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tv   Today  NBC  October 7, 2017 5:00am-7:01am PDT

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good morning. break overnight, danger on the horizon. nate strengthens into a hurricane as it races toward the gulf coast. it's already killed at least 25 people in central america. 18 million people from louisiana to florida are under some sort of watch or warning with landfall about 12 hours away. a storm surge of up to 8 feet is possible. we're tracking it live and we're live on the scene. on his own. investigators tell nbc news they believe the las vegas gunman was the only one pulling the trigger that horrible night. >> he was the only shooter. i'm very confident of that. >> investigators chasing more than 1,000 leads as more victims
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leave the hospital and thousands turnout to honor the 58 lives lost. tragic accident. two soldiers killed. six others hurt when a training exercise went wrong on an army base in south carolina. all that plus movie mogul harvey weinstein takes a leave of absence amid sexual harassment allegations. steve scalise injured in the baseball shooting heads back to the diamond to throw out the first patch at the nationals/cubs game. and cleveland rocks. the indians pulling influenoff comeback for the ages to beat the yankees in a 13-inning playoff game. today, saturday october 7, 2017. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" live from studio
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1a in rockefeller plaza. >> welcome to "today." thanks for joining us. i'm krcraig melvin. they're still partying in cleveland but lots of long faces in new york. >> people here in new york holding their breath that we would come back. >> playoffs in full swing. let's get to the top story. hurricane nate set to hit the gulf coast later today. dave price is in for dylan. he's got the latest on nate's path. >> a lot want to know how does this compare to other storms. it's different in intensity and speed and structure. it is a category one storm right now working its way through the central gulf and it is a screamer as we say. this is a very fast moving storm. a category one at this hour. 345 miles south of the mississippi delta. winds now sustained at 80 miles per hour with higher gusts. and as we mentioned, it's moving to the north/northwest at 22
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miles per hour but still intensifying with water temperatures 86 to 89 degrees projected to wind up making landfall late tonight into early sunday morning with wind speeds upwards of 90 miles per hour. right around the area surrounding biloxi. then it picks up speed t. begins to break up, but it brings heavy rains at the beginning of the workweek to the 95 corridor from washington to philadelphia to new york. as far as impacts go, 18 million people may be affected by this storm with heavy rains and flash flooding. hurricane force winds, of course. storm surge and rough suffrf. you can see we have tropical storm watches approaching the atlanta area. that's what shows you the breadth of this storm. storm surge warnings from louisiana through the mississippi and alabama coastline all the way to florida. we could see a storm surge of up to 9 feet. we still have hours to go for
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potential intense -- >> we'll come back in a few moments. >> hard to believe we are tracking yet another hurricane. people who live along the gulf coast are anxiously getting ready for nate's arrival. kerry sanders is in orange beach. what are people saying out there? >> they are paying close attention. there are volunteer evacuations in this area along the coast in alabama in part because people have recognized the power of nate even before it became a hurricane. as we look into central america, tropical storm nate hammering the area dumping upwards of 15 inches, in some cases you can see here the flash flooding that resulted not only in widespread losses of homes and power outages but also life. up to 25 people have died in central america. among them two children who were near a fast rising river and they were swept away. meantime here along the gulf coast as i go to my west into new orleans area, they have already started sandbagging.
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the fears are the low lying areas will be inundated even if there's only as little as 8 inches of rain. that's why in some areas the mayor has called for mandatory evacuations. people need to get out of their homes by noon today. the biggest concern is the electrical system, especially in new orleans because if that electrical system fails the pumps may not be able to get the power they need. they've had problem with backup generators. even on heavy rain days they've had flooding. a lot of attention on the electrical system. all eyes today on what will be basically a day to prepare for hurricane nate. >> all right. kerry, we know you will continue to track it. thank you for. that. >> now to the latest developments in the las vegas shooting investigation. this morning investigators say they are confident there was just one shooter, but they're still far from figuring out why he did it. and if he had any help. nbc's steve patterson is in las
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vegas. steve, good morning to you. >> craig, good morning to you. half a dozen days later and we now know the names of all 58 victims. we know their spirit. we know their story. investigators feeling frustrated because they are no closer to know what motivated the man responsible for their deaths. the fbi asking for tips, putting up billboards, searching the area, anything that would lead them to a reason why. >> at the scene of the crime investigators combing for clues but still no closer to answers, following more than 1,000 leads. >> while some of it has helped create a better profile into the madness of the suspect, we do not still have a clear motive or reason why. under sheriff kevin mcmahill tells miguel almaguer he believes the shooter acted alone. >> he was the only shooter. i'm very confident of that. i'm also confident there were no
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other people in the room. investigators found 50 pounds of explosive materials in his car. described as a vegas high roller, records from the irs show the shooter earned at least $5 million from gambling in 2015. paddock rained down gunfire for about ten minutes killing 58 and injuring hundreds more. this morning samantha, shot four times, is finally home. >> you'll never know how loud those gunshots were. and i can't watch the news. i can't hear those gunshots because i just imagine being back there again and hearing the screams and the cries. >> reporter: now a community trying to heal. 3,5 35,0 35,0 35,0 35,000 strong gathering at a
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church in gvegas. healther visited for her husband sonny. >> there's grief and sadness but also of joy and appreciation for all the people here supporting the ones who lost their lives. >> sonny was hailed a hero shielding heather from the gunfire. the registered nurse saving his wife's life one last selfless act. and later today vice president mike pence expected to touch down here in las vegas. he will meet with city leadership and then he will make remarks to a community trying so hard now to heal. >> steve patterson for thus morning in las vegas. thank you. we want to turn to politics now. president trump is headed to north carolina to speak to republican supporters. this is his administration is getting both praise and condemnation for its decision to allow more employers to opt out of paying for contraception
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coverage. peter alexander has more on that as well as the questions swirling around some mysterious comments from the president. good morning. >> good morning. you look good on that big desk. this is a big deal and one that's being celebrated lie religious liberty groups. effective immediately the trump administration rewriting the rules so that more employers can refuse to pay for birth control. a move that could impact a large number of women. >> this morning new fallout from a birth control controversy that means many women could pay more for contraception. the trump administration unveiling new rules allowing more employers to opt out of one of obamacare's key requirements. business is no longer mandated to require birth control coverage free of charge to their employees if they have a valid religious or moral objection. several groups already suing including the state of massachusetts and the aclu. the national women's law center
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arguing the rules give employers a license to discriminate against women. president trump's team insisting it's a campaign promise fulfilled. >> we are proudly reaffirming america's leadership role as a nation that protects religious freedom. >> meanwhile the president, a former reality tv star is also introducing a political clip hanger. >> what did you mean by calm before the storm yesterday? >> thank you very much. >> offering a wink and a smile. but no new details of his comment during a reception with military leaders and their spouses thursday night. >> you guys know what this represents? maybe it's the calm before the storm. could be the calm before the storm. >> what storm, mr. president? >> you'll find out. >> his press secretary providing no clarity. >> we're never going to say in advance what the president's going to do.
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>> still unclear whether the president was previewing action in korea or iran. or was he just joking? perhaps to deflect from the political storm swirling around his administration after nbc news exclusive report that the president was furious after learning his secretary of state rex tillerson called him a moron. white house aids say president trump still has confidence in america's top diplomat. and to under year the range of national security challenges on the president's and rex tillerson's plate the pentagon as announced that a fourth u.s. soldier was killed in niger. he has not yet been identified. their special forces patrol was ambushed by islamic militants, one more region where americans serve every day in harm's way.
