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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  December 14, 2017 4:30am-5:01am PST

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taking a live look outside, san rafael, folks already up and about on the s curve. it's another cold start to our morning this bay area thursday. good morning to you, thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm marcus washington. i don't know if it was just me, but it felt warmer. i know it's still cold. >> yeah, that was just you. >> it was you. >> we have the clear skies, it's just been really chilly to start out. we have had a lot of spots starting out with some freezing temperatures. no different today. so as you get ready to head out, we're also talking about the spare the air alert once again. no wood burning today, it's unhealthy to be outside if you have breathing sensitivities,
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especially in the north bay and the peninsula, limit your outdoor time. 41 in san jose and 29 in fairfield. yes, it is a very cold morning, but it will be another nice afternoon. we will take a look ahead to the weekend coming up in a few minutes. vianey gets you out the door with a look at the commute. >> thursday morning starting to see more of that heading towards the weekend traffic pattern. our map pretty good everywhere. we are dealing with a minor fender-bender in the south bay, looks like they might have already moved that over to the side. there is this other accident along eastbound 580, looks like there is some debris in lanes which means one lay is possibly blocked due to a traffic collision. i'm not seeing any slowdowns on backup in that area, hospital flee it will clear out in time before that morning commute kicks into place. i know that a lot of folks are heading out as we head into thursday and into friday, so we will have another update of traffic coming up in just a bit. >> thanks, vianey.
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4:31 right now. developing this morning a 15-hour standoff ends in the south bay. this is about 45 minutes ago. it was happening in san jose. "today in the bay" kris sanchez joins us live with some of the overnight updates already happening. good morning, kris. >> reporter: we just talked to the lieutenant 15 minutes ago, he wandered away back to the scene. the house where that suspect was taken into custody is on that street there behind me and he's getting more information for us. we will get that to you as soon as we can. i can tell you, though, that this all started when a patrol officer spotted a man that he recognized who had a felony warrant for burglary and could have been connected to other crimes. police followed that suspect to a home in this neighborhood. they set up a perimeter and the man was seen later jumping over fences, trying to escape. they didn't know if he was in a yard, in a shed or in a home at that point. neighbors have told us overnight
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that they are ready for this to be over. >> everyone was wore yad, we were like are we safe here or should we go? they just told us we can't be inside our house. >> i'j499v getting tired of bei outside in the cold. it's not too nice to be out here. >> reporter: those folks will be able to go back home once this perimeter clears out here. that should be happening. we have seen some of the units who were here overnight leaving. s.w.a.t. was out here this morning, but again, we're waiting for that lieutenant to come back from the home where that suspect was taken into custody and give us the latest information out here on the scene. kris sanchez, "today in the bay." thousands of people are expected at san francisco's city hall tomorrow. they will be there to honor mayor ed lee after his sudden death. public viewing will be held from 8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. mayor lee will lie in row pose in the city hall rotunda. on sunday a celebration of his life scheduled at 3:00 p.m. at city hall. there has been a growing memorial on the steps of city
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hall, a steady stream of people have been dropping off flowers and cards. the 65-year-old mayor collapsed at the glen park safeway and died soon after. after months of anger and frustration the vote is in. oakland unified school board will go ahead with drastic budget cuts. last night the board voted 6-1 in favor of cutting $9 million. the original number they were considering was $15 million. it's undecided what programs or staff members will be cut. parents, teachers and staff really want the impact to students to be minimal. >> just like at the last meeting, i have questions about what you discussed back there. did you discuss the fact that this school board called out the police at last week's meeting so the community was not allowed access to the meeting? >> now, the budget cuts are the result of five years of increased spending. protesters say the district should first cut starting from the top. josé ines garcia zarate
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returns to court today in san francisco the first time since the jury found him guilty of being guilty of possessing a gun in the killing of kate steinle. we are expecting a date to be set for the sentencing hearing today. a jury said garcia zarate was not guilty of murder or manslaughter charges. kate steinle was killed on pier 14 in 2015. we have exclusive interviews with a juror and alternate juror that you can watch on happening tonight, a sold out benefit concert for the survivors of the north bay wildfires. >> it's called banned together two or band together two bay area. that show is at the bill graham civic auditorium. red hot chili peppers along with lucas null son are performing. this is video from the first benefit concert over at at&t park with metallica and dave matthews band. that show raised more than $17 million to help people affected by the devastating wildfires. the internet could change as we know it today.
