekenders. the watch me let if fly. this i gotta try weekenders. then we've got the bendy... ... spendy weekenders. the tranquility awaits. hanging with our mates weekenders and the it's been quite a day... glad we got away weekenders. whatever kind of weekender you are, there's a hilton for you. book your weekend break direct at and join the weekenders. thank you for barging in like that.
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good thursday morning it's 7:56 and we're in a microclimate weather alert with excessive heat warnings. they will begin at 11:00 this morning for all areas away from the immediate coastline. we do have heat advisories in effect for san francisco and bay area beaches as temperatures there will reach into the 80s. now we are looking at some high temperatures, much hotter today than yesterday. hard to believe even though we do have a cool start. we're heading up to 106 degrees in concord, san jose 93 degrees, 84 in oakland. we will reach the peak of the heat for tomorrow especially in san francisco and the inland areas reaching up to 89 degrees. and as we go into the next several days for the holiday weekend it is going to be dangerously hot. highs up to 110 degrees tomorrow and then there will be a slight chance that we could have a storm on labor day as we are going to see this heat breaking into the middle of next week.
7:57 am
i'll have another update coming up later. let's head over to mike for an update on the roadways. breaking in traffic news and broken big rig lite right there. you see the person in the yellow jacket that was the driver of this rig. it is overturned the off-ramp west 580. traffic gets by just fine. here's the other issue in the tri-valley, this from a little farther south, south 680 over in mission and that's the rig we told you about spilling dirt all over the roadway blocking and slowing part of the should they're and traffic is backed up. you see the rest of the bay is a little bit lighter. free monday holds up steady, union city is tough. baks to you. we are monitoring the extreme heat along with fire danger. if you don't have air-conditioning stray cool. head to our home page for a list of cooling centers. sacramento police are mourning you the death of one of their home. the story is feet furd on our home page. wells fargo scandal of phantom accounts is widened on twitter
7:58 am
feed. details on that. another local news update in half an hour.
7:59 am
8:00 am
it's 8:00 on "today." coming up, breaking news. a flooded chemical plant near houston rocked by two explosions overnight. police evacuating the area amid fears there are more to come. we're live at the scene. plus, cancer game changer. why a newly approved treatment for leukemia is being called the most exciting breakthrough in a lifetime. and the future of flying. >> beds on a domestic flight. >> we take you inside the plan to transform planes from coach to cushy. >> there's also a bar for all the people who like bars on a plane. >> a look at the brand new experience taking off sooner
8:01 am
than you might think, "today" is thursday, august 31st, 2017. ♪ >> we have good morning from -- >> washington. >> idaho. >> mississippi. >> we've got sign-a-pallosa here but we want something special. >> a picture with savannah and craig. ♪ >> i found a cop who is just married. >> we're honeymooning on "today." >> it's your anniversary, what's your message? >> love always wins. >> these ladies do not do morning. >> except for today. >> oh, my gosh, and they have the t-shirts. we need those t-shirts. >> i don't do mornings. >> except for today. >> some of the best people. >> they are all over. >> we will find them ourselves out there at 8:30. we will be back in a moment to step out on the plaza. good morning to you. >> it's good to be here. it is another busy morning. let's get right to your news at
8:02 am
8:00. a new danger has emerged in flood ravaged texas where explosions rocked a chemical plant overnight. we have complete coverage starting with jacob rascon, he is in crosby with the latest on it. what do we know at this hour? >> reporter: we've learned that 15 deputies, in fact, went to the hospital to be checked out and two of them remain there still. we are two miles or so away from this plant and we're told that several days ago they evacuated the area as a precaution because the plant was being flooded. they ended up getting 40 inches of rain or more. and the issue was that the chemicals there have to be refrigerated and the plant lost power and then it lost backup power. so you had in one of their large storage containers you had chemicals that got too warm, they reacted with each other, ruptured, broke out of their smaller containers, caused a huge fire that consumed the entire container. and you had those fumes coming, that's what the deputies were inhaling. today they say they expect all
8:03 am
of the other containers, eight of them, to get warm for the chemicals to react and for there to be more fires, and there is a possibility of bigger incidents or explosions or whatever you want to call them. so they say there is that possibility. they're hoping that it's all contained at the facility, but they're keeping the media back, they want people who live around there to stay away. all as a precaution in case it's worse than what they're saying. so they're having a hard time defining whether the fumes are toxic or not. they say essentially a low level of toxicity. we will be watching. guys, back to you. >> got it. jacob rascon for us there in crosby, texas. thank you. >> there has also been a dramatic increase sadly in the number of deaths tied to this storm and flooding but also daring rescue operations that are saving many, many lives. nbc's miguel almaguer is in orange, texas with these stories. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the death toll grew overnight.
8:04 am
at least 28 people have been killed in texas alone and incredibly those dramatic rescues are still under way at this hour, six days after this storm hit. in port arthur wednesday neighbors and rescuers rushing to a nursing home. >> somebody gave me a ride on a boat. it just breaks my heart. >> reporter: nearly 70 elderly patients stranded inside as it quickly filled with water. they were carried out in wheelchairs and on stretchers. this woman praying with first responders, telling them she just celebrated her 90th birthday. >> it's not going to be your last, okay? we will get you through this. >> reporter: in nearby beaumont a navy seahawk helicopter plucking people out of the water. damika was rescued with her ten-year-old son, joshua. >> are you okay? >> i'm okay. >> reporter: clinging together on board.
8:05 am
>> i thought y'all were going to pass us up because another helicopter had came and they passed us up. when we seen y'all looking at us, oh, my god, with he got to emotional hike please help us. >> reporter: relief, but still so much uncertainty. >> my mama is still stuck in her house. >> reporter: beaumont has already seen its share of tragedies, plils identified collette solser the young mother who died saving her toddler earlier this week after they were both swept into a drainage canal. >> apparently the infant was clinging to her. >> reporter: rescues have now topped 18,000, more than 32,000 people are packing shelters and officials estimate up to 40,000 homes could be damaged. but amid so much destruction, a safe haven for hundreds. babies carried to shelters. a truckload of dogs, even a cat, clinging to safety. a girl and her dog this morning
8:06 am
finally on dry land. families smiling and laughing, perhaps for the first time in days. search teams will focus their efforts in port arthur and beaumont today, there is fear that hundreds if not thousands didn't make it out of those rising floodwaters yesterday. back to you. >> thank you for showing us those incredible rescues. >> beautiful. >> beautiful work being done there. we have big medical news to tell you about this morning. this is taking kids, pediatric age group up to age 25 with a certain type of leukemia called all, kids who are either not responding, refractory to conventional therapy, this is giving them hope for a cure.