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let's start with the story that it is going to allow more employers to opt out. beyond appealing to the base, what's this really about in. >> i think it is interesting because you look at donald trump's actions as president. i think you separate them into two categories. there are the things that only donald trump would do or only donald trump would have done. then there are things that any republican who was elected president in 2016 would have done. this falls into that category. if you look back at those candidates, this was an issue marco rubio talked about -- that is a group we know donald trump likes to reward people who were good to him. i think you see donald trump rewarding loyal constituents.
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>> i want to ask you about this crypt i c cryptic comment that the president made. i was there when he said this could be the calm before the storm. i said what storm. he said we'll see. we haven't gotten clarity. there are a number of potential storms. internally he's fusing with his secretary of state rex tillerson. externally with north korea. and he's about to announce a new policy toward iran. which storm do you think he was talking about? >> let me suggest option c. no storm. nothing. i strongly suspect that this is a case that we've seen a number of times in a number of different contexts. in a situation like that he seems to have the insintinct to try it create speuspense, a sen of drama. almost a showman's instinct. and with north korea and all
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these other dramas, it creates a lot of i think tension out there. but i strongly suspect in this case that what you're seeing is a president who really is just trying to create a sense of drama without necessarily meaning anything. >> in the wake of the shooting you've got the nra and progrmint republicans embracing the idea of the bump stocks, this device that turns a semi automatic weapon into a machine gun. do you get the sense we are about to start a national conversation about gun control or do you get the sense that this is just a one off? >> if you look at the scope of leg late tiff possibilities when it comes to gun control, this is pretty much on the most limited end of what congress might do if it does indeed go with this ban on bump stocks. what's interesting is the nra appears to be buying into this. they now have sort of their guy into the white house. when you think back to the
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newton shooting there was a push for background checks. also barack obama was president back then. i think donald trump has been close to the nra. in they take this small step it won't go further than this. i don't think they had that sense with barack obama. i think you're getting a little bit of weibuy from the nra. >> always good to have your perspective. >> appreciate your insights. some other headlines we want to get to. two soldiers have been killed and others wounded after being struck by a military vehicle. the injured soldiers were rushed to an off sight hospital. officials say two are in critical condition. the army is investigating the incident. vice president mike pence spent friday surveying the damage left by hurricane maria both in puerto rico and the u.s. virgin islands meeting with religious leaders and residents.
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describing the wreckage as overwhelming but was moved by the resilience sand also reassured them of the administrations report. it was ri toua return to th baseball diamond for steve scalise. he threw out the first pitch delivering a strike right over the plate. he was injured after being shot at a practice back in june. the catcher one of the officers also wounded in that shooting. i was on capitol hill when he returned and i have to tell you emotions were overflowing and we asked him how does it feel to be back? he said great and i just want to get back to work. >> it was a heck of a toss. >> that's for sure. speaking of baseball this morning the cleveland indians one game away with from moving on. it was a dramatic comeback with
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the help of a grand slam. in the 13th the tribe's gomez singled home austin jackson from second base. they win the game 9-8. the indians trying for the sweep against the yankees. wow. sunday night. >> snot over until it's over. >> the indians look good. >> 22 game winning streak. they haven't won since, what is it -- it's a long time. a lot of people say this is the year. >> this is a year for a lot of hurricanes also. this one is fast moving. >> this one is fast moving and we'll take a look at that and the nation's weather. as we take a look at what's happening across the usa, a wintery mix in sections of idaho and montana and wyoming. we have a cold front beginning to move through as we head through sections of the midwest.
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we're beginning to see those downpours right along the gulf states as we anticipate nate's arrival late tonight or early tomorrow morning. that's a it's a cool start on this saturday morning. 40s, chilly 40s along the coast, half moon bay 46 degrees right now, palo alto 49. down near the south bay a much more comfortable 58 degrees, 56 degrees right now for hayward and oakland at about 53 degrees. we are expected to climb to much more comfortable temperatures in the 60s and the 70s for areas like san jose. by 11:00 a.m., we'll climb into the 70s. you don't just know weather. you know sports as well apparently. our team of researches has confirmed it was in fact 1948. >> well done. jeopardy up next for you. >> still ahead, austin texas
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getting ready for a major outdoors concert this weekend. what police are doing there in the wake of las vegas to make sure everyone's safe. >> plus the trick golf shot you have to see to believe. but first, this is "today" on nbc. - everything we stock at grocery outlet
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we've got name-brand, top-quality groceries priced 40-70% off every day. bargainomics. that's our business model. and our business model is... delicious. ♪ grocery outlet bargain market ♪ we are back on a saturday morning about a download. our look at the week that was. >> president trump visited puerto rico and rocker tom petty passed away. but the week's headlines were dominated by the worst mass shooting in modern u.s. history. >> go. run. keep your head down. go. >> stephen paddock unleashing a fury of gunfire from a hotel window on to a crowd of concert goers in las vegas. 58 people died and more than 500
5:22 am
others were wounded. scenes of chaos and panic. terrified people running and ducking for cover. others desperately trying to help the wounded. >> right now we need your truck. we just need to get people over to the hospital. >> go ahead. put them all in the back. >>. >> there was blood everywhere. people screaming. they were coming in in pickup trucks and cars. civilians in the city were bringing people in. they were here before the ambulances got here. >> the president visited victims in the hospital on wednesday. >> it's an incredible thing to see this tremendous bravery. >> stories of survival and heroism helping to he will some of the heart break. >> grabbed me by the legs. they dragged me over to the side and grabbed a couple guys next to them and said you will carry him out of here. >> sonny grabbed heather and started running. >> i felt him get shot in the back. and we fell to the ground. >> his final moments spent protecting the love of his life. >> the white house in damage control this week after an nbc report revealed a growing riff
5:23 am
between the president and his secretary of state. the frustration boiling over with tillerson openly disparaging the president as a moron. both men denying that tillerson threatened to resign. >> total confidence in rex. i have total confidence. >> there's never been a consideration in my mind to leave. i serve at the appointment of the president and i'm here as long as the president feels i can be useful to meeting his objective. president trump also traveled to puerto rico after words with the mayor about the response. mr. trump raised eyebrows by praising only the governor during his briefing playing down the devastation by comparing the death toll to that of hurricane katrina and joking about the expense of the disaster. >> i hate to tell you, puerto rico, but you've thrown our budget a little out of whack. >> and the world lost a legend. rock and roller tom petty.
5:24 am
>> petty lyrics gave voice to so many of the way people were feeling. >> the rock legend went into cardiac arrest and passed away a day later surrounded by family and friends. some of the week's most memorable moments caught on camera. a surprise appearance by the monopoly man went viral when the board game character took a seat behind the ceo of equifax making faces when he testified on the recent data breach. and an incredible shot by this australian golfer when he attempted the phil mik flop shot and put it right in the cup. and miley cyrus and jimmy fallon surprised some fans with these photo bombs. >> i've only ever played miniature golf, but that golf shot was pretty impressive i have to say.
5:25 am
>> amazing. let's see it one more time. there you go. >> wow. >> still ahead this morning on "today" we are going to have an in-depth conversation with some las vegas residents and eyewitnesses to that deadly shooting on sunday. we're talking about where our country goes from here. >> plus with nate bearing down on the gulf coast, an intense look you could save energy by living off the grid. completely. or...
