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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  December 28, 2017 4:30am-5:01am PST

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live look at the bay bridge with the city by the bay slowly it's december 28th and we're just counting down to the end of the year. a live look at the bay bridge. the city by the bay. we are slowing easing into our thursday morning. thanks for joining us, i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm marcus washington. another cold one. >> yeah, it is cold again. it's pretty much the same story, different day, and the last thursday of the year we start out with some below freezing temperatures in starts of the north bay, while most of the bay area is just above freezing for the inland valleys. we have 42 degrees right now in san jose and oakland, 44 degrees in san francisco, our highs back into the low to mid 60s for the interior valleys, and upper 50s for the coast. so we will take a look at the bigger picture and what to
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expect as we head into the holiday weekend. that's coming up. mike, you are hoping for another great commute. i'm hoping for the same story, different day. very light commutes the last couple days since christmas. light traffic for the early morning. during the middle of the day things got more congested as folks traveled across town. we have had this for the last couple days, road weather index showing a little fog possibility up in santa rosa and coming down. no delays towards the golden gate bridge. over towards the bay bridge no delays, either. sometimes during the morning until 5:00, 5:30 yesterday we had speeds still going at the limit all the way down from the east shore freeway. we will send it back to you. we're also tracking a pretty dramatic rescue overnight in the santa cruz mountains as a group of joyriders come to the rescue of a man who fell off the trail. >> ansar, the right place at the right time.
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>> reporter: this man had fallen down a hill, broke his leg, he couldn't move so he used a flashlight to signal for help. a passing car saw them and stopped. here is what we know, this happened about two hours ago, a group of friends home from college from the holidays were out for a ride on hicks road when they noticed a flashing light on the reservoir. they stopped their cars and began yelling across the water to find out it was a hiker who had fallen and broken his leg. he was using his flashlight to signal them for help. he had been stuck out here for about two hours out in the dark and the cold weather with temperatures in the 30s and his leg was bleeding. the group of guys immediately called 911, dispatchers stayed on the line with the students while they communicated with the injured man until emergency crews arrived. this rescue took about an hour and a half, the hiker was finally transported around 2:30 this morning. >> i mean, i just immediately told them that guy has a broken leg and where we were. after that she had already sent
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units out and was just asking me questions about like his condition, like what's broken, where on the leg, if he's bleeding, different things like that. just trying to maintain some sort of contact with him. >> lucky man. thankfully those guys were able to help. police all the time want to tell people if you go hiking be sure to tell several people, especially if you are going hiking late at night or an add location, in case of emergency rescuers know where to look. ansar has an, "today in the bay." 4:33. developing story in the south bay this morning. right now san jose police trying to figure out who shot and killed a man. he was found in van winkle lane at the intersection of capitol expressway and story road. police were called out to the scene and found the victim suffering from at least one gun shot wound. he died shortly after. we spoke with one witness who didn't want us to show her face. she says she's worried about her
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nephew who was out for a walk at the time of the shooting. >> we were just eating and then we seen all these cops just driving through here and so we all came outside and then we were trying to call my nephew to see if it's him because he walks down through that way. >> police have not released any information on the suspects. new video this morning of cleanup at a busy by mountain view intersection after a deadly crash involving a charter bus and motorcycle. that crash happened around 6:00 last night. that cleanup wept well into the night. no word on what exactly happened, but that crash happened near google's headquarters at shoreline boulevard and plymouth street. the motorcyclist was killed. we spoke with a woman who says she was driving behind the bus. >> i immediately called 911, told them what i had seen, where he was on the road. as i was on the phone with 911 people started swarming over to him to try to assist him, try to
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move him. >> the bus operated by luke transportation at the time of the crash the driver was the only person on board the bus. we continue to follow the investigation into the deadly crash that killed a chp officer. the suspect still has not been named. for the first time, however, we're hearing from the family of that fallen officer. yesterday a bell ringing ceremony was held in west sacramento. we brought it to you live during yesterday's midday newscast. cheryl hurd was there and has more on a special tribute to the officer by his sister. >> reporter: pictures can sometimes tell a story, but when they are matched with words they somehow take on a different meaning. chp officer andrew camilleri's sister ashley posting these pictures and a touching note on her social media page, saying in part, andrew is my brother. he was a loving father to his wife and three kids. a great brother, son, uncle,
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friend, cousin and much more. that much more could be seen in sacramento. a bell toll ceremony in honor of the fallen chp officer. >> andrew camilleri epitomizes what a chp officer should always be. a dedicated and selfless public servant. >> reporter: that dedication remembered by his family, along with his partner who was in the suv when a driver suspected of being under the influence slammed into them. >> it's a tragedy for officer camilleri's family, it's a tragedy for the chp and it's a tragedy for the state of california, and it's a day that we shouldn't be here because this did not have to happen. >> reporter: camilleri's sister wishing the deadly crash didn't happen. she says this was her brother's dream job and his talent was being there for her when she needed him most. ashley ending her note by saying, i couldn't ask for a more amazing brother.
