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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  December 8, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PST

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marcus who has the day off. let's get the weekend started right with a look at the weather. >> looks good. cool mornings but warm afternoons. a lot of areas in the 30s. a spare the air alert has been issued. you may have noticed the hazy conditions, especially during the afternoon. we will have moderate air quality and limit your time outside. also, no wood burning, even though it is a chilly start. 35 degrees in morgan hill. 34 in fairfield and napa. one degree above freezing in santa rosa. as we look at the high temperatures, warming up nicely. it's going to be really comfortable. i'll talk about what else is ahead for the weekend in a few minutes. mike is checking a crash on the peninsula. >> we are looking at a smooth drive for the bay. the speed sensors, driving through the area, went slow. there was a distraction at 92. an earlier crash moved to the
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shoulder, but i continue to track that. slowing for the upper east shore freeway. recovery from an earlier crash and we have a half hour drive from highway 4 to the bay bridge building as it has volume starts to build. back to you. >> thanks so much, mike. continuing coverage this morning of the raging wildfires in southern california. we have live pictures to show you. this is the passive thomas fire burning in ventura county. it is still 5% containment. live aerials of the lilac fire. >> there are six fires burning across southern california this morning. two new fires broke out yesterday in riverside and in san diego counties. you can see all of them all over. here is the latest on what we know. in total, 140,000 acres have burned. nearly 200,000 people have been evacuated. 500 buildings, maybe more, including homes have been
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destroyed. >> the extreme weather conditions won't be going away anytime soon, which is making the fire fight difficult for crews. >> jinah kim joins us with the progress they are making on the thomas fire. good morning. >> reporter: hi there, scott and laura. we are back to a red flag warning versus the purple warning level we reached for the first time yesterday. that still means the gust could reach 55 miles an hour throughout southern california. >> we are essentially getting surrounded by fire. >> reporter: the devastating wildfires that have been largely confined to the los angeles area exploded into san diego county thursday. within a few hours, the lilac fire had eaten through entire neighborhood, burning 32 structures as it sped to the ocean. >> if you have not been currently impacted by the fire, act like you are. it could make it through oceanside to the coast, if it
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continues. >> reporter: in what is a familiar sight, anxious residents were told, you have to leave now. >> we begged and pleaded to let us through. they barely did. they said you have ten minutes. you need to go. >> reporter: north of san diego county, another fire erupted sending more families packing, scorching more dry brush. there are six fires burning with the largest being the thomas fire in ventura county. late thursday, officials said nearly 500 homes and buildings have been damaged or destroyed there, triple the number from the day before. >> we want to urge everybody in the area to follow the principles of ready, set, go, for evacuations. i would urge everybody to be set, have your stuff ready to go. >> reporter: as the fire fight continues into the weekend, some 23,000 homes are still in the fire's path. we are already in the running
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for the worst and most expensive fire season ever in california history. scott and laura, we are not done yet. back to you. >> it has been a tragic year for fires. thank you very much, jinah. >> it's not just homes. many people are concerned about horses stuck in the fire line. we have video of horses near the flames in san diego. another part of san diego county, they go through the barns at the downes training center. at least 25 horses reportedly killed there. our coverage on the wildfires continues throughout the morning. it is impacting quality in the bay area. although, that is a beautiful shot of san diego. new this morning, a fire erupted a home in the east bay, destroying the garage. new video showing how intense those flames were. when the fire started early this morning, "today in the bay's" bob redell joins us live in the scene to explain what might have
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led up to the fire. good morning, bob. >> reporter: good morning to you, laura. possibly an explosion on the outside of the garage. you can see how severe the damage is in that garage. it's commendable that the fire department was able to keep the flames to this garage and not let it spread to the rest of the house when you think how big the fire was. take a look at the tv screen. this is a very active fire. pleasanton fire chief said it started around 1:00 with an explosion. possibly started with a tank stored on the left exterior of the house. they believe the homeowner works on air-conditioning equipment in the garage. it's not clear if that was related. the homeowner was able to get him and his family out okay. the fire department kept the fire contained mostly to the garage. one room inside the house suffered damage. the entire structure was saved. it's expected to be red tag.
