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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  December 18, 2017 5:00am-6:01am PST

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again, san jose, it's a very cold morning. lower 40s at 6:00 and then we'll see those temperatures by late morning in the upper 50s into the low 60s, again by later today as we get a look at all the high temperatures. still warmer than we should be for the end of december. we'll talk about finally some rain in the forecast coming up. mike, now you have a possible hazard in the east bay. >> that's right. we are looking at highway 4. south bay to the city, no problems as far as the speed sensors go. highway 4, the same thing out of here, out of pittsburgh. west highway 4 at railroad avenue, reports of debris. maybe a disabled vehicle. we are going track that at chp. hopefully it clears it. no delays there. all the way to the bay bridge, the cash lanes are backing up. open all the cash lanes soon, hopefully. no delays on the approach. back to you. >> thank you, mike. 5:00, new this morning,
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overnight police pursuit ends with a crash into an east bay wedding store. >> this is just into the news room showing part of the chase. [ sirens ] >> that video was shot along east 14th street around 1:30. the car crashed into a nearby bridal shop near bancroft avenue. sadly, some of the damage to the outside of the building. no word on why police were chasing the car. we reached out to authorities for more information. of course we'll bring updates as soon as they come into us. [ applause ] >> cheers there now at atlanta's hartsfield airport. stranded travelers applauded when those lights came on around midnight. they were left in the dark for most of yesterday after an
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underground fire knocked out power. passengers had to use cell phones to see where they were stuck outside security check points and really nowhere to go. >> we haven't gotten an e-mail or text. i am surprised at that. >> get a different flight. the system is down. this is a mess. >> i was there at that airport earlier in the morning, but didn't get caught up on that. >> didn't trip on a cord and make it happen? >> no, the outage led to 1100 cancellations. that will last into today. >> pete suratos joins us live from san francisco international airport with what travelers can expect this morning because of all of this. what is the big board showing back there, pete? >> reporter: good morning to you, laura and marcus. yeah, some folks here in the san francisco bay area here at sfo are going to see the cancellations as a result of the power outage that took place at the atlanta international airport.
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here are the numbers our desk was able to dig up. right here at sfo, san jose international airport and oakland international airport, there are six flight cancellations. sfo, here there are five cancellations, three arrivals and two departures. san jose international, that's one cancellation. oakland international, there are none. the majority of the flights all with delta. it was a much different story at sfo when the power outage took place in atlanta. the number of cancellations tripled today's numbers. crews spoke with passengers who arrived to the bad news. >> we are only on the actual plane 30 minutes. >> this is not excusable, not having any kind of redundant mechanism to have the power turned on. it's an absolute mess for everyone. >> reporter: that would be a good idea to check in with your airline before heading to the airport. of course, we are going to
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continue to monitor changes here on the ground. i'll bring you updates as they come in. live at sfo, pete suratos, for "today in the bay." >> thank you, pete. 5:03 now. live to washington, d.c. president trump is back at the white house this morning after visiting camp david over the weekend. he says he doesn't want to fire special counsel robert mueller and let the investigation run its course. the president is insisting he did not collude with the russians. edward lawrence is live with what's next on the investigation. good morning, edward. >> reporter: good morning, marcus. throw this in with a phone call between russian president vladimir putin and president donald trump. then again, the president denied allegation of collusion with the russians to win the election. returning from camp david, nbc news asked president trump if he plans to fire special counsel robert mueller. >> no, i'm not. no. >> reporter: the comment may end
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weeks of speculation the white house wants mueller out and the investigation stops. some of the cabinet members say the cloud takes away from the administration's message. >> we have to get past this investigation. it's a giant distraction. nobody said that in any way this impacted the outcome of the election. >> reporter: special counsel investigators are coming through e-mails. in a letter, a lawyer accused mueller of improperly obtaining e-mails saying some contain attorney-client privileged information. >> not looking good. not looking good. can't imagine there's anything on it, frankly. as we said, there was no collusion. there's no collusion whatsoever. >> reporter: robert mueller responded saying when we have obtained e-mails in the course of the ongoing criminal investigation, we have secured either the account owner's consent or appropriate content.
