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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  December 29, 2017 5:00am-6:01am PST

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it's the final friday of december. the final friday of 2017. the final friday for us here on "today in the bay." countdown 2018 is on. live look outside san francisco. a lot of revelers will, no doubt, gather. thanks for joining us, i'm laura garcia. >> i'm marcus washington. >> this is our last newscast together. >> until next year. i won't see you until next year. >> we have much more for you. right now, kari has a look at the forecast. >> getting our new year's eve plans together. as you he out the door, another cool one. look at the numbers, mid to upper 30s in the north bay and inland valleys. san jose, 44. bundle up. that commute looks chilly. by 6:00, 40 degrees and mostly
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clear. we'll have to watch for fog in the north bay, otherwise, it's all clear and sunshine today. we'll take a look ahead to the forecast coming up. mike is tracking one incident right now. >> not because i'm ignoring the rest. there is one incident on chp right now. it's the one i told you about. look at the green speed sensors. this issue in fremont, southbound 880, activity on the shoulder. a number of chp arrived. i was passing by the scene and it's there. on the shoulder, an earlier crash and activity off the roadway. the distraction is not enough to cause slowing because traffic is light heading down through there and silicon valley where there's no freeway issues. this has been a problem. off 680 is an active crime scene. for that breaking news, back to you, laura. >> we are following it out of east san jose at san antonio and sunset. this is 680 and alum rock
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avenue. we are looking at the reason behind such a large police presence there. we saw csi unit arrive and the perimeter expanded. anser hassan says they received reports of a victim being shot. he'll have a live report in about a half hour. more breaking news, details on a horrific apartment fire in new york city where 12 people were killed. >> we are getting a better idea of who some of the victims were. sadly, three were children, ages 1, 2 and 7 years old. one of the victims was 63 years old. the fire broke out last night at 7:00 in a bronx apartment building. new york mayor, bill de blasio calls it the worst fire in a long time. >> families have been torn apart. this is the worst fire tragedy we have seen in this city in at least a quarter century.
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>> more than a dozen people were hurt. it had 25 units. crews are going through and looking for clues and other possible victims. the cause of that fire is unknown. president donald trump does an impromptu interview with "the new york times" to make news on a number of fronts saying the russia probe needs to finish for the good of the country. >> edward lawrence joins us live with what the president said in that interview. you never know what the president is going to say. >> reporter: exactly, marcus and laura. good morning. the president covered a wide range of topics in this interview, including he has a right to fire the special counsel, if he wants to. president trump sat down with "the new york times" and infatically says there was no collusion with the russians. the president, going on to say, the investigation makes the country look very bad and puts the country in a very bad position. the sooner it is worked out, the
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better it is for the country. presidential his attorneys say this has been an interesting year. >> i have never seen anything like it. >> reporter: president trump adding fuel saying he has the right to do what he wants with the justice department, which could include firing special counsel robert mueller. the president plans to outline the agenda, topping the list, infrastructure. >> if that's what we wants to do is give a lot of tax credits to those who are going to build toll roads, that's not going to cut it for those of us on the democratic side. >> reporter: on twitter, the president mocked global warming saying it could be the coldest new year's eve on record in the east. he called out china for shipping oil to the north koreans, adding there will never be a friendly solution if this continues to happen. and the president will spend new
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year's at his mar-a-lago resort. his tone, not likely to change. back to you. >> for that, we can be sure. thank you, edward. >> we cant our coverage of the fallen chp officer whose life was taken away on christmas eve. pete suratos joins us live from the chp headquarters in hayward with more. good morning, pete. >> reporter: good morning to you, marcus. really, all week long we have seen an outpouring of support for chp officer, andrew camilleri and his family. there is going to be a memorial service taking place in stockton tomorrow that will be open to the public. that scene took place on christmas eve. i'm going to sew you some of the scene when it took place when officer camilleri was working with his partner on 880 and hayward when a 22-year-old,
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suspected of being under the influence slammed into their suv. his partner survived that crash. the mor yemorial is going to ta place at the christian life center in stockton starting at 8:30 a.m. it is open to the general public, on a first come, first serve basis. officer camilleri is survived by his wife and three young children. chp has a memorial fund to help the family out. we have the information on our website at live in hayward, pete suratos for "today in the bay." >> thank you so much for that. a gripping discovery at a sacramento home as a human skeleton was discovered. the house was empty, tenants of ten years had just been evicted. listen to the types of bones that were found. >> one bone, like a femur, it looked like. the big one and one below it.
