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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  December 13, 2017 5:00am-6:01am PST

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morning. just have to make it through the day. a live look outside highway 101 in palo alto. folks are sleeping in. it's early. just turning 5:00. good morning to you. thanks so much for joining us, i'm laura garcia. >> i'm marcus washington. the start of the day is going to be a cold one. >> yeah. >> it is winter. >> it has been so dry. that's part of the problem. when we have such dry air, low humidity, we have a wide range in temperatures from the morning hours to the afternoon. it cools down and warms up quickly. as we step out the door now, freezing in the tri-valley. you may have to scrape frost off the windshield where we are down to 31 degrees. san francisco, 46. a very cold morning and warm afternoon into the mid to upper 60s, again later today. we'll take a look ahead and talk about how dry it is and if we have rain in the forecast coming up. vianey arana takes us out there on the roads. any issues? >> at the 5:00 a.m. hour, fairly
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quiet. chp not reporting incidents at this hour. we were seeing slowing along 880 spots and also, yes, the metering lights are on for the bay bridge. a quick look at how it changed. major changes in the drive times, westbound 580 toward richland. and westbound 880 to the bay bridge, eight minutes. we are definitely starting to see a build up in the cash lanes. the fast lanes are moving fine. if this is your morning commute, you may want to head out now. a quick look at oakland seeing a bit of that build up. we are seeing more headlights and taillights. at least the roads seem to be crash free. we hope it stays that way. back to you. >> most definitely. thank you. 5:01. roy moore is not conceding the election. jones is the winner, leading by 20,000 votes. moore is saying it's not over,
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hinting at a recount. >> democrats and republicans, including president trump are congratulating jones for the victory. we have a look at what's going to happen next after this controversial campaign. good morning, chris. >> reporter: good morning, laura and marcus. when democrat doug jones got into the senate race, critics called him a long shot. now, they are going to call him senator jones. for the first time in 25 years, the state of alabama elected a democrat to the senate. >> i am truly overwhelmed. >> reporter: former u.s. attorney, doug jones campaigned on kitchen table issues, jobs, health care and education. >> making sure everyone in this state, regardless of which zip code you live in is going to get a fair shake in life. >> reporter: long odds in a heavily republican state, which
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donald trump won by 28 points, riding a big surge of african-american women and young voters to washington. >> ladies and gentlemen, you took the right road. >> reporter: jones beat republican roy moore, a candidate weakened by a bombshell "washington post" report of women that accused him of sexual assault when they were teens and he was in his 30s. moore told supporters, he's not conceding, hoping any outstanding ballots would trigger a recount. >> when the vote is this close, it is not over. we have to go, by the rules. >> reporter: it's highly unlikely moore can find a path to the mandatory recount. president trump endorsed moore and had a strange reaction congratulating joans saying a win is a win. trump will have a one vote majority when jones is sworn in. it will be interesting to see
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what roy moore decides to do today. i saw the former arkansas governor, mike huckabee tweeted he should drop his plans for a recount saying this is in god's hands and the voters have spoken. we'll keep an eye on that today. you know, if doug jones, eventually, when jones is sworn in, it will be january. the state of alabama won't certify the election result for a couple weeks now. he'll have two years to serve, then up for re-election in 2020. live in montgomery, alabama, back to you. >> thank you so much for that update. >> the nation has been watching. the "today" show will have expert analysis of the alabama race at 7:00 a.m. chuck "today" will talk about doug jones' upset win. we are following breaking news this morning. a 15-mile high speed chase along the peninsula ends in a crash at a country club. >> kris sanchez joins us live
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with a look at the damage and the search that is under way for more suspects. pretty active out there, kris. >> reporter: right. in the last couple minutes we did see the suspect vehicle carjacking vehicle take off in a flat bed truck and the officers are starting to round up and leave. in the last hour, we were able to confirm with chp that at least three people were arrested after this foot pursuit and they could be searching for as many as three more here at this country club. here is where the car chase ended. you can see where it also, the foot chase began around 2:30 this morning. san mateo county sheriff's deputies and other officers with rifles drawn as they search for the suspect where the car smashed into the gate of the country club. you can hear the k-9s searching as well. chp tells us that all this started when officers spotted a car suspected in a carjacking.
