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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  December 15, 2017 5:00am-6:01am PST

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going to be much more comfortable. here is a live look outside in san jose. another chilly start. look at the temperature trend in the low 40s. by noon we are up to 61 degrees. for those high temperatures today, 68 degrees in san jose. 70 in livermore and morgan hill. 66 in concord, 68 in santa rosa. a big heads up, red flag warning starting at 10:00 p.m. tonight that continues through early sunday morning. the areas in red will have a higher fire danger for the weekend. we'll talk about those wind speeds and the low humidity expected over the next couple days coming up. we head over to vianey arana and a look at the morning commute. >> it's very early, so light traffic, it's also friday, so this is a typical friday commute. chp is reporting decent, clear roads. the traffic collision that was blocking the slow lane has officially been cleared off. we are seeing the drive times
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really pick up in that area. the south bay drive times, a quick check as you head out the door. 101 to highway 85 is 18 minutes. you are looking at seven minutes, northbound 85. you are looking at 21 minutes. so, all in all, we have a good commute on this friday morning. we really can't complain at this hour. back to you. >> thanks, vianey. remembering san francisco mayor, ed lee. the public viewing is happening in a couple hours. the mayor died of a heart attack. >> pete suratos is joining us with more on what is planned for today. good morning, pete. >> reporter: yeah, good morning to you, laura and marcus. an emotional day here for san francisco residents who show up for the public viewing for mayor ed lee as his body is returned to city hall.
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you see that growing memorial that's been there for a few days, the number of flowers and candles lit uptaking over the city hall steps in preparation of the public viewing that is taking place later this morning. i want to give you a rundown of what to expect today. a very busy morning. the mayor's motorcade will arrive around 7:00 a.m. honor guard is going to take his coffin inside, indoors, to city hall. we are going to open in a few hours, at 8:00 a.m., open to the public. the closed coffin is in the rotunda of city hall. our crews got a chance to speak to the current acting mayor, london breed. we spoke to police chief scott about the mayor's impact on the city and the type of turnout we could see later this morning. >> the fact that so many people are expected to come shows how much people appreciated him.
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>> my whole family met him, extensively. he welcomed us to the city when we first got here. it's there. >> reporter: mayor ed lee is the first asian-american mayor in san francisco. he died as a result of a heart attack on tuesday. that's information we got from willie brown. he is survived by his wife and two children. outside city hall, the flag is flying at half staff. the police will be in charge of that motorcade. the mayor's office is asking people to line up as we are expecting thousands of people to show up or as a member of the board of supervisors told me, he is expecting a massive turnout. pete suratos, "today in the bay." >> it should be a nice day ahead. thank you, pete. we will be covering the memorial throughout the show. her team will be at city hall all morning long. you can go to our website to read details of the memorial.
