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tv   Today  NBC  March 9, 2018 7:00am-9:01am PST

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in the bay," we are back at 7:25 with a live local news update. >> don't forget to join us for nbc bay area news at 11:00. it's friday. get out and enjoy but come back at 11:00. . good morning. breaking overnight, global stunner. the president agrees to meet face-to-face with north korea's leader, something no president has ever done. >> rocket man is on a suicide mission for himself and for his regime. >> after months of heated back and forth is this a game changer or is north korea's leader playing games? chaos and confusion. new this morning, chilling calls as the florida school massacre unfolded. >> i love you. i love you it's going to be fine. can you hide somewhere? can you play dead? >> and the radio call from the disgraced deputy staying outside and telling other deputies to do
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the same. outage outrage. nearly half a million people across the northeast still without power after those devastating back-to-back winter storms. >> this is our own version of march madness. and guess what? al says yet another nor'easter could be on the way. and heart break for families after 2,000 eggs and embryos are lost after an equipment malfunction. she's back. we'll take you inside serena williams emotional return to tennis. and the growing change to stop pushing the clock back and forth as we spring ahead today. >> announcer: this is "today" with savannah guthrie and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in r k
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rockfeller plaza. >> in a move that took his own administration and the world by surprise the president has accepted kim jong-un's invitation for an unprecedented face-to-face meeting. so what will happen when the two leaders who have exchanged insults and threats of nuclear war sit down across from each other. we've got in-depth coverage for you. kristen, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning to you. this morning president trump is preparing for a high stakes gamble that's sending shock waves around the world. meeting with kim jong-un could potentially give the north korean leader what he wants most, legitimacy on the world stage. but the white house says this is display of the president's deal making skills, with the security of the world at stake.
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new reaction at the historic break through. president trump set to become the first sitting president to meet with a north korean leader. >> my view is this is an extraordinary development. >> the two leaders vowing to keep up maximum pressure on north korea as mr. trump struck a note of optimism tweeting, kim jong-un talked about denuclearization with the south korean representatives, not just a freeze. also no nuclearbut, sanctions wl an agreement is reached. a senior official saying the meeting could happen in a matter of months. the news was delivered not by the president or his aides, but by south korean officials outside the white house, after relaying a message from kim directly to the president. >> he expressed his eagerness to meet president trump as soon as possible. >> reporter: earlier in the day, the president teased the news by making a surprise appearance in the white house briefing room, telling reporters to expect a big announcement. it's a remarkable turn after a year of escalating threats
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between the two leaders, fueling talk of war, amid a series of north korean nuclear and missile tests. president trump repeatedly threatening military action and ratcheting up the rhetoric. >> north korea best not make anymore threats to the united states. they will be met with fire and fury, like the world has never seen. >> little rocket man. >> reporter: kim, deriding the president as a mentally deranged dotahd or someone who is weak or senile. both leaders later fighting over who had the larger nuclear button. but the u.s. has applied diplomatic pressure. and during the olympics, a noticeable thaw, with north korea sending athletes to the winter olympics, paving the way for the talks between the two koreas. still, the announcement was so unexpected, secretary of state, rex tillerson, traveling in africa said this hours earlier --
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>> you asked negotiations. we're a long way from negotiations. >> reporter: now, a critical test, as two unpredictable leaders prepare to meet face-to-face. secretary of state rex tillerson was asked about the news overnight. he said, that's a decision the president took himself. savannah? >> kristen, thank you so much. let's turn to nbc's national security analyst, jeremy bash. jeremy, good morning. >> good morning, savannah. >> no american president has done this, sat down with a north korean leader. i read, it was a breathtaking gamble, according to one report. do you agree? >> i do. it is a roll of the nuclear dice. in some ways, the president got boxed in here. he couldn't say no to this invitation. he elevates kim jong-un and puts him on a stage next to him. that's a huge concession, elevating the dictator without the dictator having to do anything. he doesn't give up his nuclear program at all. >> on the flip side, the white house says this is mr. trump's diplomacy at work, the hard line rhetoric, calling him rocketman,
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threatening nuclear war. is it the hard-line rhetoric and sanctions that got kim jong-un to the table? >> there's been policies like tougher sanctions that drove this moment. but the threats, the taunts, the tweets, it's possible that actually accelerated kim jong-un's drive to obtain missile programs. it alienates south korea and makes the situation more dangerous. >> kim jong-un wants legitimacy. he wants to sit across the table from the president of the united states and say, i'm a global leader just like you. the notion that he is ready to talk about denuclearization, giving up his nukes. is that reality? should that be treated with skepticism? >> i would be skeptical that the north koreans are prepared to do that. they want american troops off of the korean peninsula. this is going to be a difficult negotiation. >> jeremy bash, thank you so much. appreciate it. that news about north korea
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came just hours after president trump signed a controversial tariffs on imported steel and aluminum. that, in spite of fierce opposition from his own allies and party. hallie jackson has more on all that. good morning. >> reporter: hi, hoda. good morning to you. you said it. this is president trump defying republicans and our partners around the world, in what his administration is framing as a promise made, promise kept. he is aiming to protect steel and aluminum workers at home. workers that joined him for the announcement you are looking at here at the white house, this 25% tariff on steel and 10% on aluminum. but republicans end up this will hurt americans because the tariffs are too broad. strong words for the president, from house speaker paul ryan and louisiana senator, john kennedy. listen. >> i'm just not a fan of broad-base across-the-board tariffs because i think you have a lot of unintended consequences. you'll have a lot of collateral damage, not just consumers, but businesses.
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>> i don't think you need a broad, scattered approach. shouldn't use it. >> reporter: let's talk about what the tariffs might mean for you. you could pay more for things with aluminum and steel in them, anything from cars to cans. but supporters of the tariffs point out, it may not be that much, maybe a penny or so on a six-pack. the bigger concern is other countries could retaliate for this, by slapping tariffs on things like bourbon or blue jeans and that could hurt u.s. industries. not all countries are subject to the tariffs. canada and mexico are exempt for now. over the next two weeks, the u.s. will work out what other countries don't have to pay up. allies like japan, south korea, the e.u., who were upset about the tariffs, said they will be looking for exceptions, too. we'll find out by the deadline day, march 23rd. hoda? >> hallie jackson, on the hill. thanks. a lot more to get to, including the investigation into that deadly school shooting in
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florida. frantic 911 and dispatch calls as the tragedy unfolded have been released publicly. gabe gutierrez is in parkland with more. gabe, good morning. >> reporter: savannah, good morning. for the first time, we're hearing the radio transmissions from the school resource officer who was fired after the sheriff said he failed to confront the gunman. they may indicate he did hear shots from inside the school, but he never went in. it was sheer terror. panicked parents, helpless. >> i love you. i love you. >> is that the police? >> no, it's not the police. it's okay. it's okay. >> reporter: one mother, with this emotional plea, talking to her daughter on one phone and 911 on the other. >> i love you. i love you. it's going to be fine. you hide somewhere? can you play dead? >> yes. >> if you can, can you play dead. you should play dead. >> reporter: as the rampage
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unfolded, confusion. this morning, newly released police radio transmissions are shedding more light on how scott peterson did not confront the gunman at marjory stoneman high school. >> i think we have shots fired. possible shots fired. >> reporter: the next few minutes are chaotic. >> we don't have any description. we just hear shots. appear to be shots fired. >> reporter: peterson radios for backup. >> get the school locked down, gentlemen. >> reporter: despite hearing shots, he does not go inside the building. >> make sure i have a unit in front of the school. make sure nobody comes inside the school. >> reporter: seconds later. >> do not approach the 12 or 1300 building. stay at least 500 feet away at this point. >> reporter: peterson's attorney said his client thought the gunfire was coming from outside. >> his radio transmissions would indicate that he knew it was the 1200 building. >> reporter: also, chilling 911 calls reveal the horror inside the school.