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that was on 380. it extended to highway 101. the speeds were very fast not only on the freeway, but also surface streets. >> i believe surface streets topped out at 70 and freeway speeds probably like 100. >> reporter: now, i am working to get more information about who those suspects are and where the suspected carjacking happened. the officer could not tell us that at this point. two women were taken into custody, one man taken into custody. again, the search continues for possibly three more suspects that appears, at this point, the search is moving off the property and on to the roadways again. kris sanchez, "today in the bay." >> thank you so much, kris, for that update. the city of san francisco and beyond shaken by the unexpected death of san francisco mayor, ed lee. with officials working to carry out the legacy determining who
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will take the lead in his absence. >> it's a story we began bringing as breaking news on "today in the bay." pete suratos is live in san francisco city hall with a look at the messages left behind for the late mayor. good morning, pete. >> reporter: good morning to you, marcus and laura. we can expect another emotional day here in san francisco. specifically behind me at city hall following the death of mayor ed lee at the age of 65. before we show you that memorial, i want to show you when you pick up the san francisco chronicle today, this is what you are going to see. you show thad earlier. this is a hard copy of the paper of mayor ed lee. mayor lead the city in time of change, showing the impact. that is what you are going to see this morning. behind me, you see this memorial, a number of flowers, notes in remembrance of mayor ed lee, many saying you will be missed. you can see the candles there. it's really growing a lot since
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we were here yesterday morning. as far as the death of mayor ed lee, we know he passed away yesterday as a result of a heart attack. at least that's information we are getting according to san francisco mayor, willie brown. it's not confirmed during the press conference yesterday morning. lee was the first asian-american mayor in the city's history and appointed in 2011 before officially running for the seat, winning that twice. the board met for the first time last night since his passing and led by board president and current acting mayor, london breed. here is what the board said as far as moving forward with the legacy. homelessness in san francisco and the plans to get 1,000 people off the streets. >> i worry that given the mayor was driving that work, a lot of that work from his office that now, because of his absolutely tragic death, it won't continue. >> it's upon us to ensure we
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stand unified and ensure -- >> reporter: as far as what's next, london breed will serve as the acting mayor of san francisco as well as the board of superviseors president. the board could select an interim mayor if they would like to. a vote will take place in june next year. let's take you back out here live. you see this memorial set up. i mentioned a note that said you will deeply be missed, mayor ed lee as well as a number of other votes. lee is survived by his wife and two children. we haven't got any information from the family as far as the official memorial plans. of course, as soon as we get that, we'll bring it to you, live in san francisco, pete suratos, "today in the bay." >> nice to see that tribute. thank you, pete. our coverage of mayor lee's death continues on where we have
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a photo gallery, including highlights from his life and legacy. san rafael leaders are ready crack down on loitering along roads. according to the marin i.j., it is the top spot for loitering and panhandling. there are 20 similar locations. city councilmembers will debate a new ordinance from people standing on medians in the city. we looked at the latest homeless numbers. for the last homeless count done at the start of the year, san rafael had a nearly 10% drop in the overall number of homeless compared to 2015. the number of chronic homeless was higher. nearly 1-3 are considered to be chronic homeless and they live on the streets without shelter. happening later this morning, thousands of needy families getting a lift for the
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holidays. san francisco's memorial church holds the annual holiday grocery bag give away. each contains enough items for a complete holiday meal. it's great to see. it's a five-hour event, gets under way at 7:30 in the morning at glide memorial in the tenderloin. honestly, one of the best events of the year the way they give. right now, 5:11. take a look at the bottom of the screen. right there by the time. it is very cold. live look outside in san jose and after this chilly start, let's go to campbell for the temperature trend. it does warm up quickly. normally, we are in the upper 50s. back in the mid-60s later today. another nice one but we will be tracking our dry weather and which he kno chance of rain in a few minutes. vianey arana is tracking the roads.
