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tv   Today  NBC  February 12, 2018 7:00am-9:01am PST

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coming up in a half an hour. >> don't forget to join us tomorrow morning starting at 4:30. so much news, weather and traffic for you. make sure you have a good day. ♪ good morning. solid gold. >> 720, nice and clean. >> jamie anderson overcomes the competition and the conditions to take home the gold in slopestyle snowboarding. and she's celebrating with us this morning. leaping into history. >> she has to go right up into it. yes! >> mirai nagasu becomes the first american woman to land a triple axel in american olympics as she leads the team to a bronze medal. we'll talk to the team, live. >> what a start. 17-year-old snowboarding sensation, chloe kim, as she
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goes for gold tonight, why winning in south korea would be extra special for her and her family. all that, plus team usa makes history in men's snowboarding and luge. lindsey vonn opens up with her long awaited return to olympic competition. and our home away from home. a look inside our road to the winter olympics. >> whew-hoo! >> and the fun we're already having here in pyeongchang. today, monday, february 12th, 2018. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is a special edition of "today" at the olympic games with savannah guthrie and hoda kotb. live from pyeongchang, south korea.
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>> good morning, everybody, and welcome to pyeongchang! this is how you make an entrance. >> we are here! we are here! >> usa, usa! usa! usa! >> usa, we have members of team usa right here, actually. we have gold medal winners, we have silver medal winners, we have the bobsled team. thanks, guys! >> you all are awesome, by the way. you guys are awesome. wait. >> and they are helping us get started off right. yay! >> this is awesome. all right. this, by the way -- this parade that they just had going through -- it goes through every single night. it's called the sumerang parade. we have the mascot up top that everybody is crazy about here. >> his name is suharang too. >> and we want to thank the wonderful paraders who came out for us. and we're just having fun. are you all enjoying yourselves?
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>> yeah. >> we are going to talk to the athletes in a little while. we have gold medal winners, silver, bronze, we've got it all. >> and this is pyeongchang. this is where dreams are being made right now. let's set the stage for you. winter olympics are actually in two places. the mountains of pyeongchang and down here where we are on the coastal city of gangneung right in the thick of the action in olympic park. hockey, skating, curling, all a few feet from where we're standing. >> every morning for the next two weeks, this is the place where all the gold medalists and silver medalists and bronze medalists will come. snowboarder jamie anderson is going to come. chris madzder. the whole figure skating team. >> yes! >> we love you all. >> we want to show you first how
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they made their way to the medal podiums. craig melvin is at the hockey center. hi, craig, good morning. >> good morning, savannah. good to see you. it is going to be an action-packed two weeks here in pyeongchang. tonight, of course, all eyes will be on that 17-year-old snoe snowboard phenom, chloe kim. it's been a good few days to be an american athlete. some records have been broken, some history has already been made. >> it is official. jamie anderson is golden once again. >> reporter: jamie anderson electrifying the slopes winning gold in the women's snowboard slopestyle. >> she is now a two-time olympic gold medalist. >> becoming the first female snowboarder to win two olympic gold medals. >> the wind is a huge factor. >> reporter: battling wind and dangerous conditions in phoenix snow park, anderson beating her competitors who struggled with wipeouts and bailed on jumps. >> honestly, it feels unreal.
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i mean, i dreamed of this. >> reporter: and on the ice, the americans bringing home the bronze in a team figure skating event. leading off the final round, adam rippon, dazzling. at 28, the pennsylvania native is the oldest olympic rookie to skate since the 1930s. >> how does it feel being the old guy on the ice? >> i love it. i think it kind of proves that age is just a team. my teammates are 17 and 18 years old, i'm 11 and 10 years older than both of them. and i said, you know what, i can still hang with the kids. and i think that in the last two years i've gotten better and better. >> reporter: as for the women, mirai nagasu made history. >> yes! >> oh! wow! >> reporter: becoming the first american woman to land a triple axel at the olympics, stunning the crowd, her teammates and herself. the jump is three-and-a-half rotations, and is considered one
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of the most difficult moves on the ice. rounding out the competition, maiya and alex shibutani, giving a moving performance set to cold plays "paradise." >> and that's enough to guarantee a medal! >> reporter: and on the luge track, chris madsder. the 29-year-old taking silver in the men's singles luge, the first u.s. medal ever in that event ending a 54-year drought for team usa. >> i've had a rough last two years. and it just shows, don't ever give up. >> reporter: the first gold of these games, a come-from-behind win by teenager red gerard. the 17-year-old delivering an upset in the men's snowboard slopestyle. gerard was sitting in last place heading into the third and final run. then the colorado native
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catching air with a clean back side triple cork 1440. four full rotations, landing him in first place. >> i cannot believe what just happened. that was enough for me just to land the run. so to get first is crazy. >> reporter: truly a sight to behold. going back to those windy conditions, 41 out of 50 runs ended in either a wipeout or they just simply gave up. here's a quick look at what we can expect here tonight. again, we mentioned chloe kim, the 17-year-old going for the women's gold on the halfpipe. on the men's side, shaun white begins his quest to reclaim the gold in his signature event. plus, medals are being handed out in the women's luge, as well. and it's a busy day in short track speed skating, as well, including the women's 500 meter final. and here is the first of many looks at the medal count. right now, norway in the early
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lead followed by the netherlands, canada, germany, and team usa. savannah, hoda, back to you. >> all right, craig. thanks so much. craig was just talking about the hardware and the medals. we're so happy. we got one of the medalists right here, 17-year-old red gerard. red, you were in dead last going into that final run, as craig was saying. you went from last to first. and you became usa's first gold in pyeongchang. how does that feel, honey? >> it feels pretty crazy, honestly. i don't really think i have had the time for it to kick in. i've been on some crazy 24-hour media stuff. it's been such a blast, it's crazy. i've been all over doing interviews with so many people. it's been awesome. >> it's incredible. because the first two runs, which weren't your best. and then the last run, you just totally nailed. >> yes. >> could you feel it in your bones? like, were you getting ready and going, this is it. i'm going to do it. >> for sure.