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we will stream the funeral on sunday and follow nbc bay area on twitter for other updates. also, dedication for 70 apartments designed for low income families. they are honoring ed lee's commitment to affordable housing. the building is on the corner of 6th street and market. the mercury news says they have agreed to grant property rights to a native american tribe. the paper says the conservation is the tribe's permanent right to 36 acres, once occupied by the airport. the deal is the first of its kind, giving native americans a voice. the agency is limiting public use of the area. 5:04. the jury has awarded a woman $6 million after she was injured in
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an elevator. the 48-year-old woman injured her back and neck in that accident. it happened in a building in walnut creek. the elevator suddenly dropped, twice. according to the east bay times, it was fixed with zip ties, previously. if you are applying for a job in the new year, listen up. a new bill takes effect in january that prevents employers from asking about your salary history. the idea is that employers cannot look at your salary history and use that information to come up with your salary for a new job. they have to provide information about the pay scale for the position when you apply for that job. but, you have to specifically request that information. happening today in washington, a race to beat the clock on tax reform. we could see the bill and its impact on california for the first time today. tracie potts is live in washington with more on who
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could throw a wrench in the president's plan. >> reporter: we are talking a handful of lawmakers, republicans who have an issue with the bill or may not be able to show up and vote on it. it's not even final, yet. the government is already preparing to adjust your paycheck, if the republican tax plan passes. >> the irs is already taking steps to prepare new with holding for 2018. >> reporter: that's on hold until senate republicans round up 51 votes. they can only afford to lose two. there are five in question. senators mike lee and marco rubio are holding out to make more of the child tax credit refundable to low and middle income families. >> figure out a way to add to the figures. i would support the bill. >> we are going keep working with them until we get the job
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done. >> a great guy. supportive. i think senator rubio will be there. >> senator bob corker could be a no. he's concerned the $1.5 trillion plan adds too much to the deficit. senators john mccain and thad cochran have been out ill. it's unclear they will be in to vote. >> why are they rushing it? they are ashamed of it. >> reporter: alabama's new democratic senator, doug jones will show up in washington. now, in case you are wondering how tight, how close this vote could be, the vice president has put his middle eastern trip on the back burner to be here in washington in case another tie-breaking vote is needed. laura? marcus? back to you. >> a lot of political players in the check game getting ready. thank you. 5:07 right now. getting ready to go to the
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movies. "star wars" the last jedi is out. fans lined up throughout the day yesterday, ahead of opening night for the film. the movie is already the top ticket seller of 2017. it is expected to dominate the weekend box office. early projection shows the film made $45 million, just last night. we spoke with a fan in santa clara who took a vacation day to be the first in line at 9:00 yesterday morning. >> it's always been a big part of my life and because we are going to see what they do. >> analysts say the last jedi could make $200 million in the u.s. this weekend. that would be the largest opening after "the force awakens," jurassic world and
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awakens. george lucas said he thought the film was beautifully made. >> kari, what are you laughing at? >> i'm sorry, i'm not a "star wars" fan. i was looking at that gremlin-looking thing. sorry, don't laugh at me. temperatures are starting out in the low 40s in the south bay. as we look at the tri-valley, 35 degrees starting out this morning. 32 in the north bay. another one where you have to scrape the frost all the windshield, all clear skies. as we look outside, check out the temperature trend for the day. 39 degrees at 6:00. we see those temperatures going into the upper 50s by noon. it's going to be another very warm day. as we get into the weekend, issues may arise, especially with the wind speed. i'll have more on that in a few minutes. how is it looking for the commuters? >> kari, don't worry, i don't
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know the name of that gremlins thing, either. i have been with harry potter and "twilight" fans, but nothing like "star wars" fans. chp has a nice, clear report. we hope it stays that way. peninsula, looking at 12 minutes. 101 from sfo to 92, six minutes. highway 92 to bowers aver, 20 minutes. not too bad. all clear now. green for go. another look at the bay bridge toll plaza. that back up is continuing. the metering lights are on. back to you. listen to this breaking news just into the news room. moments ago, we got word when the royal wedding will be. we will tell you what we found out. a big step forward for businesses who want to sell
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marijuana in the new year. kris sanchez is watching this story for us. >> it's not quite the date for the royal wedding, but january 1st is going to be big for marijuana businesses. i'll tell you how many licenses as the state issued the first 20. plus, more gifts under the christmas tree, thanks to a better economy. all that when "today in the bay" continues.
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here is breaking news we were telling you about.
