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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  March 2, 2018 6:00am-7:01am PST

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watching some scattered showers over san francisco and san jose. she's tracking more rain moving in as we head into the weekend. plus even though we're getting a breather from that wet weather the roads are still slick this morning. the conditions you need to know about as you get ready to head out the door this morning. mud slide fears in santa barbara county as a storm that walloped us yesterday pushes through that part of california. the evacuations ordered ahead of time to prevent another catastrophic mud slide like the one in montecito. "today in the bay" continues right now. >> thanks for joining us on this friday morning, i'm kris sanchez in for laura garcia. >> and i'm marcus washington. we have you covered. the rain ask not here right now or at least we've seen some -- starting to see a few sprinkles. >> we have a couple sprinkles moving through the south bay right now. if you will be driving through the san jose area don't be surprised if you head outside and start noticing light rain coming down on your windshield.
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this is a live look at that doppler radar. you can see sitting off to the coast is a couple other light showers. we do still have the chance of seeing light rain at least for the next 30 minutes or so and then it's going to die down and we get another round of showers and the next round of showers has a possibility of producing thunderstorms and even hail. i will get more into that in just a bit. we're seeing that on the road weather index as well, that's the green over here. you notice it's coming across vianey's radar between the bay bridge and san mateo bridge, but we will track that as it gets over towards the nimitz and san leandro and oakland as well. the tri-valley no slowing but maybe a gust or two of wind through the altamonte pass. we do look at the bay bridge. while we show you the backup because the metering lights are here i-80 through the sierra, they did just reopen lanes, traffic is allowed to go east heading toward the sierra from colfax to the nevada line, that's been reopened but chains
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are required and westbound coming back from nevada still cannot access over the summit, guys. we will hand it back to you with that note. we are finally getting a break from that rain after some of those rough commutes that we saw earlier this week, but even though we're getting a little relief those roads still slick out there this morning. "today in the bay's" bob redell is live at the dumbarton bridge toll plaza this morning. bob, you've been out there this morning, you know what things are looking like. what should the commuters be mindful of this morning? we are here at newark at the dumbarton bridge and i look above me and we have clear skies, you can see the clouds from the south where that rain is at that vianey was referring to and we know there's clouds to the north where there is light rain mere the bay bridge that mike was referring to. in the central part of the bay area it is dry, the roads are wet but we are not seeing the rain. i started my commute this morning in the east bay headed south and then back here at newark and it's just been wet roads. something to keep an eye on as
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you're heading into work this morning, you want to maintain your distance between the driver in front of you and not be tailgating. definitely a marked contrast from what we saw last night, this is video from southbound 101 up in marin county near sir francis drake boulevard when the rain was really coming down. you will recall yesterday morning commute when it was a downpour. in spite of the fact we don't have much rain this morning there are high wind advisories in effect namely for the antioch bridge, the benicia/martinez bridge and altamonte pass coming into the bay area from livermore and the central valley. another thing to keep in mind is if we see the storms come back later today, i'm talking about the winds and the rain and if you live in a property -- on a property where there's tall trees you don't want to find yourself in a situation that these people found themselves in yesterday. this was video from orinda where trees did come down. if you have large trees that look like they could -- lost some of their footing in the
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ground because of the wet rains that we've been having you will want to keep in mind that maybe it's time to call an arborist to have those checked out before they fall down. reporting live in newark outside the dumbarton bridge toll plaza, bob redell, "today in the bay." so we are getting a little bit of a break, you saw that bob redell wasn't wearing his cap or his hood or umbrella, but it does continue and the rainfall totals are impressive, vianey. >> we got a pretty good amount of rain within the past 24 hours. i want to give you a shot of the doppler radar so you can see that moisture that you see off to the north of san francisco, that's the moisture we are expecting to sweep in tonight. what you see south of san francisco, that's that cold front that swept in yesterday morning. let's take a look at some of the unofficial storm totals so far, san rafael over two inches, kentfield over three inches and san francisco nearly an inch of rain, same with redwood city, san jose over half of inch of
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rain. the last significant rainfall that we had since this latest storm was january 8th so we definitely needed it. it was a very dry february. santa rosa in january got over three inches of rain, san francisco got over three inches of rain. so even though we are not seeing the three inches of rain in san francisco or at the airport, we're still expecting a little bit more rain to come out of this storm. next week looks like we might get another shot of much needed rain in the bay area. > . [ no audio ] -- you see right here -- sorry about that. it's been almost two months since the deadly montecito mudslides which shut down highway 101. the chp is keeping a close eye on that stretch of roadway this morning as the rain hits the area. "today in the bay's" anser hassan is live along 101 in san jose this morning monitoring the storm. good morning, anser. >> reporter: good morning, marcus. i'm starting to feel some rain
