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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  December 4, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PST

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out the door this morning. plus, pushing for a tax plan. the busy week ahead on capitol hill as republicans turn their new tax plan into reality and how it could impact. south bay schools, eight of them, this danger of closing. the reason san jose city leaders could decide to close eight schools. "today in the bay" continues right now. thank you so much for joining us on this monday morning. i'm kris sanchez in for laura garcia. >> i'm marcus washington for you. as we start off on this breezy morning, we'll get to that in a moment. welcome back, kari. right now, we want to go to mike inouye with the bay bridge. >> over the weekend, the majority of lanes were closed. the good news, most of the bay looks fine. that's good for the san mateo bridge, which we expected to see more trarveg. the arrows show everybody feeding to the bay bridge. that's why we have the focus there. look at that. the east shore freeway and west
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580 seeing that back up is typical about this time of day. that's great news. we'll show you the live look from the toll plaza. we see the fast track lanes are moving well. so are some of the cash lanes on the left approach. the right approach is where one lane is closed because of a deadly crash that happened over the weekend. we are still following that. it shows extra back up for these folks coming off the 880. now, we know only one lane is closed. we knew the moment it happened because pete suratos is out there covering the story. pete wharks is the cause of all this? >> reporter: good morning to you, mike. it involves a rented box truck that crashed into a toll plaza. as far as the traffic conditions, as you mentioned, it looks more like a typical monday morning commute. it wasn't typical over the weekend. we saw plenty of back up. we'll show you some of the video following that deadly car accident over the weekend saturday. according to chp, the driver of a rented box truck hit several
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cars, then destroyed the toll booth. the attendant inside was killed. the attendant, si si han worked for krcaltrans over a decade. he was driving under the influence and vehicular manslaughter. the driver speeding moments before the car accident took place. we'll show you that video in a half hour. live at the bay bridge, pete suratos, for "today in the bay." >> pete, thank you so much for that update. mike inouye is going to continue monitoring this developing situation throughout the morning. you can follow him on twitter. we want to check in with kari hall. it's breezy out there, kari. we know sometimes when we cross those bridges, we have to hold on. >> yes, you have to do that this morning. going across the bridges is going to be windy, not only there, but across the bay area.
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cool temperatures and we have wind advisories in effect. that continues from now through 10:00 on tuesday morning. our gusts and some of the areas shaded in brown, that includes the north bay and east bay hills. we could have gusts up to 55 miles per hour. downed trees and may be power impacts. as we look at the forecast for today, winds continue to gust, coming in from the north and northeast. and tomorrow morning, looking at some of the winds sustained at 20-35 miles per hour. a lot of concerns here. look at the temperatures, though. it's going to be nice and cool and a lot of sunshine today. i'll talk more about this and what's ahead coming up in a few minutes. >> thank you, carry. 6:03. oakland police are investigating this deadly hit and run crash that happened around 2:00 this morning. so far, police are providing a few details. we can tell you, the car crashed near a walgreens store at 82nd
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and international. one person is confirmed dead in the crash. police have not clarified whether the person who died is a pedestrian or who that person might be. >> 6:04. happening today, talks begin of closing eight schools in san jose. >> this is difficult for sxhunts. sharon katsuda is live to explain why this might happen. we have been talking about this for months now. >> reporter: that's right. good morning, kris and marcus. definitely a lot of neighbors around here affected by these decisions. now, the schools around this area are located near highway 85 and highway 101. if you would like to speak out, the public hearing takes place here at 5:30 tonight. the closures may be necessary due to lower enrollment at some schools in the south san jose and western regions. the school is on the list for possible closure include minor, anderson, baldwin, frost,
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glider, oak ridge and santa teresa high. you can see there on the map. the district says despite growing construction in the bay ar area, there is limited housing growth for families with children. that's affecting enrollment n. 2016, there were 30,000 students in the district. by 2023 rk, the district expect 12% drop innen rollment. they will hold a public hearing tonight at 5:30. live in san jose, i'm sharon katsuda, "today in the bay." >> a lot of parents will be watching. thank you so much. 6:05. a terrifying sight for a flight crew on the way from san francisco to hong kong. a crew saw north korea's newest missile upon re-entry. the company says the flight was not impacted. in a statement, they do not plan to change routes right now. the company says they will stay alert and ready to make changes
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if needed. live to washington, d.c., where it is going to be another very busy week for congress. they have to work on avoiding a government shutdown and also catch up on visits by the end of the year. a priority is finalizing a tax plan while following the latest twist and turns in that russia investigation. "today in the bay's" tracie potts is live for us on capitol hill this morning, where she explains where lawmakers begin. good morning. >> reporter: hi there, marcus and kris. good morning, everyone. we know they are concerned about the government shutdown. it looks like lawmakers may have worked out at least a temporary solution. today, they are likely to focus on that tax plan. this week, the first steps merge two tax plans to one, selecting which lawmakers go behind closed doors to get to a compromise. >> i'm very optimistic about it.
