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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  February 14, 2018 4:30am-5:01am PST

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united. ♪ we hope you )ve been enjoying nbc )s olympic coverage. "today in the bay" on this wednesday and valentine's day. hope you're enjoying the olympics coverage. the flame continues to burn brightly in south korea. that action continues throughout the day. two athletes with northern california ties will compete.?nm squaw valley's bryce bennett and hillary knight takes the ice as the u.s. hockey team plays canada. this morning shaun white is the big story. we will be talking about his historic win in a moment. thank you all again for joining us on this morning. i'm marcus washington. we want to get to all of those olympic headlines in just a minute but of course we want to show you what's going on with the big stories right here in our area and that starts with traffic and of course weather this morning.
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starting out another cool one. >> it does start out really cool in some areas, even colder than yesterday morning. if you can just snuggle up on this valentine's day and stay warm. here is a look at where we're beginning right now, only 34 degrees in santa rosa, livermore also dropping back into the 30s, morgan hill 40 degrees and 44 now in san jose. our high temperatures this afternoon reaching into the 50s and low 60s. another nice one and just slightly warmer than we are going to see as we go into the next couple of days. so more on that coming up in a few minutes. mike, you're tracking two important crashes on the roads. >> i have two -- actually, i may have three now as we look at your maps over here. we had one crash reported near the toll plaza itself and there is the metering lights, we had a crash reported somewhere along that stretch, clearly this is clear so we will look at the beautiful view of the port we have from emeryville. we also have another crash reported west 80 at cutting coming around the bend out of san pablo. no slowing, one lane may be blocked. chp is arriving on scene.
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we also just got this report there may be another crash west 580 at high. three en route to the bay bridge. there is a disabled vehicle in san jose, i will talk about that, it does not show any slowing so we will hold off until the next report. the first things for you this morning, we are tracking breaking news on the peninsula. this video just into our newsroom. crews on the scene of a strip mall fire in san carlos. fire officials told us that this broke out inside a sporting goods store between best buy and rei right off of highway 101. crews were initially concerned when they first arrived to that scene because of the treatment center nearby, a dialysis treatment center nearby. patients were briefly evacuated but everyone is okay. it took about an hour to contain that fire. new this morning we're tracking a developing story affecting the sole know county neighborhood. it was a violent night in vallejo that involved police opening fire killing a suspect.
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"today in the bay's" pete suratos is live there now. pete, do you know what led up to this deadly encounter? >> reporter: yeah, marcus, right now we know that the scene is clear here in vallejo, but we are getting some new details from vallejo police as far as what led to this shooting. let's show you guys some video of that scene last night. you can see it was here near the corner of carolina and marin street. i've seen a number of churches, small businesses. it's not too far from the post office on marin street, but according to police they are saying that incident took place just before 8:00 p.m. in that area. the officer was doing an investigative stop of a subject in that area who subsequently ran from the scene. that led to a foot pursuit chase by the officer which ended in what police are calling a violent physical struggle. then at that point the officer discharges their firearm into that person in self-defense. that person is pronounced dead on the scene. at this time it's unclear if that person had a firearm or
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weapon that led to the officer discharging their firearm or if it was strictly just this physical struggle. the shooting will be under bunty sheriff's office as well as vallejo @zpd and per protoco that officf administrative leave. live in vallejo, pete suratos for "today in the bay." new this morning, we've just learned that passengers on a terrifying united airlines flight out of san francisco have been refunded their plane tickets. take a look at this video with me. one of the engine casings was torn off about 40 minutes before that plane landed. passengers say they feared for their lives before united flight 175 landed safely on the ground in hawaii. the passengers say they heard a loud bang and felt strong turn u lens. >> i saw a bunch of other people crying around us. i think we were bracing for the worst, like what if this actually lands on the water. >> the faa says that pilots right engine started vibrating. united airlines says all necessary protocol were taken to