8:07 am
>> and you're going to have to put this in terms that we all can understand. it's call carti. how does it work. >> this is a novel what we call immunotherapy. it's basically harnessing and exploiting the body's own immune system to be able to attack and kill cancer cells. this is typically for most patients a one time treatment. it carries with it a very high price tag, as we've heard from novartis. >> how high are we talking about? >> $475,000. >> wow. >> now, according to a press release from yesterday novartis is planning on collaborating with the centers for medicare and medicaid services to provide the therapy and if the therapy works after one month then the company will be reimbursed from the government. >> and just quickly, who is this geared toward? what's the patient? >> the patient population is, again, a pediatric up to age 25
8:08 am
of leukemia which is called all which has relapsed or is refractory to conventional chemotherapy and bone marrow transplant. >> always good to have you. thank you. >> thank you. another big story we're following this morning, a federal judge has temporarily blocked most of tks's new sanctuary cities law. it would have allowed police to inquire about people's immigration status during routine interactions such as a traffic stop. the measure sailed through the republican controlled legislature but opponents then sued and argued that senate bill 4 violated the u.s. constitution. wednesday's ruling keeps the law from taking effect on september 1st and then allows the legal challenges to proceed. and it is time now for hoda's morning boost. what you got? >> i especially love this one. i've loved them all this week. this may be my favorite. volunteers at a storm evacuation shelter here houston are bringing hope to victims of hurricane harvey. please listen to the music.
8:09 am
♪ we want to see your kingdom >> victoria white and marques taylor saw signs of despair at the lone star expo center so do you know what they did, they belted it out, a powerful spontaneous version of the goss spell song "spirit break out". do you know what happened? people laying down on cots and air beds got up and joined in. join who else joined in, 14 million people who watched that video online. doesn't it make you want to sob? >> it does. >> it just happened right there. even on the darkest days someone knows how to just turn the lights on. beautiful. >> good for the soul. we have much, much more ahead this morning, including why this year's official song of the summer, savannah guthrie, i don't think it's yours. >> i don't know what to think about this. >> i don't think it's yours. it will surprise you. also ahead, and this might surprise you, why fwa when net paltrow is apologizing to brad
8:10 am
pitt 20 years after their break up. a behind the scenes sneak peek at what could be the future of flying. jenna shares feel good surprises for teachers headed back to school. first . test. test. test. test.
8:11 am
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don't start humira if you have an infection. ready for a new chapter? talk to your rheumatologist about humira. this is humira at work.
8:14 am
let us trend. jenna has joined the trend. >> of course, you have. >> we have all had kids recently. this caught my eye. a lot goes into choosing a baby name, but what happens if you regret your choice. one mom shared her story on an online parenting forum. she named her daughter autumn, but after her mom said she doesn't like it, she's thinking about changing it. but autumn is ten months old. >> i don't think you can change the name. >> it made me think. first of all, are you happy with the names you gave your kids? >> very happy, but i will say of i named mila, my mom called and
8:15 am
says you should change the spelling. i'm not going to change the spelling. and so i understand. >> kind of get it. i love my kids names, but i feel guthrie and i wish i had given her a pretty elizabeth or ann. but i honestly. couldn't think of it. it was hard enough to think of any names. what about your own names? do you ever wish you had a different name? >> growing up with a name dylan, there were no girls with the name dylan. but then i kind of owned it. it's so me now. >> it's nice different. not different for the sake of being different. >> i gave you a homework assignment. did you complete it? you had to pick the name if you could rename yourself right now, what would you name yourself? craig, you start. >> i went with storm. storm melvin.
8:16 am
my son is going through a phras with cars. his new character is lightning. it's a bad name. >> it's a good tv name. >> i didn't know we could have fun with it. i liked the name taylor. because i was obsessed with 90210. >> it's funny because taylor could also be a boy's name. >> we could have called you dd. >> or ta ty. >> i want to go. barbara bush haeger. she would call and order dominos. stop pranking us. they didn't know that barbara bush was going to be barbara bush. but i was always jealous until high school when they would call the role and barbara would be in
8:17 am
the back. >> i chose isabel. i don't know why. it seems kind of punk rock. it's kind of cool. >> i like that. >> mine when i was growing up, it was anything but hoda. i wanted any other name. i still remember roll call as a kid. mark kaufman. chris kennedy. it's coming, it's coming. i wanted to crawl under the desk and die. i think we have a typo. so i just remember thinking let it be over. >> but if you could choose a name now. >> i guess karen because she's my best friend. >> what about helen? >> when i had my first job, they were like what is your name?
8:18 am
we might have to work on that. why don't we try something easy like helen. i go, i don't think so. >> where was that? >> mississippi. >> is that why you went with the accent. >> no, it was jersey. >> it's going to catch on. let's start off with g wen net paltrow. in a recent radio podcast, she admitted she hasn't been so lucky in love. check it out. >> i have [ bleep ] up so many relationships. i'm a pretty good friend and a good sister and daughter and mother. but i am at my potentially most vulnerable and [ bleep ] in the romantic slice of the pie. so brad pitt if you're listening, i [ bleep ] that up, brd. >> you may remember they dated back in the '90s for nearly
8:19 am
three years. and finally the song of the summer. twitter has officially declared it based on the songs tweeted about the most. it might not be what you think. let's count down the top three. in third place, "despicito." it dominated the air waves but not number one. number two, "crying in the club." by the way she's headed to our plaza for a concert on september 29th. that will be fun. >> finally the song of the summer, here it is. >> i'm so glad. i love them. >> so "down" by fifth harmony was the most tweeted song of the summer. this is just twitter's. >> what was the most played
8:20 am
song? >>. >> isi, take us to weather. >> i thought it was roger federer. >> you can watch it. >> i'm sorry. let's take a look at the rain that is still associated with harvey. it's weakening. it's a tropical depression and the rain is winding down. we still have some heavier bands through central louisiana and now it's going to remain a concern through arkansas and western tennessee as it takes this northeastward track. we're locking at the potential for isolated flash flooding. that's what's going on around the country. here's a peek out your window. i'm meteorologist kari hall. it will be hotter today than yesterday and we are under a
8:21 am
microclimate weather alert as excessive e hoot warnings take areas away from the immediate coastline. we'll be up to 106 degrees in concord, 101 in morgan hill, 83 in oakland and san francisco 78 degrees. it gets even hotter tomorrow with some upper 80s in san francisco. also along the coast and for the inland areas it will be up to 110 degrees for tomorrow. >> and that's your latest forecast. >> breaking news, we'll have time for the roger federer click. you got to see that in the next half hour. a new rossen report for you. a rare look inside the future of flying. >> one of the world's biggest airplane companies is transforming planes from the inside out all to improve our experience on board. jeff rossen is back with a sneak peek. this is pretty cool. >> we have all seen the videos. it's pretty crazy up there. frustrated passengers in tiny seats, fights and brawls
8:22 am
breaking out. flying can be uncomfortable, but what if you could fly like a rock star for the price of an economy ticket. air bus says they can do it. they have invited us aboard, believe it or not, for a behind-the-scenes look. these planes could be taking off sooner than you think. imagine flying in this. it's not a private plane, not even first class. this is coach. play rooms for kids, eating areas for adults and even beds. it's all being designed by a special team here at airbus. many of the planes you fly on today are made by airbus. this office park in the middle of california, look what happens when you spin the camera around. they have this giant airplane that's ab 8330. they have a full mock up. you're saying i can get this for the price of a coach ticket. >> we want to make this acce
8:23 am
accessible to all. we think we can get the price down to economy class ticket level. we have taken the cabin and divided to. different pods that can be loaded on and off the aircraft quickly. they are movable pods that each have a different experience and can be loaded on to a plane in less than an hour. based on what the passenger signed up for. check out this space. plenty of room for families to spread out. >> you have like a play rare year. >> so cabins aren't designed well for families. and so here we have designed an area for families. so they can sit across from one another. >> i would buy this for my family. people could choose what kitypef experience. >> i'm looking at a lot of parents and i don't see any seat belts. >> this is just we have seats and seat belts inside. >> i want to come over here. this is really cool.
