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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  December 27, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PST

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her experience. we are tracking the timing of the new year's eve holiday weekend. "today in the bay" continues right now. >> good morning. it is 6:00. thanks so much for joining us, i'm kira klapper in for laura garcia. >> i'm marcus washington. as we help you get started with your hump day, meteorologist, kari hall is here with a look at what to expect weather wise. >> for a lot of people, its like monday getting ready to go back to work after having a few extra days off. hopefully it's a good start for you. look at the left side of the screen, live in the south bay, 40 degrees and the right side, the tri-valley is 33 degrees. chilly temperatures and also patchy fog. some concerns for the north bay with that fog that may create icy conditions on the roadways. look at the visibility. down to a quarter mile and a half mile in santa rosa.
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the south seeing fog developing before you head up to san martin. the high temperatures today, after all this clears up, in the low 60s. not bad at all. we'll talk about what else is ahead in a few minutes. mike says the roadways are clear. >> continue this morning like yesterday. a flow of traffic around the bay. maybe it's better than monday. monday gets a bad rap. we are looking over here toward the north bay. some of the fog carry is talking about, chp not reporting any problems. the live cameras show the bay bridge toll plaza, clear, clear, clear. more cars are traveling through the area. i'll keep my eye on things. no metering lights. richmond to san rafael. this is the glow. low clouds hovering around. it may be a factor. we continue to follow a light drive. back to you. >> all right, mike. thanks. happening today, a special tribute for the hayward chp
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officer killed by a suspected dui driver on christmas eve. >> "today in the bay's" pete suratos is live outside the hayward chp office this morning with the ceremony taking place today. good morning, pete. >> reporter: good morning to you, marcus. the bell ringing ceremony for officer andrew camilleri will take place at chp headquarters. he graduated from the academy in march of this year. before we get details of that, i want to show you this flower memorial set up in front of chp hayward headquarters where we are standing. the memorial continues to grow since all this took place. let's show you video. this is the procession from oakland to his hometown in tracy last night where services were held. family, friends and colleagues paying their respects to the fallen officer in tracy. camilleri was described as a family man, a loving man, a
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husband and a father to three children, all very young. the oldest, a 12-year-old daughter, then two more boys, 6 and 2 years old. he is highly respected by colleagues, despite working as a chp officer not too long, only in that role less than a year. we spoke with friends of the fallen officer who were there in tracy. >> it was an honor to stand-up and welcome him home. >> i can't believe something like this happened to them. it seems unreal that we lost an amazing human being. >> it's really devastating. >> reporter: camilleri was killed on christmas eve. he and his partner were on the side of 880 in hayward when a 22-year-old suspected of being under the influence of alcohol and marijuana slammed into the back of their suv. his partner did survive that crash. the ceremony in sacramento is expected to start at 11:00 a.m.
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a memorial has been set up by the chp golden gate division we have it on our website at pete suratos for "today in the bay." >> thanks. new this morning, after an eight-hour flight from l.a.x. to l.a.x. last night they are in the air again, hoping to make it to its destination in tokyo. here is what happened. the same flight took off from l.a.x. and was half way there and had to turn around and fly back to l.a.x. officials say the u-turn was due to a mix up and was straightened out. news of the diverging traffic as american model and tv personality christie teigen live tweeted about the delays. she and her husband are headed to tokyo for new year's eve.