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>> someone is shooting up the school at stoneman. >> reporter: this caller begins to whisper so the gunman won't find him. >> marjory stoneman douglas high school is being shot up. >> being shot up? are you at the school? i can't hear you. are you at the school? >> reporter: so disturbing to hear. now, those radio transmissions reveal that the actual shooting lasted between five and six minutes. as for the attorney of that school resource officer, he has said his client acted appropriately. but he declined to comment on the newly released radio transmissions. hoda and savannah? >> gabe, thank you very much. breaking news on a story we've been following all week, the poisoning attack of a former russian spy. this morning, britain is sending 100 military service personnel with expertise in
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chemicals to the city where that spy was poisoned with a nerve agent. the military will remove vehicles and other objects from salisbury. that's where skripal and his daughter were found unconscious. they remain in critical condition. a police sergeant and 18 others may have been exposed to the poison and are receiving medical treatment. we turn to the powerful recovery from the storms in the northeast. hundreds of thousands without power. some for an eighth-straight day. and frustration is growing. sorry to tell you, al has his eye on yet another storm system for this area. he will elaborate on that unwelcome news in a moment. let's go to morgan radford. she's in yonkers, new york, for us. hi, morgan. good morning. >> reporter: savannah, good morning. police and power crews are out here working around the clock, trying to clean up areas like this. you can already see where these power lines have been ripped down and scattered behind me. this area has been roped off, with snow still on the ground. remember, a lot of the neighbors in this community, they haven't
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had power since last week. they say today, that enough is enough. the storm is over, and now, this is the biggest concern. >> there's a tree up on the wires right now. sparks flying. really scary. i don't get scared easy. that had me in a panic. >> reporter: downed trees, transformer explosions and live wires across the northeast, leading to at least two deaths. in upstate new york wednesday, an 88-year-old was struck by a tree. neighbors and first responders came to her aid. but she died at the hospital. >> the scene was horrific. we were getting blankets from the cars and from neighbors to comfort her and cover her up. >> just lost a great friend, that's all. shock. i can't say anymore. i'm sorry. >> reporter: in new jersey, thursday, 40-year-old anthony gonzales was killed, attempting to drive around cones blocking a live wire. his car engulfed in flames. crews have come in from all over
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the country. maine, wisconsin, indiana, to help, as power companies struggle to keep up after last week's nor'easter. now, another round of widespread outages have left nearly 1 million people in the region in the dark. >> this tree fell on my car. >> reporter: the patience wearing thin. >> it's been seven days without power. and it's been a struggle. >> tired of the excuses. there's human beings out there. >> reporter: westchester county executive, george latimer, calling for the heads of new york electric and gas companies to resign. today, he says the response is still too slow. >> they failed to come out and look at the situation. they failed to communicate with people. >> reporter: many residents are now relying on their generators and the help of neighbors to weather the storm, which officials have called unprecedented. >> the most important thing to do right now is to get electricity on and get these people's lives back and restored and back for proper functioning. >> reporter: today, thankfully,
7:15 am
the snow is melting in most places. but the headache is far from over. >> ready for the season to be over. i think i had enough shoveling for this year. >> reporter: it's all hands on deck this morning. the national guard has deployed 40 workers here to new york and 70 workers from all across the midwest, sent to new jersey. that's just to get this power up and running. meanwhile, authorities are asking people on their morning commute to avoid dangerous areas like this, that in some cases have proved deadly. hoda? savannah? >> morgan, thank you. the question is, after all that, could a third nor'easter be in the forecast? al, give it to us. >> here's the deal, we're watching this get ready. it hasn't formed yet. we have one system coming out of texas. it's going to bring heavy rain, possibly flooding, down to the southeast. as you can see, it gets about by sunday evening, to the southeastern atlantic coast. here's where it gets tricky. we'll look at the european model. it takes two storms and moves
7:16 am
them offshore, early sunday morning into sunday afternoon. but again, keeps it south and moving east. and you get just a glancing blow in parts of the northeast and new england. however, the american model takes a different tact. it brings a single system, transfers that energy to the coast and makes its way up the coast as a classic nor'easter early monday into monday night and early tuesday morning. look, you can still see snow from boston, new york, and icy mix back from new jersey. does this model happen? do we see the european model or something between? we'll have to wait and see. again, we have to keep you posted. dylan will have more over the weekend as the models start to come into a closer focus. we're going to get to your local forecast coming up in the next 30 seconds. maren morris and zedd] ♪ ♪ baby, why don't you just meet me in the middle ♪ ♪ in the middle ♪ so pull me closer ♪ why don't you pull me close ♪ ♪ why don't you come on over ♪
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♪ i can't just let you go ♪ ♪ oh baby ♪ i'm losing my mind just a little ♪ ♪ so why don't you just meet me in the middle ♪ ♪ middle good morning. look at this dense fog over san francisco. you can't even see the buildings behind it. we've seen this dense fog all morning long and that visibility now limited in san jose as well. we can see some of that fog building right now reduced visibility in novato down to less than a mile, just several feet directly in front of you, down to half a mile in oakland and down to about five miles in san jose. remember to slow it down, turn on the low beams and fog beams if you have them. >> that's your latest weather. coming up, a heartbreaking situation for hundreds of families. what a fertility clinic is
7:18 am
saying about the malfunction that possibly damaged thousands of eggs and embryos. and then, megyn kelly's exclusive interview with vladimir putin on the russian election meddling investigation. why he's now saying, not my problem. first, this is quali"t
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still to come, carson opens up about living with anxiety and why he wears it like a badge of honor. then, as we get ready to turn the clocks ahead this weekend, the push to end daylight s ♪ ♪ ♪
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a very good morning to you. it is 7:26. i'm laura garcia. walnut creek police this morning investigating that city's first homicide of the year. police say a 60-year-old man died from injuries he suffered last night on lacassie avenue not far from the walnut creek bart station. officers arrested a 34-year-old man at the scene. it happened near a site that's now under construction. police say the victim and suspect knew each other. we're still waiting to hear exactly what happened and how the victim died. police say there is no threat to the public. a lot of fog out there in many parts of the bay area. vianey is in for kari this morning. it's pretty dense. look at san francisco, you can't even see the buildings behind it. yes, there are buildings, that's actually supposed to be the san francisco skyline and that dense fog even making its way down to the south bay, san jose seeing
7:27 am
some foggy conditions as well, which means limited visibility across the board. so this is kind of what's been affecting us all morning long. novato several feet in front of you in terms of visibility down to less than a half mile in oakland, five miles for san jose and the current temperatures as you head out the door remain fairly mild in the 50s for the most part. we will be climbing into those mid to upper 60s and even about 69 degrees for san jose. so let's talk about your temperatures as you head out the door. hayward 50 degrees right now, san jose 52. mike? we're looking at the south bay for a crash northbound 87 your left two lanes are blocked just before curtner. that's a tough spot. fortunately friday means a lighter flow of traffic around the rest of the bay so you can make up some time, i guess. looking toward the rest of your commute, pretty light. we do see the fog showing up on our maps. oakland 580, 880, the north bay tough as well. san rafael -- that's not san rafael, that's dublin with a pocket of fog there. the label is wrong, but the fog is definitely there.