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his royal highness, prince henry of wales and merkel will marry may 19th. she shot her final episode of "suits" on usa. she is from los angeles, but will be relocating outside of london. sound the trumpets this morning. 5:14 right now. in two weeks, recreational marijuana will be legal in california. there are flurries of activities to get the stores licensed when it comes to the bay area. >> kris sanchez is standing by, looking at the state's push to get businesses licensed in time. what did you find out, kris? >> 200 businesses applied for licenses to legally start selling recreational marijuana starting on new year's day, as the voters said. nearly half of those licenses --
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20 were issued. buddies cannabis of san jose for medicinal and adult use. kind peoples of santa cruz got licenses for distribution as well. they are temporary, good for 120 days and there's herbal inc out of santa rosa. they launched the online licensing system last week. in that time, 1900 users registered with the bureau of cannabis control. 200 applicants submitted required documentation. this is not easy. they had to submit business plans, financial information, personal and business. labor agreements, detail how they plan to transport and inventory the marijuana as well as the plans for quality control on the pot and security. we are going to post a list of
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requirements on twitter in case you are curious about what goes into that and why only 20 licenses were issued. they say the plan is to issue more before january 1st. this was coming down to the wire. there are 16 days before legal recreational sales begin in our state. in the news room, kris sanchez, "today in the bay." new this morning, people in one san mateo community are on high alert after a mountain lion sighting. this is the neighborhood off crystal spring road. someone saw the animal in the backyard. it wandered into the backyard of st. john's cemetery. they notified the fish and wildlife. this morning, the search is on for two burglary suspects, accused of selling drugs to walgreens. they say those men entered the
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store on san pablo, jumped the counter and took the pills. space x will launch from ca ka knave ral, florida. they will deliver supplies, equipment and sicientific equipment. at 5:17, worries of a different sort on capitol hill. will republicans be able to pass a tax bill? >> some senators may not be on board. >> one no, five maybes and two out sick. that's enough to derail the tax bill. we are supposed to see the final draft today where we can see what the law is going to be. up until now, we have seen the house and senate versions, which are different. as of now, it's questionable whether republicans have the vote. stocks triggered as investors were worried republicans
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couldn't pull it off. the nasdaq was down 19. the strong economy means more gifts. the national retail federation expects americans to spend more this holiday season. talking the entire country spending money, 4% is a lot. we have had full coverage of the net neutrality decision. the attorney's general say they will sue the trump administration to stop this change. yesterday, the fcc voted to drop obama era rules. the vote was along party lines. the new york state attorney general along with attorney's general from pennsylvania and washington are joining in. so far, california has not. on thursday, the county of santa clara was considering legal action. remember the martians, a lit movie and best selling book? the author is out with a new book. he's a funny guy. >> the general consensus is,
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it's not as good as the martian, but it's good. i'll take it. >> is that on the inside? >> let's keep our feet on the ground. >> he talked about the pressure of coming up with a second book when you made a blockbuster book the first time. on "press: here" after "meet the press." >> perfect, we look forward to that. another celebration this morning. a fourth celebration. gilroy high school football team won their championship. the city is throwing parade. look at the route. it starts sunday at 1:00 p.m. at the gilroy medical center on 6th street, goes down and continues on to miller avenue. it ends at christmas hill park where the garlic festival is held. this is the first time they won a championship. good for them. >> congratulations. >> celebration in the south bay. warming in the south bay would be nice.
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>> this morning, it is going to be really cold. we get the warming with the sunshine. that's the way it's been the past several days. last week has been all dry. very low humidity. we have a wide range in temperatures from the morning hours into the afternoon. so, another chilly start as we take a live look outside in san jose. come over and take a look. the seven day forecast is coming up at the bottom of the screen and a few changes farther down the line. as we get a look at what you are feeling with that temperature only at 32 degrees in santa rosa. the coldest spot this morning, 40 in oakland, as well as san jose and 35 degrees now in livermore. as we check out the high temperatures today, 70 degrees in east san jose and morgan hill. for the east bay, 69 in pleasanton, walnut creek, 67. a few low 70s sprinkled in. half-moon bay, 67 degrees. daly city, 64 and 63 in the marina district for this
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afternoon. santa rosa will see a high today of 68 degrees. we will have a red flag warning in effect. what does that mean? the winds will pick up. humidity will be low. for those inland areas and elevations above 1,000 feet, a high fire danger. that's something we have to closely monitor. no burning is recommended. with those conditions, anything that sparks could spread relatively quickly into a wildfire for the hills. we are seeing a change in pattern here. there are cool clouds starting to drop in. we'll have an increase in clouds throughout the day. upper level low pressure system that is going to cause those winds to gust. as we head out for the weekend, making plans to go out to the football game on sunday, it's going to be windy throughout the day on sunday as well. take a look at the temperatures, upper 50s at the start of the game. maybe you'll be out there tailgating, but cool as we go throughout the evening. what are you doing this weekend?