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>> investigators have not released the identity of the skeleton or the cause of death. as we inch closer to new year's eve, oakland police reminding people not to celebrate by firing guns. this has been an issue in previous years. if you are caught lighting fireworks, you could be fined $10,000 and jail time. people in the south bay have a tool to fight illegal fireworks. we have the fireworks hot line and web page like the fourth of july. residents must provide evidence, such as video of someone lighting off a bottle rocket or setting off a roman candle. the city requires proof after a number of residents say they were wrongly cited over independence day. they are urging everyone to celebrate safely after someone blew up their fingertip years
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ago. >> in an ideal world, i would like to celebrate by banging pots and bans on new year's like we used to do in the old days. we are certainly very concerned about use of firearms because bullets do come down. >> city of san jose banned all fireworks as you can see on the screen, the fines can be hefty. $500 for the first, $700 then $1,000. do you remember banging pots and pans? my grandmother used to do that. >> no. >> it's ugly. >> this is a live picture of times square in new york city where it is really cold and colder sunday night on new year's eve. 2 million people are expected to brave that cold and stand out there. new york city is gearing up for its biggest event of the year.
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new year's eve, up to 1 million people, as i said, in times square and nypd will be there to keep them safe. this year is no different with more uniformed officers and snipers in place than there were last year. mayor bill de blasio says there is no specific threat at this time, but new york city must be prepared. >> we are ready to have a great celebration. i want to emphasize what you heard from the commissioner, there are no credible and specific threats against new york city or the new year's eve celebrations, but we are still individual lent at all times. >> the mayor is reminding attendees to say something if they see something. testing before that ball drops, making sure the confetti falls just right. they are testing the airworthiness making sure it can survive any conditions. how can it not?
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100 people stand on top of the buildings and all around time square. they throw out that confetti. as far as the tradition, 3,000 pounds of confetti will be let out. this is kind of cool. >> it is. >> a little celebration. that's for the clean up crew. >> they stand out there all day long. it is going to be painfully cold in new york city. if you are going there, make sure you have lots of layers. let's get a look at our numbers. we say this is cold, but this will be well above their high temperatures there. we are going to start out the morning in the tri-valley, 37 degrees, clear skies and patchy fog in the north bay. 34 degrees, as we check out the high temperatures today. a beautiful afternoon is ahead with highs in the 60s. i'll breakdown the temperature
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trend. mike is tracking changes on the map. >> changes in your department, not mine. we are looking at the speed sensors. they have not changed from the green you see in the south bay to san francisco. the yellow, that's what we are looking at. the fog is not registering on the map and roadway index, not for san rafael. over here, brentwood, rio vista. not a concern for most viewers. look at the drive toward the bay bridge. you can see the green. that means great travel times approaching the bay bridge with no back up. often we say friday light. this is the rule, instead of the exception this week. i have my eyes on the report in case you have to watch anything. back to you. >> thank you, mike. 5:11. the holiday shopping season is over. amazon is hoping to cash in one more time. the digital day sale going on right now. the deals you might be able to find. ♪
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the reuben is back for a limited time at subway. so much reuben.
