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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  December 14, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PST

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area with temperatures in the 30s in some spots. beautiful live look outside. good morning and thanks for joining us. i )m laura garcia. and i )m marcus washington. good morning. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm marcus washington. as we help get you started on this cold thursday morning, thursday, thursday, friday eve. >> friday eve. >> we are looking forward to that weekend forecast which pretty much continues on like the weather we have had recently. cold mornings and warm afternoons. we also today have a spare the air alert again. so if you can, plan early, make sure you catch the bus or the train or carpool. here is a live look outside in san francisco with the spare the air alert and where the air will be most unhealthy today in the north bay and the peninsula. as we get a look at those temperatures now i wouldn't be surprised to see more upper 20s in some of the north bay valleys, 40 now in san jose and palo alto. as we get you out the door for school it is only going to be 40
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degrees at 7:00 this morning, but by the time you walk home from school, mid 60s. not bad at all. we will talk about the weekend and what's ahead coming up in a few minutes. vianey has been tracking a slow down in the east bay. now that we're heading into that 6:00 hour you can definitely expect more volume of traffic out there. i'm still tracking that accident along 680. unfortunately it seems to only be getting worse along southbound 680 at scott creek road. theres a lane still blocked. the reason that lane is blocked apparently chp is reporting a vehicle is on its roof. so unfortunately there possibly may be some injuries involved. you can see that that is backed up way before scott street. if you may want to jump on at jacquelyn, looks like that is all green to go there. on the opposite side you can see some slowing along the northbound side. the reason for that is people typically tend to slow down and look over. don't try to be that person, you could cause another accident. we are definitely monitoring that again, chp is reporting
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what looks to be possibly an injury accident. so we are going to look more into that so we can bring you an update. if i scroll this back out you can see just up ahead of that accident it's not looking too bad. let's get a quick check of your bridge drive times. westbound 580 towards the richmond bridge seven minutes, towards the bay bridge the metering lights are on you're looking at 13 minutes. it is 6:02 right now. developing this morning, a 15 hour standoff comes to an end in the south bay. it all happened in a san jose neighborhood close to the loss lagos golf course. >> this ended with an explosive bang. "today in the bay" kris sanchez is live at the scene. i know you spoke with an officer there on the scene in the last hour here on "today in the bay." how did this all come to an end? >> reporter: in the last half hour that officer did tell us that they had to rescue a man who lives inside that home where that wanted felon was holed up before they could go in and try to get him under arrest. and that was because the man
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could not leave on his own. so not a hostage but definitely somebody who did not need to be there when all of this went down. once that man was taken out safely the merge unit backed their s.w.a.t. bear cat into that home and used tear gas. officers fired nonlethal shots, that's baen bags and you can hear the k-9 going in as well. the suspect managed to stave off arrest for 15 hours. at some points trying to jump fences to get away but eventually he was cornered in this home here behind me. >> did eventually try to come out through the -- different parts of the house and elected to come out the front of the house where he was taken into custody by the police. >> put down without a fight? >> he definitely resisted arrest. >> reporter: now, at this point you might know that that man was spotted by a patrol officer who recognized him as a wanted felon, wanted for burglary and possible connections to other crimes. now, during that 15-hour standoff a lot of neighbors were forced out of their homes and
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into the cold dark night, but those folks are returning now, except for a few homes. this is one of the homes where the homeowner cannot return. you can see those gentlemen working back there. they are trying to do some repair from where that suspect was taken into custody. they are boarding up a window and trying to fix the garage door before that homeowner can go back in. by the way, the fire department was out here as well with big fans trying to clear out that tear gas so that the homeowner could go in without any repercussions. in san jose, kris sanchez, "today in the bay." 6:04 right now. new this morning a tragic death in the north bay. a santa rosa woman is dead after a car crash. police say the driver initially left the scene but then came back about 20 minutes later. it happened just after 5:30 on wednesday near wright road and highway 12. police say 56-year-old barbara jones was walking when a minivan hit her. the driver says he didn't see her in the crosswalk. happening today, the sacramento man accused of driving drunk and killing four
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people on thanksgiving weekend goes to court. police say fred lowe caused a chain reaction crash on interstate 80 in san pablo. he was eventually arrested after leaving the scene. lowe is expected to enter a plea today in a richmond court. senator dianne feinstein reportedly calling at a closer look at can conditions for female immigration detainees in contra costa county. some detainees say their civil rights are being violated. according to the chronicle senator feinstein sent a letter to the director of ice asking for an investigation. east bay congressman mark dee sal nay has asked the attorney general office to investigate and california's attorney general is also looking into those allegations. 6:05 now. live to washington, d.c. this morning where it appears this morning that the tax bill is almost done. >> republicans have merged their two plans into one and they think they can get it on to the president's desk next week
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before christmas. "today in the bay's" tracie potts joins us live in washington this morning to explain how the new plan could impact a lot of wallets. good morning. >> reporter: especially in california, laura and marcus. good morning. good morning, everyone. because you have those high state taxes, what they decide to do with state and local taxes here could have a big impact on the wallets of californians. we are taking a look at that this morning. plus how quickly they're trying to get it done. >> for american families and for american -- >> reporter: president trump calls it a gift. >> a giant tax cut for christmas. and when i say giant, i mean giant. >> reporter: democrats call it a charade. >> what you have is a sham of a conference committee. >> reporter: here is what the new tax plan looks like according to multiple republican sources, the top tax rate for the wealthiest americans dlops to 37%.