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the radiant heat caused damage to the home next door. again, no one was hurt. live in livermore, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> thank you, bob. another tough day in oakland. no contract deal between city workers and leaders. thousands of workers will continue their strike today. that will be a fourth day. nonemergency workers are pushing for higher wages and improved working conditions. the mayor says the city can't spend money they don't have. workers say they lack funds because of tax breaks to developers. smart train is asking for help following last winter's storm. they are requesting $150,000 in emergency management funding. they tell the marin i.j. they need to repair electrical damage and track problems. right now, as we come up on 6:07, head out the door in san francisco, another cold start. look at these temperatures for the school day forecast. only 48 degrees and that will hold for a couple hours.
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as we go through the day, getting out of school, upper 50s expected today. that morning commute starts out with upper 40s, once again. then, as we go into the afternoon, we are going to make it into the 60s. some breezy winds, much of the bay area, a lot warmer than where we should be this time of year. we'll take a look at today's temperature trend for san jose, coming up. mike, you were starting to see more slowing? >> yeah, because we didn't have much until just about four minutes ago. we are looking over here. the south bay and peninsula, they move smoothly despite the crash in san mateo, southbound 101. 880 shows the typical pattern from hayward to san leandro and past the bridge. the traffic is starting to build. tri-valley, no problems. 680 off the dublin interchange, smooth drive. still slowing out of san pablo, but much smoother. the slowing continues to university. the volume is building from
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highway 4 to the bay bridge with a half hour for the drive. a quick look at the richland bridge. there's a crash reported in the area. no injuries and the vehicles off to the shoulder. you can see the smooth, lighter flow of traffic. back to you. thank you, mike. s coming up, you could be able to check into and get into a hotel room without visiting the front desk. the smart hotel room technology that is making it all possible. we covered a number of traffic related deaths over the holiday weekend. a report shows those numbers may be going um. details on that new report explaining why. you are watching "today in the bay."
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it is 6:11. you are getting those holiday shopping plans under way and i'm sure this is going to be packed later on tonight. christmas in the park in downtown san jose. if you have never been, check it out. look at campbell's temperature trend. low 60s for later this morning and mid-60s by 4:00. another beautiful day. still pretty warm. we'll talk about what's keeping us from getting rain and if there's any in the forecast. that's coming up in five minutes. over here in the north bay, highway 37, just starting to show that slowing as you get out of vallejo. it's nothing unusual.
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over here, there's a lighter friday drive for the east bay. we'll give you a bigger look coming up. >> thank you, mike. new this morning, the number of deadly accidents is on the rise. "today in the bay's" pete suratos, live at the golden gate bridge with the reason for the up tick. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, scott. we covered a number of traffic related deaths over the holiday weekend. when you take a look at the report released by the metropolitan commission, a number of the deaths are going up. at least according to data since 2010. now it's -- they are saying more cars on the road as well as economic growth. the map you are looking at are showing the number of traffic related deaths throughout the bay area. the north bay counties have the highest rates. if you look at the san francisco area, they have the lowest fatality rate or at least the number of dots, there's not as much population as traffic
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related deaths. however, at the same time, one of the most dangerous regions per mile driven. when you look at the map, more bicyclist deaths. this is the first sustained growth since 1970 in the bay area, which was a time of economic growth in the area. we are live near the golden gate bridge, pete suratos for "today in the bay." >> thanks, pete. 6:13 right now. help may be coming for taxi drivers in palo alto. the palo alto online may loosen rules allowing them to charge less when demand is low. uber and lyft drivers already do that. the rule will let taxis post fares publicly, online or an app. it's 6:13. business and tech news, youtube trying to get into the music subscription market. >> for more on that, let's check
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in with landon dowdy at cnbc. good to see you, landon. >> hi there scott and laura. good friday morning. wall street ending on a high note. europe is in the green after the uk struck a deal to create a smoother path for britain to exit the european union. we got the jobs report out the past hour with the u.s. adding 228,000 jobs last month. that's far above the expectations of 195,000. the unemployment rate holding steady. taking a look at the market reaction, futures are up sharply. the dow is up 120 points. youtube plans to launch a subscription music service in march. warner music signed on and they are in talks with sony and other independent labels. it is called remix. they will join a crowded market with apple music and spotify.
