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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  February 4, 2018 7:00am-8:01am PST

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sunday! a live look at the u-s bank stadium in minneapolis -- that s good morning to you. sunday morning, it is. it is super bowl sunday. a live look now at u.s. bank stadium in minneapolis. that's where all eyes will focus in on in a few hours and we have you totally covered right here on nbc bay area. it is home of super bowl lii. it is expected to be the coldest super bowl ever. that's if you are stuck outside. >> and taking a live look outside here in the bay area where it has been unseasonably warm and gorgeous, might i add. wow, yesterday was a stunner, what can we expect today? thanks for joining us, i'm kira klapp klapper. >> and i'm marcus washington. vienna arena is also here with a look at our microclimate forecast. >> guys, you are not imagining anything, this is really marcus
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here on a sunday morning. >> it's not monday, don't adjust your television. >> but marcus is here because i told him that it was going to be warm when he woke up really early on a sunday. >> i decided to get up early. >> if you are heading outside you will notice it's fairly mild in the 40s and 50s, even some 60s out there. 65 degrees for pacifica, 61 for san jose, 52 for hayward. all across the board we are seeing mild temperatures. we are slightly cooler in some spots like livermore, sunnyvale a little cooler than yesterday at this hour, but that temperature trend does show a nice climb into those upper 60s and, yes, 70s again for san francisco. 67 degrees by 1:00, by 2:00, 69 degrees and we are expecting another day of record temperatures. believe it or not san jose yesterday hit a high of 78, beating the old record of 74. i will have a closer look at how many spots did end up beating the record coming up in just a bit. i know you want to find out with
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what we can expect for tonight but i will leave that up to the next 15 minutes. right now we are following breaking news out of south carolina from overnight. an amtrak train collides with a freight train near lexington. we are still learning about the details here. >> we have new photos from the scene. here is the latest information coming out, two people are dead, at least another 70 are hurt. >> and that crash happened about 2:30 local time in the city of cayce. passengers and eight crew members were on board. officials spoke about how they responded. >> what we immediately went into was a search mode, search and rescue mode, we were able to begin to extract and assist passengers off of that train. at this time all passengers are off of the train. that is very important to put out -- put out there. right now we are estimating about 5,000 gallons of fuel has spilled. >> now that train was going from new york to miami, the ntsb will
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investigate the incident. be sure to stay with nbc bay area news for continuing coverage of this breaking story. we will bring you updates as soon as they come into our newsroom. kickoff to super bowl lii is just about eight hours away, we have a live look at u.s. bank stadium at minneapolis where there will be record highs and potentially record lows while the bay area enjoys summerlike weather life in the bold north is a much different story. >> last night one last celebration before the big game, but in frigid conditions as you can imagine there. "today in the bay's" terry mcsweeney is in minneapolis with the story of a super bowl party for all ages. >> reporter: absolutely ice age like out here. the people of minnesota didn't care, they embraced it. they embraced the cold at this party, the likes of which i have never seen. they honor their super bowl city and their state and they are as they claim, bold north. ♪
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>> reporter: it just didn't seem real. thousands of people, some standing in the incredible cold for hours, snow falling, wind blowing, but because this is minnesota and they are minnesotans people from the bold north, nothing in nature will stop them. >> the weather is not that bad. i mean, we are from minnesota so we can handle this cold. >> reporter: one guy saw i was freezing and asked me a question i had never been asked before. >> do you want to borrow a layer. >> reporter: another guy gave me his coat and told me my gloves just weren't making it. >> now you only have one thumb and then all your fingers, so you have more warmth. >> thank you. >> yeah, do you want them? you can have them. >> reporter: police officers everywhere thinking crowd safety and personal warmth. the band played on, the crowd acted like it was a lovely spring day and someone pointed out it could somehow be colder. >> we met a group of guys from canada tonight and they said i