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come down, not the heavy downpour we saw last night. good news for the commuters. right now 101 looks pretty good. if you're heading down 101 to southern california it may be a different story. chp is warning drivers that if california's coast gets pounded by this morning's storm they may be forced to close 101. santa barbara county has already issued mandatory evacuations yesterday, those went into effect at 12:00 noon and the national weather service issued a flash flood watch for parts of santa barbara, ventura and los angeles counties. they predict parts of santa barbara county could get hit with half an inch of rain per hour, that's almost three inches of rain by 8:00 a.m. and that's what's prompting the evacuation. >> well, as i've said before, we're not going to drag you out of your homes. this ultimately is a choice that everyone has to make, but as i've also said this really is something that has to become part of the new normal for the
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southern part of santa barbara county. >> reporter: these latest evacuation orders come after january's storm that triggered mudslides that destroyed homes and killed at least 21 people. as for chp their concerns that the roads could flood which would force them to close highway 101. now, we are getting reports that highway 101 in southern california has had some reports of debris and extensive flooding on 192 and also state route 33 has some partial road closures that could impact people heading down to southern california from tracy. reporting live in san jose, anser hassan, "today in the bay." we really want to see the storm from your perspective. take a look here, you can see right here on your screen many of you have been sharing your photos with us. these are these rainbows that were spotted in petaluma, san mateo, st. helena and napa. if you have pictures or even your videos we want you to share them with us so we are share
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women with our viewers, send them to i say ahead of that storm by downloading our free nbc bay area app. you will get access to our live radar, our data and forecasts are more accurate than the standard iphone weather app so make sure you download it. it's free for iphone an android users. also happening today immigrant rights groups are organizing a south bay rally to protest recent i.c.e. sweeps across the bay area. immigrations customs enforcement maintains that the folks arrested during the recent sweeps many had prior felony convictions. it considers the arrest of those without criminal records, though, a consequence of sanctuary cities not cooperating. the white house is also looking more closely at the warning oakland mayor libby schaaf gave last weekend that a sweep was imminent. >> i think it's outrageous that a mayor would circumvent federal authorities and certainly put them in danger by making a move
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such as that and it's currently under review by the department of justice. i.c.e. yesterday released some numbers from the most recent sweep, they say agents detained 232 people and many of them are now facing deportation. today's rally is planned for san jose at 5:00. happening today the santa rosa disaster loan outreach center will close its doors at noon. the small business administration opened it to help residents affected by the wildfires in october of last year. for anyone looking for additional help you can head over to the sba's website. good morning. it is 6:09. our doppler radar is starting to show plenty of activity. this is that storm system that's expected to bring more rain into tonight with periods of moderate to heavy downpours, but right now sitting just off the coast is a couple of showers making their way through. you can see through the fremont area, doppler radar picking up light rain in san jose.
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near the san mateo area and just behind it sitting off to the coast the area further down near south san francisco might be seeing rain as well. over the next couple hours we will notice a change. we are expecting this cold air mass because of the post frontal convection. that will bring the chance of pop up thunderstorms into the evening and tomorrow morning as well. santa rosa 33. if you're waking up in the south bay and san francisco temperatures remains in the 40s. still on the chillier side if you're heading out there. for sure the wind gusts are notice clee calmer in the past 24 hours than yesterday. wind not a factor, not expected to be gusty tonight but it may pick up into tomorrow. we are looking at a pretty smooth drive around the bay, looking at the road weather index the green highlighting coming into the south bay and across over through san mateo hills over toward the hayward side. we're looking at slowing san
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lorenzo toward highway 92, right at the split we have a crash reported, just moved to the shoulder but it did cue off a little slowing. it's a lighter build on a friday. we tend to see just a little slowing there, but the green highlighting and over on the sfo is the rain that came through north of the san mateo bridge, the dumbarton bridge looks great as well. a quick look at oakland, we expect to see rain but this shot shows a nice smooth steady build. the sun is starting to come up, it is a beautiful friday this morning mostly. coming up on "today in the bay" we're going to show you how we are helping victims of package theft, it's a new program from amazon designed to refund people when their things are stolen. plus in technology don't say you're in a trade war. that's the first rule of trade wars. when "today in the bay" continues.
