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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  December 27, 2017 5:00am-6:01am PST

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good morning and thank y good morning. it is 5:00. a live look outside for you in san francisco. twinkling lights, a beautiful shot. thanks for joining us. i'm kira klapper in for laura garcia. >> i'm marcus washington. we were talking earlier, a cold start to the day. >> it was so nice yesterday. it warms up and cools down so fast. you have to be prepared for it all. it will be a cold start this morning. as we go through the day, here is a look at the high temperatures reaching the low 60s inland. we will have very dry conditions we'll talk about how dry it's been coming up in a few minutes. mike is tracking a crash in the north bay. >> that's right.
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overall, we have the green sensors. the bay bridge there, i'll change it in a second. here, the highlighted yellow shows there may be fog throughout the drive. petaluma, a fender bender at 101 and washington. it's mostly moved off to the shoulder and affects folks using that washington street exit. be careful heading toward the downtown area. the travel times heading toward the bay bridge, as we look at the live camera and the toll plaza. the cash lanes have all cleared because they have opened up for business. there's a few more cars we saw yesterday. we'll track the metering lights in a half hour. we'll see how it goes. we'll give you the update. back to you. thanks. now, the continuing coverage of the chp officer killed in the line of duty. a bell ringing ceremony will be held to honor officer camilleri.
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>> how are people remembering officer camilleri? >> reporter: chp officer camilleri will be remembered in west san francisco at the academy he graduated not too long ago, just this past march. before we get to the details of what took place, we have flowers in front of the chp hayward offices as they continue to pay respects to the officer. this is video from last night, when a procession took place from oakland to tracy. folks in his hometown of tracy paid respects to this officer. camilleri was described as a family man, a husband and father to children ages 12, 6 and 2 years old. he was highly respected by colleagues, despite the fact he only worked as a chp officer less than a year.
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we spoke to friends in tracy. >> it was an honor to welcome him home. >> i can't believe something like this happened to them. it seems unreal that we lost an amazing human being. >> really devastating. >> reporter: camilleri was killed on christmas eve. he and his partner were on 880 and hayward when a 22-year-old suspected of being under the influence of alcohol and marijuana slammed into the back of their suv. his partner did survive the crash. the ceremony in sacramento is expected to start at 11:00 a.m. a memorial has been set up on their facebook page. we have that information for you if you want to help out, on our website at pete suratos for "today in the bay." >> pete, thanks. we have a live look at washington, d.c. as the year winds down, americans are wondering how they need to prepare for changes in
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the tax code, as president trump started his job of selling not only the new tax code, but the economy as well. edward lawrence joins us live from d.c. this comes down to what workers will get back from trump's tax plan. >> you know, that, kari, is what republicans are trying to bank on, actually. we are seeing the promoter in chief in the president as the year end closes. the president pushing the tax cut. american workers may see in their paycheck. >> on behalf of the american people -- >> reporter: president trump says he's now on a working vacation in florida as he travels back and forth to his international golf course during the day. we have not seen much of him since christmas, but he kept his presence on twitter, promoting the tax cut saying this will be a great year for companies and jobs. >> share prices are going to go up. i have heard them say that will be good for everyone. everyone owns stock. more than half of people don't
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own stock. >> reporter: some worry the tax bill will help the rich and we are under investing in lower americans, especially kids. >> the dollar invested in a kids preschool education, low income kids education will pay you back in seven or eight fold later in life. >> reporter: still, accountants say we should be prepared for tax changes, but time is running out. >> it's ridiculous. taxes started a early. usually, in the month of no car
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charity david. the ballot, at first was thrown out, which makes him the winner. a panel of judges allowed that ballot to be counted, declaring the race a tie. after an eight-hour flight from l.a.x. to l.a.x. last night. right now it is in the air once again, this time, hoping to make it to its destination in tokyo. here is what happened. they took off from l.a.x., they were half way there and had to turn around and fly back to los angeles. it was due to a mix up and was straightened up. the news of the diversion gained traction as american model, tv
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personality christine teigen. they are heading to tokyo for new year's eve. a close call for a santa clara family as a car crashes into their home. it happened last night after two cars slammed into each other. one of them crashed into a home. this is at the intersection of los pa dres. the family has two small children. no one was at home at the time of the crash and no one inside the car was seriously hurt. a san francisco attorney has been arrested for possessing child pornography. he is suspected of uploading and trading graphic child pornography through a chat messenger application. during a search, investigators confiscated a laptop containing