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i always just say when i come to conference, i just want to land a run. and after that, it's not up to me. it's up to the judges. so i just -- you know, i came all the way out to korea and i would love to land a run. >> can we see the hardware? >> you can indeed. >> you've got it right there in your pocket. >> what do you think? >> savannah -- >> touching it with my bare hands. >> were you born in 2000? >> i was. >> but you've been snowboarding since you were 2. >> just a little one. >> they built a -- what, a rail, in your backyard, right? >> yeah, we've always had backyard setups going on. just so much fun after school, and you know, inviting friends over, having barbecues and all that. >> did your parents absolutely freak when you got the gold? >> oh, yeah. you don't even know. it was crazy. >> there are 18 gerards here. >> they have been partying all day long already. they were already beyond psyched. but, yeah, they were -- they were so excited, it was crazy. my dad is a big time olympic fan. so to see that i won the
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olympics, he was -- i don't -- the emotions were crazy for him. >> you won gold. you were the first american gold this year. and i love what you said in a news conference before. you were looking to have a mellow experience here at the olympics. i think it's been a little more than mellow. >> i don't think i knew what i was getting into, really. so -- yeah. >> well, red, we love you. you guys, we've got red gerard here. we love you, honey. congratulations. >> thank you so much. thank you. also, on a busy monday morning, we've got another big headline from here. north korea's involvement in these games. nbc's senior national correspondent, kate snow, has that part of the story. >> reporter: from the opening ceremony, when a north korean and south korean carried the olympic torch together to a north korean pop orchestra holding concerts. and those mysterious chanting cheerleaders. north korea is grabbing the world's attention at these games by design. kim o-jung, the younger sister
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of kim jong-un, captivated south korea for days, sitting just feet away from vice president pence at the opening ceremony. noti noticeably smirking as the u.s. team was announced. kim yo jung writing, i hope the future of prosperity of unification is havened. the american coach of the joint women's korean hockey team was skeptical of north korea's agenda when new players when added to her roster just weeks before the game. >> i felt at that time it was being used for political reasons. but now that girls are together, i'm happy we're together. >> reporter: but even south koreans encouraged by the cooperation worry the world isn't seeing the whole truth. what is the part of north korea we're not seeing here? >> we're seeing oppression. >> reporter: there have been sporadic protests here. for the u.s., it's complicated, fearing the north is trying to drive a wedge between the u.s.
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and long-time ally, south korea. vice president pence went to great pains to avoid the north korean delegation at the olympics, later tweeting in part, the world cannot turn a blind eye to the oppression and threats of the kim regime. as poised as kim's sister has appeared, the world knows very little about her. we do know her big brother, kim jong-un, is accused of having their half brother fatally poisoned. the 22 north korean athletes competing here are keeping a low profile. skiers, skaters, a figure skating pair and hockey players. the north korean athletes are surrounded by security and minders. when a north korean soldier bolted at the border back in november, he was shot. lee, who fled north korea in 1997, says the athletes don't dare try to defect. >> she or he will be in public execution after they return to north korea. and he or she, the whole family
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will be sent to the political prison camp. >> and that was kate snow reporting this morning. we have a lot more to get to this morning, including news from back home. there is new fallout and controversy over the resignations of two key white house staffers amid spousal abuse allegations. nbc's national correspondent, peter alexander, is at the white house with the latest. hey, peter. >> reporter: hey, hoda, good morning to you. nearly a week has passed since the allegations against one of the president's most trusted aides and the white house and chief of staff, john kelly, still haven't gotten their stories straight. the president, like he's repeatedly done before, is sympathizing, not with the women who have come forward, but with the men who were accused. this morning, the white house hunkering down, trying to contain the damage from former top aide, rob porter's accusation after accusations of spousal abuse. senior white house officials backing up their boss. >> he is sympathetic towards women and men who are victims of
7:14 am
domestic violence. >> reporter: that's not what the president is saying, appearing to side with porter over his accusers. >> he says he's innocent. and i think you have to remember that. >> reporter: the white house offering this explanation. >> i think the president is shaped by a lot of false accusations against him in the past. >> reporter: the president over the weekend fueling the firestorm after the departure of a second staffer, a speech writer, also facing domestic abuse allegations. president trump tweeting, people's lives are being shattered and destroyed by mere allegations. some are true and some are false. porter's second ex-wife responding in "time," magazine. the words mere allegation and falsie accused meant to imply that i'm a liar. that abuse is something to be questioned and doubted. both porter and speech writer david sorensen deny the allegations. with chief of staff john kelly facing fierce criticism for how he handled the porter problem and conflicting stories coming from the white house for days, officials here are standing by the four-star marine general. >> john kelly has not offered his resignation.
7:15 am
john kelly is doing an outstanding job. >> i think the talk about the chief's departure is much ado about nothing. >> reporter: today the president will unveil his vision for his long-promised infrastructure plan, hosting state and local leaders here at the white house. but this trillion and a half dollar proposal is likely a nonstarter, even with the president's own party that simply doesn't have much of an appetite these days for another massive spending bill. hoda, that's the latest from here at the white house. now back to you. >> all right, peter, thank you so much. this morning, investigators are combing a snowy field outside moscow for clues in sunday's crash of a russian airliner. authorities say all 65 passengers and 6 crew members were killed. the plane was flying from moscow to southern russia. the plane started to lose altitude and speed, then vanished from radar. security video captured the moment of impact. the pilots did not report any problems before that crash. the trump administration released a statement saying the
7:16 am
u.s. is deeply saddened by that tragedy. it is 7:15 now. we're in pyeongchang, we're all together. >> yes. >> we've got to talk about this weather. >> that's right. >> al, you had that thing out you carried -- that weather monitor. >> it shows it's about minus 10 wind chill out here right now. >> cold. >> but the winds have been a big, big problem, causing some major problems as far as some of the ski slope situations. so here's why we have seen these winds. there's been a strong pacific storm. we've also had high pressure over china. the difference between the two, the pressure grade, has really caused strong, cold, northwesterly winds up to 50 miles per hour from the past weekend into today. the good news is, the winds will subside tomorrow. they should drop down to 25 to 35 miles per hour. but then we look for them to pick up again wednesday into thursday as another storm system increases, bringing the winds in 40 to 50 miles per hour. so it's going to play havoc with the scheduling as far as the ski events are going to be concerned.
7:17 am
closer to home, heavy rain along the southeastern atlantic coast. heavy snow in the rockies. fire threat in the southwest. plenty of sunshine, but freecol. we're going to get to your local forecast coming up in the next 30 seconds. meteorologist kari h. as we take a live look outside in san francisco, a clear start to the morning and also cool temperatures and it's still breezy. we've dropped down to freezing in napa this morning. we are at 32 degrees, but in san jose it's 50.
