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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  December 31, 2017 7:00am-8:01am PST

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take a live look outside -- gray skies over san jose good sunday morning, it is 7:00. here is a live look outside. gray skies over san jose. the lights sure are pretty on this very last morning of 2017. good morning to you. thanks so much for joining us, i'm k i'm kira klapper. rob mayeda is in for vianey arana. i'm going to say the last day of the year as much as i can. >> we'll see rain next year. >> next year! i love that. >> there's a few sprinkles we could be tracking into the afternoon. we have 46 in san jose. clouds keeping the temperatures up a few degrees, at least around the south bay and san francisco. north bay, still mid-30s for the morning. 39 in livermore.
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speaking of clouds, here is a combination of the satellite radar. a few offshore. there might be enough to give us a few sprinklesover light showers in the north bay. hazy conditions, spare the air day, temperatures cooler. upper 50s to near 60 in the north bay. yes, we are talking rain chances ahead. cloudy skies in san jose. midweek and beyond, rain. wind is good for air quality. we'll let you know how much rain and snow expected in the full forecast. >> we'll stay tuned for that, rob, thanks. taking a live look outside over san francisco and the embarcadero. tens of thousands of people will be here counting down to a new year. clear skies mean a great view of the annual fireworks display. air quality will be an issue. crews spent saturday setting up the show. it lasts 15 minutes.
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clouds made for a murky fireworks display. there is concern smoke from the fireworks could affect the already poor air quality. >> the problem with the smoke is it is filled with explosive materials. these fine particulates that settle into the atmosphere. >> a reminder, we remain under a spare the air alert. the airmanagement district says new year's eve reveler who is are sensitive to smoke should take a spot up wind. if you use an inhaler, bring it along. launching fireworks from your vel sell is not allowed. fireworks can be used as a distress call. you can watch those fireworks from the comfort of your home. we'll broadcast the show live, tonight, here on nbc bay area at midnight, following the 11:00
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newscast. i'll be doing that from my couch. now, to a developing story, investigators are piecing together what led to a deadly shooting in front of a bank in downtown redwood city. we have video taken by a witness showing several police officers with guns pointed at the suspects. police responded to a call from a woman who reported seeing a man pacing with a gun. several officers tried to convince the man to surrender. this is what happened when he didn't. [ gunfire ] >> at some point, he took a combative stance from his normal pacing stance. so, he stopped, took the weapon, purposely pointed it at the officers and shot in the officer's direction. they immediately returned fire. >> officers tried to revive the 30-year-old, but he died at the scene. he was familiar to police. they have arrested him before.
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they have been around him since he was 8 years old. a final farewell to chp officer, andrew camilleri. he was killed on christmas eve by a driver suspected to be drunk and high. emotional messages at his funeral yesterday. kristi smith was there. >> reporter: under foggy skies, a memorial began to honor chp officer, andrew camilleri. >> everybody here is heart broken, but not broken in spirit. ♪ amazing grace >> reporter: at christian life center in stockton, dignitaryryes, the community and family gathered for an emotional
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service. >> andrew, your beautiful, infectious smile and loving personality will be missed. we love you. >> reporter: a devoted husband and father of three, caring and kind, who dreamed of becoming a chp officer, entering the academy in 2016. >> he had this energy and eagerness about him. >> he loved his job and the highway patrol. >> reporter: they were in a patrol suv at 880 and hayward when a driver, suspected of being under the influence of alcohol and marijuana slammed into the car. his partner survived and wasn't expected to speak, but he did. >> andrew, i know you can hear me. i love you, buddy. it was an honor being your partner. rest in peace, brother. >> reporter: a video showed milestones and revealed the family man he was. >> reporter: officers came from a dozen states to pay tribute to
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officer andrew camilleri. in stockton, christy smith, nbc bay area news. >> for more go to there, we have posted a touching tribute that chp created in memory of officer camilleri. another public servant being memorialized this weekend, the city of seattle honoring the live of mayor ed lee. they were at franklin high school where he graduated in 1970. all four of lee's siblings and his mother live in the seattle area. people are being told to stay out of the water at a popular north bay surf spot. a shark bit a surfers foot at the mouth of the adrakes. the surfer suffered minor injuries. all other water is open to the
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public. almost 7:07 on your knew year's eve. much more ahead. the world is watching. protests in iran reaching a boiling point. president trump may be stoking a fire with twitter. is chucky returning to raider nation? the special deal owner mark davis is offering john gruden to come back and coach the silver and black. ♪ toyland, toyland
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♪ little girl and boy land
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♪ while you dwell within it ♪ you are ever happy there daddy, it's christmas! ♪ childhood's joy land never let go of your dreams. the mercedes-benz winter event is back. lease the e300 sedan for $569 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing. people lining up!! welcome back. it's 7:09 on this new year's eve. looking at times square in new york city where people already are lining up for the ball drop tonight. wow! good for them. that's dedication. now to iran, a third day of anti-government protest. they appear to be the biggest demonstrations since they rushed a reform eight years ago. there was a government rally in thai ron as well. president trump has taken note of the protest.
