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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  December 18, 2017 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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established route monday morning, tragedy aboard amtrak 501. >> things started to tip over as it was going around. then all of a sudden ended up on its side and everything went dark. and stuff started flying around. and then it stopped. >> a stunned motorists stopped, one car fell ounts the interstate below. another dangling from the overpass. >> i was right in fibrin. kind of nerve-racking after seeing this right now. >> multiple vehicles hit by the falling train car as others cashed into the pile. >> the people in the vehicles even though when you see the pictures it's horrific at this point nobody in the vehicles is a fatal. >> 77 passengers and 7 crew members onboard the train headed south from seattle to portland. witnesses scrambled to rescue trapped survivors appear help emergency crews get them to hospitals. >> some of them couldn't move.
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had back or neck injures some with broken legs or ankles. most with head trauma. >> an ntsb team is in route to investigate the cause of the derailment. a tragic scene. . early reports were that six people died in the crash. but the latest news conference a hour ago told us that there are three confirmed dead and that all the cars have been searched. i'm jofr bjorklund in dupont washington back to you. >> thank you. this is another look at the crash site, 50 miles south of seattle. the identities of the three people who died have not yet been released. we're going to stay on top of this developing story on aaron online and a at >> back at home a powerful san francisco judge resigns abruptly days after allegations of sexual misconduct. as many as 15 have come forward
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with accusations against the ninth circuit judge ranging from touching inappropriately or making explicit sexual remarks. nbc bay area's anser hassan spoke with one of them he joins with us more. anser. >> reporter: yeah, that's right. one of those is emily murphy, a professor of law at uc hasting. she says she is bringing this forward to bring attention to judge koss ski. the judge is calling is quits. in a statement i he says i can't be a effective judge and small townly fight this battle. that battle is against allegations of sexual misconduct. >> no one in the group thought they were funny. because they involved talking about my naked body in a professional context. >> emily murphy is an associate professor of law. she tells us once the judge suggested she work out naked.
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claiming he made the suggestion at a gather attention. >> why don't you work out naked which stunned everybody. >> the judge's career spans 32 years on the ninth circuit court of appeals. he was chief justice from 2007 to 2014. he became one of the most well-known appeal court judges in the country. but some suggest he was equally well-known for sexually explicit comments and inappropriate behavior. such as allegedly showing pornography to female staff. he says he has a broad sense of humor and a candid way of speaking. adding he quote may not have been mindful of the enough and the special challenges and women place in the workplace. >> it was devastating to the trust in the courts and the administration of justice. >> reporter: murphy says she is coming forward when people are listening and to make things better for students in the future. >> i think this is a tragedy for everybody involved. including the courts. i don't think there is any
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winners here today. >> reporter: now the ninth circuit court court of appeals has launched a formally inerr inquiry into the judge. you the spokesperson has no comments at this time. reporting live in san francisco, anser hassan. >> thanks. we have new video out of san ramon where four teenagers were arrested for firing flare guns. this is footage from one of the homes from inside the home. the teenagers are all 15 and 16 years old, accused of targeting at least seven homes as well as cars. police believe they picked the homes at random, thankfully nobody hurt. and nothing caught on fire. the issue with the sea lions continues. san francisco' popular park remains closed this will thursday. you might recall last week at least two swimmers were bitten by sea lions or perhaps one sea lion. both are expected to be okay. that though prompted the closure of the waters there at aquatic park. over the weekend rangers spotted
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three young male sea lines across from the entrance. the marine mammal center says the lions could be playing, sick or curious. >> it was suspected but today the kmed examiner made it official. mayor ed lee died from a heart attack. he died while shopping with his wife. the autopsy shows it's likely a had hereditary component. when lee was a teenager his father also died of heart attack. london ibrahim will be acting as judge. she hasn't said she will run for the judge but others have high pressure angela aliota says she will file papers thursday. her father serve as mayor. the former senator says he will run. a big rush of politics and controversy before christmas.
