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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  December 15, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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when i'm working all the time. my neighbors are here, my friends and family live here, so it's important for me to respond as quickly as possible and get the power back on. it's an amazing feeling turning those lights back on. be informed about outages in your area. sign up for outage alerts at together, we're building a better california. good evening and thanks for joining us. i )m raj mathai. . the news at 11:00 starts right now. good evening and thanks for being with us i'm raj mathai. >> i'm jessica aguirre. it is beginning to pick up. we're talking about the wind. it is a big concern when it comes to fire danger across the bay area tonight. it may be mid december but we're under a weather alert. let's get straight to jeff ranieri. you're tracking that fire warning? >> yes, we're putting the weight on saturday in terms of for the
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fire danger. it's in effect now through 10:00 a.m. on sunday. we haven't seen any huge changes in the wind forecast. at 1:00 a.m. it starts to pick up here, gusts out of the north at 15 to 20 miles per hour. 5:00 a.m. wind gusts 20 to 40 and by 1:00 p.m. tomorrow possibly up to 50 miles per hour. so specifically with this p event here's what we're watching right now, high fire danger as you mentioned, primarily in the hills. the average wind speed 10 to 20 but it could gust hire. humidity might go 5% on saturday's forecast, across the entire state. we're tracking exactly how high our fire dang zero based on a rating index the firefighters use and when we could see a few showers coming up at 11:19. >> this is not what we're used to, especially for christmas time. the next 48 hours are a concern
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for people who live in the oakland hills and other fire zones. cheryl hurd joins us in the oakland hills. you were there for that four alarm blaze e earlier this week what's the plan for the weekend? >> reporter: they have a huge plan here. in fact, crews are inside station 24 getting ready for this huge wind event. an event taking place when vegetation is dry and ready to burn. >> just for the citizens, when they go by the local firehouse, they can see there's a red flag. >> that means there's high fire danger in the oakland hills. >> in addition to the structure gear, cary wild land gear. >> reporter: the crews here at station 24 are preparing equipment and beefing up staffing just in case the winds are a catalyst for the fire. >> we're going to have patrols going up tomorrow. >> reporter: starting sfwotonig
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and ending sunday morning. >> the firemen basically said that the wind was not roaring when they got down here initially, which was probably a real blessing. >> reporter: but the wind did kick up later causing embers to fly, partially burning nearby homes. tom pappas says firefighters are getting a hard lesson with all the fires burning in california. >> even though we have resours on scene, fires creating their own environment, that don't allow us to get resources in place to get ahead of the fire. >> reporter: now the chief also tells me these narrow roads are also a big problem. people need to keep them clear, no double parking in case fire crews need to get through. reporting live in oakland i'm
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cheryl hurd. during this weather alert keep an eye on jeff ranieri's facebook and twitter pages. he's been tweeting updates throughout the night. following breaking news in the try valley. a deadly crash at the ramp that connects 680 to 580 westbound. it remains closed. drivers are being told to avoid that stretch tonight as chp investigates what happened. we know that officers are telling us one person died. no word on when the connector ramp will reopen. tomorrow there's a private family memorial for san francisco mayor ed lee today was public. thousands of people paid their respects streaming through still hall, high pro file public figures and everyday citizens. jean elle joins us at city hall
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this evening on the beginning of this emotional weekend. >> reporter: what an emotional day here at san francisco city hall. politicians, residents, city employees, they all came here to pay tribute to mayor ed lee. some left flouwers, they all lined up to have a moment with his casket. for many it was a moment to say thank you. >> present arms. >> reporter: with police and sheriffs at attention, mayor ed lee's flag-dra draped casket is carried out of city hall. a steady stream of people from all walks of life paid their final respects from 8:00 to 7:00. fire chief joan haze white made three visits. >> he was just a regular guy. people loved him for that. a very bright man.
