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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  December 13, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PST

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beating former judge, roy moore. react this morning, plus the reason moore is refusing to concede. breaking news, a carjacking turned car crash. the overnight search for suspects on the peninsula this morning. plus -- >> he loves people. he gave his life to the people of san francisco. >> remembering san francisco mayor, ed lee. what is next for the city by the bay a day after his death and the tributes pouring in. "today in the bay" continues right now. a very good wednesday morning to you. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> i'm marcus washington. as we help you get started with your day, we have been up since before 4:30, but we have been on since 4:30 this morning. it was certainly a cold one this morning. >> yeah, another cold morning. you have to bundle up, layer up, do whatever you can to stay warm. hot coffee could do the trick. look how cold it is now. most of the bay area in the 30s.
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we have upper 20s now. it's freezing in livermore as well as fairfield, santa rosa. look at fairfield there. 30 degrees and also morgan hill. as we go through the day, it's going to warm up quickly, making it to the upper 60s. we'll take a look ahead and let you know if there is rain in the forecast coming up. vianey arana is tracking the roads. it's starting to get busy out there. >> it definitely is. look at the shot of the bay bridge toll plaza. seeing a lot of heavy back up. if you have planned to get coffee, take that coffee to go. these metering lights have been on since 4:48. it's not looking good out there. the san mateo bridge not looking bad. i have an update on mass transit. a couple changes with the san francisco theory you may want to hear about. all that coming up in a bit. >> thanks. our top story this morning, down to the wire. democrat doug jones pulled off the upset in alabama. he beat former judge, roy moore,
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by 20,000 votes. >> president trump and the republican senate majority is making it harder for them to pass their agenda. >> "today in the bay" is live in montgomery, alabama with what's next. good morning, chris. >> reporter: yeah, good morning, marcus and laura. you know, it's an interesting day in alabama. all eyes on roy moore to see if he does concede. you know, when the democrat, doug jones, got into the race, critics called him a long shot. now, it looks like they are going to be calling him senator jones. oh, okay. apparently, we don't have the video. it was a wild night in alabama. the republican, roy moore, was
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here. we do have the story? let's roll that back. for the first time in 25 years, the state of alabama has elected a democrat to the senate. >> i am truly overwhelmed. >> former u.s. attorney, doug jones who campaigned on kitchen table issues, jobs, health care and education. >> making sure everyone in this state, regardless of which zip code you live in, is going to get a fair shake in life. >> reporter: he overcame long odds in a heavy republican state which donald trump won by 28 points, riding a surge of african-american women and young voters to washington. >> tonight, ladies and gentlemen, you took the right road. >> reporter: jones beat republican roy moore, a candidate beaten by a bombshell report where several women accused him of unwanted romantic advances and sexual assault.
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moore told supporters, he's not conceding, hoping outstanding ballots would trigger a recount. >> when the vote is this close, it's not over. we still have to go by the rules. >> reporter: it's highly unlikely moore can find a path to the recount. president donald trump who endorsed moore had a strange reaction to the loss on twitter, congratulating jones saying a win is a win. trump will have a one-vote majority in the senate when jones is sworn in. in just a short time ago, former arkansas governor, mike huckabee tweeted roy moore should not pursue a recount in this race. he said the people of alabama have spoken. he told them to lose graciously. interesting to see that pressure coming from a national republican. the vote will be certified here in alabama in two to three weeks, which means doug jones won't be sworn into the senate before january at the earliest.
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live in montgomery, alabama. laura and marcus, back to you. >> so many people watching that one. thank you, chris. the "today" show will have expert analysis on the alabama senate race after "today in the bay." chuck todd will talk about the upset win. breaking news we are following on the peninsula. a search for a carjacking suspect is under way following high-speed chase along 101 overnight. kris sanchez joins us live at the green hills country club this morning where that chase eventually came to an end. kris? >> reporter: hi there, laura. the gate here is still damaged that the green hill country club. in the last hour, officers left the scene. in the last two hours, they confirmed they have three suspects in custody. they are suspected of carjacking and of course that wild chase. that ended here in millbury this morning. here is video of the search for the suspects.
