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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  December 6, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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first ever ribeye burger. jack: made with 100% ribeye beef, grilled onions, a red wine glaze and creamy havarti cheese. jack: ahh, here comes the competition now. jack: and of course, since they work for my competitors, i've obscured their identities jack: except for this guy. jack: he is so screwed. jack: try my new havarti & grilled onion and all-american ribeye burgers. southern california, and right now at 11:00, wind worries. the winds and testifying in southern california, and so the fire fight. dramatic new video of the flames tearing across the hillside as more people are forced from their home. good evening and thanks for being with us tonight i'm jessica aguirre. >> i'm raj mathai. ominous news from the fire lines. the next 48 hours could be more damaging than the past 48 hours. we'll start you with our nbc
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chopper in ventura county. this is a live look now in santa paula. the flash point of the thomas fire. here's the information we just learned in the past hour, neighborhoods in santa barbara county have been given voluntary evacuation hours. winds could be reaching more than 80 miles per hour. also tonight evacuations in the exclusive bell air community, including homes owned by celebrities. >> jody hernandez is in the midst of the fire. i know you're in ojai, what's the situation tonight and the biggest concern? >> reporter: jessica,'re standing in a neighborhood in ojai that is underthreat tonight. you can see the hillside are under threat. if the wind kicks up as expected, folks could be in for a lot of trouble. we hiked clear up to the fire
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line tonight, quickly deciding to turn around when we realized we may be too close. waves of flames roared over the hillside, making their way toward the town of ojai in ventura county. the warm glow of orange lighting up the sky, but sending chills-to-through those who live nearby. >> i'm scared, ya. >> debbie and her brother watch from the front yard of the home they grew up in. it's all decked out for christmas and they hope they don't lose it. >> i hope to be here tomorrow. >> reporter: in town, the flames are visible from the downtown super market. >> it's scary. i've never seen it this close before ever. >> reporter: as many leave their homes to safer grounds, others are doing what they can to protect their property.
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>> we're watering our roof and everywhere around the property. >> reporter: debbie and her pro brother are staying put for now. >> i'll wait until it crests the hill and then i'll get out of here. >> reporter: we are back here live as can you see why people are so concerned. these hillsides are incredibly close to a highly pope lated area. we're standing right here in a neighborhood below. the winds again are expected to pick up overnight and into tomorrow. people here are extremely worried. reporting live in ojai, i'm jody hernandez. take you now 90 miles south of where jody is. we want to show you video of one of the most exclusive enclafs in the country. this is right in bell-air. many multimillion dollar homes
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have been damaged or are in the path of the fire. look at this, a video that went viral. a driver shot this on the 405 on his way into work this morning. those are flames. the mountainside engulfed with fire. >> the goal this evening is to keep the fire in the box that it's been in since this afternoon. we're attempting to prevent the fire jumping west of the 405 and preventing it from going east as well. they were referring to to the los angeles county fire. where it's the scurba or thomas, it's another long night for fire crews. let's bring in meteorologist jeff ranieri. we're talking winds up to 80 miles per hour, is that something we expect to see? >> those readings would be be
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isolated. it's going to be in the hills. i think generally it'll be less along the valley floor in los angeles, but nonetheless, an extreme fire danger fp dry santa ana winds already picking up to 34 miles per hour in malibu. you have four primary fires, scurba, the creek fire, the rye fire and the largest, again the thomas fire at 90,000 acres. the biggest thing is the wind. tomorrow gusts 20 to 40 miles per hour. possibly 60 plus in the hills. not much changed by thursday night or friday morning. generally the same, so a tough two days ahead. by saturday morning it'll remain breezy but look like relief coming our way. i'll talk about the burn index that the firefighter are concerned about and show you the
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levels they've never reached before at 11:19 tonight. >> another look over ventura county. this is an area that's going to be closely watched this evening and throughout the next two days. you can stay with us for continuing coverage over southern california. we're posting updates on our facebook and twitter feeds. you can check out jody hernandez tv. >> also new at 11:00, a troubling crime behind the scenes. police say this man is facing charges over what he allegedly did to two minors at a production last week. ian cull joins us. several dance studios involved here, what are the details? >> reporter: it was an outside production company putting on the production here. police say the man should have been back in the lighting booth
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but was instead caught in the young performers' changing area. a poster promoting the south valley dance art production of the nutcracker hangs on the door of the arts center. police say it was here last friday that 36-year-old kevin coal was caught touching two juvenile dancers backstage as they changed costumes. he was arrested soon after. police say he may have been hired to work with other dance companies. including michelle moyier's where she said someone else was brought on to work the lights only. >> i had parents everywhere. >> we reached out to the other companies after hours tonight and did not hear back. >> i hear back for south valley dance theoretatre and their pro. all of us in the arts work hard.