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set the washing machine to cold. do your thing. energy upgrade california. good morning, everyone. you're watching "today in the bay." you're waking up to a live look at downtown san francisco, kind of a chilly morning but warmer temperatures are on the way. thanks for joining us, everyone. i am bigad shaban along with vianey arana. >> we've got some warmer temperatures but you're right, right now it's chillier because we've got some 40s in the area along the cost right now, in half moon bay, 46 degrees, also looking at about 49 degrees in palo alto. and look at mountain view, 48 degrees, 50 degrees right now in some inland spotsz and even in the south bay at around 58 degrees. these temperatures will remain in the 50s and 60s through the next hour or so. before we start seeing an increase in the temperatures, a quick look at the temperature
5:27 am
trend for san jose. we start climbing into about 62 degrees by 9:00 a.m. and then we'll see the 70s at about 11:00 a.m. san jose is expected to climb into the 80s today so we will definitely have an overall warm, mostly clear day. san francisco at 63 degrees, eventually we'll climb into those upper 60s and lower 70s in some areas but i'll break down some beach hazards and fire danger on the way. now that the las vegas shooting rampage, and a bittersweet farewell. last night, hundreds gathered at san jose city hall to honor michelle vo to honor the way she lived. she was remembered as a vibrant and loving daughter, sister, and friend. she was the youngest of four, liked golf, traveling, and meeting new friends. michelle grew up in the south bay, attended independence high school in san jose where she was student body president. more than 200 people honored her last night, the bright light in
5:28 am
their lives now lost. >> one of the things that came to my mind was she was so young, she didn't get a chance to do anything but looking at this outpouring of support from all over the world and from everyone showing her love, showing their love for her, i'm so proud of her. >> the family says they're working with the coroner in las vegas to bring her body back to the bay. they expect to hold a funeral. scary moments for a construction worker yesterday in castro valley. the worker fell about 15 feet from a bridge into a creek along crow canyon place. rescue crews were able to pull him out safely. he was transported to a local hospital with an injury to his leg but he is expected to be okay. a tribute to a survivor at the site of a sexual assault on stanford's campus. two benches and a fountain have replaced the dumpster where brock turner assaulted a woman in 2016. a law professor at stanford proposed the project to the university last year. turner was sentenced to six
5:29 am
months in jail last year. he only served three months. well, coming up this morning on "today in the bay," tesla is going full speed ahead. the company looking to expand here in the bay. where the new office space could be and why everyone isn't too happy about it. that, plus your top stories coming up at 7:00. right now, it's back to "the today show." ♪ ♪ hi! leaving a career to follow a calling takes courage. a personalized financial strategy can give you confidence to take the next step. hi guys! aw yeah! see how access to j.p. morgan investment expertise can help you.
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chase. make more of what's yours. we're back on this saturday morning, october 7, 2017. >> always good to have you. >> great to be here. >> lots to get to. let's start with a check of the headlines. state of emergency. nate strengthens overnight into a hurricane barrelling toward the gulf coast. mandatory evacuations ordered from parts of new orleans. >> probably going to get about 3 feet of water under the house. >> after the storm killed more than 20 and caused mud slides in central america. lone gunman. >> we're very confident there was not another shoot ner in th room. what we continue to investigate is whether anybody else may have known about this incident before he carried it out.
5:31 am
>> investigators say they believe stephen paddock was the only shooter but they still don't know why he unleashed a massacre. three men under arrest accused of plotting isis inspired attacks in new york city. >> out of the picture. movie mogul harvey weinstein taking a leave of absence after a no"new york times" report alleging he sexually harassed employees. >> the u.s. men's soccer team taking a step toward qualifying for the world cup with a thrilling win over panama. today, saturday october 7th, 2017. hard to believe the world cup's right around the corner. >> i know. and i love soccer. let's get to a question that's facing law enforcement agencies across the country. in light of the mass shooting in las vegas, how can police secure large venues during concerts or
5:32 am
other big events. mia is in austin texas where 75,000 people a day are expected for the austin city limits music festival this weekend. what are they doing there? >> good morning. after what happened in las vegas, security isn't just getting beefed up here, but their plans are also getting a second look. experts say this is just the late of the challenge in trying to keep large crowds safe. over the course of two weekends, tens of thousands of people will stream through the gates of the austin city limits festival enjoying music and food all while encountering a strong police presence and added security screening in wake of the mass shooting in las vegas. >> the tragedy is so awful and i think it's on everybody's mind. >> including on the minds of those charged with protecting the large crowds. brian manley is austin's police chief and says the shooting in vegas prompted them to re-evaluate security. >> we did sit down and went
5:33 am
through our plans again, made some modifications, and yes, i am confident that we have security plans in place that will keep this event as safe as possible. >> doing that remains a constant challenge say security experts because the way large crowds are targeted keeps changing over time. from the mass shooting at the orlando pulse nightclub last year to a bomb placed outside manchester arena during an ariana grande concert earlier this year, unprecedented situations much like vegas now serving as another security wakeup call. >> we're going to have to spend a lot more time collaborating with local law enforcement. the planners themselves will have to look at coordinating with adjacent buildings and instruct structures moving forward. >> ven news are stepping up security. but one lesson remains constant. >> if you see something, say
5:34 am
something. >> i think we're always on the lookout because it seems like it's the norm nowadays to really have to do that. >> reporter: another sobering reminder of vegas here. police are asking people at the festival to try and stay sober. that is in case there's a mass evacuation or if they need to get away because of a violent incident. >> the new norm. thank you. dave price is here with another check of our forecast and obviously the word of the day is hurricane nate. >> absolutely. we're watching the gulf right now. let go over to the map, see what's happening and tell you what you need to know as we take a look at nate which is a category one hurricane. it is racing through the gulf right now. where it's headed, well, to the gulf states of course. that's where it's going to make landfall tonight, late tonight or early tomorrow morning. currently located 345 miles south of the mississippi delta. with sustained winds of 80 miles per hour. that could actually strengthen over the next several hours. we'll continue to watch it.
5:35 am
but it's moving through with quite a pace. to the north/northwest to 22 miles per hour. keep in mind when harvey rolled through texas it was meandering at just four miles per hour. that gives smu senyou some sens comparison. the water temperature between 86 and 89. that's why we're anticipating some strengthening before it makes landfall right around the area surrounding biloxi. as it moves through it will pick up additional speed bringing heavy raps ins to the 95 corrid. keep in mind we are going to see storm surge, high winds, and potential flooding. tropical storm force winds extend 125 miles to the north of the center of the core of this storm right now. not a well-defined eye. and hurricane force winds a much narrower area. just about 35 miles per hour.
5:36 am
but it's a dangerous storm anytime you have a tropical storm or a hurricane there are issues attached to that and we are expecting of course this area to be affected by tropical storm force winds or hurricane force winds as it makes landfall to we're seeing 40s and 50s across the map, which is making for an overall chilly start. 50 degrees right now in san jose. hayward at 56 and oakland we're at 53 degrees right now. and along the coastline, we can expect to see breezier to windy conditions. we are expecting a warmer day ahead. temperatures will once again climb into the 80s for san jose by about 11:00 a.m., we'll be about 71 degrees. in san francisco, expect mostly clear skies and temperatures in the 0s. 70s.that's a quick look at weather. keep in mind the hurricane season extends until december 1. >> so we've got a ways to go. >> super storm sandy was -- >> it was late in the season.