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let me know. tweet me and that weekend forecast is coming up in less than 20 minutes. our temperatures will be cooling off. check out the forecast. finally, rain in here. it's going to come in with the first day of winter. i'll have a look at more of the forecast coming up. vianey arana has a close look at the morning commute. >> as friday comes around and we are happy for friday, this is the kind of thing you want to see on the roads. nothing. not a lot going on. we are seeing more vehicles on the road and the typical east bay slowdown is already under way. let's get a quick check of the east bay drive times from marina boulevard. westbound 580 to grand avenue, eight minutes. westbound 24 from fish ranch road to the bay bridge, seven minutes. a live look at oakland, 880. we are not seeing stop and go traffic. it is flowing smoothly, no accidents reported along 880. more people on the road.
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palo alto, 101, let's take a look at that. a couple more cars out there. as we get closer to that 5:30 hour, we typically see the traffic pick up. you may want to head out now. back to you. >> thank you. coming up, a ride sharing horror story. a teenager says her uber driver assaulted her while on the road. the reaction from the company. police in georgia have charged
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an uber driver - with sexual assaulting a 16- year-old girl. we at 5:25, new this morning. police charged an uber driver with sexual aassaulting a 16-year-olds girl. the alleged assault happened as he drove the victim home. in a statement, uber called it horrifying, beyond words. the ride sharing company says the driver had been permanently removed from the app. four senior managers are out at the u.s. interior department. they were guilty of inappropriate behavior, including sexual harassment against employees. they released the result of a workplace survey. 35% of employees were harassed last year with 8% saying they were sexually harassed. coming up, good news for fans. the info you will need if you are feeling the need to compete.
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>> reporter: with christmas just days away, the bay area is still facing a threat of wildfires. the warning issued this morning by the national weather service. you are watching "today in the bay."
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a very good friday morning to you. let's take a peek outside this morning, overlooking palo alto. hitting highway 101, clear skies. meaning you need a blanket.
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you don't have the cloud cover to keep you warm. another cool start to the bay area. thanks for joining us, i'm laura garcia. >> i'm marcus washington. take a look at what's going on with the cold temperatures we head over to kari hall. good morning. >> it is as cold as it has been for several mornings. we are down to 40 degrees. all the temperatures in the tri-valley, 35 degrees. a clear start as well. 49 degrees in san francisco and another freezing morning for the north bay. as we check out the high temperatures, first 60s, a few low 70s is going to feel like early fall. very dry conditions, a lot of sunshine to start. the clouds will move in as we go through the day. if you are going out to christmas in the park in downtown san jose, mid-60s for the middle of the day. that's probably the best time to get out there before the crowds later on tonight. it's going to drop to the upper 50s. we'll talk about the weekend ahead and that weekend forecast in just about seven minutes.
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vianey arana, what's happening on the roads? >> not a lot. i went to christmas in the park and i did not bundle up enough. i should know better. real-time traffic, you can see the map. the speed sensors are picking up a little bit of slowing in the tri-valley. that typical morning commute along 580, very normal for the early morning. 5:30, we are seeing a couple more cars out there. the bay bridge times are changing because the metering lights have been on since 4:50 this morning. 12 minutes and westbound 84 toward the dumbarton bridge, you are looking at 10 minutes. a live look in san jose where this is probably the clearest area. i haven't seen meter build up since san jose. it is ak 30. chp not reporting major accidents. back to you. >> thanks so much. 5:31 right now.