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safely land that plane. aviation experts say losing the casing would likely not affect the engine. the faa and ntsb are investigating. a follow-up for you this morning, bart's new effort to crack down on fare jumpers is apparently taking off to a slow start. bart is still promising to get tough and conduct more fare inspections. the inspectors still plan to doll out more fines of people without proof of payment. the chronicle reports technical glitches and other issues are slowing things down. bart does expect those problems to be ironed out before the end of the month. a fashion faux pas for you, talking of panning the sale of fur continues today in san francisco. a supervisors committee will continue the ban again today after tlag the vote last month. the chronicle reports stores only sell $1 million of fur items every year. that ban is approved -- if it's approved, san francisco will be the third california city to do so. berkeley and west hollywood banned the sale of fur last year. now to the olympic games in
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pyeongchang as] snowboarder shn white soars into history in south korea. they say that those.ñé9 winds w crazy yesterday, but shawn was crazier. that competitive was stuff and white trailed after the second run but he rose to that challenge like he has done so many times before playing down a nearly perfect run for the gold. he is the first snowboarder to win three gold medals in olympic history. and here is the latest medal count for you, norway and the netherlands are tied for first with 11 medals followed by canada and germany with ten. u.s. is fifth with seven medals. a live look to pyeongchang. on tap today hillary knight and u.s. women's hockey team faces canada. they beat athletes from russia yesterday 5-0. garvin thomas will join us live in 25 minutes from south korea.
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he will have all things olympics. and coming up on "today in the bay," netflix may have hit a serious goal they signed one of the top tv producers in the industry. who the company thinks is worth $300 million. plus, if you have debt you are not alone, we continue our american debt coverage. the breakdown of how much americans owe.
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good morning, i'm landon
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dowdy and here are today's top business headlines. wall street is set to open higher this morning after the markets posted modest gains yesterday. the dow, nasdaq and s&p 500 all rising for a third straight session. investors will be keying in on a few reports today on inflation. there have been concerns that rising inflation could prompt the federal reserve to hike interest rates at a faster pace, which could royal the markets. the dow closing up 39 points to 24,640, the nasdaq rising to 7,013. chipotle is turning to a fast food giant for help, the burrito chain has struggled to recover from a series of food safety issues and has named the head of taco bell as its new ceo. taco bell has seen sales grow in the u.s. outpacing rivals like mcdonald's and chipotle. netflix lands another star
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tv producer the streaming service announcing its signed ryan murphy to a deal that's reportedly worth up to $300 million to create exclusive shows and movies. murphy is the producer behind hit shows such as "american horror story" and "glee." marcus, back over to you. >> you are talking about some of my favorite producers and some of my favorite shows. happy valentine's day. americans are borrowing a lot of money these days, probably to pay for valentines gifts. total household debt rose last year for a fifth straight year. we won't go through all of the numbers but some of the ones that stand out, mortgage debt rose by $400 billion in 2007 to a total of $8.8 trillion. credit card debt was up 55 million blooind totaling out to
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$830 billion. the number of americans falling behind on payment also increasing. coming up on "today in the bay," we have a lot more for you, including kari's forecast. kari, what can we expect when we step out today? >> it's going to be another cold one. as we take a live look outside in san jose we start out with clear skies. as we go into the afternoon in evergreen we go from 49 degrees to 62 degrees today. another nice one, but just a little bit cooler than yesterday. we will talk about what else is ahead coming up next. and our live look here, this is dublin, 580 westbound moves nicely, those head lights, no major problems coming out of the altamonte pass. we do have a number of issues throughout the east bay i will update three of them in our first map.