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kelli o'donnell explains. >> reporter: on the streets of iran's capital, days of public protest reached a boiling point, not seen for nearly a decade. the kindling to this show of anger and desperation is a poor economy, with few jobs and rising prices. brewing unrest that drew the attention of president trump's twitter feed. iranian government should respect their people's rights, including rights to express themselves. the world is watching. echoing the president's message delivered at the united nations. >> the longest suffering victims of iran's leaders are, in fact, its own people. >> reporter: it moved many young people to demonstrate against the government spontaneously as word spread through social media. by contrast, the organized ways of progovernment support.
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praise the supreme leader, thousands backed the regime. the u.s. designated iran a state sponsor of terror. president trump refused to certify the obama era agreement to iran's nuclear program. this weekend's protest response is coordinated from the state department, the united states strongly condemns the arrest of peaceful protesters. the white house press secretary, iranians fed up with the corruption and squandering of the wealth to fund terrorism. and the president tweeted excerpts of his united nation's address to amplify pressure and encourage other nations to aide protesters. >> that iran's people are what their leaders fear the most. >> that was kelly o'donnell reporting. officials say at least 50 people have been arrested since thursday. we have much more ahead on "today in the bay." coming up, making a play for the
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power ball. hundreds of millions of dollars on the line. we have the lucky numbers and the latest on a winner. there's a look at the radar. you can see clouds crossing the coast. a chance we could see a few sprinkles as part of your new year's eve forecast. a look at that when we come back. take a live look outside --
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oakland coliseum taking a live look outside at the oakland coliseum. looks gloomy there, doesn't it. maybe an ominous meaning, but cloudy skies across most of the bay area today. possibility of a few sprinkles on this new year's eve. meteorologist, rob mayeda will be along in a bit with your forecast for the last day of 2017. speaking of, raider nation is buzzing this morning, but it has nothing to do with the season finale against the chargers in carson. several reports say they are making a serious push to bring john gruden back to oakland. according to the reports, they plan to offer gruden a spot in
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ownership as part of the deal. he is currently an espnage cyst. he's known as chucky, by fans due to the resemblance of the character, before al davis went to the buccaneers. with gruden at the helm, they beat the raiders in super bowl xxvii. customers love the pace and history of a local food company. after seven decades of business in the heart of japantown, they closed up for good yesterday. customers lined up for one last tofu purchase. >> it was part of japantown from the start. they were actually japanese nationals that came here and brought this talent. i mean, it's fed generations and
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gone through restaurants and everything else. it's an important part of our fabric. the family that ran the business says though it's been an incredible run, it's time for a break. san jose tofu company has been selling handmade soybean cakes for 70 years. the jackpot grows. there were no winners last night in the drawing. the price is $440 million. there were a few smaller winners, $1 million or $2 million here and there. the numbers 28-36, 41, 51, 58 with a power ball of 24 and power play of 2. the next drawing is wednesday. the mega millions pot is climbing after no one matched all six winners of the $306 million prize. the next drawing for that is tuesday. that would be a great way to start the new year. let's check in with
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meteorologist, rob mayeda for vianey arana with a look at the weekend forecast. the last morning forecast of 2017. >> starting to see changes, especially in the seven day forecast. >> finally. >> it's been a very dry december. we are wrapping up the fourth driest december in 100 years. be thankful for the temperatures we have around here today and tomorrow. look at the national map here, high temperatures today and it is just brutal. east of the rockies, look at the temperatures as we head into monday. 28 in dallas. 30s in new orleans and atlanta, you don't see those temperatures that cold on the golf coast. the area of orange and the west, due to high pressure here, keeping us mild and at times mostly dry. there is an exception to the rule with sprinkles possible. chilly in san rafael. 36 degrees, currently. san francisco, 49 degrees. you can see the overcast skies into dublin. san jose, mostly cloudy skies, 46.