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today, people can start paying their respects to former san francisco leader, mayor ed lee. we have a schedule of events taking place. the motorcade due to arrive at 7:00 a.m. they will carry the coffin inside. doors to city hall hope at 8:00. he will be in the rotunda from 8:00 to 7:00 tonight. we talked to a city worker who will miss lee's wavrrmth and th respect he gave to people arnoud him. [ inaudible ] >> pete suratos is live outside city hall and will join us with a live report at 6:00 a.m. 5:32. a weather warning for communities across the area. many spots have an elevated fire danger. obviously a major concern after this year's wildfires. bob redell is live in los gatos
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with what we all need to know. good morning, bob. >> reporter: good morning to you, marcus. it's hard to believe in the days leading up to christmas with the near freezing temperatures that we are talking about fire danger. unfortunately, the conditions are there for the fire. it's so serious the national weather service issued a fire weather watch starting at 10:00 tonight until 10:00 sunday morning, includes areas in the santa cruz mountains, the north bay hills and the diablo range. they say there's going to be an increasing fire danger, low humidity, gusty winds and elevations 1,000 feet. the national weather service recommending you do not burn outside that time period. this is video of the bear fire that burned 390 acres in the santa cruz mountains. firefighters had it contained in mid october. a couple nights ago, you might
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recall, we were talking about it. it flaired back up. it burned less than an acre. cal fire was able to put it out. that's how dry conditions are. you don't need to remind people in southern california, the thomas fire in ventura county is still burning, scorched 250,000 acres and currently 35% contained. the thomas fire, now the fourth largest in state history. live here in los gatos, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> good reminder for a lot of people. thank you so much. speaking of the thomas fire, it claimed the life of one firefighter. cor corey iverson was killed. his wife is pregnant with their second daughter. a somber scene yesterday as the firefighter's body was taken
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away. >> so sad. this weekend, an animal rescue ranch will hold a memorial for the animals that died in the fires. last night, the red hot chile peps played at a second benefit in san francisco. they played. looks like they enjoyed it, too. they played to a sold out crowd. many in the audience lost their homes in the fire. >> i think it's magical and amazing. i just love that they are doing that. they are one of my favorite bands. >> she says she loves the red hot chile peppers. no word on how much money they raised last night. between the first one at at&t park, organizers say they raised $30 million so far and a lot of spirits, as well. the time now, 5:35. this morning, the maverick contest is finally getting that go. >> it's gone through so much,
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bankruptcy, difficult permit process and a waiting period has been set for january 3rd through february 28. the world surf league purchased the rights to the event after the previous owner filed bankruptcy. the event used to be known the titans of mavericks is now the mavericks challenge. they will see women competing in the contest for the first time in history. vianey, get the wet suit out. >> truth be told, i'm not a good swimmer. in a pool, i'm fine. in the ocean, game over. it can 5:36 this morning. right now, no major traffic delays. chp has remained quiet in terms of minor or major accidents. this friday morning, typical. we see a lot of the lighter traffic commute. we are starting to see those bridge times building up. westbound 80 to the bay bridge, 12 minutes. it was eight now it's 12,
5:37 am
westbound 92 toward the san mateo bridge was an issue. it's cleared out. 12 minutes. westbound 84 toward the dumbarton bridge, 10 minutes. i want to take you live to those bridges to see what i'm talking about. the bay bridge is the one always dealing with that back up. the metering lights have been on since 4:50. let's take a look at the san mateo bridge. we saw a couple cars and build up out there. a quick look at the other side of the bridge, you can see, it's nice and clear. that's where we had that issue. people can now coast into the weekend. >> finally here, vianey. >> it's tomorrow. >> right. saturday. >> are you kidding, it's today. >> a lot of people are going to -- there's so much going on. >> holiday parties. >> holiday parties, we have ours here tonight at nbc bay area. tomorrow, it's nice as well.