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the fcc is voting on repealing net neutrality rules. that means verizon and at&t can charge you extra for faster service or access to certain websites. this proposal pushes to repeal obama era net neutrality rules. >> heavy handed regulations that were adopted two years ago we tried to solve a problem that simply didn't exist. >> there has been fierce backlash and protest against repealing net neutrality rules. we should note nbc's universal parent company comcast is in support of doing away with net neutrality protection. coming up on "today in the bay," a breakdown of this year's top internet searches, we have the list and it's been checked twice. breaking within just the last few minutes, deal done, the day disney is getting even larger in the world of entertainment. we want to take a live look out on san francisco, you can see the transamerica building there, a little hazy this morning. kari has a look at your forecast coming up. sfx: tinny headphone music
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good morning. i'm me go terrell live at cnbc global headquarters. it's official, disney has struck a deal to pie most of the entertainment assets from 21st century fox. those include fox's movie studio, cable network such as fx and its stake in hulu.
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disney is paying more than $52 billion. fox will spin off its broadcast network, local stations, sports channels, fox news and fox business into a new company. wall street is set to add to yesterday's gains, the dow closing at a record high after the fed raised interest rates and projected three more hikes next year. look for data on unemployment and retail sales, the dow rising to 24,585 the knack dak closing at 6875. walmart is providing it's workers a way to get paid earlier. the app automatically plans ahead for bills or savings goals. it also allows employees to access cash before a scheduled payday. up to eight times a year for free. walmart will cover the cost of the app for full and part-time workers. pack over to you. we're learning what people around the world were googling this year. the most searched subject was
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hurricane irma which hit florida. top asked questions, how to make slime. top sport, wimbledon, super bowl was second and top actors searched was the new royal to be meghan markle, she of course engaged to prince harry. there's more. >> the top song there, "desperate toe" and the top singer of course arianna grand day. the top tv show, scott mcgrew's favorite, "stranger things." coming up today, another cold start for our morning. >> really cold out there. if you can brave the cold there is a meteor shower happening right now and you can even see the thumbnail moon as we look at this live picture. let's go to evergreen for our temperature trend, it starts out in the low 40s this morning but we will be in the upper 60s again today. we will talk about what's ahead as we go into the weekend coming up next. at the problem of teenagers and drugs. >> and we do still have a couple
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cars out there in oakland we're seeing that thursday morning buildup. i have a quick update on that south bay crash coming up in just a bit. plus a new survey looking at the problem of teenagers and drugs. what was revealed that could help you identify a problem and help your child.
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. old "artyon little" of louisiana
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- checking to see check this out. 16-year-old ardium little of louisiana checking to see if he got into the college of his dreams. let's watch. [ cheers and applause ] >> it gave me chills. oh, my gosh. just pure excitement and joy. yeah, you would be happy, too. he got into harvard. and get this, his older brother found out last week that he just got into stanford. now, his parents are collapsed on the floor because they are like what are we going to do now. >> that's going to be an expensive bill there. >> his brother is the one in the black sweater in that video. >> that's a wonderful thing. >> 16 years old. wow. >> parents and kids did good. >> there we go.