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plus in technology don't say
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good morning, it is 6:14. i've got a look at your tahoe report for the squaw valley and alpine meadows area into today and into tomorrow we are still expecting more snow. right now 80 inches at the base with more snow on the way so always check road conditions. they do have a couple of lifts open, 23 lifts open, 18 groomed runs, but of course this could all change in the next couple hours as the storm system
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continues to drop a couple more inches and even feet of snow in that area. so check before you hit the roads. you can get to squaw but you cannot get back from the state line right now on i-80. over here it is 101 with some -- well, you see the drops falling on the lens, that rain vianey is talking about we can see it here, we will show you the affect on your commute. and a very happy friday to you. marcus, we're going to try to cover today, but so far it's not looking good. stocks plunged thursday as president trump announced new tariffs on steel and aluminum. all kinds of companies count on cheap steel and aluminum, notably boeing. boeing makes entire airplanes out of aluminum, so, too, do beverage companies, beer companies get 18% of their aluminum for beer cans overseas. we're inc. doctoring peer faster than domestic aluminum companies can keep up. president trump tweeted this this morning, trade wars are
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good and easy to inn with. one of the first rules of trade war is you don't say you are in a trade war. we got no guidance on thursday as to how these tariffs are going to go into effect. will some companies be exempt? will some countries like canada be exempt? we don't know. we know we are in a trade war but we don't know where the rules are. interesting lawsuit against google and it's subsidiary youtube. one of youtube's recruiters for four years says in a lawsuit that google told him to cancel interviews with white and asian men. the lawsuit filed in san mateo county says google had a hiring freeze of white and asian men. the recruiter says google fired him when he complained. google says that they hire on merit and not identity. sarah huckabee sanders yesterday said the president wants to meet with executives from video game companies to
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discuss violence in video games following the park lapd shooting. video games often come under fire after school shootings, people note that the gunman played video game. the industry points out a majority of teens worldwide play video games so it's not a big surprise to find out a teenage shooter did, too. i got on the phone with ea, they're based a few miles from here. they had no comment. i wanted to know if they were invited and if they were going to go. no comment. ninten nintendo, take two didn't answer my questions. ubi soft which is a french company based in san francisco pointed out teenagers, again, worldwide play video games but only in america do we see the level of gun violence and, therefore, ubi soft's opinion is it's probably not the video games. >> you were saying a lot of the studies are meta studies so they are just a compilation -- >> boys in particularly and violence in the media tend to the studies of not watching the
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boys but where you're looking at data from older studies. >> compiling all of the older studies today. >> some have the three stooges as one of the examples. they're that old. >> maybe it's time to have a new study. >> for sure. >> thank you very much, scott. facebook is now reportedly in the early stages of another large expansion into menlo park. the mercury news reports this week that facebook met with city planners to discuss a vast new development called willow village. if approval is granted it would provide nearly 2 million square feet of office space. that on top of the current 60 acre campus now being built for about 10,000 facebook workers. talks on willow village are preliminary, but construction could begin by the year 2021. a possible solution to package theft. amazon rolled out a new program to let delivery workers take photos to confirm where your items were dropped off. that photo shows exactly where
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the package was placed outside your door. now, then if your package is lost or stolen after that point you can request a copy of the original order with the photo and then you can get a refund. the program is available in select cities including san francisco. >> and also i had that christmas delivery, i did not know about it, it was time sensitive. i looked on the delivery, confirmed the delivery, showed a picture of the package i need wd my address on the label not on my porch. i had to wait three days before they would confirm that was the case. i said but my confirmation showed it was not on my porch. but they did take care of me and the package. >> and they were like happy new year. we know your birthday is in january, happy birthday instead. >> happy unbirthday. >> all in one. >> i guess it's probably one of my only perks of still living in an apartment complex, parcel pending. if you guys have packages
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being delivered today and don't have a porch, hopefully you have somebody to pick it up because it will be raining later today and you don't want whatever is in that box to get wet. right now in san jose it's 46 degrees and our doppler radar is showing light scattered showers. you can actually see this in our traffic camera as well, you can catch some of that rain out on the roadways. even though some spots aren't seeing the rain we're seeing dark cloudy skies out there. we're expecting gray skies to continue. here is an overall look at the doppler radar. i wanted to show you the wider range, this shows you the incoming rain that's going to move in tonight and look at just off to the south, this is all of that moisture and rain that's going to be hitting southern california, kicking up worries about flash floods. if i zoom into the bay area we have a couple cells, there goes that san jose spot that i was talking about still pushing on through and just ahead of it you