8:24 am
in the pod next door, this is a rrlt pod. look at these tables. you can sit comfortably in one of these tables. four people can sit here. there's also a bar. and this is all for the coach price ticket. >> i want to show you something cool. this looks like a table, but it also turns into a chair. so we have hiddenen seats all over the place so we can get this to be economical. you can sit down and buckle in. >> there's as many seats on this plane on a regular jet. >> that's correct. >> you haven't seen anything. everything. this may be the biggest improvement yet. >> beds on a domestic flight. >> how often times have you walked past first class and been jealous of the people that got to lay flat. >> you can buy a bed on a short flight for a nap. >> it's pretty comfortable. i'm a little closterphobic. >> just take a quick snooze. >> for all of you skeptics out
8:25 am
there, airbus is working closely with the faa to make this a reality. they are about to begin testing these planes in the air. if all goes well, airbus says flying on these planes could be just a couple years away. these pods are just the beginning. they want a spa pod and workout pad. >> i would get a facial. >> that is awesome. >> all for economy class price. >> first class tickets are expensive. this is a big company. >> and the same number of seats. >> these are smart people over there. >> thank you. fun. just ahead this morning, jenna is coming back to give deserving families and teachers the surprise of a lifetime as they get set to go back to school. the seven wine hacks you need in your life. first, your local news. i )m ...
8:26 am
==cam== we )re in a microclimate weather alert - as the first in a string of seriously hot days is settling in around the bay good morning. it's 8:26. i'm marcus washington. we are in a microclimate weather alert the first of extreme hi hot days. meteorologist kari hall says the trivalley will be especially now there the weekend and we may see temperatures near all-time records. some school districts are taking extra precaution including limiting outdoor activities and providing chilled bottled water and using portial air conditioners for classrooms that need it. in palo alto, police are warning about a mountain lion sighting on webster street two blocks from embarcardero road. the person reporting it saw that
8:27 am
cat and her cub. people in the area are advised to be on alert and parents may want to drive their kds to school today. mike, traffic on the east bay. >> the peninsula is looking fine and the south bay, a pretty typical silicon valley commute. earlier crash, dump truck spill still going on southbound 680 but maintaining the flow. the recovery here southbound, that crash cleared. over here, crash cleared at central, just built up through the east bay. oakland, berklee, you're just dragging. at update in half an hour. who are these people?
8:28 am
the energy conscious people among us say small actions can add up to something... humongous. a little thing here. a little thing there. starts to feel like a badge maybe millions can wear. who are all these caretakers, advocates too? turns out, it's californians it's me and it's you. don't stop now, it's easy to add to the routine. join energy upgrade california and do your thing.
8:29 am
8:30 am
good morning, everybody. it is thursday august 31st, 2017. big morning on the plaza. lots of beautiful people saying hello on a gorgeous day. this is the last day of august, everybody. fall is coming. so happy to have everybody here. good morning, sweetie pie. >> what a crowd. >> hi, guys. >> this crowd has so many awesome individuals. we saw some earlier but i'm going to single out one in
8:31 am
particular of the entire crowd. she doesn't know we're coming for her. what is your name? >> madison. >> madison is here. one of the things mad sentence wants, i heard from sources, is that she wants to have her makeup done by a "today" show makeup artist. would you like us to do that for you? >> yes. >> okay. we're going to bring you out right now. come on out. hold on. your mom can come, too. we're going to take you in the commercial break upstairs to meet our makeup artist, and we're going to get your makeup done. that is going to be fun? isn't that the sweetest? >> you're already so beautiful, how are we going to improve on that. >> come on, we're going to have fun. we're going to take a shot later in the show. you're going to meet mary, the nicest person on earth. >> you want lipstick? fake eye lashes. >> yeah.
8:32 am
>> we'll give you the good stuff. >> we're excited for you, hon. we'll take you upstairs in a few minutes. don't leave. >> i love it. she's in great hands with our mary. >> that's pretty cool. >> coming up, jenna bush visits some deserving teachers and families preparing to go back to school. she's going to help give them really big surprises as well. >> if you're suffering from sore eyes and headaches, you may spend too much time on screens. we'll teach you how to prevent digital eye screen. >> next story, really only one person who can do it and that's hoda. best wine hacks to get you saving. labor day weekend. rose all day. >> rose all day. >> dylan, a check of the weather? >> take a look at the weather across the country. it is going to be a decent week, especially back through the midwest. flooding rain tomorrow is going to start spreading through kentucky and even begin to work its way through the carolinas,
8:33 am
too. it is hot out west. temperatures above 100 degrees. looking at heat advisories. some of the residents of harvey will spread eastward bringing rain to the mid-atlantic, up across new jersey and ohio river valley as well. the middle of the country does dry out. down through texas lower 90s on saturday. then on sunday, we're looking at possibly heavy rain across northern new england, scattered showers and storms through florida and it remains hot out west. that's what's going on around the country. here's a peek out your window. good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. yes, it will be hot out west. we'll be dealing with excessive hoot for today, excessive heat warnings in effect for all the areas shaded in purple, heat advisories very the coast today extending into labor day. we'll see highs over 100 degrees from concord to morgan hill, san jose 93 degrees. in san francisco, 78 degrees and some mid to upper 90s for the north bay.
8:34 am
it gets even hotter tomorrow and that's when we reach the peak of the hot in some spots over 110. so i just met bobby on the plaza and the first thing he said to me was -- >> i have my own show. >> you have your own show and your cool shoes. >> take a look at these shoes. >> bobbing around. can't beat that. so nice to meet you. >> so nice to meet you. everybody, back to you. >> that's so cute. wonder if the show is called bobbin around. >> it's back to school time and jenna managed to help make it a special experience for deserving families and teachers like only you can. >> i had so much fun. a day full of surprises. two nonprofits, pay away layaway. as you see, magic happened all around. pay away to layaway volunteers prep for hours for this covert operation. >> let's do it. >> hiding their two identities,
8:35 am
it was time to greet unsuspecting families. >> are you guys here for the event today? >> these families who had back to school items on layaway thought they were coming in for promotional event at the burlington store. >> walk over to the elevator. we're going to head upstairs. >> are you ready? let's do it. are any of you here to pay away your layaway. you're all here to pay it? >> yes. >> guess what, we have a little bit of a surprise to you. thanks to the people it at payaway to layaway, they are paid for. they are all paid for. there you go. this is for you. a new backpack. is this for you? yes? >> thank you so much. god bless you. >> bless you. that's awesome. they got everything they need. no back to school shopping. >> thank you. i appreciate it. thank you so much. >> how awesome is it to do this
8:36 am
job? >> this one of the best things i do all year. i've never done a pay away to event and not left inspired and motivated and just kind of hugging families. we're high-fiving little kids. we're stoked and happy. >> thank you pay away for layaway. >> we were just getting started. i asked everyone to stick around to help me surprise a deserving fifth great school teacher in another part of the store. allison thinks she's here for a back to school story and brought her principal and fellow teachers for moral support. >> what do you like about your job? >> i love so many things about it. i love how rewarding it is. our students, they come from challenge backgrounds and have a lot of obstacles they face every day. but they need us. >> i love that you get emotional talking about your kids. >> i do. >> it's nice to be able to play such a big part in their lives.
