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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  November 8, 2017 5:00am-6:01am PST

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morning, early afternoon, starting out with light showers. we are going hold off with the heavy stuff. the radar is moving in. download that nbc bay area app so you can track the rain as well. let me show you the timing as we go through 6:30, 7:00, we see more rain moving into napa, sonoma and marin counties and solano county as well this morning. light showers to start. the heavier rain and gusty winds for this afternoon. i'll talk more about this and a look at how much we could see coming up. we head over to mike, flashing lights in oakland. >> we saw them going northbound. they went on the shoulder, then the live shot. north of high street. still moving, no scheduled closures through the area. look at the map. shouldn't see problems or slowing here. the bay bridge, a build up at the incline. it turned from green to orange. more slowing suddenly the last few minutes. i'll bring a live shot as well.
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there are a few folks waiting for the cash lanes. reports of garbage on eastbound 24 approaching the walnut creek interchange. no slowing shows up, but i'm going to check back in a few minutes. so far, nothing big for the peninsula or south bay. back to marcus. >> thanks. today is one month since the devastating north bay wildfires broke out. this is what we saw for weeks in the north bay area. this morning, many questions remain on where communities go from here. pete suratos is live in santa rosa with the complicated issues the fire victims are facing a month later. good morning, pete. >> reporter: good morning to you, marcus. a tough time for residents who lost it all. we are talking thousands of residents losing their homes, specifically right here in coffey park, one of the hardest hit areas of the north bay wildfires. i have been here several times
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with the residents smelling the smoke to get out of harm's way and came back to nothing, really. all the debris down here. last week, they are preparing for the rain. they had straw waddles in place so the debris cannot get into the water. then we are seeing, this morning, this sign right here. it's from sonoma county. at least they are going to start doing the debris removal process where they work with contractors to remove the debris. they have a checklist of when they start doing that. with that said, residents are trying to see exactly what is going to happen next. >> what is our goal right now? what is our goal, as a group? >> reporter: the goal. one of the big questions there, guys. that was actually a resident at a meeting that took place at the burbank center as hundreds of
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residents are from coffey park. this is the first planned meeting for them to determine exactly what is next. you saw residents are the ones leading the conversation. many are in santa rosa, living out of rentals, motels or living with family members or in some cases, out of their own cars. there's a level of frustration when it comes to dealing with -- they have lost a lot of things, guys. they are waiting out the bureaucratic process of getting that debris removed starting all over again. at least last night residents discussed a game plan of moving forward with so much up in the air. >> it's been about a month and we haven't had a chance to sit down and talk about what to do to move forward. there's opportunity to do that. >> reporter: officials hope to get the debris cleaned up by next year before the wet weather rolls in, which could bring a host of other problems. live in santa rosa, pete
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suratos, "today in the bay." >> thanks so much, pete. developing this morning, two escaped inmates are still on the loose, but their accomplices are behind bars. police arrested renee hunt and curtis. they supplied the get away vehicles. we have been covering this since the news broke on monday. sources tell our investigative units, the two were in a stairwell at the palo alto courthouse, shackled, but they used a key to unlock their handcuffs. they attacked one of the two deputies guarding them, then fled. they got into a car and ditched it for a u-haul truck, which was also waiting for them. as the search continues, the plan to do a review of the procedures. >> we are going to do an analysis on how the event happened and what lessons we have learned and what we can improve. >> police said the escapees are
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considered dangerous. we have new details on the violent halloween night in castro. san francisco police say they have not been able to interview that officer hurt in the shootout. hospitalized more than a week later. in a town hall, police said they want to find out if two other people who were in the car were injured. they are trying to figure out if they are the people who carjacked a nearby taxi. the police chief says there is some body camera footage of the shooting, but it will not be made public yet. the go ahead from the santa clara county supervisors. the vote was unanimous to build. families won't have to travel so far for treatment. it could cost between $50 million and $70 million. here in the bay area, the four largest counties had little on the ballot. however, voters in pacifica
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voted down a rent measure. it went down in flames with 62% voting againls. we posted a complete election result on our website, that's happening now, president trump is in china. exactly one year since he was elected president. overnight, the president and first lady went to the opera. president trump became the first foreign leader to dine in the forbidden city. president trump's focus is on trade this morning. there are reports american and chinese companies signed more than a dozen deals with $9 billion overnilgt. no details yet. president trump hopes to get china on board to get north korea to back down. >> those nations that choose to ignore this threat or worse still, to enable it. the weight of this crisis is on your conscience.