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notice it's a little colder out there, but one thing that's noticeably different is how much lighter the winds are. yesterday we woke up to gusty conditions, this morning it's not really a factor. very light and breezy at about 10 to 11 miles per hour in both spots. we can expect to see the wind just kind of remain on the calmer side, that timeline i took it through tonight. the hour by hour outlook does show another line of showers pushing through at about 3:00 starting from the north bay all the way down through the south bay. anything north and even south of the golden gate bridge is expected to get some showers into tonight with the possibility of seeing a few isolated pop up thunderstorms. if you look by 7:00 look at the south bay area, pleasanton, the morgan hill area, santa cruz mountain area, very slick conditions. of course there goes that sierra snow. look at how much snow they are expecting, this is taking the timeline through saturday. a couple more inches in rain, up to 48 inches in kentwood and the chance for thunderstorm with the low snow levels will continue tonight and into the start of
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your weekend. as you said much calmer than yesterday. the roads as the sun comes up the roads will get a chance to completely dry out. maybe slick on and off ramps. we also have the road weather index shows it's still wet coming past sfo and the east bay through say ward, north of 238 looks like it may have gotten dampened as well. the south bay no major problems. we had that earlier spinout reported 101 at moffett it's out of the roadway. slowing where that camera vianey showed had water on the lens, you see it's sweeping right across this portion of the south bay through silicon valley. as we look over here we still have the slowing south 880 heading down toward 92 but it's easing up so they must have cleared most of the activity there from that crash on the shoulder where folks are heading towards the san mateo bridge. the bay bridge has a backup as well because the metering lights are on but the maze is not a problem. transit agencies not experiencing any delays because as vianey said the wind is lighter there. a quick look at palo alto shows
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you an easy drive. these taillights south from university down towards silicon valley. back to you. thank you very much. >> coming up next on "today in the bay," nbc bay area responds. >> a cell phone upgrade that goes downhill fast. i'm consumer investigator chris chmura. nbc bay area responds next. to a
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promised money for trading in nbc bay area responds to a dublin man who says he was promised money for trading in his old phones but never got a dime. >> consumer investigator chris chmura says our team changed that. >> shawn says verizon promised him a $400 credit for every phone he upgraded so he bought two new iphones, handing over his old ones. but shawn says he never saw that credit. he told us he called verizons, was told it would take 90 days for the credit to appear but six months later, nothing. so shawn called us. we contacted verizon and it cut shawn a check for $800. verizon didn't respond to our requests for comment. it's to the always easy to do but it's a good reminder to try to get deals like this in writing. if they won't, you have to ask yourself, why not? if you have a consumer complaint call us like shawn did, 888-996-tips or log on to
6:27 am coming up on "today in the bay," a warning for drivers heading to the sierra this weekend. the dangerous road conditions you can expect if you are hoping to hit the slopes. plus a nursing assistant arrested on suspicious of sexual battery at a major east bay medical center. all new this morning how the hospital is responding. you're watching "today in the bay." right now at 6:30--
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we )re tracking a break in the rain, although there are stil l right now at 6:30 we are
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tracking a break in the rain, although there are still some scattered showers showing up on the radar this morning. taking a live look outside from downtown san jose, even though it's calmer this morning, we are tracking more rain as we head into the weekend. good morning and thank you so much for joining us, i'm marcus washington. >> and i'm kris sanchez, i'm in for laura garcia. it is nice to have you with us, we want to check in with vianey. we are expecting another heavy ban of rain though not for the morning commute. >> some light showers just made their way through san jose, 46 degrees right now, just enough to kind of lightly wet the roadways out there. so still slowing down a bit even though it's not pouring just yet. doppler radar this is what i've been following, we have this storm system off to the north and we have this system moving in right now through southern california. we are expecting this to be a colder system, we have a cold air mass and when it's colder it brings the snow elevations down a little further to about 1,500 feet and what also happening is it kicks up thunderstorms with
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the possibility of seeing some hail in the area. doppler radar this is active this is what it's showing. we will start seeing a little bit more moisture moving through san francisco in the next 30 minutes or so. still very light, no the really heavy, but as we head into later this evening that's when we are expecting to see another line of storms and that could bring periods of moderate to heavy not only isolated showers but widespread rain and that's going to carry over into tonight and saturday morning. if you have plans to go out tomorrow bright and early unfortunately it looks like you might get caught up in the rain. are foes getting caught up in the rain on the roads? we will check that san jose camera once again. we did see from time to time we saw droplets on the lens. they just started to dry out, you showed here this sheen on the roadway, this is 101 north of that 680/280 interchange. there is some slowing in the area partially because that's where we see t but some of the rain leaves the road weather index with the green highlighting.
