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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  October 8, 2017 3:30pm-4:01pm PDT

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with free home delivery on select beds only during our fall sale. ends monday. . . . . . . test. on this sunday night, open warfa warfare, the explosive outburst between president trump and a senior republican senator. who calls the white house an adult day care center. as the vice president takes a stand at an nfl game. sigh of relief. the hurricane that came and went causing floods, damage and loss of power, but officials say it could have been a lot worse. deadly inferno. the massive fire in the sky and the chaos on the ground after two gas explosions rock a major city. one nation overdosed. our series on this country's opioid crisis. tonight, we're with first responders in a city consumed by the epidemic. and serving up hope to hurricane victims in puerto
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rico. the massive food relief effort led by a world famous chef. nightly news begins now. good evening. it was startling because it happened so publicly. an extraordinary squabble between two prominent republicans. it started when president trump this morning took aim on twitter at the powerful republican chairman of the senate foreign relations committee. senator bob corker. who cently announced he would not run for re-election. the president said corker had begged for his endorsement and when mr. trump said no, the senator bowed out of the race. the senator's office said the con vversation didn't go that w at all and it got even nastier from there. peter alexander has the details. >> tonight, piercing criticism of the president by a fellow republican. senator corker tweeting it's a shame the white house has become
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an adult day care center. those word, retaliation for president trump's latest twitter tirade. attacki ining corker, obstructi his agenda and a coward who didn't have the guts to run for re-election. >> i think it would be fun to work with him especially since he's announced he's not run ini for re-election because it unleashes thoim say whatever he wants to say. >> corker just days ago taking this apparent swipe at the president's competence. >> i think secretary tillerson, secretary mattis and chief of staff kelly are those people that help separate our country from chaos. >> among the most urgent threats, north korea. kim jong-un today touting his country's arsonal, hours after president trump warned only one thing will work with the rogue
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regime. >> what's the one thing that will work? >> we'll figure that out soon. >> the president making sure national security, not health care, is his top priority. >> i want to focus on north korea, iran, on other things. i don't want to focus on fixing somebody's back. or their knee or something. >> how did you do? >> president trump also dismissing criticism of his response to the hurricane in puerto rico. defending throwing paper towels to a crowd at a church. >> they had these people soft towels. they said throw them to me, mr. president. so i'm doing some of the -- so, the next day, they said, oh, it was so disrespectful to the people. it was just a made up thing. >> as if for president trump's feud with senator corker, it could have dire implications for his agenda. the white house needs corker's support on tax reform, on the future of the iran nuclear deal and potentially on a new secretary of state if rex tillerson leaves or is let go. kate. >> peter alexander, thank you. and another devicive issue
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involve iing the trump administration played out today. this one at the colts 49ers game in indianapolis. mike pence walked out of the game after more than a dozen player frs ts from the 49ers kn for the national anthem. >> vice president mike pence greeted fans in indianapolis. the colts facing off against the 49ers. when the anthem played, more than a dozen players took a knee. ♪ what so proudly we hailed pence stood with his hand over his heart and left as soon as the star spangled banner ended. >> makes no sense to me. it is ridiculous what he did. just doesn't make sense. he doesn't have any reason to do that. >> the vice president tweeted moments later, i will not dignify any event that disrespects our soldiers, flag or national anthem. the protest, a devicive issue for millions of americans. have created political momentum for the trump administration. which has been using the
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controversy to woo donors for weeks. a question for some, whether today's walkout was planned. the president afterward tweeting i asked vp pence to leave stadium if any players kneeled. >> i think that sending the vice president to the game was a preplanned stunt, but i think americans don't like stunts. >> pence's next stop, a fund-raiser in california. morgan radford, nbc news, new york. after making two land falls in mississippi louisiana, nate is down to a tropical depression, but continues to do damage. several tornados were reported in south carolina. in the gulf region despite a significant storm surge, officials say the impact kousk much wor could have been much worse. kerry sanders has the latest. >> reporter: the dirty task of cleaning up, a welcome chore. >> we are fortunate this morning and have been blessed. >> reporter: as night fell saturday, hurricane nate made two landfalls.