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corporate taxes drop to 21%, slightly higher than republicans wanted. popular deductions remain with limits. state and local taxes up to $10,000, home mortgage interest up to $750,000. and no requirement to buy health insurance. the affordable care act mandate, overturned. >> the republican tax bill is one that ebenezer scrooge would love. >> those who don't agree you will have your chance to vote on it. you can vote no. >> reporter: democrats claim the middle class gets the shaft, but they don't have theoú> no vote on the republican tax scam until doug jones takes his seat in the senate. >> reporter: senate republicans have no incentive to delay the they may be one vote short, john mccain it in the hospital. now, we are watching what happens from here on out. the plan for the republican
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leaders here is to try to get this cleared through the house and through the senate to the president's next wednesday. back to you. >> thank you, tracie. as tracie was saying, john mccain there. continuing coverage of the senator mccain battling with cancer. his office saying that he is undergoing treatment at walter reed medical center. mccain is dealing with normal side effects from his ongoing cancer therapy. the republican senator and former presidential nominee was diagnosed with brain cancer over the summer. the new you will lead to changes in the transit systems. as of january 1st adult fares will increase 25 cents to $2.25 per ride, youth(i,jú3ñ fares wi 75 cents to a dollar. the vta trying to get the word out now. an outreach team will be in sunny view through noon. we are coming up on 6:09. it's pretty much the same as the
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we've seen the past several days. looking live outside in san francisco, all clear and really cold. if you are going out jogging, extra layers needed in san francisco. upper 40s to start throughout the morning, but it does feel much more comfortable later on throughout the morning and early afternoon and as we get a look at all of our high temperatures it's going to be a very pleasant day, upper 60s in the draft for the south bay and of course san francisco. expect a high of 63 degrees. we will take a look at some more of our temperature trends coming up in four minutes. vianey has been tracking the east bay slowdown. there is aniúa=uóh bay slowdown and looks to be just regular traffic on this thursday morning, but i do have an update on that crash along 680. we did call chp, it looks like no major injuries, one person was transported to the hospital as a precaution, maybe just for minor injuries. all this backup that you see here, they did let us know the cars are now off to the shoulder so it's just really people slowing down, kind of looking over. you can see both sides of the
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freeway are starting to get definitely congested on that side. it looks like that has cleared off to the right hand shoulder which is always great news. now, i do have another issue along 680 but this is along sunol boulevard. northbound 680 chp is reporting debris in lanes, in the fast lanes, looks like white bags. some of those vehicles may have crashed into white bags in the fast lane and now there is debris all over the road. so if you are near this area it looks like chp is heading out there to clear out all of this deb friday. just kind of slow it down. definitely starting to cause some backups in that area. coming up next on "today in the bay," a new $52 billion mega merger announced this morning, the way it could affect the movies you love and watch. important information for wine lovers especially as the holiday party season was in full swing. the reason you may want to choose a smaller wine glass. and the fcc to vote on net neutrality today, how the fcc is like pizza, pizza and wine. stick around, "today in the bay" continues.