7:28 am
back to you. another local news update in half an hour.
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7:30, now, on a friday morning, the 9th day of march, 2018. >> it is. it's friday. that sounds good. let's start this half hour with today's headlines and plans for a historic meeting between the u.s. and north korea. >> unexpected breakthrough. >> this is an extraordinary development. >> in a shocking turn of events, president trump agrees to meet with north korean leader, kim jong-un, to talk about that rogue nation's nuclear program. while overnight, the white house vows to keep up sanctions until an agreement is reached. march madness, with 500,000 people without power on the east coast, all eyes are on a powerful third major storm that could bring more snow and heavy winds.
7:31 am
>> most of the models take the storm out to sea. but the american models are bringing snow up through the middle atlantic as a nor'easter. the state department issuing a travel warning for a mexican resort town after the u.s. embassy in mexico received security threats. streaming back into the spotlight. president obama reportedly in talks to produce a series of high-profile shows for netflix. the project rumored to also include michelle obama. and return of the queen. >> the 6-1 does it. >> serena williams wins her first match in 14 months. the champ's first time back on the court after giving birth to her daughter. >> you know, i'm a little rusty. but it doesn't matter. i'm just out here on this journey. you know, doing the best i can. >> today, friday, march 9th, 2018. also this morning, devastating news for families who were hoping to have babies
7:32 am
with the help of a well-known fertility clinic. kate snow is here with details. >> reporter: we're talking about time-consuming, emotional, costly journeys at university hospitals fertility clinic in cleveland. hundreds of women and couples went through the work of having eggs and embryos frozen. but they have to be kept at a certain temperature. and now, they're finding out what they thought they had might be gone. the goal, a healthy baby. but for more than 500 women and families who were treated at university hospital's fertility clinic in cleveland, the dream might now be out of reach. >> this was something that was totally unanticipated and obviously tragic. >> reporter: last sunday morning, the staff noticed the temperature had increased in a storage tank filled with liquid nitrogen. 2,100 frozen eggs and embryos inside might no longer be viable. three of those belonged to the
7:33 am
bowman family. ly? ho >> i hope they can find out how this happened. >> reporter: just last weekend, they celebrated their twins' birthday. the three remaining embryos were frozen in the hope they would be brothers or sisters. >> we're suffering a loss, along with so many other people. and we're so lucky because we have miracle babies and there's people out there who may not have their miracle babies because of what happened. >> reporter: so many people across the country depend on frozen storage of embryos like the bowmans did. eggs can be frozen for women who want to try to have babies later on. in 2018, more than 6,000 women in the u.s. froze their eggs. >> i was 39, single, really hoping i would have met someone at that point. but i was happy to have the opportunity, you know, to use technology in the hopes of having a child someday when i was ready. >> reporter: experts caution
7:34 am
there are no guarantees. but what happened in cleveland is particularly rare. >> i have never heard of this happening on any scale, where embryos and eggs are lost. for some people, this may have been their last chance, their last hope. >> reporter: officials at university hospitals say they don't know why the tank failed. they're looking into mechanical and human error. no eggs or embryos will be destroyed. and they put all of them in a functioning tank. over the past couple days, they tried to reach out to the 500-plus families and women affected. >> we're so very, very sorry. we, again, want to do all that we can to support them. and we will stand by to answer questions and address them. understanding that we may not have all of those answers right now. >> reporter: the thing is, there's no test to figure out if eggs and embryos are viable.
7:35 am
all they can do is thaw and use them to create a pregnancy. they don't know if all 2,100 eggs and embryos in there are no longer going to be usable. the hospital says it will pay for any fertility treatments that individuals or couples want moving forward. this is such tough stuff for these families. >> that's hope. you know? that's hope right there. and for people to not know if that hope is lost. and it cost money. some people put all of their money into a fertility clinic, hoping for the chance. >> reporter: exactly. it's devastating. >> kate, thank you so much. we will take a turn. let's get a check of the weather, now. al is over at the weather wall. >> all right, guys. we look at the temperature trend into the weekend. cooler weather in the east, in the wake of the last system. washington, cape hatteras, charlotte, tallahassee seeing temperatures cooler than average. we look out west. boy, is it warming up. we're talking about temperatures that will be building today, anywhere from 10 to 15 degrees
7:36 am
above average, from houston out to phoenix. denver, kansas city, and that moves into sunday. look at this. mobile will see a high of 75. loredo, 17 degrees above average at 95. phoenix, 81. that's 17 degrees warmer than usual. and we have a big storm making its way into the west today. streaming moisture coming up out of the pacific. that's going to bring anywhere from one to two inches of rain before it's all over. we might have to worry about flooding and mud and debris flows in the recent burn areas. we are seeing dense fog this morning. there it is, san francisco you can barely see the tops of buildings because of how foggy it is outside. visibility is limited and i do want to show you a quick map of exactly what we're dealing with here. down to less than a half a mile in oakland, down to several feet in novato. san francisco down to about eight miles, san jose at five miles and right now our current temperatures do remain on the
7:37 am
milder side, in the 40s and the 50s, climbing into the 60s. >> and that is your latest weather. guys? >> al, thank you. coming up, on "pop start," we have big news that fans of "the sopranos" have been longing to hear. plus, do we need daylight saving time? the heated debate as we get ready to turn the clocks ahead. and carson shares more about dealing with anxiety and why he wants all men to go it's okay to talk about it and get help. up next, confronting vladimir putin. vladimir putin. megyn kelly's exclusive most people come to la with big dreams... we came with big appetites. with expedia one click gives you access to discounts on thousands of hotels, cars and things to do. like level furnished living suites for 45% off. everything you need to go.
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7:41 am
counsel investigating russian interference in the 2016 election, robert mueller, indicted 13 russian nationals and charged them with tampering with the u.s. election. megyn kelly went to russia and tried to get answers from vladimir putin himself. good morning. to be a fly on the wall. yes, we are a fly on the wall. we get to see this conversation. >> it was incredibly dynamic. it was very charged inside of this room. it was intense. it went over two days and two cities. i pushed vladimir putin on his feelings about president trump, to the nuclear threats to the mueller indictment. this is the second time i interviewed mr. putin in nine months and the first time i had a chance to push him about whether he knew about his countrymen's interference in our presidential race and whether he ordered it. >> why would you allow an attack like this on the united states?
7:42 am
>> translator: why have you decided the russian authorities, myself included, gave anybody permission to do this? nothing has changed since you and i talked last time in st. petersburg. some names have popped up. so what? they could just as easily have been the names of some americans who are sitting here and interfering in your own political process. >> it wasn't americans. it was russians. it was hundreds of people, a monthly budget of $1.2 million, designed to attack the united states in a cyber warfare campaign. you're up for re-election right now. should the russian people be concerned that you didn't know this was going on in your own country and your own hometown? >> listen, the wor >> translator: the world is large and divorerse. and there's a complicated relationship between the united states and the russian federation. and some of our people have their own opinion about this relationship.