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youtube read was launch and offers exclusive content. a smart hotel room system next year. check in, open your door with hi hilton honors app. you can control the blinds and lights and connect your tv remote. future features are ways to upload and display your own art work. back to you. >> why leave home. thanks a lot. 6:15. one of the biggest controversies in the history of sports. now it's making its way to the silver screen. margot stars in i,tonja. the film based on the story from 1994 when nancy kerrigan was attacked before taking the ice at the u.s. championship. investigation led to the ex-husband of kerrigan's main
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rival, tonya harding. it takes a darkly comic look at tonya's life. tommy lee jones in gumpy old men is just getting started. they run into trouble when jones moves in. they uncover a dark secret that could destroy their paradise. that is rated pg-13. >> doesn't it seem like actors go that route? >> grumpy old men. >> lethal weapon, then -- >> too old for it. >> okay, you want to go outside or go in to watch a movie, you can do whatever you want. >> right. it's a great weekend for whatever you have planned. thinking of going christmas shopping or out to the light displays, it's going to be good for all of that. here is a look at chilly temperatures as you get ready to head out the door. we drop to the mid-30s in the
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tri-valley. the east bay, 39 degrees. 49 in san francisco. frosty and freezing conditions in the north bay. it is only 33 degrees in santa rosa. the seven day forecast up at the bottom of the screen showing more days what the inland area is reaching into the low 70s. that's where we are going in morgan hill. up to 70 degrees east bay. upper 60s, pleasanton. a high of 65 degrees. 65 in hayward. redwood city, 66 degrees. san francisco, the embarcadero, 64. 66 today in sonoma with a light wind. if you are going to go out jogging, san jose, a chilly start. a layer or two. later on today, you can go jogging with shorts and a t-shirt on. we have really unusual dry weather and very warm temperatures because of this ridge. it causes the air to sink and warm and also keeps storm systems from moving away. that's been really stubborn. unfortunately, it does not show
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rain in the forecast throughout the weekend. next week, maybe into the middle of the week until we see rain. right around december 20th mark, you may not have rain until then. it's going to be really warm and a beach weekend. in santa cruz, highs in the low 70s. let me know where you are going. the weekend forecast is coming up in 20 minutes at 6:38. follow me, let me know where you are going. you may see it featured here. we are looking at more 60s in san francisco and, once again, stays dry. inland areas, up to 70 degrees on sunday. that continues into next week. mike is saying enjoy your friday drive right now. >> that's right. my son wore shorts to school yesterday. he's fine. he's fine. looking over here toward the chilly roadways, traffic is cool. enjoy your friday light. things will definitely build late morning into the afternoon and evening. we see it toward the end of the year, making a more busy evening
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as folks head to the shops and restaurants. an easy drive. it's lightening up for hayward. a smooth, easy drive for the san mateo bridge. no problems for the dumbarton bridge. the upper east shore, a steady flow. the berkeley curve sees more traffic. the drive times are building, 35 minutes from highway 4 to the toll plaza. the option for the rails. the bay bridge, itself, is a reason to avoid it. we see the fast track lanes moving here. palo alto, the peninsula, we see how light the traffic is. the peninsula will get more crowded late morning into the afternoon, building into the evening when the commute is likely tough as folks head around the bay area for evening activities. back to you. >> thank you. coming up next, uncertain future for team usa as we count down to the 2018 winter olympics in south korea.
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safety concerns, the trump administration is raising this morning. the salesman says buying instead of leasing will cost her less. why did she end up paying more? i'm consumer investigator chris chmura. nbc bay area responds, next. our conversation continues every morning on social media. mike shares a picture of his daughter's new friend. follow mike to read responses. maybe he gets her a real dog this christmas. wou wouldn't that be great? you are watching "today in the bay."
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sfx: stair creak sfx: clink sfx: deep breath sfx: grunt sfx: tinny headphone music sfx: feet shuffling sfx: slice sfx: gasp sfx: inhale. exhale. sfx: lights scraping on roof sfx: metallic scrape sfx: grunt covered california.
