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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  December 17, 2017 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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cc by aberdeen captioning 1-800-688-6621 we say thank you, ed lee. thank you for all you have done and all you have sacrificed. >> right now at 11:00, tributes and memory pouring in for mayor ed lee. honoring his life and his legacy. thanks for joining us on a sunday night. i am i am jessica aguirre. >> and i am raj mathai. >> lee died last night at the age of 65. governor brown, among those who
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spoke at the ceremony. a sentiment echoed over and over. we begin with nbc bay area sam brock. >> reporter: the memorial for mayor ed lee began right at 3:00 p.m. with the presentation of the colors. punctual like lee. >> he told terrible jokes. he laughed because he was trying to build enthusiasm for his jokes. >> most of the time he told jokes that he could barely get through because he was laughing so hard at them himself. >> reporter: humor at times can push in great pain. both were evidence in abundance this evening. the ceremony glided from stately impromptu addresses. >> trust is the realm.
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>> reporter: to soulful statements about lee's legacy. >> wake up every day just tying to add a little value. not try to take them down. try to help lift them up. >> reporter: lee's wife, anita nodded aalong as california leaders put the cultural context into place. the city's first asian-american mayor. >> marked about prejudice against the chinese community. >> china, san francisco first chinese american mayor, he was like a superstar, an icon. >> reporter: as a voice for the city's most neglected or vulnerable. and maybe future successor to extol little things lee did
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every minute and every day of his life. >> ed lee showed our children that public service can still be noble. >> reporter: one of his daughter's spoke about a weekend tradition of theirs. wake her up at 8:00 in high school to paint over graffiti. revered by one group of san franciscans especially. team coverage begins with terry mcsweeney how no one group felt stronger connection than the chain niece community he loved. >> reporter: the chinese community well represented today. >> he is the first one to be
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from our community. so we are proud of that. >> reporter: made his wife as civil right's attorney. some believe he never stopped fighting for the chinese community. >> he is gone too fast. actually, this city people needed him and also the community needed him. yeah, we really love him. >> reporter: in 2011, as the acting mayor of san francisco. lee joined lee kuan. >> that picture, i have seen that picture out in little restaurants because it meant to a lot of people that chinese americans finally arrived. >> reporter: tonight after the ceremony ended. taking pictures. >> he loved the things, not only
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for the chinese community, but he did it for everybody in city of san francisco. so i am proud of him. >> reporter: this is a program that was at today's ceremony. the official photo of ed lee. but on the back a picture of ed lee in his younger days and the writing in chinese. terry mcsweeney, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. throughout the day, this is a tweet that terry posted a few hours ago. the american flag held by the fire department outside of city hall. following breaking news in the east bay. a stabbing in the parking lot of the hayward bart station.
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not sure what led up to the stabbing but we are told the victim's injuries are serious. a man and a woman were stabbed again, it is hayward parking lot. we have a crew arriving at the scene. busy night for bart because of the raider's game. family trip to the beach turned tragic in sonoma county. a father and 6-year-old son swept away from shore at goat rock beach. three children were playing in the water when a strong under tow pulled the boy into a deeper water. father tried to jump in and save his son. but both father and son are gone. the lights are back on but problems far from over achl major outage in atlanta.
