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tv   Today  NBC  February 23, 2018 7:00am-9:01am PST

7:00 am "today" show coming up next. we will see you on monday morning, 4:30 to 7:00. good morning. outrage. >> devastated. sick to my stomach. >> new fallout after officials reveal the deputy assigned to that florida high school never entered the building, despite being armed and on campus. this, as teachers get set to return to the school today for the first time. and a disturbing 911 call from the confessed gunman emerges. doubling down. president trump repeats his controversial call to arm certain teachers to fight back against school shooters. >> unless we have an offensive capability, it will happen again and again and again. >> will the president find himself at odds with over his other gun violence.
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stunning arrest. missouri's governor indicted, amid a scandal involving an affair and alleged blackmail. calls growing louder for him to resign. this morning, why he says that won't happen. those stories plus -- su y >> brilliant. >> gorgeous. >> beautiful. >> two talented teenagers from russia battle it out to take gold and silver in ladies' figure skating as stumble on the ice. the u.s. men go for gold in curling after a shocking upset. and "today" exclusive, who will be the u.s. flagbearer for the closing ceremony. we will reveal that big honor and celebrate with some of this year's big winners in revelarn pyeongchang, today, friday, hy february 23rd, 2018. ♪ >> from nbc news, this is a
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special edition of "today," at the olympic games with savannah guthrie and hoda kotb, live from pyeongchang, south korea. good morning, everybody. welcome to "today." happy friday. it's 7:00 a.m. back home. siete 9:00 tonight here in pyeongchang, south korea. nochn >> we'll have the latest from a our final day just ahead. we want to begin in florida, where teachers and staff are returning to the scene of the parklands school shooting for the first time. >> this comes amid growing outrage of the reported inactioo of the school's armed deputy as the tragedy was unfolding. dese also this morning, a la masace newly-obtained 911 call reveals more about the mindset of the confessed gunman. we have complete coverage. we'll start with nbc's kerry
7:03 am
sanders in parkland, florida. >> reporter: there is stunned disbelief, that a veteran deputy, the only armed protection for the students on the campus here was outside while confessed gunman nikolas cruz was inside the building on a killing spree. the parkland community is reliving the horror of the massacre all over again and feeling betrayed by one of their own. 54-year-old broward county deputy scott peterson, the resourceoff ser at marjory stoneman ten years, now widely condem for his inaction during the killing spree. >> he's an absolute coward, an awful human being. >> reporter: the shooting lasted for six minutes according to authorities. sheriff scott israel said peterson remained outside for four minutes. >> what i saw was a deputy arrive at the west side of building 12, take up a position,
7:04 am
and he never went in. >> what should he have done? >> went in. addressed the killer, killed the killer. >> reporter: shocked reactions from a mother who had two relatives at the school that peterson was supposed to protect. >> i don't understand why you coward out of doing your job. >> 911 emergency. >> hi. i was just assaulted. someone attacked me. and they said they were going to gut me. >> reporter: until now, the y words we've heard from mass during his first appearance in court last week. >> yes, ma'am. >> reporter: now, in just-released 911 tapes, obtained by our west palm beach affiliate, we are hearing much more, following an apparent altercation between cruz and the family he was living with at the time in this mobile home. cruz calls 911. >> tell me what happened. >> well, i kind of got mad and i
7:05 am
started punching walls and stuff. and a kid [ bleep ] came at me and through me on the ground. he kicked me out of the house. and he said he was going to gut me. >> you were staying at this house and you got mad and you were punching things and they came after you? >> yeah. >> all right. >> the thing is, i lost my mother a couple weeks ago. so, like, i'm dealing with a bunch of things right now. >> reporter: according to police notes, there's also a call from the family cruz was living with, telling a different story. >> i'm honestly afraid for my mother, my little brother. >> reporter: and a third call from a family friend and guardian, concerned about cruz's behavior. >> he put the gun at the head of his brother before. it's not the first time. and he did that to his mom. his mom died. >> reporter: it's been nine days since the shooting here on the campus.
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later this morning, for the first time, teachers will return to marjory stoneman douglas high school here to go back to their classrooms. students are scheduled to return later next week. savannah? >> kerry sanders, thank you very much. meantime, president trump is doubling down on his controversial idea of arming some teachers as a deterrent for school shootings in the wake of the florida tragedy. nbc's kristen welker is at te white house with that. good morning. >> reporter: hi, hoda. good morning to you. president trump is vowing to take action to make schools safer. signaling a new openness to gun safety laws that could put him at odds with the nra. calls for change are increasingly urgent, one week after the parkland mass shooting. this morning president trump intensifying controversial and arming some teachers. >> these are experts. these are people that would want them.
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a gun-free zone to a killer or somebody that wants to be a killer, that's like going in for the ice cream. >> reporter: even floating the idea of giving armed teachers bonuses. >> what i'd recommend doing the give them a bonus, a little of a bonus. >> reporter: that sparking a fierce backlash from teachers. but the idea of more guns not fewer, gaining support of the national rifle association. the head of the nrr seeming t read from the same the president yesterday at conservative conference in maryland. >> we must immediately harden our schools. >> we have to harden our schools, not soften them up. >> reporter: despite that similar language, signs that cracks may be forming between the president and the nra. under more, the president says he supports raising the age lit to 21 to buy ar-1 the use phd the parkland shootin and many other recent massac. in a statement the
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its opposition to that idea,t mr. trump indicating the powerful gun lobby which hed elect him will board. >> will you win that battle, sir? >> it's not a battle. >> reporter: on thursday in the russia p, special filing additional charges against the campaign aides, paul manafort and rick gates. both face charges of bank fraud and financial accounts. manafort's spokesperson responding with a statement that reads, paul manafort is innot of the the newly filed indictments he is confident he will be acquitted of all charges. it comes less than a week after mueller indicted 13 russians for meddling in the u.s. election. and this morning, there's signs some businesses may be putting pressure on the nra. first national bank of omaha, the nation's largest privately owned private bank, says it
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won't renew the nra for visa cards. and enterprise holdings won't renew its partnership. president trump will likely address the gun issue when he speaks at the conservative conference in maryland a day after the nra appeared. hoda and savannah? >> kristen welker, thanks. calls are growing for missouri's governor to resign. this is after he was indicted on a felony charge thursday. it's related to his admitted affair and allegations of blackmail. nbc's blake mccoy has that sy for us. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. this is a stunning development. missouri's governor arrested, even forced to pose for a mug shot. we're hearing his response and why he is refusing to resign. missouri's governor, in that black suv, moments after taking this mug shot. eric greitens charged with felony invasion of stemming from an extramarital
7:10 am
affair before he was governor. greitens is framing it as political attack saying my confidence in our system is broken, blaming a reckless liberal prosecutor who office to score political points. greitens has been in hot water since news of an affair broke in january. >> this election is all about the future. >> reporter: the rising republican star who ran on family values, accused of threatening to blackmail the woman he had an affair with taking a naked photograph without her knowledge. >> he stepped back, i saw flash and >> reporter: that audio released by the woman's ex-husband, in an explosive local news report in the very night the governor gave his state of the state speech. he admitted to the affair but not to the blackmail. prosecutor
7:11 am
launched her own investigatio and a defendant knowingly photograpd the woman in a state of f partial nudity without her knowledge or consent. >> eric is absolutely innocent of these charges. and we'll be filing a motion to dismiss shortly. >> reporter: this morning, missouri's governor is clinging to his political life. greitens is quickly losing the confidence of lawmakers, even from his own party. many calling on him to resign. impeachment is also being discussed. but that process is not easy. a lot of turmoil in missouri this morning. savannah. >> blake mccoy, thank you. we have a lot more to get to. we're heading into the final days of competition here at the olympics. nbc's joe fryer gets us ca up on all the action in pyeongchang. >> good morning. after a day with a huge medal haul, it was a disappointing night in figure skating for the americans. but two teenagers from russia wowed the world.