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it's more than just health care. it's life care. sold a cell phone plan that was supposed to s welcome back. nbc bay area responds to a concord woman. >> she says a plan saved her nothing, instead, costing her more. we made calls to help her out. >> she had been leasing four cell phones for her family. she says sprint told her she could lower her bill if she bought the phones instead of leasing them. she said, okay. why not? when she got her next bill, it had gone up. she asked sprint why. the company told her she had a pay a monthly subsidy fee for buying the phones. she challenged the fee, but says sprint didn't budge. she requested our assistance. when we asked them about the
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fee, they cleared things up. sprint told her that subsidy fee was a mistake and recalculated the contract, which reduced her bill by $100 a month. in a statement, sprint apologized to her for her inconvenience and miscommunication. sprint said we are grateful she hose to stay with sprint and we have successably resolved the issue. if you have a consumer complaint, call us, 888-996-tips or log on to >> thank you, chris. as the fires grow in southern california, emergency officials sent out a massive emergency alert, the largest text alert since the system started in 2012. millions of people heard that sound in southern california. the system was not used during our wildfires in the north bay. lawmakers are working to make sure that doesn't happen again.
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state senator mike mcgwire is proposing swift action to impose a mandatory wireless alert system. this family lost their home, several of their animals in santa rosa. they say it's the right thing to do. >> somebody told me the reason why they didn't do one on the phone is because it goes to everybody and at 1:00 in the morning, they did not want a mass evacuation on the road. >> the state senator would like to put finishing touches on the legislation. we have continuing coverage online. to see the investigation into the sonoma county emergency alert go to and click on the investigations tab. safety remains a top concern months ahead of this year's winter olympics. the trump administration says the u.s. is looking forward to participating, despite concerns over north korea. there was question whether the u.s. might pull out of the games. it's an open question. during a press briefing, sarah
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huckabee sanders said no official decision had been made. she later walked back on the comment. the u.s. olympic committee says there's not been discussion of america skipping the games. nbc bay era is your home for the 2018 games. coming up next, continuing coverage of the wildfires in southern california. we have new firefighter helmet video camera into the news room this morning. here we have aerials showing how intense the battle is. >> reporter: smoke from those southern california wildfires will add to the already poor bay area air quality. how many spare the air days we have ahead of us this weekend and what the penalty is, if you choose to light that fireplace anyway. taking a live look outside, ahh, look at the crowd that erupted at the bay bridge toll plaza. the metering lights are on. we'll check in with mike in two
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and a half minutes. stick around, you are watching "today in the bay."
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my name is cynthia haynes and i am a senior public safety specialist for pg&e. my job is to help educate our first responders on how to deal with natural gas and electric emergencies. everyday when we go to work we want everyone to work safely and come home safely. i live right here in auburn, i absolutely love this community. once i moved here i didn't want to live anywhere else. i love that people in this community are willing to come together to make a difference for other people's lives. together, we're building a better california.
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ome of "wow" savings. "wow" means you save 50% or more. there are three stages of "wow". denial. - is this price right? - acceptance. and boooyah! wait for it. boooyah has three "o's". ♪ grocery outlet bargain market ♪ - this week, two pounds of halos california mandarins are just $1.99. cold start this morning-- with right now at 6:30, we are off to a clear, but cold start this morning with temperatures, once again, dipping into the 30s in some spots. taking a live look outside from downtown san jose. the lights will warm you up. thank you for joining us, i'm laura garcia. >> i'm scott mcgrew. marcus washington has the day off. kari does not.
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we are getting close to the weekend. good morning. >> good morning, it is friday. we are all excited about the weekend and warmer weather. we are starting out with chilly temperatures. here is a look at the highs for this afternoon. up to 70 in half-moon bay and 69 degrees in san jose. 68 degrees expected in napa and mostly sunny skies. as we look at san francisco's seven day forecast, it will be warm over the next few days. notice one thing, there is not a drop of rain anywhere in the forecast. also going to be well above normal for this time of year. we'll talk about the weekend forecast and what's ahead coming up in seven minutes. mike is tracking a new crash on the east shore freeway. >> all the remnants of the earlier crash for westbound 80 clear up. the rest of the bay, a mild build for the south bay and more over here toward the hayward side of the san mateo bridge. here, 880, we have another crash. this is the second in the last 45 minutes. mild slowing build in central.