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didn't even bring a jacket and i was like, seriously? it's 10 below. they said, that's right, it's 10 below, where i come from it's worse. i was like, right on. >> reporter: and one last note, this is a statue of mary tyler moore whose wildly successful show was set right here in minneapolis. look what someone did to her hands. on her right hand a glove that says bold, on her left hand a glove that says north. nice touch. classy act. classy people. in minneapolis, terry mcsweeney, nbc bay area news. >> i could tell he's cold. >> yeah. >> terry has been tweeting updates on all the action, those cold conditions from minneapolis. you can follow him, his handle is @terrymcsweeney. >> nbc bay area is the only place to watch all the super bowl action. kickoff is at 3:30 but we will get pregame coverage started at 9:00 this morning. super bowl parties coupled with the gorgeous weather have1 ey this is a live look at traffic
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on interstate 880 in oakland. quite a few people already out this morning. the california highway patrol has a warning for drivers on this super bowl sunday. officers will be spread out looking for any sign of drunk or drugged driving. the chp is calling this their enough is enough campaign, there have been several serious or deadly dui crashes just in recent weeks. new numbers show a spike in arrests for driving under the influence of marijuana. over the last week and a half chp officers arrested 13 drivers for driving under the influence of pot. over the same period last year only two drivers were arrested for that same thing. the calendar might say february but it certainly feels more like spring, even summer in the bay area. yesterday if you were able to get outside you know it was warm. dolores park in the city packed with people. some people were in swimming trunks, bathing suits and even after the sun went down at mission district it was a perfect evening to have dinner outside. some businesses getting a big
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boost by people dining outdoors. many kids excited to wear their summer clothes. >> it was really hot here today so i'm just wearing shorts and a t-shirt, it's what i really always wear. >> yeah. >> uh-huh. >> do you complain when you have to wear winter clothes? >> yeah, i usually do. >> in san francisco you dress in layers, but it was pretty hot today. >> didn't need the layers at all. now, across the city people soaked up the sunny temperatures there on saturday. the classic cable cars were packed with tourists. rental bikes were all the rage in the north bay. be sure to track the forecast with our free nbc bay area app, just click on the weather tab to get a forecast for your neighborhood. in other news now we are tracking a developing story this morning, police activity in the south bay where a street is completely shut down in campbell. this video just came into our newsroom within the last 15 minutes. this is the intersection of cadillac drive and eden avenue. you can see a large police presence there. we're calling police to figure
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out what happened when we find out we'll let you know. a gunman is on the run in san jose after shooting a man who was just washing his car thatçvay victim told$wzj san ja that he was in his front yard near berryessa creek park in north san jose during the noon hour. that's when he said three men dressed in plaque came up to him, one of them shooting him. all three of those men took off. that victim was not seriously injured. we have much more ahead on "today in the bay." coming up, a dangerous close encounter near an airport. look at that, the troubling video that's gone viral and what's next for the person who shot it. and home sweet gnome, the beloved patriots decorative thing right there snatched from a san francisco business. how it was reunited with its owner just in time for super bowl lii. golden gate bridge
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and taking a live look here as we look out over the golden gate bridge. a beautiful start to the sunday morning. it's super bowl sunday.
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of course we've got you covered here on nbc bay area. the time now 7:10. a close call between a drone and a passenger jet over las vegas. this is now under investigation after this dramatic video surfaced online. as "today in the bay's" marianne favro reports there are a lot of questions and even more concerns. >> reporter: this dramatic drone video shown widely on social media shows a dangerously close encounter with a frontier airbus full of passengers approaching las vegas mccarron airport. >> it is an extremely dangerous operation. we saw what a couple birds can do to an aircraft and bring it down as it did a couple years ago on the hudson and a drone would do the same thing if it got into the engine. >> reporter: many passengers arriving at mineta san jose international airport said the close call made them uneasy. >> that plane could have crashed and all those people could have died on the plane. >> i think it's crazy and it should be illegal if it's not.