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i had huge respect and admiration for him. it was an honor to work for him. >> paul henderson said lee was a beloved boss. >> we are a better city because of ed lee and his leadership. we are a better employee -- >> bouquets filled city hall. mourners signed condolence book. when it was time for his exit, a small group saw him off. >> he's the first chinese mayor in san francisco, i had respect for him. actually, today, i feel like sad. >> reporter: lee's family is having a private service tomorrow then there is a public celebration of lee's life at city hall on sunday, along with dignitaries will be speaking, doors open at 2:00, the event starts at 3:00. thank you. we invite you to stay with us
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for our continuing coverage. we will air mayor ed lee's memorial service on sunday afternoon right here on nbc bay area and also on cozy television. we'll be streaming it live. you can follow nbc bay area on our twitter page for updates. three behind bars but one still on the run. tonight san jose police announce the arrest of three people in connection with a murder at a gas station last year. they're still looking for this guy, joseph durant. back in 2016, a teenager was shot to death, it was the 46th homicide of the year. san francisco's popular aquatic park is closed to swimmers. it's rare to close it but it's more rare that a sea lion attacks a swimmer. it happened again today. the first swimmer is recovering, he said he was trying to be
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cautious of the animals yesterday when an aggressive sea lion came at him and clamped onto his arm. >> i was really worried that maybe i was going to die because i was a quarter mile from shore and if he bites me on the legs and i can't get back to shore and i'm bleeding in the water, i was concerned. >> a sailboat helped get him back to shore. this morning another swimmer was bitten. prompting the park service to close the aquatic park through the weekend. the marine mammal center said the sea lion or the sea lions could be playing, sick or just curious. license to sell, come january 21st, anyone 21 years or older will be able to go into a marijuana dispensary and buy pot. tonight one of the first licenses have been awarded in the south bay. >> this is one of the highest
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quality. >> reporter: at buddy's cannabis, tonight a reason to break out the good stuff. >> it's exciting. >> reporter: they were just awarded the state's first micro business license and are now able to open their doors to nonmedical clients on january 21st. >> it does help legitimize the industry. we had been operating in the shadows so many years and now taking the next step puts us as part of the community. >> matt is the owner and says the micro business owner allows to sell and cultivate and grow on site. >> we're hiring more employees, we're starting work to further develop our upstairs grow. >> reporter: only 15 businesses are licensed to sell recreationally come january 1st, but you have to get a state license, too. right now buddy is the only one, but the state is hoping to change that. >> we'll issue licenses and see how the market does.
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>> reporter: more than 280 business plans have been approved by local governments across the state. now waiting for approval to try and absorb the green rush headed to california. >> clearly this is going to open the door for a lot more business. >> reporter: in san jose, ian cull, nbc bay area news. >> 53 in san francisco right now, winds beginning to pick up a little bit. we'll talk more about the gusty winds this weekend in about 9 minutes. the outrageous adventure of a family's stole east bay car, what it went through before being found by police in the east bay. do you see down there? it's a man trapped in a chimney and that's not santa. the story behind the sticky situation. here's a hint, it ended with handcuffs. ♪
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♪ think of your fellow man, ♪ lend him a helping hand, ♪ put a little love in your heart.♪ ♪ you'll see it's getting late, oh please don't hesitate...♪ ♪ put a little love in your heart.♪ ♪ in your heart... ♪ in your heart... ♪ in your heart... ♪ in your heart. (vo) get zero percent financing for 63 months on select models, plus we'll donate two hundred and fifty dollars to charity. s-u-v was stolen four knew at 11:00, they were taken for a ride.
