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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  December 11, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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nbc bay area marry yaen favro at the hall of justice with the cold case. >> kevin lynn was wearing shackles and handcuffs in the courtroom. did he not enter a plea. but police say he has been on the run 22 years and made one critical mistake that led to his arrest. now if convicted he faces life in prison. when kifen lynn applied for a visa extension using his real name that raised a red flag with the state department, who notified hilsborough police. >> it was a name match. we requested further information. i got a photograph of him and current date 22 years later and compared it to photos we had. >> police had been searching for lynn for 22 years in connection with the kidnapping of 9 yellow christine chu. she was taken as she walked home from south hilsborough school. lynn allegedly held her for $$800,000 ran some.
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but when he realized the two parents were taiwan they dropped her off at a hotel. 11 hours after first pulled into a van. this afternoon, exactly 22 years to the day after the kidnapping lynn was a a a a san mateo courtroom to answer charges. >> mr. lynn is charged with two felony charges, one is kidnapping for ran some. and the other charge is conspiracy to kidnap. >> reporter: lynn with the help of a mandarin interpreter did not enter a plea. captain davis was a patrol officer when he started working the case. >> in the start of my career i worked this case. and now here towards the end of my career it's come full circle. >> he says he always considered it an active case. >> the family is aware of -- that he has been taken into custody. they were pleased. >> reporter: police say kevin lynn had two accomplices one was
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arrested and convicted years ago and the other is still on the run. bail for lynn has been set at $5 million. reporting live in redwood city, nbc bay area news. thank you so much. the massive thomas fire in southern california marches forward. what started last we can in ventura county is raging in santa barbara county. more than 230,000 acres have been scorched in the stubborn fire. much of it burning at higher elevations near the lass padres national forest. reproaching the inland edge of carpinteria which is avocado groves. >> i didn't get concerned until the sheriffs arbor here. once they left i was like i feel better now. >> around christmas, got to take it day by day. >> the thomas fire burned nearly 1,000 structures so far. 18,000 more are threatened. fire right now just 15%
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contained. $50 million that's how much calfire is overbudgets battle attention the wildfires. the north bay wildfires cost nearly $250 million. the bill has yet to come in for the fires burning in southern california. a spokesperson for calfire says staffing, equipment and supplies contribute to the cost. >> you've got firefighters that will be coming off the creek if they haven't done so already. rye shire is shut down those firefighters are assigned to the thomas. the lilac in san diego county, those firefighters will be assigned as well. >> state officials say it doesn't mean they've run out of cash. the agency is able to tap into a reserve in case of emergencies. the smoke from all of the southern california fires spreads here in the bay area. s in a live look now in san francisco. it looks beautiful ton. dry weather, hazy sunshine, though during the day. let's bring in jeff ranieri. joins us with the air quality. the gad and the bad. what do we have. >> i think we'll have poor air quality tomorrow.
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we can show you the sky camera review from the weather underground network in half moon bay. we did high clouds passing buy. look towards the bottom of the screen. you can see the layer there. that's the smoke moving in the southern california wildfires. a closer view of a nasa satellite shows the bulk of the smoke from the fires moving off shore caught up in upper level winds and traveling near the bay area. most of it was out in the pacific. but the smoke that we did have in the bay area was right here near san jose, morgan hill and the bill roy. and also filtered into the sacramento valley. so in terms of our air quality forecast, i still think well have smoke filtering in for tomorrow and also just plain old poor air quality. that means a spare the air day in effect for tuesday with the worst levels of pollution in the north bay, also for the bay, and the coastline. with moderate levels of pollution from wednesday through saturday. we're talking about reign chances ahead in the forecast.
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i'll have a look at that at 6:48. >> see you shortly. 20 freeway fires, 20 in a matter of of days. along 680 near the san jose milpitas border. koerngs coincidence and arsonist or homeless people? damian joins us near san jose where the neighbors are concerned. damian. >> reporter: raj, it's happening along the on ramps and off ramps mainly along some of the homeless encamp mts that run the perimeter of all the sound walls and highway 680. >> somebody is setting fires. >> this is video of some of the fire sent to us by a viewer. since saturday crews have put out 20 fires. the latest happening early this morning. now at least a dozen of the fires are believed to be the work of an arsonist. >> i'm worried about my family right now. i do. because this is the 13 time it happened. >> nelson says there have been
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too many close calls along his back fence. the chp now says they detained you one person at one of the fire scenes but tonight it's unclear if that person was formally arrested for arson. >> when we have a fire on the side of the freeway it seems pretty benign. because people's houses come up to the frooway. you worry about the homes or injurying somebody. >> many homeless encampments hung the base. they often start fires to keep warm or cook. but worries that some fires may be set to watch it burn. whatever the reason these neighbors say it's time to clear out the homeless encampments on the other side of his fence. >> i feel sorry for these people because they have no place st to stay. but the government has to do something about them. they got to help these people out. >> reporter: and late this afternoon the chp did give us an update. they did detain one person.
