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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  December 26, 2017 4:30am-5:01am PST

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ad lib live picture good tuesday morning to you, december 26th. as we take a live look here at the bay bridge, all lit up, still in the christmas spirit, at least i like to think so. good morning to you all and thank you for joining us, i'm marcus washington. >> i'm kira klapper in for laura garcia. it still feels like christmas, because of our red. >> people might be wearing the christmas sweater to work, too, you never know. we start out this morning with cool temperatures and the need to bundle up. this is what it looks like downtown san jose, driving by here soon. we will have unhealthy air quality for the north bay and
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south bay. no wood burning even though it is chilly out there. the temperatures below freezing in the north bay and 41 in oakland and 44 in san jose. looking at the high temperatures for this afternoon, a little warmer than yesterday. we'll talk more about this coming up. mike, you have a small crash in concord? >> it is a small crash and no injuries. it should be cleared by the time wii finish with the maps, green all over the bay. we expect tuesday to have a lighter flow of traffic. these folks went up the hillside at hess road. no injuries reported, should be cleared in a few minutes. on the hillside, it's not a christmas carol, it's up on the rooftop. over here, getting over the bridge, great travel times, so far. you had a traffic related issue. back to you. >> thank you, mike. today, fellow officers and loved ones are remembering the chp officer killed in the line
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of duty. 33-year-old andrew camilleri was killed in the line of duty. anser hassan is live at chp in hayward. what are you hearing this morning? >> reporter: good morning. so many people in the community feeling the impact of the death of officer camilleri, not just because an officer lost his life in the line of duty, but it happened on christmas eve. some people came by to pay their respects, some dropped off flowers. chp received a tremendous outpouring of support from the communities. we thank each and every one of you for your thoughts and prayers. officer camilleri was killed on christmas eve when their parked patrol car was hit by a speeding drunk driver on 880 in hayward. all southbound lanes were shut
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down more than ten hours. he was in the front and his partner velasquez was in the driver seat. the driver was probably high on drugs, as well. allison was driving by with her husband and they saw the driver hit the patrol car. they were first on scene and rushed to help. >> i kept pulling on the door. finally, it opened. i remember him saying there's a second officer. my heart sank. i lifted up the air bag and hefts there. my feeling is he didn't know what hit him. he didn't know what hit him. i told me husband, he's gone. >> reporter: officer camilleri was pronounced dead at the hospital. the man who hit him is a
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22-year-old hayward resident, still in the hospital with serious injuries. he is expected to be charged with several felonies, once he's released. a bell ringing ceremony is planned for tomorrow in honor of officer camilleri. we'll have more on his life and what chp is doing to remember his service. anser hassan, "today in the bay." >> it will be good to hear more about the officer's life. thank you. >> the tragic accident happened as they were in full force. chp officer andrew camilleri was part of those step-up patrols when he was hit and killed. it is important for everyone to keep the roads safe. >> call uber and just get home safe. plan ahead. before you start taking any substances. >> it's one of those things, once it happens, you have the biggest regret and so easy to
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not do in the first place. >> in the first 30 hours of this maximum enforcement period, officers arrested more than 600 drivers. our coverage of the chp officer killed in the line of duty continues. we'll check in at the top of the hour. you can follow the developments on our website, take a look at these pictures, water from a fire hydrant gushing several stories in the air. police say a drunk driver caused this waterspout. a woman drove into the hydrant and continued driving several feet with the hydrant lodged under her car. she was arrested. another christmas day tragedy, this time in phoenix where a woman and two children were shot and killed. the shooter, a man, is in custody. the shooting started yesterday afternoon when police say the woman and children were killed. the suspect barricaded himself in the apartment when they began
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shooting officers, injuring one and eventually arrested. no word on the relationship with the victim or the motive behind the shooting. hundreds of firefighters on the front line of the thomas fire. the containment of the fire is 86%. full containment is expected next week. the fire burning in ventura and santa barbara county started three weeks ago. a thousand structures have been destroyed. the thomas fire is the largest in state history. while many were opening presents yesterday, someone was breaking into a register at safeway in pacifica. this was around 6:30 in the morning. the suspect got away with money and other items. if you have information about the burglary, you are asked to call police. so, we don't or not a lot of us had a white christmas here in the bay area, of course.
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many of places did. >> yeah, we have video from seattle. kids taking advantage of the winter weather. snow fell on the city's iconic places like pikes place market. it wasn't as much fun in other parts of the country. the national weather service issued a blizzard warning for much of maine and eerie, pennsylvania shattered the record of eight inches of christmas snow. monday, 13 inches fell, making this december one of the top five snowiest decembers on record in erie. wish we could get that in terms of rain here. >> yeah, we need it. >> we need it. it is 4:37. coming up, the gifts have been gifted and presents open. how did american retailers do this holiday season? we will crunch the numbers next. a live look at san rafael on this post christmas day. the area getting to the grind. some cars on the road, not too many. the time is 4:37.