7:18 am
38 degrees in livermore, a wide range in temperatures already, but as we go through the day looking at some upper 50s to near 60 degrees, san francisco 59 degrees there, 60 in oakland and 62 degrees today in san jose. and that is your latest weather. guys? >> all right, al. >> thank you, al. just ahead from pyeongchang, twice is nice. snowboarder jamie anderson strikes for the second winter olympics. we're going to celebrate with her and a few hundred of her friends. >> i like her moves. and she's waited eight long years for this moment. lindsey vonn talks about her long road back to the winter olympics. and how she is feeling ahead of her opening races. but first, this is "today" on nbc. it's time for the 'ultimate sleep number event'
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yeah, it can do that too. it's google home mini, now only $39. breaking news: a very good morning to you. it is 7:26. i'm laura garcia. we have breaking news that we're covering this morning. video from nbc bay area sky ranger shot just moments ago, this is over tesla road between livermore and tracy. a road closed in both directions due to some kind of crime scene investigation. you can see officers have been combing that area for clues. so far we have no confirmation about what authorities are investigating right now, but some of the video we are not showing you indicates there may have been some kind of violent crime scene. the chp tells us authorities were called to the area before 2:00 this morning. we don't know how long the road will remain closed as the investigation continues. mike inouye has been
7:27 am
monitoring this because it certainly has a traffic impact. >> it, loo like just a small roadway, but this is tesla road, the one that bob has been talking about being a major issue for folks cutting between 580 and 580. they are avoiding the altamonte pass. that may continue in toward the afternoon and evening as well. your main commute west 580 is getting better, slow through oakland. weather starts out cold, mike, we have had chilly temperatures and we will have a cooler day with some breezy winds and some temperatures reaching into the low 60s for the south bay. in concord today 58 degrees and 63 today in santa rosa. san francisco 59 and those winds at times gusting up to about 10 to 15 miles an hour. could be a little bit higher for this afternoon. laura? i was just mentioning that was happening on tesla road. this was just given to me. this information that the chp responded to a medical
7:28 am
emergency, persons there with life-threatening injuries, multiple stab wounds. we will have the latest in our next update.
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e is for everyone. ♪ welcome back, everybody, 7:30 on a monday morning, february 12th, 2018. 9:30 here in pyeongchang. look at that, watching the caldron from high above. >> that is a beautiful sight. this is the olympic city. so many people are having moments of their lives. gold medal, just getting here for so many people is a dream come true. >> one of the best parts of our job is they all stop here. it's the coolest thing in the world. you look over there, you see a medalist. >> you look over there, and team usa figure skaters.
7:31 am
they are so excited. they're going to come by and chat with us. we can't wait. >> that's awesome. let's get to themorning. we're going to start with an impressive start to the olympics for team usa. >> golden moment. >> it is official. jamie anderson is golden once again. >> snowboarder jamie anderson lights up the slopes, becoming the first female snowboarder to win two olympic golds. on the ice, mirai nagasu jumps into history. becoming the only american woman to land a triple axle at the olympics. searching for answers. federal investigators looking into why a tourist helicopter crashed in the grand canyon, killing three people and injuring several others. >> you try in conditions like this, you have to have special
7:32 am
training and special people to handle the aircraft. weinstein served. new york's attorney general sues harvey weinstein, alleging the former movie mogul and his company forced workers to endure sexual harassment, intimidation and discrimination. terrifying moment caught on camera. a truck carrying natural ghast bursts into flames in northern china, injuring two. and royal wedding day details. kensington palace reveals the schedule for prince harry and meghan markle's nuptials, with a ceremony at noon and a party thrown by prince charles. let's get back to olympic action. look who is here, fresh off defending her olympic gold title in slopestyle. jamie, sochi, check. and now, pyeongchang, check.
7:33 am
how did the second one feel? >> the second one felt pretty amazing. honestly, it's just like all of us go through so much being at this level in our sport. and all of the pressure of one day in four years. i was really happy. >> i remember meeting you four years ago, the first time slo slopestyle was in the olympics. and you won gold again. you're the only one that has won gold in this event. >> i'm so grateful. it was a struggle. everyone has their own rollercoaster of chaos, and to persevere through everything feels like -- >> speaking of rollercoaster, up there, the wind was crazy. it was knocking people over. >> literally. >> how did you deal with that? >> it's been just a struggle since we've gotten here. there's so much power in that canyon. it hasn't really stopped blowing. yesterday it was a struggle.
7:34 am
today, it was really difficult. you kind of just got to deal with it. i mean, action sports and being in a winter sport, there's always all kinds of crazy weather. and you kind of just embrace and do your best in the moment. >> we love being here in this moment with you. but you talk about a struggle and it not being easy. over these years, i read that you felt like you had to rediscover that fire in your belly. how did you find it? >> well, today i was really nervous. i had a lot of, like, feelings. and after practice, it was really difficult. nothing worked for me. i just kind of took a moment, cleared my nerves and just kind of tapped into that power within. i know it sounds cliche, but listen to your heart and go with your own flow and not being afraid to do things my own way. and i feel like that kind of carried me through the course today. >> you did it. >> one more event later on.
7:35 am
>> big air, baby. >> we can't wait for that. >> thank you for coming. >> your medal looks good on you. >> it does. >> go get them. thank you. now, let's go over to al and a check of our weather. >> i was talking to jamie about the winds. it will be picking up again. it will be kind of interesting. all of these folks coming to see all of our athletes, which is cool. back home, things are all on the warm side, especially the eastern half of the country. look at the temperatures, climbing into the 40s and the 606 60s. look at st. louis and pittsburgh, birmingham, all above normal. and late week, that warmth continues, especially to the southeast. the rest of the country, freezing cold in the plains. heavy rain along the southeastern coast, and fairly dry along the west coast.