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it is 6:13 now on friday eve. a cold start this morning. taking a live look outside in san jose. let's go to santa clara for that temperature trend for today. already by 10:00 we will be in the mid 50s and upper 60s later today. really comfortable after such a very cold start. we will talk about what's ahead as we go into the weekend and
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finally a change in this pattern that may allow for some rain to move into the bay area. that's coming up at 6:19. and we are expecting a couple of changes in the bridge drive times, the metering lights have been on, westbound 80 towards the bay bridge about 11 minutes. quickly approaching 6:15. a live look in san francisco this morning. a new pilot program for sex workers will take effect. in january the program will cover the city's mission district, typically where the highest concentration of prostitutes operate. a local health clinic will staff a van providing sex workers with access to health services, trying to make it easier to report if they're victims of crimes. the van will operate between midnight and 5:00 a.m. new details now on the victim of the deadly accident involved a vta light rail train. authorities have identified that man who was hit and killed while walking as 78-year-old due
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vaughan, he is of san francisco. we've reported that the crash happened tuesday night near rosemary and north first street. that train shut down and about 100 passengers were removed and transferred on to other trains. no one else was injured. new this morning peta says netflix is the 2017 company of the year. pita says the tech giant helped expose an ma abuses and promote vegan lifestyles. specifically pete at that sites movies like "forks over knives." at 6:15 and will you have to pay your internet service provider a fee to watch netflix on top of the money that you are already paying? that is one possibility critics are raising as they watch the fcc vote on net neutrality today. today is the day the fcc will vote to strike down rules that protect data on the internet. required all data to be treated equally. that vote is going to take place in washington, 7:30 our time right in that building.
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here locally the santa clara county board of supervisors will hold a press conference to object. the fcc does not care what collateral county thinks. internet service pro viefders like at&t and comcast which owns this tv station swear they will keep following net neutrality rules even if the fcc does get rid of the rules, critics say that's like someone saying we should get rid of highway speed limits and then promising not to speed. the head of the fcc claims millions of americans sent in e-mails and letters encouraging them to do it. the attorney general of new york said yesterday his investigation found 2 million of those documents were fake. one of the more interesting comparisons i've heard about is pizza. when you call your favorite pizza joint on the phone you expect the call to go through. dominoes can't pay verizon to reroute the call to them. and you don't have to pay extra if you want to call your neighborhood pizza joint because you like their pizza. all pizza joints are treated
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equally by the phone company. that's a pretty good analogy to what's happening today. this all starts at 70 our time. already protests outside the fcc. we will talk more about it on the midday news as well. i want to interject one more bit of business news and that's what disney has bought most of the fox empire, $54 billion. disney gets the movie studios and some of the overseas, fox will keep fox news, their sports as well. so basically fox gets a lot smaller and we go from six major studios down to five. >> big changes there. >> big, big. thank you very much, scott. a new study says the size of your wine glass may play a role in how much you drink. researchers in england looked at how the size of wine glasses has evolved over the past 300 years since the year 1700. the capacity of goblets has increased by seven times with a big uptick. it started in the 1990s. researchers say this appears to coincide with the increase of wine consumption. >> i helped with that.
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>> do you? >> do tell. >> do tell after. >> and after this weather update because we will have some very cold temperatures, maybe start out with some coffee this morning. that will help warm you up, too. let's get a look outside as we've started out with some very clear conditions, cool temperatures and another spare the air alert day. that means you should plan early, carpool, catch public transportation. we're trying to reduce our carbon emissions an help improve our air quality because it's going to be unhealthy today and anything we put out there will be trapped near the surface because of this high pressure and if you do have breathing problems you should limit your time outdoors. but that's probably no problem right now with these temperatures in the upper 30s in the tri-valley, 30 degrees right now in the north bay and it's 48 degrees as you head out the door in san francisco. but our high temperatures today
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will be really nice and comfortable, well above normal for this time of year reaching into the upper 60s in east san jose and 67 degrees in danville, hayward today expect a high of 62 degrees, breezy winds, upper 60s for half-moon bay, san mateo 63 degrees there and 62 degrees in ingleside. north bay 63 degrees in sonoma. beautiful day, but as yyou head out the door for palo alto only in the lower 40s. bundle those kids up. at recess they will probably want to take off the heavier coat, maybe a light jacket still needed. we have had dry weather here and there's going to be a change as we go into next week with some rain moving in, some sierra snow, well good news just in time for christmas. we may have some snow in the sierra and some rain in the bay area. and your weekend forecast is coming up at 6:38. follow me @kari hall on twitter and let me know what you're doing this weekend. it will be windy especially for
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inland areas and also in the hills. i will talk more about that but as we head over to vianey tracking a few slow spots on the road. slow spots and we're starting to see a couple more headaches out there. the south bay right now looking a lot better than it was earlier. now, although we are seeing a better combination in the south bay we are still tracking slowing along southbound 680 at scott creek road. there was originally a lane blocked, chp did confirm that that has been cleared off to the right hand shoulder. now all that's left behind is a couple people slowing down to check out the crash. we are also dealing with a road hazard/crash. it appears chp is reporting a couple white bags were in the fast lane, some cars may have hit those white bags and we are dealing with deb br i in the lanes at sunol boulevard. chp is on the way to clear out a lot of those areas. taking a live look at the bay bridge camera, we have all this backup and hopefully people get to work on time this morning. i will have a look at your mass transit coming up at about 6:36.
