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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  December 11, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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bombardier? late tonight -- police say a right now at 11:00, who killed 14-year-old suzanne bombardier, late tonight police say a decades old murder mystery is solved and one bay area community is stunned. thanks for joining us i'm janel wang. >> i'm raj mathai, it was a shocking murder and tonight 37 years later a shocking turn. a man has been arrested for kidnapping and murdering a teenage baby sitter.
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nbc bay area's jean elle is in antioch for us. >> reporter: tonight neighbors say police swarmed this house just before 5:00 tonight arresting 63-year-old mitchell lynn bacom. we have seen police and search dogs here tonight as investigators build a case that started with a dna hit. >> it's sick. that's a sick person. >> reporter: kimberly coal reacts to news that antioch police arrested 63-year-old mitchell lynn bacom for the 1980 rape and murder of suzanne bombardier. >> i remember seeing the picture. i was young. >> reporter: police spent hours searching bacom's home after arresting him on the front lawn, less than three miles away from where suzanne bombardier was last seen baby sitting in 1980. police say bacom has a history
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of violence, with convictions in 1974 and 1981 for sexual assaults. advances in technology gave them the advancements they needed to make the arrest. >> a hit was made in the combined dna index system tentatively identifying as the suspect. >> reporter: he was known to the family, now he's under arrest for the murder. police may be looking for other evidence in the house tonight. they're working with other law enforcement agencies to see if bacom is responsible for any other homicides or sexual assaults.
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more than five years after see area lamar first disappeared, the man convicted will be sentenced tomorrow. he faces life without parole. th the jury decided not to give him the death penalty. lamar was 15 years old when shes she disappeared on her way from school. look, this involves a ucfs bus, you can see it there, and at least two other cars in this crash. there's no word on the extent of the injuries or the cause of the crash. it happened a couple hours ago on market and 16th street. that intersection in the castro remains closed at this hour. it could be the work of a serial arsonist, 20 fires in three days, all of them on interstate 680, investigators believe at least 13 of them are
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the work of the same person. nbc bay area's tom judson is live with us. they thought they had the arsonist earlier today but then had to release that person? >> reporter: they did. they brought this person in for questioning, detained them for a short period of time, but there just was not enough evidence to hold them so they had to release them. that means it's back to square one for investigators in their search for a serial arsonist who so far r shows no signs of stopping. they all happened along a two mile stretch along i 680. >> somebody's setting fires. >> this video from a viewer as they pass by some of the latest fires just after they were  started, right on the shoulder of the highway. earlier today nbc bay area talked to a man who had some of those fires started on his fence
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line. >> i worry about my family. i do. the first time it happened -- >> reporter: they tell us there were two more fires started today. like nearby homeowners, the highway control and fire department are concerned about how close the fires are to the neighborhood. >> when you have a fire on the side of the road, it's pretty benign, but people's houses do come up to the freeway, you worry about it spreading to a home or injuring somebody. >> reporter: there are several homeless encapments along 680, police have been combing those spots looking for clues and hoping someone saw something or heard something. i spoke to a chp spokesman not too long ago he told me they have been getting tips from the public and hope to release something as early as tomorrow. thank you. let's go to southern california now. the fires are diminishing, but not everyone is in the clear.
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thousands of firefighters still on the front lines tonight battling the fire in ventura county. the flames continue to race toward exclusive communities and wind gusts and steep train is making things difficult. the fire has charred more than 230,000 acres, it's about 20% contained and could take weeks until it's out. the fires downsouth impacting our air quality. jeff ranieri joins us with a look. jeff. >> you can see from the satellite how much smoke there was filtering throughout california today. all of this offshore is the smoke we were dealing with throughout our monday and that closer view shows most of it moving offshore and off to the north. parallel to the bay for the most part, but it was down in gill
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rowe and south bay that we saw the smoke filtering in. you'll see in the air quality forecast, a spare the air alert in effect on tuesday with the worst pollution in the north bay, also near the bay and at the coast, and moderate levels pollution from wednesday through saturday. we're tracking more on your micro climate forecast and where the drought is the worst right now in california. that's at 11:19 tonight. tomorrow morning it's back to work. the city wide strike in oakland has been suspended. that's good news because now nearly 3,000 workers will return to their jobs. they walked off last tuesday and have been on strike ever since. the issue a new contract. an agreement hasn't been reached however the union and the city did meet with a mediator for the first time and continued negotiations tonight. in just five hours, alabama voters go to the poles in a high profile and controversial senate