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>> it is clear. we have one issue in the tri-valley, what looks to be road hazard, a piece of plywood. they are working to clear that out. slowing along the southbound and originally the southbound and northbound side along 84 as well. it looks like that cleared out. we can expect to see changes in the bridge drive times in a couple minutes. westbound 80, nine minutes a quick check along southbound and northbound 101 in san jose, you can see we aren't dealing with issues on the road at this hour. a quick update coming up in a bit. back to you. >> sounds good, thank you. coming up, all new overnight. a big vote in mountain view. the sweeping plan to change housing in the bay area. looks like the feds will raise interest rates. we'll take a look when "today in the bay" continues.
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good wednesday morning. at 5:15, a very cold start. let's take a live look outside in palo alto getting started. looks cold as we get a look at this shot. we have chilly mornings, but warm afternoons are no different. palo alto reaching the mid-60s. we look ahead to the weekend as you make those plans. look at all that traffic. definitely starting to see a heavy build up along 880 in oakland. no reports of accidents. may be the typical wednesday
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morning build up at this 5:15 hour. i am tracking a crash in san jose. updates on that in a bit. >> sounds good. we look forwards to that. a historic chapter in mountainview after a late night vote. >> this motion passes unanimously. [ applause ] >> there you have it. the city council, last night, voted to approve a new master plan for north bay shore. the plan calls for a massive redevelopment including the campus, offices and 10,000 new homes. google is based there. the company has been a supporter of the plan. they say it will improve the bay area's housing crunch. >> tonight's vote shows even the small to mid-size cities know they have a responsibility and a role in helping our region address our collective housing crisis. >> a lot has to be done before any ground is broken. developers work with google and
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the city to come up with a master plan, which will likely involve more. the city council will move forward with tiny homes. homeless will have a safe place to live. details are expected next month. >> the fed is likely to announce interest rate hikes today. >> the end of an era. the last of janet yellin. >> former berkeley professor served as head of the fed since 2014, nominated by president obama. before that, she was the president of the federal bank of san francisco. today, she delivers her last press conference as fed chair. you are right, she is likely to announce a small interest rate hike. yellin will be replaced by jero jerome powell. powell and yellin are similar in their outlook. they are monetary doves. they worry about strengthening
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the economy and less about inflation. the hollywood reporter says n netflix fired an executive after he said the company didn't take allegations of sexual harassment seriously. what the man didn't realize is the woman he said that to was one of the women making allegations of sexual misconduct. he faces no allegations, but was fired for his statement. the fcc will vote tomorrow for net neutrality. we expect it will go along party lines, which mean the republicans in the majority will win. the fcc says millions wrote in supporting the change. there are allegations many of those people are fake. this person, donna duffy who wrote in from lake bluff, illinois is real. she wants them to repeal net neutrality and wrote in on june 2nd. you can see the comments. the problem is, she's been dead for 12 years. "the wall street journal" went through thousands of e-mails and
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found dozens of fakes. duffy is a real person, but not anymore and didn't write anything on june 2nd. >> 12 years? >> yeah. >> thank you, scott. we have a programming note this morning for you as excitement is building for the global awards. a two-hour showcase with the best moments from the last 75 years. "will and grace" stars will host. tonight's show airs at 9:00 p.m. the news will follow at 11:00. now, it's time to put on the coat, gloves, scarf. >> yeah. a lot of layers. >> you want to stay warm, anyway. >> it's been chilly across the bay area. we are not used to this. i guess we had to get used to it. we have had this weather for at least a week now and it continues over the next several days. as you step out the door this
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morning, a live look outside in san francisco. all clear this morning. yes, wear the layers. let's talk about this spare the air alert, again today. it will be most unhealthy in the north bay. we have had a little bit of that smoke from the southern california wildfires moving in. it's mostly high pressure that is trapping the polluted close to the surface. we will have more of that today. a bit of a shift in the wind blowing those winds in from the northeast that could give us improved air quality after the next couple of days. as you step out the door now, look at livermore. freezing. 32 degrees. when people say oh, my gosh, it's freezing outside, we can say that literally, right? it's 37 degrees now in san jose. 36 degrees in oakland. as we go throughout the day, though, it warms up quickly. notice by late morning and early afternoon, we will have much more comfortable weather. it reaches the upper 60s today.