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6:20 right now. coming up next on "today in the bay" cellphone warning, the new guidelines indicating too much cellphone use could be dangerous to your health. airlines do not handle delays and cancellations the same. kris gam ra says choose wisely. for . . ♪
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♪ think of your fellow man, ♪ lend him a helping hand, ♪ put a little love in your heart.♪ ♪ you'll see it's getting late, oh please don't hesitate...♪ ♪ put a little love in your heart.♪ ♪ in your heart... ♪ in your heart... ♪ in your heart... ♪ in your heart. (vo) going on now, our subaru share the love event will have donated over one hundred fifteen million dollars to those in need. isac at 6:23 on your thursday morning, new this morning for the first time california is
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acknowledging that using your cellphone too much could be harmful to your health. it comes a year after uc berkeley researchers sued the state department of public health to release a set of guidelines on cellphone radiation. the newly released guidelines are now on the front page of the department of public health's website. some lab experiments in human health studies have suggested the possibility that long-term high use of cell phones may be linked to certain types of cancer and other health effects. d a doctor from uc berkeley has been fighting since 2009 to have that information released to the public. >> i have mixed feelings. i'm certainly glad to see that it finally came out. i still question why it took so long for it to come out. it is an improved version and it looks like they've updated the research a bit more. they should substantially promote this. >> now, the guidelines also offer ways to reduce your exposure like avoid holding that
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phone to your head. new this morning a housing complex specifically for students in downtown san jose is a step closer to reality. that's the word from the mercury news this morning. they cite the project developers have more than $432,000 for development. the mixed use tower is set to go up on second street near san jose state university. the paper writes authorize than 1,000 students could live there. there will also be 15,000 square feet of space for stores and restaurants. new this morning walmart providing a way for workers to get paid earlier. the nation's largest private employer teaming up with a startup called even to offer them a financial services app. the app automatically plans ahead for bills or saving goals, it also allows walmart employees to access cash before a scheduled payday up to eight times a year for free. walmart will cover the cost of that app for both full and part-time workers.
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a little later this morning the "today" show says good-bye to its little puppy with a purpose. charlie's final show. be sure to tune in after "today in the bay" to see what's next for that little four-legged friend. >> cute. happening tonight, thursday night football. right here on nbc bay area. the denver broncos play the colts in indianapolis. coverage starts at 4:30. the game set for 5:20. nbc bay area news airs right after the game. coming up next on "today in the bay," continuing coverage as a lengthy standoff in the south bay comes to an end overnight. how police were able to get the suspect into custody. a new law in 2018 will protect a group of parents hoping to spend more time with their kids. i will explain who they are and how that law is going to work. you're watching "today in the bay." we )re off to another cold and
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frosty start across the bay right now 6:30 we are off to another cold and frosty start across the bay area with temperatures dipping into the 30s in some spots. taking a live look outside from fremont this morning, grab a coat, jump on that train if you must quickly. good morning. thanks for joining us, i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm marcus washington. a look at what's going on with those cold temperatures let's head over to meteorologist kari hall. >> another cold and clear morning as we take a live look outside in palo alto. another orange sunrise and a sign that we do have a lot of
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pollutants in the air. it does give us gorgeous sunrises and sun sets but also reduces that air quality out there. we are looking at temperatures starting out in the freezing -- below freezing in the north bay and 40 degrees right now in palo alto and in san jose. our high temperatures for the next several days will stay above normal, but our dry weather continues. we will take a look at the inland areas. upper 60s over the next several days. a focus on the weekend forecast, that's coming up in seven minutes. vianey is focusing on that morning commute right now. getting a lot heavier out there. as expected at the 6:30 hour, but i want to turn your attention towards the east bay. we are dealing with major slowing along southbound 880 beginning from seventh street before market street. if you notice it just kind of keeps on going so if you have plans to head on the 880 southbound i would say take surface streets and you can hop back on after 12th street, after that everything looks to be pretty clear. there may have been road work
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earlier on today and that's what's causing some delays in the east bay, but as usual we are expecting to see delays in the east bay, another one we are still seeing that we've been following all morning long was that crash along southbound 680 at scott creek road. that accident has been cleefd off to the right hand shoulder but it looks like people are slowing down to see what's going on and that's causing delays now on the northbound side as well. let's take a quick like outside at that oakland 880 where you can see a little stop and go traffic but it looks like it's flowing pretty smoothly. developing right now, 6:31, a 15-hour standoff in san jose comes to a dramatic end overnight. "today in the bay's" kris sanchez joins us live near the scene near loss la goes golf course this morning to explain how it all ended. kris? >> reporter: i can tell you what's happening out here at the scene this morning, you see