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>> a good problem to have. >> yeah. 6:04. the next story, a close call for a family as a car crashes into their home. it happened last night after two cars slammed into each other. one kept going and smashed into the home. the family that lives in the house has two small children. no one was home at the time of the crash. no one in the car was seriously hurt. happening this morning, scientists are working to figure out why a young whale washed up on the beach. we want to warn you, some of you may find this video disturbing. our nbc bay area sky ranger found researchers performing an autopsy on the whale yesterday morning. they say it's a young, 30-foot long humpback. scientists say it could take weeks for the test results to come back. 6:05 right now. live to washington, d.c. this morning. as the year winds down, many americans are wondering how they
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need to prepare for the changes in the tax code. >> yes, this as the president is trying to promote that new tax code as well as the entire economy. edward lawrence joins us live from capitol hill this morning with the push from president trump. good morning, edward. >> reporter: good morning. we are seeing the promoter-in-chief, if you will, on this. the president expected to keep pushing the tax cuts american workers may see in their paychecks. >> on behalf of the american people -- >> reporter: president trump says he is on a working vacation in florida as he travels back and forth to the international golf course during the day. we have not seen much of him since christmas. he kept his presence on twitter, promoting the tax cut saying this will be a great year for companies and jobs. >> share prices in corporations are going to go up. i have heard numerous people say
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it will be good for everyone. everyone owns stock. in fact, more than half don't own stock. >> reporter: they say it will help the rich and we are underinvesting in lower americans, including kids. >> a kids preschool education, a low income kids education will pay you back seven or eight fold later in life. >> reporter: accountants say we should be prepared for the tax changes. >> it's ridiculous. tax season started a month early. usually, in december, we are going on vacation and taking it easy. >> reporter: a deduction of $10,000 on property taxes. prepaying now means you can deduct a larger amount on this year's taxes. the other recommendation, charities. charitable donations will be removed after january 1st. you may want to make an extra donation of money or items before january if you want to write it off your taxes.
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also, if possible, dispurse income like bonuses to take advantage of the percentages in the lower tax bracket. above all, it might be wise to talk to a tax professional today. live in washington, edward lawrence. >> yeah, today before time runs out. thanks. we are also learning democrats are stewing over virginia house race. democratic candidate shelly plans to ask the court to reverse the decision. a ballot that marked circles next to her name and the republican, davidi yancey. a panel of judges allowed it to be counted declaring the race to be a tie. are you ready for college football? levi stadium has gotten a
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makeover in time for today's bowl. they posted this time lapse video. the game between the arizona wildcats and the boilermakers kicks off at 5:30 tonight. right now, it is 6:09. it is starting to look busy out there as you get ready to head out for the roadways. we have had touchy fog in spots. it's been a cool morning. make sure you bundle up after that look in oakland. the temperature trend for the east bay morning commute, upper 30s. yes, you will have the heater on inside the car, walking to the bus stop or the train station. bundle up. as we go through the rest of the morning, early afternoon, it will be nicer in time for the lunch break. the high temperatures reaching the low 60s. in san jose, 62 degrees. 58 in san francisco. 60 degrees today in santa rosa. we'll break it down for san jose, coming up in four minutes. mike was telling us the commute
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is holding steady. >> look at the green around the bay, behind me. no major problems. the bay bridge, no metering lights on. just like yesterday. we'll see more traffic kick in later in the morning. over here, we are looking at westbound 237. i have a crash reported into the chp system. no slowing over the last five minutes. no lanes really a problem. we have the left lane that might be partially affected. chp will arrive and let us know. levi stadium, 237 and 101, that will be congested this evening with foster farms bowl. over here, we often, usually, typically see slowing there. the live look shows you, this traffic shows why the commute is so great this morning. back to you. >> good note, indeed. thanks. coming up next on "today in the bay," a christmas tree warning. the reason you might want to
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toss that real tree sooner, rather than later. getting home on new year's eve. the public transit option as you wrap up your celebration plans. you are watching "today in the bay." my wish was a clubhouse,
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but we call it "the wish house."