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what's normal? 58 degrees. we are ten degrees above normal. then, when we look at the rainfall, we are only making it about half of the normal amount we get in san francisco. santa rosa, doing the best. we really need some rain in here. so far, we have had six inches of rain in the north bay and santa rosa while san jose, doing the worst, only 45% of the normal amount of rain that we get for this year. as we look ahead, we are still looking at some really dry conditions for most of the month of december and even as we go into next week. computer models were hinting at a chance of rain thursday, but even now, that looks like that's drying up. here we are with more dry weather. san francisco, staying in the 60s. for the inland area, staying well above normal and sunny. vianey arana, you are tracking how the roads are moving. how is it looking?
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>> typically, we see more traffic back up at this time. the map is green for the most part in the tri-valley. we are seeing a couple issues. they have been moved off to the side. however, if i zoom in on san jose, chp is reporting a very minor, possibly hit and run crash along northbound 101. it looks like that carriage nal may have been blocking a lane. it could recite a road hazard. the east bay drive times aren't doing too bad, considering how the camera was looking northbound 880 to arena boulevard, nine minutes. grand avenue, a minute and westbound 24, fish ranch road toward the bay bridge, seven minutes. speaking about the bay bridge, look at how that's doing. sure enough, there goes that back up and the build up. you can see it out of the camera
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frame. might be time to head out now. another update in a bit. >> thank you very much. 5:22 right now. coming up, santa claus and the naughty list. the search for a burglar dressed as st. nick. the man accused of trying to
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attack new york city commuters - s happening today, a man accused of trying to attack new york city commuters makes his first court appearance.
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he faces federal terrorism charges. investigators say he strapped a pipe bomb to his body, hoping to detonate it in a busy under ground path. three other people have minor injuries. new york senator, kirsten gillibrand is in the headlines because of a feud with donald trump. she used a sexist smear. this morning, she talks exclusively with savannah on the "today" show after "today in the bay." on the policy front, tax reform is big today. president trump delivers the closing arguments. house and senate members holding conferences to discuss the bill. rally against the gop plan. 5:26. all new this morning. police in los angeles want help finding a burglary suspect in a santa hat. police released a video showing that man stealing things from a home.
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he was wearing a scarf and that santa hat. now, they say he smashes his way into the home and takes cash and jewelry, even firearms. police suspect he had a get away driver. sk coming up, research on the housing. we are going to share new information we got overnight. >> reporter: a flair up in the bear fire zone. a reminder for people in the santa cruz mountains, we are not out of the fire danger quite yet. you are watching "today in the bay."
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5:30 for you this wednesday morning. welcome back to "today in the bay." a live look at downtown san jose with christmas in the park. if this doesn't put you in the christmas mood, keep watching. >> the little elves do. >> thank you for joining us, i'm marcus washington. >> i'm laura garcia. you have to keep moving this morning to keep warm. w layer that clothing. check in with kari. >> people at the bus stop are just jumping. they are looking forward to the bus and excited about the christmas season and trying to stay warm. then look at how warm it will be later on today in the mid to upper 60s. 68 degrees in san jose and mostly sunny skies. as we look at the seven day forecast, more dry weather, well above normal temperatures. it cools off a few degrees in
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time for the weekend. the inland areas stay the same. we are going to focus just on the weekend and things going on around the bay area coming up. vianey arana is tracking some of the slowdowns in a few spots on the roads, right? >> yeah, speaking of the bus stop, if you have a car with heaters that work, you are blessed. if you get stuck in traffic, at least you are not standing at a cold bus stop. we are seeing minor fender benders in the roads. san jose, the crash along 101 and de la cruz boulevard, the car cleared with hazard lights on. chp is reporting it as a posz possible hit and run. we are seeing slowing along westbound 80 toward the bay bridge. look at that, 15 minutes. it was six minutes, but the metering lights came on. we are seeing more action along palo alto, northbound and southbound 101. as of right now, smooth commute
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on this wednesday morning. back to you. >> thanks. this morning, firefighters continue to fight three major blazes in southern california. we have heard from crews who say this year's wildfires have been exhausting. overnight, crews dealt with an unsuspected fire in the santa cruz mountains near the sight of the fire. >> bob redell is live in boulder creek this morning with more. good morning, bob. >> reporter: good morning to you, laura and marcus. remember the bear fire that burned not far from boulder creek. that was fully contained in mid-october. here we are, two months later and crews have to return to the scene. crews returned to ron's road where they encountered a small  flair up on the bear fire. it was less than an acre and was contained. it was a result of something that had been smoldering over the past couple months.