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of course, it's windy. that's what we have been talking about. it's going to reach the mid-60s. sundays, also nice weather. mostly sunny skies, up to 67 degrees inland. you will be able to watch the boat parade this evening on fisherman's wharf in san francisco. we start to have more clouds moving in and temperatures holding steady in the mid-50s with those winds picking up as the night goes along. the city of lights at the los gatos park is in the upper 50s. it starts to cool off quite a bit as we go into the evening. of course that's a drive-through, so turn the heater on inside the car and enjoy the sights. russian river valley is going to be nice this weekend as well. warming up sunday to 70 degrees, mostly sunny skies. if you are going to carmel valley, 63 degrees. it cools off on saturday. i think today is probably the best day as far as your comfort
5:39 am
level and the temperatures. going to the sierra this weekend, here is a live look at squaw valley. still snow on the ground. no snow will be falling between now and the weekend. we will have a big cooldown. it's going to be blustery, though, with the temperature staying below freezing on saturday. a little milder on sunday. let me know what you are doing this weekend. like my facebook page, meteorologist, kari hall. you may see the forecast coming up here in an hour. i'll have a look at the temperature trend for san jose in three minutes. >> thanks. a national honor for a local police department officer. a story you will only see on "today in the bay." also ahead -- >> stop! stop! stop! >> a dramatic rescue caught on camera. a passenger trying to stop a train to save a man passed out on the tracks. >> wow! in politics, president trump
5:40 am
called president putin to thank him. for what? we'll tell you when we continue.
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it is 5:42 right now. taking a live look outside at san jose, a clear and cold start. let's go to evergreen with the temperatures in the low 40s at 7:00 and our temperatures making
5:43 am
it, again, into the mid-60s. it is going to start to become windy. more clouds in the mix, too. we'll talk about the weekend forecast and how strong those winds will gust coming up in five minutes. taking a live look in palo alto, 101, looking like they are smooth in terms of a friday morning. we are not seeing major accidents at this hour. i'll have a check of the peninsula drive times and mass transit in a bit. >> thanks, vianey and kari. it can 5:43. we are getting live look at video showing frantic passengers trying to stop a train because a man passed out on the tracks. >> sir? sir? please wake up. sir? >> can you imagine high frightening? it was in brooklyn yesterday. it was caught on cell phone. the man was unconscious and unresponsive on the track bed.
5:44 am
they were trying to get his attention. one woman ran down the tracks and asked others to stop an approaching train. >> i was worried that the train was coming over him, you know, it was right there. something could happen. >> the woman ran to an emergency call back. they yelled at the train's engineer. the train came to a stop. the group of good samaritans climbed down and brought him up on the platform. it's unclear why he fell on the tracks. he was hospitalized in serious condition. the president is watching capitol hill very closely this morning. >> it is where the senate will vote on tax cuts. scott mcgrew, it will be close. >> so close, the vice president, mike pence, is going to stay in town instead of traveling to the middle east. the vice president served as it has president of the senate and can vote on senate tax bills, if the senate reaches a tie.
