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tv   Today  NBC  January 9, 2018 7:00am-9:01am PST

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>> see you at 11:00. have a great day. good morning, breaking news. olympic surp zblurchlt olympic surprise. north korea agrees to second a team to the winter olympics in south korea. a stunning development with the opening ceremony exactly one month away. we're live in seoul with the very latest. cheers and jeers. president trump takes the field at college football's national championship game. this morning he is back in washington where an interview between the president and special council robert mueller over the russia investigation could be just days away. speculation growing. new reports that oprah winfrey is seriously considering a presidential run. a source telling nbc news it's not happening.
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oprah herself refusing to comment. those stories. plus, h & m under fire and apologizing over the shocking ad for a children's sweat shirt. how did the company let it happen? where did it go? the unknown fate of the rocket just launched by elan musk. did his company lose a secret multi-million dollar government satellite? stunning comeback. >> touchdown, alabama wins! >> alabama rallies late defeating georgia in overtime to win the national title. a new reason for alabama nation to cheer, today, tuesday, january 9th, 2018. >> this is "today" with savannah guthrie and hoda kotb. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> thank you so much for joining us on this tuesday morning.
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i think i see bleery-eyed crew members here. >> i know. the game actually ended on tuesday morning. it went past midnight into overtime. if you are going to have a national championship game, this is the way to have it. >> that is exactly the way to have it. alabama woke up very happy this morning. still to breaking news overnight. tied to the north korean crisis and the winter olympics. during rare talks with south korea, the rogue nation agreed to send a delegation of athletes, officials, even cheerleaders to next month's games. nbc's chief global correspondent bill kneely is in seoul with the very latest on this development. hey, bill, good morning. >> good morning, hoda. highly unusual talks and a breakthrough that goes beyond sport. north korea will take part in the winter olympics that start in exactly a month. the two sides have agreed to reopen yet another cross-border hotline.
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these talks they were more about figure skating than nuclear weapons. >> walking across the world's most militaryized border and then history with a handshake. a meeting unthinkable just a month ago as ministers from north and south korea. they met just yards from where a north korean soldier was shot, sprinting to freedom across the border in november. >> the north koreans who come from the most secretive country on earth, tried to wrong-foot from the start suggesting these talks should be livestreamed on tv so the whole world could watch. the delegation leader of the free and open south said no. >> reporter: but he also said the north should stop provocative acts and get rid of nuclear weapons.
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they announced they will send a team to next month's olympics in south korea. the games will be the north's first in in eight years. the two sides have also re-established a second hotline. this one for the military. there are fears kim jong un's ultimate aim is to drive a wedge in america's alliance with south korea. tensions raised again last week as he and president trump each boasted of their nuclear buttons. the president says the talks are a good thing, but they are high risk. >> we continue to have a 10% chance of this all falling apart and ending up with a significant war on the korean peninsula. >> a war many hope these talks can help prevent.
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>> well, a spokeswoman for the u.s. state department says the u.s. remains clear-eyed about north korea's track record on negotiations. time will tell. today's meeting symbolic. the breakthroughs real. as north korean officials have made clear to me over two years, they will not negotiate away their nuclear weapons. >> bill kneely in seoul. thank you. >> there is a lot more to get to. president trump attended last night's national championship game where he was greeted with cheers and some boos. this as we learn more about the president's possible interview in the russia investigation. nbc national correspondent peter alexander is on top of all those headlines. peter, good morning. >> savannah, good morning to you. that russia cloud giving way to a thick fog this morning. i promise that's the white house here behind me. new details about possible timing if president trump were to be interviewed by special council robert mueller and his team. nbc news has learned it could happen within weeks even as the president's lawyers push to
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limit its scope and this morning the white house is -- rincht president trump in atlanta monday night catching the college football championship. ♪ at the twilight's last gleaming ♪ >> reporter: even taking the field for the national anthem. ut about the president still tackling questions about the russia investigation. sflo legal experts say it's unlikely investigators would agree to anything other than an in person sitdown. earlier in tennessee the president promoting the new tax law to farmers and other supporters who helped get them to the white house. >> oh, are you happy you voted for me?
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you are so lucky that i gave you that privilege. >> it comes amid growing debate over the president's mental fitness. fire and fury author "michael wolff, again, pushing back on the president and top aides who called his book fake. >> day after day after day incident after incident he doesn't tell the truth because he doesn't know what the truth is. >> the white house is also dismissing a report from axios and said the president shortened his private schedule. instead, spending his time watching tv, making calls, and tweeting. a white house spokesman broadcasting criticism of his work ethic as ludicrous. meanwhile, could there be a battle of the billionaire former tv stars? asked about a possible run by oprah winfrey in 2020, a person in the know tells nbc news it's not happening. she has no intention of running. still, even ivanka trump praised oprah's golden globes speech as empowering and inspiring.
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a white house spokesman says the president is absolutely running again and embracing oprah as a possible opponent. we welcome the challenge, whether it be oprah winfrey or anybody else. >> bipartisan elude thd president. will it be possible this year? the big sticking points remain the fight over protecting hundreds of thousands of young undocumented immigrants, so-called dreamers, and money for the president's border wall. savannah. >> all right, peter. thank you. the trump administration announced monday plans to end special protections for about 200,000 salvadorian immigrants raising the possibility that they will be forced to return to a violent homeland. homeland security gave salvadorians with protected status until 2019 to leave the united states or face deportation. elsal have a door becomes the fourth country since president trump took office to lose protection under the program
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which provides humanitarian relief for people whose countries are hit with natural disasters or other strife. heavy rain caused mud and other debris to cascade down hillsides, stripped of vegetation. that's been making it hard for fire trucks and other rescue vehicles to reach the scene of that gas line break. chilling new body camera footage is being released in the fatal new year's eve shooting of a colorado sheriff's deputy. nbc national correspondent miguel has more on all of that. miguel, good morning. >> hoda, good morning. sheriff's deputies were responding to a ru routine call when they realized their suspect was unstable. that's when the gunfire suddenly began. much was caught on tape. first, a warning. the newly released edited body
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camera footage is difficult to watch. zroo we're here because we want to make sure you're okay. >> what began as a routine domestic disturbance call quickly turned into an ambush. a relentless volley of gunfire. five officers down. all fighting to stay alive. >> one in the chest. >> the carnage and chaos was just beginning. the suspect continues to unload. >> you're okay. you're okay. i don't see blood. oh, i see blood. >> get out of here. >> reporter: the colorado gunman would fire more than 100 shots new year's day. two neighbors would be wounded in the firefight. before the gunman was killed by officers, he posted his own video obtained by nbc affiliate kusa calling 911 himself claiming he had been threatened by a roommate.