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>> reporter: the house version has four tax brackets, the senate seven. it limits the mortgage interest you can write offnd eliminated medical expenses. >> we are not that far apart. >> reporter: there are special projects that got jammed in last minute. >> we are going to find stinky stuff in here we didn't know. >> reporter: the public didn't know one of president trump's latest tweets on the russia investigation was actually written by his lawyer. it claimed the president knew former national security adviser, mike flynn, lied to the fbi before flynn resigned. flynn's guilty plea friday could have an impact on congressional investigation. >> i think what we're beginning to see is a case of obstruction of justice. >> was it? >> reporter: president trump playing defense denying he asked former fbi director, james comey
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to back off the flynn investigation. as lawmakers wonder whether there's more to come and when. that fbi investigation really shaking up things here in washington. if you are keeping count, now with flynn, there are four former trump campaign officials who have been charged. kris and marcus? >> thank you very much. coverage continues next on the "today" show as the special counsel investigation picks off another former member of the president's inner circle. 6:08 now. happening now, king tides are starting to move in. it is all because of this weekend's supermoon that's maybe kept you awake overnight. it is closest in orbit causing a higher gravitational pull. high tides are expected to be the worst this morning and into tomorrow morning. some of those king tides may cause coastal flooding. as we approach 6:09, we are
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looking at the tides coming up in the next four hours. we say king tides, that means we have big fluctuations between high and low tide and it gets really high as we may have local roads and trails being flooded. then we'll do it all over again tomorrow. some of the highest tides won't be as high as today. it's also going to be windy, not only on the coast, but inland areas, dangerous surf. winds coming from the north at 20-30 miles per hour. then, as we go through the day, it's also going to be fairly cool. if you are going out jogging in san jose, for the morning, it is going to start out in the upper 40s. today, up to 59 degrees. we'll take a look at the temperature trends and talk about the winds coming up in a few minutes. mike says the commute starting to build around the bay. >> the good news is for the king tides, we didn't have closures in the north bay as we often do. we'll continue to track those. we were also focusing on the bay bridge. i want to show you all over the
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bay, south bay mild build here. the tri-valley and east bay, we have a typical pattern. 880 out of hayward is looking lighter than we often see. a lighter traffic flow, we see that toward the end of the year after thanksgiving, of course. we are looking at the san mateo bridge that was going to get more traffic. the good news for the morning is the bay bridge itself, only down one lane. the deadly crash that happened over the weekend took out a number of laneless. it's less than a half hour to highway four. the back up is here. only one of the lanes off to the right, lane 14, which was destroyed in saturday's crash. we'll talk more about that and the back up off 880. i'll let you know ways around it to avoid the bridge. back to you. >> thank you, mike. getting cars off city streets. the plan moving ahead that would prevent them from driving along
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a busy san francisco roadway. tax experts trying to figure out what the senate wrote and approached. we'll take a look when "today in the bay" continues.
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good monday morning. at 6:13, as you get ready to head out, it is windy out there. we will continue with those strong winds today. a live look outside in san jose.