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he called on north korea to come to the table and make a deal. the latest developments out of sutherland springs, texas. vice president mike pence will be there spending time with the families of the victims of the deadly church massacre. this comes as they try to piece together how and why the attack unfolded. jay gray is live in sutherland springs with details on the gunman's past. jay? >> reporter: good morning. yeah, the investigation is moving forward as the vice president comes to town. he'll see those family members, also, first responders here who rushed into the church behind to find family members and friends in the wake of the shooting spree. this morning, they are speaking publicly for the first time since that attack. >> in front of the church. >> reporter: minutes after the attack, mike and jaime were the first medics to rush into the chaos. >> to find something like that, there's no real training for it.
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>> reporter: a chapel filled with friends wounded or dead. >> there's no way to try to even begin to describe it. >> reporter: the haunting images from that day linger. >> we have dreams. >> dreams, nightmares, trying to get the horror out of my mind. by, you can't unsee what you already saw. >> reporter: as investigators work to understand how and why it happened. we are learning a lot more about alleged gunman devin kelley's violent past. assault conviction, jam time and bad conduct military discharge. still, he was able to buy weapons and ammo. >> there was nothing in our data pace to keep him from purchasing it. >> reporter: his criminal history was never entered swint the fbi data baste. kelley, described as a danger to himself and others after sneaking firearms on the
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holloman air force base. another part of the tragic puzzle, his cell phone, which federal agents are trying to unlock in quantico, virginia. >> unfortunately, at this point and time, we are unable to get into that phone. >> reporter: ultimately, getting into the mind of a killer. the vice president will be here later this evening. he will see the family members of victims, survivors of area hospitals. he will talk with law enforcement and first responders and wrap up the evening by speaking at a prayer vigil. that's the latest live, here in texas, back to you. >> thank you for that update. here at home, firefighters are showing how drone technology advancements are helping emergency responders. >> a photo showing the newest drone camera technology. it allows firefighters the ability to see through smoke. the firefighters say they are utilizing drones more and more,
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especially during large wildfires. right now at 5:10, we begin with cloudy skies and rain approaching from the north as we look at the radar. the showers moving just north of santa rosa and we'll be approaching northern sonoma county as we go into the next hour, too. that's something we'll be watching as we look at the day planner, we will only see light rain in oakland, starting out. temperatures in the mid-50s, rising up to 62 degrees today. san jose will be on the cool side with highs in the mid-60s and gusty winds and times of light rain. we'll talk more about this. mike is saying there's early back up at the bay bridge. >> there is, kari. we'll show you what's going on here. the fast track lanes are backing up. the cash lanes are backing up as well. this usually indicates the metering lights are on. there's a crash just past the metering lights. you can see the separation between the back up at the crash and clearer toward traffic at
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the treasure island area. that indicates they just turned on the metering lights. that's the earlier back up. the rest of the bay, a lighter flow of traffic. so far, no problems out of the altamont. back to you. >> thank you, mike. coming up, here to stay, the informative exhibition returning to the san jose tech museum and the new high-tech spin coming with it. another silicon valley executive is coming up with an angry congress. you will not believe what facebook wants from you. we'll take a look when "today in the bay" continues.