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this is toward san pablo avenue. we have not a bad drive down the east shore freeway because of the friday light commute. we have travel times of 35 minutes, holding steady from highway 4 to the back up here at the toll plaza. the good news from the shot, if you can take some, there is movement for all lanes. that's lighter than monday through thursday. back to you. >> thanks so much, mike. 6:31. continuing coverage of the southern california wildfires. we have a live look over the thomas fire in ventura county. new evacuation orders have been lifted overnight in the or actually have been put in place overnight in the sylmar area as the fire continues to burn. more live aerials this time over the lilac fire that started in san diego county. these are two of six major wildfires burning across southern california at this hour. we have new video into the
6:32 am
news room, helmet camera footage from the santa barbara fire as they battle the thomas fire. here is what we know. six fires burned more than 140,000 acres combined. nearly 200,000 people have been evacuated. more than 500 structures, including many homes have been destroyed. >> the wildfires in southern california have an impact on the air quality here in the bay area. the smoke is making its way up the coast. >> kris sanchez is live with a three-day spare the air alert issued this weekend. >> reporter: hi there, scott and laura. it is very cold out here this morning. that cold air is trapping the pollution closer to the ground. when that wildfire smoke from southern california makes its way here, that is going to contribute to our poor air quality. as you look at the map, the national weather service bay area tweeted out, it shows movement from the smoke of southern california toward the
6:33 am
bay area. this is the map and the areas in yellow, the entire bay area will see moderate air quality. for that reason, they called three spare the air days. today, tomorrow and sunday, it will be illegal to burn wood, fake wood logs indoors or outdoors. if you are busted, the fines are steep. first time is 100 bucks. second violation is 500. you can't take a class to avoid paying up. if you or yours are in a sensitive group, limit your outdoor activities during the afternoon hours when the build up of pollution is the worst. it is a holiday. a lot of folks like to have a fire burning. as the song says, the fire is so delightful, but you don't want to start that fire. i tweeted directions to find the yule log through comcast and xfinity. we are going to use that in our
6:34 am
house. if you are a glass half full kind of person, they say all that particulate matter is going to make for gorgeous sunrises and sunsets. if you happen to snap one, post it on social media and tag nbc bay area. we love to see those. keep it positive this morning, kris sanchez, "today in the bay." >> thank you. 6:34 this morning. police looking for how a patient from an east bay psych yatic hospital got out. investigators say the man in this video was held urnnder a 72-hour psychiatric hold. he escaped, tried to carjack two cars according to police assaulting a teen and elderly man in the process. he started running across 580 and was hit by a car. he suffered minor injuries. that's when officers were able to arrest him. police have not given us the name of the patient. the coroner is examining a
6:35 am
woman's body found floating naked in sunnyvale. a bicyclist discovered the body yesterday morning. all detectives know at this point. the coroner will determine if there was foul play involved. a disturbing investigation in santa clara into the county corrections deputy, blaine hopper. he is accused of sending aindianapolis sit pictures of himself to a young girl. investigators say the two met in a youth program. it's the latest of series of mishaps at the county jail system. sheriff roy smith sent a message saying no one should have to be a victim of sexual coercion of harassment. there's no tolerance in the sheriff's office for anyone who engages in this conduct. security is tightening at the popular gilroy outlets after an unusual takeover robbery.
6:36 am
a man backed up to the back door of lane bryant. he called the store's phone saying u.p.s. delivery arrived. they opened up and he threatened them with a gun. he locked them in the back and took money from the register. >> he pushed the filing cabinet against the door, told them not to come out for ten minutes, he was sorry, have a merry christmas and left. >> this wasn't the only holiday heist. police are looking for severn suspects who smashed the doors of the sunglasses hut. a tragic story out of new mexico. a gunman killed two students. we brought you breaking coverage during yesterday's midday news. this is aztec high school. they found two people dead. investigators have not released the names of the victims or the gunman. it's not clear if the shooter
6:37 am
has a connection to the school or the victims. a developing story overnight. continuing protest in israel. the violent demonstrations happening. this is after president trump declared jerusalem as the capitol. vice president pence is scheduled to visit that region soon. thursday, a senior palestinian official said pence is not welcome in the occupied territory. the administration says pence is fully intending to meet with palestinian leaders. a deadly police shooting in san francisco's bay view neighborhood raising concerns and anger. some of this video can be disturbing. the police department released this body cam footage last night capturing the moment an officer shot and killed a 42-year-old through his patrol car window last week. she was not after a chase suspects of carjacking a california lottery van.