7:12 am
>> that's an olympic skate. >> reporter: fierce and flawless, a pair of russian rivals putting it all on the line, alina zagitova and evgenia medvedeva. sizzling and selling it to crowd. >> >> just 15 years old coming out on top in her very first olympics. >> she is the gold medalist in pyeongchang. >> reporter: a parade of powerful jumps for alina zagitova, and her technical performance soaring. >> brilliant. >> 18-year-old medvedeva pouring her heart o the routine, getting the silver. >> it was the most heartbreakingly beautiful ladies competition i've ever seen. >> reporter: despite a recent medal surge for team usa, the trio of american skaters turning in disappointing performances. karen chen
7:13 am
taking heartbreaking tumbles. mirai nagasu failing to repeat the triple axle she had in the team skate last week, instead turning it into a single jump. >> that was definitely not free skate she was hoping for. >> reporter: nagasu said she is proud to be leaving pyeongchang with a team bronze medal. >> this has been an extremely difficult journey. i'm so proud of what i did. i did my triple axle and i made history. >> reporter: from the rink to a medal ceremony that's causing controversy, after the u.s. women's hockey team won a gold medal victory 3-2 victory canada -- >> the united states wins gold. >> -- one canadian player, joslyn laraque removed her silver medal after it was placed on her neck. >> how can you be upset when you win an olympic silver medal? >> reporter: laraque apologizing, writing, at the moment, i was disappointed with the outcome of the game and my emotions got the better of me. i meant no disrespect. it has been an honor to
7:14 am
represent my country and win a medal for canada. and finally, a red carpet welcome for ivanka trump. president trump's arriving today in south korea. she will attend the closing ceremony for these winter games. >> we're very, very excited to attend the 2018 olympic games, to cheer for team usa, and to reaffirm our strong and enduring commitment with the people of the republic of korea. >> reporter: looking at the latest medal count, norway remains squarely in the lead. followed by canada and germ with team here is what at the winter olympics. the four-man bobsled competition gets under way. snowboarding, the men's big air final. and the u.s. goes for a historic gold in men's curling. we'll have more on that later. savannah and hoda? >> joe, thank you. let's turn to al and get a first check of the weather.
7:15 am
>> got a lot of wet weather to talk about. big, big storms bringing a lot of wet weather. you see flooding continuing, stretching all the way from texas into ohio. and the strong storms are going to continue, one after another. we have a stretching from dallas into central arkansas for moderate risk. as you look at tomorrow, it makes its way further to the north, stretching all the way into western pennsylvania. plus, we have a risk of strong storms and isolated to moderate risk. now, an enhanced risk for 17 million people. damaging winds, few tornadoes and rainfall amounts over the next 72 hours, we're talking about anywhere from 1 to 3 inches of rain, stretching from texas all the way into central pennsylvania. we're going to get to your local forecast coming up in the next 30 seconds. your local your local ♪
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introducing the npower jean aka the perfect straight. and introducing the new relaxed slim for men. power up with 50% off all jeans this saturday and sunday only. at old navy. good friday morning, i'm meteorologist kari hall. we've got some very cold temperatures right now in the tri-valley it's only 27 degrees, we do see a beautiful sunrise all around the bay area. 34 right now in the north bay. our highs for today in san francisco will be up to 52 degrees with some breezy winds, a dry weekend ahead but we will be tracking some rain early next week starting out on monday and a lot of the heavy rain in the forecast possible between wednesday and thursday. expect chilly mornings and a mild afternoon. >> that's your latest weathe. coming up in the next halfh,
7:17 am
we're talking >> where? >> we'll tell you. >> thank you, al. just ahead, their performances were breathtaking and beautiful. we'll have more on the russian dominance in ladies figure skating. and we'll talk to the women who proudly represented team usa. we're going to reveal and speak with the u.s. flagbearer for sunday's closing ceremony. first, this is "today" on nbc. f. first, this is "today" on nbc.
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♪ [vo]it doesn't matter if you're from a small town... [mom] it's time to go watch the race, ok? [vo]a big town... [broadcaster] welcome back to the winter olympics. [vo]a nowhere town... [tv broadcaster] this is jessie diggins on the right! [loud cheering] [vo]we all call the same place home. i love you, afton! [vo]comcast is proud to bring the olympic winter games 2018 home to afton and every other hometown in america.
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i we worked with pg&eof to save energy because wenie. wanted to help the school. they would put these signs on the door to let the teacher know you didn't cut off the light. the teachers, they would call us the energy patrol. so they would be like, here they come, turn off your lights! those three young ladies were teaching the whole school about energy efficiency. we actually saved $50,000. and that's just one school, two semesters, three girls. together, we're building a better california. coming up, the u.s. team's barrier breakers. we have adam rippon and gus k
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so go, know, and take control of your health. it could save your life. cigna. together, all the way. lots more shaking in the area around danville this good morning. 7:26. i'm marcus washington. lots of shaking in the area around danville this morning. all of it tied to the recent quake swarm. this morning's largest quake a; 3.3 at about 5:30. viewers told us they could feel it. there's been a 2.7 and 2.8 this morning, those are the largest of more than a dozen small quakes en centered near monte vista high school. over the past two weeks there have been a dozen quakes between 2.6 and 3.3. a truck crash causing big headaches on drivers on interstate 880. this is our view from sky ranger as the tow truck righted that box truck that was blocking lanes for hours this morning. they've just cleared all lanes a few minutes ago so we'll look at the maps and we have recovery now heading up from dakota road.
7:27 am
look at that quick recovery already in the just the last 15 minutes. a smoother drive heading up toward oakland, bogging down around the dumbarton bridge. the crash 84 has one lane blocked but traffic control results in minimal slowing. the rest of the bay shows a light dry but the backup at the bay bridge toll plaza. pretty significant coming back into the maze. i mean, significant for a friday, kari, but again, it's friday. >> it is friday. we have a beautiful sunrise as we take a live look outside in san jose. it is chilly as you get ready to head out the door, we have had temperatures in the 30s and low 40s, below freezing for the interior valleys with our highs this afternoon recovering into the mid 50s. this is cooler than normal. up to 55 degrees in san jose, 54 oakland and 53 today in san francisco. we will see a dry weekend, more clouds on sunday and rain moving in on monday with scattered showers and a high of 50 degrees. more rain moving in for the middle of next week. marcus? thanks, kari. i will have another local news
7:28 am
update for you coming up in half an hour. we are always on at it doesnt matter if you're from a small town... it's time to go watch the race ok? ...a big town... [producer] welcome back to the winter olympics.