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a liver more's couple brand new suv was stolen four months ago. police found the vehicle. it wasn't damaged. instead it had lyft decals on it and 11,000 new miles on the odometer. sergio quintana joins us with the story. >> investigators here in hayward and livermore are trying to figure out who stole the suv in the first place. lyft tells us they are working with police on the investigation. hayward police found their white honda suv last week. when josh martin got the call he was expecting the worst. >> i was expecting it to be stripped. it was a brand new car, so i was expecting the rims to be gone. >> reporter: instead he and his wife noticed a few details. >> smells like cigarettes. >> someone was a spoke smoker. >> exactly. >> there were two lyft ride share decals, and on the
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odometer, more than 13,000 miles. that's about 11,000 more miles than when they brought it home from the dealership in august. >> brand new off the lot. >> reporter: hayward police and livermore investigators are trying to figure out if their vehicle had been used as a lyft ride share care. we reached out to lyft they send a statement, given information provided we are unable to match this vehicle to any lyft accounts in the area. we have reached out to ms. barton and we stand ready to as assist law enforcement in any situation. if the suv was used as a ride share car, it raises some big concerns. >> it's scary to think you could possibly be getting sbrinto a vehicle that not only the vehicle is stolen but your driver is a criminal who stole the vehicle. >> in that statement from lift, the company insists that customer safety is their highest priority.
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and with that in mind, if you do happen to use ride share companies pretty often, you should make sure when you hail one of the vehicles, the information, including the license plate and the name of that driver actually matches up with the car and the person who comes to pick you up. reporting live in hayward, i'm sergio quintana. nbc bay area news. also in hayward, an alert gas station worker helped police put two cart skimmers out of service. police are looking for these two men now, they're accused of installing skimmers, they also installed fake panels with cameras to capture pin numbers as people punch them in. it's a reminder to stay alert when using the card readers. did a judge misbehalf?
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the chief justice of the supreme court has appointed a panel of judges to look at the accusations. former clerk for judge alex ka sin ski is claiming he harassed them over the past several years. the judges are from new york to avoid any conflict of interest. ucfc has seen dozens of hate incidents over the past year, as part of a take stand against hate, the university has launched a website encouraging students to report what they see on campus. the most recent event involved a swats ka painted in a parking lot. >> at a time when students are already stressed -- >> the numbers are disturbing, the university has had about 40
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incidents of hate on campus this year alone. the san jose police department welcomed 42 new recruits today. they've been working hard to build staffing levels up after years of low recruitment. the graduating academy gets more police on the street. they see it as an accomplishment for the department and the city, too. >> it's a long time. last february we had 7 graduates. today we have 42. it's incredibly exciting for anybody that wears this uniform. we're pumped. >> another academy of troops in training, it's also a large class. sjp credits improvements in benefit and bay. how bad is it, a live look at san francisco. are we number one for the worst traffic in the nation? no. according to the data app waves,
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san jose is 6th. honolulu was number one. red flag warnings in southern california are putting firefighters on edge. they have gained ground in the wildfires. the thomas fire is now 35% contained. however winds are expecting to kick up tomorrow morning. that's concerning. it's burned more than 266,000 acres in ventura county. >> jeff ranieri is here, we're hoping we don't see any of that in the bay area but our own wind can bes are coming tonight. >> yes, the same winds southern california will be impacted by we will be impacted by as well. very gusty on saturday's forecast. i want to start with a fire danger rating index. that firefighters use to
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basically put a number on how fast a fire could spread if it started. today the burn index was 37. relatively low, if a fire started they'd be able to contain it pretty fast. but for tomorrow it sores to 110, meaning a high rate of that fire spreading, which would be hard to make it stop. please be individual lent. if you see anything sub pishs tomorrow you have to report it. now, in terms of red flag fire warning, this is in effect for the northeast and south bay hills, primarily 1,000 feet and above. humidity could go down to 5%. the closer that numbers goes to zero, the dryer the air is. the driest our air could get will be tomorrow. forecast begins mostly clear. it'll be a cool start, 44 in the south bay, peninsula 46 and tri
