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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  March 16, 2018 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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by next tuesday, at 4:00 a.m. this could bring wet weather all the way into next thursday. and notice this, more heavy snow anticipated for the sierra. next week. we are tracking the totals of how much we could get over the next seven dates. i will have that 5:19. >> thank you, jeff. jeff also warned us about this, the storm bringing heavy snow to the sierra. taking a toll on the roadways. take a look at the scene on 80 at kingvale, 6,000 foot elevation level. but as jeff mentioned, levels as, 3,000 feet, seeing a blanket of snow. this its video from the weather underground camera at northstar. the national weather service telling people to avoid roads until tomorrow. be prepared for chain controls and travel delays. call it the sierra snow machine. time-lapse video and another camera at north star. snow piling up at the resort. all this snow, fell in just 24 hours. eventually, the snow measuring
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stick, tipped over. >> well, we are following a developing story. rescuers trying to find a missing skier from richmond. the weather you saw there not on their side. want to show you what thomas malarkey looks like. spent wednesday, at bear valley mount t mountain, near lake tahoe. he didn't make it back to the cabin. rescuers were grounded, immediately after getting to bear valley because of the low visibility, a lot of wind, as you can see there, a lot of snow. 36 inches of snow have fallen since malarkey was reported missing. air national guard, chp, and marin search-and-rescue still looking for him. they are doing it through extreme avalanche conditions. >> developing story -- overseas, tragedy in iraq. an investigation under way right now after a u.s. military helicopter crashed killing seven servicemen. one of the national guardsmen, has ties to the bay area. it happened in western iraq.
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officials say the crash does not appear to be the result of enemy activity. all seven servicemen on board were killed. among them, 37-year-old, christopher zanitas, graduated from stanford law last year. within the past hour the school sent out a statement saying, christopher was a beloved student. friend, community member. he will be missed. >> punish ford free speeed for . one parent in the south bay is accusing a teacher of punishing his daughter because she took part in it. nbc bay area's correspondent joins us live from los gatos to explain. anoushah. >> this particular parent says he and his wife gave the daughter the green light to par tis patriot participate in the walkout. the principal told them nobody would be punished for peaceful protest. >> reporter: it was a scene
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repeated by millions of people across the country. students walking out of school to protest gun violence one month after the deadly shooting. cory kidwell, superintendent and principal of the schools in los gatos tells nbc bay area she assured parents and students that teachers would remain neutral and respect the of students' choices to participate in the walkout or not. >> i did instruct teachers and, and school staff, to not penalize any students who chose to walk out or give extra credit for anyone who did. >> at issue for this parent, a science teacher at ct english middle school whom the parent claims did punish his daughter for participating in the walkout. despite the principal's orders. >> reduced, grade from an a to b plus. that was very upsetting for her. >> parent asked that we do not identify him and call him richard. according to richard his daughter's teacher gave the kids a pop kwitz quiz at the time of
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walkout. >> richard's daughter told her parents she did in fact finish as much of the kwiquiz as slow could. >> teacher did not accept it or give her credit for any answers. >> richard says they're pulling the daughter out of the teacher's class and appealing the grade. >> the way he handled his personal opinion was inappropriate for the kids. therefore, we don't want our daughter, subjected to that type of teacher. >> reporter: we have tried to getthe accused teacher. we haven't been able to get in touch. they cannot comment on issues relating to students or personnel. roaring live, anoushah rasta. >> bart under fire for ads that have popped up at trains and throughout stations. want to show you one of the ads. sends a message to american tech workers, not a good one. the ad says tech companies think
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workers are expensive. and expendable. the group that paid for the ads, progressives for immigration reform, want tech companies to hire u.s. workers. one writer, wrider doesn't thin change hiring practices. >> nothing will change as far as putting up signs. >> bart doesn't endorse the ads. scant mo can't remove them because of free speech laws. happen right now, a appropriate test in froprotest in front of the old city hall. new action by i.c.e. agents. we are joined live, from the very protest, and what is happening there now, anser hassan? >> now, a small group. out here since 4:00. i did speak to i.c.e. they did confirm one arrest was made. that happened earlier this morning. this group claims there were three arrests that were made. they say the federal government is retaliating against the bay area, for supporting sanctuary
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cities. >> another bay area i.c.e. raid, this time berkeley, in what protesters are calling, a retaliation against california, for defending undocumented immigrants. >> it is clearly a provocation. it is completely shameful. and it is disgusting. >> yvette has been organizing around the issue of immigration at the national level. she called for this afternoon's emergency protest, because the she says, it will take more than city proclamations to keep people safe. >> it takes organizing community defense guards and making sure that we are united in taking action together. >> no. we are not supportive of that. >> also related to this morning's arrest, is the church. the pastor says members of his congregation called him, claiming i.c.e. agents use theed the church parking lot to stage the raid, which he is against. >> i was, furious about that. we, we, are, never, gave