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the satellite radar view picking up the chances of showers. also, the haze you see outside, we have a spare the air day today. it is the 16th to wrap up the month of december. last year, when we had rain and wind, we had seven wintertime spare the air days. now the satellite shows the returns aiming into north bay. the ground level is dry. the radar is picking up rain higher up in the atmosphere. there's a chance, at times today, you may notice sprinkles going by. nothing big in accumulations. a brief shower is possible with the mostly cloudy skies. the temperatures relatively cooler. upper 50s to low 60s. san jose, 53 degrees. 60 at half-moon bay and santa rosa. hour-by-hour, notice the mostly cloudy skies. a few showers around lunchtime today. by midnight tonight, the same
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view as now, overcast conditions, maybe patchy fog setting up for the morning. 7:30 a.m. for new year's day and clearing skies, back to hazy conditions by monday evening. the bigger changes show up on wednesday. here is a look at the system coming through. thursday, a bit of a break. second system comes through friday that should lead to a clearing sky forecast. how things look in terms of potential rainfall factoring in what happens wednesday to saturdays starts to look a bit more like we should see for early january. maybe a half inch in the wetter spots. maybe the hill tops could get close if the two systems come in. good news for the sierra, looking at snowfall, again. the first weekend of january, could see as much as a foot of snow about 6,000 feet. the seven day forecast says more clouds, sprinkles possible and then we see the rain chances
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picking up. wednesday, we see rain. thursday, a mostly dry day and rain coming in friday into next weekend. a dry, pleasant finish to most of the month in december. with the new year and the forecast in january, we welcome the rain chances. back to you. >> we will welcome them, indeed. nice to not rain on the parade for new year's eve. thanks. still ahead on "today in the bay," we look back at the top stories of 2017. the good, the bad and the inspirational. ♪ prices of the season' on the only bed that adjusts on both sides to your ideal comfort your sleep number setting.
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and snoring? does your bed do that? it's the lowest prices of the season on the queen c4 mattress with adjustable comfort on both sides. now only $1199, save $400. plus, 24 month financing available. ends monday. visit for a store near you.
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turbulence...and major news stories. welcome back at 7:22. 2017 was a year of turbulence and news stories and a wave of natural disasters that caused people to forge together to get through it all. >> donald john trump do solemnly
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swear. >> reporter: a year of change, challenges, conflict and incredible loss. >> everyone running, people screaming and crying. >> reporter: 22 killed at a concert in manchester, england. 58 gunned down in a slaughter in las vegas. eight people run down by a self-proclaimed terrorist on a new york city bike path. 300 ambushed inside an egyptian mosque. 26 murdered inside a smalltown texas church. >> what can you do? not much, but pray and cry and hope. >> reporter: hope and hard work is what happened through historic flooding. >> whatever we can take and get out of here. >> reporter: millions left homeless by mother nature. wildfires in california, the deadliest in the state's history. a 7.1 magnitude earthquake in
7:24 am
mexico city and multiple hurricanes still struggling. >> this will not happen overnight. this is going to be a marathon. >> reporter: a political storm. >> chaos. we are running, this is a fine-tuned machine. >> reporter: continues to rage in washington. >> i am a historian. i have never seen anything like it. >> reporter: an administration dealing with an investigation with special counsel robert mueller after the president fired fbi director, james comey. flynn admitting he lied to the fbi. health care, tax reform and immigration are often overshadowed by online slights and rants. partisan rankers and personal attacks from both sides of the aisle. >> anger and resentment are under pinning our national conversation.