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after they crashed into the gate, they took off on foot. you can see the county sheriff's deputies with rifles drawn alongside chp officers and k-9 officers tracking the suspects. the suspects took off on foot. after crashing into the fence and the back fence of a neighboring home. this is near the intersection of ludeman at lane. chp tells us all this started wh when officers spotted that silver, honda sedan that matched a description of one stolen. the chase reached up to 100 miles per hour on the freeway, up to 70 miles per hour on surface streets. kris sanchez, "today in the bay." >> thank you, kris. 6:06 now. a live look at san francisco this morning. a city still mourning after the unsuspected death of mayor ed lee. now, the city is trying to move
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forward after this sudden loss. it's a story we brought as breaking news yesterday on "today in the bay." "today in the bay's", pete suratos is live at city hall where the steps are covered with flowers and blessings. we can see it behind you. what is next for the city. >> reporter: good morning to you, marcus. that growing memorial behind me on the city hall steps, we first saw it put together not long after mayor ed lee passed away at the age of 65. i want to show you the newspaper, the san francisco chronicle that folks are going to see the picture of ed lee saying mayor lead city in time of change. going back a number of jobs in the city during the two terms he served. the memorial, folks saying mayor ed lee will be missed. a number of flowers, candles. the giants won the world series here in san francisco.
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you can expect more people to be emotional today in the days and weeks to come following the passing of mayor ed lee. he died as a result of a heart attack. that's information we got from former san francisco mayor brown. that cause was not disclosed when we heard from officials of zuckerberg san francisco general hospital yesterday. we know he was the first asian-american leader in the city's history and appointed in 2011, then running for the mayor's seat, winning that role twice. the board of supervise zers met for the first time yesterday. now current acting mayor, london breed. here is what the board had to say about moving forward with the mayor's legacy. homelessness is what we have talked about when it comes to the city and the city's plans to get 1,000 people off the streets. >> i worry that given the mayor was driving that work, a lot of that work from his office, that now, because of his absolutely
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tragic death, it won't continue. >> it's really upon us to ensure we stand unified and ensure a smooth transition. >> reporter: take you back out here live to the memorial on the front steps of city hall. the folks are familiar with that here in san francisco. it's growing. we can expect it to grow throughout the day. lee is survived by his wife and two daughters. no word on when the family officially plans to put together his memorial services. live in san francisco, pete suratos, "today in the bay." >> nice tribute to see there. thank you, pete. >> our coverage of mayor lee's death continues at we have a photo gallery, including highlights from his life and legacy. happening now, berkeley police looking for a suspect caught on surveillance camera. take a look. he's accused of numerous armed robberies. detectives are working together to try to capture him after they
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say he targeted businesses in those communities. san rafael leaders are ready to crack down on loitering. according to the marin ij, the meridian is top spot for loitering. there are 20 similar locations. next week, city councilmembers will have a new ordinance that prevents them from standing on the medians. happening later this morning, thousands of needy families will get a lift just in time for the holidays. >> i love this story. the church is holding the annual holiday grocery bag give away. each bag contains enough for a holiday meal. it's a five-hour event that gets under way at 7:30 in the tenderloin at 330 alice street. nice to see all the people out there. this year, they better be bundled up. >> it is going to be cold. as we approach 6:11, heading out
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the door, look at these temperatures, upper 30s in the peninsula and the south bay. it is freezing in the tri-valley right now. also in the north bay, down to 29 degrees. san francisco, 47. as we get a look at that school day forecast, getting ready to head out in san jose, only the upper 30s at 7:00. so, the heater will be on inside the car. walking to school, bundle up. we'll take a look at today's temperature trend in palo alto. vianey arana is tracking the roads. >> they have been fairly quiet except the early morning build up. around this hour, we are seeing it. i want to give you a quick update on the mass transit. i told you i was going to bring you an update. bart, 46 trains running. everything else looks good. a couple changes to the ferry due to mechanical issues. the routes will be replaced by buses. check online before you head out
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the door and don't get caught off guard. back to you. >> thanks so much. 6:11. coming up on "today" in the bay, the housing crunch in silicon valley. what could ease the crisis. what ccnn's andersson coope hacked.