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child importaporn videos and im. why did young whales wash up on the beach. some of you may find this video troubling. our sky ranger found researchers by the seashore performing on the whale yesterday afternoon. they say it is a young, 30-foot long humpback and didn't think it was killed by a ship hitting it. it could take a week for test results to come back. are you ready for college? levi stadium is just in time for a makeover. >> we have a time lapse of it. the arizona wildcats and bo boilermakers kicks off at 5:30 tonight. as we approach 5:o09, we ar
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dealing with the fog. the fog is north of the s-curve heading toward san francisco. we have places where visibility drops off. allow extra time to get out the door and to work. we will have those temperatures just above freezing. in some spots, it has been dipping below freezing and it can make it icy on the roadways. santa rosa, down to .25 mile. i'll keep an eye on this. we'll talk about a clearer afternoon coming up in a few minutes. mike is saying it's a good start to wednesday's commute. >> the roadways are clear. we are looking at grean from the south bay to san francisco. either side of the bay, up in oakland as well. even out of the tri-valley, we'll talk about that in a second. i did want to show you what kari is talking about. fog. santa rosa, napa. the north bay, it's a smoother drive for highway 37.
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fog and cold weather, there may be black ice on the roadways. we haven't had a problem at the tri-valley. 20 minutes. grant line road to the dublin, that is a great drive. i want to assure you with the live shot, if you are driving on westbound 580, they are through dublin. no delays right now. we are easing into the commute. maybe more cars than yesterday. we'll keep our eyes on the bay bridge toll plaza. back to you. >> the fog and cold weather. there's it. coming up, keeping new year's safe. what transit systems are doing on new year's eve to make sure we get home safely.
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kari weather tease good morning. it is 5:13. mostly clear start for the south bay and as we get reds di- to head out the door in campbell, it will be in the mid-40s starting out. the temperatures reaching the upper 50s and low 60s in san jose, h is where we should be for the end of december. a lot of sunshine and unusually dry weather. we will break down just how dry it's been and how much we need to catch up and what's in the forecast, coming up at 5:18.
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great travel times for the north bay, despite the fog. getting across the bridge, look at the travel times. westbound for the commute direction. we'll track a bigger view coming up. apple is dealing with losses, while some people are rushing to pay off taxes. >> landon dowdy joins us from cnbc world headquarters. good morning to you, landon. >> hi there, guys. good morning. wall street is going to try to rebound from yesterday's modest losses. decline in apple stocks upset holiday gains and a surge in oil prices. apple fell on a report for lackluster demand for the iphone x. looking at consumer confidence and home sales. dow slipping and nasdaq closing lower. homeowners across the country are rushing to prepay their 2018 property taxes before the new
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tax law kicks in on january 1st. it caps the state and local taxes you can deduct from your return at $10,000. people whose tax bills exceed that could benefit by paying more tax in 2017 when there's no limit on that deduction. officials are urging caution on prepaying property taxes. the new law does not direct that issue. there are questions whether they can take that deduction early. switching gears completely. kanye west put the stock in stocking stuffer this year. wife, kim kardashian revealed an instagram of the two presents. a disney toy, apple headphones and adidas. the other had stock certificates for the companies worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. quote, best husband alert. >> winning. >> my mother-in-law would say, must be nice.
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>> exactly. >> landon, thanks. as you finalize your plans for new year's eve, help is on the way. services with caltrains is being beefed up to accommodate parties. you don't have to pay fares from 5:00 new year's eve night 10:00 new year's morning. a reminder, on monday, caltrain will operate a standard sunday schedule. three, two, one -- sorry, i had to. it might be the other way around, more like one, two, three. a lot of counting across san francisco. more than 100 birders will be out and about for the annual bird count. from before dawn to before dusk, the bird society will count birds throughout the wetlands and the bay. they hope to contribute to the
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understanding of bird population. from the skies to the beaches, starfish are coming back after a syndrome killed millions of them. they developed lesions and disintegrated. the cause is unclear. they are spotted in southern california tide pools to the delight of scientists and ocean lovers. must see tv, in case you did not see the game between the suns and grizzlies, break it down. .6 seconds to go. the game tied. check out what happens next. >> exactly what they -- oh! >> unreal. that was tieson chandler with a dunk as time ran out. in your face. >> yeah. >> thrilled about winning.