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the reuben is back for a limited time at subway. ♪ so much reuben. it's 5:14 on this friday morning. let's look outside in downtown san jose. right now, you head out the door with chilly temperatures. campbell, 42 degrees at 7:00. the temperatures warm up by late morning. in the upper 50s by noon and low 60s today with a few more clouds starting to roll in. we'll talk about what those clouds mean for your weekend forecast. that's coming up in five minutes. try to show you slower
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drives, but this week it's been slim pickings. good stuff for the north bay. vallejo to navato, no slowing as far as the sensors show. nice out of the tri-valley. it is a pleasure. business and tech news for you this morning. a fast food giant wants to capitalize on recreational marijuana becoming legal in california. >> you have to stick around for that. let's check in with landon dowdy at cnbc. good morning. >> hi, marcus and laura. good morning. wall street could start the final trading day of 2017 in the red. the markets rose yesterday closing at a record high for the 71st time this year. that's the most ever in a calendar year. the dow is on pace for the best year since 2013. tech was poised for the best year since 2009. dow rising 62 points to 24,837. nasdaq up ten to 6950.
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snap chat is copying facebook. the messaging app has added a year in review future. the lookback comes after reports snap chat is working on a tool to let users share stories outside the app. one fast food chain is taking advantage of california's recreational use. a merry munchy's meal. it is half servings of curly fries and onion rings, a small drink for $4.20. a jack-in-the box executive says we are about welcoming all our guests no matter what they are craving or why they are craving. >> that's creative marketing. >> we'll see how that works out. why not go to amazon today.
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it is digital day sale. amazon promising deep discounts on apps and music and other content. people who received gadgets for christmas to splurge on them right away. muni wants everyone to get home safely. free rides from 8:00 new year's eve until new year's day. bart is going to be running later with service until 3:00 a.m. for lines. no excuses. >> look at this video here. see where they are literally digging out there. this is in erie, the northwestern pennsylvania city has seen record amounts of snow this week. more than 65 inches. erie is expecting another round. this could bring 10-15 more
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inches to that area. for now, people are really shoveling and coping with all of this. crews are making repairs to utilities and other services. the residents are getting ready to do more of the same thing until next weekend as they enter into the new year. >> that's back breaking work. >> it's beautiful. >> the other side of the country, yeah. >> then you are like, i need to go to the store. >> i think i would be a hermit, honestly. >> yeah. >> get a little depressed as you are in the house and don't get a lot of sunshine. >> i know. >> you know, we are able to enjoy the sunshine and mild weather. we are going to see that over the next few days and take a look at where we are starting this morning. we say it's cool outside. mostly clear skies. the look is live in san francisco. i want to give you a heads up. even though it is cool, no wood
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burning today and air quality will be unhealthy. north bay, east bay and peninsula, unhealthy air quality. south bay is moderate. we are going to have more days if you have breathing problems, limit your time outside. at least you won't be trapped inside. we are going to have temperatures starting out in the mid to upper 30s. low 40s around the bay area and tracking fog in the north bay. it gets a lot more dense fog as we go through the central valley this morning and the high temperatures are going to be really nice. take a look at this, up to 70 degrees in gilroy, east san jose, 68 degrees and upper 60s in parts of the east bay. oakland down to a high of 61 degrees. redwood city, 61 there. 58 degrees in the marina district and 63 in sonoma, napa and navato. then look at what they are dealing with as far as the cold temperatures for the northern
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plains, the midwest and the east. these are high temperatures today. new york city will not get above freezing. a high of 23 degrees. we are going to have snow around the pacific northwest. as we go into the next several days, we will also be opening up the door for rain chances. we are already starting to see the high clouds move in. high pressure moves away from the bay area and that will make way for rain as we go into next week as that storm system approaches. by wednesday and thursday, looks like we have a pretty good chance of rain. hopefully it doesn't dry up like our previous chances of rain have. we'll talk more about that. mike, you are continuing with the lighter traffic trend. >> you expect that for a friday. we have seen that all week for the morning commute. midday, more traffic building at the bay bridge. no metering lights. we'll show that live shot to confirm that is the case. no major problems on the roadways. south bay to the east bay. brentwood, we are showing a
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little fog on the index. not affecting the drive at least as far as chp reports go. the drive-through the south bay, anser hassan continues to follow the activity over there off 680, but not affecting the freeways. we have an issue near our san jose camera. it's reported 101 at 280. here is 101. here is 280. 680 is the transition. no problems. no lanes blocked here and the bay bridge toll plaza, we gave as much time as we could. no cars. coming up, relief for fire victims in the north bay. the next step to getting their lives back in order. if yyou need to stay downeaway from it. call 911.