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a cold start this morning. let's get a live look outside in palo alto. it's busy on 101 this morning. the temperatures warming up quickly from the upper 30s where we are now to the low 50s by 10:00. eventually getting 64 degrees this afternoon. not a bad finish to the day and we'll see more days like this, but when are we going to get rain? i'll have the answer to that question coming up in five minutes. that build up only seems to be getting worse for the bay bridge. we are starting to see slowing westbound 80 from highway 4 to the bridge. you are looking at 30 minutes, 15-20 to now 30. westbound 580 from 238, you are looking at 20 minutes, northbound 880 to the bay bridge. 15 minutes. i'll have another look at the mass transit. >> thanks. an historic chapter for the city of mountainview after a late night vote. >> this motion passes
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unanimously. [ applause ] >> city council last night voted to approve a new master plan for north bay shore. the plan calls for a massive redevelopment, including a campus of offices and up to 10,000 new homes. google is headquartered there and the company has been a supporter of the plan. leaders say it will improve the bay area's housing crunch. >> tonight's vote shows that even our small to mid-size cities know that they have a responsibility and a role in helping our region address our collective housing crisis. >> a lot has to happen before ground the broken. developers will work with google and the city to come up with a master plan which will likely involve public hearing. 6:16. the fed is likely to announce interest rate hikes today. >> and the end of an era. the last meeting for janet yellin. >> that's right. our favorite on the federal
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reserve is going away. the former berkeley professor served as head of the fed since 2014, nominated by president obama. before that, the president of the federal reserve bank of san francisco. today, she delivers her last press conference as fed chair. you are right, she is likely to announce a small interest rate hike. yellin will be replaced by donald trump's choice, jerome powell. powell and yellin are stimin their outlooks. they are monetary and worry about strengthening the economy and worry less about inflation. the hollywood reporter says netflix fired an executive out of the l.a. office after he told someone the company didn't take allegations of sexual harassment seriously. what they didn't realize is the woman he said that to was one of the women making allegations of sexual misconduct. he, himself, faces no allegations, but was fired for the statement.
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keeping an eye on a strange situation involving cnn anchor, anderson cooper. there was a response to president trump that calls the president a pathetic loser. cnn, this morning, said someone gained ak ssz sesz -- access to account. we will continue to keep our eye on it. it seems strange a hacker would choose to reply as opposed to tweeting out things. we'll keep our eye on it. >> interesting. >> yeah, it is. >> thank you very much. happening today, in a few weeks, we will all usher in a new year. today, the number 18 will arrive in times square. here is 17 last year. the numbers one and eight will go high above for the new year's eve celebration. the numerals are seven feet
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tall, almost as tall as marcus washington. >> maybe i should stand out there. >> i can't believe 2018. >> who puts the star on top of the xas tree. >> i have done that. >> i invited him over to change a few lightbulbs. >> there you go. >> that's probably what you are doing today, the next several days, putting up the holiday decorations. it is going to be nice. all dry weather. chilly mornings and warm afternoons. no different today. here is a live look outside in san francisco with a clear start and the seven day forecast is coming up at the bottom of the screen. another spare the air alert day. if you can, catch public transportation or car pool. if you have breathing problems, limit your time outside, especially in the north bay where the air quality will be most unhealthy, moderate for the
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east bay and south bay. let's look at the high temperatur temperatures today. this will make you feel warmer. downtown san jose matching yesterday's temperatures, 65 degrees and 66 in pleasanton, livermore, looking at 60s after a freezing morning. half-moon bay, nice warm 70 degrees and 62 degrees on the embarcadero. for the north bay, santa rosa, 67 degrees. we talk about how dry it's been and for the water year, 73% of the average amount of rain we get. for san francisco, only half. we have only gotten half of the normal amount of rain and san jose is doing worse at 45% since october 1st. we desperately need rain at this point. we have had a stagnant weather pattern. into next week, we see a change in the pattern. unfortunately, may be a little too dry to get significant rain
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in here. only slight rain chances and that happens next thursday. in the meantime, we have dry weather, temperatures in the 60s, well above normal temperatures and very cold mornings for the next seven days. how are the roads looking as commuters head out? >> we are keeping that build up in there. i want to kind of get your attention to the mass transit quick. vta was having a couple mechanical issues, not mechanical, just delays due to a crash not related to vta. a crash unrelated that affected that area. they had to run buses instead of vta. in place of that, they have one back up and running. check that before you head out the door. a quick look at the map, no big issues. slowing along the east bay. from westbound 80, highway 4 to the bridge, 30 minutes. you are looking at about 18-20 minutes. there goes the bay bridge there.