8:37 am
>> there is a study that teachers like you that care so much about their students pay for a lot of supplies for their students. do you do that? >> they say on average about $600 for each teacher, what we pay for supplies. >> a year. >> a year. >> we have a surprise for you. don't a classroom is giving you money this year so you can get all these materials for your kids. >> it is our pleasure to do that for you, allison. your commitment to your classroom makes it all worth it. >> thank you. >> the impact it has on them. they might not know it now but it's amazing. >> so all of your teachers, what do you guys think? thank you guys so much for all your work. carolyn, i think you have a surprise for everybody.
8:38 am
on behalf of burlington and don't a classroom, we would like to don't each of you and presenting this check for $20,000. [ applause ] >> yay, teachers. >> by the way, when you interview a teacher, can you tell it's like in your dna. it is so inside you. beautiful. really beautiful. >> you were a teacher. i don't know a lot of folks know it. >> i was. i taught before this job. >> thought it was hardworking with toddlers, now she really knows. thank you. >> coming back next, are you spending too much time on all your devices? guilty as charged. how to prevent digital coñ(
8:39 am
8:40 am
8:41 am
. all right. this morning as we continue back to school today, a problem facing kids and adults alike in today's digital age more connected than ever. experts also warn all that screen time is actually affecting our health. >> according to the vision council, 50% of americans spend five or more hours a day using digital devices. more than 0% of americans use two or more devices at once. all that screen time is causing what experts call digital eyestrain, a vision related problem that can lead to symptoms like dry and irritated eyes, blurred vision and headaches. it affects 60% of americans and women are more likely than men to experience symptoms. digital eyestrain can be caused by factors like sitting too close to the screen, using the wrong settings on your devices and staring at your computer and smartphone for long periods at a
8:42 am
time. so what do we do to prevent and treat digital eyestrain. dr. natalie azar is back to break it down. good morning again. this is getting to be more and more common. what is it and how do we treat it? >> digital eyestrain or digital tie computer vision syndrome is a cluster of symptoms, as the piece described, that has to do with prolonged staring at devices. >> what's prolonged, though? >> two hours at a time for sure is considered prolonged. one thing that wasn't mentioned is also neck and shoulder pain in addition to the blurry vision and headache and all of that stuff. >> it's important to treat it and prevent it because it can get worse? >> yes. also especially important as we're talking about back to school, it's not just adults, it's kids also. >> you have tips for us. tip number one. >> tip number one is to see the eye doctor. the frequency and interval you need to go let's say to an optometrist, ophthalmologist, separate recommendations to do
8:43 am
with symptoms, medical history, eye history, that kind of thing. the vision council recommends, this is really a smart thing to do. if you're an adult and your children use devices frequently, do to the eye doctor once a year and say this is how much i'm doing, what i am experiencing. help me have a plan of action. >> make that part of it. >> not just digital eyestrain, too, pick up other eye related issues. >> tip number two, adjust your digital habits. what do you mean? >> this is super important, especially important for children who are going to be sitting at adult computer stations. basically, a couple of things to remember. your computer screen should be about an arm's length away from you. you should be able to high-five your screen. most people feel most comfortable also when the screen is about 15 to 20 degrees below their eyesight so they are not looking up but rather looking down a little bit. you want to adjust the surrounding light. dimmer lights to avoid the glare. in particular the screen, you can increase the font.
8:44 am
you also can have a reducing glare, screen over the computer to help with that. >> the next tip makes a lot of sense. take breaks. >> here is the thing. basically the 20/20/20 rule. every 20 minutes for 20 seconds you want to look 20 feets away to adjust your eyes and blink a lot. especially after two consecutive hours of looking at a screen, you want to take a break for 15 minutes to rest your eyes. >> you're looking away, not trying to focus on something. >> no, you're actually trying to focus on something far away so it resets the messaging between the eye and brain. >> okay. final tip. know your eyewear options. >> this really, really interesting. let's say you don't wear glasses at all or contacts but spend a lot of time in front of the computer. you can get specific lenses for the computer that eliminate the blue light, which we know isn't good, eliminate glare. if you are contact lens wearer
8:45 am
or wear glasses, they can adapt those for the computer screen. >> okay. >> this is where, again, see the optometrist. they take a whole history in terms of what your complaints are, what your eye needs are, and they can fit you with the proper eyewear. >> okay. takes us right back to tip one, go see the eye doc. >> go see the eye doctor. >> natalie, thank you so much. coming up, seven wine hacks you need to know ahead of this long holiday weekend. first, this is "today."
8:46 am
8:47 am
we are back with "today" food. this morning we're raising your wine game ahead of the holiday weekend with seven practical hacks that can save you time and money. guest what, a renowned restaurateur and tv personality. joe. >> how are you? >> ready to play. >> we're ready. seven wine hacks, should you buy in bulk. >> in your case may not be bulk,
8:48 am
adventure consumption. you go to any wine store they give you 10 to 15% off for a case. seems like a lot but not. >> summertime. >> half a bottle. >> half a bottle left. this is a trick. peaches in season now. you take your peaches, slice them like this. you put them in the wine. >> why would one do that? why? >> the wine might be oxidized. you have it in the refrigerator for a few days. it's kind of like a sangria but not putting in sugar. just mint. you let it macerate overnight. take on a peachy flavor, the best of the wine. it's delicious. a box wine that you don't want your guests to see. boom. >> hey, are box wines okay by the way. >> box wines are okay. they make some great wiesberger. >> one of the problems with wine, you want it cold. if it's not. >> you put ice cubes in, dilutes your wine right away.