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right now at 5:14, we wake up, head out the door to cool temperatures. mostly cloudy skies and we are getting ready for some rain. a live look outside right now in san jose shows it is all dry. as we head to los gatos for the temperature trend, rain holds off until the afternoon, reaching the mid-60s. by 3:00, popping open those umbrellas. we will talk about the timing of the rain and the full forecast coming up at 5:19. an early back up at the bay bridge. a crash just after the metering lights indicating slowing there. i think they turned the metering lights on early. there's the slowdown from the oakland sight. more coming up. happening today, movie makers and movie lovers gather for the state of the napa valley
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film festival. it begins one month after the destructive wildfires. more than 100 new films will be screened in napa, calistoga andand youngville. new this morning, a look at a popular exhibition that is back for a long-term stay at the san jose tech museum. >> this is the third time they have hosted body world decoded. it features eight real human bodies preserved through a process. it includes what they are calling a first, augmented reality feature to use a handheld device to explore models of human organs. >> take the device and walk to the inside of the eyeball
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itself. you can see the internal structures. get up real close to the heart as it is beating. check out the outline of the lungs here. >> wow. >> that's really cool. >> amazing. >> yeah. >> the museum can alter the 3-d content, when it wants. it is scheduled to run for the next ten years. it is said to be very popular. i have never been. >> i want to go. two ceos at the helm of companies will be grilled by companies. >> one had to be subpoenaed. >> marissa meyer of yahoo!. yahoo! said she was not the right person to answer questions, but congress wanted her. the other is richard smith, the former ceo of equifax. they were in charge of their companies during the two worst hacks in history.
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smith and equifax lost 143 million record. that's just about every adult in the united states. mayer, at least $3 billion or less than half the population of planet earth. mayer is no longer the ceo of yahoo!. it's been sold to verizon, which inherits that problem. smith is no longer the ceo of equifax. smith has testified before. he blamed the hack on a single employee who forgot to update open source software, october 3rd. the last time a yahoo! exec was dragged before congress was ten years ago when jerry yang was blasted for turning the accounts over to the chinese government. the late california lawmaker called yahoo! moral pygmies. here is gerald yang. >> immaterial want to apologiz
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they and their family are going through. >> we will watch that this morning. amazon launches the key. you can allow a delivery person in your home to drop off a package so it doesn't get damaged or wet in the rain. >> look at facebook. i can't show you video of what the story is about. several newspapers overseas report facebook is launching a program asking for nude photos. i know you are thinking, did i misunderstood what he said? you did not. the times in london reports facebook wants to crackdown on revenge porn. the idea is, if you can show facebook what you look like, facebook will know what you look like, digitize that, get rid of the picture, get rid of future pictures of you in the all together. don't do it now. we are trying to confirm with
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facebook. again, dependable news agencies saying this is happening. >> people are leaving out their face. >> don't send in your facebook nudes, yet. >> let's go backwards, don't send nude pictures anywhere. >> do not. >> to a boyfriend, girlfriend, ex. >> why take them in the first place? >> just a thought. just a thought. all right. thank you. very informative this morning, scott mcgrew. you might notice that tweets are getting longer. twitter will allow 280 character tweets worldwide following a testing period. the longer tweets will be standard in every language except chinese, japanese and korea where the 140 character limit fits. they fit more thoughts into fewer characters. testing shows most people are still brief in their posts. 1% of tweets hit the 280 character mark. >> you know, for me, it wasn't a
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tweet, it was a text. did you see the weird pictures of scott? >> i didn't recognize him. >> i'm not looking. >> how about covering up? with a parka and, you know, turning on the nbc bay area app. >> what's in your closet. >> you will need to throw on layers here. we are going to start out this morning with some mostly cloudy skies. we are getting ready for rain, then we'll start to see the showers moving in by this afternoon. it's cold as you head out the door and the tri-valley, 44 degrees. 50 on the peninsula as we look in the middle of the screen live in palo alto. 47 in the east bay. 53 degrees now in san francisco and the north bay at 46 degrees. let's check out the high temperatures today, reaching the mid-60s in milpitas and morgan hill, 67 degrees. 66 in concord.