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a clear sky and christmas in the park set up. it will be a nice day to head out for that in san jose. look at the temperature trend. cool start. a fairly comfortable afternoon. if you are planning to go to christmas in the park, i'll have a look at that forecast coming up in five minutes. >> as we approach richmond to san rafael, we expect more traffic because of the problems at the bay bridge. the problems, the situations change for the bay bridge drivers. we'll talk about more coming up. 6:14 right now. san francisco city workers have removed the candlelight memorial set up after the verdict in the kate steinle murder case. a group of white supremacists place candles, roses and signs near where she was killed. also this morning, we have a follow up story for you. san francisco transit leaders are going take the first steps at looking into taking private
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vehicles off market street. only taxi, delivery and emergency vehicles would be allowed on market street. according to the examiner, a concrete plan is years away. an environmental review should go out. city workers will start surveying merchants and transit riders on how to phase it in. >> no secret, younger people prefer other social media sites and apps other than facebook. the menlo park company is going after a younger crowd. facebook is introducing a messenger app for kids called messenger kids. they can message with family and friends. it's mainly designed for kids ages 6-11. coming up, an exclusive look at the service and the questions about safety. mark zuckerberg, meanwhile, announced he is taking time off, for a good reason. >> yeah, to spend more time with his family, scott mcgrew. >> good morning to you. zuckerberg will spend the month
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of december spending time with his family. he announced on facebook, he would spend time with his daughter august and max, his other daughter. facebook has a good family leave policy. >> melissa mire took grief for setting up a nursery next to her office. i tweeted a link to the interview about working parents. the u.s. energy service announced for the first time ever, power plants are not the most polluting thing in america, cars and trucks are. not because cars are getting dirtier, but plants are getting cleaner. a strong open on the market now that the senate passed the tax plan. there is a concern, though. the tax bill may have removed a tax break that encourages companies to pursue research and
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development. tax experts are working to figure it out. i like the line from "the new york times" over the weekend, even hours after the senate vote, tax experts were scratching their heads over precisely what made it into the final version of the tax bill and the impact of the prosecute visions. we watched senators get on and say i don't know what's in the tax bill. i haven't had the time and some of it was handwritten and illegible over what they were voting on. we are going through something that is six times this size trying to figure out exactly what is in there. >> we are trying to make financial decisions at the end of the year. my husband said our taxes could go up $2,000, maybe $9,000. >> we don't know. this would be effective next tax year. are we going to deduct our mortgage or not? >> right. and how much can we afford. a lot of folks looking for moks. thank you.
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look at this. how is this for a lot of ho ho ho. hundreds are hitting the slopes for a good cause. this is a ski resort in maine holding the 18th annual santa sundays event. 250 santas with varying degrees of skill took to the slopes to earn money for the area. they had to raise at least $15 and agree to ski in a full santa costume. >> he's always watching. from all angles. >> really cool. unfortunately, we won't have any snow in the sierra as we look at the snow there. we are going to have sunshine here and as we wake up, head out the door, here is a live look outside in san francisco. it is windy out there. the seven day forecast is coming up at the bottom of the screen. we talked about no rain. this is not that unusual.
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this time of year, we start to see that rain cranking out. we are not going to see a lot of that. the month of december, normally one of the wettest. as we go through the next few days, looks dry. the high temperatures today, heading up to 62 degrees in oakland. 60 in san jose and 63 in santa rosa. san francisco, a high of 59 degrees and those winds gusting. so, as you get ready to head out the door in palo alto, heading out to school, the temperatures will be in the upper 40s. a cool start. make sure the kids have a warm coat on. as we go through the day, it's going to be comfortably cool. milder and where we should be. if you are going from palo alto to christmas in the park in san jose later on this evening rksz it is going to cool down quickly. going from 62 degrees by the middle of the afternoon to about 55 degrees at 6:00 this evening. storm track still well to the north of us. once again, we talked about how dry it is going to be over the next few days. spots like seattle may have the
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driest conditions for the month of december, especially for here in the bay area where we normally see a lot more storm systems moving in. high pressure keeps it dry and also warms up our temperature. we are looking at san francisco upper 50s today and upper 60s by the end of the week. the weekend, more clouds moving in. inland areas up to 70 degrees by thursday. i'll have more on that. mike is tracking the changes at the bay bridge. >> good news, change is for the better. look at that. we see one closed light. lane 14 where the deadly crash that destroyed the toll booth over the weekend. look, the rest of the lanes that were closed have reopened. we'll show another angle of the bay bridge and the back up that's there. it looked like a typical pattern. that's great news. folks coming off the 880 from oakland and the nimitz freeway, they are heading into where the one lane is closed.