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i bet they have their coffee on hand for sure. back to you. >> i would hope. thanks. coming up on "today in the bay," sad story. caught on camera, the santa on the naughty list. yep, you see it here. the reason police are searching for this festive suspect. he hires a company and pays hundreds of dollars to get files off a hard drive that crashed. he doesn't believe he got what he paid for. i'm consumer investigator, chris chmura. a lesson for everyone on bay area responds, next.
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good morning to you. welcome back. 6:25 right now. nbc bay area responds to a walnut creek man whose hard drive crashed. >> he called our consumer team. whether i s chris chmura explains what went wrong. >> what happened to david could happen to any of us. his hard drive went kaput without marning. he paid $383 to resurrect the files. the company said they restored the data. >> a lot of stuff was there, some of it readable, some not. not the precious files i wanted. >> he felt he didn't get what he paid for and the no data, no charge guarantee.
6:26 am
the refund was denieanied. coming up what we learned. what we are learning about hard drives might change your computer habits and save you money. if you have a consumer complaint, call us, 888-996-tips or visit see you tonight. >> all right, chris. new this morning, police in los angeles want help finding a burglary suspect. take a look here. you can see him in that santa hat. police released this video showing that man. yes, the car is gone and that santa hat. he was having a bad day. now, they say he smashed his way into homes and takes cash, jewelry and firearms. he has a get away driver, certainly not here. >> not going to be on the good list. 6:26. coming up, remembering san francisco mayor ed lee this
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morning. shock and sadness remains in the city right now after his sudden death. we'll take a look back at his life and where san francisco goes from here. >> reporter: a flair up in the bear fire zone two months after the fire was contained. we go live to the santa cruz mountains, coming up. you are watching "today in the bay." taking a live look outside from
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downtown san jose. right now, at 6:30, taking a live look outside from downtown
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san jose. christmas in the park there, lighting up your morning. good morning. hopefully we can do the same, i'm marcus washington. >> talk about pressure. i'm laura garcia. thanks for joining us. bundle up before you head out the door. don't forget the gloves, the steering wheel might be cold. it's a cold start, kari. >> we are trying to stay warm these morning hours. wait until the afternoon. here is where we are beginning, below pre below freezing in the north bay. 30 in fairfield, 32 in livermore and morgan hill. a lot of 30s on the map. as you head out for school this morning, it starts out cold in oakland, staying in the upper 30s until 7:00. by 8:00, it starts to feel better, but it's going to be chilly until the kids get out of school. upper 50s expected today until early afternoon. i'll talk about how warm it gets and we may be setting some records here. i'll talk about that coming up
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in a few minutes. vianey arana gets us out there with a few slowdowns. >> we were doing so good. no now, during this past half hour, issues in the south bay. the one i'm concerned about is the crash along southbound 880 north of 92. the reason is there is a lane that is currently blocked. it appears to be a minor fender bender, but you can see the delays. that could cause a lot of issues for commuters this morning. another thing i want to bring up, vta delays due to a crash not involving the vta alongmont gu expressway and 1st. the southbound side is closed. the northbound side is open. because of this, they are running a couple buses in between the route. check if your route is affected. back to you. >> thanks so much. it is 6:31. new this morning, a scare in the santa cruz mountains. overnight, firefighters fought
6:32 am
an unexpected fire close to the sight of october's bear fire. >> this comes as we continue experiencing dry conditions across the state and crews battle major blazes in southern california. bob redell is live in the area. bob, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you marcus and laura. we are here in downtown boulder creek. a couple months ago, not far from here, the bear fire burned almost 400 acres. it was fully contained mid october. here we are a few months later, mid december and firefighters are having to return to the scene again. overnight, cal fire fire units responded to a small flair up that was within the bear fire containment zone. it was less than an acre. it was less than an acre, they were able to get it contained, but they believe it was caused by something that had been smoldering for the past few months.