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>> what are they afraid of. finish the job and get the facts. >> reporter: the white house would rather talk about the tax bill, set to hit the president's desk this week. now, they are expected to vote on the tax bill on tuesday with a vote in the senate on the big on wednesday. live in washington, edward lawrence, back to you. >> thanks for the latest there. it is 5:06. developing, police searching for a suspect after a stabbing outside a hayward bart station. it happened at 9:30 in the bart station parking lot. a man and woman were stabbed after an altercation with three people. all of them got away. the female victim has been treated and released. the male victim was in surgery overnight, but is expected to survive. breaking news in new york city. a mother and her young children are dead, ten others hurt after an early morning house fire. our sister station reports a
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40-year-old woman died and her children 11, 7 and 3 years old. after the injury, three people in the home were critically hurt. seven others, including five firefighters have minor injuries. the mother and father reportedly lived inside the house with six children. one cousin had been spending the night. no word, yet, on that tragedy. now, a developing story in southern california. this weekend, the thomas fire became the second largest fire in california. it burns 270,000 acres forcing 100,000 people from their homes. firefighters say they are exhausted. >> insane. the biggest fire i have been on. >> ever see a fire like this? >> no. we have been on big ones, but not like this. not with all the homes. >> two people have died in the fire, including a san diego firefighter. family and friends said good-bye to him on sunday. this morning, video that a
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bay area fire crew shot fighting the thomas fire. the fairfield fire department posted this video over the weekend. you can see it there. you can see they were surrounded by those flames. the firefighters were on the way f protect homes. the san francisco fire department is a crew fighting those flames. they posted this on twitter. the department says 22 firefighter left this weekend to relieve crews, knowing they will not be able to spend holidays with friends and family. oakland school board members meet with the district add rivi to go over the budget. it sparked anger and frustration when leaders approved $9 million in cuts. they are not saying how many will lose their jobs, but the cuts are necessary to avoid the potential of a state takeover. the meeting gets under way at 5:30 tonight. happening today, the redwood city council will consider new
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requirements for affordable housing. san mateo daily journal says it would force low market rates for future development plans. we looked through the latest information on the housing market. rent cafe says the average price is $3200 a month. that's a 2% increase over last year. they list the average price or home is 1$1.5 million. home values have gone up nearly 7% in the last year. right now at 5:09, time to bundle up again. look how cold it is as you head out the door in the tri-valley, 34 degrees. some temperatures in the 30s and 40s. 35 now in the north bay. much colder than yesterday morning because the winds have calmed down and that allows for those temperatures to really cool off. as you make plans for the day, going out to the menorah lighting in union square, it will be in the mid-50s.
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cooler, but not as windy. as we look at the forecast for christmas in the park, downtown san jose starts at 9:00 in the morning, goes on until midnight. here is a look at the day with mid-60s. mike, starting out with the traffic around the bay bridge toll plaza? >> that's right. we had the cash lanes backed up over here. the lanes were backed up to the overcrossing, then, as they open the last of the cash lanes, shifting traffic brought things in. the metering lights should be turned on in five to ten minutes here. slowing on the sensors at the toll plaza. i'm watching treasure island. the westbound direction, of course getting through that tunnel, there may be an issue at the onramp. sounds like the lanes of the freeway are clear. the rest is moving nicely, guys. back to you. >> thank you, mike. bad news for last minute
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shoppers. the popular tech gifts sold out across the country. commuters turning residents into prisoners of their own home. one action that local people here in the east bay are trying to take to ease congestion on the road.