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>> someone is getting resigned. 5:17. mike is coming up in a minute. kari hall joins us with a look at the weather. >> looking at more of the dry weather around the bay area. we are going to break down how much rain we are lacking. let me get you out the door in case you are about to head out. it is 34 degrees in the tri-valley as we look live from pleasanton to the right side of the screen. peninsula, 45 degrees and 45 in san francisco. check out the fog rolling through. a beautiful scene there and giving us breezy wind to the inland areas, helping to mix up that air. today is not a spare the air day. we have improved air quality, temperatures reaching low to mid-60s. 63 degrees in danville. oakland, 60 degrees and 57 degrees in daly city. more clouds there and also in san francisco. 59 in the mission and navato at 61 degrees. check out the seven day forecast at the bottom of the screen,
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showing rain chances farther down the line. we know it's been so dry this month. let's take a look at the numbers. we haven't added more rain to this. if you have been watching recently, we have only made it a few hundredths of an inch of rain for the month. but, how much rain we are lacking does continue to add up. now, in santa rosa, we are missing five inches of rain. in san francisco, we need 3.5 inches of rain to catch up to normal and oakland is lacking almost three inches of rain. san jose, about two inches of rain would catch us up to normal. this is normally the wettest time of the year, as we head into december, into january. january is the wettest month, but we should be getting quite a bit during the month of december. here is a look at what we have gotten. a closer look at that showing how much rain through the month of december around the bay area, 0 to 3% of normal.
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right now, we haven't had a lot. what's on the line, down the line for us as we go through the rest of the week? absolutely nothing. more clouds, more dry weather. a chance of rain comes into the forecast late new year's eve and into new year's day. it doesn't look like much of a big chance. then we go back to more dry weather. at least for a while longer. the temperatures well above normal for this time of year. mike, you are hearing about a hit and run? >> it sounds dramatic when you hear hit and run. there was a minor collision or a collision of some sort and one of the parties left the scene. don't do that, folks. a nice, easy drive around the bay. hayward, northbound 880. the whipple onramp reports someone that got dinged by another car. sounds like everything is off the road. this is busy. there's a starbucks there. a couple stops to get the breakfast items.
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keep that in mind if you are endering 880 and whipple road. a flow of traffic into oakland. here is fog that's registered to the north bay. santa rosa, napa may have fog on the roadway. no problems reported by chp and no delays reported for the transit agencies. the bay bridge toll plaza, a live look at that. no back up. no problem. the earlier cash lane back ups cleared up. everybody is in operation here. you see the operating lights turned on. back to you. >> thanks, mike. coming up, something doesn't smell right. the trick one bay area woman is using to get even with people swiping packages from her porch. she was fed up and said-- enough
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is enough... a san francisco woman says she is tired of people stealing 6:24 right now. she said she was fed up and enough is enough. a san francisco women says that she was tired of people stealing packages off her porch. >> yeah. now she's thinking outside the b box, so to speak and playing a trick on thieves with the help of her cat. >> we have what the woman decided to do to show thieves rk they are messing with the wrong house. >> reporter: the cats steal the show inside her house. outside, thieves are stealing
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packages. >> i get a thing saying your package was delivered. i run downstairs, nothing is there. i check video and i'm like, really? >> reporter: signs for delivery people, security cameras and  police reports aren't making a difference. last week, after her sick cat's medicine was stolen, it was time to make a stink. >> i was leaning out the cat box and my cat was sick. >> reporter: she left two packages full of cat litter out on christmas eve and four on christmas day. they were all stolen. >> i totally did not think anyone would steal packages on christmas eve or christmas, but they did. all six of them. >> reporter: she's hoping the kitty litter makes an impact. >> i feel sort of bad, because they are obviously in a situation where they are stealing, but i hope they look at packages differently.
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>> girl's got to do what a girl's got to do. now, to six-time olympic gold medalist. she added one more thing to her list. >> she recently won five gold and sun silver at the 2017 championship in budapest. >> wow. awesome. now, a new baby hippo that just entered the world at a zoo in north africa. they have their first ever baby hippopotamus. the mother lived at the zoo since 2007. the zoo says the baby is healthy and born after an eight-month pregnancy. the budapest zoo is announcing the arrival of a new gorilla baby. look at mommy and baby there.