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you will recall, the fire burned just under 400 acres, 390 acres in mid-october. what was significant, scary and dangerous is a number of firefighters were hurt because the terrain was so steep. as it turns out, the law enforcement did charge a 54-year-old boulder creek man with intentionally setting the fire. he has since pled not guilty. what happened in the santa cruz mountains this morning, again, a reminder of how dry and susceptible this is when it comes to fire danger. if you can see my breath, you can tell it is cold out here. here we are, having a flair up not far from here in near freezing temperatures. live in boulder creek, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> thank you so much. at 6:33. in the meantime, thousands remain evacuated across santa barbara county as fire crews try to make headway on the massive thomas fire. we checked the numbers and containment is 25%. number of structures destroyed
6:34 am
or damaged is surged past 1,000. most of the evacuation orders have been lifted for ventura county. that fire started nine days ago and burned 236,000 acres. now, to the oakland hills fire we brought you as breaking news yesterday morning on "today in the bay." we don't know what started that fire monday night. a home was under construction. that's where it happened. a total of two homes were destroyed and eight others damaged. a quick response from firefighters kept those flames from strpreading out of control. >> now, to a city and region still in mourning. tributes will being left for the late mayor, ed lee. happening now, many people across the area waking up to see the front page cover of the san francisco chronicle, the headline reading mayor lead city in time of change. they face the daunting task of trying to carry on after his
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stunning death. he died after suffering a heart attack in his neighborhood safeway. lee never wanted the job of mayor. when gavin newsome appointed him, he took the job in stride. here is what gavin newsome had to say. >> streeted people with extraordinary respect, even people that were opposed to everything about him. you know, as they say, he didn't live his resume, he lived his eulogy. >> city supervisors went ahead with their meeting headed by acting mayor, london breed. 6:35. alarming new numbers are the risk of hunger in the south bay and the peninsula. the second harvest food bank of silicon valley released the latest study. 1 in 4 people in santa clara and san mateo counties are struggling to get food on the table. that amounts to 700,000 people.
6:36 am
the high cost of living is cited as a reason for short fall. 6:35. finally, some closure in the sierra lamar trial but not the ultimate closure the family would like. torres was formally sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole. he was convicted of killing her. after the sentencing, her father had a strong message for the killer. >> we hope prison will be a hell for him. what he has done will eat away at his brain like a cancer while he rots in prison. >> sierra's mother spoke and addressed the fact her daughter's body was never found. here is what she is asking. >> asking him to come forward with where sierra is and give the closure we deserve as a
6:37 am
family. >> her parents add, they can take solace knowing he cannot kill again. san francisco international airport honors a pd officer trying to stop a suspicious person. >> we will get to meet the officer. all we know about him is what he did on that day back in september. the call came in of a suspicious person in terminal one. the officer responded and found the man, a 64-year-old who immediately attacked the officer with a knife. he suffered cuts to the face. he was a homeless man and was arrested. good morning. it's 6:37. unfortunately, we are starting to see a couple crashes along the road. you can see the map is a lot vizier. a couple crashes in san jose. in fact, a new one near the los gatos area. north of state route 17, one or two cars in the center divider. it may cause a road hazard. it's causing delays and back ups in that area.