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those gentlemen they are putting up plywood on the house where that suspect was taken into custody. that wasn't his house, it's a house of a stranger who had to be rescued because he could not leave on his own. not a hostage situation, but definitely a precarious situation. once that man the homeowner was out safely the merge unit backed their s.w.a.t. bear cat into the home and used tear gas to try to flush that suspect out. officers also then fired nonlethal shots once he left the house, that's bean bags to you and me. k-9 also went in. the suspect did manage to stave off arrest for 15 hours, at some points jumping fences into the neighborhoods and the other neighbors' houses trying to get away but eventually he was cornered and came out through the front door. >> did eventually try to come out through the different parts of the house and elected to come out the front of the house where he was taken into custody by the place. >> but not without a fight? >> he definitely resisted
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arrest. >> reporter: now, the suspect was a wanted felon. a patrol officer did spot him and knew that he had a warrant for burglary and possible connections to other crimes so it was a 15-hour standoff and during that time a lot of the neighbors were forced out of their homes as a precaution. they did get a precious few hours of sleep in their own beds after this ended at 3:45 but it's likely going to be a long day for them as they will be very tired for the rest of the day. in san jose, kris sanchez, "today in the bay." >> thank you very much, kris. new this morning san francisco state police officers have arrested a man accused of attempted murder at a residence hall. police say a student at mary ward hall was attacked on tuesday night. officers arrived in time to take the 18-year-old suspect into is you u. custody. he is accused of assault with a deadly weapon an burglary charges. police are not saying if the attacker and victim know each other or what kind of officers the victim suffered. josé ines garcia zarate returns to court today in san
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francisco. this is the first time since a jury found him guilty of being in possession of a gun in the killing of kate steinle. this is not a sentencing hearing, but we are expected a date to be set for that today. a jury said garcia zarate was not guilty of murder or manslaughter charges. steinle was killed on pier 14 in 2015. we have exclusive interviews with a juror and alternate juror, you can watch those interviews on relief for new parents. a new law set to take effect in the new year will mean more time at home for new moms and dads. >> "today in the bay's" pete suratos is live this morning with requirements parents will have to meet under the new legislation. good morning, pete. >> reporter: good morning to you, marcus and laura. a lot of these protections are already in place for larger companies so those companies that have 50 or more employees, but this time around it is going to apply to smaller companies, so between 20 to 49 employees. now, this is called senate bill 53, also known as the parent leave act.
6:35 am
here is what it's going to benefit. it will benefit around 2.7 million california employees and if they are working for those working for small companies between 20 to 49 employees. they have to have worked there for 12 months or houfl around 1,200 hours. employers are required to if i have these employees up to 12 weeks of parental leave to bond with their new child within one year of birth, adoption or foster care placement. this is unpaid leave, but it does protect those employees from losing their jobs. we did speak with some parents who say this is still a good thing for families. >> as a mom that would mean so much. they would get to send more time with their children versus -- the first six weeks isn't enough at all for any mom. so 12 weeks that would be really great. >> i think that anything that can be done that makes it easier for a family to live a normal good life, i think that's great. >> as expected, the chamber of commerce who represents businesses are opposed to this
6:36 am
saying it puts a burden on employers, but once again i want to point out this is unpaid leave for those 12 weeks which just means employers can't hire permanent replacements while those employees are on leave. pete suratos for "today in the bay." 6:36 right now. after months and months of anger and frustration the vote is in. oakland unified school board will draft budget cuts. last night the board voted 6-1 in favor of cutting $9 million. the original number they were considering was $15 million. it's undecided what programs or staff members will be cut. parents, students and staff want the impact to students to be minimal. >> so just like at the last meeting i have questions about what you discussed back there. did you discuss the fact that this school board called out the police at last week's meeting so the community was not allowed access to the meeting? >> the budget cuts are a result of five years of increased
6:37 am
spending. protesters say the district should first start by cutting at the top. >> happening now, a road in the oakland hills is shut down indefinitely. officials say a section of snake road is closed because of this week's fires. now, police highlighted a spot on your screen. monday's blaze damaged the road. it may require some route changes. experts are evaluating the area before deciding what to do next. the search continues this morning for a suspect who painted racial slurs on another man's suv. steven wilson says he was shopping in fairfield yesterday when he came out of the grocery store and found this. hate messages plastered all over his car in large black letters. #dt was painted on one side. wilson believes that stands for donald trump. he believes this is all the result of an argument he had with a man over a parking spot. wilson says the money to fix this car will be tough to come by. >> it's going to cost $1,000 for the shop and a $500 deductible