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yes, one lane makes a difference for folks on that side. this left approach is a little better but it's moving slow as well. look at the maps, the transit agencies are no problems. we are not experiencing delays for the transit agencies or the upper east shore freeway. a crash at the walnut interchange. the rest of the bay is easy. back to you. >> thank you, mike. coming up next on "today in the bay," help for first time home buyers in one community. the lottery system to help people break into the housing market in the bay area. a persistent problem with a washing machine, plus persistent silence from the manufacturer. i'm chris chmura. nbc bay area responds, next. also, on twitter, i'm telling you about a recall there. be sure to join that conversation. it's f-150 pick-up trucks.
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the seat cushions can come loose and fail to hold you in a crash. follow me on twitter. the time is 6:22. you are watching "today in the bay." campbell woman who couldn )t get
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nbc bay area responds to a campbell woman who could not get the help she needed on a recall. >> chris chmura stepped in to help. >> last year, stacy wood bought
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a samsung washer. it started vibrating and making strange noises. after digging around, stacy learned samsung issued a recall for that exact issue with that exact washer. she contacted samsung. it sent a technician out to fix that problem. however, the repair didn't help. stacy says it actually got worse. she even noticed a burning smell. she was nervous about that. she asked samsung for a refund, but she couldn't. she couldn't even get an answer from them, so she reached out to us. we contacted samsung and it issued stacy an $800 refund for her noisy washer. the company apologized and said, we are listening and learning from every customer's experience in order to improve our process. stacy was savvy when her appliance started acting up, she checked for a recall. we should all remember to do this and be sure to register the products you buy as soon as you
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buy them. fill out the card and register your name and address, they can notify you when a recall is announced. you can call us anytime. 888-996-tips or online to new this morning, more than a down payment to buy one of a dozen new homes in livermore. that's because the city is holding a lottery for first-time buyers according to the newspaper there. winners get a chance to buy a house at below market prices. this is part of the affordable home ownership program. priority is given to teachers, firefighters, peace officers. we looked up the average home price of livermore overnight. the average price is more than $757,000. zillow writes the home values have gone up 9% the last year. they predict the prices will rise by 2% within the next year.
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coming up next on "today in the bay," expanding one of the areas biggest universities. adding housing and academic space to stanford. >> reporter: the driver of a box truck hits a booth and kills the attendant. we'll have an update before you head out for the morning commute. you are watching "today in the bay." ♪
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♪ think of your fellow man, ♪ lend him a helping hand, ♪ put a little love in your heart.♪
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♪ you'll see it's getting late, oh please don't hesitate...♪ ♪ put a little love in your heart.♪ ♪ in your heart... ♪ in your heart... ♪ in your heart... ♪ in your heart. (vo) going on now, our subaru share the love event will have donated over one hundred fifteen million dollars to those in need. taking a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza this morning-- right here at 6:30, traffic headache as we look live at the
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bay bridge toll plaza this morning, where one lane is still shut down because of a deadly crash on saturday. thanks so much for joining us on this monday morning. i'm kris sanchez in for laura garcia. >> i'm marcus washington. right now, we want to get to what's going on with the traffic on the bay bridge. you can go to mike inouye right now. mike, it started out tough. >> it was very tough earlier this morning. we had four lanes closed that remain from sunday's road work. looking at the bay, we expected the san mateo bridge to experience a lot more traffic. but, look at that. it looks standard. we are looking at the flow approaching the bay bridge. that is standard as well. in fact, lighter. less than a half hour from highway 4 over to the toll plaza. we take a live look out there. all lanes are filled in. the fast track lanes are moving. a lane on the right side is still closed. the folks off the 880, they are
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the ones headed in. the restriction of one lane will cause additional back ups. that route is tougher. the nimitz does show a smooth drive on the approach. one lane is closed. that's different than earlier when we had four lanes closed. pete suratos is out there. he give us that information when it happened. what does it look like to you out there? >> reporter: good morning to you, mike. it looks like a standard monday morning commute. when we first came on the air, we had four lanes closed as a result of the deadly car accident saturday morning. three lanes reopened roughly around 4:40 a.m. this is a toll plaza camera. you can see this box truck that was involved in the deadly accident speeding in the lanes headed to the toll plaza moments before that crash. according to chp, the driver of the rented box truck hit several cars before hitting and destroying the toll booth.