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president trump rolled out the national security strategy with the focus on protecting the economy and the border. he has also optistic but the new tax plan. blain joins us with the latest from the white house. >> reporter: well, raj, hello. president trump gave the speech today laying out the national security strategy. but it sounded at times like a speech that we could have heard from early 2016. that's because at times he seemed to go point by point down a list of campaign promises. president trump's plan to keep america safe put america first. >> a nation that does not protect prosperity at home cannot protect its interests abroad. >> reporter: the president laying out his national security strategy with four major focuses, defending homeland, american prosperity, american influence and peace through strength. putting into policy many of the
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campaign promises, from stronger military to tougher immigration laws. >> calls for the construction of a wall on our southern border, ending chain migration a and the horrible visa and lottery programs. >> his plan also pointing to a strong economy. republicans say that goes hand in hand with their push for tax reform. the house expected to vote tomorrow. >> you it's time to pass this tax reform bill and make this economy even stronger. >> reporter: republicans want the bill on the president's desk by friday. the same day as a deadline to avoid a government shutdown. >> it will impact the department of justice. it will impact national security and impact immigration. it will impact crime. . and i hope that doesn't happen. >> the attorney general says he is worried about congress playing politics at the country's expense. >> and right now republicans and
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democrats say they're trying to work together, come up with a compromise to stop that government shutdown. but already the finger pointing has started with both sides saying the other side is to blame if they can't agree. thank you. the tax proposal is a big deal. governor brown taking a firm stance opposeding the plan. in a message on twitter he called it bad for californians and bad for america. >> it gives massive tax breaks to corporations that are flush. they're flush with billions and billions of dollars. and who is paying for that? people who live in states that voted against donald trump. that's not fair. >> governor brown encouraged californians to call republican members of congress to complaint and use the hashtag gop tax scam to drieb the bill. a successful brakden on cranium. the tools police credit with helping them recovering more
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than 100 stolen cars on an east bay stretch of freeway. a power outage causing an international airport to shut down. what's being done to get holiday travelers to destinations in time. a and how big an impact it has in the bay area. i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. just a few cloud in san francisco and 56. we're tracking when rain returns, coming up in 10 minutes. really?
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a san francisco vintage clothing dealer is guilty of selling after nearly a year of ttling a san francisco vicinity annual clothing dealer is guilty of selling antique clothes made from endangered animal. she pleaded no contest after saying she had been kicked in the teeth by the bay area of san francisco. mark matthews is outside her clothing store. and what's her side of the story. >> reporter: well this is her store and her story is that the she didn't know the items she was selling had been banned. she says the laws were changed but if you talk with fish and wildlife they tell you the laws haven't changed in decades. decades of fashion has been around for 12 years. owners sicily hanson said she believed she second sell the clothes made from endangered animal as long as they were
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manufactured before 1973. >> that was the year we were told by vintage clothing dealers you couldn't have furs made after that. >> hanson spoke with us after pleading no contest to two counts of selling endangered animal parts and notes she had been told about the law from vintage clothing dealers. fish and wildlife captain spoke with us from skroom via skype. >> the laws have been on the books for many years, decades even. and there is no exemption for her to authorize the sale. >> fish and wildlife agents raided the store nearly two years ago after get ago tip that she was telling banned furs. hanson blames a disgruntled employee. >> she had an online store and learned of the new lawen apparently jerry brown changed it a couple years ago but didn't tell me. >> the captain says the governor did toughen regulations a couple years ago but for ryhorns and
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ivory. >> i feel like i've been kicked in the teeth by san francisco. >> reporter: coming up at 6:00 we'll hear how the raid went down, from the district attorney's office and from some customers. reporting in san francisco. nbc bay area news. >> thank you. another robbery at one of the most popular and scenic tourist spots. a man taking photos at twin peaks robbed at knife point and the park. two men walked up pulled up a knife and demanded the bag. it ha the camera equipment, cell phone and a wallet. in july you might recall police stepped up patrols at twin peaks after a man was shot and killed. and a man and would woman were arrested in that case for stealing the camera before shooting him. freeway safety has been a hot topic. after a series of shoolgts be $3.5 million has been earmarked for surveillance cameras and license plate readers across the
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east bay freeways. jodi hernandez with the details. jodi. >> reporter: raj, the city of pittsburg has had cameras long this stretch of highway 4 for a year and a half. and they say it's put the brakes on freeway shootings. tonight the city as you mentioned is poised to take t reins of camera project. >> you're looking at the camera control room where police monitor activity on the freeway around the clock. >> a crime occurs, within minutes we have officers researching city cameras. >> the city added freeway cameras and license plate readers along highway 417 months ago. police made 160 arrests and recovered 162 stolen cars since they've gone up. >> for us it has been a game changer.