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o oakland expect a high of 65. 63 in outer sunset and the north bay reaching into the lower 60s in santa rosa. we are watching the rain as it moves closer here on the radar, getting heavier as it approaches northern sonoma county and this will be moving in ahead of the cold front and the winds picking up as well. as we look at the timing throughout the day, starting with light rain at any point, then the heavier rain moving into the north baby 2:00 or 3:00 this afternoon, approaching san francisco by about 10:00 or 11:00 tonight. the east bay, as well as the south bay will see times of rain overnight into early tomorrow. spotty rain off and on tomorrow into friday, then it wraps up before the weekend gets in here and we'll see this round of rain moving out before another round moves in. it looks like we will have a pretty good soaking here. looks promising with a lot of computer models showing at least
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an inch of rain and .2 inch of rain in san jose. it's going to be windy as well as we head through the evening. the winds picking up from the south at 20-25 miles per hour. so, more on this coming up. mike is still talking about that back up at the bay bridge. >> kick in early, kari. once it kicks in, it sticks around for the morning. you have an early back up at the bay bridge because of a crash just past the metering lights. past the metering lights, back to the metering lights where the red indicates that and back where we showed you, approaching west grand. chp is heading out there and looking for a tow truck. they scramble to clear it quickly. if it lasts much longer, it will affect the east shore. approaching the bay bridge is fine. the san rafael bridge moves well. the crash just past the metering
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light at the bay bridge. back to you. >> thank you, mike. we investigate the skyrocketing costs of living in the bay area and the community effort to manage it. >> kris sanchez has an interesting question for you, should law enforcement stop using the texas shooter's name? share your thoughts by heading to our web page. happening today in san
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francisco.. city leaders will try to put some pressure on supervisors .. to create simple and easy
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5:25. happening today, city leaders will put pressure on supervisors for simple regulations before recreational maureen becomes legal. they are getting bogged down with meetings, proposals and amendments tied to the regulations. scott wiener and david campost say enough is enough. they plan to push for reasonable regulations. today, we learn more about the state of things in san mateo county. leaders say they are going to talk child care, education and the high cost of living. they will share new data on things like poverty and energy. it starts at 11:30. more details. we looked up data on the high cost of living. the consumer price index from august 17 as prices overall, are up 3% from last year t. bureau of labor statistics look at food, energy and everything
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else. the next report is due out next week. a fight over the national anthem. the reason naacp wants to remove "the star-spangled banner" as the national anthem. >> reporter: a fremont dog is sick with a dangerous bacteria contracted or spread at a dog park. what you need to know no matter where your take your dog.
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a very good wednesday
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morning. let's take a peek outside. this is overlooking san bruno. that's the downtown area. nice to see the lights glistening. seeing some of the festive plans going up. tis the season, soon. >> it's almost here. >> 5:30. thanks for joining us, i'm laura garcia. >> i'm marcus washington. a lot of people step out the door. a nice, cool, fall day. don't forget to pack that umbrella. >> the rain will be moving in. check it out on the radar. we are starting to see a lot of green on the map showing the light rain moving out into northern sonoma county. this will be working its way into the bay area as the day goes along. be prepared as we check out the saechb day forecast. it is going to be windy, too. maybe not the day for the fully dressed. we will have winds kicking up to 30 miles per hour as that rain moves in this afternoon over the next several days off and on rain, but drying out for part of
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the weekend. we'll be focused on just the weekend forecast in about seven minutes. mike has better news at the bay bridge. >> relatively better. the back up is still here. we have visibility movement and we have a crash just past the metering lights cleared. those who just joined us, we have a crash that was blocking the lanes for a period of time, backing this up early at the toll plaza, just after 5:00. look at the map. this has been there long enough to cause slowing on the berkeley curve. that's unpleasant past powell. that's an issue off 880. 880, southbound at whipple road, we have a crash i'm tracking that is reportedly in the middle of the roadway. back to you guys. >> thanks, mike. new this morning, a controversy over the national anthem. california's naacp says t"the star-spangled banner" should be replaced. >> bob redell is outside levi state yum. what is the issue here? they have been talking about
5:32 am