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she gave birth to the healthy baby. this is the sixth that has been born at the zoo. zoo keepers can't tell the gender or weight since the mother isn't letting anyone near that baby. >> i would do that, too. 5:27. breakdown of the new rules of marijuana in the new year and shops that will be opening monday. a live look outside at the bay bridge. coming up, more news. it is 5:27 right now. you are watching "today in the bay."
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good morning. it is 5:30 right now as we take a live look in downtown san jose and the start of another beautiful day on this hump day. good morning and thank you for joining us, i'm marcus washington. >> i'm kira klapper in for laura garcia. let's check in with meteorologist, kari hall and another look at the microclimate forecast as we end 2017. a few days left. >> just a few days left. it's been really dry. now, we are starting to see patchy fog rolling into the bay area. all clear now in oakland and the traffic is starting to roll. let me show you the numbers you are feeling as you head out around the east bay. only the upper 30s. heaters on. if you are heading out for the bus or the train station, it's going to be one you have to add on the layers, again. as you get ready to head out around noon, 57 degrees.
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i want to show you all the high temperatures today, oakland 60 degrees. 60 in antioch. livermore, 62. 62 today in san jose. what are you doing this weekend? i'll have a look at ideas coming up in a few minutes. mike, how is the bay bridge? >> we have more cars than yesterday but still no metering lights, not enough to trigger that. the management center is keeping an eye on the east shore and the maze. this is moving well. the travel times are registering a great drive down the east shore freeway. still 14 minutes. that's the time typical for 4:30 in the morning. very light. kari showed flashing lights past the coliseum. i'll double check that nothing is going on that you have to worry about. the rest of the bay, look at the speed sensors. we'll focus on the larger streets. so far, the freeways are moving well.
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back to you guys. >> thanks. silicon valley leads the world in tech and now may lead california in pot sales. at last check, seven stores had the green light to start selling on january 1st, that's monday. there are still challenges ahead. >> anser hassan is outside one of those stores in san jose with more on this. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, guys. yeah, starting january 1st, anyone over the age of 21 can now legally buy pot in california. there's a catch. stores have to have a local permit and a state license in order to sell. places like airfield here in san jose have both, but with less than a week to go, 40 stores in all of california can legally sell on new year's day. i checked with the california bureau of cannabis control this morning. san jose is tied with san jose with the most tourists. even san francisco, many referred to as the birthplace of the recreational and marijuana
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movement here in the u.s. doesn't look like it will be ready to sell on january 1st. they have been held around the state to claim the process. applications for permits to grow and sell marijuana have only been online a couple weeks. some argued at the state level, there are too many regulations. in fact, pot will be regulated very different from others in california. at the local level, many cities and counties have their own rules and regulations. airfield's owners say it was easy because of how they set up the processing. >> i think san jose did a good job setting up regulations. they had a strict policy up front. it made state licensing programs thus far. >> reporter: it is still a violation of federal law to sell pot here in california. also, 70% of counties and cities
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have banned the sale in california. it will be an interesting year ahead in terms of marijuana here in california. live in san jose, anser hassan, "today in the bay." >> thanks. a south bay shaking after we felt this one last night. a magnitude 3.9 earthquake in san jose after 10:30. the epicenter five miles northeast of alum rock. the jolt was felt in san francisco and the east bay and certainly in the south bay. it wasn't the first quake of the night a 3.1 hit east of morgan hill around 7:00. no injuries. san jose mayor said to prepare for more serious quakes. now, to continuing coverage of the chp officer killed in the line of duty. today, a bell ringing ceremony will be held to honor officer camilleri.