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all three bay area airports are impacted as well. sergio quintana joins us live at sfo terminal one. could continue tomorrow. >> reporter: that's right. delta air lines they have announced they are cancelling 300 of their flights tomorrow morning to help reset their own system. for fliers out of sfo, their difficulties started this morning. >> this is the pile of luggage. passengers have to reclaim them after their atlanta flights were canceled. >> they deplaned us. >> reporter: she was traveling with her two-year-old. her husband dropped them off at ten this morning and returned at
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3:00 this afternoon to pick them back up. >> we will see. >> reporter: frank shmays was headed home to atlanta. >> i have a lot of sympathy for those travelers who don't have power. >> reporter: jet bridges weren't working and inside the terminal darkness as thousands of people waited on what to do next. a fire in the electrical facility knocked out power. >> this one is not excusable not having any kind of redundant mechanism. it is an absolute mess for everyone. >> reporter: nearly 20 flights out of bay area airports were canceled to and from atlanta. almost 100 were delayed out of
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sfo alone. atlanta itself about 1500 flights canceled today. reporting live, i am sergio quintana. ledly hdeadly hit and run o peninsula. a driver hit and killed a pedestrian. it is not clear when this crash actually happened. details about the victim have yet to be released. follow up to a deadly crash we reported on friday night. police have released the name of a man killed. 63-year-old dana everett died as a result of being hit by cars. he was not in a car himself. the accident shut down 680 for
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hours. fires could be a work of an arsonist. >> reporter: the latest fire was spotted about one this morning. it appears to have started in a shopping cart and spread to surrounding vegetation. the chp says it appears that the blaze was intentionally set. for more than a week now, someone has been setting small fires more than 20 of them along interstate 680. a chp investigators has been canvassing the area. the agency says it is getting good information and cooperation from the public especially the homeless who live along that stretch. those investigators are also now
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working with other police agencies to help find who was responsible and to shut it down. >> that was ross plaider reporting. all right. did you see it? it was right here on nbc bay area. sunday night football in oakland. that is owner mark davis watching the heart break and the controversy. final seconds of the game, derek carr running into the end zone and carr fumbles into the end zone. that means it is a touchback. >> i left it out there. just trying to win for my teammates. no excuse. i have to hold onto the bar. but the fight our team played with. today that was familiar. that looked like us. >> that was a tough loss for the
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raiders. here is the controversy of the game, the refs brought out an index card. more drama with trump's administration. lessons learned from the north bay. welcome return to rain and sierra snow making a comeback over the next few days. the timing of the incoming storm when we come right back. reform -- this could be a
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monutmental week for the trump adminitrio not just a vote ton tax reform, this could be a monumental week for the trump administration. president trump's lawyer claiming e-mails from the transition team were improperly turned over to mueller. here is kelly o'donald. >> reporter: frustration over the russia probe surfaced in a new way.
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>> do you believe your transition team e-mails were improperly taken? >> not look good. quite sad to see that. my people were very upset about it. >> reporter: with a charge made by the president's transition team against special council muller's investigation. improperly obtained thousands of transition staff e-mails now being used in the russia probe. >> as we said, there is no collusion. no collusion whatsoever. but a lot of lawyers thought that was pretty sad. >> reporter: election season to the inaugural. the trump transition worked in this government owned building using government provided e-mail service. under the law, transition teams are not government agencies. and most of their funding is private. a lawyer protesting to congress
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claiming career staff at the federal government general services administration unlawfully produced private e-mails. white house officials stayed out of it. >> thankfully i am not in communication with the lawyer for the trump team. >> reporter: officials say when we have obtained e-mails. trump allys seized on mueller. while mueller is widely respected -- >> i do not at all believe that mr. mueller has been compromised or his investigation. >> reporter: some republicans sound an alarm. >> these conflict of interest jeopardize the integrity of the investigation. meanwhile senator mccain is
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back home tonight after being hospitalized in washington, d.c. mccain was hospitalized for a viral investigation. it is expected he will stay in arizona despite the senate and house vote this week on the president's tax bill. the gop is on track to have enough votes to pass it without mccain. however, speaking to reporters, president trump promised mccain will rereturn back to washington if a vote -- resigned from the "acalanes union high school district board." and he was fired from his job at the nro >> chest lock is designed from the school board. and fired from his job at the nonprofit called common sense media. a statement from his lawyer