5:37 am
>> very late. >> just ahead, my conversation with las vegas residents and eyewitnesses to that mass shooting about how we as a country can come together and move forward now. >> plus why watching a sporting event, that's right, a sporting event on tv may be just as good as exercising. but first, these messages. having moderate to severe plaque psoriasis is not always easy. it's a long-distance run. and you have the determination to keep going. humira has a proven track record of being prescribed for nearly 10 years. humira works inside the body to target and help block a specific source of inflammation that contributes to symptoms. in clinical trials, most adults taking humira were clear or almost clear and many saw 75% and even 90% clearance in just four months. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal, infections and cancers, including lymphoma have happened as have blood, liver, and nervous system problems, serious allergic reactions, and new or worsening heart failure. before treatment, get tested for tb. tell your doctor if you've been to areas where
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why did a gunman unleash a flurry of bullets on unexpecting concert goers on las vegas. >> it was the latest act in a string of mass shootings that we seem to confront on a regular basis. is there anything that can be done to stop them? i sat down with a group of people in las vegas who were all directly impacted by the shooting in one way or another. we wanted to have the conversation that so many of you have had this week. is it just evil? is it a country too in love with guns and violence? and how should we all move forward? >> where were you and how did you find out and what's the week been like? >> i'm a member of a gun prevention organization, so it was a horrible crazy day. >> i know you were there. >> yeah, i was there. in front of the stage. my buddy to my left got shot and so the night was pretty much saving his life and getting him to a hospital. >> andre, i know you're a vegas guy. >> our community center as a
5:41 am
matter of gathering our stuff to figure out what our response was going to be which was to figure out getting resources out to the community. >> i know knews were also there. >> my son and i both attended the festival. i was separated from him when it all started happening. i remember getting trampled. i remember getting -- thinking it was fire works at first. >> meanwhile the shots are ringing out through all of this. >> i start running to the back to get away from everybody in the crowd, you know, and then i start calling my mom and then she just said meet me at the mgm and i said i'll be there, mom, i promise you. >> how about you? >> we had a view between where the shooter was. we were on the 64th floor and the concert was down below. >> your perspective is a bit unique because you own a gun shop. >> i actually opened the first shop that rented machine guns to
5:42 am
tourists to shoot guns in las vegas. >> should one person be able to purchase 33 guns in a year? >> well, they don't if they go through legitimate sources, through dealers. if the government says you can't have something, you find a way to get around the law. >> i sat and watched 500 people get mowed down in ten minutes because of this whole concept of machine guns. >> it's not about taking away people's gun rights and what not, but the type of guns that are out there and the way they're being used. what's the purpose behind all that? >> you're a hunter. what is the purpose? >> i live in alaska. guns are part of our life. i honestly -- this has not changed my view on that. it's a tool. >> you hunt with a semi automatic? >> yes. you don't have to sit there and rack another shell and it's quick. ducks fly by quick. when we get back to illegal things, changing your rifle to
5:43 am
be fully automatic, that's another realm. >> i won't say i don't want anyone to have a gun but i don't want anyone to have a bump stock. >> what do you think about bump stocks? >> i think the shooting would have been more accurate and quite a bit longer. >> is our background system in this country sufficient? >> no why. it needs more information. >> my question is do you get it checked one and have to go back? >> i don't think i should have to get another one every five years. >> why? >> i just don't. >> what about those who suggested that the second amendment was written at a time when it was incomp prehencible to the founders that we would possess the kind of weaponry that we have right now? >> we live in a completely different time. you can't read it like it was written yesterday. >> i think it's sufficient. i think the founding fathers looked way ahead. >> you don't think there's anything that could have been done to prevent what happened here on sunday?
5:44 am
>> i'm sure a lot of things could have been done. don't let some person bring excessive bags into a room. shouldn't that have raised a question? >> i travel with a lot of bags, so i don't know. >> should businesses, specifically hotels, should they be compelled to search your bags when you check in? >> it's a long knee jerk reaction. >> we're still taking our shoes off when you go to the airport because one guy put something in his shoe. >> one thing you would like to see done in this country to try and prevent what we've seen play out here. >> try to do something more for mental health issues, for people who need mental counseling, mental help. >> i feel like it starts when you raise your children. it's the way you're brought up. be positive around everybody, then everyone is going to be positive. >> good job, mom. >> thank you. >> when unfortunately love and family and education fails, it's congress actually doing something that can make an
5:45 am
impact on these issues and the decisions aren't formed by everyday people. >> we all can agree on some things and we just have to have our voices heard. >> one of the things that they all agreed on is that we do have a tremendous problem in this country with regards to the way we glorify violence. not just guns, but the way we celebrate violence in this country, whether it's tv shows or movies or video games. >> right. >> they all agree that was probably part of it. although this guy, no one thinks this 64-year-old man was sitting in his hotel room playing call of duty. >> that was a tremendous conversation. one of the things that struck me was you spoke to so many different people who had so many different perspectives. i wrote down whole new realm wh which is what michael said and
5:46 am
he's clearly a gun owner. he wants to protect his rights but he said something changed. he's not quite sure what to do about it. >> another woman there who was there with her son also a gun owner and spends a fair amount of time with guns. they talked a little bit about the chasm that exists in country between people who live in rural america and who live in metropolitan areas who may not understand why you would want 12, 15, 30 guns. >> the mom/son team struck me. that really personalizes it. that's why everyone all across the country was struck by this so deeply. to imagine taking your son to a concert, a family event, and having that happen. >> being so helpless. >> that's right. >> mr. price, thank you. thank you very much. we hope it's a conversation that continues all over this country. >> indeed. >> dave, what you got? >> guys, coming up in just a couple of minutes, we are going to put a smile on your face. or at least a smiley face on your phone because we have the newest emojis com better. it's more than just a word.
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5:50 am
emojis and their growth. they're coming to a smartphone near you. just take a look at this. apple just revealed dozens of new ones that are going to be available on iphones and ipads when it releases the next iphone 11 in the coming weeks. among the match are the angry cursing face inspired by craig melvin himself. >> wow. >> the monacle, the creepy face, all sorts of myth cal characters, and of course the sign for i love you. >> that's nice. >> of course, you write your e-mails and how many times have you wound up saying i just need a broccoli emoji. but there wasn't one. well, now we have it. fantastic. and the cutest one of all, the hedge hog. this is going to be actually rolling to your phone screens and making communication so much easier. >> good news. great news. thousands more emojis for me not
5:51 am
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5:56 am
good morning, everyone. you're watching "today in the bay." you're waking up to a live look at the financial district in san francisco, kind of a chilly morning, warmer temperatures are on the way. thanks for joining us, everyone. i am bigad shaban along with vianey arana and kind of a busy one in the weekend for the city. we got fleet week, bluegrass, hopefully some good weather outside. >> we're expecting nice, clear skies but we do have a couple of things that might impact more of your sunday. i think today is probably going to be your best bet if you had any plans to be outside because we do have some winds that are expected to move in. but yes, overall, we are expected to climb into the 70s and 80s for a warm saturday ahead. right now, if you're waking up in the south bay, you're waking up to about 55 degrees, 57 degrees for the peninsula at tri-valley, 52.
5:57 am
in san francisco, 55 degrees, and a very chilly 42 for the north bay. east bay right now at 52 degrees. that temperature trend does show clear skies for the most part and if you notice by about 10:00 a.m., we start climbing into the upper 60s for san jose and eventually san jose will top out in the 80s right toward the warmest part of the day, which is typically between 12:00 and 3:00, but i'll talk about the big changes as we head into tonight and into sunday, coming up at the 7:00 a.m. hour. >> you're leaving us hanging here, vianey. thanks. now to the unfortunate shooting in las vegas. the rampage and a bittersweet farewell. last night, hundreds gathered at san jose city hall to honor michelle vo. friends and family remembered her as a vibrant and loving daughter, sister, and friend. she was the youngest of four children, liked golf, traveling, and making new friends. michelle grew up in the south bay. she attended independence high in san jose where she was student body president. last night, more than 200 people
5:58 am
turned out to remember her. >> one of the things that came to my mind was she was so young, she didn't get a chance to do anything, but looking at this outpouring of support from all over the world and from everyone, showing her love, showing their love for her, i'm so proud of her. >> the family says they're working with the coroner in las vegas to bring vo's body back to the bay area. they expect to hold a funeral next week. scary moments for a construction worker yesterday in castro valley. the worker fell about 15 feet from a bridge into a creek along crow canyon place. rescue crews were able to pull him to safety. he was transported to a local hospital with an injury to his leg, but thankfully, he's expected to be okay. a tribute to a survivor at the site of a sexual assault on stanford's campus. two benches and a fountain have replaced the defumpster where pro brock turner assaulted a woman. a law professor at stanford proposed the project to the
5:59 am
university last year. turner was sentenced to six months in jail in 2016. he only served three months. coming up this morning on "today in the bay," tesla is going full speed ahead. the company looking to expend right here in the bay. where the new office space could be and we'll tell you why not everyone is happy about it. that plus all the top stories coming up at 7:00. right now, we'll send you back to "the today show."