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if you are out early this morning studying, getting ready for school it's going to be a really cold start. bundle up. take a look at these temperatures again with those lower 40s for the peninsula, the south bay, 36 degrees in the tri-valley and it's 32 degrees in the north bay. you may have to get that scraper out once again, clear out the windshield before you head out for your drive. 32 degrees in santa rosa, napa, 29 in fairfield and livermore at 36 degrees, also 36 now in morgan hill and then as we check out these high temperatures this will make you feel much better. now, we've been quickly warming up into those upper 60s every day for the past couple of weeks, but then it cools off quickly as well. so you know you only have like a couple of hours during the middle of the day when it feels really comfortable. walnut creek will be up to 66 degrees and 64 today in fremont, 69 degrees in half-moon bay, we get those winds flowing over the mountains and warming up those temperatures along the immediate
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coast. palo alto will be at 64. we will be at 64 in the mission district and 64 today in novato. taking a live look outside and you're standing in front of the closet getting dressed this morning, it's going to be one for a nice warm jacket, but you don't want to forget the sunglasses, too. later on today as we get that quick warmup you will be comfortable with a light t-shirt and maybe some jeans and also with some closed-toe shoes, maybe some boots today would be comfortable. as we look ahead we are finally going to start to see a change in this pattern when we take you through next wednesday and it's looking a little bit more promising, but there's still a lot of disagreement between the computer models showing whether or not we will actually get some rain in the bay area. a lot of it stays to the north, but look at that, we could get some snow in time for christmas for the sierra. looks really good and then we will see a couple more waves of the rain moving through and also some cooler temperatures. we will still, though, be in the
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mid 60s for the next couple of days in san francisco, inland areas in the upper 60s and it's going to be gusty as we go into the weekend and we will talk more about that. as we head over to vianey now, any issues out there early? >> we're starting to see a couple accidents popping up on our traffic map. we've got this one in the south bay in san jose, looks to be a minor fender-bender and chp is already on its way out, possibly creating a road hazard, could be blocking the shoulder lane, so watch out for that if you're going to be driving by the south bay area, but i'm still looking out for this crash along eastbound 580, it looks like there is still deb dri in some lanes although i'm not catching any slow downs on our speed sensors. there is some slowing along the southbound 880 side so i will have to see what that's about, but that could just be early morning thursday pickup, we saw that pickup yesterday early on and we could expect to see that again today. let's check out the east bay drive times, with he see slowing on the maps but we don't see
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that impacting your drive times from marina boulevard to broadway 9 minutes westbound 580 eight minutes and the bay bridge before -- i was going to say before the metering lights turn on but it looks like now they are officially on. if you don't have a fast pass you will be sitting in those cash toll lanes. firefighters in southern california are making more progress fighting the massive thomas wildfire. we just checked less than 20 minutes ago and the fire is 30% contained but it continues to threaten thousands of homes in santa barbara county. the fire burned more than 370 square miles and 700 homes have burned since it started more than a week ago in ventura county. treacherous conditions local firefighters are facing in southern california. the santa clara crew sent us this video from ojai and it shows the twister churning,
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those flames. santa clara county has 40 firefighters battling the thomas fire there. budget talks have started in california. democrats want to expand tax credit for the working poor and extend coverage for working immigrants. democrats also hoping to add an extra $3 billion to the state's rainy day fund. lawmakers will hammer that budget out over the next six months. after countless hours of negotiating finally some agreement in oakland between city and its workers. last night two employee labor unions ratified tentative agreements which gives workers a 6% raise over the next couple of years. city council will give the final approval next week. workers went on strike for a week which ended on tuesday. new this morning we're learning what drugs teenagers are using and which ones they are not. the government research surveyed thousands of eighth, tenth and 12th graders, they found nearly a third have used electronic vaporizers.