this for a while. >> reporter: good morning to you, laura and marcus. the president of the naacp in california and hawaii brought up this idea at the state convention. alice huffman says the song caused so much controversy over the past year especially because of the nfl kneeling debate that began with the niners quarterback colin kaepernick taking to knee. huffman said the third stanza of "the star-spangled banner" references slaves. that segment, which is rarely sung reads, their blood has washed out their foul footsteps, no refuge could save the hireling slave from the terror of flight or the gloom of the grave. >> there's no way you could think it means anything great. we are not trying to protest the flag. we are trying to get it removed so whatever comes out in the future as the national anthem, we can all stand proudly and
5:33 am
sing it. >> reporter: hoffman says there should be a more inclusive song created to represent modern day america. naacp will ask lawmakers for support of the campaign in january. live outside levi stadium, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> a topic a lot of people have been talking about for a long time, thanks. happening now, a warning to pet owners in fremont. the city says a dog in a popular park may have been diagnosed with a dangerous bacteria. kris sanchez is live at center park, that is the dog park where people need to look out for concerns. they are dpougoing to take expr precautions as well. >> reporter: that's where this is. the central dog park is closed for cleaning. it was already scheduled to be closed but with the possibility of that bacteria. the city of fremont is stepping up that maintenance activity. the city confirms it was notified that a dog who comes to
5:34 am
this park was diagnosed with that bacteria, but they can't confirm it actually came from here. this is a pretty popular park and because of that, it is possible that if that dog got it here or came here while it was sick, then there could be other cases. so, i pulled up information from the american veterinarian center for disease control. it is a bacteria -- in the water, sometimes they can drink it or swim through it. signs are fever, shivering, muscle tenderness, vomiting and diarrhea. it can be spread to humans, though it is rare. it can lead to permanent kidney damage. there is a vaccine available. i posted a link to a low cost clinic in case you can't get to your vet right away. it is part of the battery of
5:35 am
vaccines your dog gets on a regular basis. you may already be protected if you go to the vet that regularly. if not, you can find it on my website. i have been scouring local reports to see if there are other cases reported around the bay area. i haven't found one, yet. there have been serious outbreaks in other places. it is a good thing central park is getting a scrub down. >> good idea. a lot of people love their dogs. thanks, kris. now, continuing coverage of the killing of a concord high school student. we are learning about five people arrested for the crime and the motive. the memorial keeps growing for lawrence janson. he was gunned down monday afternoon outside the high school. security video helped capture those suspects. they are adults and minors. the suspected shooter is an adult. the handgun used has been
5:36 am
recoverered. a teacher sent inappropriate text messages to a student. there could be more victims and they are asking them to come forward. evan smith was arrested yesterday. he was a math teacher for 15 years. he's on paid administrative leave as the police investigate the crime. san mateo police want you to see this sketch. they say this suspect tried to kidnap a 14-year-old girl back in september. the near abduction happened near peninsula avenue and the railroad tracks on the 27th. during the investigation, police discovered a 16-year-old girl was also approached by a man who matches this description. back to the courtroom, the defense in the kate steinle murder case is expected to continue their case for a third day. yesterday, one witness took the stand. video experts showed this video of the shooting that the prosecution showed has flaws. it was taken from a fire boat. defense says it's bad quality and argue that it shows the
5:37 am
defendant appearing to bend over seconds before steinle dropped to the pavement. prosecution says that's what garcia zarate has been saying happened. take a listen. >> that is, again, consistent with the statement he saw something in a rag, picked it up and it went off. >> we will continue to follow the trial. follow us on twitter for the latest on the trial. ak 37 right now. muni's next generation fleet is ready to rollout next week. regulators gave the first car the clearance to operate november 15th. that's as long as minor issues are fixed first. 5:37. happening today, our first look inside the bart station going up in milpitas. officials are giving a tour of the first stop on bart's berryessa extension. they will talk updates on the san jose project and
5:38 am
improvements on walnut creek station. the alameda county transportation commission is planning to build a bike and walking facility. heads up, we have a traffic alert in the east bay. i want to show you, overall, the bay moves well. the crash at the bay bridge cleared past the metering light. that's better news. worse news here for 880. the latest update from chp came just as i am heading to the set. all lanes blocked as fire crews arrived at the scene of the crash. southbound 880 and whipple road is critical south of the san mateo bridge as folks head to the dumbarton bridge. the san mateo bridge may get more crowded as folks take that instead. we are looking at a 22-minute drive. that's four minutes added. really packing in the time. 880 may have a full closure for the time being.