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it's unfortunate an event like this happen. >> reporter: police say he was booked on multiple counts of annoying or harassing a minor. they're asking if there are any other victims please contact them. new details of a car jacking and police shooting in san francisco. sources tell north bay bay area the suspect was not armed. it happened in a bay view nair neighborhood. police officers shot and killed a man suspected of stealing and van and injuring the person driving it. tonight sfpd is looking for these two pit bulls. officers say they attacked a woman and her dogs. jean elle joins us in san francisco with the very latest. >> reporter: police believe the man who own it is dogs saw the attack and took off. people who live in the outer
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mission where it happened said they won't feel safe until the dogs are off the streets. >> we heard a woman screaming at the top of her lungs. they heard the woman creaming as the pit bulls attacked. >> it was amazing how big they were. >> reporter: joey's owner was too shaken to talk on camera. but she said the dogs knocked her down, got ahold of joey. >> we had to clobber the thing with the shovel and then the pit bullet go of the thing. i hit him hard. >> reporter: joey didn't survive. police believe the owner of the dogs witnessed the attack and took off. investigators are releasing pictures of the dogs hoping someone will tell them who he
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is. joey's owner has posted warning signs. >> the neighborhood isn't safe for anything. them dogs are trained to do one thing. >> if it wasn't a dog, it would have been a child or one of us in that situation. i felt bad for the lady. it just happened so quick. >> reporter: those witnesses say they did chase the dogs into the neighborhood but quickly lost them. the dogs haven't been seen since. reporting live in san francisco jean elle nbc bay area news. recounting how the warehouse inferno unfolded. tomorrow the preliminary hearing starts for the two men. a man said he jumped out of the second story window, said he wasn't able to say what was put in the warehouse. prosecutors say the two men allowed and encouraged tenants
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to use nonconvention shl and highly flammable building materials. you may remember 36 people died in the fire. prosecutors are expected to call two dozen witnesses. the judge will then decide if there's enough evidence to take them to trial. searching for solutions to our traffic problem. how about a new bridge. the ideas that could spell relief for our commute. what went wrong that left teachers without a paycheck. clear and calm in san francisco 52 degrees. i'm tracking our bay area forecast and when wind might return. that's at 11:00 p.m. tonight.
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ask california. fire danger -- exreme, tonight. this is a live look from our back to southern california. the fire danger tonight extreme. this is a live look from our nbc bay area chopper. new evacuations under way, the
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wind picking up, we'll have an updated forecast from jeff ranieri in about five minutes for you. new at 11:00, does the bay area need another bridge? it's one of the two ideas being pitched tonight to help solve our traffic headaches. nbc bay area sergio quintana joins us in redwood city. what was discussed and how reallistic is this? >> reporter: of the two projects that are actually in progress, one of them is probably just a couple of months away from starting. cal tran is pitching the idea of a couple of extra lanes on highway 101 stretching from 380 down to redwood city to whipple. they would be express lanes that drivers would be able to pay to access them. by adding paid lanes, cal try is
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hoping to ease congestion on 101. >> it's an express lei lane but solo drivers can get it in if they pay a toll. >> reporter: tonight's presentation on the express lane proposal, was the last chance for residents on the peninsula to share their comments. >> i never drive on the 101 and when i have to -- i avoid it all costs. >> if you want to try to limit traffic and congestion, you start charging to drive on the expressway. only then people figure out another way to get to work, a bus or train. >> reporter: the second traffic relief proposal comes from senator diane feinstein, they're calling for another bridge to be built from the bay bridge and
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cal tran. but experts say it might not cut down on traffic. >> it stores cars but it has to go through the heavy traffic on the peninsula or 880 on the other side. >> reporter: the cal tran spokesperson said the biggest challenges to building a bridge are the multimillion dollar costs and the environmental issues. we are expecting an announcement tomorrow from minnesota senator al franken, democrat being pressured to step down by his own colleagues, comes after another allegation of unwanted touching against him. the new york senator tweeted he must step aside. two other democratic senators echoed that cry. "time" magazine is calling them
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the silence breakers. they were named persons of the year. tonight we sat down with the bay area woman who made the cover. she made the movement called we've said enough. it was meant to call out the pervasive culture of sexual harassment in california politics. >> i had an incident with a colleague at a work event, a political function, and i was sexually harassed in front of a number of colleagues. after it happened, they didn't seem to realize that it had happened. >> she started a petition which she told us tonight has now been signed by more than 300,000 women. another bay area woman, a software engineer was also featured. a problem with a lot of people's paychecks, and it was human error. many employees weren't paid.
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it happened today when nearly 3,000 monthly paid employees discovered their recent checks had been withdrawn from their accounts. at one point the district said it was the bank's fault. now district officials are backtracking. >> i'm one of the teachers who had my whole paycheck taken away today, after i paid my bill, five, six days later. this is another example of the oakland school board disrespecting teachers and students. it's unacceptable. >> it's not something we want to have the happen. and we're going to do everything in our powers to make sure everyone is whole. >> the district said it will work with the banks to try to reverse any overdraft fees. a live look where city workers are planning to hit the picket line again for a third straight day. tomorrow morning they expect to walk like they did today.