5:45 am
any bill, really. right now, there are 52 republican senators, 48 democrats. that means the republicans can afford to lose two senators to a no vote and pence can still break the tie. now, right now, republicans have two senators who are out sick, john mccain of arizona and thad cochran of mississippi. ideally, they will come back for a vote, but you can't count on it. rubio is a solid no. it doesn't do enough for families with children and wants an increased child tax credit. worst case, you have three there and the bill dies. five more are on the fence. mike lee, corker, collins, flake and murkowski, all on the fence. they want changes. but, we are supposed to see the final bill today. [ speaking foreign language ] president vladimir putin held the annual end of the year
5:46 am
press conference on thursday. these are interesting. regular people show upholding signs, they can ask questions. putin praised president trump for the strong american economy and said russia didn't interfere with the american elections. he suggests the american fbi was behind the russian doping scandal. shortly thereafter, president trump called putin to thank him for the compliment. we are always interested in what you think about what's going on in washington. you can follow me on twitter. >> thanks, scott. it's 5:46 right now. a dog that was supposed to be a family pet is now a top drug sniffing police dog getting an award this weekend. don't mess with duke and his handler, sergeant ed of the
5:47 am
menlo police department. we caught up with them before they left for florida to be recognized by the american kennel club. he got the start as a police dog when the chief offered to puppy sit. >> on my return to pick up duke, i walked into the office and the floor was covered with shredded cord board and suspicious wet stains. i thought my job was done. i thought he was going to fire me, my dog peeved on the chief of police carpet. >> no, he suggested he be a police dog. we found he has an instagram feed. we are going to put a gallery up on maybe all that shredding of the paper made him, you know, qualify for that job. all right, who is qualified to be a princess? she won't be a princess, but she is marrying a prince. they are going to mary, they
5:48 am
officially announced the date of may 19th, 2018. the wedding will be at st. george's castle. merkel used to star on "suits." she shot the final episode. from los angeles, now will be visiting and maybe, i guess, becoming a citizen. >> she's going to do a dual citizenship. >> that's the least you can do when you marry a prince. >> why not? all the commoners. >> she doesn't have to bring slippers. >> jackpot. >> we are starting out the morning with really cold temperatures and this is the weather we have had throughout the last couple of weeks. it continues today and the look at the numbers as we get ready to head out the door. 40 degrees in oakland and san jose. 41 in palo alto. 37 in morgan hill. north bay, just above freezing in a few spots. i think we'll be below freezing around sunrise. the sun warms us up today.
5:49 am
there will be clouds rolling in by the afternoon. that's going to bring about change, just in time for the weekend. look at where we are headed with mid to upper 60s today. it will be really nice. getting dressed this morning, you start out with the christmas colors, of course. it's ugly christmas sweater day. i tweeted a picture of me wearing an ugly christmas sweater and maybe you can send me your pictures. if you don't have one, maybe green and red. green hat and maybe a jacket. later on today, it will be warming up and feeling very nice. don't forget the sunglasses and a good day for the nice shoes. don't worry about stepping in puddles. maybe next week we will have rain chances. getting out the door might be the last day of school for your school district in san jose before the holiday break. it's going to be 40 degrees as you walk to school and then, at recess, we'll see a mix of sun and clouds. temperatures today heading out of school will be low 60s.
5:50 am
our winds are going to pick up with high winds and also low humidity. that's going to increase the fire danger for the weekend. winds rushing in from the north as we get a dry system moving in. by tomorrow, look at the time frame. tomorrow morning at 8:30, we will have sustained winds at 25-35 miles per hour and the possibility of gusts up to 50 miles per hour. it stays gusty, even into early sunday morning. as we go throughout the rest of the forecast, starting to see a couple systems dropping in next week. that could bring bay area rain and sierra snow. by friday, it looks like we could have a chance of rain in the forecast. so, it looks good there. windy weekend. temperatures in san francisco in the mid-60s. cooler on sunday and to start next week, morning temperatures will stay in the 40s. first day of winter, finally brings about rain chances on next thursday and until then, it stays much warmer than where we
5:51 am
