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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  December 26, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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for joining us. i )m janelle wang. and i )m terry mcsweeney. good evening and thanks for joining us. i'm janelle wang. >> and i'm terry mcsweeney. raj mathai and jessica sweeney have the night off. we start with breaking news. minutes ago the bay area got a jolt. the usgs says a 3.8 magnitude earthquake struck at epicenter five miles east-northeast of alum rock near san jose. our nbc bay area seismograph picked up the quake. you see it right there. a jolt, not a big one, a jolt,
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very brief. san francisco, san anselmo. we felt it here in the nbc bay area newsroom. it was quick, very noticeable shaking for a couple of seconds, and then it was gone. it wasn't the first quake of the night. 3.1 earthquake hit east of morgan hill about 7:00 tonight. no reports of injuries or damages from earthquake. a few moments ago sam liccardo tweeted about the earthquake saying after two quakes today, ready your home kit and be prepared. >> good advice. now to a developing story out of southern california. an eight-hour flight from l.a.x. to l.a.x. yes, an all nippon airlines flight to tokyo was nearly halfway there when it had to turn around and fly back to los angeles international airport. officials say the u-turn was due to a, quote, mix-up and was straightened up. news of the diversion gained traction as chrissy teigen, a passenger on board that plane
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tweeted, this was her post upon return. john legend was also on the flight. we have some new video for you tonight. the aftermath of a car what crashed into a santa clara home. it happened about 6:00 this evening. two cars crashed into each other. the firefighters say one driver kept going and crashed into this home. this sat the intersection of los padres boulevard and bohannon drive. we're told the family that lives in the house has two small children, but though one was home. the time of the crash no one inside the car was seriously injured. mother nature not very active in the rain department. the bay area well below average. the live look at san jose. we've got clear skies. meteorologist rob my yesterdaye been crunching the numbers. it's been a dry, dry december. >> dry since 2011. the progression of a typical rainfall season. this is typically the wettest time of the year. but for month of september, take a look. the by area has only seen 0 to
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3% of the monthly average. so we're talking about 3 to 5 inches of rain missing from san francisco northward. by the end of the week it could approach more than 6 inches of rain we're missing for places like santa rosa, south bay and central bay area, missing about 2 to 3 inches of rain. moving forward we're seeing ongoing issues of air quality with the lack of storms or any wind to push the smoke out. so we can see more spare the air days until the pattern changes. frosty mornings have been an issue as well. maybe some good news as we head towards new year's eve and the weekend ahead, some chances of rain finally making a comeback. the timeline on that coming up at 11:16. >> thanks. new at 11:00, silicon valley leading the market once again in another industry, marijuana stores. so far seven stores in san jose have given the green light to open january 1. but there are still challenges ahead. ian cull live outside the air supply company in san jose to explain it.
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ian? >> reporter: yeah, and terry, right now this store only sells medical marijuana. but come new year's day they can start selling to anyone 21 years or older, and currently san jose is tied for the most permitted stores like this one in the state. >> you want a six-pack of that? >> the countdown son. >> thank you. >> reporter: recreational marijuana sales are a go in just six days. airfield supply company near the san jose airport is one of the few that will be allowed to sell it. >> we're anticipating the first couple of weeks being pretty busy. it's all new. everyone is going to come check it out, see what's it like. >> reporter: there are only 40 licensed stores across california so far, but the state will continue issuing licenses through the weekend. san jose and san diego have the most at seven apiece. >> i think that san jose did a really good job of setting up regulation. they had a pretty strict policy up front. so it really made the state licensing program thus far, put
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us in a good position. >> reporter: other studies have been slow to approve their own rules and permit. >> this is brand-new. and in more and more jurisdictions are coming online by the day. but it's still going to be a process as we move forward. not everyone is going to be ready on january 1. >> making sure they have enough supply to meet demand. >> so hopefully there is cultivators and manufacturers to supply all the different retail stores come the first of the year. >> reporter: so far there are two shops set to open in oakland, one in berkeley. the state says there are 130 other stores waiting for their approval. reporting live in san jose, ian cull, nbc bay area news. >> thanks, ian. also new at 11:00, investigation is under way after another fire along a south bay freeway, this one in san jose under the highway 87 overpass. firefighters say it started in a homeless encampment. a portion of kirtner was closed
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while they put out the fire. a south bay neighborhood is on edge after series of recent small fires that appear to have been intentionally set. residen residents say it's a too familiar story. this fire was put out quickly by firefighters yesterday. neighbors told nbc bay area they've seen dozens of small fires in the past few months. they say the possibility of a serial arsonist is worrisome because they've lived through it before. in 2014, the so-called south bay arsonist set fire to homes, the church, and a warehouse in that same area. he was eventually caught and sentenced to prison. >> we've obviously are oversensitive in our area because of the arsonists we had a couple years back. that really does concern us. >> the roosevelt park neighborhood association has been in contact with the fire department. investigators are aware of residents' concerns.