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good morning, i'm landon dowdy, live at cnbc headquarters. wall street could be set for a higher start this morning. the dow is coming off five straight gains. it's the best streak since 1959. we look at data on home prices and consumer confidence.
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friday, the dow fell to 24,754. nasdaq slipped five to 6959. retailers have reasons to be cheerful. hol die sales are 4.9% through christmas eve according to mastercard spending plus, the best since 2011. e-commerce driving the gains 18%. mastercard said christmas falling on a monday gave shoppers a full weekend to snatch up last minute gifts. the holiday shopping doesn't end with christmas. consumers will flock to stores to make returns around redeem gift cards. shoppers will spend $59 billion between christmas and new years. they will be ready with more deals and spring merchandise. back to you. >> i like to go to try to get the sale on those last minute winter items. >> yeah, coats. >> yeah. >> definitely.
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>> thanks, landon. >> exactly. marcus, not to put you on the spot here, have you written all your thank you notes yet? >> not a one. >> today is the official national thank you note day. we are not talking electronic note, an actual handwritten note in the high-tech world, etiquette shows writing teaches children gratitude. if the child can't write, parents can write the note themselves and ask the child to scribble or draw something on the card. >> i am a big believer in snail mail. i fully support my local card shops, the ladies at the post office know me. >> oh, okay. >> they are my girls. i support the u.s. postal service. >> handwritten letters. >> yeah, it's special. s coming up on "today in the bay," kari has a look at our tuesday morning forecast. if i could, i would write you a
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letter. >> a lot of people are going to be thankful for this weather. let's go to los gatos for the temperature trend, reaching the low 60s today. we'll talk about what is ahead, coming up next. >> no thank you notes, but no hand signals here, either. palo alto looks great. we will talk about highway 101 farther north. plus, you surely have heard thunder during a rainstorm, but have you heard it during a snowstorm? you will next. you are watching "today in the bay." really?
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live pictures of the trans- america building in san francisco. welcome back. you are watching "today in the bay." 4:46 right now as we take live pictures. you can see the transamerica building there in san francisco. happening today in the city, at city hall, kwanzaa celebration begins today. the focus of the celebration is unit. we have been telling you about the snowfalling in seattle and back east. did you know snowstorms can produce thunder? this is video from somerville, massachusetts. spooky. that is called thunder snow. apparently, it is rare, but it does happen. >> i have heard about that when i lived back east. >> i have been in thunder snow. it is amazing! i was so excited. the snow flakes were humongous.
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it's like something i have never seen before. i loved it. >> thunder snow, that's interesting, but humongous snow flakes -- >> that's what we should talk about. >> none of that going on around here. it's been sunny. even in the sierra, it's been really quiet. the next several days, nothing changing here. we are going to see more dry weather. taking a live look outside in san francisco, it's 47 degrees as you get ready to head out. if you are going back to work today, check out that seven day forecast, it's at the bottom of the screen, starting in the south bay with dry weather over the next several days. looking at the current temperature now, we are at 44 degrees in san jose and 38 degrees in livermore. 41 degrees in oakland and 47 now in san francisco. now, look at these freezing temperatures we have in santa rosa and fairfield. we also have fog. so, unfortunately, there may be icy roads out there, freezing fog is an issue as visibility is
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reduced to a quarter mile. we have this on shore flow returning to the bay area. it is helping to bring back in more moisture. we will see all this clearing out today and sunshine, reaching up to 64 degrees in east san jose. downtown san jose, 63 degrees and the east bay reaching the mid-60s there. 61 degrees in oakland. the temperatures warmer than yesterday, up to 62 in palo alto and 60 degrees in the mission district. north bay, up to 62 degrees in navato. as we take another live look outside and you are getting dressed this morning, we start out with a warm coat. you will need that. later on today, you may be taking off that coat, but pants are also a good option. you may be getting ready to hop on a flight. i want to show you the big picture around the country, where you may run into problems. look how cold it is. these are the high temperatures. minneapolis, today, the high, will be one degree. we have light snow occurring
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around the detroit area. watching out for that, here we are going to have more dry weather, high pressure still keeping any rain chances away, until most likely the start of the new year. here is a look at your forecast for the rest of 2017. it's going to be up to 62 degrees in san francisco and for the inland area, 67 degrees this saturday. i'll have another look at the forecast. mike gets us out there on the roads with that problem now in south san francisco. >> that's right, kari. i have my eyes on a crash. it was there for a while. chp just gave an update. i think you are going to like this. you will like these, the green roadways all over the bay. being a tuesday, we'll see a few more cars than yesterday, which was christmas. 101, no slowing. an earlier crash at sierra park. it should be cleared, but chp is still active. be careful out there, we talked about the tragedy over the weekend. we don't want to have that today. a smooth drive as folks go