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but they released that person. the suspect is now at large. live in san jose. a follow-up now to a story we brought you a week ago today. one of two people injured in a shootout in emeryville died. police say 19-year-old andre bolton died at the hospital yesterday. the other victim remains in the hospital. there's been no update on his condition. police have arrest the the suspected shooter. inkts a crucial inspection is needed after a bus cash. it happened near cesar chavez friday night .29 people hurt, four seriously. the chp says it doesn't know the cause yet because a mechanical inspection needs to happen first. he killed kate steinle. but the jury found jose garcia zarate not guilty of murder and manslaughter. since the verdict two weeks ago people around the country have analyzed the jury's decision. the jury has declined all interview requests until now.
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tonight we have the inside story. nbc bay area sam brock joins us in san francisco with this exclusive interview. sam. >> reporter: raj, good evening, we learned the crux of the deliberations in this case really came down to the manslaughter charge and the weapons possession. keeping that in mind in an interview with nbc bay area last night the juror also talking about the emotional impact of being cut off from the world for weeks. >> i can put my head in a pillow and sleep well thinking i made the right decision. >> a juror on the kate steinle murder trial silhouetted due to concern for personal safety says he has no regrets but also didn't realize the toll the nationally spotlighted trial took on him until it was over. >> it was very hard on me. with he we finished finished the trial i was in tears because i felt the pressure out on my back. then i could talk to people then. i was in tears. >> and talk to nbc bay area he did. about how jurors immediately
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ruled out first and second degree murder charges against jose zarate. >> ipds what he told us was wrapped in a rag. which i truly believe him because it was just a gun on the pier. anybody could call the policy. i would call the police if i see a gun. >> he says manslaughter proved more difficult because the jury was instructed that zarate must have brandished the weapon to prove the charge. >> that's the problem right there. it was in mention right there black and white. >> without clear evidence of brandishing they decided manslaughter was out too. there was one conviction felony possession of a weapon. but jurors expressed confusion here. >> i was kind of in doubt what do they mean by possession? means like you have the thing for a long time? if you touch it? it means you possess the gun? >> the defense plans to appeal the single conviction. arguing the jurors were not given clear instructions. in san francisco, sam brock, nbc
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bay area news. >> you can watch more of the exclusive interview with that juror. we post to do on the front page of the website, a verdict in a quintuple murder case, the punishment for the plumber convicted by a san francisco jury. plus. i'm scott budman at nasa aims in mountain view. just ahead why scientists here will be watching the next space x launch very closely. a cold 48 in napa right now. and 56? san jose. i'll let you know where frost is possible tomorrow morning. the forecast at 6:19 tonight.
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history -- and tonight there is it was one of the worst mass killings in san francisco history. and tonight there is a verdict. a 41 vietnamese immigrant is guilty of killing five minimums of a chinese family an ingleside neighborhood home. mark matthews is outside the hall of justice with the decision before noon today. >> reporter: janelle it took seven days of deliberating but today the jury did come back with guilty verdicts on all five counts of first degree murder. smarting from last month's loss in the kate steinle murder case. george gascon came to hear the verdict in the quintuple murder
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kacie, the san francisco plumber found guilty of killing all five members of a chinese immigrant family. the badly beaten bodies were discovered inside the home in 2012. the victims had been dousewood bleach and paint in an apparent to attempt to cover up the killer tracks. but dpla evidence linked him to the murder. any say he needed moep to pay off glanling debts. he didn't testify at trial. today his defense attorney admitted the 41-year-old was at the house but says he wasn't the killer. >> what we argued was that he was present but that the prosecution hadn't proven beyond a reasonable doubt which is the stad they have to meet that he did other than be present. >> gascon thank the jury said the verdict wagons important for the victim's family and community. >> we know unquestionably gnat defendant committed murder. he was there. the jury was presented with evidence to find him guilty of that and they did.