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i think it's wrong because it's really dangerous. >> reporter: it's unclear who shot the video or when. aviation experts say the drone operator clearly broke the law by flying an unmanned aircraft near an airport and above a commercial plane. fines, even jail time, for possibly putting hundreds of lives at risk. marianne favro, nbc bay area news. there is much more ahead here on "today in the bay." the north bay fires were devastating to so many communities, now we are getting a look at the impact on the 4ps industry. we will show you which areas not the grapes nor the vines that wine makers are most concerned about. we are expecting another warm up. i know you are wondering about all those super bowl parties going on in the bay area. i will have a complete breakdown of exactly what spots will be warmest or coolest coming up after the break. it's time for the 'ultimate sleep number event'
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welcome back. it's 7:14 on your sunday morning. super bowl sunday. san francisco from san bruno mountain, already 51 degrees, it islç a gorgeous morning and goi to be a beautiful day just like yesterday. right now a new study showing just how much of an impact the wildfires this past october had on the wine industry. according to sonoma index tribune, more than 200 vineyards across sonoma, lake, mendocino and napa counties were surveyed. those results know that the most significant impact from the fires was the immediate and temporary slowdown of visitors to the region, but the good news is 75% of wineries say online sales were equal or higher than last year. also visitation from local wine lovers increased. it's been a lot of fun and games for all the people taking part in super bowl activities in minneapolis this week, but for law enforcement the big game comes with huge concerns.
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the twin cities already are considered a hot bed for isis recruitment and the super bowl itself always comes with a security concern of course, so this year a record level of security. military pilots are on alert, ready to intercept a rogue plane, s.w.a.t. teams, bomb sniffing dogs and cameras all are a part of the super bowl security effort. >> we can focus in on anywhere in downtown minneapolis or anywhere in the metro area, zoom in on that particular area, see what the buildings are in the area and using a phone application that we have we can also see the live location of that particular officer. >> the security operation extends beyond the stadium. the fbi is scouring social media channels for any threats to ensure that the game and the fans are safe. garden gnome cherished by san francisco patriots fans is back home this morning. someone snatched gnome kowski from the yankee bar two years
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ago. it wasn't long before an instagram account popped up detailing the adventures. (uju)uq to the bar's ba door. the onwner is very happy he is back in time for the big game and hopefully good luck for the patriot fans. >> it's nice that the thieves at least took him on some adventures. >> kind of like a field trip. >> yeah, field trip. >> field trip. >> yeah. >> and good weather to go on a field trip this weekend, vianey. >> fantastic weather here. yesterday i tweeted terry like this might not be a good time to tell you that we are in the 70s here because i don't think he's properly bundled. somebody gave him a jacket. >> i don't care how much you put you can't stay warm in those temperatures. >> i was thinking his wife is probably texting him like, bundle up. while we are here you don't have to. i had to turn on my ac yesterday, how weird is that? we are still in winter. right now 51 degrees in the peninsula, south bay 51, tri-valley 50 degrees.
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what we've been seeing morning after morning is that mild start across the entire paris. we've seen 40s, 50s, 60s that's exactly what's happening right now. 43 degrees for the north bay, 57 for san francisco and check out the east bay, 50 degrees. now, 4vçq coastal fog really nonexistent, fog hasn't really been an issue the past week and it's right now not really an issue at the moment. santa rosa 3 degrees warmer at this hour than yesterday, livermore 5 degrees cooler than we were yesterday, but don't let please numbers fool you because it's going to be another warm afternoon. we've still got the ridge of high pressure that's been keeping us dry and warm and yesterday we did hit some record highs creating new ones for san jose. we actually hit a high of 78 and the old record was 74. same for san francisco, on friday we beat a new record and today we will get another chance of doing that. san jose we are expecting a high of about 75, 76 could be climbing up there yet again. morgan hill 76 degrees and for the east bay 72 degrees for oakland, walnut creek at 74,
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antioch 73 and along the peninsula we're talking low to mid 70s for the most part. same for san francisco, it's going to be another day of some 70s. as far as your winds go, well, it's going to be very light in terms of the breeze. yesterday we had those stronger gusts along the hillsides and the mountain areas. we did see some 20s and 30s. santa rosa 74 degrees, novato 72 and point reyes at about 68 degrees for today. so how long are we expected to keep this dry and warming trend where this is the culprit right here, we've been talking about this big h off to the side because that represents this ridge of high pressure and it's been a very strong ridge of high pressure and that is going to continue to dominate our weather forecast and really just the pattern of the next several days. look at this timeline, this is taking us through wednesday, february 14th, valentine's day. we are still not expecting any rain which means, yes, that rain and that snow deficit is only going to keep getting worse. over the next seven days, today if you have all those amazing super bowl parties planned, pizza and wings i'm assuming