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>> reporter: that anger spilling over. republican congressmen and a law practicing for a charity baseball game. divided protests across the country. fights over confederate statues, marches turning violent and deadly in charlottesville. the likes of hollywood have never been brighter, shining on allegations of sexual misconduct, the media and congressmen caught up in the ugly glare of decades of abuse. giving voice to victims, sharing pain and anger, many online, using #metoo on social media. questions of equality and racial profiling from police spilled on to the playing field. athletes standing up by taking a knee. still, there have been signs of unity this year. congressman, steve scalise, back on capitol hill. >> you have no idea how good it feels to be back here at work in the people's house.
7:26 am
>> reporter: millions, pause zing together. >> the most amazing thing i have ever seen. >> reporter: to watch the shadow of the moon race from coast-to-coast during the great american eclipse. 2017 has been a whirlwind, some might say, a circus after 146 years, the greatest show on earth, ringling brothers lowered their curtains for the last time this year. now, as the curtain rises on a new year, many hope it will bring with it a new sense of optimism and unity. jay gray, nbc news. it is 7:26. we have much more ahead on "today in the bay." coming up, a hiker makes a disturbing discovery on the peninsula. what they found hanging from a tree that led to a warning this weekend. also, caring for the veterans in post-traumatic stress cases and not from recent wars. these are vietnam vets.
7:27 am
why their symptoms are just now surfacing decades later. sunrise over communications hill
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-- san jose welcome back and good sunday morning to you. it is 7:29. here is the beautiful sunrise over communications hill in san jose. the last sunrise of 2017. how many ways can i say it? happy new year's eve to you. i'm kira klapper. meteorologist, rob mayeda is in for vianey arana. >> it's an interesting forecast. we have the clouds coming in this morning and a chance we could see sprinkles later today. >> it's a weird, but welcome sight. >> more than sprinkles coming up in the seven day forecast. right now, 49 degrees in san francisco. we have another spare the air alert today. the hazy skies at times. the temperatures this morning, 30s around livermore, napa and santa rosa this morning and afternoon. temperatures upper 50s to low
7:30 am
60s under overcast skies. a chance you could see showers pass through midday. san francisco, the north bay, briefly a little bit of light rain at times. coming up, we'll talk about two better chances of rain coming back. a pattern shift ahead, in time for the new year. look at that, coming up in 15 minutes. >> a good way to start the new year, thanks. now, a live look outside over san francisco's embarcadero. tens of thousands of people will be here counting down. a clear sky means a great view of fireworks. air quality will be an issue. crews spent saturday setting up the fireworks for the new year's eve show. it will last 15 minutes. in years past, low clouds made it difficult to see the fireworks. not this year, the skies should be clear. there is concern, however, that smoke from the fireworks could affect the already poor air quality. >> the problem with the smoke is that it's filled with explosive
7:31 am
materials. these fine particulates that seth l into the atmosphere. >> a reminder, we remain under the spare the air alert. the air quality management district says new year's eve revelers sensitive to the smoke should pick a spot upwind from the fireworks display. if you use an inhaler, bring it along. the u.s. coast guard wants boaters to know launching fireworks from the vessel is not allowed. it can be mistaken for a safety flair distress call and they could waste their time responding if it looks like a boat is having an emergency. >> you can watch the fireworks from the comfort of your own home. we'll broadcast it tonight on nbc bay area at midnight following the 11:00 newscast. a developing story on the peninsula. investigators are piecing together what led to a deadly shooting at a bank in redwood city.