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election that has captured the attention of the nations. >> captain roy moore. >> on the eve of e election day in alabama roy moore hits the campaign trail. >> i entered this race to represent the people in alabama in what they believe in government, what they believe our government should be. to acknowledge the sovereignty of god and an understanding of the constitution. that's the things needed in washington d.c. >> mr. moore, why won't you answer questions -- >> moore continues to deny allegations of sexual misconduct with teenage girls decades ago. >> i did not date underage women, i did not molest anyone. >> democrat doug jones also on the campaign trail. >> we got to make sure at this cross roads in alabama history we take the right road. >> looking for an edge both
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candidates are getting support from washington. continu former president barack obama and vice president biden have recorded messages for jones. while president trump has gone all in for moore. officials expect a 20 to 25% turnout for tomorrow's special election. >> right now polls are all over the place, but they all seem to show a tight race. a bay area congresswoman is calling for congress to investigator allegations of sexual misconduct against donald trump. jackie spear will speak at a news conference tomorrow. there are at least 17 women who have accused the president of misconduct. in a leert sitter signed by 16
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lawmakers saying america needs to know the truth. >> the family of the attempted suicide bomber of new york city apologizing for his actions today. police say 27-year-old akayed ullah tried to blow up the bus subway this morning. he said he planned the attack in the name of isis. he came to the u.s. nearly 7 years ago from bangladesh. they are outlawed by law enforcement they said police pulled a teenage relative out of class and interrogated him without a parent present. >> bart had all of its bomb sniffing dogs out in force, and extra officers patrolling the trains, and a messaging system telling commuters to be on the lookout for suspicious
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activities. this gives people hope. >> hope for the holidays. meet the man spreading light in the darkness of the north bay fire zone. down to 38 in napa, how low it goes for tomorrow morning, that's coming up at 11:19. how did he do? noah mack competes on the voice tonight. watch his family friends and fans cheer him on at home. first brought you a week ago
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today. one of two people injured in a shootout outside a target a flollow-up now to a story we first brought you two weeks ago. police say 19-year-old andre bolton died in the hospital yesterday, the other victim remains in the hospital. the police have arrested the suspected shooter from outside the target. a verdict on one of the worst mass killings in history.
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a vietnamese immigrant is guilty of killing five members of a chinese family. he was living in the u.s. illegally and had recently been served an eviction notice. dna evidence linked him to the murders. an inspection is needed after that bus crash in san francisco. it happened on 101 near the cesar chavez on friday night. the chp doesn't know the cause because a mechanical inspection is still needed in order to proceed on the investigation. the deadline for north bay fire victims to apply for fema assistance has come and gone. for those who applied fema will apply federal funds to help survivors with short term
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housing, home repairs, and expenses. they may also qualify for low interest long term loans. 4,200 have been approved so far. we cannot forget those who have lost their homes in sonoma and napa county. hundreds of people in the north bay lost so much in the fires just a few months ago. >> one person now is spreading some love through the light. let's bring in nbc bay area cheryl hurd in santa rosa with more. >> reporter: we've seen these pictures over and over again. devastation in coffey park, but these lights are new. it's the goal of one man who wants to bring hope to this community. in the beginning he worked alone in the darkness with his music. >> you already know what happened to the neighborhood. there's not a lot of people coming to the neighborhood. >> reporter: but he does.
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during his in m visits he got an idea. >> this place used to have people decorating their house with lights. >> reporter: that was before the fire. he's now making it his mission to raise this neighborhood with lights from the ashes. >> the residents being turned off by the lights being here, but at the same time that's why i did it at night, so it wasn't like everybody would really see me. >> reporter: it was hard to continue to be invisible. he started out with 30 strings of lights, that grew to 60. now there's too many to count. >> it just has been evolving magically. >> reporter: that magical dust is being sprinled on a lot of people. >> this is my way of giving back to this amazing community. >> this is my house. >> travis's home was destroyed during the fire.
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>> it gives people a positive reason to come back. >> reporter: now he looks through his phone to show how his phone looked during the holidays before the fire. now it brings him home. >> now i have a lot of neighbors that, you know, i didn't know before or many that i did we're all going to celebrate this christmas together. >> reporter: now duval is hoping everyone in the neighborhood will embrace his idea. he is hoping to have a celebration for the children in this area this weekend. reporting live in santa rosa, i'm cheryl hurd, north bay bay area news. >> it dresses it up. >> they definitely need some cheer in those communities. >> such strength. >> they do have unbelievable strooen strooengt. >> let's talk about the weather, jeff. >> we're dry, as we head into tomorrow morning, the cold temperatures are coming back.