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reads in part, we are confident that a full and fair exploration of this matter under taken -- the southern california wildfires, thousands of firefighters are still battling what is now become the second largest wildfire in california history. trying to prevent the massive blaze from sweeping into more communities in santa barbara county. >> reporter: firefighters fight back. the massive thomas fire burning since december 4 has killed two and destroyed more than 1,000 homes and businesses. grew even larger overnight threatening 18,000 homes. this morning a break in the weather. red flag winds finally dying down giving crews a small window to act. firefighters are now going on
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the attack trying to pair down hot spots like the ones in this canyon behind me. many are exhausted. this team has been on the front line since a few days after the fire broke out. >> have you seen a fire like this. >> we have been on big ones but not like this. >> reporter: many have been away from their families for weeks. >> a smile and a thanks and that is all we can do right now. >> reporter: so did some of the area's most famous residents, oprah tweeting and katy perry sending a big thank you. meanwhile, final journey home for fallen firefighter cory
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iverson. firefighters now hope they have turned a corner. san francisco firefighters is one of the crews that sent firefighters to battle the fire. knowing they wouldn't be able to spend the holidays with family and friends. >> the word is it could have been worse. that he pli they applied what they learned from our fires. our rob mayeda joins us now. and it has been so dry. >> our own weekend here started with red flag warnings in mid-december. the good news for the forecast, mid-week a chance we will see rain and sierra snow a bit of a
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comeback. dublin down to 41 degrees. likely to see patchy frost with temperatures in the low 30s tomorrow morning. later on towards tomorrow morning dropping to the upper 30s. going from low 40s we have outside to low to mid-30s. you see the 24-hour temperature change. the winds have stopped. so these wind sheltered valleys will be waking up to these temperatures in the 30s. now daytime high still mild as we start the week. mid-60s closer to san jose. pleasanton tomorrow chilly start but a rebound in the afternoon. hayward 65 degrees. low 60s from half moon bay to
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san mateo. and san francisco in the low to mid-60s. back up to 65 in the afternoon in santa rosa. get a change in this coming up tuesday night into wednesday. looks like right around midnight wednesday morning into 6:00 a.m. we get clearing skies as early as lunchtime on wednesday but should drop, at least, a tenth of an inch of rain. show you how some of these north bay areas could pick up a quarter inch of rain in santa rosa. and that looks to be the only chance of rain. in its place, second half of the week cold drop of air here coming out of canada is going to give us a taste of canadian
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air-conditioning heading towards next weekend. early wednesday chances of rain. next weekend highs in the mid-50s and morning temperatures could drop into the 20s and 30s. winter officially begins on thursday. >> have you switched out your wardrobe from fall to winter? >> i have. truth is out there but at what cost. millions of dollars spent by the pent go to find alien life.
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new at 11:00, the pentagon has admitted it spent millions of dollars of taxpayer money to run a secret ufo program. on a budget of 22 million bucks each year. its mission was to investigate ufo sightings. the pentagon says the funding has been cut for the program. "the new york times" is reporti reporting. plans to cultivate the next generation of leaders through the obama foundation. interview with the former
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president is to be broadcast on the bbc december 27. a shooting and a stand off inside one of san francisco's most glamorous hotel. an off duty police officer was arrested.
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my name is jamir dixon and i'm a locate and mark fieldman for pg&e. most people in the community recognize the blue trucks as pg&e. my truck is something new... it's an 811 truck. when you call 811, i come out to your house and i mark out our gas lines and our electric lines to make sure that you don't hit them when you're digging. 811 is a free service. i'm passionate about it because every time i go on the street i think about my own kids. they're the reason that i want to protect our community and our environment, and if me driving a that truck means that somebody gets to go home safer, then i'll drive it every day of the week. together, we're building a better california. ♪ ♪ it feels good to be back. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ right now at 11:30, we want to update our breaking news in the east bay. we were telling you about a stabbing in the parking lot in the hayward bart station. we are told the victims, the injuries of those victims are serious. a man and a woman were stabbed. it has been a busy night for bart because of the raider's game tonight we are going to stay on the story. and bring you updates. the san francisco starts the process of a new mayor.
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many gathered to celebrate mayor lee. >> chinese were especially. lee was the son of chinese immigrants and made his mark as a civil rights attorney. >> this city, people needed him and also the community needed him. we really love him. >> he is accomplished and not only for the chinese community, but he did this for everybody in the city of san francisco. so i am proud of him. >> in 2011, mayor lee joined mayor quan for a white house dinner. to her, it symbolizes the milestone for all chinese americans.
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for continuing coverage, head to our website we posted a slide show as well as a look back to his life and service to san francisco. busiest airport in the world, in atlanta lost power for most of the day. creating a travel nightmare around the world and that includes our three major bay area airports. the lights in atlanta went off and they had to reclaim their luggage and enter a long line to get rebooked. >> this one in my eyes is not excusable not having redundant power. >> so many people and families are traveling.