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the attendant inside was 46-year-old si si han who worked for cal trains more than a decade. the driver could face charges for driving under the influence and vehicular manslaughter. speaking with caltran about the impact this is having on workers. >> this is difficult. when you come to work one day and expect a normal shift and this nightmare unfolds. a lot of them witness it. they are not doing very well right now. they are coping as best they can. this is an awful experience for everyone involved. >> reporter: now, lane 14, that lane that was destroyed will remain closed. no estimated time from caltrans as far as when it will be fixed. live at the bay bridge, pete
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suratos for "today in the bay." we want to check in with kari hall who is tracking wintry, not wintry, but breezy conditions this morning, certainly. >> you have to drive across the bridges this morning. you need to keep a tight grip on the steering wheel. wind advisories but they are in effect for the hills. inland areas from the east bay to the north bay. this is where those winds may reach over 45 miles per hour today. so, that could bring down trees and also have impact. let's look at the wind speed forecast for today. let's take you through 12:30 this afternoon and those winds rushing in from the north and northeast at 25-30 miles per hour. once again, we see the highest gusts for the inland areas where they may be sustained at 25-30 miles per hour as we go through the day. still windy tomorrow as well. as we check out the high temperatures today, cool to start making it to the low 60s for the inland areas.
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today, up to 60 degrees. i'll talk about what else is ahead looking at the weekend, that's coming up in about six minutes. >> thank you very much, kari. 6:34 right now. today, a judge is expected to decide whether there is enough evidence to send two men to trial in connection with the ghost ship fire in oakland. the preliminary hearings are scheduled to begin today for derick on the left and max on the right. they are facing involuntary manslaughter for the 36 people killed. they have pled not guilty. saturday marked one year since the fire. accused of pushing a bart train operator. this happened early sunday at the dublin station. the altercation happened because the man refused to leave the train. police arrested him on suspicion of public intoxication. an explosive device was
6:35 am
found in this oakland mailbox. saturday, a postal carrier discovered that device at the corner of stanford and san pablo avenue. the bomb squad showed up and detonated that device. no one was injured. you might remember, we reported an explosive device on black friday. they are looking at both incidents. >> we are not speculating or making connections at this time. we have postal inspectors working those investigations. >> evidence was collected at both of those incidents to determine exactly what kind of explosive devices were used. 6:35. in new york's metropolitan opera is investigating the long-time conductor. he's been suspended in connection to a sexual allegation. they are investigates details behind a report filed last year accusing the 74-year-olds of abusing a teenage boy.