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this is a crash moving to the shoulder north 101 oakland road. the whole bay showing friday lighter traffic. brisbane around sfo, hayward, san leandro and a new crash at the richmond-san rafael bridge toll plaza. i'm going to give it a few minutes for chp to get there and we will let you know what they find. back to you. now we want to take a at this beautiful picture from the caltrans camera on interstate 80 in the sierra. guess what's missing, the cars. we do have some good news for drivers, the eastbound direction of 80 is now open again after closures because of the winter storm problems overnight. westbound 80 remains closed through most of plaser county, chains are required east bountd as well. >> "today in the bay's" pete suratos has more on what conditions are like right now and what you need to know if you're heading there this weekend. >> reporter: we're standing here along i-80 in fairfield but it could be a potentially dangerous
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drive for folks heading to the sierra this weekend. we want to show you some of this video. this is from you are our nbc affiliate in sacramento. you can see not much visibility there, you're seeing the perspective from a driver and passenger inside of a car heading towards the donner summit area. you can barely see the roadway along the 80 corridor in that area. that was definitely the case for one man who was forced to pull over due to these conditions. >> it was totally fine until actually two minutes ago. i decided to pull over because i couldn't see anything. >> reporter: now, those blizzard conditions shut down the 80 corridor in that area for four hours bringing traffic to a stop. in fact, another ski resort closed up as well. as far as closures go there's going to be closures up to the nevada state line colfax to the nevada state line as we speak and caltrans reminds to ex to put chains on their tires unless they have a four-wheel drive with snow tires but it goes without saying to drive carefully if you are heading to the sierra this weekend. in fairfield, pete suratos for
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"today in the bay". we wisome travelers are wakp not quite where they expected to be in morning because there were so many cancellations at bay area airports yesterday. weather in the bay area and elsewhere provided a double whammie. in all sfo had 430 delays and 145 canceled flights. to compound matters the east coast is now starting to get a nor'easter, strong winds, rain, heavy snow are moving in and likely to cause more flight cancellations across the nation and as we know that often has a ripple effect here in the bay area. the brunt of the latest storm has moved through with the north bay fire zones seeming to hold up well from the threat of the mudslides. a lot of people were looking at the storm as a test with those concerns that the fire debris much push into the drains and trigger that flooding. the good news here crews had
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about four months to clear up the hazardous waste so there was less concern about the toxic runoff. of course, you want to keep track of what's going on weather wise, we made it easy for you. download our nbc bay area app. this is easy to get for your iphone as well as android users. it's a good way to keep track of our radar as well as what's going on where you are. a walnut creek john muir medical center is fully cooperating with police after the arrest of a newsing assistant accused of sexual battery against a patient. coddy baca turned himself in last friday. walnut creek police say he was working at john muir last year when a patient there made a sexual assault claim against him. baca also faces burglary charges. in its statement john muir says it takes all patient complaints seriously. the reverend billy graham will be la id to rest in a private funeral service. graham died last week at the age
6:36 am
of 99. president trump is expected to attend today's service being held inside a tent in the main parking lot of the billy graham library in charlotte. his son says that graham would have thought the funeral was eye little too elaborate. >> he would say this is too much about billy graham. he wouldn't be happy. he wanted it to be more about the lord jesus christ. >> graham's body will be buried on the grounds of the library aside the grave of his wife ruth. breaking news just coming in out of the south bay, we are getting word that there are developments after an online threat. you might remember that was made against the alum rock union elementary school district. >> nbc bay area's anser hassan is live in the district with what we're learning just now. good morning, anser. >> reporter: we're learning from san jose police that a 12-year-old girl has been identified for sending that threatening tweet to the alum rock union elementary school district. in that threatening tweet she said she would shoot up every school in the district.