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people visit national parks from all over the world. food tastes better when you don't have to cook it. he was just supposed to be my dog. i don't know why. (vo) we're proud that, on behalf of our owners, the subaru share the love event will have donated over one hundred fifteen million dollars in just ten years. get 0% financing for 63 months on select models. plus we'll donate $250 to charity. good wednesday morning, it is 6:13. as we take a live look outside in san jose, it is clear. we have some fog around parts of
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the bay area. as we look at the temperature trend, starts out chilly with low 40s at 8:00. 53 degrees at 11:00. some low 60s today, all of that sunshine helps warm it up. the sunshine continues in the forecast. more dry weather. how much rain are we lacking here for the month of december? we'll break it down in the forecast. that's coming up at 6:19. look at the travel times for the tri-valley. it is 6:14. highway 84, only 12 minutes. that's minor slowing there. no problems out of the altamont. the north bay, slowing for highway 37. there are more cars on the roadway for yesterday. not a problem. we show you that bridge coming up. >> mike, thanks. a san francisco attorney has been arrested for possessing child pornography. the 66-year-old is suspected of uploading and trading graphic child pornography through a chat messenger application.
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police raided his home last week. during the search, investigators say they confiscated a laptop that contains images and videos. as you finalize your plans for new year's eve, help is on the way. services with caltrain are being beefed up to accommodate travelers. you won't have to pay fares from 8:00 new year's eve night until 5:00 new year's day. caltrain says they will add trains before and after the forecast show. caltrain says it will operate a regular standard sunday schedule. instead of counting down, they are counting up. instead of three, two, one on new year's eve, a one, two, three. a lot of counting across san francisco. more than 100 birders, as they are called, will be out and about for the bird count. the golden gate audubon society
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will track birds and species around the bay. they hope to contribute to the understanding of bird population. business and tech news for you this morning. wall street is poised to rebound from yesterday's modest loss. the glide in apple stocks more than offset post holiday gains from the retail sector. a surge in oil prices, apple fell on a report of lackluster demand for the iphone x. looking at economic data on consumer confidence and home sales. the dow slipping seven points. nasdaq closing off 23 to 5936. homeowners across the country are rushing to prepay their 2018 property taxes before the tax law kicks in on january 1st. that's that new law that caps the amount of state and local taxes you can deduct from the federal return at $10,000.
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that means people whose tax bill exceeds that could benefit by paying more tax in 2017 when there's no limit on the deduction. some of the officials are urging caution on prepaying property taxes as the new law doesn't address the issue. there are questions whether the irs will allow filers to take the deduction early. kanye west literally put the stock in stocking stuffer this year. her husband gave her two presents. one box, there was a disney toy, apple headphones, ned flix and amazon gift cards. the other box had stock certificates for those companies worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. they have a lot of money to spend. kim's response, best husband, ever. >> wow, you sounded just like her. >> i know, right? >> if you bought a real
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christmas tree this year, now might be the time to bring it down. a lot of people might be trying to keep real trees in the house until the new year. make sure it doesn't dry out and become a fire hazard. a dry tree burns quickly according to the national fire protection association. a dry tree burns faster than newspaper. experts say to recycle the tree as soon as it starts dropping its needles. that happened in my home. we get our tree after thanksgiving every year. it was dry as a bone last week. i told me husband, i'm afraid it's going watch fire and not make it to christmas. december 23rd, he's driving everywhere, every lot is closed. we ended up with a charlie brown tree. nobody else wants it. you know what? i think it's going to be our new tradition. >> a lot of love around that tree. >> yeah. you can put it back in the closet all decorated. >> we'll try that. maybe that's what people are
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doing today, taking down the christmas decorations and still enjoying the time at home. or, if you are heading out the door, going back to work, check out the fog this morning in san francisco. the top of the transamerica pyramid this morning, deeper fog means we will have some fresh breezes rolling in, especially for the inland areas through the day. the fog is causing problems in the north bay. temperatures dipping down to freezing. that may deposit ice on the roadways. as we head out, the temperatures elsewhere will be in the 30s in livermore. 40 in san jose. as we check out the seven day forecast at the bottom of the screen, slight rain chances down the line. i don't think we'll see anything significant here. highs reaching the upper 50s and low 60s around the bay area. talk about how dry it's been. we haven't added anymore rain to the bucket for most of this month. we have only had two days of
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rain. santa rosa, we have had .08 inch rain and san francisco, a little over .10 inch rain there. it has been pitiful. fi it's going to take a lot to catch up. normally, this is one of the wettest months of the year. as we go into january, we get the most rain for our water year. we need to try to catch up with this because we don't want the problems we had when we had a drought. the drought monitor will be updated tomorrow morning and the bay area rainfall average is only at 0-3% of normal. as we go down the next few days, it looks like it stays dry. the weather systems stay well to the north of us and stays out of the pacific. hopefully, we'll see changes as we head into the new year. the temperatures in san francisco stay in the upper 50s to low 60s.