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>> i do have some weapons. i own firearms. i have had some scotch. first thing, i went to the bottle. i have been on my periscope just doing my thing, you know? >> reporter: the sheriff says he released this video to show the terror his officers faced. >> i'm very proud of the officers, men and women, that were on that call that night. they did exactly what they were trained to do. they provided aid. they provided service. they provided care and compassion. unfortunately, it turned violent. >> reporter: four of the five wounded officers would somehow survive the bloodshed. deputy zach perish leaves hinbed a young family. a wife and two little girls. this morning he is hailed as a hero, remembered by the community he served and the officers who stood by his side. >> the sheriff says zach perish's family gave him permission to release that body camera footage. it clearly shows the danger that
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the officers and neighbors faced. it was a routine call, the kind officers all across the country get every day. savannah and hoda. >> all right, miguel. thank you for that. now to a shocking story. the clothing retailer h & m is apologizing this morning after one of its on-line ads sparked outrage and accusations of racism. it has cost the popular chain at least one celebrity partner. nbc's gabe gutierrez has the story for us this morning. gabe, good morning to you. >> savannah, good morning. the backlash was fierce and swift. celebrities from snoop dogg to lebron james slamming h & m for what critics are calling a tone-deaf ad. the company now says that it is pulling its controversial hoody from stores worldwide. >> reporter: this morning swedish based retailer h & m is in major damage control after sparking widespread anger over the on-line ad. it depicts a black child wearing a hoody with the words coolest monkey in the jungle.
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social media erupted in outrage. many calling it blatant racism. snoop dogg posted a version of the ad with a kroub on the boy's head writing the way i see it. lebron james posted a similar picture writing h & m, you got us all wrong and we ain't going for it. h & m says we understand that many people are upset about the image. we, who work as h & m, can only agree. we are deeply sorry that the picture was taken and we also regret the actual print. h & m said the sweat shirt is no longer being sold globally. nbc news found the hoody was being sold overnight on the company's spanish site. r & b superstar the weekend who has collaborated with ha & many the past now cutting ties tweeting that he was shocked and embarrassed by this photo. i'm deeply offended, and will not be working with h & m anymore. other retailers have stumbled with controversial ads before. decades ago abercrombie & fitch was criticized for selling a
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shirt with a slogan two wongs can make it white. urban outfitters sold a red sweat shirt with the world kent state and a blood spatter and zara had a yellow star on a sweat shirt that said some worn by concentration camp inmates. the question many people are asking is how an on-line ad like that makes it through the editing process at such a big retailer. well, h & m says it is obvious that its routines have not been followed properly and that it's investigate i investigating to prevent that mistake from happening again. >> hard to believe that one, gabe. thank you very much. now back to that thrilling finish to the college football national championship. we showed you that at the top of the show. willie is here. willie, this was a good one. >> what a game. >> you stayed up for it? >> i stayed up for every second. that's why you see some carry-on baggage under my eyes this morning. after first half dominated by the georgia bulldogs, alabama
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pulled off an epic comeback winning in overtime on the left arm of a freshman backup quarterback who was called on to help save the day for the crimson tide. >> fires in the end zone. touchdown! alabama -- rirjts a thrilling finish leaving one of college football's most successful coaches at a loss for words. >> was that a good game or what? >> the university of alabama grabbing its fifth title in nine years under saban and doing it in a nail-biter with president trump taking it all in from a private box. on the field swarming defenses from both teams stole the show early. >> he went up and just took it away from the receiver. >> straight forward call, but it goes backwards as the dogs swarm. >> but the bulldogs found the end zone late in the first half, giving georgia a 13-0 lead into the locker room. in the second half alabama making a dramatic quarterback change. coach nick saban handing the
7:16 am
ball to freshman -- who injected new life into the tide. >> touchdown. >> but georgia was quick to answer. fellow freshman jake from unleashing a pinpoint pass to extend the bulldogs' lead. in the fourth quarter alabama turning the tide with a big comeback. the freshman quarterback showing poise under pressure, tying the game 20-20 with under 4:00 remaining. after alabama missed a field goal to win it in regulation, the freshman quarterback stepped up again. this time in overtime after taking a big sack on first down. with a 41-yard pass, the very next play that will be etched into crimson tide lore. >> it was a team effort. it wasn't me. it was all of them. i'm glad we got to do this. >> it was another freshman, devote smith catching that laser of a game-winning touchdown pass for alabama.
7:17 am
for coach nick saban, his sixth national championship. that ties him with for the most ever with another lenl endary alabama coach, pallbearer ryan. your heart is disd -- he will have to live with that for the rest of his life. bailed out by a freshman who really never played a meaningful snap in college until the second half last night. >> i have chills. talk about stepping up when you need to. it's amazing. >> that was awesome. >> i have been saying his name in the mirror all morning long for you. >> well done. >> in new york they played that all the time. i have a georgia dog at home who is pretty upset. what can you do? but on the up side our friends in california are getting the rain they need. unfortunately, it's all coming at the same time. so we're watching this heavy rain make its way. san francisco has had almost 3.5 inches of rain in the last 24
7:18 am
hours. almost three inches in monterey. half inch in los angeles. san diego, 1.2 inches. in fact, we've got flood warnings right now up around santa barbara until 9:30 this morning. rainfall rates of half an inch to an inch per hour and strong winds as well. in fact, we're looking at that heavy rain anywhere three to five inches of rain from santa barbara all the way to san diego. we'll get to your local forecast coming up in the next 30 seconds. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ good tuesday morning, i'm
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meteorologist, kari hall. scattered showers continue across the bay area. as we have seen the rain returning to the south bay, may get heavier in the next 30-40 minutes. a closer look, the east bay seeing light showers and scattered showers for the north bay and san francisco. as we get a closer look at san jose, we can see the rain that continues to move to the north. sunnyvale may see that and spreading. nd that's your >> and that's your laetsz weather. coming up, the big talker in hollywood and washington is oprah actually thinking about running for president? depends on who you ask. we'll tell you what her best friend is saying just this morning, and it's only adding fuel to the speculation. and are your kids glued to their smartphones? the demand for apple to do more to fight screen addiction coming from a surprising source. first, this is "today" on nbc. to fight screen addiction. fit, this is "today" on rsnb
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we are in a microclimate weather alert. here )s a live look at interstae a very good morning to you. i'm laura garcia. we are in the microclimate weather alert. a look at 580 in dublin. the rain is coming down in many parts. it's been steady since early yesterday and continues in many parts of the bay area right now. let's check in with meteorologist, kari hall. eventually it will move out. >> yeah, later this evening, it will move out and become more scattered. san jose took a bit of a break from the rain. now, you can see the showers moving in. it may get heavier in the next couple hours, so we'll continue to monitor that as we see the rain to the south of us. wet roads all around. also in san francisco, spotty, light showers. as we go through the day, it
7:27 am
shows rain through at least noon and then we will see it starting to move off toward the east as this weather system winds down and only slight rain chances for tomorrow. our temperatures reaching the mid-50s for san francisco and dry over the next several days and tracking another chance of rain late sunday into early next week. the temperatures warming up as well. as we head over to mike, he has an update on a very serious situation on the road. >> that's right. a deadly crash. we are told the person involved in the crash died at the hospital. the impact to traffic is clearing. look at the live shot. it's jammed before you get there. the area shows where the camera was. the point to the west is left 237 jammed off 680, which was an alternate. the impact was very tough out of hayward. a lighter commute keeps things moving well toward the bay bridge. the metering lights are on. as we talked getting out of the
7:28 am
altamont pass with the potholes. back to you. >> thank you. another update in a half hour.