6:36 am
they report at least three men came forward with accusations he assaulted them decades ago when they were teenagers. a critic believes the met may have known of the accusations for months. was the metropolitan opera invested in protecting him? that is the question being investigated. they have known about the allegations for at least a year. they are only investigating them now that they have gone public. >> he was the mets long-time music director until last year. he conducted the orchestra more than four decades. according to the times, some of the accusations stretch become nearly 50 years. happening today, a program designed to take a bite out of hundreds of false alarms police have to respond to. homeowners will be advised to register their home security alarm for $25 per year. you can choose not to register. the fees will be higher if you don't. for example, the first false
6:37 am
alarm is free for enrollees. the university wants to add thousands of new housing units and 3 million square feet of academic square space by the year 2035. the still council will look at the expansion's environmental report. the santa clara county of education is being honored by the school board association with a golden bell award. it was given to the education office's ticket program which stands for science, technology, arts and math. it was designed as a yearlong innovative practice model to help in the classroom. the idea is to teach them prakt >> calle skills. we have breaking news out of
6:38 am
eagle avenue near park street. sky ranger is over the scene of what is a house fire this morning. we don't know if there are reports of injury. you can see there, from the picture on your screen, there are plenty of emergency personnel there responding. again, this is happening in alameda this morning. we are going to track it for you and if there's traffic disruption or news of the story, we will bring it to you as soon as we can. >> do you have a mike? >> i have you. thanks, marcus. if this affects roadways, we will make sure folks know about that. we are showing the feeder route toward the bay bridge. we are were concerned about the routes getting backed up as they were saturday when we had a number of lanes closed. this morning, it is only the lane destroyed by the crash. lane 14 is closed. that is good news. the flow of traffic to and
6:39 am
through the bay bridge toll plaza is smooth right now. the east shore freeway from highway 4 to the toll plaza is still under a half hour. that is great for this time of morning. on the right, see where you come in out of concord and walnut creek. 24 slows you down a bit toward main street. a smooth drive past that interchange. here is the rest of the bay. at the bottom of the screen, a little build for northbound 85 coming through los gatos and saratoga. a quick look at the bridge. i wanted to show folks west is showing a slower drive, typical this morning. it is a concern if they are going to avoid the bay bridge. you can head to the bridge. most of the lanes are open. the one that is closed will affect folks off the nimitz. >> okay. thank you, mike. kari's first day back and she is thinking about the weekend. >> why not. monday, we are making plans. a lot of things to do around the
6:40 am
area this time of year, checking out the holiday lights and trying to get those decorations up. as we look at the temperatures for the weekend, on saturday, some low to mid-60s, upper 60s for the inland areas. more clouds. it will be warmer than what we will feel today. 62 degrees for the coast on sunday. inland areas, up to 65. the bay, 63 degrees. checking out the forecast for monterey, a nice beach weekend. low 70s. how about that? 72 degrees on saturday and sunday, 71 degrees. if you are going to napa valley, low to mid-60s. clou clouds rolling in by the weekends. it looks nice and dry. let me know where you are going this weekend on twitter. follow me, let me know if you are going out of town or planning to head to holiday festivities and i'll give you a personalized forecast. another look at today's temperature trend coming up in three minutes. >> thank you, kari. next on "today in the bay," bracing for a strike.
6:41 am
the steps oakland city leaders are taking to prevent that strike that could impact every city owned facility. >> the white house, this morning, struggling to explain something that was on the twitter of president trump. did he admit to obstruction? >> the stock market, you like to see that grown. the dow up 221 points. the dow opens more than 200 points higher as wall street cheers the senate passing the tax bill. you are watching "today in the bay."
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good monday morning. 6:44, a windy and cool morning. a live look outside in san jose. christmas in the park lit up. it will be a nice day to go out for that. as we check out the temperature trend, 40s for much of the morning, making it to the low 60s today. a nice, cold start. the winds staying breezy. talk about the winds and where we may have flooding. that's coming up in five minutes. we just saw a big change in the top number there. we have 45 minutes from highway 4 to the bay bridge. just the volume of traffic. the lanes, most of them are open now. that is slowing them down to the span. westbound 80, the bay bridge moves smoothly toward san francisco. richmond bridge as well as san mateo is moving well. >> thanks, mike and kari.
6:45 am
oakland is bracing for a city strike. this comes after nearly every city facility could be closed starting tomorrow. oakland and the unions have been in labor talks for seven months. both sides meet to try to meet an agreement. new this morning, a show of force on the korean peninsula. the u.s. and south korea launched hundreds of aircraft overnight. it's a training exercise that comes a week after north korea test fired the most powerful missile, ever. north korea state media says the joint drill pushes all sides to the brink of nuclear war. 6:45. the white house is trying to undo the damage caused by a presidential tweet. >> a tweet that says the president obstructed justice. >> president trump has been tweeting about all kind of things trying to walk back this. a tweet from saturday.