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i do want to start off with a question from twitter. this is from daniel. daniel wants to know with the area of high pressure we've had lately, are we in a drought? for the bay area, the answer is no, not right here at least not now. there is a drought still for parts of california. as you see down towards los angeles we are in a moderate drought, where the central valley is dry. you can see across the bay area we are drought free, although we need to get some rainfall in here soon or things are going to be looking a lot different for us in that forecast. i want to get you right into tomorrow morning and it's going to be downright cold to start. you need the heavier jacket in the try valley, 43 for the average were 41 in the peninsula. we may have frost down towards
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san mar teen and morgan hill. you may need to scrape the windshields in the north bay. the east bay at 43. while we start off this cold, by tomorrow afternoon you're not going to need anything in the form of a jacket. we have a beautiful day for december coming our way down in the south bay, check this out, more 70s here. morgan hill, 70 and 69 here in downtown san jose. relatively light winds for the east bay, 66 in concord, 68 expected in fremont, towards the peninsula, sunny skies and 69 in redwood city. we're looking good in the marina 65 degrees. napa 67 degrees, sonoma 65, snow valley at 64. the only issue in the forecast tomorrow, air quality, hazy skies. and we're going to see a stagnant pattern continuing.
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that leaves us with unhealthy levels of pollution in the north bay and the peninsula. so watch out if you suffer from respiratory problems we are dry for the section seven days. 40s for san francisco to start, 60s in the afternoon. we'll have upper 60s for the afternoon highs. what about the possibility of rainfall? still looks like there's a slim chance the pattern may allow rainfall to get close to the coastline just before christmas. it's still frustrating for us right now but hopefully we'll learn more in the next couple days. we need a santa forecast for christmas eve. >> we'll see about that as we get closer. one date at a time. it can be a headache during the holidays, picking up family and friends at the airport but
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sfo has a plan to speed things up. we have jimmy. >> music from big strong and metro booming. it's a great show thank you. happening now, busted in hayward, a burglary attempt was foiled, 11 suspects were arrested after they tried to disable the security system of a local business but the cops beat them to it. all 11 taken into custody. you can read about it on our home page, south bay. the danger some neighbors say - its expansion plan poses to kids. reaction from all sides... plus: will northern california finally see some rain? kari )s tracking the forecast. join us tomorrow from ♪
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children -- has been arrested in s knew at 11:00, a man accused of praying on children has been arrested in los gatos. play say this man, shahriyar mohammed reza friend requested someone on a media app and wanted to meet up for sex. he was arrested at his home in possession of child porn. police are trying to find out if there are more victim. a man accused of kidnapping a girl 21 years ago caught. he's accused of kidnapping christine chu trying to ransom her. how was he caught? he applied for a visa extension using his name. >> it was a name match and we requested further information. i got a current photograph of
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him, and compared it to fts we had. >> police say kevin lin had to the accomplices one was recently released after 25 years in prison. a holiday gift from sfo. they're trying to make traveling during the holiday season easier. the airport is offering free parking in the garages if you're there for less than 30 minutes. perfect for a drop off or pick up. in addition there will be an express drop off and pick up in the garage for domestic flights. they hope it clears up the crowded roads around the terminal. it goes into effect beginning tomorrow and ends january 8th. up next a little boy at the warriors game bursts into tears after his interaction with kevin durant. we'll tell you why. right there on the court.
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its all about the shoes. okay. a little boy started crying right there on the court. it's all about the shoes. >> it's the best highlight of the night. we would start crying if kd gave you his shoes. warriors back at home after the 6-0 road trip. kd signing the shoes, gives the shoes to a young man,
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overwhelmed with emotion. that's cool. as for the game. the blazers in town. david west with the big slam, no steph curry or draymond green tonight so down the stretch it was clay thompson, nice three ball here. the warriors beat the blazers 111-104. after yesterday's disappointing loss, tj carry was back in the bay area putting smiles on children's faces. he was at a build a bear workshop. some of the kids experienced loss when fire ripped through their hometown. >> i was a wreck yesterday. and seeing these kids so happy and so thrilled to have an opportunity to get this experience, it brings so much joy to me. >> today's event was put on the by the tj cary foundation.
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we're back in a moment with the voice from the bay area. stay with us. did you hear?
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our hometown teenager -- w/ a lot of soul. noah mac -- from dublin high school -- is one of 8 finalists on he soubded good. >> he sounded great. >> did you hear it tonight, our hometown teenager with a lot of sole, noah mack is on "the voice" after the votes are counted, four singers advance to next week's finals. here's the scene here at home. a packed house for a viewing party at dublin high school, his family, friends, a lot of signs from the guys and the girls, schoolmates are cheering him on. >> i have to constantly check myself and say is this a dream or -- it is a dream come true. >> a proud dad. you can find out in f noah makes the final four tomorrow night right here on nbc bay area,
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noah, you have three votes right here. >> we're all rooting for you. he should get it, because he was so dynamic on the show. so passionate. he has such great range. >> i forecasted that was going to happen you know you guys. >> you did? >> yes. >> good luck noah we are rooting for you. you can see on the extended forecast, temperatures starting off in the 30s's upper 60s by the afternoon. may have a slight chance of rainfall just before christmas. i'm forecasting that wind, still. >> thanks for joining us at 11:00. we hope to see you here tomorrow. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- zendaya, billy crudup,


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