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the video is the bear fire that burned 390 acres, six structures were destroyed. the number of firefighters were hurt because the terrain up there is so steep, some fell downhills and whatnot. everyone is okay, but they were hurt. you will recall a 54-year-old boulder creek man has been charged with setting this fire. he had pled not guilty. live in boulder creek, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> thank you, bob. thousands remain evacuated across santa barbara county as fire crews try to make head way on the massive thomas fire. this morning, cal fire is putting containment at 25%. the number of structures destroyed or damaged surged past 1,000. most of the evacuation orders have been lifted. the fire started nine days ago and burned 236,000 acres. let's go live to san francisco city hall this morning. a memorial that has been growing
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to honor mayor ed lee, following his sudden death on tuesday. flags in the city also at half staff. many people in san francisco waking up to see this front page cover of the san francisco chronicle, the headline reading mayor lead city in time of change with a nice picture. san francisco leadership faces the daunting task of trying to carry on after the stunning death of mayor lee. a memorial that you saw there is growing. he was the city's first asian-american mayor. he died early yesterday after suffering a heart attack at a neighborhood safeway in glen park. lee never wanted the job as mayor. when gavin newsome appointed him, he took the job in stride. >> treated people with extraordinary respect, even people who were opposed to everything about him. he didn't live his resume, he lived his eulogy.
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>> they went ahead with scheduled meetings led by the acting mayor london breed. no announcement has been made about a memorial service. pete suratos is at city hall and will join us with a live report in the next half hour. alarming numbers on the risk of hunger on the south bay and the peninsula. the harvest food bay of silicon valley released the latest food and security study. 1 in 4 people in santa clara and san mateo are struggling to get food on the table. they amount to 700,000 people. the high cost of living is cited as the reason for the short fall. 5:35. closure in the sierra lamar trial. torres was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole. in may, he was accused of killing her in 2012. the father had a strong message for the murderer.
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>> the only thing we can hope for is that prison will be a hell for him and that what he has done will eat away at his brain like a cancer while he rots in prison. >> the body has never been found. here is what the mom is asking. >> asking him to come forward where sierra is to give us the real closure we deserve as a family. >> they want to know where her body is. her parents add, they can take some solace knowing torres cannot kill again. 5:36. the san francisco international airport honors a police officer stabbed trying to stop a suspicious person. >> we finally get to meet him. all we know is what he did that day in september. calls came in about a suspicious person in terminal one. they came in and found the man,
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a 54-year-old who immediately attacked the officer with a knife. the officer suffered cuts to the face but recovered. he was a homeless man and arrested. it is 5:37 this morning. it is wednesday. we are starting to see that typical morning commute building up in spots. all in all, as we take a wide look at the bay area, everything is off to a decent start. we were seeing a road hazard along eastbound and westbound 580, but it cleared to the side. we are seeing a couple issues in the south bay with another minor crash. that has also cleared to the side. we are still seeing more build up in the east bay, this looks to be where the heaviest traffic is at this hour along westbound 80 from highway 4 to the bay bridge. you are looking at 18 minutes, westbound 580 from 238 toward the bay bridge, 17 minutes. westbound 880 from 238, you are looking at 13 minutes. the metering lights have been on since 4:48.