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and that really is it. >> reporter: like the kate steinle case, the defendant in this case was also an immigrant. and he was due to be deported after a 1998 conviction for armed robbery. but because luc immigrated to the united states legally back in the 80s, the immigration agreement with vietnam allowed him to stay. he is now facing life in prison without the possibility of parole. the sentencing date to be set tomorrow. reporting from san francisco, mark matthews, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. two alameda county sheriff deputies accused of a wheat beat having to wait a couple more days to face the judge. the hearing has been pushed to wednesday. this is video of two men at the courthouse. both facing several felony charges, including assault with a deadly weapon. surveillance video captured in the beating in san francisco.
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you see it here. the deputies are seen repeatedly striking a car theft suspect with batons. both deputies have been dismissed from the department. we have breaking news just from the numerous in oakland. the strike is suspended. just minutes ago we learned nearly 3,000 oakland city workers are headed back to their jobs tomorrow. however, we're told they have not yet come to a contract agreement with the city. they've been in the labor dispute for months now. now the workers including librarians garbage collectors and others have been on the picket lines since tuesday. as soon as we get more information we will bring it to you. people who lost homes in the north bay fires have a few hours left to register for federal disaster assistance. today is the deadline to register with fema. the agency can provide funds for short term housings basic repairs and expenses. business owners may qualify for
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low-interest long-term loans. we have a link on the website,, with information on how to register. just search fema. okay this could be cool. are we closer to living in space? tomorrow morning another launch for space x. this one has a lot of bay area cargo. several experiments that could help unlock the future of space travel and colinization. our business and tech reporter spent the day at nasa in the south bay, which is trying to pave the way into space. >> reporter: yeah it's the launch by space x goes off as planned tuesday. it whether have no anu fewer than four experiments put together here at nasa aims. experiments that help astronauts? space and those of us here on earth. >> you pull out the cassette. >> a cassette that simulates us. >> and it's a hollow fiber
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bioreactor. >> chucked full of technology to show how the body works in low gravity. this experiment heads from nasa aims to the space station for a futuristic purpose. >> that helps enable space exploration. >> and keep us healthy while there. >> every day people some day will go there as well. we want to make sure that exploration and tourists whatever they're doing are healthy. >> and because we'll need food, this experiment will focus on how to best grow plants in space. >> as long as we do that we can then take it even further for deep space and work on how plants grow in deep space so that we can live in space later. >> all about to leave silicon valley for a higher purpose. >> it's very, very cool. but, you know, it's just hard work. >> reporter: now the launch is set for tuesday morning from cape canaveral. scientists are watching closely
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in mounen view. nbc bay area news. >> thank you. so president trump wants to send astronauts where no man has gone before. the president signing the order today to refocus nasa on space exploration. the goal use the moon as a training ground to eventually send americans to mars. nasa has sent orbiters landers and revolvers to mars. but no human has made it so far. an astronaut mission is planned for the year 2030. >> love that. >> we love that idea. >> we do. you might love this. san francisco international airport has a plan to make holiday travel move faster. there will now be free parking in the airport garages. but only if you're there for less than 30 minutes. in the only that there will be an express drop off and pick up level in the garage for domestic flights. the airport is hoping the plan clears up crowded roadways around the terminals. this starts tomorrow and ends
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january 8th. >> oh. >> as you were saying. >> i love space exploration. i thought i was up next you know. >> you were so -- jeff was so excited about the space story he chimed in. >> excited about the next couple of days with the weather. >> yes. >> cold photocopy. needing the heavier jacket in the bay area as we head into the forecast. i want to focus in on that right now on the microclimate weather. we will have a few spots that have the possibility of some frost. as we look at the tri-valley has a average of 36. we may have frost develop through parts of the tri-valley near livermore. and watch if you are heading into the central valley towards tracy. we could have fog there. not so much in the way of frost for the peninsula with 41. but we could have icy conditions down near sand martin into south bay. and morgan hill and gilroy where you may need to scrape the windshield. check it out. down to 35 for the average in
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the north bay. and san francisco not quite as cold with a hazy 46 degrees. so jacket for the morning. but not so much by the afternoon. check out the temperatures as we head throughout tuesday. getting up to 70 in morgan hill. that's going to be close to record setting. 69 in san jose. 66 in concord. 67 in napa. and 65 in san francisco. under the sunny skies but once again poor air quality makes it hazy out here at times with the spare the air alert in effect on tuesday's forecast. we stay with temperatures in the upper 60s all the way throughout the next seven days. and morning conditions in the upper 30s to low and mid-40s. coming up at 6:48 we'll talk about our rain chance in the long-term and when we could see a little bit of wet weather return to the bay area. 6:48 tonight. >> see you soon thank you. calling on congress. three women accused the president of sexual misconduct a
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message for lawmakers. the warriors back home
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tonight after their longest road trip of the season. they)l happening now, the warriors are back home tonight after the longest road trip of the season. they'll be without draymond green and steph curry out with  an ankle injury. the warrers host the blazers. 21-6 this season. and pictures of the holiday lights around the bay area. check out the twitter page for the decorations. looming over the white house.