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let our first responders come out and handle it. police and fire will respond as well as pg&e. pg&e will make the scene safe. ♪
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and you smell gas, your first step is to get out, travel to a safe distance until you can't smell the gas anymore, and then call 911. the first responders will come out, and they'll make it safe for you and your community. ♪
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an update on the thomas fire burning welcome back rk everyone. it's 5:24 right now, watching "today in the bay." we have an update on the thomas fire in ventura and santa barbara counties. it is still burning, but 90% contained. full containment is expected soon. more than 1,000 homes and businesses have been destroyed. in the north bay, help is on the way for businesses trying to get back to normal after the fire devastated tens of thousands of acres, destroying thousands of businesses. a small business administration loan outreach center will open
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its doors. if you are a small business looking for help, head over. it is going to open at 9:00 a.m. right now, the finishing touches are being made to floats in the rose parade. >> every year, dozens of floats along with bands take to the streets of pasadena, california. it's the 129th year of the parade, which hundreds of thousands of kids and millions watch at home. you can watch the parade on monday, here on nbc bay area, that's monday morning. more than 200 members of the homestead high school marching band will perform in the rose parade on new year's day. homestead high school, here in cupertino, is no stranger to having their band on the national stage. they have performs at macy's and most recently, super bowl l at
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levi's stadium. they look really good. >> my god daughter is going to be marching in that parade. i'm excited. it's our co-worker's daughter. yea for them. very cool. 5:26 right now. coming up, moves out of the south bay and streets shut down in san jose. we are going live to the crew on the scene, trying to get answers.
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a very good friday morning. final friday of 2017. final friday of our week. taking a live look outside sunnyvale this morning. still have the christmas lights up. what is the appropriate time to leave those lights up. >> a week or so after the new year. >> yeah? >> i guess it depends. march? some people keep them up all yearlong. >> your neighbors called to take them down. >> good morning, i'm laura garcia. >> i'm marcus washington. we want to head over to meteorologist, kari hall with a look at what's going on with the cold morning forecast. >> it is a cold morning, but a nice afternoon for taking down those decorations.
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i like to start the new year fresh. that means everything in the box for the new year. temperatures in the upper 30s at 38 degrees if you head out right now in napa. 47 in oakland and 42 in palo alto. after this cool start, a beautiful day. look at the high temperatures, 60s and 70s for the south bay and mid-60s for the east bay. 62 in palo alto. 59 on the embarcadero and 62 in the north bay. let's head over to mike. the headline is not really a surprise today. >> maybe it shouldn't be the headline. the bay bridge toll plaza, no metering lights, the same all week. a smooth flow of traffic and about as many cars as you have seen all week. this is a special edition of the map from christmas to new year's, a lot of folks extend their holiday. that is what we are seeing. the north bay, no fog. that's shifted over, above my
5:31 am
head in brentwood, bay area. a nice drive on either side of the bay throughout the south bay. it is not a traffic issue. 680 and 101 moves smoothly. this is an active crime scene. over to marcus and laura. >> thank you so much, mike. first to the breaking news in east san jose, where police activity is shutting down part of a neighborhood between 680 and alum rock avenue. >> that's where we find "today in the bay"'s, anser hassan. you have been live out there since 4:30. >> reporter: we have had calls to san jose police all morning. still no update. this is very early in the investigation. if you look behind me, this is the intersection in east san antonio. this is near guadalupe church. police tape is up. still a very active scene out here. you can see the big csi truck.
