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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  March 6, 2018 4:30am-5:01am PST

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francisco morning to you at 4:30 in the morning. looking at what look like clear skies this morning in san francisco. good morning, everyone, thank you for joining us. i'm scott mcgrew, marcus has the day off. >> and i'm laura garcia. what a nice start to our tuesday morning. thank you very much. vianey is in for kari hall and you're bringing good news in the weather department. >> i am. welcome back. you brought the sunshine, laura. warmer temperatures. it's still a little chilly in some spots out there, including the north bay, but overall milder conditions compared to where we were at this hour yesterday. the south bay 43 degrees, peninsula 43, tri-valley a very cold 37 degrees and north bay about 43 degrees right now, san francisco 46, east bay 43. let's take a quick look at the
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24 hour temperature change. we are warmer in most spots, san jose 5 degrees warmer than yesterday, hayward 7 degrees warmer. i will talk more about exactly how warm we are expected to get and how long the sunshine -- well, later sunshine, right, because it's still dark. >> it's easy drive, it's dark out. we're looking at green chick let's meaning speeds pretty much everywhere in the bay. highway 4 be careful reports are a car might have clipped a deer and the deer might be injured in the roadway eastbound highway 4 at franklin canyon. darker roadways off of the east shore freeway, it might be tougher to see the wildlife. be careful. over here the lights, this is where the head lights are starting to stack up in the cash lanes either side of the bay bridge, not all the cash lanes are open this time of morning, they should continue to clear up over the next 20 minutes. we will track this. breaking news, a major development story in the pacific this morning, something the world was not expecting to wake
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up to. a possible sign of compromise from north korea and its nukes. south korean officials said a short time ago kim jong-un is willing to denuclearize if the safety of his regime is guaranteed. that announcement comes after both sides met in north korea for talks. north korea has agreed to impose a moratorium on tests of nuclear weapons and missiles if it holds talks with the united states. no response from the white house at this hour. north and south korea are expected to hold talks again next month. developing right now, two men are in custody accused of possessing explosive devices. the search for more explosives led to evacuations last night at an oakland hotel. this is a photo from the chp showing officers early sunday arresting jeremy guy during a traffic stop. officers later arrested his father. the chp and police last night searched the homewood suites hotel on embarcadero. that's where both men were
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believed to be staying. as a precaution part of the hotel was evacuated. our bob redell is talking with the chp this morning, he's going to join us with a live report and an update in less than 30 minutes. another developing story on the search for bay area football scar aldon smith, he's expected to surrender to san francisco police today. >> the raiders officially decided to cut the troubled player from the team. "today in the bay" has those details. >> reporter: the oakland raiders are cutting ties with aldon smith, the dismissal comes after smith is accused of domestic violence in san francisco saturday night. police now have a warrant for his arrest. >> there was an arrest warrant that was signed by the district attorney's office citing charges of domestic violence, forced likely to cause great bodily injury, false imprisonment and vandalism. >> reporter: the 28-year-old former 49er is facing charges related to an incident on bush street. a neighbor of the victim called 911 telling a dispatcher he
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believed smith's girlfriend was getting beat up. according to dispatchers the victim also called saying she was bitten. >> suspect hit her around the room, bit her on the wrist then climbed out the window. may have got into a black range rover. >> reporter: smith reportedly entered rehab. sfpd says it is working with his attorney to arrange his surrender. this isn't smith's first run in with the law. he has faced charges for hit and run, dui and possession of assault weapons. 4:34. happening today santa clara county supervisors will tr banning gun shows at county fairgrounds. two gun shows take place there every year, supervisor ken jaeger tells us the county doesn't make a lot of money on the events and he hopes the ban would keep guns off south bay streets, but gun advocates argue the shows should be better regulated instead of discontinued. it is 4:34. san francisco teachers are using a slice of ingenuity to support striking teachers in west
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virginia. that strike is now in its second week. teachers are seeking a 5% wage increase, state senators are offering a 4% raise. san francisco teachers launched a go fund me page to provide striking teachers three days worth of pizza and water. their goal was to raise $15,000. donations have already shot past that total you see there. the countdown is under way to the 2020 census count as are the concerns that some counties have covering the cost. today santa clara county supervisors will discuss allocating $1 million to invest in the first phase of the coming count. supporters believe the 2020 census is currently underfunded at the federal level. the added money will help ensure fair representation and certainty that every home in the county is properly counted. bay area lawmakers have announced another effort to boost the number of homes in and around bart transit hubs. the new bill is authored by san francisco david chew and tim
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greyson. it would require bart to approve new streamline standards for housing in low income units. cities would also be required to loosen zoning restrictions. any city or county that did not comply would risk losing control of development projects on bart-owned land. san francisco muni leaders are reportedly thinking about changing fares again. believe it or not in this case some may be headed lower. chronicle reports the mta is considering a drop in fares for two groups, people who buy monthly passes and visitor passports that are offered to tourists. at the same time the mta is also considering more fare hikes in other areas. they will debate numerous fare changes later today to help close a $20 million budget deficit. coming up on "today in the bay," walmart turning up the heat on amazon and food delivery services like blue apron. the retailer launching a line of meals. we will tell you how much it will cost and where you can get them. that's still ahead.