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7:30 am
it is 7:30 on a tuesday morning, 9th of january, 2018. a great day. >> it certainly is a great day. let's get a check of the headlines, starting with the breaking news with the winter olympics, and opening ceremony just one month away. >> gamesmanship? in a surprising move overnight, north korea plans to send athletes and officials to south korea for the olympics. >> these are the first talks between the two koreas in two years. there's an ocean of mistrust between the two countries. cheers and jeers. president trump takes the field to mixed reaction at the college football national championship game, hours after pushing for
7:31 am
renewed support from rural voters in tennessee. >> oh, are you happy you voted for me. you are so lucky that i give you that privilege. lost in space. the top-secret government satellite launched by elon musk's spacex fails to make it into orbit. experts fear it could be a total loss. biting cold. alligators show off their survival skills. and princesses go to school. kensington palace releases photos of princess charlotte as she goes to nursery school. tuesday, january 9th, 2018. that's just too cute for words. we're going to start with a phrase that's trending around twitter. oprah 2020.
7:32 am
her stirring golden globe speech started stirring some questions about whether she has or wants a future in politics. kate snow is here. >> reporter: it depends on who you can. on monday, we talked about steadman fueling the fire. he told "the l.a. times" after the golden globes, if the people wanted oprah to run for president, she would, quote, absolutely do it. but a person in the know says, she has no intention of running in 2020. >> it will be weird at the state of the union when congress keeps checking under the seats for a new car. >> reporter: overnight, oprah receiving the late night political treatment. >> the state of the union is strong. >> reporter: her political ambitions or lack thereof,
7:33 am
getting buzz. >> is she going to run for office? >> reporter: since her speech brought the golden globes crowd to its feet, over and over again. >> a new day is on the horizon. >> reporter: tarana burke, the actress that started the #metoo movement, supporting a run. >> she is tready for that. >> run, oprah run. an army of women would fight for you in 2020. >> reporter: the oprah effect is well-documented. >> the book is called "deep end of the ocean." she picked a book and millions read it. she raised millions for charities. she is a spokesperson for weight watchers. in 1999, donald trump was asked who he might pick as a female running mate if he ever ran for president. >> oprah. >> reporter: back in october, on
7:34 am
"cbs this morning" oprah ruled out a future in politics. >> 2020, have you narrowed down your list of v.p. candidates? >> i would bet my first born that you wouldn't run for president. >> you would be safe for that. >> reporter: she has never run for anything. >> barack obama. >> reporter: there was backlash when oprah endorsed barack obama in 2008. >> up until this point, i never said if i was republican or democrat. you know, i was surprised by some of the backlash. but worth it to me. worth it. i wouldn't change it. >> reporter: like president trump, if oprah did decide to run, she would have no trouble drawing attention. >> they would both be capable of garnering television cameras wherever they went. perhaps it would become a popularity contest. that worries some public policy
7:35 am
folks. >> reporter: the white house was asked about the possibility of an oprah run against president trump. a spokesman said, we welcome the challenge if it's oprah winfrey or anybody else. and just this morning, gayle king weighing in again, saying they talked last night about the chances of a 2020 run. >> i absolutely don't think her position has changed. i don't. i was up talking to her very late last night. i do think this, though, guys. i think she's intrigued by the idea. i think that. i also know that after years of watching the "oprah" show, you have the right to change your mind. there's people who said they want to be her campaign manager, who want to quit their jobs and campaign for her. she loves this country and wants to be of service in some way. >> for the record, that's a significant change. >> okay. so, let's read into that. >> all righty, then. >> my source says, not going to
7:36 am
happen. but gayle is saying, she's getting a lot of input from a lot of people. >> too irresistible for political junkies. trump versus oprah, can you imagine if 20 years ago, someone told you that was the ticket. >> 1.7 million tweets about oprah in 27 hours. >> appreciate it. let's head over to mr. roker and get a check of the weather. >> unfortunately, our computer just locked up. >> do it old-school. >> if it was old-school, i would have a chalkboard and some chalk. we are going to look at the storm system that's going to cause problems in los angeles. it will slowly make its way across the country. if you don't live along the west coast, this is going to be affecting you. by tomorrow, it will be making its way into the rockies, bringing snow. and in fact, they have winter weather advisories making their way from the four corners all the way up into nebraska.
7:37 am
thank you very much. and there's that. weather's never looked worse. and then, as we get into wednesday, it's going to be in the mid plains, bringing rain down through the south. it will bring snow in the northern plains. by friday, it will be along the east coast. we're looking at warmer-than-usual temperatures for this time of year. but a lot of heavy rain through the south, and good morning, i'm meteorologist, kari hall. scattered showers returning to the bay area after a brief break earlier this morning. we have a light rain for the north bay and san francisco. some of the heavier downpours moving back to san jose. we will see this rain also affecting the east bay and the tri-valley within the next hour or so. the model showing a chance of rain in the forecast through at least early afternoon for the south bay and clearing out later this evening in time for the commute.
7:38 am
>> get that weather anytime you need it. check out our friends on the weather channel on cable. should apple do nmore to prevent your kids from becoming addicted to smartphones? on "pop start," why jennifer lawrence is claiming an oscar winner on missing out on the parties. the new gadgets on display at the consumer electronics show that may change your life. and dr. oz is here. he's going to tell us the five health mistakes we're all making that we need to f olay regenerist
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7:43 am
their money where their mouths are. >> they are urging the tech giant to prevent kids from becoming addicted to their gadgets. >> reporter: good morning. investors, including the california teachers fund are asking for apple with help in screen addiction. they say they see a big change in the way kids are learning. the investors hold about $2 billion worth of apple stock. they want to see the company make some changes. in schools across the country, sobering statistics. the average american kid gets their first cell phone at age 10. and teens, 50% report their addicted to their phones. >> i am. >> they will whisper to each other. and then, they will be looking at their phone again. >> we don't want people to hear it. or we're too lazy to talk. >> reporter: now, investors are telling apple, the maker of the most popular phone on earth,
7:44 am
things need to change. >> there needs to be a reckoning for the tech industry on how they are defining phones and software platforms that are addictive. >> reporter: this morning, jana partners laying out more stats. showing increases in depression rates, sleep deprivation and social media's affect on their children's health. >> shareholder values matter a lot to large corporations. >> reporter: asking apple to start issuing yearly reports, just like they do on environmental issues. apple releasing a statement saying, in part, they already lead the industry by offering inintuitive parental controls built into the operating system. and they're planning new features to make these tools more robust. but corona del mar isn't waiting for tech companies to change. they have new rules.