6:00 am
good morning. breaking overnight, danger on the horizon. 18 million people on the gulf coast braces for impact after nate strengthens into a hurricane. mandatory evacuations already in place with nate expected to make landfall in about 12 hours. we are live with the latest on the storm's path. on his own. new details this morning about the las vegas gunman and what he was doing in the days before the attack. investigators now confident he acted alone that horrific day. the fbi now reaching out to the public for any information about the gunman as more victims head home from the hospital.
6:01 am
and cleveland rocks. a nail biter of a game goes into extra innings as the indians pull off a major comeback over the yankees. why watching that game might have been as good for your heart as a bout of exercise. today, october 7, 2017. ♪ ♪ >> my 40th birthday. hello, kansas. >> all the way from atlanta. >> greetings from the 901, memphis, tennessee. >> we drove all the way from south carolina. >> right now we're in new york city. >> today show's littlest fan.
6:02 am
that baby looked like she had something on her mind. >> good saturday morning you to. welcome back to today. i'm craig melvin alongside kristen welker. we have lots to get to this morning. let us start with hurricane nate. that storm gaining strength overnight becoming a cat one hurricane. what's the latest on the path? >> this one continues to gain strength. let's walk over and take a look at it. it sits in the central gulf at this point and really taking in that warm water as it progresses towards the gulf states making landfall tonight, probably late into tonight or early tomorrow morning. it is a category 1 storm. currently situated at 245 miles south of the mississippi delta. the difference now between just about an hour ago, now we have winds up five miles per hour. sustained at 85. movement still very, very quick. to the north/northwest at 22 miles per hour. where does it go? who does it affect and where
6:03 am
does it wind schnuup? let's answer those questions. as it rolls through this water, it's about 86 to nine degrees. it may pick up a few more miles per hour eventually making landfall with 90 mile per hour winds within a few mphs of that number. as it progresses it's going to pick up more speed bringing heavy rains to this area and bringing that moisture to the 95 corridor between boston, new york, philadelphia and washington as we head into tuesday. what do we need to watch out for? well, we are currently keeping in mind that this could have a significant effect with flash flooding, heavy rain, hurricane force winds, tropical storm force winds, storm surge and rough surf all the way through parts of the deep south. as we head through the next several days, we are watching the potential threat for significant storm surge. that's a quick look at nate. we are going to continue to watch this. as we take a look at this storm
6:04 am
because the issue is going to be how this continues to affect not only the gulf states, but where this storm goes as it begins to journey towards the north and east. that is a quick look at the weather picture. we'll send back to you at the desk. >> we'll come back to you in a moment. >> with time running out until nate hits residents, they're getting ready out there. nbc kerry sanders is in orange beach alabama. good morning. >> good morning, kristen. along the beach they do have some volunteer evacuations already in place. let's take a look at the live drone picture. you can see the red flag that is already flying. that is a flag warning people not to go into the water because the surf is kicking up and there are already some rip currents that are out there that could cause some problems for swimmers. with the volunteer evacuations in place, we do know that people are going to have some ruined vacations, but this is of course a serious storm. as we take a look at what nate did in central america even before it was a hurricane.
6:05 am
up to 25 people who had died there in the mountainous regions thr , this water coming with the storm causing dozens of mud slides. in one case two children who were too close to a fast rising river were swept away to their death. there are thousands that are homeless today. power is out. meantime as we come back to the gulf coast and we take a look to the west of where i am in new orleans, they're already sandbagging. the reason they're sandbagging is the mayor in certain areas of the city has mandatory evacuations, people who have been to be out of their homes in those areas by noon today because they do know it is likely to flood. a lot of attention is being placed on the pumping system there and whether the electrical system will hold. the pumping system has failed in recent days and when that pumping system goes down, even with a rainstorm, there can be floods. >> people clearly taking the warnings very seriously. kerry, thank you for that report.
6:06 am
now to the latest on the investigation into the las vegas shooting. investigators now say they are sure the gunman acted alone, but they're still looking into his motive. they're also looking at his -- at his move mentes before the shooting. nbc steve patterson is in las vegas. steve, good morning. >> reporter: craig, half a dozen days later and we now know the names of all 58 victims. we know their spirit. we know their story. yet investigators frustrated because they feel no closer to knowing what motivated the man responsible for their death. so now the fbi calling on the public for help. putting up billboards asking for tips, anything that would lead them to a reason why. at the scene of the crime, investigators combing for clues, but still no closer to answers following more than 1,000 leads. >> while some of it has helped create a better profile into the madness of the suspect, we do not still have a clear motive or reason why. >> reporter: under sheriff kevin
6:07 am
mcmahill tells nbc miguel almaguer he believes the shooter stephen paddock acted alone. >> he was the only shooter. i'm very confident of that. i'm also confident there were no other people in the room leading up to this event. >> reporter: described as a vegas high roller records from the irs show the shooter earned at least $5 million from gambling in 2015. this morning miranda, shot four times, is finally home. >> you'll never know how loud those gunshots were. and i can't watch the news. i can't hear those gunshots. because i just imagine being back there again and hearing the screams and the cries. >> reporter: now a community trying to heal. 35,000 strong gathering at a church in vegas. and near the scene of the shooting 58 crosses personalized for every victim who lost their lives. heather melton visited the memorial of her husband sonny.
6:08 am
>> i think there's just kind of micked erk mixed emotions of grief and sad but also of joy and appreciation here supporting the ones who lost their lives. >> sonny was hailed a hero shielding heather from the gunfire. the registered nurse saving his wife's life, one last selfless act. and later today vice president mike pence expected to touch down here in las vegas. he will make remarks to city leaders and then he will make remarks to a community trying so hard to heal. >> steve patterson for us this morning in las vegas. thank you. two and a half weeks after hurricane maria devastated puerto rico, residents are still trying to get back to life as normal. but a dire situation remains for so many as vice president pence learned when he visited the island on friday. nbc's ron mott is in san juan with that part of our coverage.
6:09 am
good morning. >> reporter: hi, kristen. good morning to you. the vice president tried to reassure people that not only is more help on the way but help is already here and will be for the foreseeable future. >> if you're going to help us, it's got to be new. >> reporter: this morning a personal plea to the trump administration from a young puerto rican man who told vice president pence in no uncertain terms that frustrations are mounting over the government's response. >> a little bit of anger, mr. vice president. i have to be angry. that's when people -- >> reporter: twice this week out reach from washington. first president trump on tuesday, then yesterday mike pence. two sets of images, but with the vice president saying one central message. >> we're all working on one effort and that is to help puerto rico recover from the devastating effects of these hurricanes. >> reporter: his trip to puerto rico followed a shortstop to st. croix and the hard hit u.s.