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marijuana is the most popular choice, but that's not all. >> they're vaping nicotine, they're vaping marijuana and they're sometimes vaping flavorings that they don't think has anything but the behaviors in them. >> we have good news to tell you about here. cigarettes are no longer popular, just 4% of 12th graders said they smoked those. also opioid abuse was fallen with recreational use of painkillers like vicodin and oxycodone to all time lows. there is a great show ending right about now really that you didn't even have to turn on your tv to see. >> it's a meteor shower. it really thrilled star gazers overnight across the bay area. ast ron mists say it's probably the best meteor shower of the year. if you are in the right spot you could see more than one falling star per minute. some folks bundled up last night
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to watch it in oakland. >> i've seen like 10 or 12,vzçke nice bright ones and some faint ones. >> the meteors are debris from a three mile wild asteroid. the earth passes through that asteroid orbit every december. i have to say i saw two falling stars this morning. >> really? >> uh-huh. >> coming up on "today in the bay," police are looking for a suspect that painted a hate message on a bay area man's car, why the victim believes it happened. plus nbc bay area responds. airlines don't handle delays and cancellations the same. european airlines are held to far stricter standards than u.s. airlines. in the event of a delay, cancellation or baggage mix-up you could be due reaccommodation or cash compensation that u.s. airlines aren't required to provide. send us your consumer questions, the number is 888-996-tips or on line at but first happening now.. a developing story -- the u-s bought weapons for syrian rebels and some of them ended up
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in the hands of isis. first happening to you a develop story, u.s. bought weapons for syrian rebels and some ended up in the hands of isis. a new report found weapons recovered from war zones. plus the world's largest generic maker laying off 14,000 workers, about 25% of its global workforce. tiv a's stock has fallen nearly 60% this year. ♪ this little home of mine,
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painted racial slurs on another man )s s-u-v. well, the search continues this morning for a suspect who painted racial slurs on another man's suv. >> steven shopping in fairfield yesterday? when he came out of a grocery store and found this. look at that.
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hate messages plastered all over his car in large black letters, #dt was painted on one of the sides. wilson believes that stands for donald trump. he believes it's a result of an argument he had with a man over a parking spot. wilson says the money to fix his car will be tough to come by. it's going to cost $1,000 for the shop and a $500 deductible for me. where do i get that from? for all the hateful people out there, stop being hateful. start loving each other. >> in the state of the world today we can't take anything like this lightly and with racial epithets being used it's very concerning to us, we don't like that in our community. >> that was an officer from the fairfield police department who says they are treating this as a hate crime. wilson says police are looking at surveillance video, but so far have no suspects. take a look at this right here, more than just people rescued from this burning home in newark last night. the alameda county fire department tweeted these photos
4:57 am
of the six dogs that were saved as well. those puppies and animals were all on the second floor and had to be rescued through a window. no people or animals were harmed. >> firefighters and puppies, can it get much better than that? >> maybe a cat in a tree. some good news this morning, a less than two week old abandoned pup which was being taken care of at a monterey bay aquarium now has a permanent home. >> here is the pup known as 805. marine biologists tried to find him a surrogate mom but it didn't work which meant he couldn't be released into the wild. fear not, the pup is being taken care of by the oregon zoo in portland. >> look at him. >> he is adorable. coming up on "today in the bay," you step outside you know $(w kari has been tracking the forecast for us. >> you do need something nice and warm to wear to stay comfortable as this day goes along now. as we take a live look outside
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in fremont, upper 30s again today, but it warms up into the mid 50s by 11:00. we will see what else is ahead for the rest of the day in the microclimate forecast coming up next. and here is a live look right now at the san mateo bridge. plenty of taillights and head lights out there. we aren't seeing any issues on the bridges but it looks like we may be seeing a couple crashes in the south bay along southbound 280. i will have an update on that coming up in just a bit. plus 15 hour long standoff finally ends in the south bay. the final moments of the suspect being brought into custody. 2017
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-live look outside at the bay bridge -it )s cold a good thursday morning. let's start it by taking a live look outside. aren't you glad you are not sitting in that. already at 5:00, yeah, starting to stack up at the bay bridge toll plaza just a little bit there. get that fast track going there. thanks for joining us, i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm marcus washington. again, another cold morning there. we step outside and, kari, going to need that coat. >> yeah, it's no different from what we have had the past several mornings even going back to last week. it's been really dry. so every morning we have had some below freezing temperatures in parts of the bay area, look at that, in napa, santa rosa, 32 degrees as you head out the door again and in oakland it's 38 degrees. 41 in palo alto and san jose. looking live in san jose right now let's check out that temperature trend. we do


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