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...a nowhere town. [broadcaster] jessie diggins, delivering a landmark moment! we all call the same place hom. etched in us olympic history! comcast is proud to bring the olympic winter games 2018 home to afton and every other hometown in america.
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you hear it. usa. usa. say hello to all of the athletes who are spending their friday night with us here in pyeongchang. it is 7:30 in the morning back home. and it's fun to have our plaza filled again. >> i know, with terrific athletes. they have so much heart and so much spirit. they have so much fun. we will get back to the olympics in just a bit. first, let's get to the headlines back home and around the world. >> school shocker. a sheriff's deputy resigns after it's revealed he never entered the building during last week's deadly school shooting in
7:31 am
florida. >> what i saw was a deputy, arrive, take a position and he never went in. >> this, as teachers go back to school for the first time today, amid calls for the president to arm teachers nationwide. >> the people that carry, we give them a little bit of a bonus. doubling down. robert mueller files new charges against former trump campaign chairman paul manafort and rick gates. the 32-count indictment alleging bank and tax fraud. a mafast-moving storm causea chain reaction crash outside of denver. 30 cars involved and no serious injuries. disappearing wealth. snapchat's stock goes into a tail spin, after kylie jenner tweets she is no longer using the app. the company sees a $2 billion loss from its market value.
7:32 am
close call. cell phone video shows the terrifying moment charging lions race towards a woman's car at a safari park. today, february 23rd, 2018. figure skating wrapped up last night with a russian rivalry on full display. and look who is here. we have all three skaters from team usa. we're going to talk to them. but first, stephanie gosk has the highlights of the competition. >> ladies' figure skating is one of the most anticipated events of the olympics. here in pyeongchang, it was all about two russian teenagers. they stole the show. their rivalry raising the bar to awe-inspiring heights. moments before her performance, evgenia medvedeva danced her way to the ice. the 18-year-old needed the skate of her life. and she delivered. but it wasn't enough, her fellow
7:33 am
russian skater, 15-year-old alina zagitova had also been flawless. >> brilliant. >> getting a 10% advantage for waiting to do her hardest jumps. in the end, her final score just over a point higher than her teammate. evgenia was left with silver. evgenia, one point. just one point. >> this is one point. but this is really so much. i think i must do so big work. >> reporter: the american skaters likely feel they need some work, as well. >> her crown jewel of her th program. >> reporter: mirai mag snagasu stopped short of doing the triple axle, that she landed last week. later joking that she was trying out for "dancing with the stars." nagasu held tight to the bronze medal she won a few days ago in the team event.
7:34 am
>> i did my triple axle and i made history. >> reporter: nerves seemed to get the best of newcomer bradie tennell. i'm not done skating. i think i've just barely started. i'm excited to see what's in store. >> reporter: but the u.s. women will have to figure out some way to beat the russians. finishi ining 9th, 10th and 11t they fell short of the competition. do you find their performances inspiring or terrify? >> a little bit of both, to be honest. it's amazing what they can do. >> reporter: at 15 years old, alina zagitova is the second-youngest skater to win gold. the youngest, american tara lipinski, who we know well. she was in the broadcast booth for nbc during their performance. one other remarkable thing, an loo lists say these two young skaters may not compete in the olympics in beijing, because there's a younger group that may
7:35 am
be even better. >> thank you, stephanie. joining us are mirai nagasu, karen chen and bradie tennell. you had your last skates today. are you relieved? are you excited? what's going through your mind? >> you can start. >> i think we speak for -- i speak on behalf of all of us. we're relieved. it's been a long wait. we did our best. we had some mistakes. but at the end of the day, we represented team usa to the best of our ability. we don't all have our jumps at the end of the program. but maybe it's something that we'll work on. >> yeah. mirai, you hit that triple. you made history. you got the bronze. the team was cheering. and we were waiting, is it going to happen again? was that a last-second decision not to do it? or did you think, i've done it and that's plenty. >> i hit a rut in the ice and i could not lift up off the ice.
7:36 am
you know, it's really unfortunate and i'm really disappointed. at the same time, i'm proud of myself because i really went for it, even though i didn't get the chance to pull in. >> bradie, what was it like? you skated in competitions. you have the national title. what was it like the skate here? >> it was incredible. it was so much fun. just to skate over the olympic rings is something i've dreamed of. i couldn't have asked for a better experience. >> karen, we were watching you. you seemed so school. like calm, cool and collected karen. what were you feeling inside when it was ready to go? >> that may have been what i looked like. but i was a nervous wreck. and the nerves played a factor. but i had a great time here. and skating here on olympic ice made me realize how much i love this sport. this is why i keep doing it, despite those rough times. >> what did you think of the two russians who won silver and gold? they turned in some beautiful
7:37 am
performances. what did you think? >> i think their consistency is stunning and amazing. so inspiring. >> yeah. we have a lot to work towards. you know, we saw some triple, triple, triple, triple. >> yeah. >> my jaw just dropped. i was like -- i'm just going to keep going at the triple axles. >> can we expect to see you in the next go around? the next olympics? yes or no? >> i would say yes, definitely. >> bradie? >> mirai? >> maybe in a different outlet. four years is a long time. i'm looking for other opportunities, as well. you never know. i didn't think i would still be skating at 24. >> you mentioned "dancing with the stars" earlier? >> is that a real deal? >> i would die for it. put in a good word for me. >> different network. but we'll do our best. ladies, congratulations on making it to the olympics and representing team usa. it's been great to get to know
7:38 am
you. >> it's been an amazing opportunity. likewise. we loved meeting you. >> thanks, hon. we're going to go to mr. al roker for a check of the weather. >> thanks so much, guys. we were talking about flooding in the last half hour. now, we're talking about a lot of heavy snow, as well. as you look, you can see, we have winter storm watches pushes saturday into early sunday. some strong, heavy snowstorms coming on through, already causing problems in the rockies. the first round earlier today. another round coming in saturday, with more heavy snows. to the south of it, heavier rain. we are looking for snowfall amounts anywhere from 3 to 8 inches, makes its way from north platte all the way into the u.p. of mic it's a clear and chilly start this morning as we take a live look outside in san francisco, it will be a beautiful day, but still only making it into the low 50s with some gusty winds. oakland up to 54 degrees for the high today and 55 in san jose
7:39 am