7:45 am
no cell phones in class or at lunch. >> what students needed, they needed permission to stay kids. >> reporter: the first screens see are usually their parents. >> in our house, what we try to do, is use it as a tool than a toy. >> reporter: this family puts limits on phone play. when the kids get screen time, it's usually math or robotics. but they're the first to admit, they feel the pull. >> when our kids see us staring at it, all they know is we're looking at the phone. >> reporter: they do everything they can to keep their kids engaged the old-fashioned way. >> i think there was a package on the door. >> that might be the second book. that's the second book. >> reporter: you would rather play with this than the phone? >> yes. >> reporter: cool. he was so happy about that book. that family says 10 feels young to give their son his own cell
7:46 am
phone. as for how much time people spend on their cell phones. i was clocking about 4 1/2 hours every day. not a very proud moment. back to you. >> we're right there with you. >> i'm glad i don't have that app to find out. >> i deleted it right away. >> everyone can relate to this. it's not just kids. it's all of us. the phone has changed us so much. >> thanks, hon. carson, what have you got over in the orange room? >> a fight is brewing. that's a pun. over plans to put a starbucks in over plans to put a starbucks in one of the most we recently had a heart attack. over plans to put a starbucks in one of the most but we are not victims. we are survivors. we are survivors. we are survivors. and now we take brilinta. for people who've been hospitalized for a heart attack. we take brilinta with a baby aspirin. no more than one hundred milligrams... it affects how well brilinta works. brilinta helps keep platelets from sticking together and forming a clot. in a clinical study brilinta worked better than plavix®. brilinta reduced the chance of another heart attack.
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7:48 am
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7:51 am
the coffee shop would be built inside the yosemite lodge, it wouldn't be a stand alone store. 10,000 people signed this petition resisting the addition to the area. a lot of people had things to say about it. the opening of a starbucks in yosemite valley opens the door to further undue development. the park will lose its essence, making it hardly distinguishable from a bustling city. kathy adds, some things need to be left alone. on the other side, david said, i'm all right with the starbuck. make it an old-fashioned cafe with no take-out foot or drink. we asked you on twitter, should will be a starbucks at yosemite? >> 62% saying no, 38% saying yes. ironically enough, about 90% had no problem with a pizza hut. >> there you go.
7:52 am
>> maybe it's a coffee thing. yosemite's marketing manager says starbucks is one of many improvements they are making to enhance the visitor experience. it will be interesting to see if that changes anything. still ahead, trouble finding -- new troubling finding -- new troubling findings formy mom's pain from moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis was intense. i wondered if she could do the stuff she does for us which is kinda, a lot. and if that pain could mean something worse. joint pain could mean joint damage. enbrel helps relieve joint pain, and helps stop further damage enbrel may lower your ability to fight infections. serious, sometimes fatal events including infections, tuberculosis, lymphoma other cancers, nervous system and blood disorders and allergic reactions have occurred. tell your doctor if you've been someplace where fungal infections are common. or if you're prone to infections, have cuts or sores, have had hepatitis b, have been treated for heart failure or if you have persistent fever, bruising, bleeding or paleness.
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7:56 am
good morning, we are in a microclimate weather alert after a round of very heavy rain and lingering, scattered showers. heavy rain developed to the south of us and moving to the north and closing in on santa clara county. some of the rain is moving into the tri-valley. scattered showers will continue through the next couple of hours, mainly for areas south of san francisco. as we go into early afternoon, the rain starts to push to the east and we will have a breezy and clear evening as we get a chance to dry out from all the rain. we'll have a quick round of showers moving in for the north bay for tomorrow. san francisco will see the high of 55 degrees. upper 50s for the rest of the weekend, low 60s for the weekend. we will see a slight chance of rain sunday late in the evening. inland areas will warm up to 66 degrees. let's get an update on the commute from mike. >> kari, we are looking at
7:57 am
fremont recovering southbound 880 here. a look at the map is slow from mission boulevard to 237 and on west 237, that crash at the interchange did clear about an hour ago. we are looking at northbound route through san jose. the build is there, but lighter than your typical tuesday. we see this recovery after the winter break. a smooth drive around most of the bay and 101 toward the golden gate bridge. back to you. >> thank you so much, kari and mike. happening now, we are tracking the storm online all the time. head to for updates and sign up for weather alerts on our nbc bay area app. monitoring the situation in southern california where mudslides washed away three homes in montecito and closed highway 101. it's impacting the area burned in last month's wildfire area. today is the last day to sign up to run for mayor.
7:58 am
another update soon. plans for the new year. and - radio killed the functional car. the odd glitch to watch out for. our consumer investigator is on the case. join us tomorrow from
7:59 am
8:00 am
it's it's 8:00 on "today." coming up, tough pill to swallow. a new study claims ibuprofen could have devastating effects on male fertility. how many pills is too many? this morning, what you need to know. plus, the home of the future. >> welcome to las vegas. >> from robot butlers to smart treadmills to superconnected appliances. how technology is working to change your home. >> you can literally scan across your refrigerator and you get recipes. and striking a chord. first we brought you a group of incredible girls. now it's time for some bold, brilliant boys. meet the 16-year-old blind piano
8:01 am
player who's already played lincoln center, carnegie hall and the apaollo. >> i always feel the music when i'm playing. >> his story, january 9, 2018. >> hello from longview, texas. >> shout out to our family and friends in illinois. >> we came all the way from california to meet al roker! >> good morning to crush volleyball and everyone back in northern kentucky. >> i just graduated and moved to new york city yesterday and i'm celebrating on "today"! >> welcome back, everybody, thanks for joining us on this tuesday morning here on "today." a hardy crowd outside. a little warmer than the last few days. >> we're not even going to wear coats out there. well, let's not get crazy. we'll get out there in a bit.
8:02 am
let's get to your news at 8:00. president trump back at the white house to focus on immigration and negotiations for a possible interview in the russia investigation. chief white house correspondent hallie jackson is on capitol hill for us. hi, haley, good morning. >> reporter: hey, savannah, good morning. the white house is teeing up to tackle serious sticking points on immigration, that's why a group of lawmakers will head down a very foggy pennsylvania avenue to talk with the president later today. at issue is this program called daca that protects about 800,000 undocumented immigrants when they were younger. democrats want that program to be saved. it's on a deadline in march. but president trump has been insisting that money for his long-promised border wall is tied to any kind of immigration compromise. so we are watching that meeting, one of the headlines coming out of d.c. today. another big headlines relates to the russia investigation. nbc news has learned the president could meet face to face with special counsel robert mueller or his investigators in a matter of weeks.