7:32 am
we have video showing several police officers with guns pointing at the suspect. they responded to a call from a woman who reported seeing a man pacing with a gun in front of the atm at this wells fargo bank. several officers tried to convince the man to surrender. this is what happened when he didn't. [ gunfire ] >> at some point, he took a combative stance from his normal pacing stance. so, he stopped, took the weapon, purposely, pointed at the officers and shot in the officer's direction. the officers immediately returned fire. >> officers say they tried to revive the 30-year-old. he died at the scene. he was familiar to police. they say they have arrested him before and have interacted with him since he was 8 years old. 40 customers and employees were in lockdown at wells fargo during the 90-minute stand off. hundreds gathered to
7:33 am
remember officer andrew camilleri. he they were in a patrol car when a suspect under the influence of alcohol and marijuana slammed into them. he was a beloved father and husband, a father of three, in fact. among the speakers, camilleri's chp officer in the suv and survived the crash. he unexpectedly spoke at the memorial. >> andrew, i know you can hear me. i love you, buddy. it was an honor being your partner. rest in peace, brother. >> camilleri is remembered as a devoted family man, eager and excited chp officer and overall, a kind person. he was 33 years old. an investigation is under way after the death of a worker
7:34 am
at a cement plant in the south bay. it happened at 9:30 yesterday morning at the lehigh cement plant in cupertino. they collided with another vehicle and the truck caught fire. the driver was trapped inside and died. now, to a disturbing discovery on the peninsula. a hiker found a partially skinned coyote hanging from the tree. they found the animal on christmas eve at the preserve off 280. investigators say it did appear the coyote had been trapped and a knife was found nearby. police are investigating the act as animal cruelty and asking for anyone who might find traps or see any suspicious activity to immediately call police. the veterans administration is treating a growing number of ptsd cases and it's not coming from the veterans of the most recent wars. it's vietnam vets who are
7:35 am
finding they need help. what's triggering the symptoms all these years later? tom looks into that question. >> reporter: it has been the longest year of his life. billy was a gunner on a gunship in vietnam, attached to the army's 100th first air bonn. when he left vietnam in june of 1970, relief was not what he felt. >> feeling bad that i survived and guys in my company didn't. my helicopter was shot down and everyone got killed when i was on r & r. >> reporter: the medals he came home with tell the story of a brave soldier, but no heroes welcome. >> i came back and left the oakland army depot and went to marin. there was protesters. like kids that we grew up with, our same age. right away, i realized, we are
7:36 am
not going to fit in. we are not cool. >> reporter: biggy didn't talk about his experiences, felt ashamed and immersed himself in drugs and a career as a basher. thousands of colleagues feared his struggle. >> they had a terrible reception. we are not sure how to feel about their service or felt strongly about it, but weren't around people that reflected their views and it became easier to clam up and push through. >> reporter: it didn't help that some of the vietnam vets who reached out for help were made to feel unworthy by the agency that was supposed to help them. veterans service officer, sean stephens. >> they were turned away once before at the v.a. they don't want to go back. they don't want to deal with the humiliation. >> reporter: thousands turned inward and lived there years.
7:37 am
this therapist sees many veterans who, five decades later, are finding their avenues of escape are closed off. >> they are coming forward now because they have retired. as they have gotten older, they have had time to reflect. >> reporter: a life of denial was shattered by the sight of the terror attacks and the vietnam nightmares that followed. >> what happened after 9/11? >> um, i didn't know. i fell apart. i, overnight became jittery. friends took my weapons away because they were afraid i was going to use them. >> against yourself? >> yeah. >> reporter: they convinced billy, it was time to fight for survival, again. so, he went to the veterans administration, which recognized the unique circumstances of the experience. >> hoping veterans overcome the
7:38 am
idea they don't have the rights other veterans do. the idea that because it was a bad war or dirty war, a war that, you know, was difficult, they don't have a right to get care and get support for their injuries both physical and mental. >> reporter: it was true, there was no technical diagnosis of post-traumatic stress disorder until a decade later when they disappeared into their silence. >> in the past, we were grasping as straws. now we have a lot of therapies, more resources and ability to provide better support. >> it's important, as veterans, we stick together and take care of each other, just like before. just like when we were deployed. >> reporter: that's the message that provided the fix for billy. >> i have a relief because i got help dealing with the vietnam issues. i got sober, i got clean.