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slight rain chance for new year's eve. inland areas, 66 on friday. mike says it looks like a rerun from yesterday on the road. >> we have a new on demand traffic. reruns from yesterday during the holiday season. traffic was very light then, very light now. we are looking at a smooth flow of traffic. green sensors. a dip showed up here. i'm going to check out southbound 680 around the mission north. we'll check on what's going on there. meanwhile, we have a slight build for walnut creek and across the bridge, no major concern. kari talked about the possibility of frozen fog. i have no reports of problems. a smooth flow of traffic on the rails as well. six minutes late on ace. no concerns, but i have to report it because it's there. a live look outside. the bay bridge toll plaza.
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here is the reason we do not have metering lights the second day in the row. the east shore freeway, the san mateo bridge is seeing more traffic as far as volume goes. holding steady here. back to you. >> looks good. >> it does. >> mike, thanks. coming up next on "today in the bay," thinking outside the box. what a woman is doing to get back at thieves stealing packages from her front door. a hotel reservation falls short. a full night short. we'll show you how we help and what you should do to make sure it doesn't happen to you. i'm consumer investigator, chris chmura, nbc bay area responds, next. to a castro valley woman whose
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three-night hotel stay welcome back. nbc bay area responds to a castro valley woman whose three-night hotel stay cost her the price of four nights. >> you have to ask, how does that happen? chris chmura investigates. lucy booked a hotel in southern california using she paid for three nights but lucy says when she got to the hotel, it had her booked for just two nights. that's a problem. so, lucy had to pay the hotel directly for the third night, even though she already paid lucy immediately called for a refund for that third night. she said she got the run around, instead. lucy reached out to us for help. we contacted
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and it refunded lucy the $275 she had to pay directly to the hotel on the spot. didn't respond to our questions about what went wrong. here is a suggestion, no matter what website or service you use to make a reservation, call the hotel to confirm your booking. consider calling before you book. the hotels on sight reservation office might be able to offer a lower rate, by eliminating the middleman. it's worth asking. if you have a complaint, call 888-996-tips or log on to a bay area woman who was fed up with packages, or thieves stealing her packages is thinking outside of the box. a san francisco women says signs, video and security cameras aren't making a difference. thieves are patrolling the neighborhood looking for the
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boxes. her sick cat's medicine was stolen. that gave her an idea. >> i was cleaning out the cat box and my cat was sick. i was like this is really nasty to put in the package. >> she says that she left two packages full of cat litter out on christmas eve and four on christmas day. all six were stolen with a nice surprise inside. now, she is looking into getting a parcel drop box. >> the new version of coal in the stocking. coming up next on "today in the bay," preparing for pot. the steps bay area cities are taking to get ready for recreational marijuana sales, when it becomes legal in four days. a live look outside from our favorite toll plaza. you can see traffic is not bad at all. a full check at the weather and traffic in two and a half minutes. the time is 6:27.
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you are watching "today in the bay." we )re off to a cool and dry
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start in the bay area-- but we )re finally tracking ch right now, at 6:30, we are off to a cool and dry start in the bay area. we are finally tracking a slim chance for rain into the holiday weekend. here is a look for you outside los gatos. thank you for joining us, i'm kira klapper in for laura garcia. >> i'm marcus washington. we may have a slim chance of rain today, we are going to get a lot of sunshine here.