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it will take place in sacramento. his body was escorted from oakland to tracy, his hometown, last night. cam lair r camilleri was a father and family man. >> you don't expect that, especially on christmas. how do you explain to the younger ones, 2 and 6, it's hard to explain that dad is not coming home. >> i can't believe that something like this happened to them. it seems unreal that we lost an amazing human being. >> officer camilleri was killed christmas eve when a drunk driver, also under the influence of drugs slammed into the vehicle the officer was in. a fire along the south bay freeway last night. this one in san jose under the
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highway 87 overpass. firefighters say it started in a homeless encampment. crews put out the fire. last week, police arrested a transient for starting about a dozen fires along 680. a south bay neighborhood is on edge after a series of small fires that appear to have been intentionally set. the people say it is an all too familiar story. this is a fire next to the walking trail in san jose. it was quickly put out by firefighters on monday. neighbors say they have seen dozens of small fires the last few months, say it's the possibility of a serial arsonist. in 2014, the so-called south bay arsonist set fires to homes, a church and warehouse in that same area. he was eventually caught and sentenced to prison. neighbors say that story stuck with them. >> we, obviously, are oversensitive in our area
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because of the arsonist we had a couple years back. that really does concern us. the roosevelt park neighborhood association has been in contact with the fire department and investigators are aware of the neighbor's concern. now, to apple's lackluster iphone x sales, taking a bite out of the company's stocks. they are on track to sell 20 million fewer iphones than expected in the coming months. the iphone x has confusing features and may be overpriced at 1,$1,000. do you think? sorry, that's my opinion. that's a lot of money. a project starts in union city. they are facing emergency repairs. the repairs will close down dakota road in northbound and southbound lanes. drivers are being told to expect
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major delays. dakota is a long stretch through fremont and union city. let's show you what we are talking about. since the freeways are not a problem, we take you to that. this is an issue by the union city bart station. this section cuts you off. this is mission and alva ra doe. that is critical for a lot of businesses. you have to take the long road over here toward central and back around sergeant mendez there told us about that and wanted everybody to know that bart station parking lot to the north is open, you have to use a detour and local roadway. plan on major delays. they'll let us know if they open up. we are going to track that as well as major freeways. santa rosa and napa is where there's yellow on the map. a smooth flow of traffic
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throughout the bay bridge. no delays. oakland, where kari had a view there as well. flashing lights. on the northbound side. there are no issues and no delays. that's a great flow of traffic with no metering lights. >> starting to see that pick up. >> you didn't know that it was a yellow in color because you are so used to seeing red, all the time. >> it's weird. >> something else that is weird, we have seen no rain. >> yeah. we are going to celebrate the new year, most likely with fairly dry conditions. we have a slight rain chance. as we look at saturday's forecast, chilly to start with the high temperatures in the low to mid-60s. 65 inland. new year's eve, what are you doing to do? mostly cloudy and the temperatures reaching into the low 60s for the day. make sure you have on some layers. christmas in the park in san jose will do a countdown to the new year. a good place to head as we have
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the celebrations going on there sunday night. it will be mostly cloudy with chilly temperatures dropping back into the upper 40s. then, of course, we have the huge fireworks show in san francisco. you'll want to check that out. it will be cloudy and may be mist and drizzle in the area with the temperatures in the upper 40s. it will be a cool one out there. also breezy and if we get that fog rolling in, that may make it hard to see those fireworks. a heads up about that. if you are going to the sierra, they do the fireworks show over lake tahoe. here is squaw valley, the mid-50s during the day. a chance of rain as we head through sunday and new year's day. russian river valley, a big celebration there to bring in the new year. there's going to be a chance of rain. hopefully light showers in some of the computer models drawing that up. we'll see if that happens and keep the chance of rain in the forecast so you have the heads
5:41 am
up as the temperatures will cool off as well in carmel valley, seeing the high of 63 degrees. let me know what you are planning to do this weekend to ring in the new year. you may see it coming up here. i'll have a look at today's forecast and the temperature trend in about three minutes. >> thanks, kari. coming up, all new this morning -- >> we are finding the leader of a high school in the east bay has died. what we learned overnight about his death. next.