7:43 am
you mentioned a number of names, some individuals. and you're telling me that they're russians. so what? maybe being russian, they're actually working for some kind of american company. perhaps one used to work for one of the candidates. i have no idea. these are not my problems. >> i cannot wait to see this interview. you're asking him a question, and he says, who knows if they're russians? isn't that frustrating trying to pin him down? >> frankly, it was kind of fun. it was fun. he would move over here and i would move there. and i know enough about him now to know where he's going to go. he was a little boxed in at a couple of moments. and to watch him trying to maneuver out of it. our intelligence agencies agree, he addressed it. he plays a cat and mouse game that he doesn't want to admit that for reasons you can understand. but he almost wants to tease us with the fact that he did it and he can do it again.
7:44 am
and what he has planned for 2018 and 2020. >> how tense was it in the room? >> it was bizarre in a way. at times, he could appear charming and gracious. he was gracious with his time that he gave us and his patience with me, asking what were probative and personal questions of him. you're reminded this is a person who has supported this man in syria, who is allowing the slaughter of innocents and chemical attacks on children. and the ordering of murders of d disdents in russia. there's a dichotomy of a man, a man who came to age in the golden days. and who thought that vertical order was the way forward, which happened to be fruitful for him and russia. it's strange to judge him with our 2018 progressive lenses, yet we do. and you see that in the exchange tonight. this is not somebody like anyone in our country. there are some similarities with
7:45 am
our president. but these are two different men and you hear about it when you hear him asked about the nuclear threat to interference in our election. and i did squeeze in a question about the shirtless photos. >> you got it all in there. >> wow. >> got it all. >> and there he is, we'll see you tonight. we'll see you at 9:00. the exclusive interview with vladimir putin tonight, it's a one-hour primetime special, 10:00, 9:00 central, on nbc. up next, as we get ready to turn the clocks ahead this weekend, the polarizing push to stay on the same time year-round. how about that after this. to to stay on the same time ♪ jen, i've got questions. boots or flip-flops? boot! great. smokey or natural eye? ugh, natural. good choice. how about calling or texting? definitely calling. puppies or kitties? sorry, cats. dry eyes or artificial tears? wait, that's a trick question. because they can both get in your way. that's why it is super-important to chat with your eye doctor
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7:49 am
nbc's kerry sanders is in florida will lawmakers have passed a bill that would keep the state in daylight saving time all year long. i grew up in arizona, we don't have daylight saving and i'm fine for it. what do you think? >> reporter: this is confusing because florida has two time zones. i'm near port st. joe. it's 7:49 because i'm in the eastern time zone. but if i come over here, straddle the line and come over here, you can see it is 6:49 in the central time zone. so if this florida bill becomes law, getting rid of daylight saving time, changing of the clocks back and forth, floridians will never have to change their clocks again. here we go again. daylight saving time, when most of the u.s. springs ahead an
7:50 am
hour, just like it's been for over a century. but have you ever stopped to wonder why? >> daylight saving time. how is this still a thing? >> reporter: in florida they're asking that very question. >> 75%, 80% of citizens in the state think it's dumb. >> reporter: lawmakers in the sunshine state passing a bill called the sunshine protection act, to make it daylight saving time all year long. no more clock changing. from november to march, florida would be one hour ahead of the rest of the east coast. >> i think it's fantastic. i think the longer the sun stays up, people at the beach more. spending more money on the beach. that's what florida is about. it's the sunshine state for a reason. >> reporter: of course, in earlier new year's eve countdown. that means when the giant ruby red slipper drops in key west, the rest of the east coast will still be waiting for the ball to drop in times square. florida wouldn't be the first to
7:51 am
make this change. hawaii and most of arizona do not observe daylight saving time. other states are considering it, including maine, massachusetts, new hampshire and rhode island. >> just be easier on people. >> reporter: not to mention it's already been changed in 2007. it was moved up three weeks in spring and one week in the fall. so, why do we do it? many people think daylight saving time has something to do with providing more daylight to farmers. but the germans first used it in 1916 as a way of saving coal during world war i. the u.s. started with daylight saving time two years later, also as a way of saving electricity. but that was then and this is now. studies showing the change can be dangerous. the risk of having a car accident or heart attack both go up the monday after daylight saving. >> what you lose in sleep you gain in mortal danger. >> reporter: leading many to say maybe it's time to stop messing
7:52 am
with the time. >> just let it be what it is all the time. no forward, no back. just, you know, let there be light. >> reporter: so, over here in the central time zone, it's a little darker. but if i come over here to the eastern time zone, you see the sun is already up. see what i did there, guys? >> come on. >> reporter: when might congress act on this idea of a law? many moons from now, guys. >> wouldn't it be great if there were two kerrys? >> exactly. rewind. you have to do this for the next time zone. thank you, kerry. this gets the conversation going. >> stay on the east, the happy hour happens quicker. we could take the desk poll. we all feel a certain way about it. we're going to ask you in the orange room on twitter, should the entire country stop changing the clocks. go to today's twitter page and weigh in on the next half hour. also ahead, the story behind
7:53 am
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good morning. it is 7:55. it is foggy out there. this is a live look at the golden gate bridge. you can't even see it because of how dense that fog is. now, we are not just seeing that in san francisco, we are also seeing that in the north bay, the east bay and even down through san jose. 51 degrees right now in hayward, san jose at 53 degrees, oakland 50. so the temperatures remain fairly mild. within the next couple hours we will be climbing eventually into those upper 60s. now, the 24-hour temperature change also showcasing that fog right now through san martin and santa cruz as well. about 5 degrees cooler at this hour in sunnyvale than we were 24 hours ago, san francisco 5 degrees cooler. we will stay mostly dry through the afternoon with you we are tracking an incoming storm system that is expected to make its arrival for tomorrow. i will of course as always take you through that timeline. i do have some updates on the web, i will be on facebook live in a bit. we are looking over at a lighter friday commute as you would imagine.
7:57 am
taking you to the bottom of the screen, looking at north 87, still very slow, that crash still northbound just before you get to curtner. that's a tough spot. fortunately the rest of the commute is lighter. we're looking toward the fog in the east bay and north bay, that's the orange highlighting there. giving you a live look outside you see oakland we're finally able to get view of that roadway again, northbound slows at the coliseum. happening now, police in walnut creek investigating that city's first homicide of the year. happened last night near the walnut creek bart station. police say the suspect is under arrest. you can read the full story on our homepage. and unprecedented in the meeting in the works. president trump and north korean leader kim jong-un. on our homepage experts weigh in on the potential impact and examine some of the potential pitfalls. warriors star steph curry reinjured her ankle last night. the team this morning says he will be out of action for at least the next couple of games. another local news update coming up in half an hour.
7:58 am
enjoy your friday morning. only tiny cigarettes that can be easily hidden -- has a south bay school taking action. what parents need to know. and - we )ll get you ready for what could be a wet work week. join us monday - 4:30 to 7.
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8:00 am
it's 8:00 on "today." coming up, game changer? president trump is set to become the first sitting u.s. president to meet with a north korean leader. this, after months of back and forth with kim jong-un. >> rocket man is on a suicide mission for himself. >> can he strike the ultimate deal? we're live with overnight reaction. plus, sharing his struggle. >> the feeling was so gripping, so terrifying, that i literally had to leave and excuse myself. >> carson opens up about living with anxiety and reveals his hope that talking about his experience will help stamp out the stigma associated with men and mental health.