6:46 am
the important sentence is the very first one. i had to fire general flynn because he lied to the vice president and the fbi. the problem here is the time line. the president now says he fired flynn because he lied to the fbi. that firing was february 13th. then on february 14th, the fbi director, james comey says trump asked him to go easy on flynn. i hope you can let it go, the president reportedly said. trump denies that conversation ever took place. it's his word against the then director of the fbi. the white house now says trump never wrote that tweet you just saw. his lawyer did. now, why his lawyer would take over the president trump's twitter to write a tweet that implicates his own client is hazy to us this morning. the president supporting roy moore, the man accused of sexual conduct running for senate. trump says we need roy moore to
6:47 am
win alabama. moore tweeted back, thankful for president trump's support. that special election is a week from tomorrow. several polls indicate moore may win. meanwhile, president trump will head to utah this morning to announce he's reducing the size of a national monument there. really, he's pushing long-time utah senator, orin hatch to run. that would prevent mitt romney from running for the spot. romney called trump a phony and fraud. orin hatch has been supportive of the president. utah has a tense relationship with trump. it's conservative but not conservative the way other red states are. the lds church through their newspaper asked trump to step down as a candidate after the "access hollywood" tape. we'll see what kind of reception he gets today. we examine his tweets and special orders on "today in the
6:48 am
bay." you can contact me on twitter. >> thanks so much for that. did you see it? >> ooh! >> the moon was gigantic last night. take a look at that. ooh, beautiful there. supermoon seen across the country. it's when the full moon coincides to the closest orbit to earth. pictures can be seen from around the world. >> so beautiful. >> they are all real. >> they are real. >> the moon's greatest was around 12:45 this morning. if you want to see more, head over to facebook. >> i see it looking like that, but my pictures don't look like that. >> the angle. >> that pull of the moon increases the tides in the area. we have king tides going on and it may cause flooding along the coast. in san francisco, all clear. we were able to see that moon
6:49 am
earlier this morning. as the sunrises now, look at the golden gate bridge, a beautiful start to this monday morning. i'm going to keep a close eye on spots like ocean beach and great highway. this will be much closer to the water because of the king tides. the tides come up at about 10:00 this morning. so, we have about three hours before we reach the highest tide and we call it king tide because we have these big fluctuations between high and low tide and we'll do it all over again tomorrow with some of those waves coming up to almost seven feet for tomorrow. but, highest today. the high temperatures coming up to 60 degrees this afternoon for palo alto, san jose and livermore. oakland, 62 degrees and 59 degrees in san francisco. low 60s for the north bay. here is a live look outside in san jose. all clear this morning as you get ready to head out. it's windy and cold. grab a hat, like a beanie.
6:50 am
anything else may fly away with the high wind gusts. also, a nice, warm coat. later today, as we warm up, a good day for long sleeves and pants. also, cool temperatures, again, later on tonight into tomorrow. heading out the door for school this morning in san jose, get the kids ready. it's going to be in the mid-40s. as we go through the day, a light jacket needed. dry all week long. the storm track, really far to the north. all the way up to canada. even for us and parts of the pacific northwest, this high pressure keeps us very dry, unusual for this time of year as we start to see a lot more rain. if you have noticed, it's my first day back from vacation. aloha! spent part of my time off in hawaii. you can see my pictures on facebook. as we update the forecast, cool to start and warming up as we go through the week. still, staying dry. we'll talk about this and mike
6:51 am
tracking the dhachanges at the bridge. >> we look at the shot and the back up is forming for most lanes. look, the left approach is starting to lighten up. what's going on is we had all but one lane reopen this morning off to the right approach where the deadly crash happened early saturday morning. lane 14. the toll booth that was destroyed where the person was killed there. that is still closed. that affects folks off the 880. that is the issue off the nimitz. the rest of the approach is looking lighter. i think a lot of folks intended to avoid that toll plaza. the rest of the bay, i expected more traffic across the san mateo bridge. we'll talk about that in a second. i wanted to point out in the south bay, over the last ten minutes, we have seen 101, 87 and 85 start to show that build. the south bay is starting right on queue. it does look at the speed sensors, they are lighter than we often see on a monday. a crash, 880 toward whipple road
6:52 am
may be affecting traffic. it should be off to the shoulder any second and cause more slowing. that will be the only real effect. right now, i'm not seeing a lot of traffic coming down from the bay bridge. all but one lane is open this morning. if you want to avoid driving, take transit and part from the roadways under the water. no delay there. a smooth drive and no delays for ac transit because the majority of the lanes are open. back to you. >> thank you very much. coming up next, a quick look at the top stories on "today in the bay," including issues with declining enrollment in schools in the south bay. the plan that could involve several schools closing. the salespeopupreme court cr from the colorado baker who refuses to make cakes for same-sex marriages. plus, ten people were
6:53 am
arrested in connection with the murder of a journalist in malta. she was killed in a car bombing in october. she had led the investigation into the panama papers and alleged corruption in malta. we are back in two minutes with more news. welcome back.