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a san francisco attorney has been arrested for child pornography. investigators say this man, 66-year-old michael kanell is expected of uploading and trading graphic child porn through a chat messenger application. police raided his home near irving street last week. during that search, they confiscated a laptop that contained child porn videos and images. take a live look at san francisco. the city right now is evolve e in a new lawsuit against the department of defense. san francisco along with new york city and philadelphia are suing the defense department over its low reporting of service numbers who are disqualified for owning guns. service members are disqualified of owning a firearm if they've been convicted of a crime or dishonorably discharged. the lawsuit argues the reporting failure allowed the gunman in the texas church massacre last month to pass a background check, buy an assault rifle, and kill 26 people.
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now to an emotional tribute for a fallen chp officer killed on christmas eve night. late this afternoon, a 50-mile procession from oakland to tracy, the hometown of officer andrew camilleri. nbc bay area's cheryl hurd is live in hayward with how this officer, a loving father, is being remembered tonight. cheryl? >> reporter: well, as you can see, people are bringing flowers to the chp officer in hayward. the death of this officer is rocking this community here at the chp and rocking the community in tracy as well. [ siren ] chp officer andrew camilleri's body was escorted to a funeral home in tracy by law enforcement from around the bay area. family members, colleagues and friends standing at attention when his body arrived. >> it was an honor for us to stand out here today and welcome him home. >> reporter: camilleri's
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sacrifice came on christmas eve. they were on the side of the road when a 22-year-old suspected of being under the influence of alcohol and marijuana slammed into the back of their suv. his partner survived the crash. >> you don't expect that, especially on christmas. and how do you explain? the younger ones are 2 and 6. it's hard to explain that dad's not coming home. >> reporter: michael serrato is the pastor at mission city church. he said the young officer, who just graduated from the academy in march, was a man of faith, a bass player, and he was raising his family here, a wife and three children. >> he loved roxy so much. and he was such an endearing and nurture dad to his three kids. >> reporter: church members say he led by example, something they say will be missed. >> i just can't believe that something like this happened to them. it seems unreal. that we lost an amazing human
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being. >> it just really is devastating. >> reporter: camilleri will be remembered at a bell ringing ceremony in sacramento tomorrow. still, the name of the suspect has not been released yet. he remains in the hospital tonight. reporting life in hayward, i'm cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. >> thank you very much. the chp's maximum enforcement period in effect through new year's eve. officers are out in full force, looking for speeders, looking for drunk drivers. in fact, officer camilleri is part of the stepped up patrols when he was hit and killed. from friday night through last night, officers arrested 917 drivers for dui statewide. 917. that is up 50% from last year. the chp has set up a memorial fund to help officer camilleri's family during this very difficult time. if you would like to make a contribution, we have posted information about the fund,
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along with a link to it on our website. visit and click on the top story box. still ahead, something doesn't smell right. the trick one bay area woman is using to get even with people swiping packages from her porch. plus, the next big thing. the revelation elon musk has made on twitter that is making headlines tonight. we're watching the forecast for tomorrow around san jose. temperatures climbing into the low 60s. but could rain finally be making a comeback for your weekend plans? a lack at that when we come back.
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for $34.90 more per month. a san francisco woman says she s tired of this. new at 11:00, enough is enough. a san francisco woman says she is tired of this. people stealing packages right off her porch. and now she is thinking outside the box and playing a little trick on the thieves with the help of her cats.
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jean elle is live in san francisco with more on how she is hoping to put an end to the problem plaguing her neighborhood and which box she is outside. jean? >> reporter: terry, people in san francisco neighborhoods say thieves are stealing packages off front porches daily. after a week of daily thefts before christmas, one woman decided to sow packages with the content of her cats' litter box and leave them outside. >> here you go. >> reporter: the cats steal the show inside kamiah woods' house. outside thieves are stealing packages. >> and i get a little thing from amazon saying your package is delivered. i run downstairs. nothing is there. i check my video. really? >> reporter: woods says package thieves are trolling her neighborhood daily. signs for delivery people, cameras and police reports aren't making a difference. last week after her sick cat's medicine was stolen, wood decide it was time to make a statement. >> i was cleaning out my cat box, and my cat was sick.