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will be consumed today, catch it right here on nbc bay area. 72 degrees. it will be a great day to be outside or inside, maybe you can move some tvs outside. monday, tuesday and wednesday we start to drop in terms of the temperatures, but still remain relatively high and unseasonal into the 60s. now, as far as inland spots, same thing as we head into sunday. today 75 degrees expected, some spots might be a little warmer and then on monday we continue with the 70s and then eventually into tuesday we see a slight drop thanks to a bit of a trough coming in, but it's not bringing any rain in it. 73 degrees on wednesday, we keep the 70s on the map for the next several days. so february really dry, mild, but very sunny here in the bay area. and that's expected to only continue. i will send it back to you. >> we need that rain, but, hey, if this is what you're giving us, we will welcome it. >> we will take it. it is 7:20. i still ahead on "today in the bay" a bicentennial celebration in san francisco will look back
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at the life of one of the most celebrate characters in the city. many are paying tribute to him and his rein in san francisco. it's the this is us episode everyone wants to see and it's right after the super bowl here on nbc bay area this sunday night. and light now i'm going to show you how to set your dvr so you don't miss a second of it even if the super bowl runs super long. first, press the xfinity button on your remote, then click on search, on the following menu search for "this is us." once found click on the record menu. navigate all the way down to the bottom of this menu and next to stop. then press the right arrow on your remote until it says 30 minutes late. finally, click confirm and you are all set. so that's how to set up xfinity. other providers are similar. so you don't miss a frame of the show right here on nbc bay area after the super bowl.
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of. >> if you would rather set it and forget it program your dvr to record from 6:00 p.m. all the way to 1:00 a.m. and, trust me, you won't miss a thing. stay with us.
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♪ (door bell rings) (cell phone vibrating) hello. hello. hello. hello. hello. hello. hello. hello. hello, i got your package. you can just leave it, thanks. (cell phone vibrating)
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hello, can i help you? hello. hello. hello. hello. hello. ♪ celebration going on in the bay area today. it also marks the bicentennial well, the super bowl isn't the only celeb operation going on here in the bay area. it also marks the buy centennial of one of san francisco's most enduring characters. i'm talking with joshua norton also known as emperor norton. >> he is a character who is as popular today as he was in the 1800s. joe rows toe jr. shows us how the city is paying tribute. >> reporter: every city has them. >> declare and proclaim myself emperor of these united states. >> reporter: the characters, the accent contribution, the square pegs in the round hole of life. today the king of san francisco's characters was actually a sort of emperor, a failed businessman named joshua norton who in 1859 proclaimed
7:25 am
himself emperor norton. >> from that day on he is norton i, emperor of the united states and protector of mexico. >> i make my money by investing -- >> reporter: joseph plays emperor norton as a tour guide in san francisco where the emperor was not only tolerated, but embraced. >> he would eat for free in restaurants, he had the best seat in the theater. >> reporter: norton was born in r in south africa. in9 andtf[úeau> amassed a fortune i he lost everything a6xprn reinvented himself as an emperor. >> what represents the spirit of san francisco better than somebody who rose from the ashes. >> reporter: norton's grave in a cemetery says he was born in 1819, but researchers have since uncovered records that place his birth more likely in 1818. >> a piece in the daley california from 1865 on february 4th wished him a happy 47th
7:26 am
birthday to that will get you to february 4th, 1818. >> reporter: to sunday will mark emperor norton's 200th birthday, setting off a month of tributes in a city he loved. >> this is a bond from 1851 and his original name it on it. >> reporter: among those tributes is an exhibdé inku%z- francisco's main library. >> i think just being this eccentric san francisco mark people appreciate that. >> reporter: a colorful painting is part of an exhibit in presidio california pioneers. >> this is the only portrait that emperor norton sat for in his time period. >> reporter: while so much of san francisco has changed norton's memory sur riefs from the plaque on commercial street to the bars that bear his name to the city's cast of characters. >> we are a special place and i think all those things play into making emperor norton still a beloved figure in this city. >> i never knew any of that, but
7:27 am
that was cool. >> the more you know. >> yes. much more ahead on "today in the bay" including that breaking news we continue to follow out news we contth carolina, an amt train colliding with a freight train killing two and injuring dozens. ♪ it's like, what do they do in there? you know have you met a scientologist? yeah, like what do they believe? ♪