and palo alto. north bay in the upper 50s. a breezy weekend with some dry conditions, but we will be tracking some rain early next week. by monday we will start to see some rain moving in with some scattered showers, we could see several more waves of rain for the middle of next week. >> and that is your latest weather. ladies? >> all right, al. thank you so much. coming up, the new miracle on ice. we're going to hear from the u.s. men set to curl for gold for the first time. also ahead, team usa's adam rippon and gus kenworthy made history just xeecompeting here. what they want you to take away from their stories. all of the drama we have seen unfold in these games. >> first, who will carry the flag in the closing ceremony? we're going to reveal the answer and talk to that athlete, after ♪ life goes on, yes, life goes on... ♪
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we are back with exciting news. we're about to reveal team usa's flagbearer for sunday's closing ceremonies. >> it is a very big deal. we're going to give you a few hints. she won a gold medal here in pyeongchang. her performance was one for the record books. and she is a cross-country skier. if you guess jessie diggins, you guessed right. jessie is with us. congratulations. >> hi, thank you. >> this is a huge honor for a lot of reasons. but mainly because your fellow athletes picked you. when you heard this news, tell us what you thought. >> i actually thought there may be have been a mistake. i was like, what? i can't believe this. but it is so humbling. i feel so honored to have been picked to carry the flag at closing ceremonies. it's been so exciting to meet other athletes here, get to
7:45 am
watch them compete and cheer for them. cheer so much that i lost my voice. and it's been so cool to see everyone compete. so, having them vote for me was, yeah. i don't really know what to say but thank you so much. >> when you think back on this olympic experience and you think about what you hoped for a couple of weeks ago when this was about to start. in your wildest dreams, could you have imagined all of this? you win the gold medal. now, you're going to be the flag bearer. it's pretty darn good. >> yeah. in my wildest dreams, i don't think i could have imagined all of this, for sure. it's been so much to process in the last 48 hours. it's been overwhelming in the very best way. and it's really been a dream come true. i can't be more proud of my team and my teammates and my coaches. in fact, we're about to bring
7:46 am
this gold medal home together is an amazing experience. and getting to carry the flag is the absolute icing on the cake. >> you've lost your voice. we can tell. there is somebody else that lost his voice, the person calling the race. i don't know if you got a chance to hear the end of the race. but take a quick listen and hear this guy describe you coming into the finish. >> here comes diggins. >> diggins, making the play around sweden. >> yes. yes. >> jessie diggins to the line. >> gold. >> delivering a landmark moment. >> we think that should be your ringtone. >> can i have that as my ringtone? that would be amazing. >> congratulations. >> chad is amazing. >> what an olympic games for you. >> are you going to wear the sparkle on your cheeks for your
7:47 am
flagbearing? >> i think i'm going to, yeah. >> good. >> congrats, jessie. >> we'll be watching you on sunday. still ahead this morning, oh, the memories. we're going to look back at all of the fun we had here in friends, colleagues, gathered here are the world's finest insurance experts. rodney -- mastermind of discounts like safe driver, paperless. the list goes on. how about a discount for long lists? gold. mara, you save our customers hundreds for switching almost effortlessly. it's a gift. and jamie. -present. -together we are unstoppable. so, what are we gonna do? ♪ insurance. that's kind of what we do here. is weto find your balance! everything you need plus an extra 20% off eat healthier with an air fryer get moving with new active apparel. and sleep well with cuddl duds. you'll get kohl's cash too! and yes2you members earn triple points! kohl's.
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7:51 am
♪ coming up, the curling fever here and back home, as team usa goes for gold for the first time tonight. >> very big deal. plus, adam rippon and gus kenworthy, our candid conversation with the first openly-gay athletes to represent the u.s. in the winter olympics. we'll have that. but first, your local news. ♪ ♪ ♪
7:52 am
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targetrun and done. ♪ >> we made it to the olympics. >> she just walked in.
7:56 am
good friday morning, i'm meteorologist kari hall. right now its 7:56. we take a live look outside in san francisco this morning. all clear and it's been such a chilly start now with our temperatures in the 30s, we're going to make it into the low 50s today, which is still much cooler than normal for this time of year. we are going to see a high of 55 in the palo alto and in san jose 56, in antioch and 57 today in napa. heading into the next several days our dry weather continues, chilly mornings and fairly mild afternoons. early next week welling get some rain moving in here, so the scattered showers to start out the week and a chance of heavier rain moving in by wednesday into thursday. that's when we do have our first significant storm system and more rain than we have had in quite a while. looking forward to that. we will also be able to enjoy our weekend with some sunshine. let's get an update on how the roads are moving with mike. we have good recovery from the earlier crashes, but we have
7:57 am
one new one to report. overall it's looking like a friday, lighter traffic flow. over on the hayward side, the right side, 880 moves nicely and there is no more problem passing whipple road from the earlier crash. that cleared up about 45 minutes ago. we have had this going on for about 20, that's westbound 580 around 98, there is a crash blocking the fast lane, slowing there. getting toward the bay bridge generally slow and there is the backup at the bay bridge toll plaza. it's friday. back to you. mike. happening now, more shaking in the area around danville, we've been talking about the quake storm there for more than a week now. since midnight the usgs says more than a dozen small quakes rattled the area, the largest a 3.3 at 5:30 this morning. the ncaa is looking into reports from yahoo sports that more than 20 top men's college basketball teams may have violated ncaa rules tied to illegal payments, the schools include duke, north carolina and kentucky. we know that cross-country skier jessie diggins will carry the
7:58 am
american flag in the closing ceremo ceremony.
7:59 am
8:00 am
it's 8:00 on "today." coming up, community in shock. >> he's an absolute coward. an awful human being. >> students at the florida school where 17 people were killed react to news, an armed deputy waited outside during the rampage, this, as teachers return to campus today for the first time since the shooting. we're there, live. plus, clean sweep. >> clean. clean. >> the u.s. men's curling going for gold for the first time ever. we'll talk to them ahead of their big match against the top-ranked sweden. and gold medal good-byes. ♪ gangnam style >> we look back at all of the fun we had here at south korea, from the style to the slopes. the meals to the medalists.
8:01 am
>> i am definitely not going back home for real, though. >> it's been an incredible journey. today, friday, february 23rd, 2018. ♪ >> we're in korea. we stopped by to see the "today" show. >> i'm matthew from orlando, florida. i want to give a special shoutout to my fiancee, jennie. >> i'm jordan. i live here in south korea. but i'm team usa all the way. ♪ >> i'm here for team usa. i want to say hello to all of my friends and family in phoenix and in texas. >> hi, hoda, i met your mom. now, i want to meet you. >> go, team usa! ♪ >> hello, everybody. welcome back to "today." is so nice to have you with us. 8:00 in the morning back home. 10:00 at night here in pyeongchang. a great crowd. >> i did meet that woman outside. and i took a video of her and sent it home to mom. took care of business.