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>> yes, we will get a lot of sunshine. it's still all dry as we start out with patchy fog in some of the north bay valleys and san francisco. check out these temperatures now. it is 33 degrees in the tri-valley. very chilly start, 33 in the north bay. you can see the fog there as we take a live look outside. san francisco, 45 degrees. we check out the high temperatures today. it's mostly sunny for the rest of the day. we have had those temperatures that quickly warm up and cool down breezy winds as well. high temperatures in san jose, 62 degrees. we'll take a look ahead as the weekend forecast approaches and making plans for the new year. mike is saying there's little change at the bay bridge. >> little change from yesterday. look how light the traffic flow is. no metering lights this morning. we see a few cars on the roadway. we'll show you the map as well. we have had an issue. a change for the upper east shore freeway. i'm going to look at this. all the way up to 15 minutes, it
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was 14 a short time ago. an easy drive from highway 4 to the bay bridge. no slowing through berkeley, richmond, because of the lighter volume of traffic around the bay. i have my eyes here on 237, a crash around matilda. chp should give us an update. no slowing. i'll track it. for now, back to you. >> thanks, mike. 6:32. silicon valley leads the world in tech and now may lead california in pot sales. so far, seven stores in san jose have been given the green light to sell pot on january 1st. "today in the bay's", anser hassan is live outside one of the stores to explain what is next before the mad rush next week. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, marcus. a lot of people may be excited about january 1st and marijuana because it's legal in california. buying and selling it may not be as easy as it sounds. they have to have a local permit
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and license to sell and few do. airfield here in san jose, with less than a week to go, there are only 40 stores in all of california that can legally sell on new year's day. i checked with the california bureau of cannabis and control this morning. san jose is tied with san diego. there are two shops open in berkeley and one in oakland. challenges remain. around the state to explain the process. applications for permits have only been on mind for a couple weeks. some argued at the state level, there's too many regulations. analysts fear the new legal economy can struggle if the black market continues to thrive. at the local level, many states and counties have been slow to figure out their own rules, even san francisco, which many refer to as the birthplace.
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it doesn't look like they will be ready to sell on january 1st. >> this is brand-new. more and more jurisdictions are coming online by the day. it's still going to be a process. not everybody is going to be ready on january 1st. >> reporter: just because you can buy it legally doesn't mean you can smoke it everywhere. for example, it might be legal in one city and county may not be allowed in a neighboring city or county. you may not be allowed to smoke it in places. reporting live in san jose, anser hassan, "today in the bay." >> thanks. a magnitude 3.9 earthquake centered near san jose and spread across the bay. it happened shortly after 10:30. the epicenter, east-northeast of alum, was felt in san francisco, the east bay and of course there
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in the south bay. it wasn't the first quake of the night, though. a 3.1 quake hit east of morgan hill around 7:00. there have been no reports of damage nor injuries. san jose mayor tweeted reminding people to prepare for a more serious quake. investigation is under way after another fire along a south bay freeway last night. this one in san jose, under the highway 87 overpass. firefighters say it started in a homeless encampment. a portion of the road was closed while crews put out the fire. police arrested a transient for starting a dozen fires along 680. a south bay neighborhood is on edge after a series of recent small fires that appear to have been sent intentionally. it's an all too familiar story. we have video of the fire set next to the walking trail in san jose. it was put out quickly by firefighters. it happened on monday. neighbors tell us they saw
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dozens of small fires. the possibility of a serial arsonist is worrisome because they have been through it before. back in 2014, the so-called south bay arsonist set fire to homes, a church, a warehouse, all in that same area. he was eventually caught and sentenced to prison. that story stuck with them. >> we, obviously, are oversensitive in our area because of the arsonist we had a couple years back. that really does concern us. >> the roosevelt park neighborhood association has been in contact with the fire department. investigators are aware of their concerns. new york city and philadelphia joining a lawsuit over the pentagon's slow reporting of service members disqualified to owning guns. they are prohibited from owning a firearm if they have been
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dishonorably discharged. the reporting failure allowed the gunman in the massacre to pass a background check and he killed 26 people. the pentagon says they are not part of the lawsuit. tesla and the ceo, elon musk, plan to add to their fleet of vehicles. musk tweeted and promised to design a pickup truck and the model y suv in 2019. he has the core design in mind. he's been hinting at building a pick-up truck last year. he introduced a semitruck, which was unveiled and a new roadster in the near future. happening today, a major construction project starts today. union railroads is making repairs to the crossing on dakota road. it will close northbound and
6:38 am
southbound lanes t. work is expected to be done by january 2nd. just about a week. drivers are told to expect major delays in that area. >> that might not sound like a huge deal, i have driven through the area a lot and that is a big issue because of the businesses and local landmarks. let's talk about that because the freeways are moving nicely. we are going to zoom in toward the area that is closed. we are looking over here between alva ra doe and mission. those the major roadways. kennedy park with the baseball diamond and the garcia park with the soccer field. if you know those parks, near the bart station, that's where the closure is. the bart station is still accessible. you can get through the detours as well. looking to the north bay, fog registering. that's really the only thing of note. the fog in the yellow highlighting there.
