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tv   Early Today  NBC  October 9, 2017 3:30am-4:01am PDT

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breaking jeefr night, firefighters in northern california battle several wind wildfires including forced evacuatio evacuations. the president and senator launch a war of words. a a week since the shooting massacre, now, victims are forced to face massive medical bills and rehab costs. public firing of a hollywood movie mogul. recipe for recovery, one of america's most famous chefs comes to puerto rico's aide. early today starts right now. >> i'm gigi stone woods.
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breaking fires in northern california this morning. the largest, the atlas peak fire in napa roaring to life sunday night scorching 200 acres and growing. the blaze triggered evacuations and shut down roads. firefighters scramble to put out flames driven by dry conditions and gusty winds. no details of structural damages or injuries. the national weather service issued a red flag warning for the bay area until 5:00 a.m. tuesday morning. this morning, the president of united states is looking to reshape the country's immigration system offering a deal to the nation's democrats on the 800,000 dreamers on a promise of building the border wall. there was a number of priorities that seek to alter and revamp the way immigration works in the u.s. while the white house sees this as a wish list of sofrrts, to
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democrats, it seems like a list of demands. they are already sounding off. what is the president asking for this morning in. >> reporter: the biggest thing he's asking for, gigi, to ensure the border wall with mexico he talked about is fully funded and built in exchange for those here legally in the united states. that was something democrats said was not their understanding going behind closed doors with him last month. this is the list cement to congress overnight. increasing border security. that's something they did talk about. expanding the number of immigrants who can be deported without going before a judge. unaccompanied minors who come to the country without their parents is a big issue, and there's more. allowing state and local police to investigate immigration status. they want too expand that limiting visas to spouses and minor chirp. that's ha big issue that's been wrapped up in the reports, and
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then, of course, funding the wall. t.
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market. they keep doing it. just ahead, what every firefighter in america wants your attention. stay with us. clvp
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fast forward to monday, columbus day, a state and federal holiday with parades around the country, no u.s. mail, but financial markets will be open. today kicks off fire prevention week. this year's theme is every second counts, plan two ways out. fire safety officials plan working smoke detectors on each level of the home and knowing two ways out of every room. tickets for "star wars" go on sale tonight following release of the new trailer during halftime of monday night football. the film hits theaters december 15th. coming up, an extraordinary relief effort in puerto rico spearheaded by a famous spanish-american chef. you're watching "early today." un-stop right there! i'm about to pop a cap of "mmm fresh" in that washer.
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puerto rico is still reeling from hurricane maria's devastation. the official death toll rose over the weekend now standing at 39 people killed. >> the vast majority of residents remain without power and ak teccess to drinkable wats limited. meanwhile, a chef is spearheading a massive effort. here's details. >> reporter: out of chaos, comfort offered slice by slice by steaming, heaping mounds. a recipe for recovery cooked up by famed chef jose andres creating the central kitchen in the wake of the 2010 hurricanes. >> people of houston, the best
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barbecue chicken. >> reporter: and now to those in puerto rico. >> it was born between the giver and receiver, and that's what you want, that people feel like somebody's taking care of them. that's what a plate of food can do. >> reporter: this massive culinary force is not just a nod to the global humanitarian condition, but ode to the transforming power of food. does it feel like a work or a calling? >> we are having follow-up. it's about having fun and helping others, so it's more of a calling. >> caller: quickly assembling the team infused with infectious energy to nourish the soul as much as the body. giving back to the community has helped heal her own personal pain. >> i was still living, and i don't have my stuffing but it is okay. >> reporter: this weekend, they
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came, they ate, smiled, even, a quarter million serving so far. >> super good. >> reporter: super good this woman said. how good does that feel? >> thanks to god. >> reporter: where in a place finding the next meal is a con tonight worry for many, this is a chance to relax, savor a moment. >> they will be forever the biggest story in my life. >> reporter: fuel for the long road ahead. nbc news, san juan. >> let's get another check of the forecast. >> well, we are still looking at two different stories for the u.s. today. look how cold it's going to get into wyoming and colorado. cold enough for snow, and temperatures are heating up in texas where highs today will be in the 90s, depending where you are, you could face one or the other season. we're going to see the cold sticking around a little bit longer. >> all right. thanks a lot for the news. i'm gigi stone woods. >> i'm phillip mena.
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freshly cracked eggs, and two melted cheeses. jack's breakfast pockets, each for just two bucks. only from jack in the box. we begin today in the bay early on this monday morning because we are following breaking news. multiple fires forcing thousands to evacuate. we have team coverage getting you up to speed. good morning and thanks for joining us. we are on early for a special edition to bring you this information. >> a dangerous intense situation across the north bay. here is where all the fires are burning right now. the biggest fire is the atlas fire. another fire is burning near santa rosa in the area of hopper avenue after it jumped highway 101. we are getting word that the


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