8:01 am
>> i wear the way i am like a badge of honor. this is who i am. and they're back. "the sopranos" are heading to the big screen for a new prequel. and already, fans can't wait for the mob hit to hit the screen. today, friday, march 9th, 2018. ♪ >> girls trip from kansas city to the "today" show. >> we're erica's i do crew. >> weekend in new york city. >> i turned 13 today. >> and we're celebrating savannah and hoda. ♪ >> from preparatory academy in arizona. >> i watch "today" every morning and i'm here to meet al. >> happy friday from the plaza. >> that's a good friday crowd out there. >> i can't believe how huge it
8:02 am
is. >> we can't wait to get out and say hello and happy friday and give hugs. we have a busy morning. time for your news at 8:00. we'll start with the stunner in the north korean crisis. the president has agreed to meet with kim jong-un. this is something no president has ever done. nbc's chief white house correspondent, hallie jackson, with the very latest. hi, hallie. >> reporter: good morning to you. and i'll tell you what, there's a lot of things we still don't know about this meeting, like where exactly it will happen, when it will happen. although senior administration official says it will be in a couple of months. we don't know the date. and this, critically, is president trump getting played? or is kim jong-un serious about giving up his nuclear weapons program? a lot of mysteries about what is one of the most anticipated meetings in the world. after the surprise, the scramble to plan that meeting between president trump and kim jong-un, the first face-to-face between a sitting u.s. president and the leader of the rogue regime.
8:03 am
announced initially by the south korean national security adviser, just back from talks with kim jong-un this week. >> president trump appreciated the briefing. and said he would meet kim jong-un by may, to achieve permanent denuclearization. >> reporter: the white house, confirming president trump accepted the invitation saying, we look forward to the denuclearization of north korea. in the meantime, all sanctions and maximum pressure must remain. the president himself tweeting, meeting being planned, just a few hours after popping his head into the press briefing room and dropping a quick hint about a big announcement. that seemed to catch his advisers offguard. just that morning, his secretary of state said this overseas in africa -- >> in terms of direct talks with the united states, you talk negotiations, and we're a long ways from negotiations. >> reporter: this opening comes not long after the north sent a top envoy, kim jong-un's sister, to the olympics.
8:04 am
ignored by vice president pence, as they sat near each other for the opening ceremony. now, the planned meeting, an about-face from donald trump's tone earlier in the administration, when the two leaders traded insults. kim jong-un calling the president, a mentally deranged dotard, after tough talk like this. >> he may be smart. he may be strategic and me may be totally crazy. rocket man is on a suicide mission. they will be met with fire and fury, like the world has never seen. >> reporter: so, in the interim before this meeting, south korea says the north will stop its missile tests and is also acknowledging that routine joint exercises between the u.s. and south korea will happen and will go on. i'm struck by what one expert said to you earlier this morning. the bottom line here, this meeting is a roll of the nuclear dice. back to you. >> we'll be watching. hallie, thank you. president trump made it
8:05 am
official thursday, ordering steep tariffs on steel and aluminum imparts. mexico and canada were exempted. the tariffs would take effect on march 23rd. president trump says the action is necessary to protect industries ravaged by aggressive foreign trade practices. some congressional republicans argue the move will harm the economy and start a trade war. now, to the ongoing recovery from the powerful back-to-back winter storms in the northeast. hundreds of thousands of people are still without power. nbc's morgan radford is in yonkers, new york, for us. hi, morgan. good morning again. >> reporter: good morning. more than 400,000 people are waking up this morning across the northeast still without any power. that's why cleanup crews have been working around the clock. you can see areas like this, where the downed power lines have already fallen. this area has been roped off, snow still on the ground.
8:06 am
it is zones like this that authorities have say have proven deadly in some cases. an 88-year-old woman died after she was struck by a tree. and a man died when his car was engulfed in flames after striking a live wire. as officials are trying to clean up areas like this, the residents say the power outage is the biggest problem. many of the xhucommunities in yonkers have been without power since last week. they've been disappointed with how slow they feel the response has been. that's why 40 people have already been deployed by the national guard to help clean up the situation here in new york and try to get that power restored. 70 workers have been sent from the midwest to new jersey. and that's to help them. this morning and all throughout today, all hands will be on deck. hoda? savannah? >> all right, morgan. thank you so much. 8:06. we're caught up on the news. this is when i would say roll that hoda "morning boost" footage. i'm going to do the honors. on thursday, we showed how kelly
8:07 am
clarkson turned hoda's book, "i loved you since forever" into a lullaby. the song is a huge hit with the baby and toddler set. take a look. ♪ the baby sway is posted on her facebook page by a michigan mom. this is a hit. it's the real thing. "i've loved you since forever," is now the number one song on itunes. it's -- the book is number one on amazon, of course. and by the way, this is the best of all, all of the profits from nbc universal are going to the charity, which is a great organization. >> i was at a book signing last night. a woman raised her hand and said, look at my daughter. she said, the only reason i have her is because of it was a nice way to put the
8:08 am
money so people who can't afford adoption have what they deserve. >> a beautiful song. congratulations, hoda. >> thank you. >> we have to love on you a little bit. still ahead, the long-awaited return of "the sopranos." what fans need to know. swear shiwe're shining a lin and mental health, as carson tells us about embracing his anxiety. first, let's see what's coming up on "megyn kelly today." >> good morning, ladies. today on the show, binge eating. a young man, usually it's women. a young man comes clean about his dark habit that had him consuming 10,000 calories a meal. and the reason behind it may vise y surprise you. we'll see you at the top of the hour. all that, plus one of the biggest stars, hannah hart. she's bringing her love of food and fun to studio 1a. fi ♪
8:09 am
♪ ♪ ♪
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karate practice or my favorite... back at the doctor's office. knowing before you go means more quality time sewing a costume for the school play that is not going to look anything like a frog. just a little heads-up, mrs. davis... ha ha ha, yay kids! smile dad. i take medication for high blood pressure and cholesterol. but they might not be enough to protect my heart. adding bayer aspirin can further reduce the risk of another heart attack. because my second chance matters. be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. welcome back. already this week nba star revealed his struggle with panic
8:13 am
attacks. and as we were talking around the table, carson, you shared your own experience. >> unexpected, too. inspired by that cuven love story. hopefully by just being honest and opening up it'll inspire others to do the same. looking back on my life i was a worrywart kid. my father died when i was 5. i had an ulcer when i was in high school. my very first panic attack happened, and by the way i didn't know what it was at the time, happened while i was on tv. the success of my career and my life changed overnight, had a hard time breathing. i was terrified for no parent reason. at times i feel like there's a saber-tooth tiger right here, and it is going to kill me, attack me and bite my head off. i am scared as if that's really happening. you feel like you're dying. in fact, i went to the hospital
8:14 am
and i got leads on my chest, and i'm like my heart is going to stop, and you're perfectly fine. if you ever watch "the voice" live and same thing on the "today" show sometimes i'm just a little anxious. and you'll see me. you'll see i'm fidgeting. high pleasure life, you're on television, and it has nothing to do with that. i've had heightened anxiety and mild panic attacks at the playground with my own children and wife there. and the feeling was so gripping and terrifying i lit heal heral to leave. i've had panic-stricken moments in that. this is the way i was born. this is the way i'm hard wired. this is kind of the down side of the way god made me, and there's
8:15 am
a tremendous upside as well. music moves me viserally. and i get the chills. and when i'm with my family and it's a euphoric moment those things resonate with me. i feel so much love and empathy and compassion. and hates the flip side to anxiety. i don't want people to walk around thinking are you okay, are you freaking outright now? how do you fix himself, and how do you fix it, it's not that simple. what helped me was talking to a friend once who said everything you're experiencing i have, too. you have anxiety. you should go talk to somebody about it. i thought it was like stress and not like a thing. i opted for a cognitive therapist someone who teaches you and offers you tools on how to work through it.