6:37 am
san jose police determined that the threat was not credible, but the district immediately notified parents and extra patrols were sent to school sites. what we know right now is that on thursday police served a search warrant at the juvenile's house in san jose. she was contacted at the residence but not taken into custody. at this time we don't know if she was a student at the district or what may have been her motive. police say this is early into this investigation. we will have more coming up at 11:00 on nbc bay area news. reporting live, anser hassan, "today in the bay." the oakland dmv will not reopen on monday as planned. we're learning it's going to be closed another week. last month you may remember those thieves pulled copper pipes from the ceiling. this triggered massive flooding and forced the office to close for cleanup and repairs. dmv is honoring appointments but you will have to go to other offices. folks, we are looking over here and, well, this is the
6:38 am
richmond-san rafael bridge toll plaza, those toll takers doing their job but these folks also doing their job commuting. you see that the roads are starting to dry out so still some slicker conditions and that's why we're warning folks about the speeds at the off ramp. there was a crash reported in this area, i've seen no problems as far as the flow of traffic. these folks are waiting to pay their toll. there is not slowing coming over from the east shore freeway just right there in that shot as folks focus over and get down toward the two lanes getting across the bay. over here the bay bridge also has the focus, the toll plaza, the metering lights are on and highway 24 we did have one more spinout reported right over there as you're getting from the orinda side toward the tunnel, it's clear from lanes but we have seen a dozen spinouts reported but they quickly move to the shoulder. fhp and chp are doing a lot of work. the south bay got brushed with the rain so watch for slicker roads on the off ramps. >> doesn't take much.
6:39 am
coasting into the weekend a lot of people ronald wing what it's going to look like. >> saturday morning for sure and i know a lot of parents were asking about their little league games. >> we have a swim meet. >> i know. and those are usually early in the morning, am i right or early afternoon? unfortunately it looks like this storm system is expected to bring a good chance of seeing scattered showers and even isolated thunderstorms all the way through saturday. here is a quick look at what we can expect, rain early saturday morning, 55 de coast, bay 55. as we head into sunday's forecast we will keep the cloudy skies especially for the coastline but we will see the storm system makes its exit and that will give you us a nice break from the rain. 56 degrees for the bay inland, the coast 55. if you're heading out to lake tahoe this camera is a live
6:40 am
pick, it's iced over, it's 21 degrees right now. check the road conditions for sure before you head up there because friday into saturday we are expecting still to see a couple more inches of snow so please be careful. coming up next on "today in the bay," financial help for dreamers. the important deadline this morning for students. plus will the president once again reverse himself on gun policy? we're looking at the money on the stock market. you can see the dow down 337 points right there as you can see. this is all open with trade wars, a lot of people talking about that. this after president trump announced the tariffs on steel and aluminum imports. we will continue to follow this one. right now it is 6:40.
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good morning, it is 6:43. as we continue to see this system move on through if you're heading out towards the sierra you need to check the road conditions because they're expecting snow in the next couple hours into tomorrow. i know interstate 80 has closures in place so make sure to check that out before you hit the road. i will talk about the lows in the elevations we could be expecting in the bay area coming up in a bit. you need chains on i-80. this is 880 interstate past the coliseum. look, sheen on the roadways, slicker off ramps, look at these surface streets as well. we have conditions that may be tough. we will show you how the commute
6:44 am
shapes up. we have breaking news just into our newsroom. we are kpegt word of a possible on campus shooting at central michigan university. this is in the city of mt. pleasant which is about an hour north of lansing. central michigan university just posted online that there were reports of a shot or shots fired at a hall there and that the suspect is still on the run. people are being told as we speak to take shelter. it is not clear at this point if there are any injuries but we are continuing to follow this and track this in the newsroom. we will bring you updates as soon as we get them. cal grant's deadlines for dreamers to apply for financial assistance and their college tuition costs, the california dream act allows undocumented students who qualify to receive private scholarships. those scholarships are funded through public universities. applicants must submit a certified grade point average by
6:45 am
today's deadline. is the president going to change his mind about guns? scott mcgrew, days after the president teased lawmakers that they were afraid of the nra, he met with them to talk about gun rights. >> met with the nra. we don't know the results of that meeting, marcus. we do know that the president did tweet this morning, good, great meeting with the oval office tonight with the nra. the executive director tweeted i had a great meeting tonight with donald trump and the vice president then you see this key sentence, the president and vice president support the second amendment, support strong due process and don't want gun control. on wednesday president trump shocked both gun control advocates and the nra with a sudden 180 saying he supported raising the minimum age and did support confiscation of guns without court hearings, it was a jaw dropping change of policy at the time. we don't know what the president really thinks. we just read the nra words about
6:46 am
what the president thinks. the president has not explained his policy on guns since wednesday, but he does have a reputation of repeating the ideas of the last person with whom he has met. in this case that is the nra. the white house is combating rumors trump wants to fire his national security adviser h.r. mcmaster. mcmaster has been seen as an experienced and cautious voice within the white house. a veteran of the gulf war, iraq war and war in afghanistan did his ph.d. dissertation on the mistakes made by the white house during the vietnam war. he put that into a book it's well worth reading. again, the white house says mcmaster is not going anywhere but nbc news reporting if he did leave safir katz is on the short list to become the next national security adviser. she is ceo of oracle corporation and a long time trump supporter. we are interested of what you