7:36 am
good morning, i'm meteorologist kari hall. we've had a big change in our weather with some much cooler temperatures moving in and as you get ready to head out we are going to have a cool start, but our highs reaching into the mid to upper 50s, even some low 60s for the inland areas with breezy winds, san francisco up to 59 today and 62 degrees tomorrow. there's still not a drop of rain anywhere in the seven-day forecast but we will start to see the changes moving in on sunday and there may be some rain moving into the bay area early next week. >> and that is your latest weather. ladies? >> all right, al, thank you. still to come on a busy olympic monday morning, we're going to give you the lay of the land here in pyeongchang. we'll show you some of the fun we had from the moment we arrived. also ahead, what a start for the u.s. figure skating team. the medal winners will be here joining us live. plus, shining with silver. we're going to talk to chris
7:37 am
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and it doesn't just happen every four years. it happens one morning at a time, and one cup at a time. folgers. proud sponsor of team usa. "today's" olympic start is sponsored by folgers, proud sponsor of team usa. >> and we are back with "today's olympic start." at just 17 years old, chloe kim is already a superstar in the world of snowboarding. and she proved it in her debut here in pyeongchang. >> she crushed it, the top qualifier for tonight's halfpipe final. we caught up with her last fall when she was touring columbia university with her family. like most olympians, chloe kim
7:42 am
is focused on getting that gold medal. >> a perfect 100 for chloe kim. >> reporter: chloe is also focused on getting into college. college, the olympic games. most kids aren't worried about anything at this stage of your life. you have a lot on your shoulders. >> i have a lot to worry about. but these are good problems to have. >> yes. the prodigy known for her big air and big smile first hit the slopes at the age of 4. >> good job, chloe. good job. keep going. keep going. good job. >> reporter: the voices behind the camera hecheering her name, mom and dad, immigrants from south korea, who decided as a family, to give snowboarding a try. you must have been hanging on to your dad because he's a big, strong man. >> he fell, too. >> when she was 4, i was 48. i didn't know how to get on the
7:43 am
lift. i fell on her. >> you fell on her? >> yeah. i didn't know how to do it. >> mom, what were you thinking? could get injured, were you worried? >> no. she was a very active baby. she had lots of power. >> reporter: you glimpse that power in videos at the kims' home in california. one morning he put you in the car. >> he carried me out of my bed. i would be sleeping. >> reporter: the overnight commute paid off. at the age of 13, chloe started competing with the best in her sport. this time, the voices behind the camera went from barely knowing her name. to likely never forgetting it. >> she's only 13. but she goes massive. there we tgo. >> reporter: a few months later, chloe technically qualified for the 2014 olympics, but there was
7:44 am
one catch, she was too young. she needed to be 16 to go. were you surprised that you qualified? >> yeah, kind of. but we did not expect that far. >> i think we were confused. it was just really fast and really soon. >> the future of women's halfpipe snowboarding is here. >> reporter: while she missed out on the gold in sochi, chloe has topped the podium three times at the x-games. she became the first and only woman to land back-to-back 1080s, three full mid-air roat n rotations. she is now poised to medal in her parents home country of south korea. >> i have a korean face but i was born and raised in the states. >> reporter: to mom and dad, it's an achievement that's as american as it gets. knowing she will be competing for the united states, your country now, how does that make
7:45 am
you feel? >> we, as an immigrant, it is the american dream. >> reporter: your dad's american dream. >> you hear that? she is my american dream. >> i got some chills. >> we decided to make chloe and her family our olympic boost today. we had the best time. we all got together on the cheer ritual they did beforehand. they are nervous when she's doing the halfpipe. after the impressive debut, something happened. chloe couldn't find her mom. and i helped get those two together. >> chloe, my god, that was awesome. where is mom? mom? come here.
7:46 am
>> oh, my god. >> that's the cutest thing i've ever seen. i can't take it. one, two -- yeah, that's that selfie. what is funny, she did the first run. these are the trials. and before she did her second one, she was like, where is mom? i thought she would have her game face on. she's enjoying the moment. >> she seems like she's in the moment. i love that mom's not there but you are. you're like, hey. >> i got you. >> that's so cute. we're going to hear more from chloe kim. we have more, including the american luger who grabbed silver and showed the world what competition is all about. there's chris mazdzer and there he is. first these messages. if you're ,
7:47 am
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♪ coming up, a good sign of things to come. we're going to talk to the u.s. figure skating team about their impressive start to the competition right here in pyeongchang. plus, skiing superstar lindsey vonn pays us a visit, before starting her quest for gold. but first, your local news. >> and weather. today, right now, you have more power at your fingertips than entire generations that came before you. but it's not really about what technology can do, it's about what you can do with it. we are living in the future we always dreamed of. we have mixed reality that
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happening now... a very good morning to you. we continue to follow breaking news this morning where tesla road between livermore and tracy remains closed this morning. authorities are investigating a stabbing that happened in that area. this is video from nbc bay area's sky ranger taken just a short time ago. area really combing the area for any clues that they can. now, we know that alameda county firefighters sent us some images as well from the scene early this morning. we believe a woman had been, in fact, stabbed. they say the victim suffered multiple stab wounds. they were called to that area before 2:00 this morning. we don't know how long the road will be closed, but they've been looking into this for quite some time this morning. mike inouye joins us now with a look at the traffic impact on that area, too. you saw that helicopter there and if they had to land that on the roadway that's one of the reasons why they have
7:57 am
closed tesla at corral hollow. looks like the investigation is what's continuing there. it's closed. that purple section that would normally mean more traffic on the 580 and 205 and the merge through liver more and dublin. this morning we haven't seen a major problem but that may be a factor this afternoon as well. the rest of the bay shows a typical employee, the south bay building up and south 101 toward palo alto an earlier crash, i saw it clear from the live camera shot seconds ago. how is that weather today? it starts out chilly with mostly sunny skies. as we get a live look in san jose right now, we can see the sun coming through the clouds. that's what we are going to see throughout the day. our temperatures going from the upper 40s to the upper 50s and even some low 60s today. but it is going to be a chilly one. make sure you grab a nice warm jacket before you head out the door. we are up to 60 degrees in oakland and also 60 degrees in palo alto. laura? thank you very much. we will be back with another local news update coming up in half an hour.
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ it's 8:00 on "today." it's 8:00 on today, coming up, heating up the ice. >> right up and do it. >> boom. >> the united states medals in the figure skating team event. the u.s. figure skaters join us live to talk about their big moment. and "today" in pyeongchang. >> we made it. >> yes, we did. familiar faces to familiar places. >> mcdonald's. >> we're doing korea in style. today monday february 12th, 2018.
8:01 am
♪ >> happy birthday adalina. i love you. i'll see you in a couple weeks. >> i wouldn't be here today without my mom and dad. they're the best. >> i'm chloe kim and i wouldn't be at the olympics today without my family and their support. go team usa. bring home the gold.
8:02 am
♪ >> thank you so much. >> wow! >> you were great. >> great job. >> good morning, everybody. oh, my gosh. al you're dangerous with that thing. welcome back to "today" in pyeongchang south korea. it's 8:00 a.m. back home. it's 10:00 at night here in pyeongchang. >>s that was the great reservation association. they're treating us to a dance that reflects the country's tradition in farming. let's get to your olympic news. u.s. athletes having to overcome some rough weather on the slopes. let's go to willie geist here in the pyeongchang mountains with the days most incredible performances.
8:03 am
>> good morning, guys, if you think it's cold down there, come up to the mountains and join me for a couple minutes. the wind has just died down. the wind blowing so hard, as jumpers went up in the air, you could see them being blown across and slowed down, the first 7 riders fell. there was one athlete who wasn't bothered at all. american stars taking center stage on the slopes. >> it is official jamie anderson is gold once again. >> reigning supreme in windy conditions, successfully defending her slope style gold medal. she talked earlier this morning with savannah and hoda. >> all of us go through so much being at this level in our sport. and all the pressure in one day in four years, i was really
8:04 am
happy. after red girard wowed the world in men's slope style over the weekend, and took home usa's first gold of the game, it was chloe kim who dominated in qualifying, highlighted by a score of 95.5 in her second run more than 7 points better than her closest challenger as she goes for gold tonight in prime time. skiing superstar mikayla shiffrin. the event is postponed until thursday. shiffrin still could compete in as many as five events as she looks to snag multiple medals. on the ice, u.s. figure skating added to the u.s. medal count, with a bronze in the team event with canada grabbing gold. ♪
8:05 am
28-year-old adam rippon becoming an overnight sensation. >> today was just so special. so much fun. >> rippon's performance set the stage for one of his teammates to carve her name into olympic lure. >> she has to go right up and do it. yes. becoming the first american female skater to land a triple axle at the olympics. with a performance for the ages in the lady's free skate. >> the axle is at the beginning of my program, i can't celebrate immediately, i have to focus on the rest of the program, i think i did a good job today. >> wonderful control. >> maya and alex shibatani. >> that event is unlike anything else. we embrace it, and we took other moment.