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i will cherish our memories and he will never be forgotten. >> that was cheryl hurd reporting. >> the fallen officer's partner who was also in that suv managed to attend yesterday's ceremony. officer jonathan velasquez suffered minor injuries. we now know that the funeral will be on saturday. 4:37 right now. and this morning we're learning the name of a man who was killed last week in a crash involving a fedex truck. this is video of that crash on interstate 880 in oakland. 24-year-old gonzalo chavez jr. of observing plant was driving a sedan involved in that crash. the driver of the semi was injured, but survived. the cause of that deadly crash is still under investigation. bart is rolling into 2018 with a lot of change. first, all children and teenagers under 18 now get 50% off their rides but you must get a clipper card to get that benefit. all fares are going up 3%, minimum fair increasing to $2 for adults, $1 for youth and 75
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cents for seniors and disabled riders. 50 kepts will be added to fares if you use paper tickets. bart wants to get paperless. be prepared to show proof of payment, bart will be checking for that on all the trains. coming up on "today in the bay," the mad rush to pay property taxes before the new tax law kicks in, but you might want to hear what the irs is saying before you start paying those bills. plus, outrage is growing against apple over how the company slows down older iphones. coming up, we will tell you how many lawsuits apple is now facing. you're watching "today in the bay." ♪ this little home of mine,
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good morning, i'm landon dowdy live at cnbc world headquarters. wall street sets look to add to yesterday's modest gains, the dow is on pace for a sixth straight positive week, also poised for a nine-month winning streak which would be the longest stretch since 1959. investors get data today on unemployment and manufacturing. the dow rising 28 points yesterday to 24,774, the nasdaq up 3 to 6,939. some homeowners have been rushing this week to pay their 2018 property taxes early to take advantage of a deduction that's being scaled back under the new u.s. tax law, but the irs says that property taxes that haven't been assessed before 2018 will not be deductible on 2017 tax returns. many towns don't have their full
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2018 property tax bills ready. the new law caps the amount that you can deduct in state and local income, sales and property taxes at $10,000 and that limit would disproportionately affect homeowners in higher tax states such as new york and california, san francisco and los angeles counties are currently not allowing property tax pre payments. instagram is adding recommended posts to your feed. the social media site had been testing this new feature earlier this month, it will suggest posts based on those that have been liked by other accounts that you follow or that instagram's algorithm has selected. the section called recommended for you is clearly labeled as to not be confused with your home feed. back over to you. >> i'm already confused, landon. >> thank you, landon. >> thank you. >> just like everything. >> there you go. apple is now facing at least nine class action lawsuits over purposely slowing down older iphones. the suits claim the company
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fraudulently hid from consumers its practice of slowing down the performance of certain iphones. apple says software updates make your phone operate more slowly and offset problems with its aging battery. as batteries get older, they don't hold their charges as well. the lawsuits also claim that this is apple's way of forcing users to buy new iphones. 4:43. coming up next on "today in the bay," a check of the forecast with kari hall. >> starts out cool as we take a live look outside in downtown san jose. all clear as you get ready to head out. as we go to los gatos for our temperature trend, low 40s at 8:00 and today back in the 60s. >> we find this, a crash on the peninsula, highway 101 impacted obviously flares being laid out right now. we will tell you exactly where this is and we will show you what the impact will be for the early morning commute. san rafael
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as we get your thursday on its way, taking a live look out at san rafael. as you can see, people already on the road, getting moving, as they head into the weekend early hopefully. mike will have a look at the traffic coming up. so take a look at this matchup, a toothless aging chihuahua defended himself and his territory against a coyote and he won. in this round it was paco one,
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ki coyote zero. he is a fierce competitive. they came face-to-face with a large coyote who intruded into his backyard. he took control. he apparently learned his moves from a pitbull that he once lived with. >> i think all chihuahuas -- >> they are always a little feisty. look at his as he runs towards the coyote. >> and then he shook the rest of the afternoon. >> what just happened? >> i don't know what came over me. >> that was really cute. all right. so as we get started this morning, cold temperatures getting ready to take the dog out, maybe you don't want to leave them out there in the yard for very long as we start out with our temperatures in the low to mid 30s in the north bay, it's 36 in livermore, really cool there, while much of the inner bay, the south bay, san francisco we start out with some 40s heading out the door. also watching, again, that fog developing in the north bay and