6:47 am
think of our coverage and our president. i welcome your messages on twitter @scottmcgrew and on facebook at scott mcgrew tv. new video this morning and it may be a far cry from the winter olympics not to mention a far try from south korea. a winter snowstorm in scotland is bringing out amateur extreme athletes. so who needs a car? you can just slide down the hill like they're doing. this man snowboarding in the street, this is patrick scotland outside of glasgow. whether it was a one time run or the start of a day of fun, i don't know. i'm just saying, look, enjoy the day but be safe. >> they are constantly adding new events to those winter olympics, so for your consideration. >> downstream -- >> urban skiing. >> downtown snow board. >> we will send him to the next
6:48 am
one. >> tokyo. >> 2022. right now we are seeing a couple light showers keeping on in, but overall the bay area is not looking too wet. now, the south bay did see a couple showers, scattered, very light move in, just enough to make those roadways slightly wet. as always slow it down, 46 degrees, the peninsula 45. look at these dark heavy clouds in the tri-valley, definitely cloudy out there, expecting gray skies through the afternoon. check out san francisco seeing those dark gray clouds. expect to see another chance of rain, here is that doppler radar. let's show you what it's showing us here in the bay area. so we saw those showers push through, you see now they're off to the east, right through san jose, half-moon bay getting light showers, san mateo getting light showers, tracy getting light showers but they are not heavy downpours. as far as the wind goes, also not really a factor. yesterday morning we really had some strong gusty conditions, this morning very light and it looks like it's going to stay that way. as we head into tomorrow we will
6:49 am
see those winds pick up by just a bit. let's talk about the next couple of hours. what is going to happen in terms of the rain? well, right after your lunch hour we will still continue to see light showers but right around 4:00 we start to see more of that rain moving in. this is the updated run, the hour by hour outlook now showing some heavy pockets of rain for the north bay pushing towards the south and it lingers. if you notice i'm taking this timeline through saturday morning. we get pockets of quick little brief downpours into saturday, with that cold air mass that could pop up thunderstorms and also possibly hail and some low snow in the elevations. into tomorrow light rain, we get a break on sunday and if you notice by next week into wednesday and thursday possibly even tuesday night we get the arrival of another storm system that could bring another chance of some good accumulations to the bay area. mike? we're looking over at a good -- well, a light accumulation of traffic volume. this is friday so that's good. we do have a look at the road weather index showing green
6:50 am
highlighting in blotches over in the peninsula, the diablo and danville area, throughout the silicon valley making a sweep over here, fresh snow perhaps mt. hamilton. we will talk about the south bay. light build of traffic flow. we do have this crash north 280 cleared to the shoulder at the 17/880 interchange and 101 and 87 show a little bit of slowing in your usual suspects. we will show you the live camera at 101 and you saw the recent rain did leave damp roadways once again. be careful on the sharper off and on ramps, be careful coming from a standing stop on surface streets. fremont showed an issue here. the flag is not waving right now but from time to time i've seen this camera shake a bit so still breezy, but the overnight wind advisories have cleared as well. that's good stuff. back to you. coming up a quick look at the top stories on "today in the bay," including another rally planned in the wake of immigration sweeps across northern california. new details into our newsroom on the number of arrests i.c.e.
6:51 am
agents have made so far. happening now more power outages in puerto rico after two power plants shut down. this after two back to back hurricanes last fall that wiped out electricity to most of the island. and talk about a hangover, listen to this, and wrong destination. according to a report a new jersey man says he drunkenly ordered an uber to where he was saying on the west virginia campus, this is the west virginia university. instead of going back to campus he accidentally put in his new jersey address. he actually fell asleep in that car riding 300 miles and it cost him, get this, $1600. before you
6:52 am
6:53 am
6:54 am
> welcome back. before you head out the door here are the top stories on "today in the bay" including breaking news just into our newsroom as we continue to follow the possible on campus shooting at central michigan university. this is in the city of mt. pleasant which is about an hour north of lansing. central michigan university posted online that there was a report of shots fired at a hall and that the suspect was still on the loose and was armed at that point. just a few moments ago our detroit nbc affiliate reported michigan state police said at least two people were shot, though the circumstances are unknown. cmu public safety also just posted that the suspect is considered arm and dangerous and
6:55 am
people are being told to take shelter there. it is not clear, again, if there are more injuries than those two which were reported. there are more than 20,000 students on the main campus there at cmu. we will continue to follow the story for you in the newsroom. a live look in san jose where police say that they have figured out who is behind the recent threats made on social media hitting a silent -- hitting violence targeting schools in the alum rock district. those threats were made on twitter two nights ago. the district superintendent advised parents there were no real danger and within the last hour san jose police say that investigation has determined that a 12-year-old girl was behind those threats. police have not taken her into custody but that investigation is ongoing. taking a live look this morning from the dumbarton bridge toll plaza even though we're getting a pra he can from the rain the roadways are still slick and our cameras at four other bay area bridges show the conditions there a little slick as well and the clouds continue.