8:02 am
>> it's full circle. >> yes, it is. we're going to get to your news at 8:00, top of the hour. there's several new developments in last week's shooting of a florida high school. we've learned that an armed sheriff's deputy on campus never entered the building or tried to stop the gunman during the attack. that according to the sheriff's department. nbc's kerry sanders has the latest from parkland, florida. kerry, good morning to you. >> reporter: well, good morning, savannah. students, teachers and the community are trying to understand how an armed deputy stayed outside that building and didn't go in when a confessed gunman, nikolas cruz, was in the hallways. he was supposed to protect the students from danger. but this morning, scot peterson is being condemned for what he did not do. >> devastated, sick to my stomach. >> reporter: while students and teachers were being shot inside, authority says peterson, a
8:03 am
54-year-old broward county deputy, took cover outside the school for four minutes. >> he never went in. >> what should he have done? >> went in. >> reporter: the revelation rocking this tight-knit community. >> he's an absolute coward. >> i don't understand why you coward out of doing your job. >> reporter: the news coming as we get a new window into the troubled past of accused killer nikolas cruz. >> 911 emergency. >> i was just assaulted. someone attacked me. and they said they're going to gut me. >> reporter: in newly released audio tapes obtained by our affiliate, cruz calls 911, after an apparent altercation with the family that he was living with at the time. >> tell me what happened. >> i kind of got mad and i started punching walls and stuff. and a kid [ bleep ] came at me and threw me on the ground. he kicked me out of the house.
8:04 am
and he said he was going to gut me. >> you were just saying at this house and you got mad and you were punching things and then they came after you? >> yeah. >> all right. >> the thing is, i lost my mother a couple of weeks ago. so, i'm dealing with a bunch of things right now. >> reporter: but police notes reveal a different story. in a call from the family cruz was living with at the time. >> i'm honestly afraid for my mother, my little brother. >> reporter: this morning, several businesses are severing their ties with the nra. enterprise, alamo and national rental car are cutting promotional rates for members of the national rifle association. and the first national bank of omaha, which had a credit card promotion for nra members, is also ending that promotion. savannah? >> kerry sanders, thank you. let's turn to the olympics and the event people have been
8:05 am
waiting for, ladies' figure skating. it was a really exciting day on the ice. nbc's keir simmons is going to tell us how it played out. hey, keir, good morning. >> good morning. what an amazing display of act lettism. the americans unable to mount a medal charge. but the two favorites put on mesmerizing performances. >> let the fireworks begin. >> reporter: russia's alina zagitova, gliding to glory. >> brilliant. >> reporter: outdueling teammate and partner, evgenia medvedeva, in a showdown on the ice. the 15-year-old showcasing her jaw-dropping talent. >> that's an olympic skate. >> reporter: but medvedeva had a chance to respond. >> gorgeous. >> beautiful. >> reporter: and despite a terrific performance of her own -- >> i don't know if we just watched gold. but i know we just watched greatness.
8:06 am
>> reporter: -- it wasn't enough. >> alina zagitova is the gold medal winner in pyeongchang. >> reporter: etching her name into history. >> she needs every jump. >> reporter: meanwhile, americans bradie tennell, mirai nagasu, and karen chen, struggle to go 9th, 10th, and 11th place finishes. unable to find the silver lining in their olympic experiences. the americans speaking earlier on "today." >> it was so much fun. just to skate over the olympic rings is something i've always dreamed of. i couldn't have asked for a better experience. >> reporter: as the finish line to the winter games approaches, the united states eyeing another medal, fresh off a semifinal upset over canada, the men's curling team preparing to take on sweden in the gold medal game. a first for the u.s. >> sweden is a really good team. we're firing on all cylinders. we'll see what happens. >> reporter: and a canadian hockey star is apologizing for what some saw as poor sportsmanship.
8:07 am
jocelyne larocque removing her silver medal. in a thrilling gold medal game. she called her actions, a moment in time i truly wish i could take back. let's look at the medal count. norway remains squarely in the lead, followed by canada and germany, and team usa in fourth. here's what's to watch for ada germany, and team usa in fourth. here's what's to watch for today. the bobsled competition and snowboarding, men's big air final. and the u.s. goes for gold in men's curling. guys? >> that's right, keir. the curling story is one of the best ones out of these olympic games. let's go to joe fryer with that. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, savannah and hoda. you know, the u.s. men's curling team struggled at the beginning of this olympics, going 2-4.
8:08 am
but on the brink of elimination, they're turned things around. now, for the first time ever, they're curling for gold. the ice was twice as nice for team usa on thursday. >> the united states wins gold. >> reporter: first, beating canada in women's hockey. then, in curling. the americans will go for gold against the world's top-ranked team, sweden. some people are surprised. should they be surprised? >> probably a little bit. the people that aren't surprised are the people that have been following us for the last four years. >> reporter: this is the fourth olympic for team skipper john shuster, who was on the squad in 2006. after dismal performances and a poor start here in 2018, schuster was haunted by questions. could he deliver on olympic ice. >> the olympics have been so tough for me. >> reporter: the week, a breakthrough.
8:09 am
with their back against the wall, schuster's team won four-straight games. >> we're part of the olympic games. we have a chance the win this. let's enjoy it, every second. >> reporter: after sochi, schuster lost 30 pounds. he hand-picked a team that's now guaranteed an olympic medal. is it redemption? what's the word you use to describe what's happening here? >> personally, for me, it's redemption. but as a team, it's an indication of who we are as players and what we put in together. >> reporter: with each game, the curlers' fan base is grows. matt hamilton is compared to supermario. >> i didn't invent the mustache. just trying to bring it back. >> reporter: and for supermario and his curling brothers, it's still not game over. >> we're not done. we're still capable of one more win. we want to bring gold back to the u.s. >> reporter: the team says before upsetting canada in the
8:10 am
semifinals, they watched the women's hockey team win gold. they have become friends with some of the hockey players. and that gave them extra motivation. >> if you want to see it, you can watch the gold medal game live later tonight on the nbc sports network. coming up next, adam rippon and gus kenworthy get candid about their experience as openly-gay athletes. and then, high drama. the most unforgettable moments so far at these games. plus, we'll celebrate the real heroes of any olympics. we're talking about the parents of our athletes. >> we have all that and more, including adorable mascots. first, these messages. everything you need to find your balance! plus an extra 20% off eat healthier with an air fryer get moving with new active apparel. and sleep well with cuddl duds. you'll get kohl's cash too! and yes2you members earn triple points! kohl's. today, right now, you have more power at your fingertips
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8:12 am
♪ welcome back to pyeongchang on our final morning here at the winter olympic games. >> right. figure skater adam rippon and gus kenworthy made history just by being themselves. craig melvin caught up with them to talk about their experience at the olympics. >> adam rippon. >> reporter: you're the first openly-gay athlete to win a medal at the olympic games. how does it feel? >> great. you know, i came here, being authentically myself and sharing my story. and being gay is part of that. but i came here as an american
8:13 am
athlete. and i came here to help my team get a medal. and that is what i focused on. >> will we see the triple from kenworthy? >> reporter: freestyle skier gus kenworthy could have cleaned that first, when he took over in sochi. but he wasn't ready, yet. >> i didn't get to appreciate the medal that i had won because of that. i didn't know if a gay skier would be an image that anyone would get behind and support. >> reporter: when kenworthy came out in 2015, sponsors didn't just stick with the skier, they grow exponentially. >> my shoulders carry more than my country's pride. they carry my community's pride. >> i signed the most olympic deals of any athlete coming into the winter games, which is crazy. >> reporter: the support, reflecting a broader cultural shift that has not only allowed these talented athletes to come
8:14 am
out, but also stand up, as advocates. even voicing their disapproval when vice president mike pence was picked to lead the u.s. olympic delegation. >> i feel that mike pence doesn't stand for anything that i was taught when i grew up. and i think that it's important if you're given the platform to speak up for those who don't have a voice. and you know, i was offered a phone call with the vice president that i decided not to take before the games. >> reporter: why? why wouldn't you at least talk to the vice president? >> i didn't take the phone call because i needed to focus on the competition. >> reporter: but to be clear, you did just say if the vice president were to call now, you would take the phone call? >> totally. >> reporter: have we all made too much of this? >> i think there's a lot being made of it because people still, on some level, have a problem. >> my boyfriend and i had a kiss at the bottom of the contest.