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first at the mouth of the mississippi in louisiana. then at around 12:30 this near bilox biloxi. the winds driving the stompl surge. u.s. 90 submerged in up to six feet of water. >> the storm surge is coming up here. i think i need to step out of the way. let the -- there we go. you can see the rain. the storm surge coming right up here on the street. >> reporter: the storm surge rose quickly from dry to flood in just 45 minutes. put uing the ground floors of local businesses under water. clean up began as soon as the sun came up. >> i'm kristen dahlgren in spanish fort, alabama, where the mobile bay is still high. the storm surge here, about six feet. you can see some roads still shut down. that car, not going anywhere anytime soon. >> i'm here in dauphin island, where roads are still impassable even to big trucks like this.
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these homes are still cut off by about 3 to 4 feet of sand. >> reporter: tonight, thousands without power and martin thankful that's been the biggest problem from nate. >> i woke up this morning and i went, thank you, god, you smiled on us. >> reporter: after katrina levelled much of this coast 12 years ago, governments mandate ed new codes. >> we have rebuilt in the aftermath of katrina, higher and stronger and our people are a lot smarter now, wiser and more prepared than we've ever been for a catastrophic event. >> reporter: tonight, emergency officials say despite the lack of extensive damage, they hope residents that just went through hurricane nate don't become complacent for the next time they're urged to evacuate. kate? >> quite a picture behind you. thank you. zblncht. in salt lake city, new developments in a police shooting. district attorneys said the killinging was legally justified. some are protesting that
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finding, which came as the police released body cam vitd of the hooting. matt bradley is in salt lake city with late details. matt. >> reporter: thanks, kate. protesters just starting to gather here in front of the salt lake city police department. furious over the death of patrick harmon at the hands of police back in august. now, his killing makes this mostly white state capital the latest flash point in a national debate over police brutality and racism. >> patrick, you already know about your warrant, right? >> reporter: outrage in salt lake city where police body cam videos show police officers shooting a 50-year-old black man. one with live bullets, another with a stun gun as he runs away. he later died. patrick harmon was pulled over in august after authorities say he rode across several lanes of traffic on his bicycle. on wednesday, the district attorney's office said the officer's use of deadly force was justified. the three officers said the suspect was armed and threatening them. they say they found a knife on the scene.
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it's unclear from the video whether the man did threaten them and police wouldn't say if the internal investigation into the officer who shot harmon has been resolved. this in a city that before this summer hadn't had a police shooting death since 2015. police in part crediting deescalates tactics. >> we are thrust in situations where we try to make calm out of chaos. and we do that through deescalation. >> reporter: although unable to comment on this specific case, the chief explain ed that the tactics include maintaining a distance from suspects, calming dialogue and deploying multiple officers on calls. but in july, salt lake city police drew national attention for aggressively arresting a nurse who refused to take a suspect's blad sood sample witha warrant. >> we want black men to make it to court and patrick didn't get that chance. it was murder. we want justice.