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it's 5:13 on your monday morning. as we take another look outside, downtown san jose, a beautiful
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weekend. in willow glen, it's cool to start. mid-40s by 9:00. we are going above our normal high temperature of 58 degrees. today we'll be back in the mid-60s, cooler air and rain in the forecast. more on that coming up in five minutes. you are looking at the tri-valley travel times. freeways are looking good right now. we'll have the commute coming up. >> thank you very much, mike and kari. well, the commute in one east bay community is getting so bad, residents say they were trapped in their home for hours. neighbors are pushing the county to come up with a fix. "today in the bay's" bob redell is talking to residents and reaching out to officials there. bob is live along tesla drive with more on a solution out there. good morning, bob. >> reporter: good morning to you, laura. over the past several months, tesla road behind me in south
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livermore has become popular for commuter who is live in the central valley, trying to circumvent the gridlock on 580 to get to their jobs in the south bay. 5:15 and the commute is in full swing. alameda county says tesla road has seen a 37% increase in traffic over the past year. you don't need to tell us. as you can see on this cell phone video, it is very difficult to leave his home on tesla east of greenville, where he owns and operates a winery. most days the traffic is bumper-to-bumper until 7:00 a.m. the normal ten-minute ride to drop his kids off to school now takes 40 minutes. he is so frustrated, he put his property up for sale to try to move away. >> i live in san francisco and commute to livermore. i could be in the city and commute here just as fast coming reverse. it's ridiculous when you spend
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three hours a day going to a town that is five miles away. >> reporter: ideally, he and 150 neighbors along tesla would like the speed limit dropped to 25 miles per hour to discourage commuters, but current state law won't allow that. alameda county is considering speed tables on tesla, like speed bumps, but longer in length to dissuade them from using this as a shortcut. >> we would shut the road down and not allow them into the county not paying for road improvements. in a perfect world. we don't live in a perfect world. speed bumps, round abouts, things like that are things we can do as a county. >> reporter: alameda county's rural road committee is supposed to meet to decide whether or not to install the speed tables.
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they could be installed by springtime. local state legislatures are trying to stage the law to reduce speed limits on rural roads like tesla behind me. bob redell, "today in the bay." >> anything to keep people safe there, bob. thank you. business and tech news this morning, a hot tech gift this holiday season is sold out across the country. >> for the rest of the news, let's check in with contessa brewer at cnbc world headquarters. good morning, contessa. >> high, laura. hi, marcus. the dow rose more than 1%. the tax reform bill will pass in congress. right now, all the futures in the green. the dow futures up in triple digits. look for economic data on consumer sentiment on friday. the dow rose 143 points to 24,651 and nasdaq up 80 to 6936.
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if you are still scrambling for a last minute tech gift, don't count on picking up apple's air pods. best buy and walmart and carriers like at&t sold out of the wireless headphones until the new year. on the apple website, you can go on and order them for january 5th. this is what happened last year when apple didn't have enough to go around. analysts say that was technical issues. this time, it's probably going to enld. if you buy a tesla for work, you won't be able to use the company's charging station's anymore. tesla is prohibiting commercial vehicles from using the charging por ports. tesla says the superchargers are intended for drivers who don't have ready options at home or work. tesla announced fees for charging and is going to charge extra if a driver leaves their car plugged in after it's been fully charged.
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that's a word of warning to the wise. marcus and laura? >> thanks a lot, contessa. i have been thinking about this next story. i'm going to put a jar on my desk for people to contribute to. the carolina panthers are up for sale. >> i didn't know you wanted to be an owner. steph curry responded to diddy. curry's response, i want in. he went to college in davidson, in north carolina. that's why the team is for sale, owner jerry richardson posted a letter announcing the move. it's after a sports illustrator reporter reported allegations of misconduct against richardson. he says the sale process will not start until the end of the season. >> diddy and steph. i have $20. this next video right here, this morning, a father taking
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every step he can to make sure his young daughter's ballet resital is a huge success. you can see him dancing along each step with the performance. it was recently posted online in lexington, kentucky. at the end of the performance, the judges, no doubt, gave high marks all around. look at the dad. >> he did the whole routine. >> he did. he's been at the rehearsals as much as the little girl. look at her. >> so cute. >> perfect 10. >> exactly. >> that's great. sometimes when parents go to the sides, big. >> exactly. exactly. good to see there. a lot of nutcracker performances right now. >> you have a lot of performances and getting those parents involved. we start out this morning, you have to get involved with getting dress zed up warmly.