6:10 am
virgin islands where he visited a damaged church. here in puerto rico at another church, the vice president rousero roused the crowd. the best days are yet to come. thank you. god bless all of you and god bless puerto rico. >> reporter: with nearly 90% of the island still in the dask elon musk announced on twitter tesla -- instead building up solar pow ner puerto ri solar power in puerto rico and other affected areas. >> something needs to be done and they are a day late. >> meantime school kids at one of only 22 schools open sounded a more positive note. the island's heart still beats. and speaking of schools, the governor yesterday announced that the plan right now is to
6:11 am
try to start reopening schools in about two weeks, the week of october 23rd. if that happens, that should help to bring back a sense of normal see all across the island. >> no doubt about that. some other news to get to you, the trump administration has rolled back an obama era roll allowing more employers to now opt out of paying for contraception coverage. under the new regulations unveiled on friday businesses are no longer man dated to provide coverage free of charge to their employees if they have a val id religious or moral objections. several groups or suing. the rule is one of the most controversial requirements of the 2010 affordable care act. >> movie mo ggul harvey weinste and taking a leave of anaccepofe from his own company. a third of the board has resigned. meanwhile some democrats are giving away campaign donations they received from weinstein.
6:12 am
he and his family have given nearly $1.5 million in political contributions since 1992. weinstein's attorney is calling the report false and defamatory. >> dave price is back. we're keeping a close eye on the hurricane. but taking a look at weather all over the country. >> absolutely. we have temperatures here around new york cities, we've got snow to talk about. a wint terry mix through sections of montana and idaho and wyoming. we've got rain working through the midwest into the ohio valley. expecting heavy downpours along the gulf coast. as we take a look in the northeast, it is going to be on the warm side with some temperatures getting 10 to 15 degrees above our normal as you wake up this morning, you're going to notice it's a little cool out there and chilly in some spots. right now in san jose, 55 degrees, livermore, 52 degrees, hayward, 55, and up along the coast, we are dropping down into
6:13 am
those 40s for now but we will be enjoying a mostly pleasant, warm day across the bay area. a nice climb into the 70s by 11:00 a.m. and san jose is expected to reach into those mid 80s for inland areas. dave, thank you. still ahead, thinking about exercising this weekend perhaps? well, maybe you should just watch a game instead. why sitting on the couch could be just as good for your heart. >> sounds good. plus high honors for george clooney. how he's being recognized. that's after these messages. listen up, heart disease. you too, unnecessary er visits. and hey, unmanaged depression, don't get too comfortable. we're talking to you, cost inefficiencies, and data without insights. and fragmented care, stop getting in the way of patient recovery and pay attention. every single one of you is on our list.
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...clear skin can last. don't hold back... ...ask your dermatologist if cosentyx can help you find clear skin that lasts. we are back on a saturday morning. it's time to trend. this morning we're talking about edge of your seat excitement. the excitement that many of us feel when we're watching sporting events. did you catch the indians and yankees game last night? >> fantastic. >> here's a snippet. >> into the corner. and the score is -- >> the indians won that game in the 13th inning. thrilling for indians fans. heart breaking for yankees fans. if you watched it, it turns out your heart might have had just as good of a workout if you kpe actually exercised.
6:17 am
researchers discovered that the heart rate of fans who watch sports on tv soared 75% during stressful moments like a scoring opportunity or overtime. that's actually equivalent to a moderate workout . if you're watching the game in person your heart rate could spike 110%. the doctors do warn if you have heart problems watching high stakes games, maybe too much. >> so you can just go to the gym and observe people basically. that's exciting. you walk out with -- >> i don't know if that's the take away from the study. >> maybe i took it a step too far. >> here's something else to consider. i think it depending on the team you're watching. >> we know what it does for the heart. what does it do for your abs. >> pop star, here we go. first up, big news from faith hill and tim mcgraw. after 21 years of wedded bliss, country music's hit couple released their very first ever d
6:18 am
duet album. it was released on friday which just so happens to be their wedding anniversary. the album contains 11 songs. if you can't wait until november 17th, you're lucky. they released the title track and the music video to go along with it. what took them so long? >> ♪ >> all right. by the way, that song is written by ed sheeran. should be good stuff. moving on to gorge clooney now. the new dad, director, producer, writer, and academy award winning act are will be receiving the american film institute's 46th lifetime achieve ma achievement award in june. they called clooney's america's leading man adding he's a modern day screen icon who combines the glam or of a time gone by with the passion of ensuring arts
6:19 am
impact that goes beyond the screen. at just 56, this isn't the first lifetime achievement award. he got an award in 2015. terry cruz, the brooklyn 99 star made an appearance taking the infamous hot ones challenge. they interview people while feeding them the hottest wings they can find. they interviewed him about his family, and how he went from security guard to actor. by the end of the 20 minute interview he was practically hallucinating. take a look. >> i'm going to get an oscar with this one. i love all my people. i love you all. am i here? i feel like steve jobs in the '70s. >> it's the hot wings. >> you could see his head
6:20 am
sweating. his bald head. >> we'll have to do that before a show. >> i'm not sure why anyone would want to do that. still ahead, we're going to show you how astronaut space suits are going high tech. first this is "today" on nbc. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ wow! nice outfit. when i grow up, i'm going to mars. we're working on that. some people know how far they want to go. a personalized financial strategy can help you get them there. see how access to j.p. morgan investment expertise can help you. chase. make more of what's yours.
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6:26 am
the bay. you )re waking up a live look at san franciscs good morning. this is "today in the bay." thanks for waking up with us, everyone. you're taking a live look at san francisco's financial district. chilly morning right now but warmer temperatures are on the way. happy saturday, everyone. i'm bigad shaban along with vianey arana who's going to give us a check of the forecast and it's a busy weekend for san francisco. >> yeah. and we've got a couple changes on the way but today it's going to be a pretty good one for outdoor activities even though it's going to be on the warmer side, you're definitely going to enjoy plenty of sunshine and take a live look right now in the south bay, 55 degrees, nice clear skies, 57 degrees for the peninsula and a very chilly 52 for the tri-valley but it's even colder right now in the north bay. 42 degrees. now, these clear skies are expected to stick around through
6:27 am
the afternoon, which will make for a very nice, clear, yet warm day. however, there are a couple of beach hazards that remain in place for some sneaker waves and the potential to see some pretty dangerous surf out there so i will, of course, break down exactly what you can expect today and also heading into sunday. we're looking at some fire danger. we're expecting some wind to pick up. pair that up with some dry winds and some warmer temperatures and we've got fire danger on the way. >> vianey, thanks. now to the las vegas shooting rampage and a bittersweet farewell. last night, hundreds gathered at san jose city hall to honor michelle vo. friends and family remembered her as a vibrant and loving daughter, sister, and friend. she was the youngest of four children, liked golf, traveling, and making new friends. michelle grew up in the south bay, attended independence high in san jose, where she was student body president. more than 200 people turned out last night to remember her. >> one of the things that came to my mind was she was so young, he didn't get a chance to do
6:28 am
anything, but looking at this outpouring of support from all over the world and from everyone showing her love, showing their love for her, it's -- i'm so proud of her. >> the family says they're working with the coroner in las vegas to bring vo's body back to the bay area. they expect to hold a funeral next week. scary moments for a construction worker yesterday in castro valley. the worker fell about 15 feet. rescue crews were able to pull him to safety. he was transported to local hospital with an injury to his leg but he is expected, fortunately, to be okay. a tribute now to a survivor at the site of a sexual assault on stanford's campus. two benches and a fountain have replaced the dumpster where brock turner assaulted a woman in 2015. it will house a plaque inscribed with the victim's words. a law professor at stanford proposed the project to the university last year. turner was sentenced to six months in jail in 2016. he only served three months. coming up this morning on
6:29 am
"today in the bay," tesla is full speed ahead. the company's looking to expand here in the bay area. where the new office space could be, and why not everyone is happy about it. that plus all your top stories and a check of the weather. we'll be right back. for now, we'll send you to "the today show."