8:06 am
it was a special skate for us. >> and here is what the medal board looks like as of right now. norway on top, followed by the nether lands, canada, germany and team usa in fifth place, plenty of time to make up that ground. hoda and savannah, you talked to jamie anderson moments ago, who won back to back gold medals. i talked to her a couple days ago. she said there are a lot of great up and coming stars, but i'm the gangster. >> adam rippon, alex and maya, chris and alexa guys, good morning. >> that's a lot of hardware hanging around your neck, how does it feel? >> amazing. >> has it sunk in yet? >> sort of. >> we've been watching you guys.
8:07 am
everyone talked about your explosive performance and just what that -- you were eating n & out burgers a few years ago, and now look at you. >> four years ago, mariah and i were sitting at home, we get a burger, we were crying because we didn't make the olympic team. we were like, we can turn this around, four years later, no in & out, but we have an olympic medal. >> this is better, i think. >> this is better. this is much better. >> i have to say, watching your performance, i was watching it on tv. when you nailed it, and it it was the end and i saw your face, i leaped up and started applauding. i was all by myself. that's how it felt in the arena as well. did you just think i did it, i came here and did what i wanted to do? >> usually we're not supposed to vocalize ourselves, but in the middle of my program i was literally screaming.
8:08 am
>> and the first woman to land that triple axle to make history at the olympic games is something special, right? >> i did it not just for myself, but my teammates to do it for the u.s. has been amazing. >> alex and maya, you guys have been skating together a long time. here you are depending on each other, what has that experience been like? >> it was a huge honor for alex and me to compete in the team event. we're so proud that together we came away with a medal for the u.s. >> we've been skating together for 14 years. i think we're going to have to collectively start skating together for the next 14 years. >> you guys clicked. >> you have a break before you go to the individual stuff, right? >> when do you start that? >> chris and i start february 14th. >> that worked out just
8:09 am
perfectly. >> you had a great picture on instagram. this says it all. do you just feel like, okay, i did it? >> yeah, this is amazing, this is a surreal experience, and i'm so happy to be here and be on team usa. >> we are rooting for you guys, we want you to warm up, get a lot of rest, you have a lot ahead. we love you. congratulations. >> we'll be talking to you over the next two weeks. we are so proud of you. >> we're going to talk to lindsey vonn coming up. plus, the first medal winner ever for team usa in the men's single luge. chris mazder is with us and will tell us all. and then he stole the show shirtless in rio. and he did it again in the
8:10 am
bitter cold of pyeongchang. tonga's famous flag bearer is back after your local news. she's out of your league. (music) you have a gift. (music) vanya: you see through people. take your life back. (music) i'll find a way. (music) vanya: you're always one step ahead. (music) dominika: you're right. (music) rated r. nature gives me... strength. clarity. energy. nature gives me... wisdom. courage. peace. nature gives me... humility. persistence. space. nature gives.
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♪ ♪ now, it's time to go to one of team usa's biggest stars, skiing sensation lindsey vonn. >> after injuries kept her out of sochi, the gold medal winner is back, looking for more gold here in pyeongchang. she has a busy schedule ahead, too. three events, downhill, super-g and the combined. lindsey has made time for us this morning. good morning. good to see you. >> hey, lindsey. >> hey, guys. how are you? >> we're good. we are happy to see you at the olympics right back where you belong. this is your fourth olympics. you must have been 9 when you started. how do you feel emotionally and physically? >> i feel great. you know, it's been a long road
8:13 am
the last eight years, since i won in vancouver. i had quite a few injuries. but i finally feel healthy. i had a nice win streak coming into these games. you know, i said this a couple times, but i'm competing for my grandfather. everything seems to be working really well. now, i'm waiting for it to be race time. got a couple days to go. >> you do talk a lot about your grandfather. you posted that beautiful thing on instagram about him. he give head down the mountain? >> i just feel like he's watching out for me. you know, i have an extra peace of mind knowing that i have a guardian angel. and i've never been really into that stuff. but i just, i love my grandpa so much. i have to believe that he's still around and he's looking out for me. i don't really feel nervous. i feel like i have a little bit of an advantage.
8:14 am
especially with the weather. the wind has been really bad. i don't know. i feel like he's just going to make sure everything is okay. >> well, it's kind of beautiful because he actually served in korea and here we are, in korea. you got to do something. you got to walk in the opening ceremony. how was it? did it meet expectations? i have to say, besides your huge smile, the thing i noticed was everybody taking selfies with you. >> yeah. it was really funny. i think i took more selfies during the openinger is moan i than i have at any world cup races. it was awesome. the whole team atmosphere was amazing. and they played "gangnam style" whatever that song was, the korean song, when we walked in. everybody was fully dancing and it was awesome. >> this has to be an emotional end. you said yourself, this is your
8:15 am
final olympic games. give us a little feeling of what it feels like for you as you take this final lap. >> it's definitely emotional. i've come a long way in my career. but i don't want to see it end. i don't want this to be my last olympics. but don't think my body will hold up for very much longer. i'm trying to soak it in. i'm trying to enjoy every, single moment. enjoy this time with my teammates. i would love to go see other events. but we're pretty far away right now. yeah. i'm just taking it all in. i'm enjoying the last trip to the games. >> well, we're enjoying it, too. we cannot wait to see you go, lindsey. >> we're cheering you on, honey. >> thank you for being on with us. >> thanks, guys. really appreciate it. now, let's head over to al and get a check of the weather, which has gotten colder. >> yes, it has, al. >> it has. it's winter, it's pyeongchang.
8:16 am
that's the whole deal. a little weekend, i can't feel my face when i'm with you. where are you from? >> we live in seoul. but florida is home. >> okay. there you go. nice to see you. thanks for coming down. let's check your weather, see what we have happening. we have the week ahead along the 50 states. we're looking at snow in alaska. nine sunshine in hawaii. by midweek, it's warming up in the plains. snow in the pacific northwest. wet weather in the ohio and mississippi valleys. at the end of the week, rainmaking its way in the mid-atlantic states. the chill returns to the plains. sunshine and temperatures are that's what's going on around the country. here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. >> good morning, i'm meteorologist kari hall. a lot of sunshine in the forecast today. and highs reaching into the upper 50s in san francisco, 59 degrees. 60 degrees in oakland and 58 degrees in con card today.