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we are all sad after that raiders loss last night. let's look outside at the coliseum. clear this morning. chilly temperatures. the seven day forecast is coming up at the bottom of the screen. livermore, 34 degrees. 39 in oakland. 35 now in santa rosa and 46 in san francisco. san jose starts autothe morning at 43 degrees. as we check out the high temperatures today, another nice one reaching the low 60s. it won't be as windy as it was over the weekend. mostly sunny skies and our temperatures also well above normal. we are awaiting an approach of rain, finally. it's been so dry this month, we are only at 1% of normal for our rainfall for this month. i know that's just crazy, but we have barely gotten anything here. this is going to bring in a quick shot of rain, nothing really significant here, not expected to cause problems. we'll see the rain move into the north baby late tomorrow night
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and into the day on wednesday. it is in here and out of here in time for the morning commute. the rest of the day on wednesday looks pretty much dry. during that time, you will have the potential of at least a tenth inch of rain for most of the bay area. that's more than we have had all month long. that's the only chance of rain in the forecast. after that, we officially begin winter, at least on the calendar. it's already meteorological winter. it is going to feel like christmas next week. as we head to mike, slowing in the tri-valley. >> we have some. the try valley here, the south bay and peninsula moving clearly as you would expect. over here, we are seeing more slowing. stanley is going to get traffic. here is tesla, one of the roads bob was talking about. folks try to avoid 580 and stanley. that's why these roads are getting flooded. we'll track that for bob. no crashes. that's good news for the
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tri-valley. the onramp at treasure island, reports of a back up there. all lanes filled in, they turned on the metering lights a few minutes ago. no problems out of the maze. that's good news. to the north, the richmond bridge, no problems toward san rafael. back to you. >> thanks so much, mike. 5:23. coming up, finding e.t. this morning, we are taking a closer look at a multimillion dollar research project funded by the united states for ufo sightings. the ag
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5:26 on a monday morning. new this morning, conspiracy they are riss are on high alert. >> the pentagon admits they spent millions of dollars for ufo sightings. that's from 2007-2012. it had a yearly budget, get this, $22 million. "the new york times" broke that news about the program this weekend. this morning, on the "today" show, the journalist behind the article goes in depth. >> there are some logical observations, often natural phenomenon. a considerable number, a large number are not explainable, at
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this point. that's what science has to look into. >> $22 million. see more of that interview at 7:00 a.m. the pentagon says funding for the program was cut back in 2012. they wonder if the program still exists. that's after "today in the bay." 5:27 right now. as the olympic games quickly approach, there are worries the impact global warming is having on athlete's preparation. snow is coming later to mountain ski. glacial ice is breaking off. some say the hunt for off-season training spots is increasingly hard. we explore the home for the winter games which start around the corner in february. coming up, investigating close calls at airports. new legislation proposed after back-to-back incidents at sfo. >> reporter: another suspicious fire along interstate 680 in san jose. why investigators believe this one may be connected to nearly
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two dozen others. bridge
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good morning and t 5:30 for you this mornd morning as you look at the bay bridge, beautifully lit there this morning as you see clear skies. we are going to see what's going on with the beautiful forecast. >> like a christmas cart. >> well, good morning to you. i'm marcus washington. >> i'm laura garcia.