6:30 am
. and we're back on this saturday morning, october 7, 2017. a lot with us out here on the plaza enjoying this beautiful fall day. >> it's unseasonably warm. >> we're 10 to 15 degrees warmer than usual at this time of year. >> the crowd loves it. you like it here in new york city? { cheers } >> here today with another potential hurricane looming. we're taking a look at how homes can be better built to help them withstand hurricane fierce winds. >> then up to the sky. how today's astronauts are preparing their space suits for the first trip into outer space. >> and we're cooking up a hearty
6:31 am
dish that will head up any fall day. we'll head into the kitchen for some delicious treats. >> all eyes on nate. let's get to it and see what's happening in the gulf and anticipate what's going to be taking place. now over those warm waters, 86 to 89 degrees. this is a category 1 storm. 245 miles to the south of the mississippi delta. winds increasing now to 85 miles sustained but it is ripping with tremendous speed. heading into the north/northwest at 22 miles per hour. still triime to strengthen and anticipate to our wind speeds are going to be around the 90 degree mark as we head into landfall late tonight or early tomorrow morning. then it continues to roll through into the northeast as we head to tuesday with some heavy rains. what are its effects going to be? well, significant downpours. 3 to 7 inches of rainfall up to
6:32 am
10 possible in some isolated locations. that is going to continue to roll up through the ohio valley and into sections of the northeast with lighter rain totals. th as you head outside in the south bay, clear skies, 55 degrees, the peninsula at about 57 in the tri-valley a chilly 5 the degrees but the north bay really feeling that chill. right now waking up to 42 degrees. san francisco, 54, and as that sun begins to come up, we will be warming up quite nicely. expect a high of 83 in san jose, 83 for palo alto, 76 for oakland, and we are looking for some dangerous surf conditions as we head into later part of the day. another dangerous storm that continues to pick up intensity this hour. >> fast moving. with all eyes on the gulf and hurricane nate on the horizon, there's renewed attention on how high winds can
6:33 am
cause massive damage to houses. >> that's right. we've seen so much devastation this year alone from hurricanes harvey, irma and maria. now experts are testing homes against high winds to find ways to prevent catastrophic damage from happening again. kerry sanders is back with that part of our coverage. hey there, kerry, good morning. >> good morning. engineers are going to be paying close attention to 5,000 structures along the gulf coast here specifically in alabama. as we take a look at the drone shots here, you really can't see it with the naked eye, but the homes and buildings have been fortiified because of what they discovered during testing at the insurance institute for building and home safety. as you'll see, the tests are dramatic. >> an urgent warning. a weather disaster is about to strike. at 71 miles per hour, roof shingles peel back, then off. at 96 miles per hour, the garage door blows in. it's all a simulation here at this south carolina testing
6:34 am
facility. the fans creating winds equal to an ef 2 tornado and 115 miles per hour, it's as if a category three hurricane is hitting. the house was built to standard mid western building codes. chances of survival inside, unlikely. if a baby were in the crib, it would be heart breaking. while the roof stayed on, the home considered a total loss. the home insurance industry funding this research to prove to contractors from across the nation that how they build makes a huge difference. seemingly identical homes, but one fortified during instruction placed behind walls. >> the interior of the country codes don't require this. so unless you're tying your roof to the walls, yes held on with nails. >> today straps have what
6:35 am
builders call good bones. >> this house has bones. the good news for us is we have tendons that keep those bones together. they're ligaments and things that give us strength. this house didn't have the proper connections and so those bones came apart. >> reporter: experts believe the oem w only way contractors will build to those standards is enact stronger building codes. >> the car builders said no, we can't do it. the consumer can't afford it and we don't know the solution. guess what? today they figured out the solutions. they innovated. they went down the cost curve. we can afford these better cars and safer cars. >> an up close look, especially for those who actually swing the hammers. like austin from nebraska. >> what's the one lesson you learned today? >> there's a lot of power. you've got to build for it. >> for homeowners post harvey, irma and maria, billions in
6:36 am
losses. but also for those rebuilding, an opportunity to make their next home strong enough to holdup to mother nature. >> so as we look at the live pictures of the drone flying along the coast, what the insurance institute for business and home safetiy has tested is especially po especially -- we may see the greatest damage from the gulf coast from the winds, winds that will be in excess of 90 miles per hour. >> really important information, kerry. thank you. coming up next on "today" is now the right time to buy a fridge? what about a car? important advice for consumers on whether you should buy now or wait until later. this is one of our most favorite games. games. ♪
6:37 am
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forti and this morning in today's consumer buy now or wait for later, it seems like there are big sales this month, but is october really the best time for certain items or should you wait until an even bigger sale comes along? lifestyle expert is the founder of -- thank you so much for joining us this morning. lots to get to. let's start with new moms must haves. we're talking about baby clothing, and breast pumps. i'm going to say buy now. why wait for that, right? >> buy now. the good news is this stuff can be very expensive. new moms know that baby gear is pricey. we're seeing some really good savings on things like angled breast phalanges, those are up
6:40 am
to 15% off. zutano has some great deals. >> great savings. let's get to big appliances next. washer, dryers, refrigerators. i say wait for that. >> black friday deals are huge and they tend to focus on the vacuums and the washing machines and refrigerators. if you can hold off, wait one more month on these. >> if you can hold off. >> if you need them now -- >> now we have denim. we all know the weather getting colder. back to school shopping. my guess is buy now, right? some sales? >> absolutely. there are sales. the thing is retailers actually are trying to unload some of the stuff they didn't necessarily sell during the back to school season. so if you really need some new jeans, stock up on different washes and different styles right now. we're seeing a savings of up to
6:41 am
60% off from now until october 9 on designer jeans. macy's also have some really good deals on denim. >> my question is are you going to have the selection when you're a little into the season already? >> you will. you absolutely will f. your sizes are a little bit too on the extreme side, you might have even more of a selection. so it's common sizes that might not necessarily always be in full inventory. but definitely go on and check out right now to see what's out there. >> let's go even bigger. let's talk cars. we're getting toward the end of course of the calendar year. so i'm going to say wait for later until it gets closer to the holidays with cars. >> actually right now is a great time to buy cars. there are several times a year where you should buy a car. october tends to be one of them. the deal here is new models tend to come out in the fall, so the dealerships are trying to get rid of those older inventories
6:42 am
and here's a really good tip. you want to wait until either the end of the month, the end of the day, or the end of the week to make your purchase. the reason for this, a lot of those sales people, they're trying to meet those quotas, on they are more likely to meet with you and negotiate. keep that in mine. right now is the time to buy a car. >> that's a fantastic tip. keep that word the end in your head when you're going big lying a car. >> and remember you should never be paying the sticker price. negotiate, negotiate, negotiate. >> our final one is laptops. this is a tough one. i'm a little bit stuck because we're into the school year. i'm going to say buy now. >> actually with laptops, you want to wait until black friday again. that's when we're seeing the most savings with laptops. i personally need a new laptop. i'm waiting one more month. you're going to get some really great deals no matter what the size of the laptop. hold off on that. >> again with the selection question, if you get there and you hold off, are you going to
6:43 am
have the selection that you want with laptops? >> you should have the selection. there are so many different retailers now from the online e-commerce retailers to some of the big box stores. you don't have to wait in line necessarily to get the laptop that you want. but i think the key with all of this is savvy shoppers know that there's a time of year to buy things. so just know -- do your research and you'll save money. >> great tips. thank you so much. great to see you. makes me want to go shopping. astronauts will be breinging a party of earth with them the party of earth with them the next time they go to out er ♪ ♪ hi! leaving a career to follow a calling takes courage. a personalized financial strategy can give you confidence to take the next step. hi guys!