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>>. >> reporter: a justice that scott says he's ready to fight for. matt bradley, nbc news, salt lake city. overseas, hundreds of people demonstrated for spanish unity today in barcelona. one week after that controversial and violent vote on independence. many chanted long live spain outside the regional parliament. officials said more than 90% of voters last week backed independence, but fewer than half of those eligible to vote participated. zblncht in ghana, in west africa, at least seven were killed, dozens injured in two huge explosions last night. it happened in the capital city. the first explosion was at a liquefied natural gas depea. that led to a fire and eck ploegs at a nearby gas station. witnesses said the explosions brought back memories of a gas explosion two years ago in which 90 people died. now to a humanitarian crisis
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of epic proportions in southeast asia. it involves the rohingya in b r burma. long persecuteded, a recent government crackdown has forced hundreds of thousands of people to escape to bangladesh. we have a report on their struggle. >> reporter: they are still coming. six weeks after the crisis started, carrying all they have or what little they could grab. to begin life as refugees in bangladesh. thousands of them children making the journey alone. the scale is staggering. more than 500,000 refugees in what will become one of the world's largest refugee camps. this is already a crisis and it can only deepen. with thousands more arriving every day and a refugee population that could hit one million. they're desperate to flee an offensive by myanmar's all powerful army that the united
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nations calls textbook ethnic cleansing. their objective, to force the minority muslim group from the mainly buddhist country. mona says her husband was shot as their village burn and across the camps, everyone has stories of fire, rape and fear. and here, they're suffering. mall nutrition, a lack of clean water and poor sanitation make the camps vulnerable to disease. bruce mauurray came to set up a clinic to help. >> how's the baby today? the recipe for the development of an epidemic is here. this is the perfect storm for a cholera epidemic. >> world leaders are till debalting how to punish myanmar's army and the de facto leader, who won a nobel peace prize as a champion of democracy, yet has been powerless or unwilling to stop the army. it is getting harder to get
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across the naf river, but border guards have yet to stop the tide of refugees determined to escape. nbc news, bangladesh. back in this country, as investigators try to learn more about the motive behind last week's mass shooting in las vegas, many of those who survived the massacre but were wounded face a new challenge. how to pay for their care. we get more from steve patterson. >> reporter: for the families forever changed by those 11 minutes, it's the worst night of their lives. 58 lives taken and for many of the hundreds injured, another nightmare is just getting starteded. nicole's mother was trampled that night trying to escape. she lost feeling in her left leg. >> it's just really hard to see her in that state of mind and like be so upset over it and so sad. >> reporter: now, intensive physical therapy to get back home to california, but with no
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health insurance, the cost will be astronomical. >> it's going to be a lot of must be. >> reporter: to help raise money, diana's family set up a go mund me page. one of hourkss of crowd funding sites established in the wake of the shooting asking for donations. the most popular, called the las vegas victim fund, has raised more than $10 million. las vegas county commission chair set it up just hours after the shooting. we asked with so many affected, how the money will be distributeded. there are so many families affected. how do people now get that money? >> what we'd like to do hopefully is get everybody at the end to put a single fund together. and then distribute the money out of that. in the most fair and equitable basis. >> it's really hard to not be able to take her home with me and the whole thing is just super upsetting and very tragic. >> reporter: a campaign of relief. with the hope that in the face of so many concerns, at least one will be a little easier.
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meanwhile, investigators executed a search at the home of steven paddock again today. all in the search for fresh evidence, anything, that would lead them to a motive. in this case. kate. >> steve, thanks for those late details. still ahead, we're on the details. still ahead, we're on the front lines of this count we come into this world needing others. details. still ahead, we're on the front lines of this count ♪ then we are told it's braver to go it alone. ♪ but there is another way to live. ♪ a way that sees the only path to fulfillment- is through others. ♪ whstuff happens. old shut down cold symptoms fast
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country's opioid epidemic. tonight, we look at a community hit hardest. montgomery county, ohio. just passed a sad milestone. this year, they've had more than 500 deaths from accidental overdoses, a record for that county and a death rate much higher than most other places in this country. i rode along with dayton fire department medics in that county to see what it's like on the front lines of the crisis. about how often on a typical shift are you guys seeing overdoses? >> every day. yes. >> how many times per shift? >> about two to three. >> as we spent the day with dayton fire department lieutenant sarah marshall, it didn't take long before the first overdose call came in. one suspected overdose in a house, but when we arrived, not one, but three patients. >> drug bag. all right. >> the medics need more narcan. >> he's calling for an extra
3:49 pm
drug bag, more patients, more narcan. >> the ant dote to get them back. in each bag, six doses of narcan. the man in the back of the ambulance didn't just overdose, he also had a heart attack. >> the likelihood of him coming back after we do cpr on him for an extensive amount of time is not good, so, instead of bringing a dead body to the hospital, we usually field terminate then the coroner will come get him. >> wait a minute, the man in the ambulance might die? is. >> yeah. probably. it's not looking good. >> two doses revive the man in the van. the patient inside the house is also saved. for several minutes, the man in the ambulance is flat line, kline ly dead, but the emts sta at it. their efforts paying off. >> they have a pulse. so they're going to the hospital. >> okay.