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let's check the forecast with kari. time to layer and bundle up again? >> yes, it is. again, this morning, another cold one. as we go through the day, it's going to warm up quickly. let's check out the high temperatures for today, up to 65 degrees in east san jose and los gatos, 63 degrees in walnut creek and 63 in oakland. 62 in daly city, san francisco, 63 degrees. the north bay, check this out, 64 degrees. as we go through the next several days, looking forward to rain. i'll have more on that. mike is checking out the treasure island and bay bridge. >> we had a disabled vehicle and the bay bridge toll plaza. the back up is at the toll plaza. no break here. oakland school is on. let's look at the map. we are looking at treasure island. the metering lights are on. the disabled vehicle has been cleared off the bridge. no more delays off the tunnel.
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the east shore freeway, no problems for the tri-valley or the south bay. this is a good drive. we'll track the build. back to you. >> thanks so much. 5:32, more than a dozen fires across the south bay over the last couple weeks. investigators think an arsonist is behind it. just this weekend, another fire popped up along 680 in san jose. >> "today in the bay's" kris sanchez is live with more on this fire investigation. kris, this is something that's shocking a lot of people and scaring people as well. >> reporter: right. good morning to you. investigators say this is the work of one person. that one person has been very busy. the fire set sunday, just one of nearly two dozen set along interstate 680 in san jose here. this particular fire was set inside a shopping cart. it looks like it was set on purpose. the fire burned sunday morning along 680 near the capital
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expressway off ramp, not far from a homeless encampment. chp, which is leading this investigation tells nbc bay area they are canvassing the area and making good progress on the investigation. they are not yet ready to release specific information. we will continue to press for that as well. now, the san jose fire also battled this fire along 680 last tuesday. it was visible to our crew as they were rolling up on to the scene there. it's very similar in nature. with the high winds and the dangerous wind and fire conditions continuing into mid december, the fire department and chp really want to get this person in custody before a small fire in a shopping cart makes it far worst. in san jose, kris sanchez, "today in the bay." >> thanks, kris. we say good-bye to mayor ed lee in a grand fashion. ♪
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hundreds of people, including prominent california leaders like governor jerry brown, senator dianne feinstein and congresswoman, nancy pelosi were there for the. ♪ ceremony. they reminded wiz wife and daughters of the respect they have for the man they knew as husband and father. here is acting mayor, london breed. >> our mayor had kindness, he had class. he served others before himself. he listened. he cared. and he fought for our city, all of its people with the quiet dignity of a man who knows
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exactly what he stands for. >> mayor ed lee died tuesday morning after suffering a heart attack. 5:35. recent close calls at sfo caused a new legislation. in one case, a plane almost landed on a crowded taxiway. in another case, they did not hear them told to go around. cockpit voice recorders were not removed. the conversations have now been lost. they say they are proposing legislation that would preserve voice recorders. ntsb saying those preserved rule changes are not necessary. happening tonight, the city of pittsburgh expected to sign off on the freeway security network project. this leads the way to install video cameras, license plate readers and microphones on
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highway 4 between pittsburgh and antioch. it will be installed on i-80 between richmond and hercules. it comes after does zens of freeway shootings. now, to a developing story in the east bay. we want to show this video. look at the car there at the top of the screen. people inside the car actually firing a flair gun into a home. it happened in san ramon on saturday night. they aimed and fired at five homes. luckily, none of the homes caught fire. they believe it is an older model nissan sentra. if you have information, call the police. a richmond police officer is under investigation this morning after he allegedly fired shots inside a san francisco hotel. this happened early sunday morning. here is a dispatch call that went out to those officers. >> about six or seven shots. >> this happened at the four seasons hotel. exactly what led up to the
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gunfire is not clear. the officer barricaded himself inside the hotel room. guests were told to stay inside their rooms as officers searched the hotel. >> i thought it was housekeeping at first. he had a badge. i was shocked. >> the richmond officer was taken to the hospital for an evaluation before he was taken into custody. no one was hurt. the search continues for a driver behind the deadly hit and run crash on the anyone else. the driver struck and killed a pedestrian on skyline boulevard near college drive. it es unclear when the crash happened. they found the victim about 7:00 yesterday. the victim's identity has not been released. back to the table, talks continue between oakland leaders and city workers after a strike that brought the city to a standstill. both sides reached a contract deal last week, there's still work that needs to be done. fo word on what the outstanding issues are. they agreed on a 6% raise over
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the next couple years. the new contract is expected to be approved by city council this week. new this morning, a high-speed ferry may be carrying north bay commuters. they report golden gate transit is considering buying a used boat on the east coast. that ferry is similar to the ones that the agency currently operates, topping oud at 37 miles per hour. they say an extra boat likely would not increase the number of ferry runs. instead, the boat would be used as a fill-in for the boat. >> good news if you are driving somewhere for christmas. gas prices dropped three cents. it's expected to go down more. the bad news, we are paying a quarter more than last year at christmas. in san francisco, averaging about $3.26. in san jose, $3.10.