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and welcome back on this wednesday, valentine's day. you're watching "today in the bay." good morning to you. live pictures from the home of the giants and the as this morning. guess what, both teams are in arizona this morning for spring training. right there, that's buster posey, the newest giant andrew mccutchen arriving in spring training in scottsdale yesterday. both teams play their first games next week, giants against the brewers and the a's will play the angels. right here at we wait for
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those games we are just chilling. >> we are just going to wait here. >> right. we are talking about baseball already, though, you know, and it really puts you in the mind-set of spring, but we have already had a lot of springlike weather around the bay area. it's still going to be like baseball season as we head through the rest of the week. here is a live look outside and what we are seeing on storm ranger, that's our mobile doppler radar, you can see that red beam scanning around from san jose all clear this morning. once we get our chance of rain in the forecast we will be all ready to track it. our temperatures this morning start out cool, we are only at 44 degrees in the south bay and the peninsula and the tri-valley 36 degrees. we are just above freezing in the north bay. we are at 34 degrees there and in san francisco 46 degrees. now let's check out these high temperatures today heading into the low to mid 60s for this afternoon and up to 64 degrees in danville and oakland at 58 degrees. 59 in san mateo and in san
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francisco 57 degrees on the embarcadero. north bay, up to 61 degrees in novato, and santa rosa 59 degrees. starting out this morning getting dressed you do need a nice warm coat because it is very chilly in some spots, even colder than yesterday. but later on today with all of that sunshine you will need the sunglasses. i'd like to talk quickly about the sierra snow pack. we are doing so bad there, we are only at about 25% around lake tahoe of normal and the southern sierra as well as the northern sierra only at about 18% of normal. so it would take a lot of snow to catch up to normal and at this point that really doesn't happen. so we are looking at only a slight chance of seeing some more snow moving in as we go into early next week and for us that means a few spotty showers and much cooler temperatures on the way. i will talk more about that coming up. mike, you have an update on the crashes in the east bay. i'm chuckling because i was
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not expecting you to say that sierra snow pack is bad. the bay bridge crash cleared from lanes, no problem there. over here west cutting that crash cleared from the roadway as well, it may still have activity at the off ramp at cutting boulevard, no slowing shows up on our sensors anymore. west 580 coming off of that split with warren freeway, highway 13 that is over off to the shoulder if it's there at all. no slowing getting toward the bay bridge. in the south bay we do have one car that broke down here northbound 880 at coleman, the runways coming up past coleman and the plant there, the shopping center, so a smooth flow of traffic throughout. we will track that one crash. all over the bay we are looking at great roadways as far as your travel times and speeds. travel on the rails as well, no early delays for these transit systems. north bay shows you san rafael, there's cars for southbound 101, but no problems. back to you. >> a lot of those drivers probably heading over to the bart station. those who ride bart often
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know it can be a pain to park there. long time commuters know the rules but how about the first time timers? liz wagner is taking a look at how it is causing headaches for new drivers. good morning. several riders turned to us when they got ticketed because bart's parking machines let them pay for spots that aren't actually valid at the times they showed up. this happened at the rockridge station in oakland, the riders parked in what they thought were available spaces, they punched their stall numbers into the parking machines and paid. turns out they parked in spaces that require permits. now they're asking why don't the machines alert riders that the spots they are about to pay for aren't actually available? we found some complaints about this going back years. bart says the computers don't offer the flexibility to display warnings, plus bart doesn't want the flexibility to warn riders. due to ongoing parking lot construction spot numbers change and would be impossible to track.
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riders can appeal their violations. the riders we talk to lost their appeals. you can watch our full investigation online right now at and if you have a parking problem you think we should look into, send a tip to the unit at back to you. >> and that's another thing, you know, a lot of times people ask how can we do it. that number 888-996-tips, and as liz said russians coming after americans again this year during midterm elections through facebook, twitter and other social media sites. that's the word from top law enforcement officials. take a listen at what they said on capitol hill yesterday. >> yes, we have seen russian activity and intentions to have an impact on the next election cycle here. >> there should be no doubt that russia perceived that it's past efforts as successful and views