8:49 am
>> sorry. >> we made these fantastic ice cubes, hold that, in balloons. then you have wine and rose. i like my rose with ice in the summertime. >> why is a big cube better? >> it's going to melt much slower, keep it super cold, dilute it less and keep it colder. >> can you freeze wine? >> you can freeze wine, too, that's 2.0, next time. >> by the way, a great idea. your wine glass keeps getting mixed up with other glasses. >> this the easiest way, no wine gems, whatever. you write your name on your wine glass. then as the day goes on. >> classy. >> super cease. and as the day goes on you can keep track of how many wines you drink. one glass, two glass, three glass, four glass, five. one glass, two glass -- >> that is not necessary. >> comes off easy. can you write messages. you can write, savannah, you're
8:50 am
a lush. >> by the way, savannah has had seven. fyi. >> just a sharpie on your glasses. >> say you want to pack wine in your luggage. why wouldn't you? >> this is a trade secret, i have to travel with wine all the time because i sell my wine. >> tube socks. >> there's a reason to have tube socks. you can load them in your luggage or put them in the car seat. the best place to carry wine in the car is the slot behind the seat. stick them in tube socks. >> behind the seat. the pouch? >> that's the best place to carry wine. put them in a tube stock. >> help us get stains out of wine. >> drinking drinking drinking. then oops, i got some wine on myself. this is a trick of getting wine out of a cotton shirt. it's a little bit tricky. you stretch it out. dab it out first. take a rubber band. this might be a little more. you take salt after you dab it out, pour it all over the wine
8:51 am
stain. let the salt seat. advance forward. we have the stain, we have the salt. boiling water. >> you pour boiling water on top of it? >> uh-huh. >> what's going to happen? >> it's going to take the stain out. it should take the stain out. it has taken the stain out in the past. it's working. >> starting to. >> totally fades, totally works. then you stick it in the wash. if not, you throw it out. at least you have a fighting chance with the salt. >> what do we have finally. >> it's the weekend, you lost your corkscrew. you use it so much you broke it. you take a screw and screwdriver and screw it into the bottle. >> you do not. okay. >> then you take a hammer. >> i'm backing up. not that i don't trust it.
8:52 am
that's the emergency corkscrew. >> by the way, those were seven awesome wine hacks. >> this is extreme wine hackism. cheers. nice weekend. cheers for all of you. >> for more wiesberger hacks, >> really good.
8:53 am
>> we're looking at our madison. madison is a young lady we
8:54 am
plucked off the plaza. she said her one wish was to get her makeup done here. our renowned makeup artist taking great care of madison. she looked beautiful before this mom. she looks gorgeous right this second. what a sweet young lady. >> we love her. that smile. >> she's a doll. >> savannah asked for it, she demanded it, then promised time for it. >> america demanded it. >> dylan has the daily click. are you ready for it? >> yes. >> tennis superstar rodgers federer in town for u.s. open. in between matches he was spotted far from the competition stadium. on wednesday afternoon federer showed up at public courts in central park for impromptu practice. >> you should have been there. federer surprised parkgoers doing a double take before realizing it was him. they are looking and thinking this guy is pretty good. after hitting the ball around, the star took time to did pose with fans.
8:55 am
central park hitting, extremely cool experience. federer takes on russia's mikael youzhny in round two of the u.s. open this afternoon. >> i love roger. this shows i'm not stalking him properly. if i were, i would be there. >> a lot of people looking out for him. >> you can't fly under the radar in central park when you're that good. >> can you imagine? >> how can you not pull for rodgers federer now. >> gosh, everybody pulls for roger, don't they? >> what's coming up at 9:00. >> big time. full hour of steals and deals. tech things, baby things, back to school things, everything you could possibly need on sale. >> steals and deals extravaganza. >> we've got jill. i saw dean cain. >> co-hosting. >> jenna -- barbara bush hager. >> don't get people excited, barbara bush hager. >> the closest we ever get to
8:56 am
roger, what with the restraining order and everything. after your local news. i )m ... ==cam== we )re in a mi mate weather alert - as the first in a stri o good morning. it's 8:56. i'm marcus washington. we are in a microclimate weather alert as the first in a stream of serious hot days set until around the bay area. here's a live look at dublin. meteorologist kari hall says the trivalley will be especially hot now through the weekend. we may see temperatures near all-time records. one of the biggest concerns for parents during the coming heat wave, how their kids will stay cool at school.
8:57 am
some districts are take extra precautions including limiting outdoor active thes and providing chilled water for those kids, even portable air conditioning units in some classrooms that need it. happening now, our bob redell is in the trivalley hearing from people on that quest to stay cool. bob will have a live report in our midday newscast. the you dent have an aeshgs c or you're looking for somewhere to hunker down during heat, go to our haem page. we have a list of cooling venters across the bay area. a new unfortunate twist in the aftermath of hurricane harvey. a malfunctioning texas chemical plant is igniting fire. some police officers were treated for respiratory issues. link to the latest developments in our twitter feed. more news online at see you back here in 30 minutes.
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
jill, this is fantastic. thank you for having me out here. >> of course. thanks for coming out. lass days of summer. >> feels like time means nothing out here. >> nothing. nothing. >> leaves already. >> it was summer 15 minutes ago. >> hello. >> where are you? >> hi, guys. dean is here. we're chilling by the pool. >> what do you mean you're chilling by the pool? >> it starts in 15 minutes. everybody is freaking out. >> we're in the hamptons. how are we going to get there? >> we don't care. you have to get here and in a hurry and now. >> what's going on? >> they need us there in 15 minutes. it's an hour of steals and
9:01 am
deals. how are we going to get there? >> i got an idea. >> follow me. come on. come on. >> what are these phone booths doing in my backyard? >> trust me, inside. >> you look great. >> i mean you look sharp, but we have to get there. >> trust me, no problem. put this on first. >> from nbc news, this is today's take live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> okay. >> we made it. >> how did y'all do that so f t fast? >> the capes help. >> doesn't even look wind blown.
9:02 am
>> old habits never die. five minutes we got here. >> that's how it gets done. >> you get ready. steals and deals. i'll talk to these lovely ladies for a moment. >> we have a bonanza today. >> i think you need to trademark that word. >> i think it exists already. >> i you said you wanted the cape for later. >> can you sign it for me. >> welcome back. we were concerned we were mising a cohost. >> i just had a great time. i was like, wow, and i had to pull out the old trick. >> do you do that often? >> only emergency situations. >> i'm not ready for fall. >> i've been cold all day. it's not that warm out. my mom gave me this dress. i need to squeeze it in before
9:03 am
it's 60s. >> before january. >> i'm with you. >> if you weren't aware by the graphics or that, this whole hour is dedicated for steals and deals for fall. we have 29 products to choose from. guess what, more than $5,000 in savings. $5,000 plus. >> and then some. $5,000 plus. >> that's exciting stuff. i'm excited for these things. i don't normally go out and go shopping. >> you have people who do that for you. >> i know what i want, go after it. this will be nice. >> it's a steals and deals today. i'm going to steal some things. >> how much we can steal. >> that's exactly it. >> here is the question, when you are shopping, the two of you, when you're shopping, do you ever try to hide purchases from your spouse or girlfriend or could be girlfriend? >> no. i'm not a huge shopper. i would say brian probably does it more than i do. he'll show up to work in an outfit and never tell me and just return home in a different outfit.
9:04 am
>> surprise. >> stops along the way. that's superman like. >> he's obsessed with j. crew. so he goes in and goes on these little splurges at j crew. >> i'm innocent. i don't have to answer to anybody. my son -- it's just me. i know what i want. it goes. i don't have to hide anything. there's no problem for me. you, however, i think, have a different issue with that. >> listen. henry hager is a lot of things. one of the things is he's responsible with money. and he's cute. >> he's cute. >> frugal. >> there's nothing wrong. i'm actually glad i married somebody like that. we've got to start thinking about the kids college savings. all right, hank, she was just born. >> by the way, my kid was just born and he goes to college next year. it does happen. >> it depends on his mood. there's times when he gets grumpy about toilet paper purchases. >> he's tired, wants to save money. >> yesterday he called and i was working out, so i didn't answer.
