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tv   NBC Bay Area News  NBC  February 19, 2018 4:00pm-4:31pm PST

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you can see the forecast tomorrow morning for 32. the last time we saw temperatures of this was about a year ago. keep in mind the average low is 45 degrees. so who's in the most danger? that's all in purposing here. it's for the north bay, east bay and also for the south bay. remember to dress in layers, bring your pets inside. in terms of the coldest, the top three. the number one spot is here in marin, napa counties. second coldest contracogsa and alameda, 27 to 35. the third colders is the south bay where temperatures will range 29 to 36. will we be close to records? it looks like it right now. dropping down to 26 could tie a
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record. san francisco 38 degrees. we'll talk more about how you can battle this chill and also some showers in the forecast, a couple chances. that's in about 18 minutes. let's go to damian trujillo. a lot of people are worried about the cold snap tonight. >> reporter: a lot of people are concerned what it will be like when the sun goes down. there's a concern because of the freezing temperatures overnight, and concern for human life. these images say it all. snow in some parts of the sanity cruz mountains. this was an overnight dusting near boulder creek. that meant a cold night on the valley floor. how cold was it last night? >> oh, very cold. >> reporter: the homeless under the 280/101 connector said the cold caught them off-guard. the mince tremendous brought they blankets tonight. >> there's an immediate need
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here that is life or death. >> james landa knows that feeling. >> i was homeless at one time in my life and i have lived some of the rough parts that some of these folks are living. >> reporter: today landa is helping to deliver blankets. >> it's a good thing. people around here need them. >> reporter: the city and county are also opening warming centers like this will insites the tully road center. as the bay area braces for another freezing night. >> people here i trying to survive. >> reporter: last year 128 people, homeless people died on the streets. some of them were on cold nights like tonight. >> thank you, damian. of course you can always track the freezing temperatures from the paul of your hand. all you need to do is download or free app. okay.
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are you ready for the final stretch of the olympics? can we match the drama and excitement that we saw last week? this is a live look at the called drone there in south korea. it's a big night for some bay area olympians. also new accusations of doping. russia's efforts to rehabilitate its image at the olympics aren't going very well. an olympic curler from russia left the games after a positive preliminary test for a banned substance. he won a bronze medal last week. the treasurer of the bay area curling club says he's surprised to learn of doping accusation, in a sport known more for finesse than strength. >> it seems to be something that takes place, unfortunately everybody no matter what the ioc trying to do. some countries effectively have programs that allow doping to take place. >> that russian curler tested positive for a heart drug banned by the world antidoping agency
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because of its role in boosting endurance. as for our local now, the free-day-old sometime ski halfpipe will feature maddie bouman, also brita sigourney is also in this event. not to be forgotten the u.s. women's hockey team will play the arch rival canada for the gold on wednesday. so what exactly are you going to watch tune? so many decisions. check out our three to watch section right on our website. we pick three events getting the most buzz, and update it every day. jessica. it looks like another swing and miss for oakland a's after b.a.r.t. says no. it says they cannot build a station at the place where they
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want to billed a park. this could be a huge stumbling block for a team that's been trying to get a new stadium for so long. mark? >> reporter: it's been a frustrating search. we're outside of the terminal right where oakland's mayor would like to see the new stayedup. jack london square just a few blocks south of us. when the team pitched this site to b.a.r.t. in hopes of a new station, the agency said no, it would be too disruptive. the howard terminal location would put the oakland a's right on the water and within walking distance of jack london square, but the nearest b.a.r.t. stop is west oakland, 11 blocks away through a very industrial part of town. the general manager told the team a new station close to howard terminal would disrupt train and b.a.r.t. service and take way too long to design and build. at jaxx london square's sports
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bar and bowling alley, a's fans are feeling frustrated. >> they're not going to get laney college, so now it looks like they're not going to get this spot, either, which just leaves the original coliseum spot. >> and that is not where the a's want to be. their fans say they have good reason. what's wrong with where they are now? >> crime. >> the coliseum is tough that way. there's not a lot to do around it. >> you go to the coliseum and you leave it. >> city councilwoman ckaplan sas is the there's still hope. >> we have room to add bars and restaurants. >> if you look at the staples center in los angeles, you'll see what she's talking about. they could build them at the
