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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  December 26, 2017 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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came to pay respects. >> reporter: christmas eve night the 33-year-old husband and father was patrolling interstate 880 when a suspected drunk driver plowed in his suv and killed him. camilleri had been assigned to patrol for intoxicated drivers. >> we were talking about dui and this time of year. >> ron gehring says he and officer camilleri talked about that assignment the day before at the grocery store. now there is no word yet on -- no formal word on the memorial service. we do know tomorrow at chp headquarters in skroom they will perform a formally ringing out ceremony for the officer. live in oakland. nbc bay area news. >> thanks, roz. there was powerful tributes to the officer throughout the 45 mile drive to tracy as the procession moved out of oakland. sky ranger overhead at firefighters packed the overpasses salutes as the body passed beneath. we also saw paramedic and
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ambulances doing the same. roz has been following the story all day. we've been reporting developments on air and online. this is video of the chp providing the update on the suspect involved in the crash. you can can stay up to date on twitter. the tragic crash happened as the highway patrol is in a maximum enforcement period through new year's eve. more chp officers on the road looking for speeding driving under the influence. officer camilleri was part the of the stepped up patrols when he was hit and killed. the drivers we spoke with say it's important for everyone to keep the roads safe. >> call usual and just get home save. before you take any substances. >> it's one of those things that once it happens you have the biggest regret it was so easy to not do in the first place. >> in the first 30 hours of the maximum enforcement period starting friday night officers arrested more than 600 drivers stayed statewide. >> the suspect accused of crashing into the officer is
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suspected of being under the influence of both alcohol and marijuana. that's raising question about driver safety when recorrectional pot is legal in california in in sixñ days. some brock joins us live from san francisco with a look at the serious issue. sam. >> reporter: janelle, good evening. that's right. in about a woke the in you rules go into effect. the chch told me today that they strongly suspect that there was marijuana in the driver's system but it may be premature at this point to draw any conclusions. but officer camilleri's death, with that said, there is so much research about the introduction of recreational marijuana and traffic accidents. thele rules of the road in california dictate no substance in your system that impairs body or brain. but with signs welcoming pot pretty much everywhere some worry defers around driver safety are failing. >> we think the research gives pause. >> the insurance institute for
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highway safety is one organization studying states already legalize attention recreaksle marijuana. this investigator told us by skype that washington and oregon anya the accidents jumped. 14% in colorado compared to neighbors states. >> and taking into account other things that can affect crashes like the weather, and demographics, we're seeing red signals that crashes are up in these states. >> after one crash, recently claimed the life of chp officer andrew camilleri. >> chose to drive while under the influence of alcohol and also drugs. and this needs to stop. >> reporter: state police are well aware of the risks of the drug impairment. enforcement won't be easy. >> it's a huge techlogical and scientific challenge we had to overcome. >> hound labs claims to have developed a breathalyzer for
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thc. even if that's true what level does the state deem daerjs. >> california law does not he lift a level of impairment. there is no percentage under which or above which we are considered impaired. >> unlike alcohol the bi products of cannabis stay in the system up to a month. and thc on average stays in your blood stream for a week or two which means a law enforcement could take blood or urine following a crash and not know if you consumed cannabis an hour before, a minute before or days before the. the technology still very much dwechlg. recording live over 101 from san francisco this evening. nbc bay area news. >> thank you sam. now, some students can even major in marijuana. medicinal plant chemistry is a real major at the university of northern michigan. legally the students aren't allowed to handle it but they are involved in the complex incrementry dealing with it. the tonight kevin tibls takes
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you increase the classroom to show you why this isn't a party program. dwechlg news out of a san francisco where a local attorney was arrested for child pornography. investigators this man walks, 66 my knowledge connell is suspected of uplegged and trading graphic child porn through a chat messenger application. connell lives on 23rd avenue near irving. that home was raided by san francisco police officers hast beak. during this search they confiscate add laptop containing images. a deadly crash involving a pedestrian on east bay freeway. chp says the woman was walking in the slow line li lain and i-80 when a car hilled her. the driver stopped and is cooperating with police. no word on why the ots woman was on the freeway. two lanes were closed while the investigation continued. at this point the driver isn't facing charges. new video out of santa rosa where fire conversions look for a cause of this fire. we just tweeted out the footage.