6:38 am
definitely head out now. we are seeing major slowing along southbound 880. it appears there is still a lane blocked. that's the reason we are seeing heavy delays out of that area. just ahead of that, that typical morning back up as well. i want to remind folks about the vta delay. there is a vta delay due to an accident not related to the vta. there was an accident along montague expressway. that crash blocked the light rain lanes northbound and southbound. now, they have the northbound side of it open. they are still expecting delays and running a couple buses in place of the routes that have been affected. check that online before you head out. a quick look at the delays out of 880 and oakland. we have seen the build up creeping up. here it is at the 6:30 hour. >> looking forward to the weekend. >> wednesday and you are like, okay, what's going on this weekend.
6:39 am
there is so much going on around the bay area, as always. and the weather is going to be beautiful. we have had dry conditions. that continues into saturday. a lot of sunshine, but we will have more of those cold mornings, but warm afternoons on sunday. expect the inland valleys to reach up to 67 degrees and lower 60s for the coast. you may start out the weekend on friday in san francisco with a lighted boat parade at fisherman's wharf at 6:00. bundle up, it will be in the mid-50s. with the winds, it will feel cooler. temperatures drop as we go throughout the evening. saturday, head to walnut creek to ice skate. that goes on all day long. 63 degrees for the middle of the afternoon. that night, we will have upper 40s by 10:00. if it's a beach weekend, mid-60s, not bad. won't be as warm as it was last weekend. i think we'll enjoy that. if you are planning to head to the sierra, a live look at squaw
6:40 am
valley with snow on the ground. it's been a while since we had snow. there is none in the forecast. we'll take a look alt today's temperature trend. that's coming up in three minutes. >> we look forward to that. thank you, kari. 6:40. we have a lot more ahead on "today in the bay." next, handcuffed at 11 years old. >> you are not going to jail or anything. >> new this morning, the question surrounding this video and the mistake officers made that landed a child in cuffs. a big loss for these two and a big upset in alabama. when "today" in the bay continues.
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it is 6:43. as you get ready, take a look at this beautiful sunrise over san jose. all clear and we had a lot of beautiful sunrises and sunsets. expect more of the same today as we go to santa teresa for the temperature trend. low 50s, cold start. a warm afternoon reaching into the mid-60s. we will see more of this weather and a slight chance of rain in that extended forecast. i'll talk more about that coming up in five minutes. we have a couple mass transit delays this morning. one involving the vta due to a crash not involving the vta directly. that is on montague expressway. it appears the northbound track is open and they are running a bus between river oaks orchard
6:44 am
station. expect a couple delays for the ferries. they have mechanical issues. they are replaced by buses. check online before you head out the door. thanks. 6:44 for you. happening today in san jose, chp and others are trying to take on a look to reduce traffic-related deaths. the bay has the highest number of traffic-related deaths and injuries in the region. jo overnight, we research the data. alcohol was involved in nearly 600 cases. the most concerning number right here. more than 80 of those cars or cases involve kids under 15 who were either walking or on bicycles. today's safety discussion is at 10:00 at the center for nonprofits. police putting handcuffs on
6:45 am
a child. outrage is growing. >> this happened in grand rapids, michigan. officers were looking for a middle age white woman. age and race is important. instead, police put an 11-year-old african-american girl in handcuffs. here is the body cam video. >> no! no! >> you are not going to jail or anything. >> no! >> keep your hands up. >> no! >> again, the person getting handcuffed is an 11-year-old. she is an elementary school student. this happened as she stepped out of her home's back door. police were looking for her middle-aged aunt, a white woman seen there. >> it made me feel scared and feel like i did something wrong. when my mom was walking past, i was putting my hands through the bars on the windows, screaming
6:46 am
please don't let them take me. >> the mother said not to arrest her. the chief is responding and is shocked by the video. >> listen to the 11-year-old's response makes my stomach turn. it makes me physically nauseous. to say anything less than that is insincere. >> the cheer says the girl should not have been treated like an adult and he is using this incident to train his officers in ways to de-escalate situations. the president surprised by a big loss in alabama this morning. >> scott mcgrew, democrat, doug jones beat roy moore in the senate race. >> i think it surprised everyone, good morning to you. it surprised everyone, including the winner himself. this is controversial election in alabama, a state that is solidly republican. for a democrat to win, when running against someone accused of sexual misconduct was not
6:47 am