5:39 am
meanwhile, getting to the bay bridge, the travel times are looking fine. that could be a big problem. >> all right. thank you, mike. as we hit on this hump day, wednesday, a lot of people looking forward to the weekend. she always has coverage and how to prepare weather wise. >> right because one day is good and the other not so much. plan accordingly. saturday is the good day to get out there and enjoy the sunshine and mild temperatures. the coast is going to be cool at 59 degrees. 62 by the bay and 66 degrees inland. then, as we check out sunday's forecast, that's when the rain moves in. during the afternoon, mid-60s for the inland valleys and the bay, 62 degrees. quite a few events going on. let's kick it off on friday with the san mateo harvest festival. that will be a nice event to maybe get an early start on christmas shopping. we will have temperatures in the low 60s.
5:40 am
a mix of sun and clouds. now and then, the sun will be peeking out. saturday, the winter ice festival and our friend marcus washington will be there. walnut creek and in the morning at 11:00. it's going to be in the mid-60s and a mix of sun and clouds. great weather saturday and also on sunday we'll have a slight chance of rain during the afternoon. i think, for the most part, if you are going hiking, it's going to be good this weekend especially on saturday, but a little on the cool side. i'll have a look at today's temperature trend for san jose in about three minutes. >> you are going to be ice skating this weekend? >> or holding on to the sign. >> 5:40 right now. coming up, up in flames. terrifying moments at a south bay apartment complex overnight after a car burst into flames. the investigation under way to find out how it started. a blue sweep. democrats win elections all over. we'll bring the results when "today in the bay" continues.
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good wednesday morning, it is 5:43. getting ready to head out the door, don't forget the grab the umbrella. as we look at san jose, it is still dry. as we check out the temperature trend, a mix of sun and clouds but mostly cloudy. at times light rain moving through. the heaviest stuff moves in for the evening. we'll talk about the timing and what's ahead for the rest of the week at 5:48. looking at the san mateo
5:44 am
bridge, west 92 could get more traffic because of a crash south of there. better news on that crash. we had lanes clearing. i'll give you the latest, coming up. >> thanks so much, kari and mike. a stolen van goes up in flames overnight. it happened at an apartment complex. this is video from someone who lives there. she heard a loud boom just before 3:00. look at what was left. santa clara tells us this fire is suspicious. investigators say that vehicle was stolen and it wasn't even parked in a space. it was partially blocking a driveway. 5:44. more than 1,000 people are expected to attend a memorial service on the peninsula for three friends who died in a car crash. they were in the fire explorers program. here is a picture of them.
5:45 am
matthew cruz is on the left. andrew gonzalez on the right and ricky torres in the back. all three died when their car went off skyline boulevard. tonight's service is at 6:00 at nativity church in menlo park. three basketball players are in jail accused of shoplifting in china. three freshman including the brother of l.a. lakers star are accused of stealing. the game against the university of georgia is still scheduled for friday in shanghai. this morning, an nbc exclusive. two women lost at sea for months are talking publicly. >> they are said to be in good spirits. they joked with matt lauer about the disazer. >> what was z it like being on that 50 foot sailboat? >> i am used to sailing in the hawaiian waters. i'm used to small storms coming
5:46 am
up. i didn't expect it to be what it was. i said if i make a mistake doing this, we are going to die tonight. she said, oh, i trust you. go ahead, have fun. >> wow. you can watch the full interview coming up on the "today" show. now, the opioid crisis, overnight we poured through the results of the national takeback of unused pills day. it happened saturday, october 28 when the dea allowed people to drop off unused pills. california had the highest amount of anywhere returned. the other end of the spectrum, north dakota with 389 pounds. devastating defeat for president trump and republicans. >> scott mcgrew, democrats swept tuesday's elections including the governor's race. >> sweep is right, laura. democrats took the governor's
5:47 am
mansion in new jersey and virginia as well. and statehouse seats as well. democrat ralph northam defeated republican ed gillespie for governor of virginia. made clear reference to president trump though didn't mention his name. >> today, virginians have answered and have spoken. virginia has told us to end the divisiveness that we will not condone hatred and bigotry and to end the politics that have torn this country apart. >> his o popponent -- he never invited president trump to help him campaign. political pundits have a phrase for that, trumpism without trump. run on his issues, but don't get your picture taken with him.