should be this time of year. vianey, any issues for the commute? >> no, my job is off to a great start this morning. it's mike's doing. he's sending good traffic vibes my way. looking at the bay area, you can see overall green, no issues out there. no minor issues, however, we are seeing that east bay build up, very typical, right around this time from kind of the sunset area. expect to see the early morning traffic build up. we can expect to see a build up on those bridges. a quick check of the drive times, southbound 101 toward sfo, 11 minutes. southbound 101 to highway 92, five minutes. southbound 101 from highway 92 to bowers, 19 minutes. let's look at the build up in oakland along 880. there it is. both sides of the road, the east
5:52 am
bay is busy at this hour. back to you. >> thank you very much. coming up, a step forward for business who is want to sell marijuana in the new year. we are tracking the story and the financial impact for california. >> first, at 5:52, happening now, beverly hills anesthesiologist is facing murder charges. prosecutors say the anesthesiologist was under the influence of drugs treating the patient. reports of north korea that kim jong-un's top aide has been executed. there are allegations of bribery. we are back in two minutes with more news. stick around. an investigative unit follow up
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now: a family stunned and disappointed after waiting 6 y 5:55. an investigative unit follow up. a family stunned and disappointed. a military judge found him not guilty in connection to the death of his young daughter. it is a story we brought you in august. bar low was accused of four counts of child endangerment after a 3-year-old, eden lynch died. they said it was blunt force trauma to the head. they failed to prove barlow did not do enough to protect eden. eden died after a fall down
5:56 am
several concrete steps at his apartment. his new wife, who is not eden's mother was there. >> somebody should be held responsible. i thought this was going to do it for us. >> what would they say happened to eden? >> an accident. they loved eden to death. eden was their world. >> barlow faces one felony count of abuse for failing to seek medical help. the couple declined to be interviewed. >> if you have a story for us, call 888-996-tips or visit investigate. it is 5:56. we have details of a vicious attack inside a dorm room at san francisco state. they don't know what started it. we broke the story yesterday on "today in the bay." the attack happened tuesday afternoon inside mary ward hall.
5:57 am
university police heard a student scream for help from inside his dorm room. officers forced themselves inside the room and found an 18-year-old man choking a student. he was tacken to the hospital. students were surprised. they felt the dorms were safe. >> when you walk in, you have to show your key to show you lived here. did they hold up a pair of keys and the person didn't look at them or how did they get in? >> the student is recovering from surgery. the suspect has been booked into the sf county main jail. high blood sugar early in pregnancy could increase the risk of heart defects. researchers looked at blood glucose levels in their first trimester of pregnancy. there was a link of high blood sugar. blood glucose testing early
5:58 am
could help the risk. fans are waiting to find out if the city will get a new soccer franchise. they met to talk about bids from sacramento and three other cities. they didn't make an announcement. the leaders stayed quiet as well. fans say they are still confident sacramento will win the bid. >> i feel 100% confident. we are the only western team out of four that are up for the expansion. >> i think we are going get a team. we deserve the team. we worked hard. it's a great place for a soccer team. >> the mls issued a statement saying the committee will konltd to work with the four finalists and release more details shortly. a free olympic hockey match up is set tonight. >> the women's ice hockey team is taking on the rival, canada. it's tonight at 7:00 and tickets are still available. if you haven't seen it, it is
5:59 am
definitely worth it. the american women won gold in 1998. we should mention the canadian team won gold every time the u.s. didn't. you are watching the final match up of the teams in sochi. in football, the raiders must win sunday to keep the playoff chances alive. kick off is at 5:30. as for the 49ers, their playoffs have been dead for a while now. this weekend, new quarterback garoppolo makes his appearance. the tribute for mayor lee. the new republican tax bill. the key senator who says he is a no. get the lightsabers ready,
6:00 am
the force is strong. "star wars" fever sweeps the bay area and the nation. "today in the bay" continues right now. good morning to you. thanks for joining us, i'm laura garcia. >> i'm marcus washington. as we start our morning, it is going to have to be force to keep you warm. >> it's really cold again. i guess we are getting used to it. we have such warm afternoons and cold starts. all dry conditions. as you get ready to head out this morning, mostly clear skies. we'll see clouds moving in as we go throughout the day. the high temperatures are nice. up to 70 degrees in the east. danville, livermore, oakland, 65 and 68 in redwood city. san francisco, 67 in the mission district and 67 today in navato. we'll talk about high winds this weekend that may increase the fire danger coming up and as we


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