9:05 am
he called somebody that works with us. he said there's fraud on our amex. caroline who works with me was like, what is it? >> $14.99 a month going to ibooks, it's fraud. caroline goes through the same thing. turns out i read a book a month. that's not fraud. that's literacy. mama wants to read. >> sometimes those little small purchases -- i get the credit card bill. i'm like why did you spend $3.99 on the movie? you've seen that movie 100 times. really, it's just little expenses. >> i just had a great idea. i think you and henry need to team up versus brian and me on a day of fun and let's see who has more fun. he worries about toilet paper bills, for example. >> that's a good idea. >> i'm going to throw one thing out. there's one person i know who works in this studio who would do some shopping and have things sent to his brother's house.
9:06 am
just throwing it out there. just saying. >> who is that? >> not going to say his name. >> davy crockett. >> that's calling throwing it under the bus. sorry about that. i meant -- >> anybody watching? >> he had a friend who did that. friend. >> there are times i've hidden a thing or two. i'm sure there's times brian hides a thing or two. >> probably, yes. >> it happens. >> i think we're going to go out and see who has more fun. >> brian is very fun loving. >> he doesn't mind if a margarita is $5.95 on happy hour. >> i agree with that, too. >> you know what, guys, jill is ready to dive into our steals and deals. >> a dive. diving in head first. >> we're walking over to jill. >> she has handpicked all kinds of items tailored for all of us. >> you got the first one. >> dean, we've recently seen you on instagram with a monkey, because you are random -- because you are traveling so much.
9:07 am
this one is for dean. the travel. >> is there a monkey? >> you can put a monkey in here but don't. >> the travel pro luggage that retails $320 to $400. >> they are so light. >> so light. >> i travel a lot, so does dylan. >> i have other ones. >> i did a theme here. so i have other ones. you can take the blue one, 21 inch, 25 inch, 29 inch. great one about them, eight wheels. >> that's brilliant, plus they are so light. >> seven colors, retail $320 to $400. the deal $108 to $132, up to 67% off. >> you get all of these? >> yes. yes, i do. >> so when you travel now you can get the same color so when it comes off -- the great thing about getting a bright color when it comes off, you know it's yours. >> i like the blue one. >> love burt's bees clothes so much. >> twelve months?
9:08 am
>> no, but i have twelve months. burt's bees, five body suits, two cover alls, three burp clothes. all organic cotton. $36.92, 54% off. >> julia roberts. >> this looks like six months. >> too small. but i have 12 months. >> now, if you're watching, i know they love to play with your makeup. we actually once organized your makeup. this sort of gives you a refresh. it's pretty, perfume, mass kara. >> for the new mom and for the mom that needs a refresh. for the tired mother. >> also that the kids can sort of like when they are ready. $102 to $107. go on gifts and girls, '70s jubilee,
9:09 am
all different kinds. also great if you're going to someone's home instead of a bottle of wine. retail $102 to $107. deal is $42, 61% off. >> smells nice. >> good. what are the products one more time. >> i'll wrap them up. the luggage from travel pro, baby bundle from burt's bees, that's dylan's. makeup set from besame cosmetics. more details on >> you like it? >> i like it. >> more coming. >> don't go anywhere. just ahead the deals keep on coming electric tech to fashion to kitchen supplies. a full hour of steals and deals you won't want to miss. we'll be right back. >> so light. how's your cafe au lait? oh, it's actually... sfx: (short balloon squeal) it's ver... sfx: (balloon squeals) ok can we... sfx: (balloon squeals) i'm being so serious right now... i really want to know how your coffee is. it's... sfx: (balloon squeals) hahahaha, i had a 2nd balloon goodbye! oof, that milk in your coffee was messing with you, wasn't it? yeah.
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9:13 am
welcome back to our special fall forward steals and deals spectacular. >> that's right. i'm sorry, i was playing with it. right now the best tech and gear deals of the autumn season have been lined up on our conveyor belt. >> it works. it's a real conveyor belt. >> she's checking it. she's very tactile. here it comes. >> metallics premium bluetooth speaker or true buds wireless stereo earbuds. it's either-or. retail 89.99 to $99.9. bluetooth hd quality speaker in three calls, enables hands-free calling, earbuds hand-free. can you exercise, run errands, fly through the sky. >> those are going to be mine. those buds are mine. >> retail $89.99 to $99.99. the deal, 69% off. >> i'll stealing those.
9:14 am
>> ipads. >> innovation android tablet. retail $399. compact, lightweight, display screen, hd resolution, touchscreen typing. blue tooth, seven hours of battery life. if you're goington a trip, want to distract your kids, time by the pool. retail $399, deal $149. >> $50 for that, done. >> this is what you've been playing with. >> this is what you're playing with. xy key finder, in eight colors. download the app. when your phone is out of range or can't find something or want to find your keys, can you demo it for us. >> i clicked too many things. >> went off the main screen. >> bad kid. i messed up. >> it does work. >> retail $49.98. the deal $24. it's a set of two. that's 52% off. can you find your keys and significant other can find their keys. >> i shouldn't have been
9:15 am
texting. my bad. >> retail $130. this is pretty awesome. it comes in men's and women's, two colors each. they are water resistant. the cool thing about this, it fits over your backpack. so if you're hiking. >> so great. >> or you like to keep things close to you, my mother is afraid of pick pockets in the airport. >> your purse. >> these things are very valuable. >> tiny. >> they fold up into nothing. >> retail $130. the deal $49. that's 62% off. >> let's run through these again. >> we have the blue tooth speaker and earbuds by gabba goods. two items but same deal for each. android tablet, bluetooth key finder and jacket by altria. for more steals and deals head to we are tracking excessive
9:16 am
heat warning that will be in effect starting in a couple hours for all of the inland areas where we will have dangerous heat moving in for today. also heat advisories in effect for the coastline. that continues into labor day. today the temperatures ramping up. we reach the peak of the heat tomorrow. highs from 100 in kconcord to antioch. oakland today 84 degrees. can. >> up next, jump to the head of the class for steals and deals for little ones heading back to school. >> come on, better. it's more than just a word. it's a promise to give our best. develop better technology. create better care. invest in better access. when you help our veterans get better, it means constantly pursuing your best.
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9:20 am
welcome back to our steals and deals-arama. >> heading back to school. the teacher who is the apple of all our eyes t. >> miss morgan. these are great deals for back to school. we'll start with a.j. >> what have you got here? >> a backpack and lunch box. >> can you come here so we can see you? face that way. this is lands end backpack and lunch box set. a.j., you're doing such a great job. retail is $58, you get the backpack and lunch box. can you spin around so we see
9:21 am
it. >> we don't know who gtw is but we could change that to a.j. >> for an additional $6 can you put the monogram on. >> nice. >> the retail $58, the deal $29 for the set. that's 50% off. >> a.j., can i have your lunch? cheetos. >> roman? do we have somebody here named roman? >> come on down. roman is displaying -- i love that water bottle roman is so cool. >> displaying aquasana, retail $19.99. available in four colors. keeps the liquid hot or cold up to 24 hours. the deal $9.99, 50% off. >> mothers can borrow that as well. >> yes. >> well done, roman. >> thanks, roman. >> i think we have somebody here named haley. here is haley.