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good morning, i'm landon dowdy and here are today's top business headlines. wall street is set to open higher this morning after yesterday's big rally. the dow snapping a four day losing streak as investors looked beyond the threat of a global trade war sparked by president trump's tariff announcement to focus more on positive economic data. we will get a report this morning on factory orders. the dow jumping 336 points to 24,874, the nasdaq rising 72 to
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7,330. in order strum has rejected an offer to take the retailer private. that bid worth $8.4 billion is less than the company's actual market value. the move comes as the industry is facing a record number of store closures as more shoppers are choosing to buy online. nordstrom gets a quarter of its revenue from online sales. walmart is taking on amazon and blue apron. their kits cost between 8 and 15 bucks and range from pot roast to steak deshone. they are available at 250 stores and will be in 2,000 locations by the end of the year you will have the option to buy them through walmart online grocery pickup service. >> trying to make things easier, i suppose, for families. happening today, live look at oakland this morning where a very important guest will be speaking tonight. the former united kingdom prime minister david cameron is in
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town. he will speak at the oakland speakers series at the paramount theater. it's the largest community speaker series in the nation. unfortunately if you're want to go hear from cameron yourself and don't already have tickets you may be out of luck. the event is completely sold out. it's 4:41. coming up on "today in the bay," vianey, you are tracking a warm up in store for us. >> definitely. we're even starting to notice it at this hour. 43 degrees in san jose, yesterday it was pretty much 30s across the board, i will talk about exactly how warm we're expected to get coming up in just a bit. and being a tuesday the traffic volume will heat up at the san mateo bridge. right now westbound those taillights moving away from us, we are in hayward with this camera heading over toward foster city. we will show you what things are like on all sides of the bay coming up. plus it's a match up everyone is talking about this morning. "today" show's savannah guthrie taking on tennis superstar roger federer and bill gates in san jose. it was all for charity. we will break it downplay by play all coming up.
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plus savannah and al will join us live in the next hour just warming up on this tuesday morning. you're watching "today in the bay."