6:56 am
if you're hitting the roads anytime soon make sure you avoid using the cruise control on wet roads, also slow down and leave room between you and other cars. if you start to skid, keep your steering wheel in the direction that you're trying to go and avoid slamming on those brakes. in santa barbara county the chp are keeping a close eye on the highway because of concerns about mudslides. that same storm that swept through the bay area is hitting southern california this morning. that's a major concern in the montecito area that's because it's been almost two months since the deadly mudslides there. people still concerned. emergency officials issued mandatory evacuations for about 30,000 people in that area ahead of the storm. parts of santa barbara county could get hit with a half an inch of rain per hour. the chp worried that those roads could flood and it would be doo dangerous to drive on. 6:56 and this is a live look at the caltrans camera at i-80
6:57 am
at kingvale this morning. not a lot of cars on the roadway though a lot of folks are talking about going to the sierra this weekend because there's finally snow. it's going to be a rough ride. this is video from our nbc affiliate in sacramento showing the perspective from inside the car, the passenger's side of course heading to the donner summit area. you can barely see the roadway along the i-80 corridor. caltrans is reminding drivers to bring chains if you don't have four-wheel drive or snow tires. now to another developing story, a big plunge following the opening bell on the new york stock exchange. here is what the big board looks like, that dow down 330 points. there are concerns of a trade war sparked by the new tariffs on steel imports first announced yesterday by president trump. and california is not the only state getting walloped by severe winter weather. wild weather across the country is impacting flights at bay area airports as well. 430 flights were delayed and 140
6:58 am
flights were canceled just out of sfo yesterday and we could see more of that today. coverage of the wicked weather continues next on the "today" show as people brace for coastal flooding and high winds in the northeast. what you need to know before you head out the door this morning to the airport. immigrant rights groups are organizing a rally in the south bay today to protest recent immigration sweeps across the bay area. i.c.e. maintains that many of those arrested during the recent sweeps have prior felony convictions. so far i.c.e. agents have detained 232 people and many are not facing deportation. the rally today is taking place at 5:00 p.m. in san jose. happening today acting san francisco mayor mark farrell opens his new open door chats. he says the goal is to talk to residents about the issues that impact them in the city. he will host those chats twice a month at city hall on the first and third friday of every month from 8 :30 to noon but you do
6:59 am
have to have an appointment for those ten minute windows. the meetings are chosen through a lottery process. right now a lot of people getting on their way as they head out the door this morning. there won't be a lot of rain right now. >> there's a little bit of scattered showers so you still want to be careful just a bit. our doppler radar is showing a lot of that moisture. let's zoom into what we've seen. this is doppler radar updated in the last 15 minutes. san mateo is seeing light showers, san jose saw that cell that just moved through make its way in and that could bring concerns for the roadways. the roadways are drying out right now but it's like your favorite diner on the weekend, as soon as it's cleared out -- >> yeah, what's going on with those people. looking over here the sunlight over on the side streets you see slicker conditions but the freeways are starting to dry out. heading up toward the bay bridge where the metering lights are on, but it's light, it's friday. >> it is friday. we're glad that you joined us on this friday morning.
7:00 am
that is what's happening "today in the bay." >> we will be back at 7:25 for a live local news update for you. >> join us at 11:00, more live local news, we will keep tracking all the news stories for you in the newsroom. good morning. coast-to-coast wild weather. leading to a nasty commute, with flights canceled nationwide. and out west, mudslide fears force an ergency evacuation of 30,000 people overnight. we'll cover it all live. nbc news exclusive, vladimir putin speaking out after boasting to the world at his nuclear weapons. what it will take for him to use them and his message to the u.s. about-face. a late-night meeting behind closed doors between president


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