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they are seeing a lot of build up out there. i want to show you the build up that we are seeing in oakland. it isn't due to accidents. it's a lot more people on the road. maybe a lot have an early weekend, i don't know. for the weekend plans, check in with somebody who knows, right? >> yeah. >> planning the weekend on a wednesday. >> that's what we do even on monday. i wonder what is happening this weekend. let's talk about that. a lot of people are going to the holiday festivities and trying to enjoy time outdoors, have family coming in early. it's going to be in the mid-60s from the coast to the inland areas all weekend long. this is the same weather we have had, chilly mornings, warms up quickly and cools down on sunday for the inland valleys, up to 67 degrees. then, you may be heading to monterey where the temperatures for friday are up to 68 degrees. a very nice weekend getting out of town or staying here locally. santa cruz making it into the mid-60s with mostly sunny skies.
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doesn't matter if you plan on hitting the roads, follow me. i'll have the weekend forecast. let me know what you are doing. i'm on twitter and i'll have another weekend forecast coming up at 6:38. check in. you may see the event you reached out to me and told me about there at that time. i'll have another look at today's forecast. look at also what is ahead, coming up in a few minutes. >> thanks so much, kari. 5:39 right now. coming up, an 11-year-old girl handcuffed by police officers. >> no! no! no! >> you're not going to jail or anything. >> this morning, so many questions about why it happened when officers were looking for a suspect described nothing like the girl. we are going to show you the suspect police officers were looking for. a big loss for these two. as a democrat wins in alabama, when "today in the bay" continues.
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it's 5:42. bundle up before you head out the door. layers are needed because it warms up later today. a live look outside at downtown san jose. willow glen for the temperature trend. look at that. upper 30s. coldest temperatures shortly after sunrise z. by late morning, we are in the upper 50s. let's talk about what's ahead for the rest of the week that's coming up in a few minutes. the bay bridge may be backed up, but the san mateo bridge is
5:43 am
starting to see build up. we are seeing a couple fender benders on the roads. i'll have a look at the drive times and mass transit in a bit. >> thanks. 5:43. happening today in san jose, chp and others taking a look at how to reduce traffic-related deaths. the bay city has the highest number of traffic-related deaths and injuries in the region. we looked at the latest data from 2015. alcohol was involved in nearly 600 cases. parents, here is the most concerning number here. more than 80 cases involve kids walking or on their bicycles. the discussion is at 10:00. new this morning, police slapping handcuffs on a child and right now, a lot of people outraged. >> it happened in grand rapids rk rk,
5:44 am
michigan while officers were looking for a 40-year-old white woman. >> age and race are important. during the search, instead they put the 11-year-old african-american girl in handcuffs at gunpoint. here is one of the officers body cam video. >> no! no! >> you are not going to jail or anything. >> no! >> keep your hands up. >> no! >> you can hear the fear in her voice. the person getting handcuffed is an 11-year-old girl. she is an elementary student. this happened as she stepped out of her home's back door. police were looking for her middle ages aunt. as you can see there, this is a white woman wanted for murder. she says officers put her in the back of that squad car. >> it made me feel scared and feel like i did something wrong. when my mom was walking past, i was putting my hands through the
5:45 am
bars on the windows screaming please don't let mem take me. >> her mother kept telling officers not to arrest her. the chief is responding and he is shocked by the video. >> listen to the 11-year-old's response, makes my stomach turn. it makes me physically nauseous. to say anything less than that would be insincere. >> the chief says the incident is under investigation. 5:45 now. the president surprised by a big loss in alabama this morning. >> scott mcgrew joins us now. democrat doug jones beat judge roy moore in the senate race. >> i think we are all surprised. doug jones said he is surprised. this is that controversial special election for senate in alabama, a state that is solidly republican. for a democrat to win, even quhwhen running against someone accused of sexual misconduct is not certain. here is the victor, doug jones last night. >> i have to tell you, i think
5:46 am