6:38 am
for me. where do i get that from? for all the hateful people out there, stop being hateful, you know, start loving each other. >> in the state of the world today we can't take anything like this lightly. with racial epithets being used it's very concerning to us. we don't like that in our community. >> that was an officer from the fairfield police department who says they are treating this as a hate crime. wilson says police are looking at surveillance video but so far have no suspects. happening tonight, a sold out benefit concert for the survivors of the north bay wildfires. >> it's called band together two bay area. the show is tonight at the bill graham civic auditorium in san francisco. starts at 5:30. red hot chili peppers along with lucas wilson and promise of the real are performing. this is video of the first concert at at&t park with metallica and dave matthews band. that show raised more than $18 million to help people affected
6:39 am
by the wildfires. it is 6:38. as you're heading outside ready to hit the roads get ready to hit a couple trouble spots. we are starting to see some of that early morning traffic picking up, but one thing that has not ceased up is that traffic along 880 southbound all the way beginning at seventh street all the way down now past 12th street so if you can take surface streets and make jump on high street. we are seeing delays along that crash that we had been following an hour and a half to two hours ago now along southbound 680 at scott creek road. you can see now it is starting to ease up just a bit, that traffic accident is now off to the right hand shoulder. a quick update on mass transit, bart has no delays, 56 trains running. again, the san francisco ferry they are having some mechanical issues and they have had that for the past couple days. because of that they are now replacing some of those ferries with buses for certain lines. make sure to check online if you don't see your line on the traffic there. i just wanted to show you this
6:40 am
quick shot of palo alto because look how beautiful that sky looks. it's really nice even though you have all that traffic. >> beautiful for us, i don't know so much for the drivers. >> also because all that smoke has been coming from southern california. >> and that is going to improve as we go into the weekend. the winds are going to pick up so plan for a windy weekend, but more of the same temperatures we have had. it starts out cold, but then look at those afternoon temperatures where saturday we are in the mid 60s all across the bay area. sunday more of the same, still kind of windy at times, especially for those inland areas and some of the hills. as you make plans for the weekend looking at walnut creek, going ice skating on saturday it's going to be perfect, especially for the middle of the day. but you want to make sure you have on a nice warm coat, maybe some gloves. a lot of extra layers as the nice goes on it's going to drop off fairly quickly with some of those temperatures in the upper 40s. fantasy of lights in los gatos this weekend, that's sold out already and it's going to be a
6:41 am
very beautiful weekend for that, but also very chilly. you will have to turn the heater on inside the car as you enjoy the lights. maybe you are going down to l.a. for the weekend, it's going to be warmest on friday, 77 degrees, still windy and then cooling off for saturday and sunday with all clear skies. for muir woods, nice weekend to go hiking, although it will be really cold during the morning hours if you go out during the middle of the day it's going to be sunny and those high temperatures reaching into the mid 60s. if you are lucky enough to go to the sierra this weekend, no issues with getting there, but it's going to be super windy and turning colder on saturday and sunday. high temperatures, these are the high temperatures, only in the mid 30s and upper 30s for sunday. let me know what you're doing this weekend, i'm @meteorologist kari hall on facebook, like my page and maybe you will see what you're doing this weekend right here coming up at 6:38 tomorrow morning.
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6:41 right now. coming up next on "today in the bay" remembering san francisco mayor ed lee, the public tributes taking place over the next few days to honor the late san francisco mayor. and we are one step closer to a major tax overhaul, in fact, really close, like baby steps, marcus. and as we look at the stocks as we do every morning here on "today in the bay," take a look right now as you can see the dow is up 65 points. u.s. stocks rise boosted by m & a activity as disney agrees to buy fox assets. the time now 6:42. you're watching "today in the bay." ♪
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so much reuben.
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it is 6:45 now. a beautiful sunrise. let's take a live look outside in fremont right now and as you get ready to head out it starts out with those temperatures in the upper 30s and low 40s but then look at this, we will have a very quick warm up by late morning. early afternoon is going to be really nice, 61 degrees and we continue to go up from there, heading into the weekend expect more chilly mornings and warm afternoons. we will talk about a change in this pattern and when we can see some rain coming up at about 6:50. we are definitely seeing a buildup on those bridges. a quick check of your bridge drive times westbound 580 towards the richmond bridge you are looking at 12 minutes, westbound 80 towards the bay bridge 17 minutes and san mateo really seeing a build from westbound 92 you are looking at 24 minutes. thank you very much. it's quarter to 7 right now.