5:32 am
they arrived a while ago. they have been investigating for at least three hours now. police haven't released details about what exactly happened. what we know is this happened just before midnight. a dozen police vehicles have been out here since then. we got reports the victim may have been shot. no condition of the victim and we don't know if it's a fatal shooting. san jose has seen a drop in homicides from last year. at least 30 homicides in 2017 down from 47 homicides in 2016. this neighborhood now, still quiet. again, no information on the victim of suspect or suspects. we have reached out to san jose police and continue to bring you updates throughout the rest of the morning on air and online. live in san jose, anser hassan, "today in the bay." >> thank you very much. we have more breaking news for you. new details in the horrific apartment fire in new york city where 12 people were killed. >> this morning, we are getting
5:33 am
a better idea of who some of those victims were. three were children, ages 1, 2 and 7. one of the victims was 63 years old. the fire broke out last night about 7:00 in a bronx apartment building. new york mayor, bill de blasio calls it the worst fire in a long time. >> families have been torn apart. this is the worst fire tragedy we have seen in this city in at least a quarter century. >> more than a dozen people were also hurt. the apartment building is 25 units and crews are going through it carefully, looking for clues and possible victims. the cause of that fire is unknown. new this morning, a man is hurt after a vehicle fire in the south bay. san jose firefighters saw the fire at 1:30. it was on rogers avenue near the international airport. the fire was put out. it appears the man was living in the vehicle.
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he was taken to the hospital with second degree burns on his hand. the cause of that fire is under investigation. a developing story. an unusual drug smuggling ring in san mateo county. mail laced with methamphetamine was sent to maple street correctional center in redwood city, which is the women's jail. staff intercepted letters and cards dipped in liquefied methamphetamine. the daily city man was arrested. five inmates are facing charges. the search for more suspects continues. chp officer hit and killed by a suspected drunk driver on christmas eve will be laid to rest tomorrow. a public memorial service for andrew camilleri will be held at the christian life center in stockton. a suspected drunk driver is in custody. new year's eve is days away. chp officers are concerned about
5:35 am
drivers. the first check point since officer camilleri was killed. chp will be in full force enforcing periods throughout tonight at 6:00. the recent death of a fellow officer is on their mind. >> we had no trouble finding officers ready, willing and able to get out there and enforce dui. the loss of officer camilleri is on their mind. >> during christmas weekend, 917 people were arrested for a dui, up from 621 during the same time last year. however, fatal crashes are down this year compared to last year. >> 5:35. a developing story. security tightening as the city prepares for new year's eve. golden gate bridge patrol says since last year, staffing on the
5:36 am
bridge jumped a third. 36-person unit combs the bridge by foot, car and cart. apple is apologizing for slowing down older iphones. >> they are offering a replacement for older batteries for $29, dropping from the price of $80. this comes after nine lawsuits were filed. apple admitted to slowing down older phones to preserve batteries. customers were never told about the slowdown or offered to purchase those new batteries. many say apple's apology is too little, too late. >> i think people are going to be concerned about the reason that the phone slowed down in the first place. >> not cool. i'm glad they are addressing it by giving this discounted onptin to get a better battery. >> the battery replacement discount only applies to the iphone 6 and newer phones.
5:37 am
it will be available next month and will continue until december next year. happening today, the king tide back in the bay area because of high water. caltrans is going to close the lower part of the park and ride in the mill valley. it usually floods during the king tides. the parking lot will be closed until january 4th. you might not know it as the park when you get off the freeway and that roadway is already almost waterlogged and pretty much anytime it rains. that's what's going on there. marcus told you about that. the rest of the bay, not much going on. green sensors around the bay. here is livermore. west 580 looks good. the san mateo bridge, 580 and castro valley, no problems there. a nice, easy drive time sent here toward the bay bridge.