8:16 am
so the muscle retention relaxation really helps me. i'll do one now, because this will actually help me because i'm nervous doing this interview. so i'll clench my arms and biceps as hard as i can like i'm lifting a weight. wow, that felt great. like an ocean of relaxation. i really wear the way i am like a badge of honor. this is who i am, and i'm proud of it. i may be a little anxious, but i know i'm going to be okay. >> we're so proud of you. >> it's so funny. you can hear my father talking in that because as it pertains to mens health and anxiety growing up, there's no such thing as stress and anxiety, and the doctor can talk about it and you really feel like a little boy when you're really uncomfortable with anxiety and you want your mommy. and kevin was saying go find
8:17 am
somebody and talk to somebody. >> he's a licensed psychotherapist and author of the book "disconnected." in spite of his fears and anxiety, coming on and just doing his job so well. but it's also important because i think a lot of men do have that stigma. >> when you look at statistics more women have treatment than men. that's not really true and more women go and seek the treatment. the guy thing as well, we've got to push thing under the rug because i'm a man. i'm having anxiety right now as i'm talking. literally my heart rate is up because this is important. but you have people like kevin love who come out and say this is important. >> how do you know if it's stress or something more, something you should speak to someone about? >> if it's really debilitate to
8:18 am
you, you have is a hard time functioning at work and so forth and it's crippling you, then that's the time to seek help. you get more women then men coming into the office, but when they do it's now an outlet for them to come in and understand their thinking and reframe their being. n a drug? i don't want to be on drugs for the rest of my life. you said the therapy makes a difference. >> i wanted to unction. understand. if you want to fly and you're worried about it, learn about it. you're going to be nervous in the air. but you'll have a clear uncti understanding how it works. framework is everything, no matter -- people are so afraid about what other people think of you. >> yeah. >> i wish people could break down that wall, too. i guarantee you, everybody has something. >> everybody.
8:19 am
>> everybody has something. it's how you deal with it. >> interesting we're talking about this. i give a lot of lectures. i talk about self-esteem. what is the important word? self. people are trying to extract attention from the outside world to fill themselves up. it doesn't work that way. we have to go within ourselves and unfold what lies deep. >> wish i could open up a phone line and i could take all of the calls. >> that's what the orange room is for. that's what people do, share. a lot of people shared with carson, it makes a big difference. we want to put information on our website. i never knew there was a name for how i feel. thanks for helping me, carson. let's turn and get a check of the weather from mr. roker. >> today's weather is brought to you by disney's "a wrinkle in time." now in theaters. >> we're looking at what might be happening early in the week
8:20 am
next week. a potential nor'easter, the european model brings this off of the coast sunday into monday and just keeps it to the south. no big deal. the american model, right now, is bringing it -- transferring energy off of the coast. the latest run, this isn't reflected here, is bringing it a little further east. maybe, maybe we see less of an effect of it as we get from monday into tuesday. we have to, again, keep an eye on this as it develops over the week that's what's going on around country. here what's happening in your neck of the woods. >> good morning, bay area. we're still seeing dense fog. this is a live look at the golden gate bridge. you can't even see it because of how dense that fog is. we've seen this all morning long. we've got limited visibility. our temperatures remain on the milder side, in the 50s, 51 degrees right now for haywood. san francisco, 50. our day time highs will be in the upper 60s. 60s for san jose.
8:21 am
>> that's your latest weather. now, we're going to head back over to carson. people have a lot to say about the time change business. >> we saw kerry sanders give us the report on the potential passing in florida that could make it daylight saving time all year long. no more changing clocks for floridians. what do you think of this idea? this is what we posed on twitter. should the country stop changing their clocks? 84% saying yes. let's stop this nonsense. 16% saying no. it's a pain setting the clocks. let time be. michael saying the whole country should spring forward and stay there. i hate falling back. on the other side of that, abby puts out, as long as we are losilose ing an hour of sleep, we're an hour closer to breakfast. as kerry mentioned, florida's bill has to be signed by the goer. then, it's got to be approved by
8:22 am
congress. no changes have been made in florida. but it poses the question. we talked about it. would you like to do away with this? >> yes. >> finish it off. >> i think so. the kids, it throws them off out of whack. >> i'm for that. >> i should mention on the kid front because we have parents watching, at, we have tips on how you can help with the time change and the sleep change, as well. >> awesome. >> you're busy today. >> going to get right to pop start. this is a great story if you're a "sopranos" fan. the series ran for six seasons. it won 21 emmys, including with an ambiguous finale. great news for fans out there. there's a "sopranos" movie in the works. we don't know that much about it. we don't know about tony soprano's fate. it's a prequel. tony soprano, just a boy. according to deadline, the film will feature younger versions of his parents and others.
8:23 am
no casting news or release date has been set now. the screenplay comes from the show's creatocreator, david cha lawrence conner, they wrote the script together. now, to duane jowayne johns. he celebrated women's day with his 2-year-old daughter, jasmine. take a look. >> all right, my queen. can we say girl power? >> girl power. >> there you go. how about this? international women's day. >> women's day. >> perfect. >> cutie. >> cute or what? this comes just days after the actor revealed that jasmine had a scary emergency room visit. she's fine now. we're glad to see her looking happy and healthy. and speaking of international women's day, meghan markle celebrated in the best way possible, by inspiring a young girl to achieve her dreams. meghan and prince harry showed
8:24 am
an adorable moment. what did they talk about? her name is sofia. prince harry asked her what she wanted to be when she was older. she replied an actress. prince harry takes her to meghan. and sofia said, meghan said i can achieve whatever i want to achieve. and she would like to see me when i become an actress. it was a dream come true. >> supercute. >> thank you. >> might be a role on "suits" for her, too. time for "the daly click." social gathers would be overwhelming. that was the case for this dog, rocky. wasn't feeling smooth at fitting in. hi, guys. people at the party started snapping selfies. rocky snapped into that awkward state. after that, he became the life of the party but not for selfies or attention. >> i so connect to rocky. i get it. >> what's happening?
8:25 am
>> that's adorabldorable. >> who are these people? >> thank you, carson. just ahead, we're going to get ready for spring. martha stewart is here with flowers. she's going to teach us how to make some show-stopping floral arrangements. and youtube superstar hannah hart, bringing her love of food and fun to studio 1a, after your local news. >> go, hannah. go, hannah. i )m ...