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take a live look outside -- and good sunday morning to you, it is 7:30 right now. tacfu]ñing aniz2ñ live look out. kd; out our morning here on super bowl sunday. of course, this is just -- i up to wnthis. >> right. >> good morning, thank you for joining us. i'm marcus washington. >> i think last sunday we had a beautiful shot like that and i was like, it's a goodjbmr day t alive, youzáuf know. >> and it is. >> it is again today. it's a good day to be at the bay area. thanks for joining us, i'mewx k thanks for joining us, i'mewx k klapp- because it's a big day, super bowl sunday here on nbc bay area. vianey says it will be a great day to take your tv outside. >> not openly is it easy like
7:30 am
sunday morning but it's super bowl sunday. yes, actually my tv rolls around, i don't know if you guys have that, i have like a little stand. >> i would have to rip mine off the wall. >> well, i don't know, but if you have one that does roll around, i don't know why mine rolls around, if you do take it outside, because look at how gorgeous it is. san francisco beautiful clear skies and we are expecting another day of warm temperatures which means, yep, once again climbing to the 70s. now, yesterday on a lot of my snap chats i love seeing people in the bay area say, oh, my gosh, i'm going outside, some people wore shorts. just a fantastic day. hayward right now is at about 52 degrees, san jose 51. look at san francisco, 55 degrees. now, don't let these 40s and 50s fool you. look at the temperature trend for santa clara. by 1:00 or rather by 12:00 we will be at 70 degrees and only getting warmer. once again we will inch close to those 80s. yesterday we saw upper 70s but
7:31 am
thanks to that ridge of high pressure this isn't going to be the last day we are expecting plenty of sunshine, but at least for today it is sunday, we will expect fantastic weather. i will go over the next seven days and what you can expect as we head into monday coming up in justo#cl a bit. at 7:31, we are following breaking news out of south carolina. overnight an amtrak train collided with a freight train near lexington. we are still learning about those details as they come in. >> these are the photos from the scene right here. take a look. now, here is the latest information coming out from overnight. we do know that two people are dead and at least another 70 people are hurt. that crash happened about 2:30 local time in the city of cayce. >> 139 passengers and eight crew members were on board. a few hours ago officials spoke about how they responded. >> what we immediately went into was a search mode, search and rescue mode, we were able to begin to extract and assist
7:32 am
passengers off of that train. at this time all passengers are off of the train. this is very important to put out there. right now we're estimating about 5,000 gallons of fuel has spilled. >> the train was going from new york to miami and the ntsb is investigating. be sure to stay with nbc bay area for continuing coverage of this breaking story. we will bring you updates as soon as they come into our newsroom. at 7:32 this morning, we are tracking a developing story, police activity in the south why a street is completely shut down in campbell. we have video that came into our newsroom within the last 45 minutes. this is the intersection of cadillac drive and eden-vúç,ja. you can see that large police presence there. we are calling police to try to figure out what happened and when we find out we will let you know. president trump is claiming the vindication after the release of the congressional memo allegeding the fbi abused its surveillance powers, even as the fbi(ñnq maintains that thate
7:33 am
memo is inaccurate and misleading. in a tweet yesterday morning the president wrote the memo totally vindicates trump in probe but the russian witch-hunt goes on and on. there was no collusion, there was no obstruction. the democrats say the memo proves quite the opposite. new york democrat jerrold nadler one of four house lawmakers granted access to see the classified fisa court papers delivered his own rebuttal last night. he says republicans failed to explain that the dossier was not the only evidence used to authorize repeated spying. >> warrant renewals were granted which means that they saw, in fact, lots of evidence on an ongoing basis, not based on the steele dossier but based on new evidence as reach renewal came about. >> now, the gop document released friday claims officials abused their power to obtain secret surveillance of the trump campaign aide who they suspected
7:34 am
of being a russian spy. the fbi and the department of justice have expressed concerns about inaccuracies and misleading information in that memo. new this morning a continuing problem in the east bay, police breaking up a sideshow in oakland. police posted these photos to twitter this morning, you can see it shows several vehicles being towed. officials said they were dealing with a large sideshow at high street and foothill boulevard in oakland. spectators allegedly were breaking windows of businesses and throwing bottles at officers. police have not said how many people have been arrested nor the number of cars that they towed. last week you might recall we showed you this video of an out of control sideshow also in oakland. police there say that along with doing doughnuts some of the drivers were firing guns into the air. a follow-up now to a story we first brought you yesterday morning, police say they did arrest the man seen walking around near downtown pleasant hill on friday night carrying an
7:35 am