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three women, who made harassment or sex assault the me too movement is looming over the white house. three women who made harassment or sexual assault allegations against donald trump during the presidential campaign are calling for congress to investigate. today any again share their claims of president trump's misconduct on today with megyn kelly. they're among at least sixteen women who accused the president. the white house denies the claims and says americans made their judgment when they elected mr. trump. >> it's more than important enough to me to bring this up and hope that we can get some sort of change in our culture. >> he groped me. he absolutely groped me. >> that second clip from a widely shared video with the accusers, made a self-described social justice film maker. four democratic senators have called for president trump to resign over the allegations. celebrity chef is stepping way from the restaurant empire. following allegation of skaul
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misconduct. in statement he says he is deeply sorry for pain or humiliation or discomfort he caused. a website about the restaurant reports the claims date back 20 years and involve at least four women. three of them were employees of his. abc has asked him to take a leave of absence from the show the chew. terror at america's busiest bus terminal how bay area agencies are responding to the suicide attempt in new york city. less than 24 hours now we know who will win the controversial senate race. we have a live update on the campaign from montgomery alabama and analysis from our political analyst larry gerston. the final few hours of
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campaigning... tomororw morning -- the nation will be watching...and right now at 6:30, the final few hours of campaigning. tomorrow morning, the nation will be watching. and people in alabama will be voting for a new senator. will the controversial republican roy moore win this election? moore has had a controversial career as a prosecutor and a judge. and despite growing allegations of sexual misconduct with teenage girls, he still leads most of the polls. >> president trump has now thrown his full support behind moore. we have team coverage tonight. we begin with nbc's jay gray. he joins us live in montgomery alabama on the eve of the
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election. jay. >> reporter: jae, janelle, raj, this is an election that's captured the attention of the nation, both candidates on the campaign trail tonight. and both calling in help from washington, d.c. looking for some sort of edge in a race that's going to go down to the wire. the final rush to the ballot box in alabama. >> we are getting incredible enthusiasm. >> less than 24 hours until the polls open and the two candidates in the contentious controversial senate race have two very different strategies. >> i want to make sure that people hear from doug jones. >> reporter: the dkt is crisscrossing the state shaking as many hands and talking to as many voters as he can. while pointing out republican roy moore has not. >> it only goes to show that he cares more about his personal agenda than he does the people of alabama. >> reporter: tonight, the first time in almost a week moore returned to the campaign trail for a rally with republican strategist steve bannon.