6:39 am
let me give you the live look from the richmond-san rafael bridge. low clouds. a fog advisory issued by chp. this is the most traffic we have seen all morning here. >> hopefully we continue that into the weekend. >> right. if you are hanging out at home, if you plan for the new year, what are you doing new year's eve? i have a couple ideas for you, if you haven't thought about it yet. some people are like, what? this is the last week of 2017? saturday is going to be nice. clouds in the mix, cool mornings. high temperatures, low to mid-60s. new year's eve, events around the area, 59 degrees at the coast. the bay at 61 degrees and 63 degrees for those inland areas. more clouds moving in. there will be clouds in the south bay. christmas in the park still going on, then, starting at
6:40 am
7:00, a new year's eve celebration. we count down to the new year. chilly out there. only in the upper 40s. of course we have the big fireworks show in san francisco. you can watch it from fisherman's wharf here, 39 and treasure island. some of the local spots where you know you will be able to get a clear view, unless there's fog and there will be the possibility of low clouds. also mist and drizzle. a slight chance of showers rolling through. look at how cool it is going to be, only in the upper 40s. make sure you put that in your plan as you think about what to wear. if you are going to the sierra, fireworks over lake tahoe to ring in the new year. a live look at squaw valley at a resort there. low to mid-50s over the weekend. a chance of rain saturday night as well as sunday. as we look at russian river valley, also a big new year's eve celebration there. up to 60 degrees and a slight chance of rain. i'll monitor the rain chances.
6:41 am
we talk about the temperature trend for san jose in three minutes. >> we'll stay tuned for that, thanks. next on "today in the bay," they are ready for the rose bowl. ♪ coming up, a bay area high school band will play in the rose bowl parade on new year's day. we'll show you. if you are wondering what your money is doing, take a look here. you can see the dow is up six points. u.s. stocks open higher today. gains in commodity even though the nasdaq and dow struggle for gains. the time is 6:41. you are watching "today in the bay."
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it is 6:44 on this wednesday morning. if you are just getting up, going to work, it is clear in the south bay as the sunrises. a chilly start. let's go to evergreen. good morning, the temperatures are 43 degrees at 8:00. temperatures reaching the low 60s today, warming up quickly under all that sun. we'll take a look ahead through the rest of the year. i'll let you know about that slight chance of rain in the forecast. that's coming up in five minutes. the nimitz is moving well. it's unusual for this stretch of the freeway. i have an issue for the south bay, coming up. new this morning, an east
6:45 am
bay high school is mourning the loss of its president. he died last night from complications of a heart by pass surgery over the weekend. they posted he died late last night saying, quote, our friend, colleague, mentor and leader died this evening. according to the school's website, he attended the university of san francisco and san francisco state. 6:45. new this morning, the search is on for a group of people involved in a shooting in union city's park. union city police tell us a man in his 20s was shot at around 3:00 yesterday afternoon when he got into a confrontation with a group of men. he was shot in the leg and expected to be okay. getting a disabled person's parking placard could be harder in the new year.