9:22 am
>> yes. >> nancy drew. >> haley. >> right up here. >> that's why you get it. penguin random house, retail $47.93 to $59.9 6. a great gift. >> by the way, i read those nancy drew's when i was little ones. >> not nancy drew but other ones. dakota, my little cousin, they are coming to you. my niece. >> these are the classics, so you choose from 12 different sets. best sellers fanned retail $47.93 to $59.96, the deal $25. >> awesome. >> haley, you're such a good student. i think we have somebody -- are you daniel? daniel, we've been waiting on you. what do we have. >> hi, daniel. i love your shirt. will you stand right there. >> cool. >> this is robin rose personalized pencil case with
9:23 am
supplies. retail $54. this can double as a makeup case. it's a little bit of a splurge. it's jute annikan vas. personalize with initials. $54, 50% off and you do get the initial. >> daniel, you're the man. thank you, daniel. >> come on back, buddy. >> you can share it with dean. >> no, i'm taking it, stealing it. >> come on, guys. let's run through the products. lands end backpack, water bottle by aquasana, books by penguin random house and pencil case from robyn rhodes. >> thanks to our awesome students. for an exclusive deal online, head to facebo where jill is about to hop on live. coming up, cooking to fashion, more great steals. guess what, a few steals.
9:24 am
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9:26 am
>> i si )m ... ==cam== we )re in a microclimate weather alert - as the first in a >> good morning, it is 9:26, i'm marcus washington. we are in a micro climate weather alert. a series of hot days settling into the bay area. here is a live look at dublin. the trivalley will be especially hot now through the weekend. we may see temperatures near all time records there. one of the biggest concerns for parents in the heat wave, how to keep their kids cool. some districts are taking extra precaution including limiting outdoor activity, providing chilled bottles of water. police in palo alto are warning about a mountain lie
9:27 am
john sighting. the person who reported this believes they saw that big cat and her cubs. people are being advicvised to y on alert. the effects from hurricane harvey u.s. reduction is about one million barrels short of demand. some say even the gas prices go higher. they won't change the labor day holiday traffic. stay with us for news, weather, and traffic after the break.
9:28 am
while temperatures are still nice and cool, now is the time to get out for a run or outloor activities. temperatures ramping up very quickly today. going to the 60s and triple digits. 84 in oakland and in napa today
9:29 am
a high of 97. let's go to mic for a update on the commute. >> we're looking at a cool pattern in the south bay. we have an unusual pattern for east by 227. they're trying to get that moving to the right shoulder. a distraction for your website commute coming off of 880. still, third lane is closed, southbound 680 the at the washington and michigan area. traffic slowing out of the pleasanton area.
9:30 am
>> interesting. all morning going forward with steals and deals. now chilling at home with dean cain. >> wake up. ready to fill your home with comfort, convenience, and coziness. the twin bed with our first three products. >> a little big for a twin. >> in college, a twin the entire time. >> i think we all did. >> lux or linen sheet seat, let's start with this. >> nice. >> bamboo, four-people set, twin to california king. also interesting you have a california king. >> yes. >> breaking news. >> i don't know anyone with a california king.
9:31 am
>> i do. >> i thought you had to live in california for that. >> scripps monogramming. head to for all the colors. retail $129 to $189, $49 for the set. pretty good. up to 74% off. now, how is the pillow feeling? >> i don't know. this pillow is very comfortable. thank you. >> these retail $99 to $109. foam for optimal recovery. it's the memory foam. it helps with neck, shoulder, and head for proper spine align. it comes in two sizes. retail $99 to $109, retail $39. >> that's a nice pillow. >> i actually started sleeping with that. >> it's nice. >> next thing. the frog hill designs lacquer jewelry. retail $89. >> nice gift. >> comes in eight colors. fill it with jewelry or anything
9:32 am
you have. i know you have watches or keys, whatever you want next to your bed. cool house warming. $89, deal $3 4, 62% off. now that you've woken up, it's time for the shower. the robe comes off, time for shower. towel sets. retail $140. six-piece sets, two bath towels, hand towels, washcloths, luxurious and super absorbent. >> oh, my gosh. how much for the towels? >> retail $140, the deal $49. that's for the set, 65% off. >> dean, will you sit down? >> yes. >> oh, yes. >> i just got out of the shower. there we go. >> now is the time. i hope i'm not oversharing you wake up every day and say what you're grateful day. >> every morning. >> this a setup.
9:33 am
candle, journal, put the cover on. the tracy porter candles, retail $50. you get three wick filled -- one candle with three wicks in it. it comes in a box. you throw a bow on it. retail $50, 64% off. you need a lot to fill up the area. >> last one, aren't these comfy and cozy. they are behind you. retail $110, seven colors, super cozy and comfy. >> they are kind of heavy. >> they have some heft, weight. >> the deal $39.99, 64% off. >> let's recap these quickly. >> lux or linen sheet seat, pillows, jewelry box, home towel set, tracy porter candles and nest-in throw blanket. >> these smell goods. >> and i like these blankets. thank you, jill. from the rest of the house to kitchen, we'll be cooking up
9:34 am
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9:38 am
we're in the kitchen with "today's" taste maker who will make us two dishes with products you can buy today. dylan and dean and jenna. >> this is so good. >> pro vita juicer. retail is $399. i know you're going to whip up a spicy green juice. >> such a great way to have healthy options in the morning now that summer is over or almost over. this is so nice and easy. it's not very loud, which is great. put everything in here. >> what makes it spicy? >> this one has a little bit of jalapeno, cucumber, we won't go through the whole thing. i add a little lemon juice. >> retail $399, $107.21 for major juice maker, 73% off. >> yeah. >> i think we're going to serve it and see how they are enjoying it with the jalapeno in the glasses. this is stationary studio
9:39 am
glassware retail $99.95. a choice of five glass wear styles. to see it. personalization, dishwasher safe. retail $99.95, deal $49.98. four glasses, 50% off. >> moving on to supreme ceramic cookware. time to prepare your garden frittata. >> so nice for eggs. especially nice, end of summer, you've got those great garden veges, zucchini, onions. get them in, start sauteing, get that extra liquid out there. >> why is ceramic good. >> it's really nice. it's nonstick, first of all, but it's also very durable. it's really great for eggs. you can serve it in the pan, looks gorgeous. add corn here, too. i love corn at the end of summer. >> i love it all. >> adds sweetness to the eggs. >> that looks great. $219, $54, that's 75% off.
9:40 am
now it is time to eat up because we have stokes flat ware. retail $65, stainless steel with mirror finish. this is awesome. you can see. >> we're having so much fun. >> you like the corn in there? >> yes. >> that was dylan's big surprise. >> come for the eggs, stay for the corn. >> a secret in there, works nice with salty goat cheese. >> it's a 20-piece set. go on, $65, retail $29.99. that is 54% off. thanks for joining us. if you want the recipe for juice and frittata, head to, food. provita, stationary, ceramic and stokes. dylan, i don't know if your mouth is full but can you give us a check of the weather? >> when isn't my mouthful.