6:31 pm
moore did not answer questions from the media and really hasn't since several women accused him of dating and sexually assaulting them decades ago when they were in their teens. something he continues to deny. >> i did not date underage women. i did not molest anyone. >> debby wesson gibson says she met him when he spoke to her high school class in 1981 and they dated two and a half months. >> it's not appropriate. it's creeper. dy not have the sense at the time. >> she calls him a liar and unfit for the senate. now another voice is weighing in. >> this is president donald trump and i i need alabama to go vote for roy moore. it is so important. >> a robo call from president trump is making the rounds in alabama. like jones and in the final hours of this campaign. yeah, you know, former president obama and vice president joe
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biden have recorded calls for jones as well. in race really all over the place. the polls all over the place as well. one thing everyone seems to agree on, raj and janelle, is that turnout tomorrow will be key. back to you. >> okay, jay thank you so much. the senate race has a far reaching impact beyond alabama. that's which we see president trump making the calls. president obama chiming in. >> it's a big deal for the senate how it tips. larry joins us and politics and alleged you sexual misconduct a dangerous mix. >> equals a mess wyatt right. >> yes. >> consider the situation right now in alabama. on the one hand you have a guy judge moore accused of inappropriate sexual behavior. by nine women who were young girls at the time. on the other hand you have a democrat considered which most to be very liberal or at least more liberal by alabama standards. and who if alabamaen vote for him they're crossing the line they're not comfortable covering -- crossing. you put it together and these
6:33 pm
guys are stuck. a lot of them don't know what to do. meanwhile you got both sides, we just heard about the president and the calls campaigning last friday. and democrats all kinds of them coming down. each is trying to stick the other with the problem but i'll tell you something. it's a real hard one. >> so we know it's going to be important to win. but what if moore loses? what does that mean? it's a sign of more to come, right. >> very few people initially accepted doug jones to win. really the on us is on the republicans. and if the -- if the republican candidate doug moore -- judge moore wins you got a problem. especially if you are a republican member of the u.s. senate who did not scream against his candidacy. it will haunt you. in 2018 it's a target on your back. but the real potential looser here is donald trump, the president himself. why? because when he endorsed judge moore, given all the allegations against the judge, it brought out all the allegations that were kind of suppressed after
6:34 pm
the election against donald trump. and you saw that in an earlier story tonight. and these women are not about to go away. they have been ignited. that's causing a lot of problems for the president. >> let's follow the numbers. alabama heavily republicans. why will that change tomorrow in? they have such a big lead in terms of historical elections on the history. >> the republicans make most of the decisions here. do they come out swallow and say okay i'm voting for this guy even though he is not the right person but he is a republican. do they stay home because they can't bear the thought of voting for him more voting for doug jones? or do the democrats manage to crystalize, galvanize and gather enough voters especially 29% of the voters who are blacks as the core and somehow overcome ineritrea on the part of republicans. here is the deal. the secretary of state initially said 18% turn out. a special election you expect
6:35 pm
that. now to 20 li 25%. so greater volatility process but i want to leave thu with this note. the election is decided tomorrow. one of these guys will win. but the issue of sexual harassment spt going in which. and that's likely now to be with us throughout 2018 and take some casualties. >> okay and we know this time tomorrow we will in theory have an answer. because it will be 9:00 eastern time. >> you'll be rejoining us. >> yes. >> thank you larry. we will continue to track every detail on air and online. read more about the final pushl online ahead of the vote. another big story today could have been worse. that's what police are saying about the attempted suicide bombing that injured four people at one of the busiest bus terminals in america. in fact the busiest. near times square in new york city. security video showing the bomb exploding this morning inside the port authority bus terminal in manhattan.
6:36 pm
police say 27-year-old akayed ullah tried unsuccessfully to detonate multiple pipe bombs. here a photo of him. injures himself and tlae other people. he has been in the united states for seven years from bangladesh. investigators are searching his home in brooklyn. ullah told investigators he planned the attack in the name of isis was angeningry over muslims killed around the world. >> i know i have seen movies. this is reality though. >> people scattering all over the place. >> remarkably only the 3 other people were injured. more than 230,000 people travel through that bus terminal each day. that attempted terror attack prompted several bay area transit agencies to beef up security around here. b.a.r.t. has all of the explosive detection dogs out in force. the agency had extra officers patrolling trains and using a messaging system to spread the word that commuters need to be on the look out for suspicious
6:37 pm
activity. >> we're not immune to it. it could happen here. in the next city over, the next state. anywhere in the world. people can't be complacent. if they see something they need to say something. >> b.a.r.t. is not the only local transit agency to step up. vta smart train and muni adding extra security in the wake of the bochd suicide attack this morning. governor brown headed to france to mark the second anniversary of the paris climate agreement. president trump pulled the u.s. out of that agreement. but governor brown was invited by manuel marcen. they will discuss how to finance and advance global efforts to cut pollution and carbon ee megs. governor brown is expected to speak about the impact of the wildfires in california and how man made conditions are contributing to the natural disasters. unprecedented federal lawsuit. kids suing the trump administration over climate
6:38 pm
change. will we take a stand? >> many of the 21 young plaintiffs and families rallied outside the ninth circuit court of appeals in san francisco. inside justices heard a request by a government lawyer to dismiss the unusual lawsuit. attorneys for the kids are either inherit ago big problem that the federal government is not addressing. >> i have been affected in many ways. if we don't stop climate change i might not have a home when i'm older. and so that's why our case needs to go to trial. >> levi almost lost his home earlier to flooding from hurricane irma. the lawsuit was initially filed against the obama administration. the ninth circuit skort is expected to issue its decision next year. president trump is opposed to it but the pentagon says it will allow transgender people to enlist in the military. earlier this year the president announced plans to roll back a 2016 policy which allowed
6:39 pm
transgender people to serve openly in the military. three federal courts have ruled against the ban. the trump administration says it's now reviewing its legal options. transgender people can enlist beginning january 1st. a freeway security network? the east bay. too much big berry or worth it for our safety? we'll let you be the judge. sorry. i can't make it.