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this would be really nasty to put in the package and leave for people. >> reporter: she left two packages full of cat litter out on christmas eve and four on christmas day. they were all stolen. >> i totally did not think anyone would steal packages on christmas eve or christmas. but they did. all six of them. >> reporter: she is hoping the kitty litter makes an impact. >> i feel like sort of bad because these people are obviously in a situation where they're stealing. but i also hope they look at all packages a little bit more circumspect and don't think that we're just, yeah, easy picks here. >> reporter: message sent. now wood is also looking into buying a secured partial box to put outside of her house. reporting live in san francisco, jean elle, nbc bay area news. >> thank you very much for that. well, officers act fast after witnessing a theft at a starbucks in el cerrito. take a look at the results. officers say they witnessed the two suspects take a laptop from an elderly man. after chasing the men on foot,
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the officers followed them in the car and tracked them down, looking at the result, arrested them. a message to all homeowners. the clock is ticking and you're to be run out of time. only two more days left to save money on taxes before a new federal law kicks in. today many people in san jose were trying to take advantage of the tax. people waiting to pay their entire property tax bill now while they can still deduct it. the property values are so high here, a pretty sizable deduction is about to go away. >> you can deduct it if you pay it this year. if you pay your second installment next year, it's nondeductible. >> they'll be taking your tax payments all this week from 9:00 to 5:00 a.m. securing a disabled person's placard could be more difficult. the law says applicants must provide proof of their name and date of birth and renew permits every six years. the number of replacement placards that can be issued will drop to four instead of
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unlimited. the city is trying to crack down on placard and license plate abuse. what happened in the water? tonight scientists are working to figure out why a young whale washed up on a bay area beach. we want to warn you, some people may find the video troubling. sky ranger found researchers in the point reyes national seashore performing a necropsy on the whale this morning. they say it's a young 30-foot-long humpback. they don't think it was killed by a ship. it could take weeks for the test results to come back. a city in pennsylvania completely covered in snow. and it seems the storm is not slowing down. this is the city of erie, pennsylvania. the national weather service says the city received 53 inches of snow in just 30 hours. the last time erie received this much snow, it took 13 days to build up. the city is currently under a state of emergency and may call the national guard to help clear the roadways. wow. whiteout conditions. we need precipitation here.
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desperately. >> not that much. >> we'll take a few inches. >> we might see something this weekend. we've been watching that trend very closely in the long-range forecast. meanwhile, it's a little chilly tonight. maybe not as cold as you just saw and parts of the great lakes where the snow is ongoing. here it is chilly. we're down to 37 degrees in san rafael. likely dropping into the low 30s in parts of the north bay for tomorrow morning. telephone right now 50 degrees. eventually dipping into the mid- to upper 40s by tomorrow morning. a nice view there from emeryville. 42 degrees. a little chilly around the bayside there, the east bay and san jose, 47 degrees. may see some upper 30s near downtown. now the main concern for tomorrow morning might see a patch or two of fog around the central bay. again, the futurecast kind of pulling back on that fog possibility. enough of a breeze out there to keep things mixed up. and during the day, though, not enough wind to prevent more of those hazy skies we've become accustomed to.
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tomorrow we'll see highs into the 60s after a chilly start. a spread of mid- to upper 30s around the east bay. lower 30s possible around santa rosa and san rafael and close to 48 degrees in san francisco for the morning. now for the afternoon, highs in the low 60s around the south bay. may see mid-60s closer to gilroy, other towards pleasanton, 64 degrees. 62 livermore. 60 in oakland. peninsula temperatures ranging from the upper 50s from san mateo into san francisco. with some patches of low clouds. and as we head into the north bay highs, close to 60 degrees. so the long-range forecast, take your pick. we're looking at two long-range weather models. one doesn't give us anything. but the other weather model we've been tracking the last few days still brings a chance of bringing rain. the time frame on that at least now could be new year's eve into new year's day. so stay tuned if you have weekend plans. we'll be watching this closely between now and this weekend there is a chance that midway through the weekend, we'll go from these cloudy skies to a chance of seeing rain. right now, again, only half of
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those long-range models picking up on this pattern shift. possible as we get into new year's eve night into new year's day that we could see a welcome return of rain and possibly a more active pattern as we head into the new year. in the moon time, we're going see mild temperatures and more of the hazy skies. we'll see if we get any more spare the air days between now and friday. san francisco, not much temperature change. but for places like san jose, we may have a chance of upper 60s. maybe close to 70 on friday. then the clouds roll in. and stay tuned. again, that's a big holiday and travel impact potential there for sunday night. if we get the snow level down to 5,000 feet, the rain making a comeback. maybe not the best timing for new year's eve plans. but given how dry, we do need that rain and snow. >> thanks, rob. you could call it chemistry 420. take a lack at the new college major that used to be illegal. and we have jimmy. >> hey, guy, kevin hart is my guest tonight. kevin hart!