7:39 am
>> reporter: are you proud of the fact you served the country? >> yes, i am, now. >> reporter: did it take you awhile? >> a long time. until i went to the vet center and being around other vets. trying not to feel ashamed anymore. >> reporter: veterans of vietnam and wars since have a greeting they share. a symbol they didn't hear all those years ago, welcome home. for billy, it was the therapy he needed, at last. >> the v.a. encourages veterans struggling to seek help through the veterans administration. a rash of robberies. this man was arrested after an armed robbery at pizza hut. he led officers on a chase through gilroy. officers are trying to track down this man who robbed a little cesars pizza at gunpoint
7:40 am
and this man at the best western park inn on christmas eve. it is almost 7:40 on your new year's eve. the highly anticipated return of seth curry was way better than anyone could have imagined. we have the highlights, next.
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7:42 am
thanks dave. there is much more ahead on today in the bay. seth curry is back. i'm dave feldman at the xfinity sports desk. warriors, grizzlies, at oracle. we showed every minute. he showed this. between the legs. curry doing the rest. the next possession, instead of from down. give mae shimmy. fourth quarter, warriors are up
7:43 am
15. poor marcus staal. i'm done with this. ten threes for steph. finished with 38. warriors win, 141-128. what do you have? >> i think the injury puts in perspective how blessed we are to play the game and not take for granted any opportunity you get to play a game that you love. for me, especially, just watching my teammates. i love every single guy on our team. just wanted that feeling again. it was special. >> warriors get a couple days off. a tough texas two-step. that will do it for sports. i'm dave feldman. >> and a tongue twister at that. thanks, dave. much more coming up on "today in the bay." another look at 2017 but through a different lens. larry joins us live to discuss president trump's first year in
7:44 am
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welcome back. today, year one ends with the president trump administration. it's ecstasy for supporters and agony for opponents. it's a year none of us will forget. larry is here to break down the highs and lows. thank you for being with us this new year's eve. >> happy to be with you. >> where do we begin? >> how much time do we have? you have to begin at square one. that is the setting. let's recall something here. recall that donald trump was elected under strange, political circumstances, in an incredibly toxic and polarized political environment. on one hand, he won a clear electoral vote victory. he claimed it was the largest margin in memory, the fact is, it ranked 46 of the 58 presidential elections.
7:47 am
remember, too, the problem for trump is hillary clinton received 2.9 million more popular votes than trump, the largest differential in history. why is this important? trump began with no honeymoon. during the transition, only 40% of the public supported him. today, kira, today, 32% support the president. those numbers left him with precious little wiggle room. >> yeah. so, so, looking at those numbers, the president began with little support, especially little political support from the gop. how has that translated in politics? >> it depends on how you feel about the president. do m doe mesically, he ease made huge things. two regulations for every one
7:48 am
new one. he eliminated 3.4 regulations for every new one. that, in fact, is a record. that means changes in environmental regulations, health care, business and banking regulations. the theme here has been government should not be meddling in our lives and the private sector. opponents may think differently. >> right. republicans should be happy about that, in theory. what about trump's relationship with his republican congress? >> well, the dealings here with congress, they have been somewhat problematic, especially since republicans haven't always been on the same page. the one success for the republican president and congress is the tax cut bill that provides benefits for corporations and wealthy individuals. now, how that plays out for the rest of us downstream remains to be seen. >> it sure does. what about foreign policy
7:49 am
changes under president trump? i'm asking every question i can think of while we have time. >> this is important. it's a sleeper. it's where the president has wide latitude to get things done. trump sees that capability. his america first program has taken u.s. foreign policy in a new direction entirely, from international agreement to trade agreements to relations with specific countries. trump has reversed course, reducing american involvement and the clout of the american brand. he's withdrawn the united states. the united nations cultural organizations pulled out of the paris climate accord and the transpacific partnership and threatened to walk away from that. the president has done these things on the grounds that other nations have taken advantage of the united states. it is the first major change in 70 years. >> what about congress? has congress gone along with all of this? >> mostly, yeah.
