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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 4  NBC  February 12, 2018 4:00pm-4:31pm PST

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foster, the 23-year-old a rising star in the nfl coming off his rookie season. but his career might be derailed. los gatos police responding to a disturbance call yesterday morning. police aren't saying who called but he's accused of threatening his longtime girlfriend and possessing an assault rifle. >> this is a family with lots of families. there shouldn't be an assault rifle in the neighborhood. >> foster posted bail and walked out of county jail last night. there he is in that car right there that was waiting for him. we have confirmed now that foster did meet with 49ers officials today. we reached out to the nfl which says its reviewing this case. according to league policy he could face a six-game suspension. he also faces a marijuana possession charge after he was arrested last month in his home state of alabama. so the question now not only for the league office but for the fan base, what should the 49ers
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do with reuben foster? you can join the discussion on our facebook page. we want to give you a live look at the olympic caldron as some super stars are set to stake center stage in pyeongchang. it is day five of competition. and it is off and running. a northern california olympian is once again bringing home the gold. ♪ >> recognize her? that's jamie anderson who antoine gold medal yesterday in the snowboard slope style. it is the second straight olympics anderson earned gold. there's a little bit of controversy surrounding the event she won. contradicts say it should have been canceled because of strong winds. 41 of the runs had a crash. she said she was fine with the conditions adding that the nature of snowboarding means adapting to the weather. chloe kim is making her olympic debate.
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she would have qualified for the 2014 olympics but she was too young to be on the team. she is, however, a favorite this time to win a medal in snowboarding. her parents came to the u.s. 30 years ago from south korea. you can learn more about chloe and her family coming up on the olympic zone which begins right after this newscast at 4:30. the u.s. ski team is getting a leg up thanks to silicon valley technology. our scott budman joins in ten minutes with that story. don't turn away. jails throughout california will have to start letting sex offenders out early. we just spoke with the police chief of san jose and joins us with the inside story. damian? >> reporter: the chief is troubled by it. it's been merely because some of these inmates were previously convicted of a violent sex crime
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and are serving time for a nonviolent cream meaning they will still be eligible to be released early into these communities. more than 20,000 sex offenders might get out of california prisons early now that a sacramento judge ruled they can't be exempt from proposition 57 rules which allows the early release from prison of criminals serving time for nonviolent crimes. with the judge's ruling, that also means people serving time for crimes like pimping children san jose's police chief shares a sentiment of crime fighters across the state. the lobbiest for dozens of police organizations in sacramento, john la very well told necessity ruling is a game changer. and mark klaas called the ruling a, quote, travesty of justice. >> i can tell you on the surface there's a lot of concern in the law enforcement community. and there should be.
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>> reporter: the chief says he'll sit down with the district attorney to determine what the ruling means for santa clara. >> sex offenders that have been sentenced to prison, i mean, i cringe. >> reporter: the d.a.'s office sent me a statement that reads, quote, we are studying the implications of this ruling. my bottom line litmus test for criminal justice reforms is public safety. sexual assaults are violent acts as with all violent offenders i expect they will be held fully accountable for their crimes. we're live in san jose. nbc bay area >> reporter: we want to get back to your coverage of the 49ers. we mentioned the reuben foster arrest. this is the latest in a string of troubles for this franchise. since 201249ers players have been arrested 17 times, which is the most in the nfl. robert handa sit down with a woman involved in another case
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>> reporter: she has mixed feelings. she is the exfiancée of ray mcdonald. he was arrested for violate ago restraining order in 2015. the encounter was captured on this cell phone video. the mother of their child says she can't talk about a civil suit she filed against mcdonald but sympathizes with the woman in the reuben foster incident. >> i would say just speak your truth. don't worry about what the outsiders say >> reporter: ruth patrick founder of a group for domestic violence victims for silicon valley plouds swift action arresting foster and con physician indicating firearms. domestic violence with guns becomes a dangerous issue for the woman who's involved in an abusive relationship >> reporter: sheblds the #metoo and times up movements will help the victim with support, but she's concerned women who were involved in earlier cases will fall between the cracks.
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>> they become almost martyrs to the movement. if we can go back to kendra and to hear her story again. >> people see bruises and that's what they see, but they don't see the aftermath. once those bruises heal, you still have a scar that will be with you forever. >> reporter: robert handa, nbc bay area news. a suspected peeper is behind bars in pleasant ton. it happened saturday at the holster clothing store at the stone ridge shopping center. you'll see customers surrounding the suspect. witnesses tell police they saw him come out of a fitting room with a hidden camera. the camera had footage of a woman trying on clothes. workers detained him until police could get there. >> i think that's awesome. some people don't want to get involved. i think too many people don't want to get involved.