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coming up on 5:44, and on this wednesday morning, are you going back to work today? it's going to be a chilly one. if you haven't been out, it's been dropping down to the upper 30s and low 40z. that's where we'll be in santa teresa as you step out, upper 30s. as we go through the day, that sunshine warms thinlgs up. mid-50s and low 60s today. we'll take a look ahead at what's in the forecast for the rest of the week and the rest of the year, for that matter. that's coming up in five minutes. >> wow, the rest of the year. we are looking at minor slowing for highway 84 and none for 580 out of the altamont pass. highway 37, minor slowing out of vallejo. it's a minor slowdown, but starting. we'll track it, coming up. >> thanks. an east bay high school is mourning the loss of its
5:45 am
president. he died last night from complications of a heart bypass surgery that took place. our friend, colleague, mentor and leader died this evening. according to the school's website, he attended the university of san francisco and san francisco state. new this morning, the search is on for a group of people involved in a shooting in union city's park. it happened in broad daylight. he was shot around 3:00 yesterday afternoon when he got into a confrontation with a group of men. the victim was shot in the leg, but expected to be okay. suspects got away from the scene. new video. people in an austrian mountain village spent an unusually quiet christmas holiday period after a landslide cut off access to a town. look at that.
5:46 am
150 people were stuck at home after tons of rock and rubble slid off a nearby mountain christmas eve. they were watt work clearing an alternate roadway. new york city is preparing for a massive world renowned party that kicks off the new year every year. the waterford crystal triangles will be installed today. millions of people from around the world will be focused in on it as the ball ascends in the final moments of 2017. it is covered with more than 2200 crystals. time is running out. two days left to save a lot of money on your taxes before the new federal law kicks in. many people in san jose were trying to take advantage of a tax tip yesterday. all of those people waiting to pay their entire property tax bill now while they can still deduct it. the santa clara county assessor
5:47 am
shows it is a sizable deduction that is about to go away. >> you can deduct it if you pay it this year. pay your second installment next year, it's nondeductible. >> the assessor will take your payments this week from 9:00 to 5:00 p.m. you can pay online and by mail. getting a disabled person's parking placard could get more difficult because of a new state law. applicants must provide proof of their name and date of birth. the number of replacement placards will drop to four, instead of unlimited. the state tried to crack down on placard and license plate abuse. ♪ >> all right. taking a look at the homestead high school band, more than 200 members will perform in the rose bowl parade on new year's day. homestead high in cupertino is no stranger to being on the
5:48 am
national stage. they performed at the thanksgiving day parade and super bowl l at levi stadium. >> they are going to go out and do us proud. so exciting to be able to perform at such an iconic event. >> my sisster-in-law and wife were at the world series when they had the earthquake. didn't get to perform. >> they are more than making up for it now with all these performances. let's check in with kari hall and a look at the weather. >> as you head out the door, add extra layers. grab gloves and a scarf. maybe you are getting back in the groove after having a few days off. los gatos, it starts out with clear skies and a beautiful scenery as we take a live look this morning. all nice and quiet. a couple cars riding down the street and maybe on the way to work.
5:49 am
now, if you are getting ready head out, i want to show you the live view in san francisco. well, it's not this foggy, but this is what it looked like from above. we are seeing those low clouds rolling by and the return of that fog means we will have more breezy winds today. it also helps clear out the air as well. we will start out with foggy conditions. really cold temperatures and concerned about the fog in the north bay. napa is at 32 degrees. temperatures drop below freezing and you have fog, that can deposit black ice and the elevated roads. watch out for that. here is a look at the visibility. it kurts to a quarter mile. in napa, a half mile. and santa rosa. mostly clear elsewhere. the high temperatures today, reaching the upper 50s and low 60s and getting started this morning, we talked about the need for layers. you will feel nice and warm if you have a hat and scarf.