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that will also be moving into san francisco later on as we go into the next couple of hours. so low visibility at times and with cold temperatures we do have to once again watch out for the possibility of ice on the roadways. then look at how warm it's going to be today, another beauty, even just a little bit warmer than yesterday. up to 64 degrees in downtown san francisco, los gatos 65 degrees, east bay reaching into the mid 60s, danville 64 degrees and 62 degrees in vallejo and for the peninsula upper 50s from daly city to san mateo and san francisco 59 degrees in the mission district and the north bay up to 61 degrees in sonoma. seven-day forecast up at the bottom of the screen. go on over and take a look because we will have some rain on down the line as we look at the forecast, but i want to get you ready for this morning with a hat and a coat. you will need so bundle up with those chilly temperatures, but we cannot complain about how cold it is here because take a look at how cold it is for parts
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of the midwest. and this is the high temperature for today. there is some snow it will be moving across chicago and detroit, minneapolis. if you have family who will be heading back home over the next couple days, call ahead, there may be some travel delays. for us we will see some rain across the -- just to the north of us across the pacific northwest, still some light rain, but look at this, by wednesday we have some rain moving into the bay area and finally because it's been so dry san francisco keeps those temperatures in the upper 50s and low 60s and we are going to add in those rain chances. it looks like the chance that we had for new year's eve has dried up, kind of delayed until late tuesday into wednesday, which i think is great news. mike, you see lights and those flares on the peninsula. we showed folks this shot a little earlier. we now have manual vehicles that have arrived. you see the fire crew and more folks helping out. there is an ambulance that arrived as the chp set out the flares. this is north 101. this is the universityz;a;
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flares. chp was not rushing around, but there was someone that i saw their silhouette sitting in the car there, so they're heading out obviously to help and make sure that person is okay and whatever else they need to to. it doesn't look like major injuries, but we do have a number of vehicles and flashing lights. that's a big deal because that's really the only thing going on in the bay. >z the bay. through the area but there is light traffic. we're showing speeds moving well through the area, but again, you widen out that shot and take another look, i will let folks know on twitter and on the next report. so far that is the only incident for the bay. around the rest of the bay you see speed sensors going great. no backup at the bay bridge yesterday, the day before. there is fog in the north bay so frozen mist or fog could potentially give you a little sheet of black ice. no problems reports reported, though. new details this morning in the santa rosa stabbing case. newly released mugshot of the
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suspect. he is accused of stabbing another man at lol a's market and restaurant in santa rosa last thursday night. we have video of that suspect. investigators say the two men were sitting at different tables when the suspect stabbed the victim in the neck and then left. the victim was taken to the hospital with life-threatening injuries, he is in stable condition right now. police believe the attack was unprovoked. an active indonesian volcano erupted yesterday spewing ash three miles into the sky but authorities say there are no casualties. indonesia straddles the pacific ring of fire where several tectonic plates meet. indonesia has nearly 130 active volcanoes, more than any other country. check out this lego tower in tel aviv. it has been called the tallest lego tower ever. it was erected to mark the death of an eight-year-old boy who died from cancer, but he loved
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playing with legos. the structure is more than 100 feet tall, roughly half a million lego pieces. thousands of tel aviv citizens took part in building it. guinness book of world records reviewing that structure to see if it is officially the tallest lego tower. let's hope it is and name it in that little boy's name. coming up on "today in the bay," trouble at the happiest place on earth, the reason dozens of people were stuck. but first happening now, a developing story in afghanistan. at least 41 people are dead after an attack on a shiite muslim cultural center in kabul. a number of suicide attackers set off an attack outside before carrying the attack inside. apple looking to set up shop in saudi arabia.