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hundreds of more delta flights set to take off tomorrow have been canceled as well. check ahead. the outage caused by a fire at an under ground electrical facility. someone fired a flare gun into five houses. it shows that car pause long enough for someone to fire a flare gun at a home. the car is believed to be an older nissan sentra. with each passes day, people impacted by the north bay fires take another step towards rebuilding their own lives. so does the grieving process for the lives lost. holding a memorial for all
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animals killed in the recent fire. >> today will not heal the wound completely. but we are here to take the time to take the time to say we are here with you. we acknowledge their souls. we acknowledge that they were here at one point present with us. >> today's event was held at the silverado resort in napa. gun shots inside one of san francisco's elite hotels. a shooting and a standoff. here is christie smith. >> reporter: before sunrise, san francisco police received a disturbing call from the four seasons hotel. >> witness stated there was a male located in the building who was shooting the gun.
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>> reporter: police say guests were told to shelter in place. someone reported multiple shots fired. >> gun shots heard on the tenth floor. >> reporter: investigators made contact with the suspect and say within 90 minutes he surrendered peacefully. >> the male is in our kcustody and he is an off duty police officer with the richmond police department. >> we have since placed the police officer on administrative leave and we are conducting an investigation. >> reporter: what lead to the gun fire is still unclear. a statement from the hotel only said the incident involved a guest. this morning guests we spoke with said they did not hear gunfire but plenty of police. >> i thought it was house
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keeping at first and he had his badge and i was shocked. not anything thaw are expecting to happen. >> reporter: many guests we spoke with said they didn't know anything happened. that man was taken into custody was transported for a medical evaluation. in san francisco, christie smith nbc bay area news. a little girl with a christmas she has always dreamt of.
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new at 11:00, a spacex capsule has returned.
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using an arm to drag the capsule out of out of orbit. space ex is looking to drive launch cost through reusability. even under the best of circumstances, getting ready for the holiday season can seem overwhelming. >> a family in san jose facing some difficult circumstances. some kind people stepped in to help. >> reporter: she and her husband ever sat down to write a book about all the challenges their family has faced these past five years -- >> i was crying over there. >> reporter: it would sadly be a multivolume set. the story would begin with the
11:39 pm
birth of their daughter ella. coming into the world months premature weighing barely one pound. while at the very first time jim was being diagnosed with cancer. >> yes, stage 4 cancer. >> reporter: daughter and mother are still with us. though gin's cancer has spread to her brain. it is the kind of experience that teaches you to experience every day. particularly the one kids love be best. >> yeah. every christmas we are celebrating. >> reporter: which is what makes this gesture so very bright. >> we have the santa with a reindeer. >> reporter: a team of volunteers getting ready to
11:40 pm
surprise ella when she gets home from preschool. >> she doesn't know. >> reporter: over the years the foundation has raised tens of millions of dollars for cancer research and patient services. so by comparison, this may seem fall. >> thank you so much. >> reporter: but it is not. >> if we can hang lights and plug in an inflatable reindeer to make somebody happy. >> reporter: the gift she says is for the entire family. but gin and andy say this is for ella. >> yeah. >> reporter: she has not been a buy stander to her mother's illness they say, she is a one girl 5-year-old support team.
11:41 pm
>> she knows when we need a hug and when it is time to be happy. >> reporter: during this christmas season with a help of a handful of strangers, it is time for both. >> we wish that family the very best. just ahead the new "star wars" movie hitting hyper drive just ahead. the chance for rain and sierra snow making a comeback. the time line on that in a few minutes. ♪ toyland, toyland
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♪ little girl and boy land ♪ while you dwell within it ♪ you are ever happy there daddy, it's christmas! ♪ childhood's joy land never let go of your dreams. the mercedes-benz winter event is back. lease the glc300 for $449 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing.
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it is that time of year and it is not just santa claus eats they are. >> nbc kate snow takes a look at some acts of kindness. >> reporter: in bellevue washington, a brief encounter that meant a lot this week. a regular left behind a note telling the staff when he was seven he washed dishes and his mom cooked at a diner just like this one and then left a $3,000
11:45 pm
tip. in new jersey someone paid off a lay away purchase. >> i am grateful. they blessed a lot of people. >> and a lot of people made one wish come true. a teacher posted a little girl's letter to santa asking for a ball, a blanket. in shawnee ckansas this police officer handing out cash instead of tickets. >> you want daddy to come home? >> reporter: this santa having a secret identity. >> i want daddy to come home. >> i want a dirt bike.