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valley at 41. the north bay 43 degrees, and san francisco we start with the wind as well and 46. let's get a closer look at the wind. so you know how to deal with it tomorrow. overall, what i want you to remember when you look at this, all the numbers here, these are all occasional wind gusts and shows the direction of the wind. 4:30 in the morning we could see gusts 34 in napa, 27 in san francisco and 14 in san jose. 9:30, it gets gusty. napa up to 36, and it stays that way through 9:30 at night on saturday. so occasional gusts could be this high. but remember the sustained wind, the average wind speed right around 10 to 18 miles per hour. as we head to sunday's forecast it starts to calm down. it is a one-day event that we have to watch out for, especially in the hills. the benefit of the wind, if you can find any silver lining is the best air quality we've seen
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in weeks as the wind pushes out the smog and haze, 65 in morgan hill. throughout the east bay, 62 in vallejo, 63 in hayward. not too much change near the pbs peninsula. san francisco, 63 in the marina, 64 in the mission. and right through the north bay, 62 in mill valley, 65 in santa rosa. extended forecast shows less wind on sunday. we're calling it breezy, dry monday and tuesday. a spotty chance of a shower next wednesday. i'd love to see the forecast change we need the rainfall but we don't see more than a spotty chance for wednesday's forecast at this point. as i mentioned, see anything suspicious please report it. we have to stay on top of this. >> we will be careful. >> up next, the social media confession, why facebook says facebook might make you feel
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bad. >> we have jimmy. >> gooi guys,da did he recollect trater. music from michael mcdonald and thank you notes. happening now the chief executives of nearly ever major hollywood studio and tv new york are helping fund a group to stop sexual assault misconduct in the media industry. this comes in the wake of accusations against harvey weinstein and matt lauer. concord salvation army is facing a turkey shortage. they need frozen turkeys. more on our website. to honor san francisco )s late mayor. reaction - following ed lee )s weekend memorial.
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and commuters ... making people prisoners in their own homes! the action one local community is taking to stop the problem. today in the bay - monday - 4:30 to 7.
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it was a would-be burglar. citrus heights police received a knew at 11:00, it wasn't santa stuck in a california chimney this week, it was a would-be particular. police received a 911 call from a man stuck in a chimney. he's facing charges for allegedly trying to break into a business through the chimney. although he was trapped he was able to move just enough to reach his phone. officers and firefighters had to use special equipment to get him out. airing its own dirty laundry, facebook said using facebook without contributing makes you feel said. they sited research saying in
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general passively viewing information leads to bad health. they' actively engaging is linked to improvement in mood and well being. ignition, lift off. >> a historic mission, space x launched and landed a used rocket for the first time today. they're the brainchild of the founder of tesla. it's a major step to creating reusable space ships. up next we have details on the giants' trade tonight and the shark's dramatic overtime finish. we have a big wekednd in
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football... sunday...jimmy g makes his first start for the 49ers -- in front of e hope you're dwribd we have a big weekend of football. sunday makes his start for the 49ers for jimmy g. >> the raiders and cowboys right here on nbc bay area. if the raiders lose as you know the season is done in terms of their playoff chances.
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hockey, sharks in vancouver, watch the shot here from brett burns. that ties the game 1-1. here's the heartbreaking finish for the sharks, 29 seconds left in ot, the canucks win in over time 4-3. the giants traded matt moore. he had an erratic one and a half seasons with the giants. >> we're back in a moment. stay with us. meet duke -- he )s a k-9 for the
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menlo park police department. that dog's barking for joy. that's duke. he's a k-9 for the menlo park police department. he's being recognized at the american kennel club dog show in florida for excellence. the sergeant met duke as a puppy when he offered to watch the dog. their relationship grew to much more now duke is a top-sniffing police dog. >> we're cheering for duke.
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jeff ranieri with our wind conditions which is dangerous for parts of the bay area. >> especially for hills 1,000 feet. winds could gust to 50. if you're doing any kind of road trip, it's going to be gusty the whole way, so both hands on the steering wheel. only a spotty chance of showers next wednesday. we need some rainfall, and it's not coming right enjoy. >> enjoy the weekend and get the christmas shopping done tomorrow and sunday. >> be safe out there, bye-bye. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- benicio del toro, ruby rose, tariq trotter,


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