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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  December 5, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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the fires in southern california continue to rage out right now at 11:00, more danger on the front lines. the fires in southern california continue to rage out of control, rekindling painful memories of the north bay fires. we're live in ventura county with this breaking news. good evening and thanks for being with us. i'm raj mathai. >> and i'm jessica aguirre. i want to give you a live look from our nbc chopper. you can see that massive and menacing orange glow way there in the hills. firefighters have been working
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along the front line foss more than 24 hours now, saving what they can and making little headway. after a full day, a full force battle, zero containment in the thomas fire. worse, we learned the flames have jumped 101 at solimar beach. the fire has charged 50,000 acres. >> you see the flames and all the cars leaving the danger spots. southern california is dealing with three primary fire, much like what we dealt with two months ago, all fueled by windy and dry conditions. the thomas fire, creek fire, and rye fire. more than 30,000 people have been evacuated. nbc bay area's jodi hernandez joins us in ventura county. jodi, these first 48 hours are critical. what are you seeing around you now? >> raj, what we're seeing are a ton of flames. take a look for yourself. we're in a community called casita springs right off of highway 33. as you can see, the hillsides all over this area are ablaze
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tonight, and firefighters are doing all they can to make sure the flames don't consume even more homes. the wind-fueled thomas fire continues to spread in ventura county. leaving entire neighborhoods aglow, and the people who live there on edge. many are choosing not to evacuate. instead, they're doing what they can to protect their homes. >> i know there is a bunch of instructions that have already been burned. ventura is totally burnt up. i hope we're not part of the statistic. >> you know what? we'll just fight it. and if it gets ugly, i've got my car in the driveway, packed up, ready to go. >> one house everyone is watching, the former home of johnny cash. the community of casita springs' claim to fame. >> it means a lot to me. and i think it means a lot to the community too. >> chip hickman owns the iconic home. he bought 12 years ago. tonight he is helping fire crews
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as they hold the line around what's literally a ring of fire. >> obviously, it's the winds. it's all dependent on the weather. so if the winds pick up, then all bets are off. >> make sure this house doesn't burn down. and keep any surrounding structures safe. >> reporter: oakland and hayward fire crews are stationed at the johnny cash house tonight. they're happy to be helping out. >> it's nice to come back, to come down here and kind of pay them back for coming up north and helping with the fires that we just had up north. >> reporter: and we are back here live where you're looking at the flames on one of the many hillsides here. there are a lot of homes at the base of this hillside, and you can bet it is going to be a long and very stressful night for the folks who live in this area. now uthere are 1100 firefighters on the fire line, including many from the bay area. you heard from one of those firefighters from oakland tonight. we've run into firefighters from
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oakland, hayward, fremont there. they're all out here in force, doing all they can to help the situation. reporting live in ventura county, i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> okay, thank you, jodi. you can see all the ash flying behind you. let's bring in chief meteorologist jeff ranieri who is tracking the fires. what are we thinking, jeff, in terms of a break from the wind and when they can see some relief to battle this? >> i think it will really happen once we hit saturday and sunday's forecast. that's what firefighters are banking on in terms of making some major headway. up until then, we're going to be seeing these gusty winds. so we're focusing in on the three largest fires here in southern california. you the creek fire. at least 11,000 acres burned. that's near san fernando and also interstate 210. you the rye fire. the less 5,000 acres near santa clarita impacting interstate 5. then you have the thomas fire. largest one here where jodi hernandez was reporting at 50,000 acres. i want to show you how massive this spread of this fire is.
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less than 48 hours ago, it started near santa paula. it spread fast down to ventura. and now it's approaching ojai. we have storm ranger there. it's locating the smoke plumes. the thickest plumes from santa paula to fillmore and also right there near ojai. in terms of a forecast, a fire warning until friday. winds generally 25 to 30 miles per hour. but we still could see gusts, 40 to 60. and again this weekend some calmer winds do return. of course some conditions and the things that all of the families are going through. eerily similar to what we experienced a few weeks back. terry mcsweeney is in santa rosa with more. terry, it's a sickening feeling seeing this after what we just went through. >> reporter: it really is. i sat down and watched our 6:00 newscast with some fire victims. up there on the screen, we saw the enormous flames. we saw the incinerated homes. we saw the panic. for the manning family of santa rosa, memories.