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through the east bay. no delays out of the altamont pass. on the rail, bart reporting no delays. ace and caltrain, no delays reported. a quick look at the bay bridge toll plaza. this is great, not even the cash lane showing a back up. we will track traffic and show you where the slowdowns might occur. back to you. this time of year, people are grateful for giving thanks. this is chilling over the holidays for some. a difficult task for those in sonoma county. the residents recovering from the fires. two months later and many are without a permanent home. sam brock spent christmas day in the coffee park neighborhood. >> manger scenes and many broken gates strapped with stockings, an incredible contrast between
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total devastation and the familiar comfort of christmas. >> there's christmas trees, lights. this is a neighborhood. they are going to rebuild. it's strong. kathy called coffey park home for decades and can name 50 families displaced. >> samantha there, felicia there, david there, my mom and dad across from me. i can go on and on. >> reporter: loved ones with little left on their property until 17 days ago. >> life blood right here. coffey and coffey park. >> they have given a jolt to christmas here, starting with one strand of lights and out to trees. >> we passed out 200 trees in coffey park. you name it. any place that was affected by fires, they received a tree, if
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they wanted one. >> reporter: for ben, 2017 was a christmas to forget until the blossoming of tree decorations that brought in something unexpected, hope. >> i wasn't planning on having one this year. too emotional. but, thanks to ronnie, we got our tree. thank you. >> of course. >> reporter: a lot of families who are providing lights and trees in this case actually lost homes themselves. they are going above and beyond the call of duty. i do mean above and beyond. looking at that palm tree over my shoulder, 300 l.e.d. lights that a community strung up there by hand climbing the tree, top to bottom. that is a bit of what's going on here at coffey park. sam brock, nbc news. >> beautiful. coming up this morning on "today in the bay," why a man
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decided to send manure to the treasury secretary's home. >> nbc responds to travel insurance disputes. we expect more since so many people are going to fly this week. >> chris chmura says you have work to do before you buy travel insurance policies. recently, i have seen a bunch of travel insurance ads that focus on covering medical expenses while on a trip. ask yourself, do i need that? see if your health insurance already covers you. turn to your credit card, many of them offer free travel insurance. if you have a consumer tip for chris, give them a call, 888-996-tips or go online to happening now, uber is cutting back. the company is selling the subprime autoleasing business. they were offering leases to attract new drivers. a developing story out of
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canada. they are expelling a diplomat and barring them for returning. this, after venezuela was criticizing the right. back in two minutes with more news. ♪ this little home of mine,
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-- live pictures from fremont welcome back. it is 4:56 on this day after christmas. the time is 4:56. you are watching "today in the bay," live pictures for you from fremont as many people return to work today. i returned to work today. that's why i just said the time twice because i don't know, am i awake? i don't know. >> you are here. we are here. >> thank you. >> so, okay, this story is a very interesting one. >> yeah. a man who delivered a box of
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horse moo neuanure to mnuchin i speaking out. >> he dropped the box off. the neighbor prompted the lapd, which prompted a huge response. strong is a psychologist with the l.a. county public health department. here is strong talking about the handwritten note he also delivered. >> the american people are returning your christmas gift. your tax law is horse [ muted ]. it's going to kick millions of people off health care and give corporations tons of money at the expense of the average working, poor family. i felt like i needed to do something that was equally absurd. >> interesting words. >> strong is not facing charges, but received death threats. despite that, he does not regret his action. >> it is 4:57 now.
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coming up on "today in the bay," kari is tracking the tuesday forecast. >> looks good. as you get ready to head out, it is cool and mostly clear. we are seeing some fog around the area. fremont, the temperatures in the low 40s, reaching the low 60s today. we'll talk about the rest of the week coming up. i like those temperatures, but i wanted to show what was behind them. the nimitz right there. no problems here. i will talk about what is going on farther north coming up. a live look outside at oakla
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5:00 on this tuesday morning, the day after christmas. as you can see, people are on the go there as we take a live look outside at oakland traffic this morning. mike will have a look at what's going on traffic wise in a bit. thanks for joining us, i'm marcus washington. >> i'm kira klapper in for lawyer lawyer. we got a nice christmas day. meteorologist, kari hall says it will get better today. >> yeah, a lot more sunshine. we start with clouds and fog this morning in parts of the bay area. once all that clears out and this cool start will warm up. take a look at the temperatures now. we are starting out with another cool morning, 35 in livermore, 45 in san francisco. parts of the north bay, freezing but will make it to the low 60s today. warmer than yesteay


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