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happened in the area of bode. smoke filling the air. you see the firefighters aching from the roof. foor fire crews got an 8 -year-old person out of the house in time. be. and firefighters say he didn't know his house was on fire. ? san jose tonight a neighborhood on edge. fabs say a series of recently small fires all appear intentionally set. and residents will fear the possibility of a serial arsonist. robert handa joins us from the neighborhood where old fears flair up. robert. >> reporter: well that's right, this area around oleneder park is where the fires were spotted. it's hard to go through what in neighborhood went through before and not be concerned about a new series of possible arson fires. this small fire next to the walking trail at the park was put out quickly by firefighters yesterday. but the fast response didn't alleviate fierce. >> there are houses nearby. there is a ton of brush.
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it's cold but it's dry. and just like that the creekside could be up in in flames. >> in fact neighbors say a second fire erupt the minutes later. many say they've seen dozening of fires in the past months. a resident showed me a photo of one. residents acknowledged some fires were apparently started by people in a nearby homeless encampment but the most recent seem different. >> it wasn't contained. it wasn't hidden. it didn't look like the kind of fire that you would use to keep warm. and it was really right next to a trail. >> the neighborhood was victimized by the so-called south bay arsonist in 2014 when homes and church and warehouse went up in flames. the arsonist was caught and sentenced. >> we have obviously oversensitive in our area because of the arsonist we had a couple years back. this really does concern us. >> we are concerned about in getting kind of brushed aside as
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something oh a homeless person is doing. and we don't want to see it escalate. >> reporter: now, the roosevelt park neighborhood association has been in contact with the fire department and investigators are aware of it. we did not hear back from the investigators today. but they did tell the neighborhood association that while they take all calls seriously they just don't have the staff to investigate fires where there is no evidence or witnesses to point them to a possible suspect or suspects. live in san jose, robert handa, nbc bay area news. >> thank you very much. and right now we want to take you out for a live look from sky ranger where the hearst arrived in tracy. carrying the body chp officer andrew camilleri. offense struck and killed by a suspected drunk driver christmas eve night. the procession started in the east bay. and this is the funeral home where he is going to be held for a while. and then laid to rest later in
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the week. but this is -- it was a moving, very moving ceremony and tribute to him as he drove out of the east bay towards tracy. firefighters and other officers saluting the hearst as it went by. again the herst with the body of officer camilleri arriving in tracy. no you now so other new. a fire at homeless encampment another sacramento and 37th street. they had to hike up to put out the fire. they were insulation off of stolen copper wire. no one arrested >> dry drns conditions across the bay area. we have a lack at the san mateo bridge. you can't tell by the punishing but we are in the fichgt skeskt day in a row of spare the air alert. >> possible change could be on the way. let's check with in with rob mayeda with a look at the microclimate forecast. >> that's right. officially no spare the air day
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assigned for tomorrow yet. but the dry december continuing from san francisco to santa rosa. so far missing out on more than three to 5.5 inches of rainfall since the start of the month. and 1 to 2 inches from san jose up to oakland. the after you see here in blue what we've seen so far this rainfall season in yellow. look at december. 0 to 3% barely showing up for a time of year year typically one of the wettest. perhaps good news both for air quality and chances of seeing rain moving to the weekend. increasing clouds. that could finally signal a return to some rain and possibly some sierra snow. at 5:16 we will look closer on the changes. impacting the new year's forecast. >> thank you. you can morinu the conditions ad teach by downloading the nbc bay area app. it's free and convenient. san francisco is suing the defense department over its slow reporting of service members who are disqualified from owning
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guns. new york and philadelphia also signed the lawsuit which says the dod hasn't made the reports to the fbi for decades. service members are prohibited from owning a firearm if they've been convicted of a felony or domestic abuse or dishonorably discharged ppt lawsuit argues the failure to upthe list allowed the gunman in the texas chump shooting to pass a background check a assault rifle and kill 26 people. no messages of good will from president trump on twitter today. instead i slammed the fbi and the russian election hacking investigation. president trump also blasted a controversial dossier that helped fuel the russia investigation, calling it boegz and funded by the clinton campaign. democrats say the president is hinting at fire lkcial counsel robert mueller and needs to back oh off but congressional republicans coming to the president's defense. >> i'm very concerned that the doj and the fbi whether you want to call it deep state or what
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are off the rails. >> the president tweeted jacks aimed at deputy fbi director andrew mccabe. his supervision of the hillary clinton email investigation has come under why because of the state senate campaign received critics from a clinton fund raiser. >> now to controversy around the presidential election. the candidate who was sure to be putin he is serious challenger barred from running. he is is ineligible because of a conviction in a fraud case they say. president putin says he will run independent was formally nominated. he is expectsed to win a fourth term of office in the march election. with his approval ratings topping 80%. not a bad day. it isn't it's great. >> lining up to beat the deadline. what people are doing differently with property taxes in the wake of the new top tax
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plan. >> and the marin county shoirs what's being done to find out what happened to this juvenile humpback whale. where the hearse has just
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arrived in tra we want to take you back outside for a look from sky ranger where the herst arrived in tracy. carrying the bodys andrew camilleri, struck and killed by a suspected drunk driver late christmas eve night.