8:17 am
napa, 61. we're going to keep some low 60s in the forecast in san francisco for much of the week and gradually warming up towards the end of the week and for the inland areas, expect it to be still breezy today and sunny and we'll be hitting 70 degrees by the end of this workweek. >> and that's your latest weather. it's so much warmer up here. >> is it? >> no. >> thank you, al. hoda and al got here saturday. i just got here last night. we have all hit the ground running. >> yes. let's just say our adventure so far has included the shib sibs, a johnny weir sighting and a little dancing. we made it. >> yes, we did. >> reporter: 7,000 miles from home an and 18-hour journey. and we are finally at the
8:18 am
pyeongchang winter olympics. >> we're in the park right now. >> it's so cool. there's the hockey venue. >> speed skating. >> speed skating. >> where are you from? >> usa. >> usa. usa. usa. >> reporter: is it cold? yes. but it is the winter games. >> okay. we have one of our interns, michelle, who speaks korean. how do you say, it's freezing out here? team usa fans were out in force. >> team usa. >> i hear the shibutanis are going to be doing some ice dancing. >> let's walk through the park. let's go. >> reporter: the olympic park is a feast for the eyes and the stomach. >> mcdonald's. mick mickey d's. >> we made some new friends and spotted some old ones who may or may not have seen us.
8:19 am
>> scott hamilton. scott hamilton. scott hamilton ignored us. all right. we made it to the ice arena. >> we're going to see some ice skating. some ice dancing. i think we got to get in. we watched alex and maia shibutani. >> shib sibs let's go. >> light the ice on fire. >> that's how it's done. >> did you hear me whistle? >> i saw you. >> we saw you. >> you did? >> you're very decked out, though. it's hard to miss you guys. >> all right. >> we're real subtle. >> after watching the shib sibs and bumping into the effervescent johnny weir, there was one thing left to do. >> the big thing is kpop. like boy bands, 'n sync and 98 degrees, korean style. >> while we were busy kpopping,
8:20 am
savannah was on her way to join us. >> i'll be there soon. >> and we're at the olympic rings. >> we're taking pictures. i wish savannah was here. >> did someone say savannah? >> we made it to the olympics. woo hoo. >> yes. ♪ >> wait, you did "gangnam style" without me? >> we did. >> i want to do kpop. you know what it's time for? >> what? >> it's "trending time." >> you came from the hockey rink. are you excited? >> all eyes are on the olympic athletes. there were coaches on the sidelines that social media could not help but notice. check it out. the finish snowboarder was getting ready to compete. >> is he knitting? >> his coach was knitting.
8:21 am
knitting on the top of the slope. actually, he knit in sochi, too. i think it's a calming thing for coach. over at the ice rink, the german coach was cheering on the japanese athletes and the usa athletes. she coaches skaters from three different countries. and changes her coat between the event. >> she looked proudest in the red, white and blue. >> actually, she's triplets. >> how about chloe kim. the 17-year-old snowboarder is a breakout star here in pyeongchang. check out her recent tweet. she wrote this -- i'm so nervous. and the one thing that calmed her nerves. and i had two churros today, and they were the bomb. if i get nervous, throw in a churro. her cravings didn't stop that.
8:22 am
she added, could be down for some ice cream. nbc olympics launched a survey, what kind of ice cream should chloe get. and cookies and cream won. >> we love meeting the families of the olympians. this is the folks who are at home and getting into it. here's the video of a boy curling with a swiffer. >> that's the way to get the egg. >> that really works. it's shared on instagram, a video of a future olympic skier in the making. he's getting an early start with rollerbl rollerblades. look at that cutie. and check out this family, one kid takes a wild ride in a laundry basket. it's the laundry luge, everybody. >> getting into it. cannot talk about "trending"
8:23 am
without mentioning tonga's shirtless flagbearer. >> listen to the crowd. >> he's back and in the olympic area right now. craig, whose your friend? >> his name, pita taufatofua. he carried the flag and first made waves in ririo, when his shirtless and oiled up entrance went viral. whole other thing to do it in the winter olympics. his entrance, once again, lighting up twitter. pita, good to see you, brother. >> good to see you. >> were you cold? you had to be freezing. >> no. i wasn't cold at all. when you're from polynesia, the warmth comes from inside-out, not outside-in. >> you walk into the stadium. i was there. i heard the crowd go wild for you.
8:24 am
how did that make you feel? >> for me, that was a moment of happiness. but also, a relief because it was a lot of hard work just to get to that point, huh? >> we've been talking about you for a few years now. a lot of folks probably don't know the sacrifices you had to make to get to pyeongchang, how difficult the journey was for you. tell us about that. >> the biggest thing for me, you know, i had never been on skis. i've had 12 weeks in my life on skis, and trying to qualify within one year. >> had you seen snow? >> i saw snow a year and a half before, but not in tonga. over in europe. but it was to qualify within a year. and to show people they can do something -- there's nothing special about me. but to show they can do something similar. >> 2020 tokyo, not to put the cart ahead of the horse here. but can we expect to see an oiled up fella from tonga carrying the flag? >> tokyo, i might go for the
8:25 am
magic three. maybe three different sports. >> you're the only athlete in history of tonga that's competed in the winter games and the summer games, right? >> yes. >> and someone said you had a sneak peek of the outfit you're going to be wearing for your competition here in pyeongchang. >> yeah. i have the race suit. >> do we have it? >> it's somewhere. >> you will be fully clothed for that competition? >> yeah. i might be out endi )m ...
8:26 am
breaking news: tesla road between livermore and good morning to you. it is 8:26. i'm marcus washington. we have breaking news for you. tesla road between liver moore and tracy remains closed at this hour as authorities investigate a stabbing there. this is video from nbc bay area sky ranger about an hour ago. it shows officers combing through those roads looking for clues. obviously a crime scene right there. in alameda county, firefighters sent these images. a woman suffered multiple stab wounds with injuries considered to be life threatening. according to the chp, authorities were called there before 2:00 this morning. we don't know how long the road will remain closed. mike inouye is here to update on the traffic impact. >> this is a major cut-true fhr for folks traveling between tracy and livermore or vice
8:27 am
versa and you can't use it this morning. we were watching for big volume of traffic from 580. it didn't look like it was that bad but things may be different for afternoon commute. we'll follow that investigation. you can as well online. the tsouth bay crossing the bay moves nicely. an earlier crash around 23rd and palo alto. an earlier crash, willow. that cleared, but now this big burst of traffic out of san n mateo. there might be another crash down by that road. >> i'll have another update in half an hour. so does a speed sk local ties. we )re live overnight in south korea with results. plus: a "shipping label" warning before your next online buy. that )s tomorrow - 4:30 to 7. art. it can be sculpted in beautiful detail. or painted in luxurious strokes. and in rare cases... both.