that i have been waiting all my life and i don't know what the hell to say. >> roy moore says he is not conceding. he wants a recount. the person in charge of the recount is the alabama secretary of state, a republican, who said he voted for moore's opponent. donald trump's initial reaction on twitter, sober and measured. a win is a win, he said. remember, president trump backed a different candidate in the alabama primary who lost to roy moore, then he backed roy moore who then lost. >> i'm sorry. >> tv cameras were there when roy moore's accusers watched him lose on television. that's tina johnson on the left. she says moore groped her at her law office. democrats and a lot of republicans breathe a sigh of relief today, there are a lot of
5:47 am
other things going on. the governor of minnesota will announce his choice to replace al franken in the senate. then franken will step down. rosenstein, the two man will testify before congress today. republicans will grill him, asking if the mueller probe has an anti-trump bias. some want a special counsel to investigate the first special counsel. democrats will ask him about russia. we cover the white house and what's going on in washington every day. we are fascinated by your responses. you can reach me on twitter. >> thank you very much, scott. 5:47 right now. hanukkah celebrations continue tonight. another candle will be lit as the jewish festival continues. this is the lighting in union square in san francisco. >> here is the mac attack. noah mac, no longer a contestant
5:48 am
on nbc's "the voice". voters eliminated him last night. here is his farewell performance. ♪ >> mac is a senior in high school. he has a long road ahead. he'll be successful in the years ahead. he gave great performances there. >> congratulations. job well done. >> there we go. let's talk about the weather and traffic together. a cool start to the morning. >> drivers are out there cranking up the heat. later today, the windows down and letting the warmer air in. as we go through the day, it's going to quickly warm up. we have such a cold start. let's get a look at what you are feeling as you head out the door. 31 degrees in fairfield and santa rosa. the coldest spot, napa. we made it down to 29 degrees and the warmest, san francisco, 50 degrees. wide range in temperatures. as we go through the day, it's going to reach the upper 60s,
5:49 am
again today. we are supposed to be in the upper 50s. here we are in milpitas, 54 degrees for the afternoon. east bay, expecting 54 and antioch and danville, a high of 67 degrees. 62 degrees in daly city. 63 degrees in the mission district. also 63 today in sonoma with a light wichnd coming from the south. as you look out the window, getting dressed, it's a day for layers. you need gloves and boots. this afternoon, short sleeves and you'll be comfortable wearing pants, maybe jeans. for the next several days, you have to do more of the same. there is no change here as you check out that seven day forecast. getting out the door in palo alto for the school day, 38 degrees at 7:00. it's going to be a cold walk to school. you may want to drive. then, our temperatures making it sfwoo into the upper 50s around recess time and out of school.
5:50 am
it will be in the lower 60s. we have had a very stagnant weather pattern here, high pressure in control. as we go into next week, we take this to next wednesday and it still looks dry. our chance of rain that we were seeing is mostly going to dry up, but at least we will have that high pressure out of here and that will open up the door for, hopefully, showers in the forecast, heading into the week of christmas. in the near term, it is going to be in the upper 60s. lower 60s for san francisco. upper 40s for the morning. inland areas, more freezing mornings and warm afternoons. vianey arana, have you seen issues besides the slowdown in oakland? >> no major issues. i think mike is helping me ease on the traffic from home. see a couple areas with build up especially at this hour. it is 5:50 after all. we are seeing build up in the tri-valley. the east bay seeing that build up. in san jose, we were seeing that
5:51 am
minor fender bender. chp reporting no major accidents. westbound 80 from highway 4 to the bay bridge, 20 minutes now. it started off at eight minutes. seeing a build up there. westbound 580 from 238 to the bay bridge, you are looking at 16 minutes. it just changed right there. 20 minutes. northbound 880 to the bay bridge, 14 minutes. a live look in palo alto, they have the smoothest commute this morning. no major slowing out of that area. good news overall. back to you. >> thanks. coming up, more breaking news to tell you about. the chase down the peninsula, the aftermath and search at an exclusive country club. first, happening now, fewer people are applying for mortgages. weekly mortgage applications fell more than 2% last week. mortgage applications were 10% higher than the same a week ago.