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officer camilleri's body being taken out of the herst taken into the funeral home. laid to rest later this week. as you can see the support from law enforcement and the firefighters continues there as it has all day as the body was transported from the east bay to tracy. you see the chp officers right around where the herst is and the chp vehicles. the fire truck at the top of the screen and the officer's body is now in tracy. new details tonight on a young while that washed up on a marin county beach on christmas eve. we should warn you some vye viewers may find the video troubling. >> they were performing a study on the whale this and. it's a young humpback and they don't think it was killed by a ship. they are trying to determine exactly what happened. but it could take weeks for the test results to come back.
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if you own a home in the bay area you want to pay attention to the next story. a last minute tax tip with a new tax overhaul about to kick in. >> if you have time off this week and patience you might be able to save hundreds of dollars. business and tech reporter scott bud snl live at the government building in san jose where people have been lining up all day to pay and pay early. is that right, scott? >> reporter: that's right. and the tip is according to experts try to pay the entire property tax bill before the end of the year and before the deduction goes away. you can do so here at the county assessor office from 9 to 5. >> people rolled in from all over the the county lining up to pay taxes. >> you think you might save money doing this. >> i'm hoping to save a few hundred dollars on the taxes yeah. >> they're paying the second installment of the 2017 property taxes while they can still get a deduction before the null approved gop tax bill kicks in. >> there is a big benefit this year only to paying your entire
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property tax. >> santa clara county assessor larry stone says it the property values so high a sizable deduction is about to vanish under the new law. >> the donald trump tax bill is no friend for california. okay. there is little benefit from the tax bill other than if you are very wealthy. >> which is part of the reason people the o took the to a time to stand in line. because time here means money. >> i'm sure there is a lot of people that should be down here paying taxes. >> the assessor office will be open this week if you want to come here and drop off your payment. you can also do it online and even by mail, although considering the 31st of the month is a sunday and the first is a holiday, you may want to do it in person. reporting live in san jose, scott budman, nbc bay area news. >> okay. good tip. thanks, scott. we'll look at the line that formed earlier today. that scott budman tweeted out
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for more ups can you follow scott at twitter. for those wishing for rain for christmas you were disappointed then and you'll be disappointed now. >> for most of the month you've been disappointed. missing three to five inches for the month. but we are beginning to see changes heading to the final days of december. taking you outside right now, cool but clear evening for the most part. right now from san francisco you got partly cloudy, 53 degrees, sand rafael, dry and 54. towards emeryville this is a great view of a gorgeous sunset tonight. you don't often see beautiful sunset in late december unless it's dry like we've. 53 in emeryville annual 55 in san jose. everything is clear from the sky raerms right now. it looks like we could be coneding with patchy dense fog sending up around the central bay and delta for the morning commute. could be dealing with fog starting the kay. and hazy sunshine for tomorrow afternoon. morning temperatures, chilly into the low to mid-30s around
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santa rosa with patchy fog. 40s closer to the bay and high temperatures tomorrow similar to the numbers we had today. close to 62 in san jose. tri-valley seeing low 60s and the chilly start to the day. 60 in oakland with hazy skies and patchy low clouds for the morning. peninsula temperatures upper 50s to 60s. north guy are bay temperatures after the fog lifts we'll see temperatures in the upper 50s to low 60s. about the long range runaway chance, two models show literally zero compared to the euro model which has had a history of providing accurate long rage range for example. jan as it is maybe significant rain. as things stand right now we will see increasing clouds into the weekend and aligning with the european model if everything stands true by sunday morning new year's eve rain possibly
