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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  September 20, 2017 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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>> reporter: yeah, you're right. lots of emotion. we did see joy and relief but lots of concern about what's still going on back this mexico city. lots of hugs as relieved family members greeted those that were shaken. >> like this. i'm like whoa. i can walk. mexico city resident is still checking her phone to see the latest pictures. >> i was wondering what was happening because schools were also, everybody was collapse. no communication. >> reporter: while everyone we spoke to is glad to leave the
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quake behind. >> i was this the building. it was huge. >> reporter: some like carla are worried about more shaking. >> i'm glad to be here. >> reporter: we also spoke to a couple people who said they have family members who skipped today's flight and stayed behind to clean up. >> scott, thank you. our sister station this dallas had a reporter in mexico city yesterday working on another earthquake related story. yesterday, marked the 32nd anniversary of the deadly 1985 mexico city earthquake. norma garcia conducting an emotional interview about the '85 quake when yesterday's quake
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hit. [ sirens ] >> the earthquake hit and i want kept going. in fact, it continues to go and roll as you can see the white car in the driveway and the trees shake right there in flont of them. even with that car shaking everyone was safe as they were doing that interview. >> terrifying for those residents in mexico city. the earthquake hit in the seismic zone known as the ring of fire. you can see it right here. it's a large basin of the pacific ocean where the largest earthquakes occur. just this morning another strong earthquake happened on the opposite side of the ring of fire in japan. a magnitude 6.1 quake struck before 6:00 p.m. california time
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about 200 miles off the coast. it did not appear to cause any damage. >> we do have 14 magnitude seven earthquakes per year. that means one a month. many of those may occur, maybe offshore of alaska and we won't have any consequence. real concern about the fault. the recent seismic activity there in the past week doesn't increase the hazard we already face.
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he's going to bring you a live report during our 6:00 p.m. newscast. puerto rico has now changed forever. a dire assessment from san juan's mayor after the island was pounded overnight by hurricane maria. the entire island is without power. some streets look more like rivers and seems every building has damage. an estimated 11,000 people are in shelters. the mayor of the capital city was tearful when asked her biggest fears when people return to their home. >> they're not going to find a home. everything will be lost. it will take a while for us to get to those that need it the most. >> the winds may have died down by flooding is still a big
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danger. puerto rico is a u.s. territory and will receive federal aid. tonight we have team coverage of hurricane maria. jeff is standing by where it's heading next. first we go to nbc bay area who joins us in san francisco with the latest. sam. there are a few places where you can find folks who do have that direct connection to puerto rico here in san francisco. that is where we found one person today. just praying for the best. raging rivers reaching the windows of nearby homes and barriers to the outside world becoming unhinged. those are the images miguel watched last night from his home. >> i felt like that was the only
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thing keeping me attached to what was going on. i couldn't reach anybody in puerto rico. >> reporter: now in the light of day but still sleepless, miguel stands outside this restaurant phone, watch and laptop all by his side. he's awaiting word from brothers and uncles and countless other loved ones who can't reach him as cell service is down and the electrical grid is out. >> i'm freaked out. i'm really freaked out. you never know what can happen. >> reporter: miguel's family is largely in caguas moving to the capital of san juan. one san francisco man has reached loved ones there. largely because they have been able to charge their phone in car. >> it's pretty nerve racking considering it's the third or fourth storm to go through the caribbean in the past couple of weeks. i was in communication with my family so i wasn't too nervous.
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>> reporter: in this case, they were very fortunate. most of the people were not able to reach their families in puerto rico. farce as far as my kiguel is concernei asked if he wanted to deliver any messages mep said if you need place to stay, come stay with he. let me know that you're okay in any way possible. we're tracking with hurricane maria is going next. you're looking at radar of this massive storm. jeff, looks like the east coast isn't going to see maria make direct landfall. it can still have an impact. >> hurricane maria has reemerged on puerto rico after raking over that region as we saw in the video. no power. we're looking at certainly them continuing to uncover more deaths from the storm system.
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110 miles per hour wands at the center the eye of hurricane so it has started to weaken a bit p hurricane force winds in the dominican republic. east of the bahamas by friday at 2:00 a.m. what about the united states? it moves super close here as we head throughout sunday and monday. one to three inches of rainfall. winds 30 to 60 miles an hour. we're tracking our bay area weather. that's at 5:20 tonight. >> thank you, jeff. the two men and a woman in in video were spotted near
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folsom and 11th street. he's politely asked to people to stop harassing members of his group when someone shot him. today his family pleaded for help. >> if you recognize someone to please make a phone call. >> his mother there, girlfriend and daughter attended the news conference. he was going to start as football coordinator at skyline high school. also an unwanted visitor caught on camera. this man peeping through windows on santa clara avenue. it happened last week. police say the suspect targeted about two blocks. in each case the homeowner spotted the peeping tom. he then fled.