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-- breaking news 4:44 in the morning. a little bit of breaking news as we take a look at our earthquake map. there was a 3.6 earthquake six
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miles east of gilroy that just happened. if you have any reports of damage, we would love to hear about it. you can e-mail us at or on twitter as well. >> some pretty dramatic new video to show you this morning that has and a happy outcome that you really have to see for yourself. it shows a girl dangling from a chair lift at big bear mountain ski resort in southern california. she's being held -- oh, did you see it there -- she was being held by someone in the chair when that crowd gathered below. you will see here again, we will replay it for you, she's released and caught by a tarp that was being held by the crowd below. thankfully she's okay. the girl just reportedly five years old. she was with a ski instructor who caught her by the hoodie when she started to fall. the resort is investigating why exactly what happened. whenever i am on ski lifts i can't say that i don't think think about --
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>> i think that about that constantly. >> have you ever gone backwards down? >> how are you getting off that lift? >> when the weather gets poorer they will bring you down that way. >> oh, going down that way. >> i did it at telluride. instead of the hill being in front of you -- >> i thought you meant when you're getting off. >> five-year-old girl, very scary. glad she's okay. i thought this is part two of my video that i sent you yesterday. >> me? >> when you were showing the ski slopes. oh, no, laura. >> no, i was good, all over the slopes. it would be a great day to be up in tahoe today. >> another great day especially because road conditions not really going to be an issue this week and we will maybe -- well, maybe not today, but tomorrow we are tracking more rain. right now look at the temperatures, a lot warmer than yesterday. the south bay 43 degrees, peninsula also in those 40s, the tri-valley is still on the colder side at about 37 degrees right now, the north bay at
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about 34 degrees and san francisco is at 46 degrees. i want to show you the 24-hour temperature change just so you get an idea of exactly how much warmer we're running at this hour. right now in napa 4 degrees warmer than we were yesterday, hayward 7 degrees warmer. san jose about 5 degrees warmer and even in san francisco about 5 degrees warmer at this hour than we were yesterday. the reason for that is we've got a ridge of high pressure and that's going to kick up our temperatures to be one of the warmest days we've had in a while. check out san jose, we are talking 70s. mind you we're still in winter. east san jose 71 degrees, east bay right now upper 60s. walnut creek 69, oakland 66, hayward 68, the peninsula also in those upper 60s. check out san francisco, mid to upper 60s and marina 65, mission 66 and in the north bay also seeing some 70s on the map. so let's talk about that hour by hour outlook. the next chance of rain as of right now judging by our long range or short range now at this
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point outlook is set to move in tomorrow evening starting from the north to the south, eventually we will get spotty showers widespread sticking around through thursday, so, mike, tomorrow, well, those commuters will get a good chance of seeing nice roads. >> we will take that because you're talking about changes coming up again. the big view of the bay shows you no major issues, a small crash over off of palmar, i was trying to get more detail, but this is off of even 84 as you're coming through the niles area so you should be all right for the rest of your commute. speed sensors do reflect that, including up here as you're traveling up through the upper east shore freeway that crash highway 4 at franklin canyon involving a deer, the deer has been removed from the roadway so that was not good status for the deer but the roadway itself is opened for highway 4. over here up in the north bay we did have some cows that were hit, but it sounds like those cows are okay. i'm calling it a hit and walk. the cows were walking along the side of the roadway, the person said i think i hit them with the car but they're still going and
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that car apparently can't be moved. hay road at dally road. a smoother ride for our traffic on the rails. no problem for the transit agencies. on the roads on the peninsula an easy flow for 101 through palo alto. 4:49. no you to one of the biggest nights of the year at the shark tank in san jose. it wasn't for hockey, but this time tennis. the game raised money for kids in africa, more than 150,000 people came out to see top ranked player roger federer team up with bill gates. >> they went against savannah guthrie and jack sock. "today in the bay's" terry mcsweeney there to see all the action. >> a display of tennis prowess by roger federer with help from jack sock. solid tennis and microsoft billionaire bill gates and a crowd pleaser effort by savannah guthrie.
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at the match for afr all to raise money for the med remember foundation to send children in africa to school. >> education is a human right, everybody should have it. i will fight for that. i think it's a great cause. i'm only at the beginning, the foundation is 15 years old. >> roger recognizes that he's in a position of not just privilege but influence. he can put together an event like this and people pay for a ticket, they get a great show, they get a great match, not necessarily from me. >> the crowd was loud, loving every second of it for a lot of reasons. >> we love federer. >> i think bill gates' tennis skills are impressive. just given everything he's done for society, it's good to see him out here supporting roger and his foundation. >> the fed remember foundation's goal is to provide education for 1 million children in six african nations by the end of this year. they've already reached the 800,000 mark. that also had fans smiling. >> this is an important organization and we're helping lots of people. it is fantastic. >> terry mcsweeney, "today in the bay."