certain. here is the victor last night. >> i got to tell ya, i think that i have been waiting all my life and now i just don't know what the hell to say. >> reporter: roy moore is not conceding. he wants a recount. the latest update to the numbers into the news room show the gab is too wide to trigger an automatic recount. donald trump's initial reaction on twitter was sober and measured. a win is a win, he said. remember, president trump backed a different candidate in the alabama primary, who lost to roy moore. then he backed roy moore in the general election who lost. yesterday, president trump tweeted a message about senator kirsten gillibrand of new york saying she came to my office begging for campaign contributions and would do anything for them, implying,
6:48 am
perhaps, she was offering sexual favors. that implication enraged the editorial board at usa today, which published a scathing editorial. a president who would all but call her a, a word we cannot say on television, is not fit to clean the toilets in the barack obama presidential library or shine the shoes of george bush. this is the editorial board of usa today. they didn't redact that word. that editorial goes on to say the nation does not seek nor expect perfect presidents. some have been deeply flawed. a president who shows such disrespect for the truth, ethics, the duties of the job and decency toward others failed at the essence of what america has always made america great. we examine what the president is doing and people's response to it.
6:49 am
we are always interested in yours. you can reach me directly at twitter. >> thanks, scott. just in, we are getting our first look at two orphan mountain lion cubs now at the oakland zoo. >> look at this video. we received it within the last half hour. the cubs are around 4 months old and found in orange county two weeks apart. that's a baby cub. scientists are testing their dna to find out if they are related. they may be. that's because on adult female mountain lion was found. both cubs are doing well. the zoo says the mountain lions of the santa ana are most at risk in the nation. that's why they are going to become a part of next year's 56-acre california trail expansion that is happening at the oakland zoo. beautiful animal. >> always cute when they are small. >> everything is. >> yeah.
6:50 am
everything is. >> some big things are cute. >> yes. >> we are all having to bundle up this morning before you head out. it is cold. again, we have had freezing temperatures in the valleys. all clear skies. beautiful sunrise. a live look outside in san francisco. we'll see a lot more sun as we go through the day. the seven day forecast is on the bottom of the screen. san francisco is one of the warmer spots. go from santa rosa to san francisco, a huge difference in those temperatures. 29 degrees in the north bay. below freezing in livermore and in san jose, 39 degrees. the high temperatures today, in the upper 60s. very nice. it will feel like it has the past few days. as you look out the window and standing in front of the closet, getting ready for the day, have lots of layers. good day for gloves and boots. as the temperatures warm up, short sleeves and maybe pants. a good choice to stay
6:51 am
comfortable. we'll have cold mornings. if you are going out this evening to the menorah lighting, 55 degrees. all clear, temperatures dropping off quickly. then, as we go through the rest of the forecast, looking at still more dry weather, but at least we will start to see a change with that high pressure shifting off toward the east and that will allow for low pressure to move in. that will bring us clouds, cooler temperatures and only slight rain chances through the end of next week. now, we are looking at some temperatures in the 60s and a lot of sunshine here in san francisco. inland areas and valleys, upper 60s. vianey arana has been tracking a couple crashes that may impact your commute. >> yeah, looks like we are starting to see headaches on the road. when you look at the bay area, you can see all that green turned to red and yellows. earlier, we were tracking this crash and it looks like it is still causing delays along
6:52 am
northbound state route 85 just north of state route 17. there may be a couple vehicles involved. they are now in the center divider and it's causing delays. it is backed up over here. more delays along southbound 880 north of route 92 involving multiple vehicles. looks like a lane is still blocked. you can see how heavy the delays are right now. a quick reminder on the mass transit. vta expecting to see a couple delays due to a crash not involving the vta along montague expressway. a couple buses are in place. same for the ferry. mechanical issues for a couple routes. check online. a quick look at 880, where we are seeing the heavy delays. still expected. keep the delays. we are seeing the heavy build up in the past hour and a half or so. another last minute look at the traffic in a bit. back to you. >> thanks. next, a quick look at the top stories on "today in the
6:53 am
bay," including a carjacking wreck on the peninsula. the search is under way for the suspects. happening now, fewer people are applying for mortgages. a new report says mortgage applications fell 2%. they are, however, 10% higher than the same week a year ago. plus, fuller house. john stamos going to be a father for the first time at the age of 54. congratulations to him. back in two minutes with more. ♪
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(vo) going on now, our subaru share the love event will have donated over one hundred fifteen million dollars to those in need.