6:38 am
police say he was unarmed. the officer who fired the bullet just graduated from the academy. o'neil's father watched that video and told the chief he misses his son. >> he was loved. yeah. >> we are sick and tired of being silenced! our people are dying! you have racist, rogue cops on your police force and it has to stop! >> chief bill scott would not draw conclusions about the shooting. he said it was a tragic incident and is under investigation. bart says it is on track to run almost entirely on renewable energy in the coming years. the examiner reporting the board of directors approved plans for wind and solar agreements. 90% of the energy bart uses will be from renewable sources by the
6:39 am
year 2021. they need to put treadmills on there. exercise in the morning. a smooth drive. folks, you know what? no matter what way you get to work is relatively smooth. a lighter flow of traffic. unexpected is a crash eastbound 237 at lawrence expressway. you don't see slowing on the sensors. westbound is the commute direction. it's a light build in sunnyvale. we are tracking it through the silicon valley. san jose with a slight build the last few. metering lights are on the crash around san pablo. west 80 is a concern. good stuff. >> great stuff. friday is here. we are looking at the weekend forecast. kari? >> it looks really good this weekend, no matter what you are planning to do, christmas shopping, going out to the holiday light displays or relaxing at home. it's going to be one of those
6:40 am
weekends where you take in the s sunshine. temperatures will be comfortable except those chilly mornings. expect that every day. sunday, the high temperatures for the valleys reach up to 70 degrees. 66 degrees for the bay. 62 degrees for the coast. if you are going to the napa lighted art festival, that kicks off tomorrow afternoon and goes on through the evening and it will only be 58 degrees at 5:00 and it cools down a lot more from there into the lower 40s. make sure you have on lots of layers. should be a nice, beautiful event to check out. the lighted boat parade followed by fireworks. we will have cool temperatures there as well in berkeley at the yacht club. mid-50s at 6:00 and lower 50s as the evening goes along. we may be wrapping up the weekend, going ice skating in union square sunday. that is an all daye vent. you can go between 8:00 a.m. and
6:41 am
11:30 p.m. temperatures stay mostly in the 50s with all clear skies in san francisco. going to russian river valley, warmer there, especially for the afternoon with upper 60s. mostly sunny skies as well on saturday and sunday. if you are planning to go hiking in yosemite, it is going to be nice. here is a live look outside in the sierra. as the sunrises and temperatures will be in the mid-40s for those high temperatures. let me know where you are going on twitter and i'll give you a personalized forecast on this friday. i'll have a look at today's temperature trend in three minutes. >> you spoil us, kari. thank you. 6:41. coming up next on "today in the bay," cracking down on illegal fireworks in the south bay. the reason san jose is changing the system for reporting illegal fireworks heading into the holiday. the markets are higher after we got more good jobs news.
6:42 am
266,000 jobs added in the month of november. "today in the bay" will be right back.
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right now, it's 6:44. a bright pink sunrise in san jose because of the smoke from the wildfires to the south. as we check out the temperature trend for santa teresa, a mild start to the day. a little on the cool side by 10:00. look at this afternoon. it's going to be really nice. mid-60s, again this afternoon.