8:28 am
8:29 am
it can be sculpted in beautiful detail. or painted in luxurious strokes. and in rare cases... both.
8:30 am
♪ it is 8:30 on this monday morning, february 12th, 2018. monday night here, actually. the xxiii winter olympic games, from pyeongchang, south korea. >> keir simmons is here. he hit the streets of seoul, on an adventure that involved singing and eating, because he's a giver. we're always ready to eat. we're going to show you how to get a taste of korea at home. we're going to start with korean >> but first we are so excited. we're w joined by team usa's opening big medals during the
8:31 am
opening weekend with chris mazdzer in the luge. oh, my god. by the way,.s you made history. first usa teamm athlete to win the medal in the luge. how does that's feel? >> it's p generations of luge athletes getting me to this point. so winning a medal, it's the best way i can give back and say thank you for like the entire organization's commitment for 60 plus years. >> we were talking during the commercial and you said yous. jt had that feeling of calm and happinessou before that final r, you felt >> it was strange. like looking back onom the vide i'm smiling before my fourth run because somehow i just knew that i had it. it's the sensation i've never really had before, but i never really felt nervous. i was calm, i was happy. i was in my happy place the entire time.
8:32 am
nerves never really got to me. it wasit exciting to compete, t want to go down this track. everything wasas working. >> you said your friends and family knew this was going to be it forne you. >> they trusted me. like i thaeey could see on my fi had it. and did it. made history. >> are you taking that medal off? >> i just got it. i came from the medal closet. this happened like an hour and a halflf ago. i almost went 24 hours without a medal, andnd now it feels real finally. >> and all this time, all those years. it's kind ofye a lonely sport. you're out there, training, you're believing in yourself. what does itha take to do that d believe one day you're going to behe standing right here wearina medal? >> it takes a huge support group. so families, friends, organizations like the united states of america, like everyone behind you. first you need that, and then with luge you need mental
8:33 am
toughness. you'reh going to hit some reall big rock bottom lows, but you've got to expect it. if you stay with it, anything's possible. >> chris, you said you haven't slept but you're not going to sleep for the next few days. i have to sleep, though. i've got competition on thursday. >> we love seeing dreams come true. awesome. >> thanks, so>> much am. >> mr. roker, why don't we get a check of>> the weather. >> announcer: today's opening ceremony moment is sponsored by intel true vr. experience the olympic winter games in vr. let's check your weather. and we basically forward the olympics for theco next week. starting at the coast we're looking at it warming up to 350 degrees. as wehe head up to the mountai the winds areds going to be a b,
8:34 am
big problem. in fact on wednesday no and windy. cloudy andcl windy on thursday withsd el. things calm down a little bit as wewe get into the that's what's going on around the country. here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. >> we got a lot of sunshine around the bay area and as we take a live look outside in san jose, it is such a nice start but also very chilly. we're at 49 degrees here and only one degree above freezing right now in napa. 41 degrees in oakland. 48 in palo alto. livermore, 48 degrees. upper 50s in san francisco for the high today. still breezy at times, especially this afternoon, those winds will gust up to 30 miles per hour. calming down throughout the week and warming up. >> and that is your latest weather. now, if you watch the opening ceremony friday, of course you may have caught the spectacular sight, drones lighting up the olympic sky. thanks to intel, the official partner of the games.
8:35 am
even breaking the guinness for most airborne drones simultaneously. and we got an early look at it a couple of weeks ago when they re-created our "today" show logo. re-created our "today" show logo. for the first time ever, the winter olympics, you can use virtual reality technology to jump right into the middle of all of the action. it's as easy as downloading the nbc sports v.r. app, and you can see events, like alpine skiing, figure skating. you start it off and you are in this v.r. experience. it heats up the competition and it is going to be something awfully cool. guys, a little v.r. in fact, it's almost like i can reach out and touch you right now. >> all right. thank you, al. >> come up here and you can. >> it's simple. south korea, our home for the next two weeks is a really dynamic country. it's filled with so much
8:36 am
history. >> it really is. 50 million people live here, many of them around the capital of seoul. keir simmons decided to check it out. did you have a good time? >> rosalyneporter: you look lik you're having a lot of fun. >> we are. >> reporter: you're in the right place. if you're young and free and single, you work hard and play hard. some korean friends took me on a journey, a whirlwind journey of food, fashion and more. ♪ south korea, assaults the senses with sights and sounds, it can be overwhelming. i think i'm going to need some help. hi, hannah. hannah yu. >> some people say it looks like an alien spaceship. >> reporter: is giving me a crash course in korean culture. >> people are passionate about sports, food, family. >> reporter: food, that's a good place to start. >> some of the best street food
8:37 am
in korea here. >> reporter: this market is a mecca for foodies around the world. >> this is spicy rice cakes. >> reporter: yeah. 65,000 people a day visit here. >> this is very fishy. >> reporter: delicious. but some things here are more of an acquired taste. >> this is spicey chicken feet. this is a slightly crunchy texture to it. >> reporter: i can imagine. and octopus has more of a -- oh, my goodness -- a squishy texture to it. oh. >> you have to see it. >> reporter: there are noodles. noodles and more noodles. these are kimchee dumplings. and a near-obsession with a spicy vegetable dish, kimchee.
8:38 am
>> the more you eat, the more people love it. you want to go for a coffee? >> reporter: i'd love to. >> koreans are crazy about coffee. >> reporter: crazy is right. this the sheep cafe. there's a meerkat, raccoon and kangaroo cafe, too. and here, you get to dress up for your dream wedding. whilst here at cafes, you get to sip your own selfie. they have a love for the weird and the wacky, and this produces this. >> here, people broadcast themselves eating. people don't want to feel lonely. this video has about 6 million hits. >> reporter: 6 million people, watching this guy eat? >> yeah. >> reporter: this is a work hard -- >> there's a lot of pressure to do well. >> reporter: -- play hard
8:39 am
culture. when the sun goes down -- >> partying in korea take all night long. >> reporter: the night life is legendary. there's action in every direction? from seoul's bars where you can drink superstrong rice wine. >> yes. >> reporter: to upscale lounges like d-bridge. and huge nightclubs. this the octagon. ♪ in gangnam. yes, that gangnam. in south korea, singing is mandatory. ♪ hey, sexy lady >> reporter: even if you're not much good. ♪ i had the time of my life >> reporter: i think we've heard mu enough of that. south korea is a thrilling at and times surreal ride. but most of all, it's a lot of fun.