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>> unfortunately, a couple of months later we were in the same conditions. >> i feel really horrible. i woke up this morning and heard the news and was just, you know, my heart sunk again. it just felt like it was happening again. >> reporter: for natalie and alexander manning, these pictures of tragedy from hundreds of miles away are suddenly so close to home. >> you hope it's not as bad. but you know that those individual people who lose their homes, it's just as bad. >> spread so fast last night. >> reporter: the mannings know the uncertain road to recovery the new victims are forced to travel. >> it's almost like it's on replay, just seeing this on tv. i never think i'd see something like this again. >> this is what's driving that fire. >> reporter: craig clemmons, director of the fire research lab at san jose state sees striking similarities between the diablo winds up north and the santa ana winds to the north. >> they are associated with high pressure and low pressure off the coast and very strong winds accelerating through the mountains and the mountain
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canyons and such. >> reporter: natalie manning's advice to the new victims? >> just be strong and me that there is going to be better times. and there is also going to be some crappy times. >> reporter: in santa rosa, terry mcsweeney, nbc bay area news. >> difficult for so many people watching this unfold. now it really is a team effort. we mentioned the 1100 fire crews on the front lines. many of them from the bay area. a little payback from the help we received two months ago. teams from oakland, marin, san francisco, palo alto, and san jose among them. let's give you another live look at that fire. it is still menacing. and as you heard jeff say, the relief is going to come days from now. lots of firefighters on the front lines. we hope to see better outcome tomorrow morning. nbc bay area will stay on top of this. we'll bring you the latest from southern california and updates throughout this newscast as well. and we invite you to follow jodi hernandez on facebook and twitter. she is live there at the fire zone. she has been posting video and pictures since she arrived in
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ventura county. jodi's twitter handle is @jodihernandeztv. a new twist to the kate steinle murder case. the undocumented immigrant acquitted of killing steinle is now facing federal charges. this is at the urging of the trump administration. this is part of our breaking news during our 6:00 newscast. today josi nes garcia zarate was indicted on two federal gun charges. the jury found him not guilty last week of murder and manslaughter charges. also today, san francisco's district attorney george gascon speaking about the verdict for the first time on camera. he says he is responsible for any failure in this case. >> this is not the verdict that we were expecting. >> why do you think it came out the way it did? >> i couldn't tell you. i don't know. i don't know what 12 people did inside the room when they were talking to one another, nor would it be appropriate for me to guess as to what they were saying.
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>> reporter: so here is the new part of all this. as for these two new federal charges, each charge carries a maximum of ten years in prison. new video tonight of palestinians protesting in bethlehem. the demonstration ahead of a highly anticipated announcement by president trump. tomorrow the president is expected to recognize jerusalem as israel's capital. and instruct the state department to begin the process of moving the u.s. kbaembassy f tel aviv to the holy city. both israelis and palestinians claim jerusalem as their capital. middle east experts warn it will strain any hope of peace in the middle east. john conyers, the longest serving house member today became the first congressman to leave during the latest wave of sexual misconduct allegations. the 88-year-old michigan congressman denies all accusations. conyers was elected 53 years ago, and he co-sponsored the landmark 1965 voting rights act
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and was a co-founder of the congressional black caucus. in recent weeks, though, several women have come forward accusing him of sexual harassment. congressman conyers is endorsing his son john conyers iii to take his place, even though he has never run for public office. new at 11:00, sexual misconduct scandals across the country and here in the bay area. tonight, students at san jose state are celebrating a professor's resignation. this is the story we first exposed last year. dr. luis abtikar was accused in 2017 but only stepped down this semester. tonight students are pushing for more change on campus. here is nbc area's ian cull. >> reporter: tonight about 50 students celebrate the end of a chapter, a semester where they petitioned to oust a professor accused of sexual harassment. >> because we took action, he did resign and he is not coming back. that's one professor we don't have to be worried about in the
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classroom. >> reporter: the man in question is counseling education professor louis apticar. an investigation concluded he sexually harassed a student when he asked multiple times if she was single and wanted to date him. he later filed a claim against the university saying they had violated his right to due process. he received $75,000 in a settlement in exchange for resigning. the students tonight say they're here to support victims. >> with the news we've also seen that it's happening in other universities. so we want to kind of bring more of the universities together and the student union. >> reporter: professor jason laker works in the same department as apticar did. tonight he showed up a shirt saying do not sexually or racially harass the students. >> frankly, i ordered the shirt and had every department of wearing it at the department meetings and let him look at it until he was gone. >> reporter: the students want more harassment training for faculty. in a statement, they say all
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employees already complete a two and a half hour sexual harassment training every year. we left a message with apticar's attorney, but it was late in the day and we have not heard back from her. ian cull, nbc bay area news. a freeze warning in effect. and already down to a cold 37 in napa. how low it goes tomorrow morning. your full forecast, 11:19. i feel if it was my grandma, i would want someone to do it for her. >> hailed as a hero. the fast moves this young man made to save an elderly woman from that fire. and here is a question on lots of people's minds. how steph curry's ankle? hear from the warriors star himself after learning he'll be on the bench for at least two weeks. southern california.