8:03 am
an interview possible but not definite. that's the takeaway from a december meeting between the president's legal team and the special counsel, according to a source familiar with the discussion. legal experts say it's unlike live that special counsel investigators would agree to anything other than an in-person sit down for donald trump. the president returned to the white house very late overnight after catching some of that college championship football game in georgia. and on the way there, a white house spokesperson was asked about a potential political opponent for donald trump, one a lot of people have been buzzing about this morning, i'm talking about oprah. we are told the white house, the president, welcomes all challengers come 2020 and that the president is absolutely running for reelection. savannah? >> all right, hallie, thank you. in a diplomatic breakthrough, north korea has agreed to send a large delegation of athletes, officials and cheerleaders to the winter olympics in south korea next month. the announcement came after the first high-level talks between
8:04 am
those countries in more than two years. since north korea missed the registration deadline, its participation must be approved by the international olympic committee. the trump administration remains cautious about north korea's motives after months of accelerated nuclear and missile testing. a spokesman says the big question will be what actions north korea shows after the winter olympics. a study from denmark that suggests men who take high doses of ibuprofen for long periods of time may reduce their fertility. researchers gave healthy young men 600 milligrams of the painkiller twice a day. within weeks, the ibuprofen disrupted the men's natural production of testosterone, according to the study, and led to a condition usually seen in middle aged men that could eventually cause erectile dysfunction and fatigue. the impact on those studied was miled and temporary. a trade group for the makers of over-the-counter medication says the safety and effectiveness has
8:05 am
been well documented by decades of scientific study. now time for a big old boost. >> let's do it. how do you top alabama's overtime victory last night in college football's national championship game? well, crimson tide lineman bradley bozeman had one more big play. in the middle of the celebration he gets down on the knee and proposes to his girlfriend nickie. he takes a close look at the ring, is this for real, and then she says yes. bradley breaks out in a huge smile. he puts that ring on her finger. you have to seal that moment with a kiss. so he haas a couple reasons to celebrate. >> hard to top the game but that will do it. coming up, more ahead, including the life-changing gadgets on display at this year's consumer electronics show. we are live from there. speaking of cool tech, imagine never having to fold your laundry again. wait until you see what that moo sheen can do. but first let's so what's coming up on megyn kelly today. >> the story of a cop who found
8:06 am
a pregnant woman using drugs and what happened when he decided not to arrest her that will have you cheering, plus the real housewives of beverly hills, so much hair, so little time. >> we focused on girls so now we'll put a bold and brilliant boy in the spotlight and we start with a young piano prodigy unlike any other. boys changing the world. but first, these messages. whoops. sorry.
8:07 am
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♪ ♪ a complete multivitamin specially formulated with key nutrients a
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we're back. 8:09. new gadgets and technology is going to change your folks. >> ces 2018 is under way in vegas. this year, the focus is on artificial intelligence that will take your breath away.
8:10 am
nbc's business correspondent is there for us. >> reporter: good morning. the tech here at ces, hoda and savannah, is more innovative than ever. robots are taking over with artificial intelligence and machine learning. plus, we got an exclusive look at the next big thing in exercise. robots, large and small, are ready to move into your home. >> welcome to las vegas. >> reporter: the friendly-looking bots use artificial intelligence to help with homework and steam music. this can project your favorite tv shows and security. it costs $1,800. relay's priscilla helps deliver items to guest and checks on the speed of your wi-fi. >> hello. all right. towels. bath products. everything you could need. thanks, priscilla. nice to meet you. >> it's a novelty. it's a wow. maybe it will actually help us with efficiency in the future.
8:11 am
>> reporter: the maker says it's the first fully proactive social robot. >> i do my best to be helpful. >> reporter: its job, keep the elderly company, connected to their families and active. >> you have been sitting all day. you are not on track of completing your goal. you should go on a walk. >> reporter: at-home exercise just got smarter, too. we got an exclusive first look at what peleton is launching next. a new connected treadmill that streams live, full-body workouts. it will set you back $4,000 for the machine and 40 bucks a month for the classes. >> it's a full body experience. >> reporter: it feels like this treadmill has a little bounce to it. what is that? >> there's 59 rubber slats that are on the tread, that we believe is a better technology for your body.
8:12 am
>> reporter: it really is a full-body workout, if you follow the whole video? >> of course. that's the idea. you got to do the class. >> reporter: in the kitchen, smarterware's containers text you to eat food before it goes bad. and whirlpool taking it to the next level, too. scanning the groceries in your fridge and suggesting recipes based on those ingredients and sending it to a smart oven that preheats it automatically with instructions on how to make dinner. >> we have a number of controls to make sure no one that does hack it can do anything damaging to your home, unless they physically touch the appliance. >> reporter: this is the biggest ces ever, guys. 2.6 million square feet of high-tech stuff, including gebo, who i want to introduce you do. i think you have something to say? >> yes, jo. congratulations to hoda on becoming co-anchor of the "today" show with her pal, savannah.
8:13 am
>> thanks, gebo. >> oh, he spun around. >> that's so cute. >> thank you. >> big robot news. >> thank you, jo. >> love that. speaking of hot trends, this is working out beautifully for our "trending" segment. it's the perfect segue. willie is back in the house. here's some of the things trending. the ncaa championship. alabama. obviously the hash tag, #rolltide. >> i sense a theme there. >> we took a peek inside the consumer electronics show. here's another featured invention going viral. it's called the folding mate. it's a machine that folds your clothes for you. all you do is slide them on it, and -- >> wow. >> look what happens to the garment. it gets folded and put in a nice, neat pile. two to four minutes, and that's it. boom. would you dig that? >> you have to put everything out in there, so it seems like you would have time to fold it, i think.
8:14 am
>> but it won't look that good. if you guys could invent one thing that would alleviate some of your household issues, something you hate doing at home, al roker, let's begin with you. what would you? >> it would be an automated lawn tractor. it will mow your lawn in the summer, rake your leaves in the foul, and plow your driveway. >> it's called a landscaper, al. >> car se >> carson, how about you? >> i have a concept in r&d right now. round one of -- it's called the baby proof-a-matic. you put your baby in this swing thing and all of the arms and jets change a poopy diaper. >> that's called a dad. >> all right, willie? >> my most dreaded chore is emptying the wish washer. i do that move where if it's closed, i see it's clean, i turn
8:15 am
around and close it again so it looks like nobody opened it. if someone could empty the dishwasher, i would be grateful. >> i am with you. >> my closet's a mess. and i wish there was something that would automatically organize my closet and dry-clean everything in there. you shut the doors and then open them -- >> that's fabulous. i was inspired by your idea for the lawn. i don't like to floss my teeth. wouldn't that be great if there was a roomba that you put in your mouth. it would just brush and floss, the whole thing. >> how lazy are we selectively after that segment? >> if you were to buy that fold-a-mate, it's 980 bucks. it's expected to ship in 2019. >> maybe just learn to fold. >> if you don't want to wait for that, has great tips on how to fold a fitted sheet. which is impossible to do. go to and we'll help
8:16 am
you out with that. can you believe that people walked into a bank to get cash, instead of having a machine that threw it at you. we start "pop start" with pink. she has a big performance next month. i can guarantee the entire country will be, indeed, watching. pink will sing the national anthem of the super bowl. nbc made that announcement on monday. it will be punk's first time performing at the big game. she just released her seventh studio album. it's great, called "beautiful trauma." tons of people are sharing their excitement on twitter. justin timberlake will be handling the halftime show. you can tune in to super bowl lii, sunday, february 4th. right here on nbc. now to jennifer lawrence. the actress did not attend sunday's golden globe awards, but was planning on attending to go to the party with emma stone, but apparently emma cancelled at the last minute, and j. law explains her part of this story. >> you had told me that you wanted me to be your date to the
8:17 am
after-parties. so, i, you know, got us tickets to some after-parties. and i was halfway through glam when you told me you didn't want to go. you just wanted to come over to my house. so, i sent my hair and makeup team home. and now, this is what i look like. >> by the way, that was emma stone taking that video. let's look at that half-done look. pyeongchang, the countdown is on. just 30 days to go until the winter olympics. we have your first look at the outfits that we hope to see a lot of. team usa podium outfits from nike. there's two nike influencers with us modeling the look. the trend is stay warm. all of the medal ceremonies are outside, except for hockey, of course. the ensembles are made up of two-piece jackets, pants, boots, gloves. you can think about the americans that can be up at the podium, and you could see a chloe kim wearing one of these,
8:18 am
or mykala schifrin, the youngest at sochi. a maddie bowman or shaun white. >> and some name we never even heard of is going to thrill us all. >> hoda kotb. >> what a year for hoda already. february 8th live on the networks of nbc. that's your "pop start" today. remember the bbc interview when robert kelly's daughter came in during the -- >> there it is. there's the kid in the background there. >> the second one. >> wait for mom. >> yeah. >> that brake sound! >> and he's talking about nuclear war. we think we've maybe found our new bbc dad moment. this time, it happened to a berkeley film historian live on al jazeera. take a look. >> it hit the box office -- >> that's my child. excuse me. >> he can come in. it's not a problem. we're happy to have youngsters on the program, too.