6:45 am
let's take a look ahead to the weekend. that is in the forecast, coming up in five minutes. as we look toward the east shore freeway, we are under 40 minutes, despite a couple crashes we had. it's lighter for this friday. we'll show you what that means for the bay bridge. sounds good. thank you very much. 6:45 right now. all new this morning, san jose leaders will ask more of you if you call to report illegal fireworks. according to the news, the process will require people to provide evidence. there was a lot of public outcry this past summer. people say they were wrongly cited for setting off fireworks. the fire department wound up toss tossing out 45 citations without video for photographic evidence. in july, the consumer unit said they were wrongly issued fines. no one ever issued them to verify the allegations. the story is available to watch on the website. we don't know how much the
6:46 am
wildfires burning in southern california will cost the state. we know how much the fires cost cal fire already this year. cal fire says it spent nearly $495 million between july 1st and yesterday. that's 70 million over the emergency budget fund. cal fire is authorized to go over budget and can dip into the state's reserve. officials say they anticipate doing that this season after the north bay wildfires and the new fires. >> this is the worst season i have had, the longest, most devastating, most loss of life, most loss of structures. the rate of spread of these fires is extreme. >> emergency service officials say the recovery effort could take years. happening tomorrow, the charles m. schultz museum raising money for the wildfires. it was closed a month after the
6:47 am
fires after ash got inside. this is video of the grand re-opening. tomorrow night, a life conversation with authors followed by a beer and wine reception. a pixar animator will be there selling and creating personalized artwork. benefits go to north bay fire relief. tects are $15 for book signing and the art event. it starts at 6:00. to washington, d.c., a government shutdown. this came ahead of a midnight deadline. both houses of congress voted only to fund the government two more weeks. another shutdown could loom ahead of the holidays. the votes took place after congre congressional leaders met with the president. funding for the military, opioid and children's program. president trump is set to speak in pensacola, florida.
6:48 am
that's raising eyebrows. here is why. it shares the same tv market as mobile, alabama. coverage will play in alabama. that is the state where the controversial senate race is taking place, involving roy moore. president trump has fully endorsed moore. nine women, including some who were teens at the time accused moore of sexual misconduct. he denies it. he is bouncing back in the polls. some are holding hope that roy moore will lose. >> i'm hopeful that the people of alabama will make the right decision. >> voters head to the polls tuesday. >> california lit the official state christmas tree in front of the capital. it didn't go as planned. the lights were turned on before the countdown. after they were on, the top left side of the tree flickered off and on. you know what? it happens to the best of us. fortunately, they were able to get that technical problem
6:49 am
figured out. >> it's always the top. >> right. >> blinker bulbs. >> the clapper. >> yeah. that's what you need. >> do they sell those anymore? >> yes, i saw an ad for it. let's get a check of your weather this morning. >> you may be putting up the christmas lights this weekend. doing the finishing touches before the holidays, it's going to be really nice. dry weather, too. as we take a live look outside in san francisco, we have had cold mornings and it's still cold this morning. as we get a look at the seven day forecast, it's coming up on the bottom of the screen in the south bay. it is 41 degrees in san jose. 40 in palo alto and 34 degrees in fairfield and napa. some of those spots dealing with patchy frost and colder temperatures heading out the door this morning than yesterday. it's 13 degrees colder now in napa and half-moon bay. 20 degrees colder. there's a small area where we
6:50 am
are seeing colder temperatures compared to yesterday because most spots are right on par with where we were yesterday. going to see another warm afternoon after that cold start. it does warm up quickly, reaching the upper 60s in napa. 66 degrees in livermore and 69 degrees in san jose. as you are looking out the window, we have a beautiful sunrise. as you get dressed, you know it is cold out there. it's another day to dress in layers. why not a scarf and a nice warm coat? later on today, you need light long sleeves and maybe pants to be comfortable with the highs for most of the bay area reaching the upper 60s. heading out the door for the bus stop or the drive to school in livermore is 37 degrees. heaters on and then as the kids head out for recess, mostly sunny. temperatures on the cool side. have a warm jacket for that. low 60s walking home from school in the tri-valley.