6:54 am
6:55 am
before you head out the door, here are the top stories on today in the bay-- 6:55. welcome back. before you head out the door, here are the top stories.
6:56 am
>> we continue to monitor breaking news where sky ranger is live over a house fire in alameda. you can see the scene there. the flames are gone. the smoke appeared to be under control. this happened on eagle avenue near park street and tilden way. if you look at the screen, you can see how close it was to other homes and the risk there. pete suratos is on the way to the scene as we speak and we'll bring a live report from the ground during the "today" show at 7:25. taking a live look at the bay bridge now, it is the first weekday morning commute since that deadly crash on saturday. all news this morning -- all new this morning, three out of four lanes are reopen. that means just one lane is closed. that happened around 5:00 this morning. that one lane remains closed because a toll booth there was completely destroyed and you can see from the images, it is no surprise. the woman working in that toll booth died when police say a box truck sped up and crashed.
6:57 am
the driver is seriously hurt and in the hospital, but could face dui and manslaughter charges. scary moments for a flight crew traveling from san francisco to hong kong say they saw north korea's newest missile upon re-entree. the flight was not impacted and there are no plans to change routes right now. the company says they will stay alert and make changes, if needed. a live look now at ber nell intermediate school. it's where talks are going to take place over closing several schools in san jose because of declining enrollment. we have been talking about that. this is the oak grove district. we first told you of the issues in september. in the oak grove district, 3-5 schools could close as the school deals with declining enrollment. it has to do with the housing picture as well. if you want to weigh in, you can
6:58 am
give your input there. there's a meeting happening later on today at the intermediate at 5:30. you can see it on our website at a candlelight memorial for kate steinle has been removed from pier 14. it was set up after the not guilty verdict was led. according to the examiner, steinle's family asked for the memorial to be removed saturday. transit leaders in san francisco are looking into taking private vehicles off market street. according to the examiner, a concrete plan is under way. leaders are looking at allowing taxis and emergency vehicles. an environmental review should be out in the next year or so. city workers will start surveying merchants to see how to make those changes. get ready for the king tides. we were admiring the supermoon,
6:59 am
but this is what happened on the ground. the moon was the closest in orbit, which causes a stronger, gravitational pull. the high tides are expected to be the worst this morning and tomorrow morning. be careful on the roadway. looking at all of that, we see that around here. >> spots like ocean beach and san francisco. the immediate coastline may have flooding. we are going to talk about some of the roads. >> we were focused on the bay bridge toll plaza. let's get a look. the news this morning, lane 14 is closed. that's because of the tragedy saturday. the toll worker was killed and the booth destroyed. they can't reopen that one. everything else is open. east shore freeway is jammed, of course. >> which is normal. >> yeah. >> it's going to be breezy and also quite windy today. our temperatures reaching into the upper 50s in san francisco, upper 60s by the end of the week. >> that is what's happening
7:00 am
"today in the bay." we will be back with you at 7:25 with more live, local news. >> don't forget to join us at 11:00. it's monday. good morning. . good morning. obstruction of justice? a top democrat suggesting the russia probe could lead to serious charges against president trump as billy bush writes a stinging op ed taking on the president's recorded claims that the tape was a fake. war games. overnight the u.s. and south korea launched their largest ever joint air force drill. north korea warning the exercises push the region to the brifrpg of nuclear war. we're live at the very latest. mega merger. cvs agrees to buy aetna a massive $65 million deal that


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