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plus we have talk and music from hailee steinfeld. it's a great show. stay tuned! the u-s-g-s says a 3.9 magnitude earthquake struck just 50 happening now, the bay area got a jolt tonight. the usgs has 3.9 magnitude about 50 minutes ago around 10:30. the epicenter northeast of alum rock in san jose. people felt it as far away as san anselmo. mayor liccardo tweeted about the earthquake saying ready your home kit and be prepared. we'll be right back. new at 11: tesla c-e-o elon musk announces plans to add to his fleet on duty. plus-- we )re tracking the forecast d remembering a fallen chp officer. the tribute to a bay area officer killed in the lean of duty. plus tracking the forecast and the morning commute as people go back to work after the christmas
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plans to add to his fleet on social media tonight. new at 11:00, tesla's ceo elon musk plans to add to his fleet on social media tonight. musk tweeted that he promises to design a pickup truck after releasing the model y in 2017. he even says he has the corzine already in mind. the ceo has been hinting at building a pickup truck since last year. tesla also plans to produce an electric semitruck and a new roaster in the near future. apple's hot new product may not be that hit. apple's stock slid 4% after reports the company is on track to sell 20 million fewer products. they blame the i-phone 10 that may be overpriced at a thousand dollars. apple has not released specific sales figures for the phone. one major that until recently against the law is gaining popularity across the
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country. some students are majoring in marijuana studies. these students at northern michigan are stooding medicinal plant chemistry. but slackers beware, this is serious science. >> we haven't done the proper research to really know its benefits and the negative sides of marijuana. >> legal issues prevent students from actually handling weed. medical marijuana is legal in 29 states. and come january 21st, we've been talking about it. recreational marijuana will be legal here in california. no curry for christmas. but will steph make it back for the new year? we'll have an update on the warrior star's injured ankle. stay with us. warriors star steph curry had
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his injured right ankle re- getting closer by the day. warriors star steph curry had his injured right ankle reevaluated today. it's been two weeks since he has played in a game. >> we miss him. we're going have to wait a little longer until we see steph on the court. he is making good progress, but won't play in tomorrow's game against the utah jazz at oracle arena. his ankle will be examined again before the warriors game against charlotte on friday. jimmy garoppolo taking the bay area by storm, winning his first four games as the 49ers starting quarterback. and now patriots quarterback and
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garoppolo's ex-team mate tom brady is chiming in. on his weekly radio interview, he said he has been very impressed with what jimmy g. has done so far. brady said it's a credit to how hard garoppolo as worked rather than how it reflects on his time with the patriots. the 49ers last game this season in l.a. levi's stadium got a makeover in time for tomorrow's foster farms bowl. the bell's twitter page posted this time lapse of that makeover. the game between the arizona wildcats and the purdue boilermakers kicks off at 5:30 p.m. tomorrow. six-time olympic gold medalist katie ledecky added one more award. today the san francisco more was named the associated press female athlete of the year edging out tennis star serena williams. ledecky recently won five gold medals and one silver at the world aquatics championships in budapest. >> tough to argue with five
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goals. >> i know. and that was just the national championships. >> we're back in the moment with the latest on the quake that shook the bay area tonight. news that has people talking
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across the bay area tonight. okay. we have an update on that breaking news has people talking across the bay area tonight. a jolt that woke some people up around 10:30 tonight. the usgs has upgraded it to a 3.9 earthquake. the epicenter nine miles east of alum rock near san jose. check out our nbc bay area seismograph. it captured the quake. felt in san francisco, san anselmo and in the south bay. we definitely felt it in the newsroom. a quick noticeable shaking and then it was over. i said wow, did you feel that? that was an earthquake. >> and everybody said yeah. >> a 3.1 hit east of morgan hill around 7:00 p.m. no reports of damage or injuries. san jose mayor sam liccardo has been tweeting since the quake hit around 10:30. his latest tweet reads prepare for a more serious earthquake by reading tips from female map. >> it's a small earthquake. but you feel it. and it gets you thinking. and that's a good good idea.
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there are things you're supposed to do ahead of an earthquake. >> we were in the makeup room together, do you have an evacuation plan. i haven't thought of that. >> yes. >> i'm just going to tuck, cover, right? take cover? >> a having a 72-hour kit of supplies. >> water expires. you should update your water. >> good advice. yeah. >> okay. that's it. we're going to wend the earthquake. hopefully it will be a smooth unrocky evening. very calm. that's the word. >> be prepared. thanks for joining us. >> bye, folks. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- kevin hart, hailee steinfeld,


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