6:51 am
we have this stubborn area of high pressure that is not moving even into next week. this takes us to wednesday. still, no change in that pattern. we may not see rain in the forecast until a few days before christmas. here we are. extended period of dry weather and well above normal temperatures. inland areas hitting 70 and also 70s along the beaches here for the weekend. so, we'll continue to track that. mike is saying that friday commute pattern is still holding. >> that means a lighter friday commute. a later build for the commute spots. that's what we are seeing, just starting to build for the south bay in the northbound directions. 101, 87, 85 showing the typical patterns. usually we see it monday through thursday about 5:00 hour here. a smooth drive from the tri-valley, pleasanton. the shift from hayward to union
6:52 am
city. the volume builds. more slowing to the toll plaza. a live look here, we see the reason why. the volume moves smoothly to the peninsula where 101 will see more traffic. the bay bridge, where we have the back up here, a lighter flow of traffic. you can see the fast track lanes moving. you have the beautiful view we can see with the sunrise. back to you. >> thank you, mike. coming up next, a quick look at the top stories on "today in the bay," including an up tick on deadly traffic accidents. the reason, coming up next. 6:52. happening now, hollywood director, bryan singer is denying sexual assault allegations sued for raping a 17-year-old boy in 2003. this is days after the singer was fired as director of a bioptic from queen. people in sudan are a step away from famine. that's twice as many as last year. grim findings from the latest
6:53 am
report. the report going on to say by next year, half of the country's population will be reliant on emergency food aid. we are back in two minutes with more news. before you head out the door,
6:54 am
6:55 am
here are the top stories on today in the bay-- welcome back. before you head out the door, we have your top stories on "today in the bay." >> we begin with live pictures from southern california where firefighters are on the front
6:56 am
lines of six major wildfires. these are live looks at the aerials of the lilac fire, the latest to break out in san diego county. strong winds a major concern this morning. here is where everything stands. the largest fire is the thomas fire in ventura, which burned 115,000 acres. in total, more than 140,000 acres has burned in the deadly fires. more than 200,000 people evacuated. more than 500 buildings, including many homes have been destroyed. coverage of the wildfires continues next on the "today" show with a live report from the front line. taking a live look in san jose, ready for poor air quality. you can see the sunlight scattered there. the cold weather trapping unhealthy ware close to the ground. we are seeing smoke from the wildfires. because of that, the air quality management called for three spare the air days, that is today through the weekend. it will be illegal to burn wood or fake fire logs, indoors or
6:57 am
outdoors. the fine is $100 for the first violation, $500 for the second. a live look from livermore where a garage was destroyed in an early morning house fire at 1:00 this morning at a home off ryan way. we have video showing the peek of that fire. the firefighters were able to save most of the house. look at how hot it was burning there. the fire started with an explosion of some sort on the outside of the garage, possibly with a tank. they think the homeowner welds and works on air-conditioning equipment in the garage. it's not clear if that was related. no one was injured. a new report from the transportation commission shows car accident deaths are on the increase. pedestrians, bicycles and motorist decies. the economy has been improving. in the bay area, north bay counties the highest fatality, san francisco, the lowest fatality rate.
6:58 am
at the same time, it is one of the most dangerous spots per mile driven. day four of the city worker strike in oakland today. thousands of nonemergency workers will be off the job, once again, pushing for higher wages and improved working conditions. the mayor says the city doesn't have the money to raise salaries. workers say the city lacks the funding because developers are getting tax breaks. police are trying to figure out how a patient from an east bay psychiatric hospital escaped in san leandro. the man in this video under a 72-hour psychiatric hold at the hospital. he escaped and tried to carjack two cars near fairmont hospital. he assaulted a teen and elderly man during the escape and ran across interstate 580 and was hit by a car. he had minor injuries and taken into custody. at 6:58, a live look outside from the camera overlooking san francisco. we are off to another cold, but
6:59 am
clear start with temperatures in the 30s in some spots. kari has a look at the forecast for today. >> it's going to be nice going into the weekend. temperatures warming up as well into the mid-60s. after this cold start, it will be warming up by late morning and early afternoon. we should be hitting 65 for san francisco inland areas, upper 60s and 70 degrees by the end of the weekend for the valleys. >> pretty good. >> mike has a friday notice for drivers. >> a friday light and a later build. that's why we see this pleasant drive showing up. just seeing the build for the south bay. the upper east shore has not been a problem. the metering lights are still on. don't be too excited. i want to give a note with the wildfires burning in southern california, we have been shifting around. i tweeted a link to california highway status where you can check your freeways. make sure they are okay. >> good to know. >> we'll be back here in a half
7:00 am
hour. >> we'll be back at 11:00, see you then. for the first major snowstorm of the season. boiling point. new violence, new protests in jerusalem over president trump's decision to recognize that city as israel's capital. nbc's richard engel in the thick of it all. those stories. plus, shocking verdict. a police officer shoots and


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