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a live look from the air... this is in ventura county. >> back to our breaking news now out of southern california. a raging inferno continues to
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burn. three separate fires in southern california, the largest the thomas fire. more than 50,000 acres charred so far. more than 27,000 people evacuated from their homes. firefighters battling this tonight, gaining very little headway with zero containment. and tonight may bring even more serious conditions tomorrow. we'll continue to keep an eye on ventura county for you. well, here back at home they're not stopping until they get what they want. tomorrow day two of the oakland city employee strike. all city buildings and facilities will be closed to the public tomorrow. today more than 3,000 city workers from librarians to maintenance staff on strike. demands include a salary increase over the next two years, and safer working conditions. mayor libby schaaf says the strike is illegal because they didn't reach an impasse. striking union leaders disagree and say they've been working without a contract for seven months now. not just the right place at the right time, a vallejo man is being called a hero for his
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bravery. >> he broke down a stranger's door as fire approached and saved a 94-year-old woman. nbc bay area's jean elle has more. >> kind of just wanted to hop out and make sure everything was good before i kind of kept going. >> reporter: william mackenzie saw this fire on his way to work in vallejo this morning and pulled over. >> first thing i asked when i got out of the car, i said is there anybody in the house. >> reporter: neighbors told him an elderly woman lived there alone but wasn't answering the door. as her garage burned and flames raced towards her house, the 25-year-old tried the door. >> i started knocking harder and faster. and i got to the point where this fire is going to get out of hand quick. it's either i'm not going to get in here or i'm going to get in here now. >> reporter: mackenzie broke that door down. and when he called, a 94-year-old woman answered from upstairs. mackenzie believes she was trying to fight the fire. her hair was singed. he told her it was time to go. >> a cracking, popping, falling. and you can hear a ruckus coming
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from the back of the house. it was definitely warm and heating up fast. >> reporter: he helped her down the stairs to safety. firefighters say his heroic efforts likely saved her life. he says he was just doing the right thing. >> look at it from a different point of view. if it was my grandma, i would want someone to do it for her. >> reporter: saving lives runs in the family. mackenzie's uncle is a retired vallejo firefighter. jean elle, nbc bay area news. okay. just a casual stroll by an unexpected visitor. take a good look at that. see what it is? it's at a home at portola valley over the weekend. mike stern posted this to youtube. it's a "monemountain lion walki around his yard. this is alpine road and 280 where it's common to see mountain lions roaming. >> oh, my gosh. >> that's a big cat right there. good kitty. >> those security cameras. >> jeff ranieri is here. talk about our forecast. but also so similar what we're seeing that we saw here two months ago playing out right now
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in southern california. >> and in december. >> yeah. very dry winds. it's all due to the area of high pressure that's producing our clear and milder weather here across the bay area. we'll go ahead and get a closer look right now at our forecast. and then we will get you into the fire conditions there is a freeze warning in effect until 9:00 a.m. that's for the north bay as temperatures will drop down here into the 30s with possibly some isolated 20s. in terms of the forecast, i think overall the south bay is going to average 37 degrees under sunny skies. and we'll go down to 32 here for the tri-valley. so jacket weather no matter where you are in the bay area as you get going on that wednesday morning. coldest right here across the north bay with an average of 31 degrees. heater is going to be coming on throughout tonight. may need that extra blanket. and certainly dress in layers tomorrow in marin, napa and sonoma counties. san francisco even chilly for your standards at 43 degrees. now despite the fact that it is this cold to start, we're going to see a good amount of warming
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as we head into tomorrow's forecast. let's get a look here. down in the south bay, we're going up close to 70 in gilroy. downtown san jose 67. in milpitas at 62. not too gusty here. relatively light winds throughout the bay area for tomorrow with the sunny skies continuing. 63 in livermore. 62346 pleasanton. and 62 over towards oakland. let's get you towards the peninsula. 62346 palo alto. and up towards san mateo, just a shade cooler here at 64. san francisco, we have winds out of the northeast at 8 miles per hour. 62 along the embarcadero and continued sunny skies for the north bay and 67 in napa. so by all accounts, a beautiful day for tomorrow. but we'd like rainfall here. it is december after all. but there is no way we're going get a chance of rainfall the next seven days. and that is the main reason why. high pressure sitting out in the pacific is taking every single bit of rainfall. i mean every single drop. and it's pushing it right up into alaska. so that's why our trend, also down to southern california, is
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going to stay dry over the next seven to possibly 14 days. extended forecast shows just that. dry weather right through next tuesday. morning lows in san francisco in the 40s. afternoon highs in the mid to high 60s. for the inland valleys, cold 30s right through friday morning. and then we'll see afternoon highs in the mid- to upper 60s. again, dry, maybe for the next 14 days. in terms of southern california and our wildfires, we're tracking three larger ones. we have full coverage of the thomas fire is the biggest one. note wind gusts could be up to 40 to 60 miles per hour wednesday, thursday, and friday. by this weekend, that's when firefighters are hoping to gain some headway on these firefighters at this point. >> it's going to be a tough week ahead. thank you, jeff. well, coming up at 11:00, stealing christmas. inside the technology that cyberscalpers, yes, cyberscalpers are using to scoop up the season's hottest toys.