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it's just my eczema again, but it's fine. yeah, it's fine. you ok? eczema. it's fine. hey! hi! aren't you hot? eczema again? it's fine. i saw something the other day. eczema exposed. your eczema could be something called atopic dermatitis, which can be caused by inflammation under your skin.
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maybe you should ask your doctor? go to to learn more. bay area highways are one step closer to being on well you're on camera or about to be. bay area highways are one step closer to being on camera 24 hours a day. a spring of frooway shooings led to calls for cameras and security upgrades. the final agreement will include a combination of cameras, automated license plate readers on the sbrss. a a number of east bay police department will be working together on this project. right now, the agencies that are working to get full funding for the three-year pilot program. getting back to work.
6:42 pm
a citywide strike in oakland is suspended. as we mentioned earlier in the newscasts 3,000 workers return to jobs tomorrow morning. they walked off last tuesday had been on strike since then. the issue, a new contract. an agreement still has not been reached. but today the union and the city sat down with a mediator for the first time. jeff is about a back with us. earlier you said it feels like friday. >> oh. >> i don't agree with you. >> i don't either. >> i got so much done before work. it was one of those days. let's take you outside of the north bay. santa rosa right now a cold 40 degrees. dropping into the 30s by 1:00 a.m. we'll loet you know how much chillier it gets coming up. >> a missing shipment and a missing refund. consumer investigator chris chumara. nbc bay area responds next. to a berkeley woman who paid
6:43 pm
6:44 pm
450-dollars to ship a box that never arrived. nbc bay area responds to a berkeley woman who paid $450 to ship a box that never arrived to the destination.
6:45 pm
>> $450. she couldn't a refund so she reached out to us for help. chris chumara joins with us the story. did we get her money back. >> yes, we did. i'm giving away the end melody shipped a box of books to germany from her local ups store on telegraph avenue. they shipped the box using dhl. the box was ultimately lost in transit. melanie bott a $75 refund. that's the amount she insured the box for. but she wanted the refund for the $450 shipping cost. now, dhl told her it refunded the ups store for the shipping and she had to get that refunded from the store. melody tried but had no luck. she reached out to us. the ups store is is independently operated. . we contacted directly the result was positive it refunded her the $450. a spokesperson tells us we apologize for the delay in refunding the shipping charge. but we are glad we were able to
6:46 pm
resolve this in a positive way. if you have a consumer complaint, please call us. 1-888-996-tips, orp online at concongrats to her. for charging ahead. 75 versus 450. >> keep the tracking number so you know. >> especially this time of year. i did hear about delays with ups possibly fedex keep an eye on it. >> nbc's will and yaes are nominated for the golden globe on the movie side the shape of water. garners the most nominations. the movie follows a strange kreeter. >> i want to go where culture is like new york or connecticut. >> another nominee the quirky independent film "lady bird," based on the high school years of the writer and director. the movie is up for best musical
6:47 pm
or comedy film. indemnity flicks scored night nine nominations. its series "the crown" and "stranger things" compete against each other for best tv drama. another netflix series master of none" is nominated for best tv comedy. the golden globes on nbc bay area, setting myers hosts. >> we have a lot of catching up to do. can he make the final four? hour local singer is the spotlight tonight. noah mack is one of eight finalists on the voice." the 17-year-old will be making his case to america or sing going to america, after all the votes are counted, four singers will be voted out before next week's finale. this is it. the final four here you can watch noah tonight at 8:00. so a little more than an hour from now right here on nbc bay area. >> we are ratting for him. go, noah. it will be nice to watch. let's talk about the weather.