5:38 am
but, i did notice this, from emeryville, i want to show you this shot. you can see it is very pretty but notice that stream of red lights. it's starting to slow on the approach to treasure island. i didn't get confirmation on specifics from caltran, we see slowing there. we may, actually, if this doesn't improve, see metering lights for the first time all week. >> it's friday. >> it's here. treasure island is a good place to watch the fireworks this weekend. hopefully, there's no fog. there may be a chance of that sunday night. that will be something we'll have to watch. looking at saturday's forecast, a very nice one with a mix of sun and clouds from the coast to the inland areas, highs reaching the low to mid-60s. new year's eve partly to mostly cloudy. we may have low clouds and fog in san francisco.
5:39 am
the high temperature for the coast will be at 59 degrees and 63 degrees inland. we talked about those fireworks. if you are heading out there for new year's eve, fireworks begin at midnight. it will be mostly cloudy and lows dipping back to the lower 50s. if you are going to christmas in the park in san jose, it will be a fairly cool. looking at those temperatures dipping into the upper 40s there, a mix of sun and clouds. south to l.a., it is going to be in the mid-70s today. mid-60s by the end of the weekend. it will be clear all weekend long and for monterey, highs in the mid-60s, a nice beach weekend for relaxing. maybe that's how you will want to end 2017. if you are going to the sierra, also a great family friendly activity to watch the fireworks over the lake. kirkwood will be seeing those high temperatures in the mid-40s and this weekend will be one to get there before the rain and
5:40 am
snow starts next week. let me know what you are doing this weekend and where you are going. you may see that forecast here, coming up at 6:38. i'm also going to be tracking that forecast as you head farther to the north, lake shasta, high temperatures in the low 50s. 54 degrees on sunday. not bad at all. it will be cool during those morning hours. i'm on facebook. let me know what you are doing this weekend and i'll have a look at today's temperature trend for san jose. that's coming up in three minutes. >> sounds good. thank you so much. coming up on "today in the bay," recreational marijuana becomes legal here in california on monday. but, there's also a black market for pot. where is it all going? we are going to break it all down.
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it's 5:43 on your final friday of 2017. let's look at downtown san jose, a clear start. willow glen, temperatures 42 degrees at 9:00. we will be in the upper 60s today. we are going to end the year with a warm note with a lot more of our temperatures above normal. but, we'll also be tracking rain for the start of the new year.
5:44 am
i'll talk about that in about five minutes. >> here, at the bottom of the screen, a stream of red light. i found the reason why there's slowing toward treasure island, unusually slow for this week. we'll sort it out and have a better update from chp. >> thanks, mike. a christmas day death being investigated as suspicious. fremont police say christmas morning they found a women with a serious head injury and later died at the hospital. medical investigators have nod been able to determine the cause of her head injury and are calling the death suspicious. now, we know the crash that killed a motorcyclist near google headquarters wednesday, did involve a google bus. shortly before 6:00, a man riding the motorcycle collided with a bus. the bus was contracted by google to provide transportation for employees. the driver was the only person
5:45 am
inside the bus at the time of the crash, which remains under investigation. we are learning so much more about the new pot industry. not all of it is good. there are growing concerns about the black market. the high taxes on pot sales are already fueling an already massive black market for bottom. it is estimated california produces eight times more than is consumed by the state. that pot will likely be sold in other states. >> the people growing marijuana for recreational use for themselves. >> with the medical card. >> no. this is typical of organized crime. >> law enforcement say this will continue after legalization because growers are still cashing in. recreational pot not the only new law in 2018. you can read about the new laws on a superstar will be back by
5:46 am
the end of the year. >> seth curry is targeting a return to action tomorrow when golden state plays the memphis grizzlies. he's ruled out of tonight's game. the head coach says, if all goes well, curry will play saturday. they have won 9 of 10 games while curry nursed this sprained ankle. a shootout thriller. sharks taking on flames yesterday and the game went into overtime. yep, the winning goal happened in a shootout. the sharks ended up winning, 3-2. nice. this is only the second time it has ever happened. lottery players now have a chance not just one, but two chances to win more than $300 million. both the power ball and the mega millions jackpot are more than 300 million dlarl$300 million. a lot of money. there hasn't been a winner since october. now, the state is high and the drawings are happening this