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but if you see something like that, you have to get involved. you have to step up and say, hey, that's not right. >>. two central valley teenagers are under arrest tonight for the killing of a teenage girl. her body was found bloody on tesla road this morning. she was stabbed, baited, and dumped along the roadway. she managed to crawl to catch the attention of a passing driver before the teenager died. investigators say the young woman named her killers, a 19-year-old man and a 19-year-old woman she said she knew. >> we were able to get a very compelling statement from our victim before she died. she alerted us to the fact these two people we've arrested in modesto were responsible for her
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death. so that dying declaration she gave was very compelling. >> investigators found a rope at the scene she may have been used to tie the teenager up. investigators still don't have a motive. the suspects will be interviewed and booked on murder charges. a major drug bust involving a former a's pitcher. authorities arrested esteban on suspicion of trafficking cocaine. this is part of an ongoing investigation by the san diego sheriff's department. he was believed to be involved in a drug smuggling ring. investigators say they found 44 pounds of cocaine worth $500,000. you met recall he was the pitcher during the playoff teams during 2006 and 2007. nbc bay area responds to lots of cases where deliveries go wrong. >> this one stands out.
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what do you got, chris? >> more than 8,000 complaints. this really stands out because this guy called us after four botched attempts to deliver one thing. >> let's get it back. >> robert purchased a california king mattress. california king, that's what he ordered. he bought it from j.c. penny back in september. when the delivery truck arrived the workers unloaded a standard king instead. so he refused delivery and rescheduled. on the second and third and fourth attempt the same thing occurred. robert then contacted our consumer team for help. we reached out to j.c. penny and confirmed with the vendor that the correct mattress would be fixed and would be delivered. but the the fifth delivery in early december was wrong again. even after he contacted us. okay. so what was causing all the mix ups? in a statement j.c. penny said
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that there was a coding issue associated with a different size box spring. the story then rescheduled delivery of the bed and we are happy to report that attempt number six finally worked. j.c. penny also gave robert a full refund of $2,381.53. he plans to donate $1,000 to sacred heart community services. if you get a bad delivery, check the product before it's unloaded to make sure it's exactly what you ordered. if you have a consumer complaint. you can call us. or go online to nbc bay . >> very nice. thank you. it's tuesday morning in pyeongchang. coming up, we'll check in with our garvin thomas there at the olympics where a five-time olympian from noerch california is proving the excitement of the games never gets old. >> i'm scott budman.
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this is how the u.s. downhill ski team trained for the olympics in virtual reality. we'll take you inside the company that made it happen. i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. it's currently dry but we'll let you know when it could get showers in eight minutes. i was in my third tour in iraq
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when my vehicle was hit by an ied. i looked down and i knew i was out of the fight. but playing for team usa has been a second chance to represent my country. i get to show my children and the world that, yeah, i might have been knocked down, but i'm up, and i'm honored to be able to represent the flag. comcast is grateful to all who have served our country, and we're proud to bring the 2018 olympic
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and paralympic winter games home to everyone. astros voez trees
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hello from the phoenix snow park. the pyeongchang winter games are up next. it's women's snowboard halfpipe featuring northern california's kelly clark. this is kelly's fifth, you heard me right, her fifth winter games. she won a gold medal in 2002 in salt lake city. a lot has changed in her sport during at a time and a lot has changed in herself. >> i'm not a kid anymore. i've done a lot of growing up since my first games. i was 18 years old and now i'm 34. i figured out who i am and i'm done trying to prove to people who i am. >> reporter: kelly will be competing against her teammates chloe kim who's 17, literally half her age. kim is also the gold medal
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favorite. we'll have coverage of both their quests for gold coming up tonight on our olympic coverage at 11:00. >> we'll see you then, garvin. i don't think he's coming home. we have plenty of northern california skiers competing in south korea. when it comes to team usa racing towards the gold, the olympians are armed with the high tech advantage from here in the silicon valley. of course, they are. our business tech reporter, scott budman is here. it's a virtual advantage, right? [ no audio ] >> reporter: how's this for approximate a high-speed, high-tech advantage? the u.s. ski has been able to take this ride it competes in on south korea hundreds of times without leaving their home computers. >> we've created a 360 degree of
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what the skier would see. >> reporter: a vr company in menlo park uses a head set to take skiers thousands of miles away on virtual training runs, simulating different climate and speed consistent for skiers as they prepare. >> we're able to simulate a lot of that so when they go down the course in competition, their brain feels that much more comfortable with having been there before. >> reporter: striver, which is alleges helping the snowboard team says virtual practice helps and helping them practice gives them a sense of pride. >> if they do succeed, that's pretty cool. >> reporter: the u.s. skiers that you will see tonight in prime time, the first olympic athletes to train with virtual reality. it's now catching on with other olympic sports as it has caught on in pro sports like the nba and the nfl. we'll send it back to you guys.