6:46 am
thousands of people expected at san francisco city hall tomorrow. they will be there to honor mayor ed lee after his sudden death. there has been a growing memorial on the steps of city hall. here is a live look from the steps there. steady stream of people have been dropping off flowers and cards. the 65-year-old mayor collapsed at the glen park safeway and died soon after. here are the details for his memorial, a public viewing will be held from 8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. as mayor lee will lie in repose in the city hall rotunda. on sunday a celebration of his life is scheduled for 3:00 p.m. at city hall. firefighters in southern california are making more progress fighting the massive thomas fire. we just received an update from cal fire about 15 minutes ago and that fire is 30% contained. it continues to threaten more than 8,000 structures in santa barbara county. it has burned at least 700 homes
6:47 am
since it started. new video into our newsroom showing a doughnut store robbery in southern california. take a look there. it happened early yesterday morning in buena park in orange county. police say one of the robbers jumped over the county, demanded cash. a second robber went to the back of the store you saw there. eventually shoots a worker who confronted him. the worker was shot in the neck and was hospitalized, but he is expected to be okay. police say the two robbers got away. 6:47 right now and the president says he's ready to sign the big tax cut bill. >> scott mcgrew joins us now. congress almost ready to send it. >> they need to hurry, this new tax year is coming january 1st. while they can make it retroactive they would prefer not to. the two sides of congress, the house and the senate, passed different tax bills so they had to get together, find common ground and they've accomplished that. what we haven't actually seen is the text of the new tax bill and we probably will not until
6:48 am
friday. here is california with our high taxes, our high salaries generally and our expensive houses, this really could affect us. so we have a lot of questions, right? will we still be able to deduct what we pay in property taxes. we're almost certain the answer is yes up to a limit and the same is the case for our mortgage interest rates. and then salt, that's state and local taxes, will we be able to deduct what we pay to california from our federal taxes? we've seen hints about this out of washington, but we have not seen the actual bill. now, the republicans in the senate want to hurry and make sure that they pass the tax cut before doug jones takes his seat. jones is a democrat so when he takes office in january republicans will have one fewer senator on their side. jones won big in alabama earlier this week. so democrats are asking republicans to hold off on the new tax bill until jones arrives in the senate the same way
6:49 am
republicans said they couldn't hold hearings about president obama's supreme court pick because there was a new president coming, but those rules seemed to have changed. >> judge roy moore the republican in this case still hasn't conceded the alabama race. >> we are indeed in a struggle to preserve our republic, our civilization and our religion and to set free a suffering humanity and the battle rages on. in this race we have not received the final count to include military and provisional ballots. this has been a very close race and we are awaiting certification by the secretary of state. >> we expect that will come january 3rd. we are always interested in what you think about our political coverage. you can contact me directly on twitter, i'm @scottmcgrew. tonight is the night "star wars" fans have been waiting for. the latest installment of the franchise hits theaters tonight. luke skywalker, layia and ray all return in "star wars: the
6:50 am
last jedi." this time they go on an adventure and learn about the mysteries of the force. the film is expected to top the weekend box office. it is rated pg-13. >> i've gone out before to a couple of those lines and they're always so fun to talk to all the fans. they have light sabre fights. >> dedicated. >> it's going to be cold standing out there in that line waiting for the movie because it's been really chilly out there and those temperatures drop off so quickly as we go throughout the evening. let's start out with a beautiful sunrise as we take a look at three of our microclimates right now. as we get a look at the right side of the korean in the tri-valley it's 38 degrees, look at the north bay now as we go a view from sausalito, it's only 30 degrees, freezing temperatures in san francisco, 48 degrees, and the east bay 41 degrees with our high in oakland up to 61.