8:19 am
>> okay. he wants to be part of this. >> hi. >> excuse me. as you point out correctly, hollywood has never been afraid to be outspoken. thank you very much for having us. >> bye. >> bye. >> that's daniel smith-rousey. his 5-year-old son was there. they never discussed his protocol for skype interviews, but he was hoping his son maybe sense he should not be on camera, but no such luck. >> i get the sense kids are never detoured. >> using dad has a racing track. >> i love it. al, let's get a check of the weather. is your computer back? >> it is back. there has been a ruptured gas line in santa barbara, and there
8:20 am
are fires going on and people are being rescued as we speak. there is a very dangerous situation. flash flood warnings in effect for santa barbara down to ventura because of all the burn scar areas, there's no vegetation to hold in the moisture so the landslides are starting to really pick up. we're looking at temperatures picking up, too. vendor, you will be almost 20 degrees warmer than usual today, and kansas city at 50, and as you can see, that warmer air making its way to the that's what's going on around the country. here's what's happening in your neck of it the woods. >> we've been watching some rain that's been kind of taking a break across parts of the bay area. some spotty light showers. we've also had some really heavy rain just to the south of us. a lot of this has been fizzling out and weakening before moving into the parts of the south bay. we are seeing still some light showers in san jose and also into the trivalley. we will continue to have rounds of some light rain into the next couple of hours.
8:21 am
for the most part this weather system will be tapering off for the evening. and that's your latest. hoda? >> al, thanks so much. we're launching something new. a special series called boys changing the world. >> you might remember back in the fall we were spotlighting girls. we did a girls changing the world series. that got us thinking, how about the boys. it's their turn. we'll start this morning with a 16-year-old pianist who is already making his mark in music. ♪ ♪ >> stuff like that. >> fun one to play. >> oh, yeah. ♪ >> 16-year-old musical prodigy matthew whitaker playing a piece he wrote for his first album "out of the box." his music is magical. prolific on the piano. determined on drums.
8:22 am
and connected with the community on the organ at his local church. ♪ ♪ >> did we mention that matthew was born blind? he was a premie weighing 1 pound 11 ounces and it was touch and go at first. >> i remember holding him on my hand and i remember the doctors telling us that there's just a 50% chance that your son is going to make it. >> when he was born i didn't know what kind of life he would lead. ♪ ♪ >> when i see matt play, i always go back to that day and then i see the joy in him. i see the joy in the folks that are watching him. >> it's like god answered my prayer. he just is full of life. >> and his life is full, from performing all over the world to endorsement deals and owning his own publishing company, it's
8:23 am
easy to forget he's only 16. >> yeah. >> matt's first big break came at the age of 9 winning the amateur night at the apollo. >> here we are at the apollo. >> yeah. >> do you remember when you realized, hey, i might have a gift? >> well, i mean, i taught myself how to play when i was 3 years old. >> so when you were learning classical as a little boy -- >> yeah, when i was 5. >> do you remember your first really good piece? >> yeah. so my classical teacher was like this and i'm here. >> and she's teaching you not just the sounds but the distance, the feel? >> yeah. yeah. exactly. distance. the feel of everything. >> do you have a favorite classical piece? >> because of the energy he has. ♪ ♪ >> a lot of people compare you to stevie wonder.
8:24 am
>> there's only really one stevie. it's an honor to be compared to him. there's really only one stevie. >> do you have a favorite stevie song? >> oh. i love a lot of stevie songs. ♪ ♪ >> music is matthew's language with each emotion striking a chord. >> you're on stage and you're playing and you feel excited. >> oh, yeah. >> what would you play? ♪ ♪ >> you know, stuff like that. >> if you're bored for quiet time. >> oh, okay. just relaxing. ♪ >> i could listen to that all day. if you hear a cell phone go off in a performance, what do you do? >> oh, no. oh, my gosh.
8:25 am
that's the best. >> i heard all your secrets. >> matt's sense of humor is part of his charm. ♪ ♪ >> we tickled the ivories with a little heart and soul. ♪ ♪ >> it's not just his musical gift. he's so loving and kind. >> he's special to us. >> i always say he loves music but he loves people more. music is just what makes him connect to other people. >> he believes that everybody walks around with a smile on their face. >> ladies and gentlemen, matthew whitaker. >> love you. >> we've always told matt not to allow his blindness to stop him from doing anything. >> i always feel the music when i'm playing. i want to make the audience feel good about me when i'm performing. it just feels really amazing. [ cheers and applause ] >> i mean, he's extraordinary.
8:26 am
>> how about it? his father told me the sweetest thing. he said, matthew just assumes the whole world, everyone theyi we are in a microclimate weather alert. e good morning, everyone. we're in a microclimate weather alert. here's a live look at the wet roads on highway 101 in san rafal. rain still the story. as it has been since yesterday. let's get the latest on conditions from kari hall. >> such a heavy soaking yesterday that even the light rain that we were seeing across parts of the bay area just keeps those roads wet. we've seen some of the really heavy rain just to our south. kind of weakening before it moves into the south bay. but still some scattered light showers moving in. and that may affect you as we get this day started. looking live outside, in san francisco, it is just really cloudy at times with that light rain still falling down and some troubles on the roads in san rafael. as we go through the rest of the
8:27 am
morning, still some light showers moving through. it tapers off through this evening. clearing out by early tomorrow. let's get an update on that commute now from mike. >> chp does not have anything filed for westbound 92 across the san mateo bridge. you see all the brake lights. we'll show you the speed sensors. slow, say there's something going on there, dunn bridge, the better bet. 280, 87, a little slower this morning. 101 recovers from an earlier crash at spencer, slow to the golden gate. >> another local news update in half an hour.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
♪ good morning, everybody. bright, shiny day out here in rockefeller plaza. it's 8:30, it's tuesday, the 9th of january. and it feels warm out here. you're not even wearing a coat. >> it's fantastic. >> it's balmy. we're going to make it into the 40s today. >> are you ready for a "crowd moment"? >> yes. >> i love when this moment happens. we have a young man who is turning 80. where is max?