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the reuben is back for a limited time at subway. so much reuben.
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welcome back. we are covering some breaking news. this happening up along the peninsula, northbound 101 near ikea, that university avenue there. mike was bringing us this, there was a single car accident it looked like it went into the side wall, emergency crews were out there, but they just opened the lanes for traffic to get by just within the last 30 seconds or so. mike is monitoring this, we will have a look at the morning commute for you coming up. do you recognize this man? take a look. morgan hill police say he robbed an eyewear store at the vineyard shopping center. the manager of eye finity tells us the man walked into the store
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on christmas eve, flashed a gun and demanded money. he ordered all employees into the back room. he grabbed cash and sunglasses before taking off. luckily no one was hurt. it took about five hours, but power was eventually restored to the happiest place on earth last night. officials say a transformer problem caused the program to go out at disneyland. this happened just before 11:00 yesterday morning affecting about a dozen rides, including the finding knee mow ride where riders were stuck in submarines underwater for 30 minutes. luckily no one was hurt. >> it was a ton of people congested, so we literally could not move. >> we were stuck on the submarine under water for about a half an hour, 45 minutes. it was really scary. >> at one point disneyland wasn't letting any new guests in, only people reentering the park. some visitors decided to leave. they were told, get this, no
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refunds. more details on the flight from tokyo to -- to tokyo from lax. it was diverted yesterday. the plane was nearly halfway to japan when it had to turn around and fly back to los angeles. we're learning that two brothers booked two different flights to japan, one on an upon airlines, the other on united but somehow both brothers ended up on the ana flight. that's why the flight turned around. the brothers were interviewed by authorities but no charges were filed. news gained traction on social media as chrissy teigen was a passenger on that flight and she whole ordeal. when it comes to this weather roller coaster we've seen this before, cold in the day, warmer in the afternoon. >> we do start out with cold temperatures in oakland, low 40s with highs today reaching near 60 degrees and a lot of sunshine. very nice day once again. we will talk about the rest of the forecast including some rain coming up. and laura showed you just as
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they released all the traffic, now traffic is gone. north 101 completely back at speed. we will track the rest of your kmoot. commute. a live look outside at #####
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good morning and thank you f this morning, taking a live look outside in downtown san jose as the lights glisten in the day right here on this thursday morning. good morning and thank you for joining us, i'm marcus washington. >> and i'm laura garcia. let's get a look at that forecast for this thursday
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morning. kind of marching closer to the weekend. >> yes, we are almost there. it's going to start out with cool weather this morning as you get ready to head out the door. all clear in the south bay and it's 40 degrees but we do have patchy fog in the north bay, temperatures in the mid 30s. today we will have temperatures reaching into the low 60s in san jose, very nice. we will talk about the rest of the year coming up in just a few minutes. mike starts out with a check on walnut creek. >> that's quite a forecast all the way to the end of the year. looking over here, a smooth drive right now, i will talk about the peninsula in just a second, but i want to shout out a small fire reported in walnut creek south 680 right at the transition with 24, the walnut creek interchange, it's on the roadway, in a grow point, sounds like someone tossed a piece of pa paper out and that caught fire. we'll track that. we are also tracking the live look at palo alto where chp and the ambulance and the fire crew all cleared over the last few minutes. it took just about 20 minutes from start to


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