assau assault-style rifle and wearing a bulletproof vest. the neighborhood was placed on lockdown as they searched for him. pleasant hill police couldn't track down the man that is until yesterday. they say he has mental health problems, no one was hurt. carjacking suspect is arrested in san francisco. here he is in handcuffs, you can see sitting on the ground there. it happened around 8:30 last night and police say that man stole a car from the fifth and mission street parking garage and then led police on a 15-minute car chase through the city. officers eventually arrested him in the bay view district. a san francisco pro wrestler known for his charity work facing serious charges this morning. san jose police arrested which will cuevas for allegedly sending harmful matter to seduce a minor. he is a military veteran and professional wrestler who grew up in northern california. he is known for his work with charities and veteran groups as well as professional wrestling
7:36 am
events. at 7:35 football's biggest day of the year is finally here, we are about eight hours away from super bowl lii or let's say seven hours and 54 minutes, but who is counting. the new england patriots are looking to take home the victory. vince lombardi trophy. while the philadelphia eagles are hoping to make history with their first, wendy woolfolk is live outside the stadium and braving those temperatures. >> reporter: does good mean ridiculous, marcus? good morning to both you and kira. we know that this super bowl no matter who wins is going to go in the record books because it's going to be the coldest one on record. but those fans are fired up, no matter how cold it is outside.
7:37 am
despite the snow and plummeting temperatures, fans packed the streets to celebrate super bowl lii. >> this is perfect. couldn't ask for a better day than this. >> i wish they were playing outside, football weather. >> reporter: even the hometown favorites have something to cheer about. >> our stadium made the super bowl. >> reporter: and these lifelong eagles fans wouldn't have missed it no matter what the location. >> once in a lifetime. we are not here like new england every year. >> reporter: details like ticket prices, no match for team loyalty. >> $3500, i spend my wedding and honeymoon to come here. >> reporter: what is expected to be an even matchup. >> the two best teams. >> reporter: still confident and unapologetic for their team's super bowl record. >> let's go. let's go. >> because we're hungry. we want it. the city wants it. we want it. it's our year. >> reporter: only a few more hours until we find out who takes home this year's bragging
7:38 am
rights. here we go. okay. granted the big game tonight is going to take place indoors, but nfl organizersuh( from you. >> reporter: there's a story behind that, we will have to talk about that some other time. >> off air, i guess.but h thanks, wendy. terry mcsweeney is in minneapolis for this super bowl.
7:39 am
i don't know that he looks equally as fabulous. >> he doesn't have the hat. >> but he is also covering other competitions. >> reporter: you may be wondering what's going on out here, beautiful day in the bay area. we're not that far from minneapolis and what's going on here is an ice fishing contest and if you're interested in how this works is you drill a hole, put down a line and stand there and apparently a lot of people drink beer while they do that and some people say that's really the purpose of having an ice fishing contest, to drink beer, but there are prizes out here. hundreds of people. you look around -- >> that is awesome.see mo terry will continue his live reportingy(qq3tr@nbc bay area ie to watch all the super bowl action. kickoff is at 3:30... but we )ll get pregame coverage
7:40 am
started at 9 this morning. still ahead on today in the bay. president trump says he )s been vindicated with the release of the republican fisa memo -- allegeding the f-b-i used questionable investi has been vindicated with the release of the republican fisa memo alleging the fbi used ut. questionable investigating practic practices. our political analyst larry gerston joins us live to sort it all out. andne the goe warriors try k up a win in the mile high city. this one goes down to the wire. sports is next. :2
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7:43 am
game tied up late in the fourth, andre agdal la hits kevin durant for the dunk, puts the dubs up by two. the nuggets answer right back, will barton to jamal murray for the layup ties the game back up. gary harris, this could be trouble. nope. but it falls in the lap of nikola joe kitsch for thegyãeas three. warriors fall not nuggets 115-108. >> former 49ers great terrell owens was elected saturday to the 2018 pro football hall of fame. owens ranked second all time in career receiving yards with 15,934, and third all time in career receiving touchdowns with 153. t.o. took to instagram to share the news posting congrats to all the hall of fame class of 2018. we're golden. can randy moss and brian urlacher were two of the seven
7:44 am
other names joining t.o. in the 2018 class. tom brady was named the 2017 nfl mvp. the 40-year-old wins his third career mvp and becomes the oldest in league history. super bowl kicks off at 3:30 on nbc. we will have more news after the break. care, we can now repair complex aortic aneurysms without invasive surgery. if we can do that, imagine what we can do for varicose veins. and if we can precisely treat eye cancer with minimal damage to the rest of the eye, imagine what we can do for glaucoma, even cataracts. if we can use dna to diagnose the rarest of diseases, imagine what we can do for the conditions that affect us all. imagine what we can do for you.