5:52 am
prince harry's fiance will join the royal family for christmas. they usually exchange gifts on christmas eve and attend a church service on christmas day. see, just like the rest of us. prince and princesses are no different. a live look outside in sane
5:53 am
5:54 am
5:55 am
wednesday morning. a live look outside in san jose. christmas in the park all lit up down there. a nice day to visit. it will feel like winter. it's a cold start to the day. the full forecast coming up in a moment. it is 5:55. we could find out today if derick and max will go to trial. today is the final preliminary day. after that, the judge will decide if there's enough evidence for a trial. almena and harris are following involuntary manslaughter charges. 36 people were killed in a fire that broke out during a dance fire. another hollywood big rig is facing sexual assault. roman polanski is accused of molesting a girl in 1975.
5:56 am
criminal charges cannot be brought forward because it is so old. the latest allegations were reported to police in october. the victim claims she was molested during a photo shoot after he had her pose naked. new this morning, a just released death certificate of charles manson is shedding light on his death. he died of cardiac arrest, triggered by colon cancer, the complications of that. the cancer spread to other areas of his body. he died november 19th at a bakersfield hospital. he was serving a life sentence for orchestrating the 1969 killing of actress sharon tate and eight other people. happening too old, hundreds of supporters of the summer of love event are set to jam city hall to put an initiative on the ballot to make sure the event
5:57 am
continues to come a to city. it comes after it was denied a permit this year. the event has brought together artists and activists since 1960s. fremont unified teachers expected to protest and pack a meeting. it's after contract talks over salaries. they are proposing a one-time stiphen. they say that's not enough. oakland teachers and parents expected to march to the unified school district meeting, opposing budget cuts to the school. the meeting ended last time with no decision. they are expected to vote today. many teachers and parents are urging the board to make cuts at the district level rather than the classrooms. they are accused of overspending on consultants the last three years under the direction of former superintendent wilson. some of the most
5:58 am
recognizable landmarks in paris were lit up in blue and green in honor to have the climate summit. the eiffel tower lit up. you can see it says, #oneplanet. this was organized by the french government. live look at the bay bridge toll plaza this morning. a lot of people sit out there every single morning. did you know, americans waste 42 hours a year stuck in traffic? that's more than a full week of work. now, considering raising tolls to nearly $40 to try to combat the congestion. washington, d.c. already doing that and they say it's working. during peak hours, when the toll price is $40 on average, only 28 drivers chose to pay. nationwide, 86% of commuters drive to work. most of them drive solo. now, transportation agencies are doing everything they can to reduce the congestion and pay for road and bridge repairs.
5:59 am
commuters say the massive toll hike isn't fair. >> expensive. >> we are maxing out and are weari wearing out the infrastructure. if we don't pay to main tape what we have, there will come a day we don't have it. >> they say the toll hike isn't the right answer. the stock market is hitting record highs daily. many americans are still struggling. we are talking ability taking a closer look at what americans are charging on their credit cards and it's not all iphones and christmas gifts. lending tree survey finds a lot of americans are using credit cards to make ends meet. 42% use cards for car repairs and medical bills and they are still paying off that debt. right now, 6:00, an historic victory. [ cheers and applause ] >> i am truly, truly overwhelmed. democrat doug jones pulling off a major upset in alabama,
6:00 am
beating former judge, roy moore. react this morning, plus the reason moore is refusing to concede. breaking news, a carjacking turned car crash. the overnight search for suspects on the peninsula this morning. plus -- >> he loves people. he gave his life to the people of san francisco. >> remembering san francisco mayor, ed lee. what is next for the city by the bay a day after his death and the tributes pouring in. "today in the bay" continues right now. a very good wednesday morning to you. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> i'm marcus washington. as we help you get started with your day, we have been up since before 4:30, but we have been on since 4:30 this morning. it was certainly a cold one this morning. >> yeah, another cold morning. you have to bundle up, layer up, do whatever you can to stay warm. hot coffee could do the trick. look how cold it is now. most oe


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