7:50 am
mostly, but not entirely. the biggest departure came a few months ago when congress overwhelmingly passed sanctions against russia. remember russia, for interference in american elections. something that trump signed only because he knew a veto would be overturned. >> where does that leave us? where does that leave the country as we head into the second year of the trump presidency. >> back to the crystal ball, the one that is still broken. >> you can't tell the future? what? >> sadly. seriously, to begin with, the united states is more polarized today than it was in november, 2016. that's a statement in itself. it's hard to recall a time when the country has been more politically divided. allies praise the president for his boldness and the change agent mentality. critics claim he's failed to fulfill most of his promises, divided a nation and abandoned
7:51 am
america's influence in the world. whether you like or oppose the president, the russia, the russia investigation is still the single most important factor that haunted him in 2017 and will likely continue to haunt him in 2018. most independent observers believe the special counsel, robert mueller is closer to the beginning than the end of the investigation. depending on what mueller finds in 2018, that year under president trump may be more unpredictable, more -- exciting at so many different ways than you have seen this year. >> yeah. i believe it's an impromptu -- trump denied collusion. that's quite a pace. >> larry, thanks. a final look at weather after
7:52 am
the break.
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7:54 am
good morning. as you see, a little sun breaking through the clouds arnds san francisco. a reminder that it is another spare the air day for the north bay. san francisco, bay and inland east bay. if you think you have had a lot of spare the air days, today makes number 16 through the end of december last year. of course, a wetter year, a lot more wind all the way from november to february. the beginning of this year, last
7:55 am
winter only had seven. the dry weather taking a toll. we have changes coming up for the middle part of the week. a better chance of seeing rain and reminder with the wintertime full moon returning over the next day or so, the king tides, near seven feet. that could cost localized flooding over the next couple mornings. san francisco, 49 degrees. mostly cloudy skies. haze and patchy fog toward the tri-valley. 39 in dublin and san jose. overcast conditions. we'll see a lot of that today, temperatures mid-40s in san jose. notice the radar picking up elevated returns just offshore. most of this probably rain aloft that isn't quite hitting the ocean surface with a ground. there is a slight chance during the day today, from lunchtime. notice the time stamp there, 12:30 to 5:00. may see a few brief showers move through. good news, the shower chances move out in time for midnight. overcast skies again, approaching midnight tonight and
7:56 am
the story tomorrow morning could be foggy. the signs here show around the bay, outpouring and could see thick fog for tomorrow morning. rain projections showers, not a lot but could wet the ground at times. san francisco to the north bay, mainly during the afternoon today. highs, upper 50s to low 60s. cooler today. we'll see the clouds thickening up as we head through the afternoon, 50s. low 60s in san jose. better rain chances wednesday. we have a storm here that will have more lift to it, more moisture coming in wednesday into early thursday morning. a break thursday afternoon around 2:00. comes in later friday into saturday. rainfall projections for midweek and beyond, a lot more than we will see today. that looks more like january. the coast allocations have a chance of over an inch of rain. for the sierra, this is good news. above 6,000 feet, could see
7:57 am
fresh snow heading into that first weekend of january. today, a few light showers possible, midday. we'll see overcast conditions heading into tonight. look for patchy, thick fog tomorrow morning. the new year into the middle of next weekend, a welcome return to rain as we have seen enough rain for december, which is more common to july. a tenth inch of rain or less. that is a welcome change coming our way midweek into next week. >> a welcome change, indeed. as my mother-in-law could say, too true. thanks. so considerate of the rain to not wash out our new year's eve celebration. >> i'm going fare bidwell for 2017. this fine man will be back tonight. he will be your meteorologist on new year's eve night. thanks for making us a part of your morning. more news at 5:00, 6:00 and 11:00 and all day on as where he bid you farewell, a
7:58 am
live look outside at times square where the ball will drop in about 13 hours from now. see you next year.
7:59 am
8:00 am
this sunday, looking back at 2017 and ahead to 2018. president trump. did he keep his promises? >> i will be the greatest job's president that god has ever created. the tax relief will be concentrated on the working and middle class. i will be president for a americans. >> we'll look at promises made, promises kept, and promises broken. plus the 2018 political landscape. democrats aim to take back congress. >> you could smell a wave coming. our republican friends better look out. >> but republicans hope to hang on to power. >> i feel very optimistic about 2018. also 2020, potential candidates are already visiting early primary and caucus


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