6:46 am
they must provide proof of their name and date of birth. the number of placards issued will drop to four instead of unlimited. the state is trying to crack down on the placard and license plate abuse. hard work pays off. six-time olympic gold medalist added one more award to her growing trophy case. >> the standford sophomore edged out tennis star serena williams. she recently won five gold medals and a silver in budapest. new york city is prepared for the world party that kicks off the new year every year. the famous waterford crystal triangles are being put together. millions will be focused on the sparkling triangles as the ball ascends in 2017. the ball is covered with more than 2600 crystals.
6:47 am
from one coast to the other, let the decorating begin. floats that will appear in next week's rose parade are being worked on in southern california. the lineup for the parade includes floats for dole, miracle grow and kaiser permanente. you can get a sneak peek through saturday. the rose parade takes off in pasadena as 8:00 a.m. pacific time on new year's day and a south bay high school band will be performing in the parade. we caught up with them while they were practicing. ♪ >> 200 members of the homestead marching band will perform in the parade on new year's day. homestead high in cupertino is no stranger to the national stage. they performed at the macy's
6:48 am
thanksgiving bay parade and most recently at super bowl l at levi stadium. you can catch it here on nbc bay area on monday morning. >> we have a family member there. her daughter will be there. >> i thought i saw that on in a instagram. very exciting. >> all in the family. >> yeah, exactly. starting out this morning, cool temperatures as you get out to practice later today, a lot of sunshine. we are going to continue on with the dry weather. take a look at this. this is different. we have had deeper fog rolling into san francisco as well as parts of the north bay. bringing about some change and fresher breezes, too. it's all clear as we look at the tri-valley and dublin. driving to work, check out the seven day forecast at the bottom of the screen before you head
6:49 am
out the door. we have been talking about the fog rolling into san francisco and the north bay where visibility in napa is a quarter mile. it's been a lot less in a few spots, with temperatures near freezing, you may have icy patches on the road. big heads up about that, especially over the bridges and overpasses. look how much we warm up. low 60s in the north bay. napa, 62 degrees. concord, 61 there. 61 in palo alto. getting started with san jose up to the low 60s, a day for layers. if you start out with a hat and scarf, then you are able to take that off as the temperatures warm up quickly. a lot of people have family heading back home. i just wanted to show you the big picture of what it looked like today for the rest of the country, while we will have low 60s here, the high temperature in minneapolis, five degrees. they have had some bitterly cold temperatures and the other
6:50 am
headliner is the lake-effect snow around the buffalo area. so, parts of up state new york dealing with snow. it looks clear elsewhere. for us, across the region, storms roll into the pacific northwest, missing the bay area. there will be a slight chance to get light rain, late sunday night into monday. i know that's new year's eve. better chances of rain as we get ready to start. we are going to have more dry weather in san francisco, highs in the upper 50s and low 60s. morning temperatures, 40s. 66 degrees by the end of the week. as we head over to mike, the big issue now for the south bay. >> the only issue. there are few issues going around. you can tell that. we need to call this out. it's a sig-alert. it won't have a major impact to many people. only three houses visible. i'm going to zoom out to see
6:51 am
highway 9 and highway 17. this is highway 35 at black road. power lines are down. that will affect the locals traveling through the area. trees often happen to be down during the morning inclimate weather. the fog in the north bay, no problems or issues reported by chp. the bay bridge, a smooth flow of traffic. the toll plaza camera, with light, light traffic. no metering lights, the second day in a row. christmas had no metering lights, either. looking at the san mateo bridge, slower lights. there's a bigger volume here. i'm more concerned about the slowing on the san mateo bridge than the bay bridge. so far, steady across the peninsula. visibility is fine. >> lights, lights and more lights. thank you. coming up next, a quick look at the top stories here on "today in the bay," including the special tribute taking place
6:52 am
for bay area chp officer killed in the line of duty on christmas eve. first, happening now, just in, who will be presenting the golden globe awards. actress kerry washington and gal gadot. you can watch the golden globes here on nbc bay area on sunday, january 7th. if you are feeling lucky, buy a lottery ticket. right now, the combined jackpot for power ball and megamillionons stands at $306 million for this friday's drawing. we'll be back.