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>> that's really fun to see. right? >> great fun. a north bay high school theater group getting a huge lift thanks to the nbc series rise. >> they received $20,000 yesterday, half of it came from money raised by a special screening in napa for the new theater inspired show "rise." damon gill incompetency showed up on campus with a check that thrilled teachers. >> i was absolutely shocked and surprised and floored. i can't imagine $10,000 what that would do for our program, but $20,000 my brain can't even wrap-around. >> so good to see. last night the group received another $10,000 check from nbc's rise america project. that effort handed out a half a million dollars to 50 drama departments across the united states. don't want to lose the arts there. you can watch a special premiere of "rise" one week from "today" on nbc bay area, it starts at 10:00 p.m. coming up on "today in the
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bay," nbc bay area responds. >> medical debt, how it's affecting families and how nbc bay area is doing something about it. i'm consumer investigator chris chmura. nbc bay area responds next. but first happening now at 4:52, more than 500 victims of the las vegas mass shooting are starting to receive payments of up to $275,000 each. the cash is coming from a $31 million victims fund. plus southern california hospital there shutting down because it's sitting on an active earthquake fault. the 94-year-old long beach facility will close because it cannot be retrofitted to meet the state's seismic regulations. a ke
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breaking news coming from the south bay this morning. now two reported earthquakes, the first was a 3.6 we told you about just moments ago on taand another one about six miles east of gilroy this morning. i've logged on to twitter, follow me @lauragarcianbc tell me if you felt anything in the south bay this morning. 4:55. this morning nbc bay area responds to a rampant financial hardship medical debt. >> consumer investigator chris chmura first brought us this story last week but now he looks into who is struggling with that problem and how nbc is making a donation that could change a lot of lives. >> as we have begun to put medical debt under the microscope we've found some striking reality. consider this, most of the people debt collectors are hounding to pay their medical bills actually have health insurance. it's 62% according to the kaiser
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family foundation which is studying medical debt. kaiser also found that 75% of people who wound up with copays, deductibles and co-insurance, that ended up costing them more than they could afford. say a doctor, lab or hospital takes pity on you and want to help you out, they might be prohibited from giving you a discount. the national consumer law center found that some insurance company contracts actually for bid doctors offices and hospitals from waiving or reducing copays, deductibles or co-insurance. so nbc is stepping in to highlight this growing problem and partnering with an organization that can offer immediate help to hundreds of families. our company is making a $150,000 donation to rip medical debt, a new york nonprofit that says it will use our donation to buy and forgive $15.5 million worth of medical debt for people around
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the country. that will include $1.5 million worth of debt for people right here in the bay area. we can't forgive the debt of specific people because the charity is buying the accounts in bulk from debt collectors, but if your account is part of the batch of $1.5 million in the bay area that rip is buying and forgiving you will get a yellow envelope in the mail that, like loo that soon. if you get one we would love to hear from you. even if you don't want to contact us please hold on to this letter. that is proof that your debt has been forgiven and the debt collector calls should stop. rip medical debt accepts donations from members of the public, too. we've added form on our website in case you would like to join nbc and make your own donation. as we suggest with any charity, we encourage you to check out what rip is doing before you donate. if you have a consumer complaint for us, let us know, 888-996-tips or visit
4:58 am >> that is such a great idea. >> really will help. coming up on "today in the bay," a check of the weather with vianey. >> and we're definitely feeling a lot warmer this time around. san francisco waking up to 47, check out half-moon bay, 56, yesterday it was a bunch of 30s. i will talk about that warmup coming up in just a bit. you could generate your own energy,
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at home. or to save energy, unplug unused appliances. do your thing, with energy upgrade california. welcome to tuesday morning. let's take a live look outside, this time overlooking fremont.
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look at that, folks up and about. going to enjoy this great bay area day, right? good morning. thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm scott mcgrew. marcus has the day off, but vianey is tell us about -- i have folks coming in from out of town, we will show them a perfect california day. >> we are, but how long are they staying? >> more than one day. >> see, there goes the streak there. today is going to be absolutely beautiful, scott, today will be a fantastic day to really show them around because we're expecting a lot of sunshine and, yes, some 70s in the forecast, even right now as you make your way outside it's still a little chilly, cold in the tri-valley at 38 degrees and i will tell you more about that warm up and what scott's family can expect in a couple days. we are looking over at the bay bridge toll plaza, the camera here shows folks stacked up in the cash lanes, we expect that, but over the last few minutes i saw almost a crash here as folks tried to merge last second, i almost saw a crash in the parking lot, one car tried to exit the parking lot entrance. be


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