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welcome back. release of the republican fisa memo last friday brought the!-uc special council investigation of russian interference in the 2016 presidential election to a new level of controversy. republicans claim that the memo wouldehreveal shoddy investigation practices, democrats countered with cries of cherry-picking data and intelligence officials warned that the release would jeopardize american intelligence gathering efforts. >> yes, so what did we learn after those memos were released? nbc bay area political analyst is here to sort things out, larry gerston. you know, when we heard about this some people were shocked by what they saw, some people were
7:47 am
underwhelmed. what did we learn from the memo. >> like all things in politics it depends on your perspective. let's take this one step at a time. fisa we have heard this word a lot lately stands for foreign intelligence surveillance act. that allows the federal agents to secretly get special court warrants. this memo drafted only by house intelligence committee republican -- republican staff members concluded that the justice department used shoddy information gathering techniques and they were referring to mostly the steele dossier it is called to obtain a fisa warrant to tap conversations of carter paige, a trump adviser. now, former british intelligence officer christopher steele had been hired by a democratic group to research trump for the clinton campaign. much of his findings have been corroborated others have not. republican staffers complained that when justice officials requested the fisa warrant the judge was not made aware of the politically controversial steele
7:48 am
dossier, that's where it starts. >> and these are really serious allegations. so why did only republicans participate in this? >> okay. be patient. that gets to the democratic response. the democrats on the intelligence committee protested that they were cut out of the staff work all together thereby having no input in the research and it's findings. they also claimed, and correctly so, that the justice department began investigating carter paige in 2013, long before the steele dossier was written in 2016. in fact, when the justice department asked for a new fisa warrant in 2016 it was the fourth time in a continuing investigation of paige who had long been suspected of questionable ties with the russians. so each time, this is important, each time justice officials requested another warrant they had to show new knowledge from the previous efforts. so there was a long history between the justice department and carter paige going back well before the independent steele
7:49 am
dossier. >> and long before clinton/trump 2013. >> that's right. when you think about all of this, why is this, you know, the process, so important here? >> yeah, good question. look, fisa is important. fisa warrants allow intelligence agents to tap into phones and other investigative methods of people suspected of helping a foreign government do harm to the united states. these warrants, they're very difficult to obtain because of the serious nature of potentially intruding on one's privacy. a fisa request, therefore, a package it's called, a typically between 30 and 100 pages and ladened with research. several high ranking justice officials review the materials before requesting the warrant. it's serious and they want to make sure they know where they're going and that's why they take their time. >> it sounds like they knew what they were doing, where they were going, they were confident about the need for the fisa warrant so why were intelligence officials
7:50 am
so worried. >> good question, too. >> loaded request he. >> this gets back to -- the fact is american intelligence gathering that network spans the globe. the u.s. intelligence community feared that release of a classified information such as that found in the republican memo would leave other countries less likely or willing to help the united states in fear of their agents being exposed. lives are at stake here. just last year president trump inadvertently released a highly classified information about isis to the russian ambassador that had been secretly acquired for the u.s. by the israelis jeopardizing their agents as a result. >> and yesterday president trump was tweeting out that this intelligence committee memo vindicates him from any wrongdoing. okay. we hear that, but what about the mueller investigation, does this end it? >> no, not at all. but it does suggest -- it does suggest something, it suggests a possible future path for the
7:51 am
president. should special counsel mueller ask for an interview, with he expect him to do so, trump may use this memo as a shield against participating. that would lead mueller to request a grand jury subpoena which probably would force the president to appear, but with what the president now views as his way out he might well take the fifth amendment which allows someone not to speak on the grounds of potential self-incrimination. look, bottom line here, we are a long way from that point, but as the mueller investigation winds down, the biggest challenges, and i mean biggest challenges, will lie ahead. >> so fascinating to see what happens. as always, larry, thanks to you. we will have a last look at weather after the break. stay with us. it's time for the 'ultimate sleep number event'