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welcome back. the time is 6:55. before you head out the door, here are the top stories on "today in the bay." >> we begin with live pictures from hayward chp. a growing memorial for the chp officer killed by a suspected dui driver on christmas eve is growing this morning. a ceremonial bell ringing will be held in sacramento to honor the officer, andrew camilleri. the ceremony will be where he graduated from in march. it starts at 11:00 a.m. he
6:56 am
leaves behind his wife and three children. a memorial fund is set up to help the officer's family. we have information about the fund as well as the link on our website at an eight-hour flight that went from l.a.x. back to l.a.x. is back in the air this morning, on its way to tokyo chl. the flight took off from l.a.x. and was four hours into the trip when it had to turn around and head back to los angeles. it was due to a mix up. news of the flight issue went viral after christy teigen started live tweeting about the delays. she and her husband, singer, john legend are headed to tokyo to celebrate new year's eve. a lot of damage left behind after a car crashed into a santa clara home. take a look. it happened last night after two cars slammed into each other outside the home. one of the cars crashed into the home.
6:57 am
a family with two small children was inside the house. fortunately, no one was home at the time. no one inside the car was seriously injured, either. scientists are trying to figure out why a young whale washed up on the beach. nbc sky ranger captured them performing an autopsy on the whale. the young, 30-foot long humpback don't think it was killed in a boat strike. it could take weeks for test results to come back. homeowners are rushing to pay property tax bills right now. here you can see the long lines at the santa clara county assessors office. homeowners have a few days to save money on taxes before the law kicks in. the assessors office will take tax payments from 9:00 to 5:00 p.m. you can pay until 11:59 new year's eve.
6:58 am
silicon valley leads the world in tech and pot sales in california. seven stores in san jose have been given the green light to sell pot in the new year. starting january 1st, anyone 21 and older sell it. only 40 stores in california have permits right now. democrats are suing over a california house race. today, democratic candidate, shelly simon plans to sign a plan forcing an early decision declaring it a tie. that included counting a ballot that marked circles next to her name and her republican candidate david yancey. it was thrown out making simon the winner, then they allowed the ballot to be signed. a live look outside from los gatos. a cool and dry start in the bay area. we have a pleasant day ahead. it's always pleasant when
6:59 am
kari hall has the forecast. we'll get to it in a moment. everybody loves this holiday traffic or lack thereof. kari has a beautiful forecast. we want the rain, but if we can't have it, we'll take the sun. >> we are going to be up to 69 degrees today in san francisco inland areas. mid-60s and more sun the rest of the week. >> thanks. chp has a concern about fog out there. >> as far as the north bay goes, there's fog. the traffic flow is light. no metering lights. look at the richmond-san rafael bridge, we have the low clouds. that is what kari is talking about. hopefully everyone stays safe. that's what's happening in the
7:00 am
bay. we are back at 7:25 with a live update. >> join us at 11:00 for more of the weather. it's wednesday, have a great day. . good morning. deep freeze. nearly 65 million people waking up to bitter cold temperatures across the country, adding to the misery in pennsylvania, record-shattering snow, more than 5-feet in just 48 hours. >> it's a little ridulous, but i keep pecking away at it. >> reporter: snow emergency with more on the way. dinl has the latest on the forecast storms and those frigid temps trump and taxes. the new law causing turmoil. why millions are ask figure they should pay next year's taxes this year. what you need to know security scare, a packed passenger jet forced to turn around to los angeles, four


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