5:50 am
you can take it off later today as we warm up. we probably shouldn't complain about our cold, right? even though it's just below freezing, take a look at the high temperatures today, elsewhere across the country. minneapolis, the high today will be five degrees and they have had temperatures and windchills at 35 degrees below zero. there's a little bit of light snow. you might have family heading out of town. the heaviest is buffalo and parts of up state new york. for us, we continue on with more dry weather. the strom track to the north of us. as we make plans for new year's eve and new year's day, an approaching storm system. it looks like the rain holds off until next week. we'll have slight rain chances heading into new year's eve and new year's day. it will be nice to get rain. it looks dry over the next few days. san francisco reaching the low 60s and mostly cloudy skies for
5:51 am
the weekend. morning temperatures, 40s. inland, upper 30s. we will have a lot of sun and well above normal temperatures. friday, 66 degrees. we'll talk more about that and how dry it's been coming up. mike says it's another great day to commute. >> if you have to commute, today is one of those days you should pick. we are looking at green sensors around the bay. i talked about the whipple road crash. we had something else that just popped up on the sensors. i'll check on that. there's no problems north out of hayward or southbound off the castro valley and 238 for that matter. we are looking at the speed sensors. all green here. 84, a little blip where things converge. typical slowing through the area. we are looking at the transit lines. there are no major delays. train number one train repofrtsa
5:52 am
six minute delay. as you look at the bay bridge camera, we show you the reason why there's no metering lights or traffic here. fremont, we want to show you there is a commute, 880 heading south, there is a build for the headlights. back to you. >> thanks. 5:52. coming up, changes at disney world, the reason employees can enter your room, even if you are not asking for room service. first, happening now, just in, we learned who will be presenting this year's golden globe. it's going to be actress kari washington and wonder woman herself. you can watch the 75th golden globe awards here on nbc bay area on january 5th. 7th, rather. plus, if you are feeling lucky, you might want to buy a lottery ticket right about now. the combined jackpot for the power ball and mega millions, $640 million. there were no winners in last
5:53 am
night's drawing, which means it grows to $306 million for friday night's drawing. to win would be a great way to bring in the new year. back with more news.
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welcome back. the time is 5:55 as we take a live look from our camera over
5:56 am
downtown san francisco this morning. off to a cloudy start, but going to be another cool and dry day throughout the area. there's a chance for rain heading into the holiday weekend. meteorologist, kari hall has the full forecast coming up in five minutes. first, new this morning, a series of wild chases involving stolen cars. vacaville police showed these videos and the aftermath. it started when a limmo owner found his cars missing. they found one and took two minors into custody. they spotted a stretch limmo and arrested a third minor. the other stolen suv drove by, leading to a chase. once all the suspects were in custody, officers learned the last stolen limmo had been left in the ravines. you may have noticed changed
5:57 am
to florida's walt disney world. they are beefing you ever security at three hotels. guests will no longer have a do not disturb sign to put on their hotel door. it says there will be a room occupied sign. the employee will be required to enter the room at least once a day, even if you choose not have have them cleaned. it's in response to the vegas mass shooting where the gunman opened fire. happening today, detectives are expected to release surveillance video of an attempted robbery at a wendys. it happened on christmas night. the robber was stopped by a -- hit the would be robber over the head with a dining chair. we spoke with the quick thinking customer over the phone. >> reporter: what was going through your head in that
5:58 am
moment? >> i'm not going to let you turn this into somebody's christmas memorial. i noticed him walk in with a plastic bag over his head. i thought it was a gag. he had a knife. cut in front of the line and walked up to the window and said give me the money. >> brave attempt. the would be robber managed to run out the door and get into a white get away car nearby. the good samaritan ran after him, but he was already gone. changes are coming to 1500 pennsylvania avenue. an historic tree planted by andrew jackson 120 years ago will be removed from the south lawn of the white house. it was planted in 1835 in honor of the president's late wife, president jackson. the white house says the tree is now weak and could be a safety risk. first lady melania trump is asking for it to be saved and replanted. it is expected to be removed
5:59 am
while the first family is in florida for the holidays. an interview with prince harry will go on air. it was recorded back in september through the invictus games. president obama talks about his memories from the day he left office as well as the plans for helping the next generation of leaders through the obama foundation. he asked if he is relieved after finishing his presidency, relief isn't the right word, but he felt a sense he had run a good race. right now at 6:00, remembering a fallen officer. the tribute today for a chp officer killed in the line of duty. plus -- >> thank you so much for taking me on this awesome vacation. >> welcome to los angeles. >> an eight-hour flight from l.a.x. to l.a.x.
6:00 am
model christy teigen videoing her experience. we are tracking the timing of the new year's eve holiday weekend. "today in the bay" continues right now. >> good morning. it is 6:00. thanks so much for joining us, i'm kira klapper in for laura garcia. >> i'm marcus washington. as we help you get started with your hump day, meteorologist, kari hall is here with a look at what to expect weather wise. >> for a lot of people, its like monday getting ready to go back to work after having a few extra days off. hopefully it's a good start for you. look at the left side of the screen, live in the south bay, 40 degrees and the right side, the tri-valley is 33 degrees. chilly temperatures and also patchy fog. some concerns for the north bay with that fog that may create icy conditions on the roadways. look at the visibility. down to a quarter mile and a


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