8:26 am
oakland police are good morning. it's 8:26. i'm marcus washington. oakland police are investigating a deadly morning hit and run. this happened just before 3:00 this morning. near rock hurst street. phil hill sits just east of where the accident occurred. police say the star struck and killed a woman in her 40s. so far, that woman has not been identified. police have not yet provided a real description of the vehicle involved. although it's believed to have been dark in color. the accident shut down both directions of van pablo. most of the morning it was shut down but it's been reopened. now, your morning commute. mike inouye. >> that was a major surface street in oakland. it did not affect the freeway, that's good. it was over in the oakland, fog
8:27 am
all over the map. throughout the north bay, creeping down into san francisco. we'll continue to cover that. we're looking at a lighter friday commute. we'll take you to the south bay. north 87 recovers after an earlier crash cleared. it was there for about 45 minutes. that caused quite a backup. friday brings a lighter commute. still slow, north 880 past okaylanokay oakland. over on the peninsula, more sunshine. >> i'll have another local news update in half an hour.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
♪ we're back, 8:30 on a friday morning, march 9th. this crowd is massive. one of our biggest wintertime crowds. a lot of folks here. a great crowd moment for you. i think i have some people celebrating some milestones. is this melanie or jan? jan and melanie are celebrating a couple of things. first of all, it's your 65th birthday. >> celebrating that. >> it's your retirement. it's your first -- >> time to new york city. >> we have something even bigger we're celebrating. what are you celebrating?
8:31 am
>> i'm going to be a mom. >> she's pregnant. congratulations. how about this family celebrating? >> come on. >> congratulations. you know if it's a boy or girl? >> find out in april. >> find out in april, guys. congratulations. >> awesome. >> wow. >> that's a lot to celebrate. >> that's a lot to celebrate. >> that's awesome. >> should come back for the gender reveal. >> exactly. >> we'll do the pink or the blue cake. just ahead, kathie lee is going to be here and shares some of the important lessons she took away from a personal trip to israel. martha stewart knows her way around a floral arrangement. she's going to teach us a few of her favorite tricks. cooking star, hannah hart, here with some local treats from her travels across the country. >> she's a master of the tease shot there. al is across the street with a check of the forecast. what do you have over there? >> it's interesting. we are a little sporty today. hosting a 24-hour soccer match,
8:32 am
right here with the new york city football club. here, we call it soccer. 500 players will play on the plaza. they have a chance to be coached by nyc fc players. the match kicks off at 4:00 p.m. today. if you're in the area, come on down and cheer them on. let's check your weather look ahead to the weekend. saturday, severe storms down through the gulf. could be part of the nor'easter. light snow through the plains. we have a potential for flooding in parts of central and southern california. sunday, a mild wet dries out in the pacific northwest. we are looking at heavy rain in the atlantic states. sunshine through texas, as well. that's what's going on around the country. here's what's happening -- oh! in your neck of the woods. >> we are tracking a bit of an incoming system that is expected to bring some rain to the bay
8:33 am
area. hour by hour outlook does show a couple of showers. most of all, we've got that fog rain. it's pretty dense in san francisco. the temperatures remain in the 40s and the 50s. we can expect to climb eventually into those upper 60s, possibly some low 70s further inland. coastal fog now showing that fog through hayward and concord. also san francisco. >> that's your latest weather. one more time, oh. hooked it right again. oh, well, back to you guys. when kathie lee isn't bringing us laughs, she is bringing us lessons. her latest one is about faith and her travels to israel. kathie lee, good morning. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> i don't go to israel to play. i go to israel to study. every time i go there, i come back a completely transformed person. with the help of my friend, jason sobel, i wrote "the rock, the road and the rabbi," to share what i learned with all of you. the rock is jesus.
8:34 am
he is the rock i built my whole life on. the road is israel. and the rabbi is jason. "the rock, the road and the rabbi," we study what the bible says in the places where all of the stories took place. when you have those three things together, it's transformative. you're never the same when you go that way. what i learned transformed my life by studying the original greek and the original hebrew. how many myths are out there. i learned that jesus is not a carpenter, but he was a stone mason. that rocked my world. that set me on this path to write this book. that trip together in april, i think it was 2012, changed my husband's life. he didn't want to go. and we're climbing up a mountain on our first day. and he's not a happy camper. but we get to the top. and then, our teacher starts to
8:35 am
open up the strip chur scriptug it alive to us. then, we went where david fought goliath. and ray tells us to pick a stone up. and what is our stone? what is god going to ask us to pick up and throw at the chaos of the world to bring god's shalom to this world that needs it so desperately? it means the world to me to go into that room and look at his stone. i remember how precious the lord was to him, to teach him something so vital and so precious near the end of his life, that gave him strength and gave him comfort, gave him peace. i can spell spring, bambino. my stone, i have a lot of pebbles. i throw a lot of pebbles. my stone is to share the good news that god loves you, with an all-consuming fire of a love. and he's just waiting for you. just waiting for you.
8:36 am
to come to him. >> kath, we've been waiting for this book for a long time. >> we've been hearing about it for a long time, right. >> i think what is so moving to me, there's something about you going to israel and standing in these very places. what is it about being in the physical place where some of these stories took place that is transformative? >> well, jesus spoke in parables because most of his followers, all of them, were uneducated ordinary people who had no access to the scriptures. but they were hungry for god's love and hungry for the word and hungry for direction in their lives. they lived under brutal roman rule. and they were so hungry for someone to love them. that's what jesus did. he would speak in a way that touched their senses. he said, behold the lilies of the field. or he would say, upon this rock, i will build this church. he is standing on a rock when he
8:37 am
says it. people needed the visual aids or the sensory aids to understand what his message was. there's so much biblical illiteracy. >> when i see you there and watch how you love to learn, but i think it's more than learning things you didn't know. i feel like, you're at a transformative time in your life. i feel like there's a new dawn, like something is happening. >> i think the other happened first. i think i went to israel and experienced that. and that ushered in a new time of harvest for me. and going to people like rabbi jason and all of the teachers that have taught me so much, these guys take you ten layers deeper into the stories you have been reading in the bible all your life. this guy, jason, gave me a reason to love december 25th. i know jesus wasn't born on december 25th. he explained and he knows because all of the numerical
8:38 am
things, he tells me that's when jesus was conceived. his life did start then. >> what do you do when people go, wait a minute. i've learned this since i was a kid. >> they're wrong. not that i'm the expert. i'm studying now with people who are experts. the word for day, is yom. that means, god made the world in six days. guess what yom means. a period of time, with a beginning of end. it can be a solar day or billions of years. it's the same to god. science can live alongside scripture and faith beautifully if you know what the word really says. if you know these things and understand it, scriptures come to life in a way that you just you need. am i saying that right, rabbi? >> absolutely. >> amen. you know, not everyone will get to make the trips you made.
8:39 am
>> that's right. beautiful pictures by ben, a dear, dear family friend. we have videos coming out in june, too. we'll talk to you about that. >> that book unlocks it for people that need to make tra trip. >> it's not as expensive as you think. israel is welcoming everybody. it's safe. i never feel safer than when i'm in israel. >> the book, "the rock, the road and the rabbi." you can learn more about it at all of kathie's proceeds are going to the experience that has been set up to send students and pastors to israel to study. coming up next, we're getting you ready for spring with martha stewart. her creative ideas for making floral arrangements that last. first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:40 am
8:41 am
♪ welcome back. well, forget those winter storms we've been dealing with because spring is just around the corner. that means beautiful flowers.