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and the super bowl teams ) good morning, it's 7:54. if you are hosting a super bowl party i bet you are up and have all the preps under way. look at this gorgeous shot at expecting another fantastic and warm day across the bay area. if you are heading outside right now you are going to notice we are in the 50s yet again for the most part, 51 degrees in the south bay, 51 for the peninsula, 50 degrees in the tri-valley and in the north bay(iñ look at thi gorgeous sunrise as well, 54 degrees. your microclimate highs for today will once again be dominated by that ridge of high pressure and that's going to warm us right back up into those 70s. if you liked yesterday you will also enjoy today as well. san francisco 72 degrees,
7:55 am
oakland 72, san jose a high of 75 and check out ukiah, 74 degrees. now, this will be a great beach day, although i have a feeling a lot of people are probably going to be watching the super bowl right here on nbc bay area. what exactly has been keeping the temperatures warm and dry? it's this pattern that we have seen all week long thanks to a ridge of high pressure. if you look at the long range 8ñvñvx+ia t through february 14th, if you notice through february 14th no rain in sight. as a matter of fact, we will keep these dry warm temperatures on tap and on trend for the next several days. maybe even a stretch beyond two weeks. judging by the long range outlook it looks like february off to a dry start and we are not seeing any rain in sight. there will be a rain and snow deficit, we weren't expecting any snow in the mountains, either. if you haven't been up to lake tahoe you may want to check it efficient up there is more
7:56 am
likelily going to be melting. nets talk about the next seven days in the bay area. for today we will be in the 70s and as we head into monday the start of your workweek we will see a slight drop in those temperatures. as we head into tomorrow we will be warm in san francisco but a high of 67 degrees is expected. as we head into tuesday and wednesday we will also keep the 60s and if you notice for inland spots for tomorrow afternoon we are going to see a mix of sun and clouds and then we clear out fairly nice for the next several days. that long stretch of dry and warm weather is expected to continue, but let us know what you're doing for super bowl sunday, i know marcus and kira probably have awesome plans. get those barbecues ready, it will be a fantastic super bowl sunday. >> we are excited abot]p>m@lq÷ o doubt. great weather. the super bowl team mascots had the battle on and off the field. pat the patriot and the eagle raced on a bold north(dzw zip l.
7:57 am
pat bought back for a close finish. officials went to the replay and it seems there was no conclusive evidence to determine a winner. >> wow. nerve-racking to see. >> better luck do you recall the actual game. >> my mother-in-law lives in minneapolis and i told her to go on that zip line. she said it's sold out. >> i believe it. >> they're thinking of, you know, extending it until after the super bowl is over so more people can do it. >> utilize that. >> v5[-yeah. a lot better weather here to do a zip line, but we hope you can get out and enjoy it today. we really want to thank you for making us a part of your morning. of course, the patriots and eagles are just hours away from super bowl lii. nbc bay area is the only place to watch all the super bowl action. kick youf is at 3:30 but pregame coverage starts right here at 9:00 this morning. >> our next newscast follows the game and the special presentation of "this is us." of course, we will have your local news for you tonight at
7:58 am
11:00 and on have a great morning. enjoy the game right here on nbc bay area. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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don't stop now, it's easy to add to the routine. join energy upgrade california and do your thing. this sunday, the republican memo is out and the reaction is in. >> i think it's a disgrace what's happening in our country. a lot of people should be ashamed of themselves and much worse than that. >> the president's allies say the memo proves the entire russia investigation is illegitimate and this is just phase one. >> we are in the middle of what i call phase two of our investigation, which involves other departments, specifically the state department. >> democrats say the memo is nothing more than a smokescreen. >> this is just the latest chapter in an effort to distract attention from the russia probe and try to put the government on trial. plus, will president trump use the memo to fire the man in charge of the special counsel's investigation? rod


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