8:15 am
and people were like, we get it. we don't need to see it, though. i don't care what you do behind closed doors. but don't put it in my face. my entire life, in movies and commercials, in public, everywhere, you see straight, heterosexual love. and that's fine because it's normal. but us also showing the same kind of affection isn't us shoving it in your face. it's us existing. >> it's the human experience. >> reporter: when you saw that kiss, were you surprised at all? >> he was jealous. he was mostly jealous. >> uh-huh. >> reporter: why don't you think there's been more winter o mrimpimrimp i olympians who came out? >> you want to hear names? >> reporter: not that interview. >> there's athletes before us and after us, that are gay. hopefully people will see the reaction that we got, because i feel like we were so supported during this games and had so much love and encouragement, it will provide people the solace they need to come forward themselves. >> that was craig melvin,
8:16 am
sitting down with two athletes we came to get to know during this olympics. >> got to spend a lot of time with. loved them both. al has a check of the weather. >> we have nice folks here, including somebody representing your second grade class. anything you want to say to them? >> i'm sorry? >> somebody put a nice sign there. that's not you. >> that's not mine. >> not yours? >> i guess somebody from our crew did that. that's very nice. hello. let's show you what's going on, as we look at what's happening. hey, it's still winter. it's just like "game of thrones." winter out west. but in the east, it is nice and warm, especially when i find out who put that sign there. we're looking at temperatures way above normal for the east for today. we go into the weekend, this pattern is going to stay the way it is. colder than usual out west, warmer than usual in the east. as we move into next week, it stays warm in the eastern half
8:17 am
of the country, while a that's what's going on around the country. here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. >> good morning, i'm meteorologist kari hall. as we take a live look outside over san jose. it's all clear, beautiful sunshine. also very chilly. we've had some temperatures starting out this morning in the 20s and 30s around the bay area. 32 degrees right now in livermore. 35 degrees in napa. lower 40s from oakland down to san jose. as we go into the afternoon, it's going to reach into the mid-50s. with that breezy wind, it's going to feel a little bit chilly again today. heading into the weekend, more dry weather and highs reaching into the mid-50s. >> and that is your latest weather. guys? >> all right, al. thank you so much. the winter olympics have brought out the best in athletes from the u.s. and around the world. and the best part, there's still more action to come. >> there certainly is. because it's our final morning here, we decided we wanted to take a look back at the excitement we've witnessed, from
8:18 am
historymaking medals to nail-biting finishes. >> welcome to pyeongchang. ♪ and here they come. ♪ >> this will be the competition of your life. ♪ >> the steteenager from silver thorn, is now the red of colorado. >> jamie anderson is golden once again. >> you're the only person who has ever won gold in this event. >> i'm so honored and grateful. >> chris mazdzer has done it. >> i was in my happy place, like, the entire time. >> yes. >> just the third lady to land it at the olympics. >> in the middle of my program, i was literally screaming. >> we got a forecast, baby, it's gold outside. kind of like that.
8:19 am
♪ >> chloe kim reigning supreme in south korea. >> she just walked in. >> gold looks so good on you. >> thank you. >> it's your color. >> i was trying so hard to fight the tears back. >> the return of the king in men's halfpipe. >> shaun, welcome. congratulations. >> we did it for the u.s. >> giant slalom gold for mikaela shiffrin in pyeongchang. >> gold and silver look pretty good on you. >> look at that. ♪ >> will he add another? >> this is number six. >> yes. >> woo. >> i heard you guys. i heard the entire crowd. >> he made himself proud. but he made all of us proud, too. >> i feel honored to share my story with so many people. ♪ >> the shibutanis bringing it here at the olympics. >> it must be something so special to watch both of them
8:20 am
together. >> words can't describe it. this is so special for our family. ♪ >> tessa virtue and scott moir, they become the most decorated figure skaters in olympic history. >> we did it. i can't believe we really did it. >> one last time in the olympic downhill. lindsey vonn, bronze. >> i'm proud to have competed for my country. >> never bet against lindsey. >> never bet against me. >> the landmark moment, the first-ever cross-country gold medal for the u.s. >> amazing. amazing. >> it's still sinking in. >> she deaks and scores. the united states wins gold. >> you know what's better than a gold medal? 23 gold medals. ♪
8:21 am
>> i can't believe that's all just happened. >> i know. >> just in these two weeks. >> boom, it's done. >> wow. it's incredible. it's been a great two weeks. >> it has. we have to get an "olympic boost" before we go. >> we want to take a minute to recognize the other stars of these olympic games. we're talking, of course, about the parents. so many of them sacrificing years of time and money to get to this point and the emotions were strong. take a look. >> shaun white, one more hit. will it be enough? frontside 12. perfect. that's the run he needed. and he put it down. >> his mom, kathy. there's his dad. >> and that is how you put down an opener. the 720. gigantic score on the way, ladies and gentlemen. >> where is mom? mom?
8:22 am
>> here she goes, jamie anderson. jamie goes for a frontside 1080 and puts it down. ♪ >> it is short track again. it is sam girard. and kruger in second. ♪ >> this is going to favor her in this race. >> what a smile on his face. >> probably the biggest smile. ♪ >> breaking records, setting standards. ♪ >> rooney. she is stopped.
8:23 am
the united states wins gold in pyeongchang. >> first of all, hats off to all the parents. second of all, at that hockey game. >> oh, my gosh. >> we were next to rooney's mom and dad, the goalie. they were pointing down at her, saying that's my little girl. and you felt it like 1,000-times more, when you watch what those parents have gone through. >> the athletes, of course, are nervous. but the parents are biting their fingernails off. and they have sacrificed so much for their kids to be here. we heard stories of the whole family coming, the 80-year-old grandpa. >> we saw here, behind the cameras when we're interviewing the athletes, the moms and dads are right there. >> they're all beaming. they're so proud. just ahead, are you ready for this? tokyo 2020, yes. we will get you all ready for
8:24 am
the next olympics. but first, on a friday morning, let's get a check of your local news, your weather and these messages.i )m ...