5:48 am
it's clear that didn't work. trump blamed the candidate for losing saying gillespie worked hard, but did not embrace me. trump continues the tour this morning. the wins for the democrats include a transgender democrat in the virginia statehouse and the boyfriend of that television reporter who was shot on live television in 2015 won his first election running against a republican candidate backed by the nra. here is delegate-elect chris hurst. >> humbling. i'm grateful. the people that were in that room have put in the miles, knocking on doors, sat in a chair for hours on end making phone calls, making sure we connected with voters. >> of course we have the november elections, the midterms coming up. let us know what you think about the future of the united states and elections. you can reach me directly on twitter. >> i'm sure a lot of people have things to say. thank you, scott. the words loving, smart,
5:49 am
encouraging. i'm talking about this woman here. with good reason. she's emceeing the ywca's special inspire luncheon in silicon valley. >> that's very kind of you. you know what? it's the event that is really cool. they have a powerful keynote speaker, elizabeth smart. she was abducted from her bedroom in 2002 when she was 14 years old. she was rescued nine months later. it's amazing, her story and the way she is telling it. that's what this luncheon is always about. it's got great speakers every year. it's at santa clara convention center. i'm honored they asked us to be part of it. >> i really mean it. >> i'm like, stop. >> do you get lunch? >> we do. >> cool.
5:50 am
>> is that why you signed up? no, it's a really cool event. >> yeah, it's going to be cool weather, too, for the event. >> i don't need the umbrella just yet? >> you might see light showers. we are going to track the lighter rain to start the day. the heavier rain later this afternoon. as you head out the door, take a live look outside in san francisco. mostly cloudy and cool temperatures. as we look at the high temperatures for today, upper 60s for concord. san jose, 66 degrees. 65 in oakland and 59 today in santa rosa. check out the seven day forecast at the bottom of the screen, the temperatures pretty much hold steady over the next few days. as you are getting dressed, you need to brab the umbrella or a rain jacket to help keep you warm. also boots would be a good idea or something you don't mind getting wet because there will be puddles especially later on today. heading out the door, the school day forecast in the upper 40s. low 60s by the time you pick
5:51 am
them up from school with mostly cloudy skies. it's already cloudy as you watch the rain approaching from the north. pockets of heavy rain possible for the north bay. for the rest of the bay area, the first initial line of rain is fizzling out. then we start to attract that rain moving into san francisco with lighter showers. then we can see the main band of rain moving through by 5:00 to 6:00 this evening in the north bay. then spreading into san francisco. here is the time frame, 8:30, moving into the east bay around midnight and the south bay with gusty winds that will continue into the day tomorrow. we'll start to see some of the rain taking a bit of a break. a few more breaks in between. still, scattered showers into friday morning. it is going to be windy. that may cause quite a few problems with the winds rushing from the south at 25-30 miles per hour. that could bring down some of those trees. we are looking at some off and on rain.