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california's attorney general has filed another lawsuit against the trump administration. this time over plans to construct a wall on the california-mexico border. the lawsuit request that a judge block the construction until the trump administration can demonstrate it has complied with all environmental laws. construction on the wall is estimated to cost around $22 billion and take three years to complete. a shift in tone from president trump who continues meeting with world leaders. harsh words yesterday weren't well received by many world leaders. in today's rounds president trump kept a lower profile.
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after his speak threatening to destroy north korea. his message today was less ominous. >> we must all stand together and be accountable in implementing united nations sanctions and resolutions. >> a day after calling the iran nuclear deal an embarrassment the president said hooe made up his mind whether to end it. he would not say what the decision is. nc oufr coverage continues in two minutes. we'll keep you posted on our early warning system here in california. a four-day event featuring some controversial conservative speakers appears to be on track. why are student organizers calling for a civil rights investigation? clouds also a few showers today. we're tracking brand new change in the forecast for thursday.
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details on that at 5:20 tonight. devastation ... after
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yesterday )s 7.1 magnitude we continue to follow developing news out of mexico. devastation after yesterday's 7.1 magnitude earthquake. you're look at what's left of a small city near the epicenter.
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mexico president is calling the earthquake a new national emergency. there are countless rescue and recovery operations going on in mexico city and the surrounding areas tonight. one of the most dire and immediate is at the elementary school we were telling you about that collapsed because of this earthquake. as we mentioned earlier, rescuers have found 25 bodies in that rubble. >> we have taken out a lot. there's about 20 kids that we still don't know how they are, if they are even alive. for that we're going to need a lot of help. >> why are they still hopeful? workers say a couple of victims in the rubble have sent text messages. how soon will we know before the big one hits here in california? the investigative unit has been
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looking into that very question. california has been working on an early warning system since 2006 but still only halfway complete. take a look at numbers. so far only 750 monitoring stations have been set up along the west coast. 250 of those right here in the bay area. right now the system can only provide upwards of a minute to just a few seconds notice even though it's in the testing phase. bart, pg&e use the alert system to shut off services in the event of an emergency. california hopes to start using the system in schools by next year. coming to berkeley next week for what's being called free speech week. conservative speakers among the 20 invited guests. uc berkeley officials say they are ready to ensure the four-day free speech event is safe for everyone.
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today another new twist. >> reporter: student organizers tell me they are determined to pull this event off here at cal but they say they are not happy at all with the way they say the university has treated them and tonight they are asking for an investigation. a lone speaker took to the steps of uc berkeley at lunchtime today not getting much notice but starting next week a whole line up of well known an controversial conservative speakers is slated to arrive and will likely get a much different reception. >> we've got ann coulter, steve bannon and a number of other speakers slated to come here. >> reporter: though they missed a friday deadline to sign a contract with a $60,000 payment, members say the event will now take place out doors.
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>> we'd like to continue working and help the university demonstrate that they are the home of free speech. >> reporter: a lawyer for the student group says berkeley patriot members haven't been treated fairly. she's filed a claim with the department of justice asking for an investigation. she claims uc berkeley has violated students civil rights and subjected them to what she calls viewpoint discrimination. >> the university is getting in their way and is doing everything they can to suppress their ability to exercise their right. >> reporter: the university says they bent over backwards to work with the berkeley patriots and will continue to do so. >> rather than complaining, we all need to work together so next week works well. >> reporter: the university estimated the cost to secure this event will far exceed the $600,000 they spent for last week ben shapiro event. they are not complaining. they say they are willing to pay
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for it. >> thank you. an east bay community is coming together and pushing back against hate speech. racist graffiti was found at a local middle school. a school truck was found vandalized with racial slurs directed at jews and blacks. today signs were handed out to preach tolerance. parents and the superintendent of the school district are all standing together to send a message. >> this community has said we will not stand for it. >> as long as the community stays individuvigilant and does accept it, i think there's hope. >> the sheriff department is investigating it as a hate crime. if you're driving around the bay area earlier today, you may have seen this. sprinkles. jodi hernandez sent us this