8:25 am
8:26 am
lots more shaking in the area around d good morning. it's 8:26. i'm marcus washington. lots of shaking around the area of danville this morning, all of it tied to a recent quake swarm. more than a dozen small quakes. near mont ta vista high school. the largest quake, a 3.3 at about 5:30. we had viewers in the area call us to report they could feel this one. there's also been a 2.7 as well as a 2.8 both this morning as well. over the past two weeks, they have now been about a dozen quakes between the 2.6 and 3.3. well, as far as your morning commute this morning, started out a little rough but now mike, smooth sailing. >> it is, it is, but even bart had delays. they did a systemwide check because of the whole cluster of quakes. everything's fine for the road system. the roadways are moving nicely
8:27 am
as well. the northbound slowing. 87, a little slow. either side of the bay and the crossing at update for you in half an hour.
8:28 am
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8:30 am
♪ welcome back. 8:30, now, on a friday morning. it is february 23rd, 10:30 at night here in pyeongchang. we are partying with team usa. they are in the house. we got the mascots here. the official mascots of the game. soohorang and bandabi. and they have some dance moves. show us what you got. oh, yeah. >> they look like us at the club. coming up, we're going to look back at all of the fun we had over the last couple weeks in pyeongchang. it's been awesome. plus, from snacks to souvenirs, everything we need to bring back with us from korea. all right. and it's never too early to
8:31 am
start thinking about the next time we'll be together again with these incredible athletes. keir simmons looks ahead to the 2020 summer olympics in tokyo. al, you have a little check of the weather. >> all right. let's look at your weekend, see what we have going on, starting off with saturday. you see, we have a lot of wet weather. strong storms and a flood risk in the ohio and mississippi river valleys. heavy snow in the northern plains. and heavy snow in the pacific northwest. sunday, sunday, we are looking for soggy but mild weather along the eastern seaboard. some snow in parts of northern new england. and the cold continues in the plains out west and some snow in the pacific northwest, cascades and the that's what's going on around the country. here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. >> good morning. i'm meteorologist carkari hall. a lot of sunshine around the bay area. we're starting to rebound from the very cold temperatures we had this morning. we're heading into the mid-50s today. much cooler than normal for this time of year. some breezy winds will make it
8:32 am
feel colder. that's the kind of weather we'll see continuing into the weekend. more clouds will move in on sunday. san francisco expect a high of 55 degrees. and there will be some rain moving in early next week. we may see several rounds of rain continuing into wednesday and next thursday. ♪ >> "today's medal count" is sponsored by hershey's gold, taste the gold. >> let's take a look at the medal count here at the winter olympics. no surprise at these games. norway, remaining in the lead, followed by canada, germany and of course, team usa. >> thank you, al. the winter olympics are far from over. but 700 miles away preparations for the 2020 olympics in tokyo are already heating up. and here to check things out. >> can you believe it? >> i love it. >> we talked about the pivot to asia, the rise to asia. the olympics here in korea. the next olympics in japan.
8:33 am
the next olympics after that is in china. it he's like an olympics in texas, then, in mexico, then in canada. but of course, there will also be great athletes. tokyo's bright lights are beckoning america's best runners, swimmers and gymnasts. the summer of 2020, set to rival pyeongchang's drama in the snow and ice. skateboarding and surfing will burst on to the olympic stage. in tokyo's skateparks, the young and their parents are already, as they say, stoked. what medal would you win? >> gold medal. >> reporter: why do you like skateboarding? >> it's fun. when you achieve something, it makes you happy. >> reporter: the trademark efficiency, the japanese are on schedule, with tokyo 2020 merchandise on sale. in part, that's because they've done this before. a place where old meets new is where tokyo describes itself. and for the 2020 olympics, as
8:34 am
well as introducing new sports, they're building new venues, in a city that last hosted the games back in 1964. as a young man back then, professor shimata, worked as a translator. what was the atmosphere like in the games in tokyo? >> atmosphere was great. tokyo was growing. >> reporter: the cost is controversial. they're way over their billion-dollar budget. but professor shimata says there's nothing like the olympics. >> sports excites people. >> reporter: tokyo seems so prepared that some of the venues could stage the competition tomorrow. can't believe this is already ready. we will cut costs, the game's organizer says. we will have ample money where it's needed. there are people that are worried that olympics now caost too much money.
8:35 am
>> reporter: i, on the other hand, will need more lessons in skateboarding. this is one guy you won't see on the olympic podium. >> oh, now. >> all right. >> don't sell yourself short. >> i can't sing. i can't dance, i can't dive. and we're going to learn that i can't skateboard and i can't surf. >> but you do a heck of a preview piece. that's exciting. >> yeah. >> how is your skateboarding? >> not so good. >> like our skiing. did you see our skiing? thank you, keir. coming up next, we cannot come to a beautiful place like this and come home empty-handed. we're going to show you some cool things that we're going to come back with. first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:36 am
8:37 am
what an amazing two weeks we've had here in pyeongchang. as we start thinking about going home, you know, we should probably do a little shopping, right? >> i think this is a perfect
8:38 am
spot for some souvenirs. we have mark elwood, the editor of "conde nast traveler. we're going to start with the little things over there that are associated with the traditi traditional korean dress, like hanbok. why do you need one of those? >> like a purse. >> exactly. you don't have pockets. >> oh. >> that's where you would keep all of your coins and anything like that. >> i love these. >> now, they're a lovely souvenir. they're good luck. they're used during new year. put up on the wall, on trees. lovely things to take home. >> okay. >> these fans, i've seen so much a part of the dance rituals here. >> it's interesting. there's so many paper products in korea because this paper is very distinctive. there's a saying in korea that
8:39 am
good silk lasts for 100 years but good paper lasts for 1,000. this is made from the bark of the mulberry tree, which is the tree that the silk worm lives on. it's very fine but very strong. it was used for all sorts of things, like panels and doors or any of these pieces. >> and those cords. >> those are gorgeous. >> those will last. >> yes. and what about the boxes? >> same things. you have a whole assortment of how you can get the paper. that's what's wonderful is that it's used in so many ways. >> it's gorgeous. what's next? >> these are masks. >> yeah. the masks. we see those around here. >> exactly. they're traditional korean folk masks. it dates back to the 12th century, when the korean folk tales were performed wearing masks. these are smaller ones because they're easier to carry.
8:40 am
>> this is a necklace? >> that's a necklace version. i think you want something to slip into your bag. >> let's move down to the utensils department. they have chopsticks and they're always metal. >> this is one of the distinctive things about the way koreans use chopsticks is they tend to be metal. if you take metal chopsticks back from korea, that's an amazing, useful piece. but there's a story that some royal family worried about being poisoned, so, they used metal chopsticks. and apparently, the silver would change color when it comes into contact with poison. i think it goes to the fact that they use a spoon for the rice. >> and it's fancy. we enjoyed it. the face mask, different than those masks. we've seen these everywhere.