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that's good. the man who was in bad shape has a pulse? that's good news. >> yes, great news. >> great news, indeed. three lives saved in a matter of minutes. and yet, to dayton's first responders, these scenes are now common place. there's tho time to celebrate after saving three lives. it's just on to the next call. most of the overdose calls in dayton are for adults, b obviously, but there are often kids present and sadly, the department told us they've had to respond to 31 cases of children overdosing this year. children overdosing. our special look at america's opioid epidemic and the impact it's having on our kids will continue this week on nightly news and across other programs and online. back in a moment with today's marathon moment. back in a moment with today's marathon moment. that was a long time woman: for the holidays, we get a gift for mom and dad. and every year, we split it equally. except for one of us. i write them a poem instead. and one for each of you too. woman: cool. that actually yours... that one. yeah. regardless, we're stuck with the bill. to many, words are the most valuable currency.
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the scene last night in portugal, a rare occurrence known as a fire devil. it's a kind of fire tornado formed when flames are caught in the middle of dust and wind. it comes as firefighters continue to battle a series of wildfires brought on by a drought that has lasted for months. here in this country, he finished second in the boston marathon in april and today in chicago, he was able to pull away from the pack late in the race and win the chicago marathon in two hours, nine minutes and 20 seconds. the three-time olympian became the first american man to win the race since 2002. among those taking part, hundreds of athletes from puerto rico as well. when we come back, an extraordinary relief effort in puerto rico spearheaded by a patrick woke up with a sore back. but he's got work to do. so he took aleve this morning.
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finally tonight, for all the hardship we've been reporting about in puerto rico after hurricane maria, we want to tell you about a remarkable effort by one man that's been having a big impact in recent days. he's one of the most famous chefs in america and ron mott caught up with him in puerto rico. >> reporter: out of chaos, comfort. offered slice by slice by steaming, heaping mounds. it's a recipe for recovery. cooked up by famed chef jose andres, who created the world central kitchen in the wake of the haiti earthquake. the non-profit brought relief to victims in houston. >> people of houston, the best barbecue chicken. >> reporter: now, to those in puerto rico.
3:57 pm
>> you create this bond between the giver and receiver. that's what you want. the people feel like somebody' really taking care of them. >> reporter: this massive volunteer force isn't just a nod to his global humanitarian mission, but an ode to the transformtive and healing power of food. >> does it feel like work or a calling? >> we're having fun. it's all about having fun and helping others, so it's more of a calling. >> reporter: chef andres quickly assembled his team infused with an energy to nourish the soul as much the body. she says giving back to the community has helped heal her own personal pain. >> no matter what, i was still liveing and i get around becaus i don't have my stuff. but it's okay. >> reporter: this weekend, they came, they ate, smiled even. a quarter million servings so far.
3:58 pm
super good, this woman said. and you got a nice couple of bowls of hot food. how good does that feel? >> thanks to god. >> reporter: in a place where finding the next meal is a constant worry for many, a chance to relax, to saver a moment. >> it's here and this will be forever the biggest step in my life. >> reporter: fuel for the long road ahead. ron mott, nbc news, san juan. >> nice to see that. that is "nbc nightly news" for this sunday night. lester holt will be in tomorrow. i'm kate snow. for all of us here at nbc news, have a great night.
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tonight in houston, jj watt, three-time defensive player of the year and the texans try to build on last week's win as they welcome the only unbeaten team. the rookie running back looking to lead the chiefs to a 5-0 start on sunday night football.


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