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search around, maybe you will find it under $3 in spots. 5:38. christmas shopping became a lot easier for someone in the bay area. suddenly, 40 milli$40 million r. hi, uncle or whoever it is. after hitting it big. the winning ticket was purchased for saturday's drawing at the albany hill minimart on san pablo avenue. here are the numbers in case you didn't check. 4,17, 21, 37, 44 with the meganumber being 17. lucky, lucky. >> i am here. over here, i love you guys, but i love that $40 million as well. south bay, up the peninsula, an easy drive. the tri-valley seeing the build. no drama for the castro valley watch. hamilton, i am watching a crash. that will affect surface street
5:40 am
traffic. the onramp is open. that's good news. the northbound push coming through, looking great. look at travel times as we get around here, approaching the bay bridge toll plaza. slowing for westbound 80. a build for san pablo. a lot of winter out there, gathering money, i don't know. looking at the area of the north bay, highway 37 is showing the slowing out of vallejo. >> we'll know for sure who won that. >> looking at the numbers going another, another. >> i'd have to look at it for an hour or two. >> dream. all right. different numbers of a sort this morning in the lower. >> yeah, much lower. it is very cold as you get ready to head out the door. we are looking forward to that weekend. it's going to be colder. if you thought it was cold previously, oh, we are in for a big cooldown. we are only going to see those
5:41 am
highs on saturday in the upper 50s. more of the same on sunday. those morning temperatures could be freezing as we go into the first weekend of winter. maybe you are going down to l.a. this weekend to visit with family. it's going to be in the mid-60s. here, a little closer to home, in santa cruz, not the best beach weekend. it will be in the upper 60s, windy, too. very cool temperatures for the morning. let me know what you are doing this weekend. i'll have a look at today's temperature forecast for san jose in three minutes. >> sounds good. thank you, kari. coming up next on "today in the bay," down to the wire. how much longer do you have to sign up for health care through cover california? the deadline extension. a warning to anyone heading to the post office today. the reason is expected to be busier than normal.