9:41 am
>> she ate an entire good morning, i'm kari hall. we'll be dealing with extreme heat starting today with temperatures going up quite a bit from yesterday. we'll be up to 93 in shoan jose. conco concord, also on saturday, inland areas reaching the peak of the heat tomorrow and that continues through labor day. >> you guys need to eat faster. coming up we've taken care of your home, kitchen, little ones, now time to focus on you. some steals and deals on ♪
9:42 am
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9:45 am
and deals palooza. nothing says fall quite like fashion. >> jill has the best look for the season without breaking the bank. fashion like jill martin. >> "today." >> thanks, mom. >> let's start with the scarf, retail $129. we have two familiar faces here.
9:46 am
they come in colors. >> beautiful. >> i love it. >> really chic, all different ways. also great to travel, use it as a blanket. if you can see dean, it's like we're on a shoot and he's directing. >> so beyonce, i love it. >> look at that. >> you're kicked off. >> retail $129, $41.90, 68% off. >> mischa workout wear. >> who knew. >> please come on out. wow. now, it's your choice, tops, leggings, sports bra or jacket. there's different ones. >> looks so great. >> leisure wear. worn to work out. really how we all come in in the morning dressed up. >> true. >> head to for different colors and patterns. retail $84 to $156, $42.80 to $59.04 up to 62% off.
9:47 am
dean, how is it going over there. >> great. unseen wind. >> now, if we can move down to the sneakers, because these are ryka sneakers. slip on. >> it's really easy. >> it's very difficult. >> it starts difficult, gets easier and then becomes difficult again. >> getting down there to tie it is the problem. >> stretch mess, retail $69.99, the deal $33, 53% off. >> okay. are we moving over here. >> watches. these really going for it. $125 to $329, 16 assorted best sellers. that's okay. just the box. >> why is everything glued. >> i don't know. this would look so pretty on you. look. >> look at the different ones. i wear a man's watch. for this price you can really play wit.
9:48 am
it comes in a beautiful gift box. retail $175 to $329. the deal $66. that's up to 80% off. >> do these have to be for men? >> i wear a man's watch all the time, unisex. >> we've been shopping, found the best shape for you. i think actually our face shapes are similar. i think we have the same ones. >> this is christian siriano sunglasses, $139, designer, sold nordstrom t $39, 72% off. i'd like you to walk over to the runway. dean did a little walk in the commercial break. >> pair of sunglasses. >> if you could start at the beginning. >> do it together. >> i think they are ladies. >> come on, girls. >> you get in the middle. >> let's go. walking right through, you guys.
9:49 am
>> turn around. let's go. >> no one -- >> i feel like he looks like a secret service agent. >> what? what's going on. >> look at his ear. >> no one manning the -- >> those glasses with tortoise shell, i love them, dean. here is a reminder, the scarves, workout gear, ryka sneakers, watches and christian siriano sunglasses. >> coming up, our biggest steals and deals announcement yet. >> how can it get bigger? >> plus a special surprise for some viewers at home. first, this is "today" on nbc. >> is that ♪
9:50 am
it's time for the biggest sale of the year with the new sleep number 360 smart bed. it senses your every move and automatically adjusts on both sides to keep you effortlessly comfortable. and snoring... does your bed do that? the new 360 smart bed is part of our biggest sale of the year where all beds are on sale. and right now save 50% on the labor day limited edition bed. plus 36 month financing. ends monday!
9:51 am
we're back with the final show stopping mega steals and
9:52 am
deals offer. i'm so excited. before we do that, we have a major announcement. we are giving away one of every item you've seen so far today to one lucky viewer at home. you see all the items right here, something for everyone. head over to our today's take facebook page for details on how you can win it all. and now we are going to take a look at our final steals and deals. behind the sign. guys? guys, come on out. >> okay, one, two, three. >> dylan, good to see you like that. perfect. >> okay. what is the deal? >> it's right here. holy smokes. >> this is a balloon party because these are our final two steals and deals. the pro form treadmill, retail $1,999. now, you can run the world from your home. it connects to an app. put it up on the screen.
9:53 am
>> nice. >> italy, venice for the day bicycling. it connects to any tablet. >> very good. >> it folds up and has a stand. retail $1,999, the deal is $849. that's 58% off. >> okay. so this the nordic track elliptical, $2,999. this also has ifit coach plus ready. what that means in simple terms, the app will connect with the screen and can you travel the world from your den. burns calories with only 10% incline. retail $2,999, the deal $1499. that's 50% off. >> seeing up close, cool. >> what don't i want. >> we're going to do a lot of stealing. >> they are going to steal and i'm going to do the deal. reminder, mega steals and deals, pro form treadmill and nordic track elliptical.
9:54 am
guess what, guys? we're giving treadmill and elliptical to two lucky viewers at home. head to today's take facebook page for your chance to win. >> that's awesome. jill, thank you so much. i don't know how you find all this stuff. >> so much fun. i know it took a lot of work. >> really good news. >> we're thrilled to announce so many of the companies featured today will be donating products to harvey relief effort. >> well done. shopping with a cause. >> since everyone is so excited about shopping today, even this dog got in on the action. >> i like that. >> shoppers in california spotted a dog with a shopping cart. >> yes. >> and a grocery store. >> it's better than having your kid idot. >> that's how i felt. >> dogs in the supermarket? >> this one sure did. >> he was like a helper dog.
9:55 am
>> he was helping. exactly. >> he found some good as onnia. right? >> frittata. >> guess who is up next? kathie lee and hoda with a fall fashion show. we just had a fashion show. >> we have more. >> coming up right after this. >> that was so fun. >> let's go shop. i'm getting the luggage. the luggage is definitely mine.
9:56 am
good morning, i'm kari hall. the excessive heat warning dp begins, the temperatures today will be in the 90s and over 100 degrees for the coast heat
9:57 am
advisories in effect starting today and continuing through labor day. our high temperatures will be over 100 degrees for concord. 90s for san jose. san francisco up to 78 degrees. >> kari, we have a typical pattern for where we're seeing the slowing, but a lot of extra slowing where we have seen over the last half hour. coming out of pleasanton. the right lane has been blocked all morning but at the overturned tractor trailer. the 580 area is not as bad, traffic moving when and recovery on 237. >> happening now, monitoring extreme heat along with high fire danger. if you don't have air-conditioning, there are ways to keep cool, we have a list of cooling centers across the bay area. sacramento deputies are
9:58 am
mourning the loss of one of their own killed in a shootout. that story is also featured on our home page. >> wells fargo and the scandal with phantom accounts suddenly widened.
9:59 am
10:00 am
how do you feel? >> good. >> good. all right. >> let me get this. >> ladies, ready for you on the catwalk. in three, two, one -- >> okay. let's go. ♪ ♪ lookin' at you >> i like it! >> both: what? >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb


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