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it is no doubt again an invaluable tool that we have at our disposal. >> now the plonlt is set to expand throughout the account. the chp says 40 shootings, including eight deaths have taken place on contra costa county freeways in the past two years. >> using technology to fight crime is the best we've got right now. >> drivers say they are hopeful cameras make the frooways safer. this woman says she is scared every time getting on the frooway after witness ago highway shooting last year. >> i just fear, you know, you never know when the next one will happen. i believe it was last week in richmond. yeah, you never know. >> reporter: again, the city is set to approve a resolution that would let it head up a countywide freeway security project. once approved they hope to put up the cameras along the freeway across the county as soon as possible. reporting live in contra costa county, jodi hernandez, nbc bay
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area news. >> thanks, jodi. the lights are back on at the world's busiest airport but the problems far from over. the outage lasted ten hours in atlanta. more than 1,000 flights cancelled questioned. more than 300 today. including several at bay area airports. at sfo frustrated passengers wanted to get to their destinations. >> see egg the cancellation i'm a bit shocked but hoping it will be positive to get on another flight this afternoon. >> sfo tell us it's getting back to normal. but nationwide yesterday's outage could alter the plans for 200,000 travelers. >> just getting home for the holidays. >> i know. >> our chief meteorologist with us. a key week for the travelers. >> a lot happening. a last check of national delays only a little bit behind in newark. otherwise no big problems on the map right now. in terms of our weather it will
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change up a little bit that could give you problems here if traveling. we are starting off with what could be bringing us some issues here across the west as we head through the next two days. that's a storm system that brings us the possibility of some wet weather. in advance of that, we do have a newly issued winter weather advisory throughout this sierra heading through the next 24 to 48 hours. as we look closer what you'll see, again, is throughout portions of the sierra we are looking at the winter weather advisory in place. if you can switch over to the backup computer we might be able to get the graphics advanced for you here. we're having a little bit of problem here on the computer. kind of locking up. there we go. okay. and maybe switch back on over to computer 1 if you're able to right now. all right. thank you so much guys. thanks for sticking with us on this. with we had a problem with the computer but tracking this possibility of showers with the
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storm system to the north. as you look closer what you see across the sierra winter weather advisory in effect from tuesday into wednesday. it's the number one spot where we have some traveling issues. if you're headed that way do expect chain controls in effect. possibly down to 3,500 feet and also reduced visibility. well get a closer lock at the totals coming up. but tomorrow morning's forecast, it's cold. and really the biggest change will be the increased cloud cover through the bay. 40 to start in the south bay. peninsula 42. tri-valley at 37. also a cold 39 for the north bay. and san francisco looking at 45. cloud starting throughout tomorrow morning. and the cloud linger as we head through the forecast on tuesday. so that's helping temperatures drop off a few degrees, bring us to 64 in downtown san jose. toward the east bay, 58 in vil owe, 62 in livermore. and hayward at 59.
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the overcast for the peninsula and 58 in san mateo. up to san francisco 58 in the outer sunset and chilly 56 along the embarcadero into the north bay. well you have 60 here into novato. 62 in napa. the clouds increase through tuesday's forecast. that's in advance of some wet weather coming our way. you can see in the future cast by 1:00 in the morning on wednesday that wet weather moves the n bayorth and s francisco. and this pushes down to san jose by 5:00 in the morning. not a lot in the way of runaway. .05 to the average of .15. of an inches. also snow for the sierra. you can see on the average, two to six inches well we'll see snow down to 3,500 feet and possibly 8 to 12 inches at summit level. tuesday into wednesday that is the worst travel location across the state and where it's the
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most dangerous. also notice snow on mount shafta. on the extended forecast we get the wet weather on wednesday. dry thursday, friday, saturday, sunday, also into christmas. next monday with temperatures in the 50s for san francisco. and for the inland valleys we are also looking here at -- well, winter-like temperatures throughout the next few days. notice the morning lows heading through the westbound, dropping down to the freezing mark, possibly even colder for some of the interior valleys maybe some 20s. >> when santa comes down the chimney he will be a little chilly. >> i think that big red coat might work out well. >> come in handy. >> coming up at 5:00 twitter launching an attack against hate speech, the new rules that took down the accounts of several white nationalists.