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site. if they could just get the a's to go along with it. mark matthews, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, mark. a frightening scene at thornton beach. a man fell to his death. you can see there that's a chp rescue helicopter. had than around 11:30 this morning. the park service said he was trying to rescue his dog, and then tumbled and fell 500 feet on did up to the beach alone. his sons and family arrived on the scene. no word yet where he's from. more officers is what they say needs to subsome thefts. you can see it literally just takes seconds for the thieves to break into the suv. one family had a car stolen last monday and then another car stolen on thursday. >> it's awful. i mean, it's just panic, you know, takes over, you don't know
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how you're going to get from point a to point b. you feel violated. >> i neighborhood association says it will talk about a proposal to present to police at a meeting tomorrow. google into san jose, it's still years away from a done deal. some people are protesting google's plans to build in downtown san jose, but a in poll reveals a lot of people who live nearby are all for it. our scott budman is in san jose with the reasons for both sides of the debate. >> reporter: this is the area in downtown san jose where google wants to put a new campus, bringing with it tech jobs, tax dollars and likely more traffic. it's the topic of conversation at local coffee shops and in the neighborhood. google might be coming and people are happy about it. >> i think it's a good thing. i think it will be more jobs for more people and creates more of a -- this is up and coming
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around this area. >> this area is in downtown san jose where google wants to bring as many as 20,000 jobs. a new poll taken by the silicon valley leadership group and the bay area news group says most locals welcome google. >> it's not surprising that 79 percent of voters and taxpayers support google's efforts to come to downtown san jose. >> reporter: with some trepidation about traffic. >> we're told like a weekday it would take you 20 minutes just to cross the street. >> reporter: most people say jobs are the key. you're here, you're in the tech industry. google says 20,000 jobs here. what's your reaction? >> i would feel good about it. >> reporter: with the city's image getting a boost as well. >> of course it's a good idea. hopefully san jose will finally become a tech city that it should be.
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>> reporter: along with those high poll numbers do some questions about future housing. the people we spoke to say weds hope to see more of it. scott bus man northbound bay area news. the mascot of the winter games. we have the story behind the mass coal. the event is canceled, so you would think ticket holders get money back without question. think again in this case. nbc bay areas responds, is next. i'm chief meteorology it's jeff ray neari, a spotty shower over berkeley, we'll have more details, with a freeze warning and more rain in the forecast. that's in about eight minutes. who are these people?
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and do your thing. ♪ [vo]it doesn't matter if you're from a small town... [mom] it's time to go watch the race, ok? [vo]a big town... [broadcaster] welcome back to the winter olympics. [vo]a nowhere town... [tv broadcaster] this is jessie diggins on the right! [loud cheering] [vo]we all call the same place home. i love you, afton! [vo]comcast is proud to bring the olympic winter games 2018
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home to afton and every other hometown in america. ♪ hello again from the olympic park at the pyeonchang winter games. if you've been following the olympics, there's something i'm sure you have seen everywhere, as in over there, over there, and over there. that's the mascot of the
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pyeonchang 2018 winter olympics. he's a white tiger, long considered korea's guardian animals. the first part of the name means protection in korea, supposed to symbolize a safe game, the last is the word for tiger and also the last letter of a traditional followic song of the province where the games are being held. the black bear is a mass cod for the upcoming paralympic games. still with nbc news later tonight including how all our northern california athletes are doing. always worth noting the paralympics is always after the olympics. sign up for our daily newsletter. go to, scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the "contact us" section, type in your e-mail and you're all well. bay area responds to a woman out $200 while trying to better
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her career. >> what happened, chris? >> patty guerrero, she's in free month, works in a dental office paid $200 to attend a one-day seminar to help her better deal with insurance companies. when you who, in a medical office, that kind of thing is seriously important. the problem is that seminar was canceled. patty couldn't get a refind. she said she called the company several times over the next several months, but couldn't get a responsible, so she turned to us. we contacted the company, and it sent patty a check for her $198. the company didn't respond to our request about what happened. if you have a consumer complaint, you can call us, the number is 888-996-tips or online. jess? >> thank you very much. that's rain. it's in the east bay.
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our own jodi hernandez shot this video about 13 minutes ago in hercules. breaking news, rain finally. >> we're still on track for one of the driest februarys. good news, we do have a chance of wet weather coming our way, but all the headlines at any time to be about the warm weather. to storm ranger, you can see we are tracking this area of rain right now through birk will you we think till still hold up. very isolated in area. now, all of this is part of a larger change in the works this weeks. okay, number one thing that would be happening is the cold air pushing down here.