8:42 am
and that means martha stewart. she's here to help you enjoy them with easy, do-it-yourself arrangement from her book. this is your 90th book. >> isn't that incredible? >> it is. >> i'm so excited. to think since 1982 90 books. that's a lot of books. >> you're resourceful. and it's dedicated to your dw grandkids? >> yes. they're 6 and 7. >> spring babies. >> and flowers are everywhere. despite the snow, we have flowers. >> and you have fun tips, starting with the tulips. you have pins. what's the trick here? >> the book is devoted to growing the flowers, harvesting the flowers, cutting them, and arranging them. if you don't want the head to start to droop, take a straight pin. right under the head, just pull up a little bit, right in the
8:43 am
middle. that will allow the water to go up to the flower head. >> that makes a difference? >> it does. it makes a difference. >> okay. >> that will start to straighten up. poppies are one of the most fragile of flowers. and i love poppies. look at this colorful arrangement. if you want that to last more than a day, you certainly do, cauterize the stem. we can't light it here. just burn the edge. just cauterize. >> how long? >> just until it blackened. >> like a singe? >> yes. just blacken it. then, you can put the flower into your arrangement. >> what does that do? >> it stops the flower from drooping. >> okay. >> this prevents the drooping. >> each flower is created differently. >> that's right. >> the wooden stem, i fear the wooden stem.
8:44 am
a hammer. >> cut on an angle. where are my clippers? always cut on an angle. and you can snip. >> okay. >> like this. and snip like this, which is a little hard. if you have a lot to do, when you're picking lilacs in the garden, pulverize the end like that. >> exposes the inner stem there. >> and stick that into your arrangement. i love lilacs and they tend to droop also. that's a florist tip. and frogs are the other thing that people are stymied about. do you know why they're called frogs? >> no. i was scared. i have a thing with frogs. >> somebody said it's because they're green and under water. >> okay. fair enough. what is this? >> a frog allows you to arrange flowers in upright positions. see? otherwise, this would just fall over. so, if you don't have frogs, this is a wire frog, this is a
8:45 am
grid frog, this glass frog usually fits in a vase. i have a whole assortment of different frogs. use tape and just create a grid across the top of a vase. >> if you don't have the frog. >> you can buy this florist tape and create a grid. then, you can arrange. >> why don't vases come with frogs? >> some do. that one is from an old glass vase. >> you're encouraging us to get out of the box with the vases. you can use a lot of different things. >> little whiskey classes, shot classes. containers. these are short-stemmed flowers to start with. look how pretty it looks. >> and you have it on a cake plate. >> there's many ideas for you. i'm going to sign a book for you. >> i wore flowers for you. her 90th book, "martha's flowers" you can find out about
8:46 am
it at just ahead, one of the internets most influential food stars, hannah hart is here. first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:47 am
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we're back with "today food." this morning, a huge star in the food world. hannah hart. more than 5 million followers on social media. and it began with a single youtube video, and puns that leaves her hungry and her fans hungry for more. >> yeah. >> hannah hart may not be a trained chef. but he is one of the most influential food stars on the internet. >> this is your cooking pan. >> it was seven years ago at the age of 24, she came up with a crazy and controversial concept. get tipsy, attempt to make a grilled cheese, and capture it all on camera. >> let's talk about the benefits of grilled cheese. >> reporter: she posted the video to youtube. and just like that, her
8:49 am
signature series, "my drunk kitchen" was born. her unique combination of humor and hunger drawing millions of fans, including famous faces. >> sarah silverman. >> follow this guy. he's going places. >> reporter: now, 31, hannah has crossed over from viral sensation to mainstream success, penning books, starring in movies and even scoring her own tv show, "i heart food," bringing her favorite food finds from across the country to a new audience. check it out. we're thrilled to have hannah here in studio 1a. >> good morning. i'm happy to speak. >> your life -- carson said you should win a teasey. no one teases better than you. >> thank you. >> you don't cook. you're not a chef. but you love food. >> yeah. i consider myself a food enthusia enthusiast, not an expert. >> you travel around the country, and you eat. >> yes. >> i love your job. you found some things you like. what do we have here?
8:50 am
>> this is something i super enjoyed. the show is about highlighting specialties of the region. this is korean style mac and cheese. it's kimchee and spice. it's great. >> has a nice kick to it. >> can you believe your life for one second? >> i can't. >> i'm watching that video of you, and you did that video for a friend when you were having some booze. now, a movie star. tv star. take us to the ribs. >> these are lam ribs. i love these. they are succulent and savory and sweet. they really fall off the bone. you know, it's never too early for ribs. that's what i like to say. >> you try those in. >> great ribs. >> that's good, right? >> why are they so good? >> al is a rib guy. he knows what's good. >> and a lamb guy. >> my girlfriend always says, she wishes i could cook like this at home. no, you got to go to the pros. >> that's the way you do it.
8:51 am
take us to your third one. >> i'm a big fan of huevos rancheros. but this is a little different. it's got this fried banana in it. it has hominy. you wouldn't think that banana and egg would work together. but they do. >> carson, give us the lowdown. >> i thought it was bacon at first. >> i don't know what hominy is. >> what is hominy? >> like grits. >> like a bean thing. i don't know, corn? >> it's like corn. like maize. >> don't bring alexa into this. also, you are so brave. you're eating ribs in a white dress. >> i don't care. you know i don't care. what's the next thing? you've conquered movies. you have your television show. what's next on the dance card? >> a deep sense of personal happiness. >> what are the muffins? >> just a pile of carbs.
8:52 am
>> with the red wine. is that from your vineyard? >> yes. i have a vineyard. me and martha are going in on it together. talk to you soon. >> if you want to learn more about the dishes, check out of course, you can catch "i heart food" on the cooking channel. congrats on your life. that's pretty cool. we'll be back in a moment. first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:53 am
8:54 am
welcome back. before we look ahead to the weekend, we want to toast and congratulate al and his wife, deborah. they were honored with a leadership award from the adapt community network that helps families living with d disabilities. we're so proud of you. >> deborah was most of the work. >> and there is your lovely family. >> susan lucci presented the award. >> sheinelle and willie are
8:55 am
here. >> with the winter paralympics getting under way, we're going to take you to a remarkable ski camp in park city, utah, that gives remarkable kids a chance to rate. >> the u.s. sled hockey team, favored to win the gold medal. that will be fun. my guest, jeff daniels. he has a great show "the looming tower," a true story about the pre-9/11 failures. he left hollywood at the height of his career and assumed it was going to fall apart. and would rather be home. and look at him now. >> how do the people treat him? >> he's been there since he was born. he's one of the guys. we walked the streets. hi, jeff. big star, living in a small town. and we talk about "dumb and dumber." >> have a great weekend.
8:56 am
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8:57 am
happened. police say there is no threat to the public. happening now, our pete suratos is talking with police, trying to get more details. pete will have a live report in our middays kn newscast. an unprecedented meeting now in the works. president trump and north korean leader kim jong-un, the announcement follows their bitter war of words. on our homepage, experts weigh in on the potential impact. they examine some of the potential pitfalls. warrior fans, last night, they pulled out a close one against san antonio spurs but the warriors steph curry reinjured his ankle. now the team is saying he'll be out of ankle for at least the next two games. i'm marcus washington. more news in an hour. >> stay connected to your world wherever the worrell take worl get the nbc bay area app.
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[ applause ] good mo good morning, everyone p. welcome to the show. we begin with a case of who done it. a wife wrongfully accused of her husband's murder. becoming known as the coffee cup killer. do you remember this case? here's a look back at the extraordinary story. >> do you have anything at all to say? >> this was the scene in 2012 when a tennis referee set to umpire at the u.s. open was arrested and charged with murdering her husband. lois goodman was extradited to los angeles where authorities say she killed her husband with a coffee mug four months before her new york trip. goodman claimed she dropped her husband offt


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