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thousands of nonenergy workers marching for higher wages and better working conditions. the mayor says the strike is unlawful, though. want to go back to the devastating fires in southern california. you're looking at santa paula fou, you can see the valleys, canyons, flames as we mentioned earlier, winds are whipping high tonight and even santa barbara getting voluntary evacuations. >> let's bring in chief meteorologist jeff ranieri to get a better understanding of the winds and what's going to move into santa barbara, the deeper parts of santa barbara. >> it's likely we'll see the embers spread. we're not sure which cities could get hit by some of this, but gusty winds still on track. in fact, things are increasing at this moment. i want to give you a bottom line point of what we're expecting on the wildfires in southern
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california. fire warning in effect for the next three days. generally winds sustained at 15 to 40 miles per hour. we are looking at the gusts 40 to 60, possibly even higher in the hills. again as we head throughout thursday, friday and a little bit into early saturday morning. then a bit calmer as we head into the weekend forecast and dry the next seven days. when it comes to the firefighter not only are the families concerned but the firefighters are on edge tonight because they use a fire burn index to look at the severity of how bad it is. look at the brush, how dry is it, how much moisture is in it, the rain outlook. they assign a number to the fire danger and what you're going to be able to see here is the key on the corner of the screen, 0 to 37 is good, 162 is extreme fire danger. the fire burn index through the rest of tomorrow and tomorrow is
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296. it's off the charts. it has never been this high. now this past monday and tuesday it was at 266, but again the la fire chief has never seen it at 296. that's why all the fire officials are extremely concerned about the winds picking up. especially as we head into tomorrow. back across the bay, not expected to be too gusty, but chilly to start. 37 in the try valley, south bay at 41. across the north bay, 38 to start, san francisco clear skies at 45. we'll see warming as we head throughout tomorrow we won't get the gusty winds that l.a. is getting, we'll see a slightly dryer offshore wind here for parts of the bay, low 70s from east san jose. it'll be mild. danville 69, other to oakland, 64. peninsula sunny skies, 67 in redwood city. san francisco 64 on the side and
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67 in the mission. napa coming in with a warm for december 70 degrees. extended forecast shows san francisco with 40s for the morning hours and 60ss over the next 7 days. inland valleys we're looking at the 60s for the next seven days. looking te in the potential for our forecast, possibly rainfall by december 20th. so closer to christmas for wetter weather. up next at 11:00, a hidden camera in an air bnb rental. and the warning police want everyone to hear. we have jimmy. john cena is my guest tonight. we have music from beck. it is a great show. stay tuned. john cena.
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happening now, san francisco super visors are preparing for a community meeting. the focus is on a gas line explosion that occurred last month. we'll have update osour website. major new laws take effect. tomorrow: the change for buses - that could impact your commute. and - we )ll follow overnight developments in southern california, as fires continue to burn.
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b )n )b renter will want to hea. a woman in new york finds a hidden camera in her bathroom. troubling story every airbnb host will want to hear. a woman in new york found a camera hidden in her bathroom
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positioned to her toilet. she said she found it after renting it to a man. he has since been arrested. do you like where you work? if not, get a job at facebook if you can. according to a survey by glass door, facebook is number one on the list of places to work. it's based on reviews like career opportunities, benefits, and culture. 18 bay area companies made the list, facebook, google, sales force, linked in, dock cue sign all landed in the top 25. we want a recount, where's nbc bay area. >> we're fl. >> we don't have free food. that's why we didn't make it. we're back with what steph curry did and didn't do tonight. ♪
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the reuben is back for a limited time at subway. ♪ so much reuben. this could be the case for the entire month. . it is the new normal for the warriors, no steph curry. >> this could be the case for the entire month. curry out with the sprained ankle. warriors in charlotte and there he is limping into the arena. so this turned into the kevin durant show. he had a triple double.
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35 points 11 rebounds and 10 assists. kd also scoring big time. nice jump shot there. the warriors cruise to a 101-87 victory. finish up their road trip on friday inde-tr detroit. >> a set back on the ballpark plan. the chancellor says the decision allows them to take a step back before deciding what the future may be. they say a deal in the future may be possible. >> whatever we do in the future, we are going to involve our community. >> are you going to sell the land at any point in the next ten years? do you want to do that? >> no. >> the supporters who don't want the ballpark on the property marched to make sure their feelings were known. we're back with the live pictures from ventura
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county. highest peaks could get before we go, we want to show you some more live pictures from our nbc chopper in ventura county. you can see how intense those
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flames are. the highest peaks could get wind gusts of 70 to 80 miles per hour. a lot of similarities to what we went through in the north bay. the firefighters as they did in the north bay in october playing defense, so to speak, protecting property and focussing on evacuations. parts of santa barbara is under a voluntary evacuation order. an emergency wind alert has been issued in that fire zone. when might it get better? >> it's going to get better by saturday or sunday. but still breezy. i think a little bit of relief though than what we've had coming our way. >> thanks for joining us. we'll see i tomorrow. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- john cena, bridget everett, musil


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