6:48 pm
it's exciting. very filed during the day with the sun shining it feels nice. >> not bad. i mean last year was so wet. i hesitate to say it's a nice break because we need the rainfall. if you have a lot of stuff to do throughout the holidays it's nice to get from point a to b without major storms. now the main reason why we have had all this dry weather is high pressure that's moved in right on top of california. it's been here the past week. and it's staying as we throughout the upcoming next several days. it's helping to fuel in some smoke here from the l.a. fires. but the primary thing it's doing is like a big lid or a cap across california. so it's keeping all the polluteants down near the surface. and that's why the skies are hazy and milder as well. for tomorrow we have the spare the air alert in effect with the worst pollution for the north bay and also for the peninsula. please watch it in the sensitive groups, allergies and also respiratory problems, limit
6:49 pm
outdoor exposure. tomorrow morning starts off downright cold in the tri-valley. 36 for the average. we might have a few spots reach near the freezing mark like livermore with possibly patchy frost. watch out for fog near tracy or the central valley. peninsula 41 and cold average 38 for the east bay. . and throughout the north bay we're down to 35 degrees. that's our coldest start. and for san francisco we are looking at 46. while we start off chilly and you need the jacket, which the afternoon no jacket needed at all. check it out down in the south bay. a couple of spots at 70 degrees. putting near record-setting highs. morgan hill 70. east san jose. 70. 67 in cupertino. east bay mid-to upper 60s. 67 in livermore. 65 in vallejo. and oakland at 66. over towards the peninsula, palo alto coming up at 67.
6:50 pm
san mateo 65. notice the dryness. humidity at 29%. that's humidity that's low enough you'll feel it in the skin for tomorrow. may need a little bit more lotion and also the lips may feel chapped as well. find the chap stick might need it. 66 in the mission. for sfrigs also under sunny skies. 66 in snoft o and 67 in napa. relatively similar temperatures throughout the bare. on the extended the dry weather stays next seven days with morning temperatures in the 40s. afternoon highs in the low to mid-60s. inland valleys see plenty of upper 60s all the way into early next week's forecast. so we'd like rain in here. the long range maybe does show rain potential and possibly a storm system dropping down from the 20th to 24th. the problem is the gfs, the american long range model shows
6:51 pm
better chance of rain. the european model shows practically nothing. the jury so to speak is still out on this one. but gfs has been pretty consistent on the rain chance. we'll keep an eye on it. >> bring in the rain in time for christmas. >> thanks. >> after the miserable performance does it get any better for the raiders today? actually, yes. colin resch joins us next.
6:52 pm
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6:54 pm
person )s character by the way they handle adversity... and these are tough times well can you tell a lot about a person's character by the which they handle adversity. hees are tough times for the raiders. >> the tough loss to the chiefs but they spent the day putting smals on faces of kids who lost everything. here is colin resch. >> i was a wreck yesterday. and seeing these kids so happy and so thrilled to have an opportunity to get this experience, like i said threw the turmoil they are going threw, it brings so much joy to
6:55 pm
me. >> it's called perspective. raiders cornerback t.j. kerry. has it. they lost the important game on sunday. but the first grade students from this cool have experienced real loss. >> one of the students lot his home and a few were displaced. >> and that really touched us. we wanted it figure out what to do to give back to the community in a meaningful way. >> the answer, she came up with. the billed a bear workship at at the stone ridge mall. in the process of motivatingth kid, t.j. felt it important to share personal motivation when things are tough. >> as you can see i have a big scar right here. because i had open heart surgery when i was young. and from that i was able to be challenged. >> a challenge he would overcome to fulfill his dream of playing in the nfl. the challenge to these kids
6:56 pm
today. >> be strong. be brave. continue to work hard in school and everything that you do. and continue to help others. >> help others. it explains why the biggest smile on the room on monday belonged to kerry himself. >> seeing the kid getting their chance to put the clothes on, put the hearts in the bear. see the bears come to life is a life-changing experience for me. >> one day they might say the same. in pleasanton colin resch. >> who a nice young man and it does erase some of the pain yesterday but the niners looked good. >> they did. i caught the end. >> there is optimism. >> they're winning? >> you're so shocked. >> it happened. >> thanks for joining us here at 6:00. have a great evening. >> hope to see you back here at 11:00. sfx: squeak
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7:00 pm
now on "extra." a new morning tv stunner. celebrity chef mario batali accused of sexual misconduct, out at "the chew." what we just discovered behind the scenes of his show. >> will his quarter billion dollar foodie empire go up in smoke? >> then the hollywood gold rush is on. >> every "a" list face off shocker an surprise from the golden globe nominations. >> from chrissy metz on the this is us set to jessica chastain's insta video


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