5:47 am
weekend. you can retire in the new year. only if you win. be sure to check your mega millions ticket tonight and the power ball drawing is set for saturday. >> that will be interesting. oh, the things to worry about. we start out this morning with cool temperatures and mostly clear skies. i have been watching for a little bit of fog in parts of the north bay as well as the central valley. here is a look at those clear conditions we are seeing in three microclimates. on the right side of the screen, live in pleasanton, 37 degrees right now and 34 degrees in the north bay, san francisco, a cool 48 degrees. you can check out the seven day forecast at the bottom of the screen, showing rain for the middle of next week. visibility has been cut down to .75 mile in santa rosa. patchy, dense fog in the north
5:48 am
bay. we can see that patch of fog once you get to the central valley, sacramento valley area. we are going to see those high temperatures today into the upper 60s. once all that clears out, mostly sunny skies. it's going to be a warm one, especially for the south bay where we see the high temperatures today, up to 67 degrees. low 60s for the east bay. getting dressed, it started with the kind of day where you need a warm coat. later today, long sleeves will suffice. it is going to be comfortable. as we talk about how dry it's been, how long it's been since we have had rain, looking at the water year, not just the month of december, but since october 1st, we have had about 6.5 inches of rain in santa rosa. a little less than that. we need another six inches of rain. we are about 50% of average. we are doing the worst with rainfall when san jose measured
5:49 am
an inch and a half. we are lacking three inches of rain and only at 33% of normal. we know it's been dry this season. what's coming down the line? hopefully, we will see this storm system move in, but it's cut off from the main jet stream and will wobble out there in the pacific. it will be hard to get an exact timing, but it does look like it will be moving in between late tuesday night and wednesday of next week and could bring widespread rain on thursday, if it moves in during that time. we are looking at the potential of getting decent amounts of rain, maybe getting up to half an inch, maybe closer to three quarters inch for the bay area. i'll watch that. things may change. enjoy the dry weather for the rest of the year. there will be low clouds moving into san francisco, possibly new year's eve. inland, all clear and rain for wednesday and thursday of next week. now, mike has more information
5:50 am
on what's happening with the bay bridge. >> i have more info on the bay bridge. the incline, crawling toward that tunnel where the treasure island exit is. let me show you the bay bridge toll. the slowing there resulted in the metering lights being turned on for the first time this week. heads up, we have a bigger back up on friday than previous days this week. it is reflected in the fast track lanes. there's a disabled vehicle reported in the tunnel. it is blocking one of your lanes, possibly two. the metering lights have been turned on to ease the traffic flow. it will result in a big back up off the maze if they don't clear that soon. there are cruisers on scene, chp and bridge heading over to help it. that's a problem. the rest of the bay, no problem. that could be a good break. again, unexpectedly slow toward the bay bridge toll plaza. the maze to the metering lights
5:51 am
themselves. debris over here, southbound 880 and 92 and the reason i call that out, it's not normally a big deal with traffic this light. if there is a traffic break toward the san mateo bridge, that could be an issue as well. so far, the sensors are green and it's an easy drive. great stuff for the tri-valley. a fender bender reported. it sounds like everything is off to the shoulder. as chp arrives, i'll give you an update on that. no problem as far as the drive times. the approaches to the bay bridge is great. the bay bridge has the metering lights turned on. oakland to san francisco, the incline is the toughest drive in the bay. back to you. >> ak 51 right now. coming up, university em employee eyes are suing the school. the dangers they say they face. happening now, scary moments for a man in san rafael. he was shot at after being robbed at near mill street. he says he had his cell phone
5:52 am
and jacket stolen. breaking news out of egypt. at least ten christians are dead after a shootout at a church. egypt's christian minority has been targeted since 2016. we'll be back with more news after the break. san francisco this morning.