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it's going to keep temperatures in the 20s and 30s the next couple mornings, but the other thing is we'll see several different disturbances moving in, and that would bring us some on again/off again shower chances just like we saw through tonight. the first thing i want you to be concerned about is the cold weather for tomorrow. it's dangerously cold. you'll have some ice to scrape on your windshield in tri-valley, the peninsula 34, frost possible. also notice down to 27 in the north bay. that's my coldest average. san francisco even a heavier jacket, down to 38 degrees primarily you're going to need to dress in layers as we head through tomorrow morning. bring in those pets inside, and certainly cover up sensitive plants. coldest part of the morning will happen around 6:57 tomorrow right as that sun rises.
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as we head through the day, we will see temperatures warm, but it certainly will not be mild like we were used to. 56 here expected in san jose. right through contra costa, all more to mid 50s, sunshine here through the peninsula, but it's a cool day. 55 in redwood city and 51 in daly city, and 50 for the embarcadero, and right from the north pay to 55 in novato. my extended forecast continues with changes. the number one concern is the cold weather to start over the next few days, but wash for scattered rain. this could give us low snow on saturday, and maybe another chance for wet weather on sunday and also into next monday. i think overall next monday would be the better bet of widespread accumulating
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rainfall, but nonetheless keep the embrilla handy. we're starting boo the 20s and 30s, and rain chances through wednesday, thursday, sunday and also on monday. so things are getting active. it's changing, just not the super-wet storms we need this time of year. we'll take it as it comes. >> interesting to see the snow video around the bay area as well. thanks, jeff. did you hear it? the national anthem performance being heavily criticized, and we hear from fergie, too on our twi:
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its a holiday, but traffic is still a mess on 101. an overturned car is triggering a major traffic m . happening now, it is a holiday, but traffic is still a mess on 101. an overturned car is triggering a major jam on 101 north in san francisco near the cesar chavez exit. and also a woman gets her ring back, a flight attendant found it and it was returned with a handwritten note. we're back in a moment.
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at&t has a network with thousands of best-in-class security experts. which means... more of the eye balls you want watching the network... & less of the ones you don't... more experts preventing security issues & less security threats impacting our customers. more of a highly secure network with more security products available for further protection & less per month than comcast for business internet. switch to at&t internet for business. more & less - that's the power of &. it happened just before noon -- near el camino real and fair oaks. our skyranger was overhead. the pedestrian who was hit -- a crash in sunnyvale sent one person to the hospital. our sky ranger was overhead. the pedestrian who was hit has major injuries. police say the driver did stop and is cooperating. mt.view please say they have nabbed some car thieves. police arrested two teens, who
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say they broke into cars for cell phones and laptons. the other teen is from san francisco, police did not release his photo, because he is under age. a martinez condo complex caught fire twice. these are firefighters' helmet cams. the initial fire actually started yesterday morning. it flared up again today, this is a eastgate lane, again in martinez. five units have been destroyed. one firefighters was injured. an untended pot on a stove was what started the fire. should the national anthem be sexy or sensual? it didn't quite work for fergie. did you see this last night? after that, there was a bit of laughter, including from daymond green that rippled through the
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staples center. this is at the all-star game. she apologized, says tmz she was taking a risk with the song that didn't play off. lebron is very talented just not the right vibe for that song. >> it didn't click last night. we're back in a moment with team usa with work to do. we have an updated medal count. stay with us. olympics coverage..
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here )s the updated medal count. into before we send you to the
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live -- norway is running away with it, impressive followed by germany and canada. the netherlands is in fourth followed by the olympic athletes from russia. the u.s., as you can see, is in sixth place with ten medals overall. for some perspective. the u.s. finished in second. what to watch no tune, maddie bowman and brita sigourney. reno's david weiss try toss qualified for the finals. and a final in the ice dancing. >> i want to watch them tonight. they're my favorite. >> it's going to be good. up next "the olympic zone" and then a great night of olympics ahead. we'll see you after the games. bye-bye. \s
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>> announcer: tonight on "the olympic zone." the shy bannis have perfected their moves, on the ice and on social media. >> points for blogging. >> where their skills are already worthy of gold. plus they have been the talk of pyeonchang. take a firsthand look inside the unified korean hockey team through the eyes of an american coach. >> i think it's special we're united for a common goal and we're working hard together. and -- >> i wanted the audience to feel what i was feeling. >> 50 years after she captivated america with her gold medal performance -- >> i love my music and felt beautiful moving to it. >>


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