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good monday morning, it is 5:44. a clear and chilly start as we take a live look outside in san jose. it's getting busy out there. santa clara, 48 degrees at 9:00 and 61 degrees at lunchtime. our highs today reaching the mid-60s with more sunshine. clouds will move in tomorrow and rain early wednesday. more on that in the forecast, coming up in five minutes. we're looking at travel times. speaking of a little bit, 238
5:45 am
and southbound 880 through castro valley and hayward. the bridges are not a problem, but you have to back up that is standard. a look at the speeds, coming up. 5:45, senator john mccain is recovering from brain cancer treatment in arizona this morning. the republican senator returned to his home state yesterday. he is suffering side effects from the chemotherapy he received from the malignant brain tumor. they vote on the president's tax bill this week. the gop appears to have enough to pass the bill. mccain would return to washington if congress needs his vote. >> i did speak to senator mccain. i wished him well. i wished john well. he's coming back. i understand he will come if we ever needed his vote, which hopefully we won't. the word is john will come back if we need his vote. >> senator mccain's doctors say he is responding well to
5:46 am
treatment. if you need insurance, there's time to get signed up. it has been extended to friday, december 22nd if you want to have health insurance starting january 1st. the final deadline is january 31st. the last few days, thousands of californians signed up. >> if you are going to the post office today, i want to warn you, not the best idea. in fact, really a bad idea. the u.s. postal service says it's the busiest day of the year. people have to get their packages out today. make sure it makes it to grandma's house by friday. that's cutting it close for a lot of people, not just in store, is expecting 7 million customers today. this week, the postal service will deliver 3 billion, yes, billion with a "b" pieces of mail. a firm has their own way to
5:47 am
battle high-rising housing costs. they report the company bought its own jet to shuttle staffers back and forth. the company says in the long run, using the $3 million jet beats the cost to hire attorneys. a live look at the coliseum this morning. still lit after last night's game you saw here on nbc bay area. raiders fans this morning may not be feeling well. bummed out their team was this close to winning last night. it might have staged the season. this is how close i mean. the width of a folded note card, measurement during a tied game. the refused a note card to measure for the cowboy's first down. it looked short. from there, the cowboys or the raiders got the ball back and drove the field with less than a
5:48 am
minute left. david karr stretched for the goal line, but fumbled through the end zone. that went back to the cowboys. that effectively killed the raiders chances for the pay off. fans are feeling hopeful about now. they have a quarterback. jimmy garoppolo looks the part as he led the niners in the game-winning field goal against tennessee. the niners won 25-23. this is the third straight win, all with him behind. lately, it has been all about harry and the soon-to-be bride, meghan markle. this week, har wii is making headlines with president obama. >> he interviewed him in september. it is set to air next week. these are some of the clips they released. it was done during the invek tus
5:49 am
games. it airs on bbc next wednesday. kind of fun. >> i wonder if -- [ inaudible ] >> $72,000 for the scratch. >> that's right. >> all right. kari has a look at the forecast for this morning. another cold start. bundle up. you said bring the sunglasses. >> bring the sunglasses, it is going to be clear. that will help warm up the temperatureless. it's not going to be as windy as it was. take a look at the temperatures now, heading out the door, 36 degrees in morgan hill. you drive up to san jose and it's 43. it's 34 degrees in livermore. we have a really cold start. mid to upper 30s now in the north bay. as we check out the high temperatures, mid-60s around the bay area. we talked about that sunshine.
5:50 am
it's clear this morning and getting dressed. you need a nice, warm coat. later on today, you need the sunglasses. it's going to be, also, short sleeve type of weather for some for later today. we'll have all clear skies. as we take the time line tomorrow, more clouds. late tomorrow night, the rain moves into the north bay and finally, rain moving through. it will be out of here in time for the morning commute on wednesday. it's a quick one and done. also bringing in a tenth inch of rain for most of the bay area as we get a look at this forecast. as the rain moves in, once again, it's more rain than we have had all month long. it's been dry. the sierra, looking at heavenly forecast, it is cooling down. windy through wednesday. looking at the possibility of getting at least a few inches of snow. it's been also fairly dry there as well. it's good to see at least eight inches of snow in that forecast.
5:51 am
i'll have more on that coming up. mike, we have slowing on the roads. >> that's right, just starting to build in a typical pattern for the tri-valley. nothing dramatic. there's 680. 880 off that, the push is on typical about this latitude and moving over to the san mateo and dumbarton bridges. slowing for northbound 101. there's the tri-valley castro valley area. 24, 580 and the berkeley curve show the build. it's been more slowing. as we look at the travel times, the east shore, 24 minutes. under a half hour from highway 4 to the back up i showed you at the curve. on the transit system, no delays. bart is a good option for you. no problems for the rails or the roads. back to you. >> thank you, mike. 5:51.