6:56 am
here are the top stories on today in the bay-- welcome back to you. 6:56. before you head out the door, here are the top stories we are covering on "today in the bay." >> we are following breaking news where chp and deputies are scouring a country club after a police chase ended in a crash. chp says it started as a pursuit on 101. the car was linked to a carjacking. it crashed at the gate of the country club. some took off. chp says at least three people are in custody and still searching for several more suspects. live to san francisco city hall where a memorial is growing for the late mayor, ed lee. we reported his death here on "today in the bay" yesterday morning. here is the cover of today's san francisco chronicle, the headline reading, mayor lead
6:57 am
city in time of change. lee died yesterday after suffering a heart attack at a neighborhood safeway in glen park. city supervisors went ahead with their meetings lead by acting mayor, london breeze. the big story nationally this morning is the stunning defeat for republican roy moore in the senate election in alabama. they project democrat doug jones is the apparent winner, leading by 20,000 votes. moore, who dealt with allegations of sexual misconduct during the campaign is vowing to keep fighting. the "today" show will have an expert analyze this on alabama senate race new at 7:00 after "today in the bay." chuck todd will talk about doug jones' upset win coming up in minutes. an historic chapter for the city of mountainview after a late night vote. they voted to approve a new master plan for north bay shore.
6:58 am
the plan calls for a massive redevelopment, including campus of offices and up to 10,000 new homes. google is headquartered in north bay shore and has been a supporter of the plan. leaders say it will improve the housing crunch. a lot has to happen before any ground is broken. developers will work with google and the city to come up with a master plan to involve more public hearing. a follow up for you now. san jose city council voted to move forward with the tiny homes project. they provide the homeless with a safe place to live. happening later in 30 minutes, thousands of families in need will get a lift in time for the holidays. san francisco's memorial church holds the annual holiday grocery bag give away. each bag has enough for a holiday meal. the event gets under way at 7:30
6:59 am
at glad memorial in the tenderloin at 330 ellis street. >> it's a cold start. >> really cold. many spots are dipping to the 30s and 20s in the valleys. a really cold start. look at where we finish, 63 degrees in san francisco. inland areas in the mid to upper 60s not only today but the next several days. >> vianey is tracking the crash? >> yeah, big delays. look at all those slow spots in there. i kind of want to zoom in north of state route 92. there is still a lane blocked in that area. so, definitely seeing heavy delays. you can see it on the speed sensors, it's pretty red and green. chp is working to clear that out in the next 20 minutes or less. >> sounds good. in 25 minutes, we'll have a local update. then we are back at 11:00.
7:00 am
>> it is wednesday, hump day. enjoy your day. see you back here at 11:00. . good morning. breaking overnight, no more. alabama delivers a stunning once-in a-again racing upset. roy moore loses, the democrat doug jones projected the winner in the hotly projected senate race. >> i don't knowhat to say. >> but moore refuses to concede. >> let's go home and sleep on it. >> this morning the major implications for both parties and the president over the line, president trump under fire for a tweet saying that new york senator kirsten gillibrand would do anything for a contribution.


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