8:31 am
max? hello, max. max's kids all pitched in and got him this trip for your birthday? >> yes, ma'am. that's right. >> where are you from, honey? >> tennessee. >> we love you. we wanted to give you a little birthday something. we got you a "today" show mug. we all signed on it. you know what it says? happy 80th birthday, max. thank you for coming to see us. it's max's birthday, y'all. >> you should have asked for hawaii. new york in january is not where you want to be. >> max is a handsome man. >> i take it all back. just ahead, dr. oz is here. he's going to walk us through some of the big mistakes we may be making when it comes to our health and how to fix it. we have your first look at the hottest home decor trends of 2018. >> unintentional laugh line.
8:32 am
megyn? "the real housewives of beverly hills" season one was the best season of television i've ever seen, ever. when we first started watching, doug was like, what is this drivel? and by episode four, it was like, what is happening? well, they're here today. "real housewives of beverly hills" i can't wait. >> are you going to do a reunion thing? >> no. i'm going to ask all of the questions i want to ask. how long do you spend in hair and makeup. if you're so rich, why are you on tv all the time? i have a lot of things to get the answers to. >> you get to be andy cohen for a day. >> yeah. al has a look at the forecast now. >> all right. let's show you what we have starting with today. as we mentioned, we have all that going on, flood threat in southern california. mild afternoon highs in the midsection of the country. snowers, northern new england and heavy rain in florida. and that mild air makes its way
8:33 am
east. we have winter storm watches from the plains to the rockies, where we'll see heavy snow. things dry out in southern california tomorrow. wet weather along the northern california, oregon and that's what's going on around the country. here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. >> good tuesday morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. we still have some rain just to the south that will be bringing in some light showers. we've seen a lot of rain weakening before it moves in. looks like we'll have a round of some brief heavy rain for southern santa claire county. the rain we see over the next couple of hours will be mostly for the south bay and east bay. still some showers linger for the north bay and san francisco. tomorrow, a quick round of light showers mostly in the north bay and drying out into the weekend. >> don't forget, get that weather anytime you need it. go to our friends on the weather channel on cable. now, today's "steals & deals" that will help you achieve your new year's resolutions, jill martin
8:34 am
bringing us bargains every morning all month long. jill, what's today? >> hi, guys. it is time for the "deal of the day." and tonigday, it's time to stay comfy and cozy in our luxor linen robe. take a look. egyptian cotton in the checkered or in the terry. go to to see all of the different versions. choice of monogramming. either a letter or you can do his and hers. celebrity fans include russell crowe and kim kardashian. retail $149 to $189. the deal, up 68% off. for details, go to that's your deal of the day. jill, thank you so much. while we're on the subject of self-care, "start today family and friends" get your body ready inside and out. >> what from the top fixes for 2018?
8:35 am
dr. mehmet oz is here with five important tips for body and mind. good morning. >> good morning. >> these are little things we can do to make a big difference. >> a huge difference. don't underestimate the resolutions. they're hugely power. number one, flossing. >> oh. >> i overheard earlier someone complaining, moaning and whining, about not liking flossing. what don't you like about flossing? >> it's a pain. i don't like doing it. it takes time. >> i have a solution for you. 40% of your teeth are between the teeth. you don't get them with brushing. >> i know. >> there's dental floss. >> you don't like it, either. >> i'm not good at it. >> look at this. this little gift. there's picks now. they put the floss between the two edges.
8:36 am
>> it massages your gums. >> it tastes good. >> and you can put them in your pocket. >> she's bleeding. >> you can do them once like you are right now. >> now, i'm like the gum disease show. >> the single most important advice that we can prove that will work for you, is eat fruits and vegetables. 10% of us do it. >> five to ten servings per day. >> five fist fulls minimum. >> five of fruits and vegetables total. >> all together. and the best way to change your life is to make it easy to do the right thing. people put their fruits in the crisper. put them on the counter so you can see them. people that leave their fruits and veggies out, eat more of them. i walk around with little baggies. plan your meals around the veggies, not the meat. >> that's a nice idea.
8:37 am
>> this is managsomething we ca use. >> sleep. evolution would have weaned out sleep if it didn't help us. for eight hours a night, we could be eaten by a saber tooth tiger. the reason that sleep is still there, it's so vital to us. we have to automate for ourselves. sleep trackers, hugely valuable. find a sleep tracker you can trust. and next to that, if you haven't fallen asleep, have a warm herbal tea. decaf coffee has one-fourth of the caffeine. h herbal has zero. >> what's the minimum sleep you should get? >> seven hours minimum for women. 7 1/2 for men. men are needier. you knew that already. >> let's clean up the bathroom.
8:38 am
>> toothbrushes, of course, clean your teeth. when you flush your toilet, there's a plume that -- we have measured it on the show. we know toothbrushes have the e. coli on them. put the lid down. and your towels absorb all that stuff. once a week, preferably twice a week -- >> wash your towels twice a week? >> yes. if you're using them daily, after every three uses, you should wash them. finally, there's a beauty of weight-bearing exercise. women in particular don't think about this. and it's critical. running is great. we show ed tech from ces. but you need to lift your body's weight. >> what's something you should do every day? >> use your own body as a weight. a squat is a good example. pilates. >> really? this is not an attractive way to
8:39 am
do this. >> do this for a second, it building up your quads. looks like you're about to sit. nice, you can dance to it. all these activities work to build core muscle. if i get rid of all cancer in america, i would give us two or three more years of life. that's not what kills us. it's frailty. you keep your muscles and bones strong. >> 30 pounds. >> should i lift you now? >> do you think you could? oh. you're so strong. keep going. coming up next, a mother whose love letter to her husband touched the world and how her legacy is living on through their daughter, a beautiful story. first, this is "today" on nbc. tt was>>ha sfx: squeak
8:40 am
8:41 am
sfx: stair creak sfx: clink sfx: deep breath sfx: grunt sfx: tinny headphone music sfx: feet shuffling sfx: slice sfx: gasp sfx: inhale. exhale. sfx: lights scraping on roof sfx: metallic scrape sfx: grunt covered california. it's more than just health care. it's life care. welcome back. best-selling author amy
8:42 am
courthouse rosenthal touched many with a powerful love letter to her husband. she was battling cancer and lost that fight. now, her daughter is carrying on her mom's legacy. we're going to talk to her in a moment. first, her family's powerful story. >> reporter: their love story touched millions with just days to live, amy courthoukrauss ros penned a personal ad for her husband, jason, titled you may want to marry my husband. in it, she wrote, i'm facing a deadline. i need to say this and say it right, while, i have your attention and a pulse. she went on to call jason dreamy and encouraged women to date the soon-to-be widower. writing, he is an easy man to fall in love with, i did it in one day. "the new york times" column soon
8:43 am
went viral. jason rosenthal, in response to amy's essay wrote, it is amy's gift with words that has drawn the universe in. unfortunately, don't have the same aptitude for the written word. if i did, my tale would be about the most epic love story, ours. amy wrote about wishing she had more time with him and her three children. ten days after writing the essay, she died of ovarian cancer. she was 51. her final project before she died was a children's book she co-authored with her daughter titled, "dear girl." we're happy to have paris with us this morning. how are you doing? >> i'm doing well. i'm a little nervous. i feel i'm much better with the written word than i am with the spoken word. so, just read "dear girl." >> you're going to do your mom so proud today. >> thank you. >> it is a beautiful, beautiful book that you and your mom
8:44 am
started writing together in 2015. >> yes. >> that was around the time she started getting ill? >> yeah. originally, she was going to write this book alone. and she had the idea for us to write it together. so that its message could come from a mother and a daughter's perspective to reach the widest audience possible. and you know, she's written many, many children's books, over 30. and throughout my whole childhood, she worked from home. and she would run ideas by me when she first would write a book or she would have a draft of a book and ask me to read through it. and i think she valued the feedback that i gave her during those times. that's why she approached me with the collaboration of "dear girl." >> i look at the images of you and your mom hugging and kissing. you see some of the beautiful themes about young girls in this book that it just fills you up.