5:52 am
governor brown's mansion threatened by strong winds. the aftermath of this week weekend's gusty winds hit california. happening now, breaking news. leaders in puerto rico want to recount the hurricane deaths. the official count is 64. a report by "the new york times" says more than 1,000 people died. parts of that island without power almost three months later. plus, we are following developing story. afghan security forces under attack in kabul. officials say gunmen stormed an intelligence center with heavy gunfire and explosives used. we are waiting for a death toll. no group claimed responsibility for the attacks. we are back in two minutes with more news. busy weekend.
5:53 am
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5:55 am
we introduced you to duke on friday. our favorite k-9 has had a busy weekend. we introduced you to duke on friday. follow kris sanchez to see pictures of the national honor he received. we are learning the strong winds over the weekend threatened the governor's mansion in sacramento. tree crews were called in after a 100-year-old tree came close
5:56 am
to falling on the governor's mansion. crews had to remove it. >> it is actually leaning into the redwood and supported by the palm tree next to it. we are going to carefully extract that today and get this thing out of here. >> that involved hoisting a giant crane 50 feet into the air and cutting the tree into different parts. the work was so extensive it blocked traffic lanes. once it was cut down, it was turned into mulch. happening now, the salvation army asking people to doe note more frozen turkeys. they hope to help 1,000 families as part of the toy distribution drive. the last update, salvation army was short 400 turkeys. the event is coming up on wednesday. if you are interested in helping, drop off a frozen turkey as the salvation army concord center from 8:30 to 4:40. 5:56. it is the last week before
5:57 am
christmas and a lot of people have a lot of shopping to do. me, included. there is good news for us. retailers coming up with plans to help with deliveries, even on christmas eve. online retailers are promising delivery by the weekend if you purchase by tomorrow. walmart is offering free pick up in stores until 6:00 p.m. on christmas eve. brick and mortar stores are gearing up for the last minute rush to saturday. >> you are going to see a lot of last minute deals. you are going to see a lot of last minute promotions. not only coupon codes and cashback offers, you are going to see other ways to get people in the store. >> if you find yourself in need of gifts on christmas day, gift cards are a great option. >> okay. i'll be here with you on christmas day. a lot of americans are planning weekend get aways. according to the annual weekend get away sur vie, 85% of americans plan to escape on a
5:58 am
trip in 2018. it's up from 78% in 2017. the most popular destination, the beach. holiday celebration -- well, during the holiday celebration, you find yourself at home, it could take a turn for the worst. recent study from finds you may be more susceptible to fires during the holiday season. it is caused by cooking accidents. 9 million fires were started by candles and more than 6 million started by christmas trees. 5:58. new this morning, a reminder for anyone using a baby sitter this holiday season. researchers from the university of michigan don't prepare sitters for a potential emergency. less than half posted emergency contact information for baby sitters. go over basic safety information
5:59 am
whether they are gone all day or a few hours. even though our mac attack is not in the running, "the voice" begins the two-night season finale. >> the final four will sing. brook simpson is the first for coach miley cyrus. she made it to the top ten on itunes last week. she's up against three others including red marlo. he made it to the finale last week. >> after my heart started beating again, i realized i had been called. it was crazy. i was so excited. >> you can catch "the voice" at 8:00 here on nbc bay area followed by ellen's game of games at 10:00, then the news at 11:00. right now, 6:00 in the morning. a high-speed chase through the side streets and it is caught on camera.
6:00 am
[ sirens ] the damage left behind this morning after a driver slammed into a bridal store. >> the fallout for anyone with holiday flights after a power outage on an atlanta airport. what led up to a violent crime outside a bart station? "today in the bay" continues right now. a very good monday morning to you. i hope you are coming off a great weekend. thanks for joining us, i'm laura garcia. >> i'm marcus washington. as we get you started on your day, we want to turn to meteorologist, kari hall. a cold start, but it's going to warm up. >> it's going to warm up like the weather we have seen recently. there are changes as we go into the next couple days. looking forward to rain in the forecast, finally. here is a look at the high temperatures, reaching the low to mid-60s. then we will have rain moving in by late tuesday night into early wednesday


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