6:51 am
65 napa and concord. san jose a high of 67 degrees and you can see more 60s in that forecast with some sunshine at the bottom of the screen as we take a live look outside at the sunrise from san jose you may see this view out your window standing in front of the closet. good idea to make sure you have a nice warm jacket. you don't want to forget the sunglasses. later on today as you peel off some layers you will be comfortable with a t-shirt and also some jeans. it's going to be one of those days when it will be warm throughout a few hours during the afternoon but it starts out so cold. san jose as you get ready to go out to school it's only going to be at 40 degrees, at 54 degrees near lunchtime, 64 degrees by the time you walk home from school. later on this evening the menorah lighting in union square in san francisco upper 50s to start but then lower 50s within the next couple of hours after that. and then we will see a change in this pattern heading into next
6:52 am
week, just in time for christmas we may have some sierra snow and bay area rain, but until then it stays dry and above normal with our temperatures in the 60s for our highs for the next several days. as we get an update on the morning commute thefts head over to vianey. we have seen a couple trouble spots here and there. we are starting to see some buildup in the area, but the good news is that chp isn't reporting any major accidents at this hour. let's get a quick check of those drive times because i am seeing slowing along westbound 37 from sonoma boulevard you are looking at 37 minutes, we are also checking out some east bay drive times right now, we were seeing some pretty heavy backup along northbound 880 but looks like marina boulevard to broadway starting to ease up a bit at about 15 minutes, westbound 580 to grand avenue at eight minutes and a quick check of the drive times because these have been building within the past half hour or so. westbound 580, 13 minutes and
6:53 am
westbound 80 towards the bay bridge 20 minutes. even on san mateo bridge from westbound 92 you are looking at 20 plus minutes. a live look at the san mateo bridge, you can see why those drive times are starting to pick on up. coming up next, a quick look at the top stories on "today in the bay" including continuing coverage of that lengthy standoff in the south bay, how police were able to get the suspect into custody. a developing story, us bought weapons for syrian rebels and some ended up in the hands of isis. a new report found 40,000 weapons recovered from war zones, they include anti-tank weapons. plus the world's largest generic drug maker laying off 14,000 workers, about 25% of its global workforce. their stock has skidded nearly 60% this year alone. before you head out the door,
6:54 am
6:55 am
6:56 am
here are the top stories on today 6:56 and welcome back. before you head out the door here are the top stories on "today in the bay." a live look at san jose where 15-hour police standoff ended a little over two hours ago. in south san jose neighborhood not far from loss logos golf course west of 101, police say officers spotted a felon who was wanted for burglary and then officers followed that suspect into a home. the suspect soon escaped and
6:57 am
barricaded himself inside another home. officers early in morning fired tear gas and nonlethal rounds into the home. the suspect eventually exited and officers arrested him. a santa rosa woman is dead after she was hit by a car. this happened just after 5:30 yesterday near wright road and highway 12. 56-year-old barbara jones was walking when she was hit by a minivan. that driver initial initially left but then came back after 20 minutes later. the driver says that he -- or she didn't see -- or he, rather, didn't see jones in the crosswalk. a sacramento man accused of driving drunk killing four people in a thanksgiving weekend crash is due in court today. police say fred lowe caused the crash and then left the scene. he is expected to enter a plea today in a richmond courtroom. the clock is ticking on a new law that will allow millions of parents more time with their infants. come january 1st parental leave requirements will extend to parents who work at smaller
6:58 am
companies. a company where there are between 20 and 49 workers. for companies with more than 50 employees workers are already protected under federal law. coming up next on the "today" show a look at what's next. now that republicans have reached a new deal on their tax bill. how the changes might impact you. and as we head into the new year, get ready for changes on public transit in the bay area. that includes vta in the south bay. as of january 1st adult fares will increase by 25 cents to $2.25 per ride. youth fares will drop 75 cents to $1. the cta is trying to make sure that people know ahead of time. today an outreach team will be at the sunnyvale transit center providing information. we are off to a very cold start once again with temperatures in the 30s. patchy frost in parts of the bay area as well. we also have another spare the air day today. >> bart a good option, too. we will advice everyone to take
6:59 am
public transportation because that reduces those ozone -- the carbon emissions, rather, as we go throughout the day that gets trapped near the surface and creates some very unhealthy air quality. our temperatures today reaching into the low 60s after this chilly start, upper 60s for the inland areas. no i think major changes until of next week. >> vianey tracking road delays in the east bay. >> road work along 880, unfortunately that's what's been causing a lot of delays. they are a bit behind, it's southbound 880, it looks like they will be behind by about an hour as of right now chp is reporting some delays in that area. you can see it on the map. we have a lot of slowing. so if that is typically your morning commute you definitely want to take surface streets because if not you will get stuck in all that east bay traffic. the bridges seeing some backup as well. >> sounds good. that's what's happening "today in the bay." we are back at 7:25 with a live local news update. >> join us for nbc bay area news
7:00 am
at 11:00. today is thursday, friday eve. get out and enjoy the day. ♪ ♪ good morning. done deal? republicans in congress reach an agreement on their massive tax reform bill expected to pass next week. a huge victory for president trump. >> we want to give you, the american people, a giant tax cut for christmas. >> but jusexactly who is going to get that big break? defiant. >> the battle rages on. >> roy moore still refusing to concede the alabama senate race, as republicans point fingers over his stunning defeat. this morning, a "today" exclusive. alabama's new senator, doug jones, joins us for his first live interview since the election. more accusations, more fallout. pbs suspended tv host tavis


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