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the train derailment near seattle. 3 people are co happening now, the investigation continues in the train derailment near seattle. three people confirmed dead. 1090 others injured. investigators are looking at speed as a possible cause. on the twitter feed, the $40 million superlot o ticket winner has not come forward. the winning numbers were announced saturday. sorry. i can't make it. it's just my eczema again, but it's fine. yeah, it's fine. you ok? eczema. it's fine. hey! hi! aren't you hot? eczema again?
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last month. among the tweets pulled down today -- controversial today twitter began enforcing new rules that were issued last month mp among the tweets pulled down controversial videos retweeted by president trump. twitter is now suspending accounts also of white nationalists. the rules, no abusive content. and no hateful images or symbols in user profiles. and if questionable images are used they must be flagged at adult content. opponents are railing against the new rules using the hashtag at which timer purge. the company says it's crafting an appeals process for the suspenden accounts. if you commute from the skroom to the bay area you are not alone. you're looking at the bay bridge a lot of people use that bridge. as people are pushed part at a farther and farther out of the bay area when it comes to housing but keeping bay area jobs and making this daily commute. in fact a new survey by the sacramento bee reveals 17,000 people make this commute every
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weekday. and the time commitment can be big. a drive to richmond is 90 months. but some commuters drive all the way to silicon valleys. not all of them work in tech. many are construction workers earning average% of 30% more in the bay area popular for them they say the commute pace off. sadly thousands in the bay area are in need of a holiday meal. but here is the good news. the sacred heart community services in san jose. look, the line today stretched around the block for the annual holiday food distribution. people began lining up at dawn to get a 50 pound box filled with turkey, frozen turkey and other holiday ingredients. sacred hearts says the lines get longer as the bay area is more expense toef live. it tells you that people struggling,right. we have a system that's failing people. and you know here at sacred heart we like to think of
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ourselves as social services meets social justice. >> and the responded with donations of food and money. sacred heart will be handing out boxes tomorrow. bay area athletes interested in a plan to buy the carolin panthers. up next. a wish list to solve one of the
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bay area )s biggest problems. the plan to ease traffic with ton at 6:00, a wish list to solve the biggest bay area problems, the plan to ease traffic with a megameasure. and fine atly 5:00 one of the most exclusive clubs in the world. being an owner of the nfl team. it's an opportunity to buy in. it's all about steph curry. the panthers will be sold at the ebb end of the season. the owner will be investigated for sexual harassment. shaun combs wants to buy the team. steph curry from charlotte quickly tweeted he wants in as does colin kaepernick. how much is it. >> i have no idea. >> a couple of billion dollars. >> billion? >> probably about $3 million. >> they still have cam newton. >> yes. >> that's why it's so expense
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disbelieve a nfl franchise. >> i thought millions. >> if we pool our money. >> i got a lot of saving before i get there. >> i'll buy the mascot. >> thanks for joining us at 5:00. we'll see you at 6:00. tonight, what caused a deadly disaster on the tracks? >> amtrak 501, emergency, emergency, emergency. we are on the ground. >> a passenger train flies off an overpass slamming into cars on the highway below. at least six are dead, dozens more injured. investigators hunting for clues in the mangled wreckage. also, the race to get back up and running after a day-long power outage crippled the busiest airport in the world. dustin hoffman accused. three women detail sexual misconduct allegations against the oscar-winning actor in their first television interview. nbc news exclusive, a warning from senior fbi officials to candidate donald trump during the 2016 campaign. what he was told about russia. and a new crackdown on


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