11:46 pm
>> hi, guys. >> reporter: just in time for christmas. >> so cute. that was kate snow reporting. did you go to the movies this weekend? >> no. but a lot of people did. it is the number one movie at the box office. the eighth "star wars" movie brought in 220 million to be exact. the animated movie ferdinand finished second. >> should we go to the midnight showing? >> that would be right now. >> hoping the heaters are on because outside right now it is quite chilly. let's show you the temperatures.
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san francisco closer to the water not too bad, 49 degrees. dublin 41. and in san jose by christmas in the park 49 degrees. chilly temperatures. clear skies dry air in place. napa too, into the low 30s tomorrow morning. patchy frost possible. not as much in san francisco. in the afternoon, a spread of low to mid-60s bay area wide. mid-to upper 60s possible south to san jose. so the story of the first half of december trk has been how dry it has been. missed out to two to 3 inches of rain. even san jose missing out just over an inch of rain. welcome news that mid-week we
11:48 pm
see welcome rainmaking a comeback and behind that system, breezy and cold temperatures setting up in the forecast. one chance of rain we are tracking this week. so it is possible that wednesday morning commute may have wet roadways impacting. this is a fast moving system. so rain totals not extensive but more than we have seen this month. so if this falls, about a tenth of an inch of rain to a quarter inch of rain. so that is the quick chance of seeing rain here. cold temperatures good enough for maybe a half foot to a foot of snow above 6,000 feet there on wednesday. that is the one system that goes racing by. systems that follow up towards christmas day will stay off to
11:49 pm
the east of us. brigging cooler and dryer air which means highs likely in the 50s as winter officially begins on thursday. it is going to feel like it as you see. morning temperatures in the 20s and 30s for the second half of the week. >> did you see that raider's game tonight? >> i can't believe it. >> the last minute fumble and the controversy of the index card. colin resch joins us next.
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s . if you ever had a paper cut, you know it hurts. the raiders on the receiving end of a referee version of a paper cut tonight. everyone knows the season is
11:52 pm
pretty much every with. >> jack del rillo, all said this is a first. keeps it. they bring out the sticks. two close to call. the ref, he uses a side of a piece of paper, saying first down cowboys. huge call. a call that would go in the raider's favor late on fourth and ten. raiders still alive and now they are thinking victory. third and three on the eight. derek carr fumbles into the end zone and out of bounds. and that is a touchback and that is how the game ends. play off the longest of long shots. >> i was trying to beat 38 to the sideline, to the corner. as soon as he pushed it slipped
11:53 pm
out of my glove. i tried to hold on to it. >> it is a shame that play goes an inch or two the other way. i am proud of those men. proud of those guys. >> reporter: final play summed up the raiders' season. already had two straight winds on the road today. and today he got his first win on the road. jimmy garoppolo. this is hiss lone. titans take a lead with just over a minute left.
11:54 pm
gr garoppolo and the nine'ers. never a doubt make it six for six as he splits the up rights. 9'ers in dramatic fashion. let's hear from jimmy g. >> i said this a couple of weeks ago. we are a young team and learning how to win. these close games will pay off in the long run. >> first quarterback to win its first three starts with the franchise since the merger in 1970. next up at home again. that is a day game on christmas eve against the jacksonville
11:55 pm
jaguars. raiders in philly on christmas for monday night football. >> i told you jimmy garoppolo was going to be good. >> what a heart break. >> we'll be back in a moment.
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pizza party aren't just for kids. for popes as well. celebrating his 81st birthday today. he got help from the kids and they wheeled out a big birthday cake. thousands of people gathered to watch ask they all sang happy birthday in italian.
11:58 pm
very nice. >> going to be chilly outside. >> already is right now. we are exciting about a chance of rain early on wednesday. sierra snow mid-week and a chilly first weekend of winter as we approach christmas eve, christmas day. >> glove, scarves the whole thing. >> have a great night. see you on monday. >> bye-bye.
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money, toys, guns and women. this is the world of instagram king dan blizerian. >> what do you think led to your instagram picking up? >> probably because i was doing all the stuff an 18-year-old kid would do. >> from his amazing las vegas home to his desert playground to training camp with floyd mayweather jr., this week we're along for the ride with the controversial playboy, dan built up his own fortunate on the professional poker tour and fostered a wildlife style that would bring on two heart attacks by age 25. >> the doctor is like, how much do you take? 200 milligrams. >> when he's not documenting his outrageous sex life or


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