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and we have jimmy. >> hey, guys, we're playing vr picture with kate mckinnon, pat and oswalt. music with khalifa. stay tuned. it's great. s. today -- city supervisors and happening now on our twitter feed, delivery robots in san francisco can now roam the sidewalks. today city supervisors approved a permitting system, a maximum of nine robots may be allowed at any time in san francisco. they can't go more than three miles per hour. we'll see them on the sidewalks soon. we're back in a moment. rainy season is here. you don )t want leaky windows. one south bay man is fighting for repairs - and warning the rest of us. plus: wildfires rip through southern california, the new overnight images. on )today in the bay ) - tomorw -
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dollars to those in need. )this will be another long nigt along the fire lines... i want to show you more live pictures now from ventura county. our nbc chopper overhead. you can see the topography there. a lot of canyon, mountainsides, and into the valleys. this will be another long night into the fire lines. hardly any containment. we're talking three fires totalling 110 square miles. the silver lining in all of this, they did issue the countywide alert system. so most people were given enough notice to evacuate. we're also posting updated video and images on our website, calling it an attack on the integrity of the ioc is coming down on russia. the russian olympic team will not be allowed to compete in the upcoming winter games. the committee charges more than 30,000 athletes conspired to
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conceal positive test results. if the russian athletes can prove that they're clean, they will be allowed to compete, but only as independent athletes under the olympic flag. among those reacting to the ioc's decision, bay area olympic figure skater paulina edmunds whose family is from russia. >> it comes down to hard work and luck to be able to have that timing every four years and to be selected for the team. so i think that clean athletes should be able to go to the games and compete under a neutral status. >> some russian athletes are saying they will appeal today's decision. well, just in time for the holidays, cyberscalpers. the so-called grinch bots are using automated programs called bots to scoop up toys, and then reselling them at sky-high prices. fingerlings, normally around 15 bucks is selling for $100 on amazon and a thousand on ebay. consumer groups are demanding action. >> we're calling on retailers to block the bots.
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>> it puts a big damper on the holiday. >> the national retail federation says it supports efforts to take away the tools being used against innocent consumers. a big night for steph curry. we're not just talking about his ankle, but where he showed up with mom and dad tonight. we'll show you next.
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star of the game tonight. okay. so the warriors did have the night off. but steph curry still the star of the game tonight. even with a sprained ankle, he showed up at his alma mater. >> when he shows up, it's a big deal. curry back in his hometown of charlotte making the rounds with his crutches. curry along with his mom and dad and sister at the davidson college basketball game. that's where he went. the curries sitting courtside there with the boot. he'll be out of the lineup for at least two weeks. that was the skinny today with the sprained ankle. but he seemed to be in good spirits. >> i'm optimistic. obviously best case scenario. so hopefully it won't be too long. get back 100% as soon as possible. thankfully and hopefully this will be the only one i have to deal with all year. better now than later. >> that's what all warriors fans are hoping for. best case scenario he is back for the big christmas day game against the cavaliers. i think he is going to be out for the whole month. as for this week, the warriors play the charlotte hornets tomorrow night.
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well, another honor for former 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick. beyonce introduced kaepernick tonight and awarded him the "sports illustrated" muhammed ali legacy award in brooklyn. kaepernick vowed he would continue to fight racial injustice in america whether or not he returns to the nfl. >> they look pretty good there. up next, more from the fire lines in ventura county and our local contestant on "the voice." stay with us. an update on the three major
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wildfires burning in southern california. these are live pictures of the largest and most destuctive, before we go, i want to update you on the three major wildfires burning in southern california. the largest and most destruct sieve the thomas fire in ventura county. more than 50,000 acres burned. 150 structures down. fire crews have a long haul ahead of them. the fire at this point zero percent containment. well, finally tonight, our local star is one big step closer to a big win. >> noah is in the top eight! >> he did it! noah mack has advanced to the elite eight is what we'll call it from dublin high school.
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tonight he advanced to the top eight on "the voice." you can catch noah again next monday for another elimination round right here on nbc bay area. so he is getting there. he is getting close. >> he's got "the voice" and then he's got the hair. >> he's got the best hair in the business. >> i think you get extra points for that. >> i feel like he is going to do it. he is going to make it. >> we're going to be watching and have another viewing party. every monday. thanks for joining us at 11:00. we hope to see you back here tomorrow. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- kate mckinnon, patton oswalt,


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