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5:54. welcome back. a cold start as usual, but we are into a pleasant day ahead. meteorologist, kari hall has the full forecast coming up. right now, new this morning, it's been almost two deck kalds since a fire broke out on an abandoned train track near the dumbarton bridge. we are looking a look at it. the fire broke out january 3, 1998. the fire burned a large portion of the rail bridge, which was the oldest and first bridge across the san francisco bay. the dumbarton road bridge, which is still used today, was shut down during that fire fight. university of congressmen toe is facing a large lawsuit. four employees are asking for $80 million from the university. they say their work at the
5:56 am
university science building exposed them to toxic and dangerous chemicals. in one case, an employee says she was called to clean up a spill in the building. a day later, she learned the chemicals were toxic. >> it is a reproductive toxin. upon finding that out, we were concerned. >> i haven't had children yet and i do want to get pregnant. it just, like, you know, i'm nervous. >> the workers say they have been exposed to chemicals that cause cancer and genetic mutations. the university released a statement saying the hygiene experts retained to evaluate the safety of classrooms and labs  have not identified conditions that could lead to the exposure injuries alleged by the claimer. continuing coverage this morning as we are three days away from legal, recreational
5:57 am
marijuana sales. the state capital may not be ready. there are no licensed stores in sacramento. the stores are waiting to get approval from the state. it doesn't guarantee they are going to get it by january 1st. >> optimistic about that. as long as the state does what they say. that's pretty good. >> as of yesterday afternoon, they issued 40 retail licenses. another 150 applications are pending. a new video into the news room showing a massive fight breaking out at a waffle house restaurant. this happened in ohio on tuesday. this video was just released. sheriff's deputies say the fight happened around 3:00 in the morning and involved multiple women and men. a second fight broke out as deputies arrived on the scene. several people were arrested. investigators are trying to figure out what caused the fire. we know it's dangerous to
5:58 am
drive after drinking. this morning, aaa is bringing another issue to light. the dangers of driving with a hangover. driving hung over can be just as dangerous as driving after a few drinks. many wake up with alcohol in their blood. a special suit that stimulates a hangover. >> this is so much harder. it feels like there's a weight. oh, my goodness. okay. i would probably stop here and sleep. oops. it's tough. you have to focus so hard. >> horrible. >> it's horrible but eerily realistic. dramatic body cam footage
5:59 am
shows police officers risking their lives to save teenagers trapped in a burning car. it happened in milwaukee on the night after christmas. two police officers were on patrol. when they got closer to the car that flipped over, officers quickly pulled the three victims away from the burning vehicle. the officers described what they saw when this all started. >> it's going to be a shock when you see that kind of car accident. see the fire. what you don't know is there's people in the car. >> i knew the car had potential. we were thinking let her go. >> police stay driver of the car was speeding and later cited for reckless driving. the teens are still in the hospital, but recovering. at 6:00, breaking news overnight. new information about a fire that swept through a new york apartment building. remembering a fallen chp
6:00 am
officer. the memorial service taking place this weekend to honor the officer killed in the line of duty. the new tool available in the south bay to report illegal fireworks. "today in the bay" continues right now. good morning to you. thanks so much for joining us on this final friday of 2017. i'm laura garcia. >> i'm marcus washington. as we coast into 2018, meteorologist, kari hall, has a look at what to expect today and going into the weekend. >> looks like a nice weekend. we cannot complain about this. temperatures reaching the upper 60s and a nice, mild weekend. as we look outside in san francisco, a mostly clear start, patchy fog. as we go through the day, unhealthy air quality expected as it is another spare the air day, not only for today, but the next three days. unhealthy air quality in the north bay and east bay. the temperatures reaching the 60s for


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