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the 2018 u.s. midterm elections as a potential target for russian influence operations. >> last week secretary of state rex tillerson said the same thing but it's not clear if the trump administration is doing anything to stop the russians. in fact, we know that the trump administration has refused to enforce sanctions against russia that have been approved by lawmakers in congress. coming up on "today in the bay," i've been giving you a tip all morning, basically flat out telling you today is valentine's day so i hope you didn't forget, but is love the reason americans get married? we will tell you the top five reasons people are tying the knot these days, plus nbc bay area responds. >> more than $1,000 stored in his amazon account goes missing. i'm consumer investigator chris chmura. nbc bay area responds next. illis of christians and catholics. it )s the traditional season of happening now, it's ash wednesday for millions of christians and catholics, it is the traditional season of lent. lent represents the 40 days jesus wandered the desert
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praying and fasting. it ends on easter sunday. future home buyers are holding off weekly mortgage applications are down more than 4%. experts say a wild shift in the stock market and higher interest rates are behind the drop. ture
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taking a live look for you this morning as you can see commuters on their way. this is a fremont camera. getting the day started. thank you for starting with us. nbc bay area responds to a san francisco man who was out more than $1,000 and wasn't getting any help anywhere. that was until of course our consumer investigator chris chmura took his call. >> we spoke up for him and got
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results. scott wrote me to say he had an $1,100 gift card with amazon in his account, but amazon notified him that it had sent that amount to somebody else. that $1,100 sent to somebody else's e-mail address, one that scott didn't recognize. scott insisted he did not authorize that transfer. he then spent the next four months trying to get the money back, unsuccessfully. scott says amazon didn't want to help so he asked the attorney general to intervene, that didn't work, either. scott said i hope you have better luck than i have in pursuing this issue. i don't think i will get my money back unless they are shamed into doing so. well, we didn't have to shame amazon. all we had to do was e-mail headquarters and within seven days amazon restored scott's $1,100 credit. a spokesman said sorry for the delay, we work directly with our customer to resolve the issue.
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we asked for more detail about what happened here and where scott's money went, but amazon didn't respond to those questions. if you have a consumer complaint like scott did, all us, 888-996-tips or visit this valentine's day we wanted to see the top reasons why people are getting married these days and according to an online poll by pew research center 88% of those surveyors said that love is the top reason. no surprise there. 81% said making long time commitment. 76% said companionship about half said having children is the top reason to get married. 28% said financial stability. well, whatever it is for you, good luck. happy valentine's day. coming up on "today in the bay," of course, we are looking at the weather today. kari, this might be the weather of love. >> i think so because it starts out so chilly you will just want to snuggle up. we're seeing a lot of people out there already out on o the roads and a chilly morning.
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as we go through the morning commute in the east bay, we go from 40 degrees to the upper 50s. a look at the rest of the microclimate forecast including a chance of rain, that's coming up next. i've got to say this because you are in separate cars, don't get too close that's called a collision. san mateo bridge nothing of that sort. smooth drive across the bay. plus a gruesome killing in the east bay, two suspects accused of killing a 19-year-old girl will be in court today. the details we are hoping to find out about the motive. right-
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very dangerous high winds are the story in south korea. right now at 5 - very dangerous high winds are the story in south korea. they are delaying events and prompting at least one right there, right now at 5:00, very dangerous high winds are the story in south korea. they are delaying events and prompting at least one evacuation. as always, we are following the olympic headlines on "today in the bay." good morning, i'm marcus washington. >> and i'm laura garcia. we're also covering the big local stories including a brutal crime that has everyone talking this morning. we will get to mike's traffic and kari's weather in just a moment. first, though, we are going to check in with garvin thomas, he is live in pyeongchang. i should say good morning for us, good evening for you, mr. thomas. >> reporter: laura -- good evening, good morning to you as well. you know, wind postponing olympic events that we're getting used to, but evacuations and emergency alerts, well, that's new overnight.
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we will tell you exactly what happened ahead, but first back to you. right now we want to get a check on what's going on. you can see garvin had on the coat. you will need one here this morning as well. >> but it's not that cold, but, yeah, that's always in relative terms. >> not olympic cold. >> not olympic cold. we will start out this morning with some 40s across parts of the bay area and as you step out also some 30s in a few spots. all clear skies as we get a live look outside in san jose, let's go to santa teresa, it's going to be 42 degrees at 6:00 and a lot of sunshine throughout the day. a few more clouds in the mix and temperatures slightly cooler than yesterday reaching into the low 60s. we will be up to 58 degrees in oakland and 56 degrees in san francisco. 60 in napa. today in antioch 62 degrees. i will have more on a slight warming trend in the forecast and then that chance of rain that's coming up in a few


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