8:40 am
so, lesson one, i can't sing. lesson two, don't drink large amounts and expect to feel good in the morning. lesson three, i can't sing. >> but you eat food that can come back on its own. >> i can't believe yu ate that. >> i can still taste it. >> you have something fun tomorrow. what do you have? >> tomorrow, we have the zen korea, the opposite of that. it's going to be -- the thing you want to do after you've drank a lot. >> sounds good. keir, thank you. ahead, we're going to get a lesson on korean etiquette and customs an here. and our favorite olympic pastimes, eating. we're going to dive into the korean barbecue. that's a good one. that's a good one. first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:41 am
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♪ how beautiful is that. it dates back to the year 600, a gorgeous destination. it's a few miles from the olympic venue here in pyeongchang. just come on down. there's so many things to see. >> when you travel, every country has its set of customs. we're getting pointers from korean culture blogger, mina oh. thank you for joining us this morning. we were talking about greeting. you want to greet someone in the proper way. i found that fascinating. when you greet someone, you're supposed to ask them their age? >> yeah. >> how and why? >> they ask, what year were you born. depending on how old you are, they will address you differently. older, more formal. >> more formal greeting. >> in the u.s., we shake hands. >> or hug.
8:44 am
>> or hug, exactly. it's a bow here. and how deep the bow tells us something. >> the deeper the bow, the more formal the situation. we have different bows. a slight nod. a 15-degree bow for a casual way to say hello to the elders and to strangers. to friends you can say, hi, or vocally. and the 45-degree bow is more formal. you would use that in business meetings, and to elders, as well. >> that's the most formal of the bows. >> if you're too elder, you can't get back up. >> actually, the most formal is 90 degrees. >> 90? >> deep apologies. if you do yoga, it's not too bad. what's the biggest no-no in dining? >> let's walk over to the table here. >> okay. >> you never want to take your chopsticks and stick it in the
8:45 am
middle of your rice bowl. >> why? >> this is typically done at ancestral rites. it's symbolic of offering fadoo to the dead. it's strange. >> now, age gets into it, too, about who eats first? >> yes. the eldest of the table has to pick up the spoon. >> al, it might be you. >> okay. >> the spoon or the chopstick before anybody takes a bite. >> wait for uncle al. >> wait for me. >> bring us to drinking. >> oh. >> come on. this is nighttime. we need this. what's the proper way? you pour it for everybody? how does that work? >> number one thing, never pour for yourself. they already poured it. the eldest, will face the table
8:46 am
and drink. the younger, we turn away from the table. >> like, our back to each other? >> the oldest can look towards the table. >> okay. >> we all turn around? >> is this a sip thing or a shot thing? >> it's a shot. >> okay. >> but first, you say chan. >> chan. all right. and turn our backs. >> turn around, youngsters. i get to look this way. oh. oh, yeah. >> i'm with you, al. >> all right. one more time. >> no. you never pour for yourself. >> that's right. that wasn't for me. >> thank you so much. coming up next, how you can get a taste of south korea in your own kitchen. you're going to want to try the recipe we're cooking up. >> yes. >> thank you.
8:47 am
8:48 am
8:49 am
and we're back with today food. this morning we are diving into a staple around these parts. of course we're talking about korean barbecue. >> a chef of southern hospitality in san francisco is with us here in pyeongchang. he's going to show us how to make galdi. we're so honored to have you here. >> we're going to make it really simple. it's such a traditional dish in korea, so i have a simple recipe. we have asian pairs, pineapples, and soy sauce. this marinade with this meat turns to this. and meat you can use pork,
8:50 am
chicken, obviously the tradition beef short ribs. >> why did you slice this up? >> because you can marinate it for four hours so overnight. and i turn it on the grill. >> hit it. come on. >> hot grill. >> it's awesome. >> it smells so good. how long do you let it cook? >> probably 10 to 15 minutes on each side. if it's thin you can probably cook it for less. the whole point of this is you can make your own. i like to enjoy it in kind of like a wrap, and it's kind of make your own, put what you want, put what you don't want, kind of try new things. these are lettuce leaves, traditional lettuce leaves. >> okay, you can wrap it in
8:51 am
that. >> for me, these are korean purilla leaves, so this gives it like a nice flavor, kind of like licorice. it's kind of like minty. >> what's that? >> pickled radish. i me you need the meat, you need the main. >> mushrooms. >> and that looks like it's piping hot. >> i'm going to give you some. and then for me this right here is kind of the meat sauce that everyone puts, it's called samjang. >> is it hot? do you make it or do you buy it? >> you can make it but you can also buy it, too. you have fermented pepper paste.
8:52 am
>> wow. >> this is beautiful. >> thank you so much. looks delicious. >> chef, thank you so much. for more recipes go to we are back in a moment. we are back in a moment. this is "today" on nbc. ♪ it's like, what do they do in there? you know have you met a scientologist? yeah, like what do they believe? ♪ ♪
8:53 am
8:54 am
♪ okay. time flies. day one, you guys, already in the books for us in pyeongchang. >> just jog in place. it's a beautiful evening. >> i'm the old guy. look away. look away. >> i can't. "megyn kelly today" is straight ahead. first, as we get really going here, from pyeongchang, it's a
8:55 am
long two weeks. >> where are we? >> some memorable moments from the winter olympics, courtesy of getty images. this is "today." ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
8:56 am
tight's all happening on today. tomorrow, gear up for men's halfpipebreaking news: good morning. it's 8:56. i'm marcus washington. tesla road between livermore and tracy remain closed as authorities investigate a stabbing. this is video from nbc bay area sky ranger showing deputies combing the road for clues. we could also see a crime scene in that area. we've chosen not to show that to be respectful to fuful to the v. images from the scene earlier this morning.
8:57 am
they say the woman suffered multiple stab wounds with injuries they consider to be life threatening. authorities were called there before 2:00 this morning. right now, we still don't know how long tesla road will remain closed. happening now, we are reaching out to authorities to learn more about what happened and when tesla road might reopen. as soon as we get that information, we'll post that on our twitter feed. and the star rookie of the 49ers is suddenly in serious legal trouble. after being accused of domestic violence and position of an assault rifle. authorities arrested him early yesterday. on our homepage, a link to complete details. coming up on 2:00 in the morning right now in south korea but our nbc bay area homepage is buzzing with olympic information. you can get that information any time,
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[ cheers and applause ] ♪ good morning, everyone. good morning, everybody. welcome. i'm megyn kelly. we begin this morning with the most exciting thing going on in america. that's the excitement over what's happening in south korea. [ cheers and applause ] the 2018 pyeongchang winter olympics. it's been nonstop action since the opening ceremony on friday. and because the 14-hour time difference, events are happening now and results are coming in. canada just took gold, australia silver and american the bronze. casey andringa finished fifth. and 1500


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