8:41 am
the skin care thing. >> have you tried one of these? >> no. but i did take a snail one home. >> korean beauty is so world-famous. if you go into a drugstore, you see some k-beauty stuff. and what epitomizes it more than masks, which you can wear and take a nice maface mask selfie. i like these ones. in america, we like the masks. we see masks that are clinical looking. in korea, they will often be goofy because they're supposed to be fun and have playfulness to them. >> whimsical. >> yeah. >> bring us home. what's the last thing on your table. >> there's a division about this. i'm a big fan. this is red ginseng. >> we haven't. >> it's like a sugar-free energy drink with no nasties.
8:42 am
>> nasties? >> i have follow-up questions but that i better not ask. >> take it on an empty stomach in the morning and it sets you up for the day. >> is it like a tea? >> this is a tingture. you can try them. >> just in your mouth? >> it's liquidy. >> it is. >> we're supposed to sip on it? >> just shoot it. >> okay. >> wow. that's a taste. they say it's good for you. >> everything good for you is an acquired taste. >> wow. >> wow. >> do we have a chaser? >> it is a lot like soy sauce. >> thank you, mark. thank you so much. ahead, we're going to focus on korean style, the fashion trends. you'll want to try back at home. first, this is "today" on nbc. >> wow.
8:43 am
8:44 am
8:45 am
♪ welcome back, everybody. here in pyeongchang, we have seen a lot of winter coats and hats. after all, it is the winter olympics. but there's a lot more to korean fashion than just that cold weather gear. >> and here to introduce us to korean fashion is claire kim. welcome. we've been loving these fashions. we got a couple of looks to start with. let's bring out the oversized look. >> yes. >> christine is wearing this. >> this is my colleague, christine. this is what we call the oversized look. we see this in particular korean dramas. it looks like a little blanket that she has on. and it's a size or two bigger. it brings out the glamorous hip-hop look.
8:46 am
>> if you go big on the top, you have to go fitted. >> tight on the bottom. and the pointy little boots, how cute are those? >> adorable. let's bring out our next model. she has that kpop look. >> this is an iconic kpop girl group look. very bold colors. but you have the knee-high boots right there. you want to turn a bit? >> how cute are you? >> look at the details. the fringe on the bottom. the leather with the silver buttons. >> i would love to rock that kpop look. high fashion looks. let's see mia. and you have it for less. this is a dramatic like. >> this is the high-fashion look you can get. this is the daily glam look you see in a lot of the korean dramas. we had a popular show where a popular korean actress wore a
8:47 am
similar outfit. this is inspired by that look. >> couples really like to dress alike. we have a couple. they are modeling this. you only live once. >> you only live once. >> yes. >> they're adorabldorable. this is an iconic korean fashion style. this is a couple look. couples here like to show off the fact they're an item or they're it by matching each other's style. >> supercute. >> our wonderful models. >> i like the whimsy and humor in korean fashion. it's fun. >> it's awesome. you should go shopping before you leave. >> that's a good idea. i like the way you're thinking. >> thank you, guys. we're back in a moment. first this, is "today" on nbc. [ school bell rings ] [ chatter ] [ beep ] all systems go. ♪
8:48 am
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[mimicking motorcycle noises] ♪ harmonica tune plays but they're wrong. ♪ i know... ♪ ♪
8:50 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ oh, my gosh. how cool are those. just a few of the unforgettable images from the winter olympics, courtesy of our friends at getty images. sadly, we've reached the end of our road here for us. >> hard to believe. >> what an amazing two weeks. we have to give a shoutout to our whole team that has come to south korea and put on this amazing production. there we are all are.
8:51 am
>> yes, zoom in. >> after the show, late at night. people have been here for weeks and months making this possible. we just want to give our warmest and biggest thanks. we're so proud of our team and so grateful. >> and our team also, there's a huge team back in new york. they did their own group shot. >> yay, new york. >> they worked hard, too. they worked the overnight hours. we want to thank everybody for hanging with us the last two weeks. we want to thank our mascots. >> soohorang and bandabi. >> thiey are going to new york. >> we're going to go home, for monday. we have had a great amount of fun. let's take a look back at all of the fun we had over the last couple weeks in south korea. have a great weekend. ♪ >> welcome to pyeongchang. this is how you make an entrance. >> usa. usa. usa. >> we are here.
8:52 am
♪ >> we made it to the olympics. ♪ >> we got gold medal winners, we got silver, we got bronze, we got it all. >> two words for you. chloe kim. >> she just walked in. >> oh, my god. >> gold looks so good on you. >> sandwiches, ice cream and churros. >> i'm not going back home for real, though. >> shaun, welcome. congratulations. >> thank you so much. sorry, watching that footage, it's heavy. >> we did it for the u.s. >> yes. >> that's a lot of hardware hanging around your necks. ♪ >> i'm so honored and grateful. >> shall we say hello to this move l lovely lady. you have lit up the olympics in so many ways. >> i think you should do the
8:53 am
weather. >> i can be a weather woman. >> you absolutely can. >> oh, boy. >> nothing does love like a little loving in the oven. let's go. got to go. my biscuits are burning. >> what a valentine's day, uncle al. what a valentine's day. >> two soul brothers in seoul. ♪ they tell me i'm dressed as a general would be. >> and that makes me your king. come, my leige. >> we were thinking about the bunny slopes. >> yes. ♪ >> go, team usa. >> lindsey, every time i look up, you're crying, you're laughing, you're hugging. you got all of the feels. in a dramatic photo finish, team
8:54 am
usa won gold in a sport that no american has ever won gold in before. ♪ >> gold medal-winning hockey players are in the house. >> you know what's better than a gold medal? 23 gold medals. ♪ >> this is epic. clearly, this canadian picked the wrong section to sit in. >> and guess what, there he is. go, usa. oh, michael, you're right here. >> this is the olympics. everything has been incredible. >> adam is like, are you sure i'm not the best part. >> it's twizzle this. twizzle that. >> tell me when and where. ♪ >> that was awesome. >> oh. >> wow. ♪ >> so, that was certainly interesting. >> i dug it. i saw you on it, too. >> i hit the minibar pretty hard. >> i wanted to come out with a bang.
8:55 am
i thought this was the best way to do it. >> oh, my god. ♪
8:56 am
good morning. it's 8:56. there's been a lot of shaking around the area of danville this morning tied to the recent quake swarm. since midnight, more than a dozen small quakes, all centered near monte vista high school. the large esst quake, a 3.3. there's also been a 2.7 this morning. one of the largest gatherings for women on east coast takes place today.
8:57 am
the water mark conference is an event increasing leadership positions for women. today's speakers are amal clooney and actress reese witherspoon. our own laura garcia and jessica are both emceeing the events today. you can link more to our twitter feed right now. ncaa says it's looking into reports from yahoo! sports more than 20 top men's college basketball teams may have violated ncaa rules tied to illegal payments. the list of schools includes duke, north carolina and kentucky. we now know that cross country skier jesse diggens will carry the american flag in the closing ceremony, plus the u.s. men's curling team will compete for olympic gold for the very first time. more on our homepage. i'm marcus washington. >> stay connected to your world wherever the world takes you. generate your own energy, at home. or to save energy, unplug unused appliances. do your thing,
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