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approaching the coast. the time frame on this would be for new year's eve into monday which would be new year's day we can be seeing rain. and yes that would involve some sierra snow too. 7-day forecast, under going changes. first not much change between now and friday. in fact temperatures will warm up short testimony but then you see the clouds moving in. sunday to monday put in a rain chance there that could mean sierra snow too. could be talking about wintry travel the weekend. you see the changes there. friday mid-to upper 60s. south of san jose maybe close to 70. we'll hope the trend continues. transitioning back to rain and possibly sierra snow to ring in the new year. >> thanks, rob. >> thanks. apple gave the world ten years for disaamodt investors seem to think so. what the wall street has to is say about the iphone x. >> the new medical diagnosis that could change america's
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video game habits. christmas eve has now arrived in
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happening now, as we've been reporting, the body of the chp officer killed on christmas eve arrived in tracy. a procession for the officer was held from oakland to this mortuary in tracy. on the twitter feed the warriors medical staff says steph curry is making progress but unclear when he will return. more news after the break. about tech gadgets of the year.
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but now analysts say the hype mave it was one of the most talked about tech gojts of the year. but now analysts the say the hype may have hurt the the apple i feen 10. apple's stock slid on reports that they expect to sell 20 million fewer than expected. the. the iphone x could be to blame because the iphone has confusing features and $1,000 price tag. apple hasn't released specific sales figures for the iphone x. but the ceo says the demand was high. a story for anyone get ago video game. if you spent spend countless hours playing you could be diagnosed with abel mental health disorder. yes, the world health
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organization is adding gaming disorder to the international classification of deceases next year. that means doctors can begin formally diagnosing patients with the condition now. according to the who, the problem comes when gaming takes priority over other life interests and activities. the agency says the behavior must persist for one year to be diagnosed. but that time can be shortened in severe cases. keep this in mind. the american psychiatric association has not formally rentalsed gaming adistinction as a mental illness. >> still to come you don't see double or triple, a unique look at the sun with he with he come back. ♪
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the new laws and rules that are about to take effect... to ton at 6:00, a bigger crackdown coming opinion the new laws and rules that will take effect the ongoing abuse of disability parking placards. nbc bay area news at 6:00. >> not one, two, you but three suns shined in the sky in northeast china. footage taken yesterday morning. people mesmerize ds by what they
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saw. this was in sky 13 minutes. hey only an optical illusion happens when light from the sun hits ice crystals in the atmosphere. but. >> but it was good. >> let's see. >> triple. >> trippy. he is exited too. >> yes. >> well we have a lot of sunshine right now. unfortunately we need rain. >> from one sun. >> yes. >> tomorrow morning the sun may be blocked out by patchy fog. watch out. it could be locally thick around the inner bay and delta for the morning. in the weektd we start to see changes. looks like rain chances new year's eve which could lead to some rain here and possibly some sierra snow. this is something that's finally changing in the wrkt pattern. we'lling watching it closely and at 11:00 to see how much rain or snow is possible heading in the new year. >> the rain totals in the bay area like half inch to close an and zbliench what you expect tor december. but so far zero to 3%.
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we have a lot to make up for. >> have a rain deluge in january. fingers crossed but not dangerous one. see you later. >> lester holt is next. see you at 6:00. >> bye. tonight the crippling whiteout that's caused a snow emergency, paralyzing one region with almost five feet of snow. >> fighting it whole day, just trying to clear a path. as much of the nation is locked in grip of cold wave with no end in sight. day after christmas, shopping frenzy not over just yet, some of the best deals still out there. shocking case of four teenagers charged with murder in death of passenger hit by sand bag tossed off highway overpass. days before the new tax bill takes effect, dilemma, should you pay some of next year's taxes this year? growing interest among college students majoring in


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