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>> very good, scott. we're excited for another night coming up from the olympics in just a few minutes. and we'll have olympic zone too. >> a lot of great stories tonight, recapping the whole weekend and everything that you may have missed. >> will you do a triple axel? >> we'll see about that. i was up late last night. it's going to i learned a lot with that coverage with tara and johnny. it's been amazing. bay area getting colder february weather in here finally. we can't seem to get rainfall, but this is the reason why it felt blustery out there today. wet we had low pressure that's dropping down across the west. it brought the cold air. storm ranger doppler radar, nothing in the north bay down to the south bay. our next storm system moves in
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to giving you higher detail. i want to focus on san jose. this is one area that's now on track for one of the driest if he say -- februarys on record. it's been 17 days since our last rain, and the driest ever was in 1953. we are on track right now for the driest february ever. we'll talk about rainfall chances coming up in a minute and a half. i want to bring i into tomorrow morning's forecast. mostly clear, no issues as you're getting from point a to point b. but just know before you get in the car you need the jacket, you need the layers. we are down to a chilly 43 for the south bay. 30s in the north bay. san francisco, 45. chilly 44 for a lot of the east bay. through day on tuesday, it stays close to average. temperatures warm up a degree or two, but certainly not record
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setting and no chance of 70s or 80s like last week. again, feeling more like winter. 65 in santa rosa. 61 in san francisco. 63 in livermore. also looking at 66 in san jose. next change we want you to be aware of is wednesday by the evening hours. clouds moving in, so not as sunny as wednesday. dry all the way through saturday. and then by sun a storm system approaches, that will increase the wind gusts. monday, a low snow level, 1,000 to 2,000 feet and a spotty shower at lower elevations. some could get snowfall moving in once he wit next monday's forecast. speaking of snow, we had it over in the olympics. and you can see we're continuing with on again off again snow at least through tomorrow. and then we'll see drier weather in the 30s.
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it's notoriously windy and it gets dangers. >> we saw it in the snowboarding last night. it was danger, in fact. would you be willing to rent out a room in your home for 800 bucks a month? a south bay nonprofit is looking to help next. a counselor at the
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school for the deaf in hayward has been arrested. happening now, counselor of the california school for the deaf in hayward has been arrested. ricardo rose molested a minor
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that. story is updated on our website. sushi confidential in campbell has named one of its rolls after jimmy garoppolo. we'll be back in a moment. lafayg
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along the 24 freeway. you may have seen them, the lafayette memorial while driving along the 24. the family that owned the land put up crosses, but they could be taken down. the family is looking to sell the land. there is a meeting tonight at the library if you would like to weigh in. if you have a spare room you can rent it for $800 a month and help a young person's life. a south bay's bill wilson center produced this video of kids waiting for place of employment in the new home host program. it's trying this strategy to get lgbt youth out of she stated and
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into temporary housing. the shelters are sfoechbs build and the young people prefer a place that feels more like a home. >> this has been done across the country. people have been really successful with it. so if you want to take a chance instead of renting to a stranger, you can rent to a young person who really needs that help. >> the program the screens hosts and those applying for housing. the young adults will be enrolled in support programs. we'll show you how team usa is stacking up at the olympics when we come back. medal count f
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norway is leading the way with 9 medals. here we go. an updated medal count tot olympics. norway leading with nine medals. germany in second with seven. netherlands round out the top with seven medals. the u.s. ranks fifth with four medals which includes jamie anderson's gold. some of the marquee events will be the women's halfpipe medal final which features clark and chloe kim and we have the men's alpine skiers which will be in action with the combined downhill run provided the weather captors. >> let's sen it to jeff ranieri as we talk about our preview before we head to olympic zone. jeff will join us in a couple minutes. jeff, we're expecting some great
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stuff. >>, yes we'll give you all the recap and we'll take a look at tonight's prime time coverage that is live from 5:00 to 8:00 p.m. olympic zone is next. thank you for joining us. at&t has a network with thousands of best-in-class security experts. which means...
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studios -- we )ll take you insie . tonight on the "olympic zone," her moves are out of this world. >> a perfect 100. >> california's chloe kim is set to make her country and her korean-born parents proud. >> she's living the american dream. >> you're your dad's american dream. >> plus south korea is one of the world east best places for beauty treatments, but is the country ready for rutledge wood. >> feels like there's tiny uni corns dancing on my face. >> after struggling in sochi, two-time gold medalist shaun white is back for a storybook ending. >> i'm fired up for this olympics. this is icing on the cake if things go the way i hope the


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