5:52 am
temperatures in the upper 50s to low 60s. inland areas staying mild and rain, again, by the end of the weekend. mike says there is a big jam heading through hayward. >> they have a crash. they have been in tough spots. crews have been able to make quick work. we are focusing on southbound 880 down to whipple road. that crash cleared all lanes. that is better news. we should see quick recovery south from the san mateo bridge. we have a nice easy drive toward the bay bridge. east shore freeway, half hour toward the earlier crash scene at the bay bridge, which cleared quickly as well. one more shot of the mass transit. the mare island 6:40 subbed with bus service. keep that in mind. back to you. >> thank you, mike. coming up, we investigate. >> the clock is ticking on the next fire disaster.
5:53 am
why some critics say the staged most important fire agencies may be great at putting fires out, but falling far behind in preventing them. happening now, trick or treat. an alleged drug dealer is accused of sealing meth inside halloween candy bags. the trafficker was arrested in citrus heights near sacramento. plus, the infamous playboy mansion could be deemed a historical and cultural monument. they are trying to keep it from being demolished. hugh hefner died in september. that's a place he lived so many years. we are back in two minutes with more news. this morning: history in
5:54 am
5:55 am
5:56 am
virginia. voters have elected a transgender person to the this morning, history in virginia. voters have elected a transgenter person to the state legislature. it is the first time this has happened anywhere in the country. more about her victory going to my twitter feed this morning. the recent deadly fire made us take a closer look at fire prevention. >> yes, specifically how cal fire is doing. here is liz wagner on what she found. good morning. critics sacral fire, the state's main fire agency is great at
5:57 am
putting fires out, but not very good at preventing them. uc berkeley wildfire expert says cal fire staff is made up of firefighters who lack the scientific background and expertise to coordinate it. the agency got pulled into it by climate change and draught conditions that increased the fire risk in northern california. cal fire says they are working to change their focus. we checked. the agency more than doubled defensible space inspection and doubled the acres of acres. it makes up less than a per cent of all the land it oversees. they fell short on the goals last year, too. our full story is online right now at investigations. you will be able to see them testing techniques for controlling or stopping wildfires they hope cal fire
5:58 am
will use on a larger scale. back to you. >> thank you, liz. if you have a story for our investigative unit, give us a call, 888-996-tips or send us an e-mail to the unit at a new safe exchange zone is open in milpitas. the goal is to give people a safe place to buy, sell or trade items with people they don't know. we are talking about craigslist. it can be used as a safe place for child custody exchanges. it's located in the front lot of the milpitas police department. there are two cameras that are recording 24 hours a day. it is 5:58. if you are looking for a second job to help with all those extra presents you plan to buy this holiday season, amazon is hiring 800 workers at all the bay area facilities. u.p.s. is looking for 5900 seasonal workers to deliver 750
5:59 am
million packages this season. concord based bevmo needs 650 workers. happening today, ski and snowboarding season is here. >> that's right. this morning, boreal is the first resort in california to open. mt. rose in nevada opened ned. heavenly and north star will open next friday, can you believe it? kirkwood would open the day before thanksgiving, november 22nd. >> fun times. right now, it's been one month since the deadly fire storm broke out in the north bay. the damage left behind this morning and the long road ahead for the victims. plus, disturbing details on the texas church gunman. the warning signs ahead of the shooting as investigators try to piece together what happened. rain is on the way to the bay area. a live look at the radar. we have been tracking the timing and the impact it is going to
6:00 am
have in your plans with meteorologist kari hall leading the way. "today in the bay" continues right now. good morning. thank you for joining us. i'm marcus washington. >> i'm laura garcia. let's get straight to that forecast right now with kari. pleasant start to the morning. >> a nice, dry start to the morning. cool as well. really excited about the rain set to move in. it starts out light this morning. most of the activity we will see for the first part of the day will be very light and activity. then we'll start to see the winds picking up and heavier rain for this afternoon. as we get a closer look at northern sonoma county, seeing that rain on 101 down to cloverdale and approaching guerneville as well. look at the timing. starting out with light rain moving across the bay area and heavier downpours for later this evening in the north baby 8:00 tonight. i'll talk more about this and the timing and how much coming up in a few minutes. mike is concerned about the


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