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video from vallejo. kind of a nice feeling. >> i dropped my kid off at the park. i was like wait a minute. >> not a whole lot. we had a bit in dublin, alamo. comfortable outside. we do have some more changes coming our way over the next 24 hours. strap on the seat belt and hold on here. here are a few other cities that did report a few isolated showers today. san francisco, also union city and half-moon bay. current look at the doppler radar and satellite combined does show the cloud cover still with us. we're seeing the cold front drape across the bay area. as that continues to push to the south tonight, we still may get a spotty shower. watch out for the slick roadways tlou throughout this evening. we have another upper level system moving in for tomorrow. that's primarily got a reenforcing shot here of some colder air wrapped afternoon the low pressure. that could start us off with some isolated for tomorrow. it will help to drop the
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afternoon temperatures but hold on. by next week we're looking at high pressure potentially building back in. maybe some 90s in the mix. we'll have more on that in the seven-day forecast. let's get you into tomorrow morning and our temperatures so you can see pit's not 40s everywhere. the tri-valley 51. we're start with the isolated chance of 40s. my coldest spot at 47 degrees. san francisco 55 with areas of fog. as the system pushes over tomorrow, i think we'll have increased sunshine so it's not going to give us a ton of clover by the afternoon. more of a mostly sunny sky. notice how temperatures do drop. we're going down to 71 this san jose. for the east way, no 80s, no way, no how. 73 in walnut creek. 71 vallejo. 69 in hayward. for the peninsula, also at 69. then cha chilly 62. bring the jacket. winds gusting up to 20 miles an
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hour out of west. certainly going to make it blustery like the 50s at times when the wind does pick up. 74 expected in napa. l let's take you to the extended forecast. we have more changes as we mention hotter weather on the way. sunday, monday, tuesday and wednesday looks like the warmest could be 79 on next tuesday. you know 70s in san francisco means hotter weather inland and here you can see by this weekend, low to mid-80s return. then we're back up to 91 on tuesday and 90 on wednesday. it does not look like a heat wave. we're watching that increasing temperature trend very closely but just get ready for this huge jump in temps from 73 tomorrow to 91 by next tuesday. no sign of any big storms the next 14 days either. you can bet i'm keeping an eye on it but nothing right now. >> i know some people in my house say put on the heeater.
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>> wow. >> they're going to turn that off very quickly. >> got to test it out. a messy spill stalls traffic on a freeway in the east bay. we'll have details, next. at at&t, we believe in access. the opportunity for everyone to explore a digital world. connecting with the things that matter most.
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and because nothing keeps us more connected than the internet, we've created access from at&t. california households with at least one resident who receives snap or ssi benefits may qualify for home internet at a discounted rate of $10 a month. no commitment, deposit, or installation fee. visit to learn more. neighborhood. it happened just after 3 o )clok -- in canoga park. happening now, an explosion in the l.a. area has destroyed a home and scattered debris across a neighborhood. also, the hit mobile game words with friends is adding 50,000 slang words such as bestie and delish. we're back in a moment.
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in pleasanton are now open. leaking big rig caused a nasty back up into east bay. all lanes of 580 in pleasanton are now back open. the driver realed the acetone he was carrying was leaking. the chemical is highly flammable. traffic was narrowed to a single lane. all laned reopened around 3:30 this afternoon. the u.s. military had a big
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hand in laying the ground work. been around here for a while you know how important is military has been and the backbone of the bay area. cities supported those insulations. what the military built during the war left the bay area with some of the best views, parks and developments. >> i call it the military archaeology of the bay area. they're still out there. people in the bay area sort of take this stuff for granted. >> just a few days ago the open in the silicon valley. the next episode burial revelations airs this sunday night, 10:00 p.m. after the raiders game. we're back in a moment. ==take vo==
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tonight at 6:00, as the number of dead rise, rescues are under way at this hour. jamie has landed in mexico city and checking out a school where crews are looking for children buried this the rubble. finally at 5:00, a new listing in san francisco. $1.4 million bucks for this home. 1.4. that's not bad. >> that's about right. >> here's the catch.
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it's unhabitable. it has to be torn down. make your bids now. >> for the property, for the land. thanks so much. breaking news tonight. double disasters unfolding as we come on the air. hurricane maria hammering puerto rico with a direct hit. still a monster storm. the strongest to slam ashore on that american island in nearly a century. power reportedly knocked out to 100% of the island. torrential rain, as much as two feet. life-threatening floods turning roads into raging rivers. our team is there, and al roker is tracking the danger. while in mexico, a race against time after that powerful earthquake. first responders and volunteers digging to rescue survivors in the rubble, including children trapped when their school collapsed. the death toll soaring into the hundreds from the quake that leveled buildings and sparked explosions. tonight we're live from both disast


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