6:44 am
aw yeah! see how access to j.p. morgan investment expertise can help you. chase. make more of what's yours.
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here in the planetarium that is studio 1a. we learned that the trump administration is pushing nasa to return astronauts to the
6:46 am
moon, something the space agency has not done since the '70s. >> there's been a leap in technology. >> as the weather channel dave explains, future astronauts are using all of that technology now to bring their space suits up to date. >> reporter: in the history of space flight, only 24 humans have ever been beyond what's called low earth orbit 1,200 miles up. before astronauts can even think of a trip back to the moon or mars, they'll have to think about packing a chunk of the home planet with them. they need to bring earth's weather along. >> you're in charge of creating the weather here. >> essentially, yes. >> we met an engineer inside the model in which astronauts train before they go up. every space station, every space ship, every space suit for that matter is essentially a bubble of the earth's weather.
6:47 am
the atmosphere on earth provides pressure, carbon scrubbing, radiation shield, water and the temperatures humans need to survive. in space, none of that exists naturally. >> so the things we tend to take for granted simply on earth we have to create all of those in place for the astronauts to have that safe environment. >> it's a very comfortable 72 degrees. average room temperature. >> astronauts like tracy caldwell dyson tell us today's space suits are built with older technology. >> it's rather cumbersome suit and it's large. >> that's right above my nose. >> it's a tight fit. >> wow. i thought you'd have room in here. wow. look at that. >> i was able to experience what it's like to wear nasa's current unit at a space suit factory. you can definitely feel the lower pressure in here. >> i felt if. i felt a pressure change. like a plane coming down. >> exactly. >> just by putting on the glove. >> here at nasa's johnson space center in houston, scientists are already starting to build
6:48 am
prototypes for mars suits. they'll be easier to put on with a more earth like air pressure inside. >> whereas with this design our re-entry suits it's very novel in that you can open up this rear hatch, slide your feet in and slide all the way into the space suit to make it easy to take on and off. >> nasa along with private company are planning on sending astronauts in to space in american space ships starting as early as next year. getting beyond low earth orbit is the next step. >> we're all striving to make space accessible to more than just nasa and its astronauts. so i believe more people will see this. that fraction that gets to see it is going to grow. >> yet no matter where future astronauts go or who they are, they'll have to bring a chunk of home along for the ride. for "today", at johnson space center in houston.
6:49 am
>> that's pretty incredible. >> how cool is that? coming up next, a delicious short rib recipe that's going to leave your mouth i love my mom. my mom. i love my kids. my kids. my job. taking care of everybody. everyday. my mom. my kids. my job. yes. when i'm at work. when i'm at home. i could just really use some help sometimes. hey we hear you. that's why aarp helps family caregivers... with connections to experts and resources like our prepare to care guide. because we get it. if you don't think "this is right for me" when you think aarp, then you don't know "aarp". get your free guide at with the laughing cow's nine flavorful varieties of creamy cheese, there's no end to what you can discover. the laughing cow. reinvent snacking. for 100 years, heritage and innovation have made gillette the #1 shave in america.
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watch this!... >>yikes, that ice cream was messing with you, wasn't it? try lactaid, it's real ice cream, without that annoying lactose. lactaid. it's the milk that doesn't mess with you. today's food, a little something to warm you up on a cool autumn day. good to see, you brother.
6:52 am
>> thank you. >> thanks for coming in. these short ribs, they look fantastic. the finished product. what goes into them besides the obvious? >> basically it's a classic braise, but we hook it up with a little guinness. some cinnamon, orange peel. >> and some garlic. >> yes. first season in short ribs pretty aggressively. good amount of salt. good amount of black pepper. >> that's in it terms of the seasoning? >> yes. you could fake a finnel space. but this is fine. >> what kind of salt do you use? >> kosher salt. season that up. >> and then i'll do that for you. that's the least i can do. christian and dave, you guys dig in. don't you wait on us. >> we can start already? >> this looks beautiful. >> we're going to brown them in
6:53 am
the pan. get them really nice and brown. >> about how long are we talking about? five to eight minutes. you want to brown all sides pretty good. >> and then after that where are we going? >> after that we're taking our vegetables, we're got carrot, celery, onion, garlic, we're going to take that. throw it right in the pan. >> you just throw that garlic in there whole. >> yeah. i like a lot of garlic, so just a half a head of garlic works perfect. so you're going to stir that around a little bit. sweat this down for about a minute. then add a bunch of tomato paste. >> sounds delicious, whatever it is. >> classic french term. >> and are you putting more into that as well? >> i will. this is the beginning of the braise. you get that cooking. once dow that you deglaze with a bunch of chicken stock.
6:54 am
>> my goodness. >> little bit of soy sauce. and then finally you've got your guinness. >> you like the guinness. >> or any type of stout works. it's never too early. >> then we'll throw that in the oven for how long and at what temperature? >> once you get your brazing liquid good to go, take your short ribs and add them back to the liquid. put them in a dutch oven for about four to six hours. super low and super slow and just let it go. >> what's the verdict here, mr. price? kristen welker? >> a plus. i love slaw and i love short ribs. >> awesome. >> do you have an extra bottle of guinness? >> so we also -- you've also got a fantastic salad here as well. >> yes. with the heartiness of the braise you want something to soak up the cause. we've got salad.
6:55 am
toasted almonds, red grapes and parsley. with the quinoa you want to toast ahead of time. it kind of gives a little more flavor. we're going to add our grapes. add the parsley. add a bunch of almons. good amount of olive oil. a little bit of salt. this way you've got a nice clean healthy salad to go with the braise. >> that's pretty simple too. >> very simple. >> you've got some red cabbage as well. >> this is the more fall aspect of the dish. we've got a bunch of -- >> we're out of time. it was fantastic. you can always tell when dave price isn't talking, his mouth is closed with food. christopher, thank you. you find these recipes on that's going to do did for this saturday morning. kristen welker, always good to you have. >> thanks for having me.
6:56 am
>> tomorrow on send today, wicoming up on today in the bay .... hilary clinton makes waves in good morning. coming up on "today in the bay." >> this is an ongoing threat. >> hillary clinton makes waves in the bay area. we'll tell you why she's in town with a stern warning. plus, hundreds gather in the south bay to mourn the loss of michelle vo, killed in that las vegas shooting. hear how her sister is remembering her. and clear skies and warm temperatures are expected today, but could the winds blow out your outdoor plans? you could save energy
6:57 am
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today in the bay and waking up to a llo good morning, everyone. you're watching "today in the bay." you're waking up with us and a live look at the golden gate bridge. thanks for tuning in, everyone. happy saturday. i'm bigad shaban along with vianey arana. thanks for spending same time with us, this glorious morning. chilly temperatures in san francisco, but in the bay area, some warmer temperatures on the way. >> yeah. so, even though right now it is on the cooler side, if you're waking up and you're heading out, well, bring a sweater because it's in the 40s in some spots. along the coast, you're going to
7:00 am
feel that chill but right now in the south bay, a nice 53 degrees, 57 degrees for the peninsula, tri-valley, and a chilly 50 degrees and we are seeing some clear skies, nice clear skies, north bay 42, east bay 50, but don't be surprised if you start seeing a couple of high clouds in the forecast. but have no fear, those should clear out quite nicely and make for an overall sunny saturday across the bay area. by about 12:00, we will climb into those mid 70s and we are expected to hit 80s in san jose and most inland spots, but we do have a couple of factors that will come into play for today and into sunday. we do have a beach hazard in place for the coastlines if you have plans to head to the beach. you may want to tune in, in about 15 minutes. also, fire warnings because we are expecting some winds to pick up. i'll let you know when the strongest winds are expected and who's going to see the cooler temperatures


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