8:45 am
the book makes you feel good. it's got beautiful images. but are there some themes that hit especially close to you that you said, that one's for me? >> the one thing about this book is anyone reading it can turn to any page in this book and feel empowered in one way or another. whether that's listening to your brave side when making a tough decision or breaking out into dance at the dinner table, feeling comfortable dancing. and as someone from my generation with all of this social media and just being a female, i think it's easy to compare yourself to other people. but hopefully reading this book will remind you that you really are wonderful just the way you are. >> well, there's so many great bits in the book. there's one that spoke to me when i read it. it was at the very end. it says, most of all, dear girl,
8:46 am
who i love, know ythat you can always turn to me. a lot of people didn't get to know your mom personally. >> yes. >> tell us a little bit about her. >> well, the world knows her as amy, this prolific writer now after this essay. to me, she's always just been my mom. and i will never be able to explain what 20 years of such a rich, fulfilling and joyceous relationship has done for me. but i strongly believe that "dear girl" offers a sliver of insight into that. and it's this tangible piece of art that will forever represent our love. >> well, i think she's looking down on you right now and is very proud. >> thank you. >> thank you for coming to see us. we appreciate it. you can find out more about "dear girl" at we're back in a moment. first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:47 am
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if we can use analyze each patient's breast cancer to personalize their treatment, imagine what we can do for the conditions that affect us all. imagine what we can do for you.
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we're back. 8:48. when it comes to home decor, 2017 was about the superclean minnalistic look. but 2018 is bringing back color and comfort in a big way. amy is editor in chief of "architectural digest." she's here with the hottest trends. what's the big theme? we mentioned color is back. >> color, cozy, warm, not minimal, not cold. the pantone color of the year is ultraviolet, that you see here. it can be a hard color to live with. we toned it down into a lavender accent. >> we're in the living room. this is my favorite pallet, lavender and grays. tell me about the coziness factor. >> it's about an overstuffed
8:50 am
piece of fern churniture. and what's great is this ottoman or poof. we use it as a coffee table with the tray. you see it warm and cozy. >> if you want to get the color, paint can be a huge part of it. >> the ultraviolet. you can use a little on the walls. >> let's move over to the home office. i love the name of this color. caliente red. >> this is benjamin moore's color of the year. it makes for a rich, powerful statement. these are great stools. they could be side tables. you can use them in different ways. and this graphic art, which is fun. you just mix sizes, you mix colors and patterns. you can build your own collection or get it all on >> i love this lamp. i see you'remetallics,
8:51 am
which is not a no-no? >> no. all of the pieces come together. it's a statement lamp, really. >> you went bold. you went the red comer and the rug has a big, bold pattern. >> you see how it works together. the black of the rug ties to the black of the art. >> let's step into the teen scene. this is a bedroom for a teenager. this is important stuff. >> this is a teen room. what it's about is mixing pattern and having fun. go big or go home. and the way that mixing pattern is successful is if you pull a color and have it themed. it's a little bit of black. >> i wonder when you have the patterns, how to make them work. is there a trick? >> the trick is to get things that are complementary and to find one color that's repeated throughout. you see black in the throws and in here. >> and that ties it all together? >> and you see the bean bag. >> the '70s called.
8:52 am
>> it's back. that's part of being cozy again, going back to something vintage. >> my 13-year-old niece is obsessed with succulents. >> it's a little cactus plant. >> great ideas. really fun. we're back in a moment, this is "today" on nbc. this guy is in a hurry. uh, i was in a hurry this morning. barely had time for breakfast. music sting: crave van! hey guys. try my country scrambler plate, with jimmy dean sausage, homestyle potatoes and scrambled eggs mixed with bacon, ham and cheese. part of my brunchfast menu.
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come try my country scrambler plate. with juicy jimmy dean sausage, crispy homestyle potatoes and fluffy scrambled eggs mixed with bacon, ham, and cheese. here you go. oh, cameras. hi mom! part of the brunchfast menu. got a lot coming up at 10:00. keir simmons is my partner all this week. we're going to talk about the top google health questions. >> that's a dangerous game to play. >> i know. and also how to tackle holiday debt. dig out your problems. >> she's getting int
8:55 am
8:56 am
good tuesday morning. we are still in our microclimate weather alert with the disturbance very close by. as the heavy rain that we saw yesterday has now moved out of the area. we are still dealing with some rain. that for the most part has been weakening before it moves in. we are still having a chance of some showers moving in for the next couple of hours but likely light rain as you get ready to head out.
8:57 am
the roads gradually dry as we go through the day. by this evening, we will have some hopefully clear skies. another quick round of some light rain possible tomorrow and for the north bay on thursday. we'll be watching this and also an update coming up in about 30 minutes. >> happening now, just getting word of a crash in san pablo. this involves a school bus. also a pickup truck. it was on san pablo dam road near lois lane. we just spoke with firefighters who say two adults in the truck were critically injured. seven children on the bus, but none of them suffered serious injuries. we have a crew headed to the scene. we'll have much more in our midday newscast. mudslides in montecito have washed away at least three homes and closed highway 101 just outside santa barbara. our nbc affiliate confirms at least two deaths. will fill you with wonder and always leave you wanting even more. beacause one day just isn't enough.
8:58 am
here, there is magic for days. and - radio killed the functional car. the odd glitch to watch out for. our consumer investigator is on the case. join us tomorrow from
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