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permission. or consent. and we are not supportive of, of that kind of thing. >> now, i.c.e. won't give any details as the to who was arrested or why claiming that it is an ongoing investigation. i did make a call after the city, out to the city of berkeley. they have no comment at this time. reporting live, to berkeley. anser hassan. >> rumors of the shake yum up h staffers on edge. speculation that national security adviser, chief of staff, john kelly and attorney general jeff sessions among those next on the chopping block. the president did not shut down rumors of a shake-up. >> people shouldn't be concerned. we should do exactly what we do every day. that's come to work and do the very best job. >> the president is also dealing with stunning new allegations from the attorney of stormy daniels. daniels the adult film actress who claims to have had an affair
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with president trump in 2006. besides $130,000 deal to stay quiet, her lawyer says she was physically threatened but did not stay who made the threat. >> fight over san francisco treats that are rooted in a lot of history. ownership of the famous transamerica building, would like to remove some 40 treats surrounding the prompt in the financial district. a request the city rejected. sam brock joins us from montgomery in washington with what happens now. sam? >> jessica, you know look behind me. all of these orange signs that went up on the trees, all of these trees along the street here, alerting the public there is going to be a hearing in 10 days to decide their fate. now the people who work at the transamerica building had no idea. many of them this was win the works. neither did the prompt manager of the building whom i called earlier today. >> almost removing a very important historical piece of, of this, whole town. >> for almost the last 50 years,
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the transamerica pyramid has commanded a piercing posture in the san francisco skyline. and for just as long these trees have sprouted up right beside it. >> they're mature trees. we believe they were planted in the 1970s. our street inspectors, arborists went out looked at the treats. saw they're in good shape. >> rachel gordon with san francisco public works explains why city put the clamps on a request from transamerica ownership to uproot 40 trees. those who work here also, barked a bit at the prospect of removal. >> i think, it feeds into the whole -- iconic transamerica pyramid. and i, i wouldn't agree with having to remove the trees. >> what was your reaction when i told you they were looking to remove the treats. >> well it shocks me. because the -- you know there its obviously history associated with this. and, i, would love to preserve everything becoming extin ct. >> the public works says
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historic redwoods next door are not part of the proposal. which was submitted to the city along with a first floor and storefront renovation pitch. gordon is not sure how the treats are connect to the company's plan. >> not often that the department gets requests to take on 40 trees. that's a lot. one tree. two trees. maybe, five, six treats. 40 trees is a lot of trees. >> now there is a san francisco consulting firm that is representing transamerica on this project. they could not provide me with any details on why the request for the tree removal, so i guess we will find out at the hearing on march 26th, city hall. reporting live, sam brock, nbc bay area news. still to come. burglars hit a popular cat cafe in oakland. the break-in caught on surveillance video. plus. >> grab the brake. and, there is no brake. on either side. >> an east bay woman find herself in a dangerous situation on a rental bike.
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not the only time the bikes have been vandalized. >> after some rain in san jose today, right now, 54, mostly cloudy. tracking when we get a break this weekend. and, what i am seeing about heavy rain, next week. that's in 8 minutes. at&t has a network with thousands of best-in-class security experts.
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which means... more of the eye balls you want watching the network... & less of the ones you don't. more experts preventing security issues... & less security threats impacting our customers. more of a highly secure network with more security products available for further protection... & less per month. switch to at&t internet for business. more & less - that's the power of &. debris from the pedestrian bridge that collapsed in miami is now being removed. that, as we find out new information about the >> from rescue to recovery. debris from the pedestrian bridge collapsed in miami is now being removed. that as the we find out new
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information about this investigation. at least six people confirmed dead so far. crews started the slow and painstaking process of removing the debris this afternoon. there is no time line for how long it will take to clear this all. meanwhile, senator marco rubio says crews were tightening steel cables on the bridge before it clams collapsed. 950 tons of concrete fell on to a number of cars when the bridge collapsed yesterday. and we're hearing from the passenger of one of the cars, a s sophomore almost buried alive. >> scared beyond my life. didn't think i was going to make it out of the car. i thought when i saw the bridge i was dead too. >> his best friend, identified, alexa durant one of confirmed dead. on spring break this week. classes expected to resume monday morning. >> questions remain about construction methods used to build that pedestrian bridge. as we first reported last night. construction crews used,
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accelerated bridge constriction, abc method, the bridge built offsite. put into place at once. construction companies use the method doesn't impact traffic as much and costs less. we want to know if caltrans uses the method here. they told us they use abc methods. the bridge in florida was built as one piece. the abc method used by caltrans, involves multiple bridge segments put together on site. caltrans calls it an important tool in our toolbox. however, caltrans says that before abc methods are used. caltrans has a rigorous process to make sure it is the best possible option for whatever project it is being pro poposed for. >> our coverage of the deadly bridge collapse, continues on nightly news, looking at safety of abc bridges. lester holt joins us in about 15 minutes. >> vandalism in the east bay, putting people's lives in danger. the ford go bikes program its expanding in oakland with stations. we learned of a dangerous form
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of vandalism. some one is cutting the brakes on bikes. nbc bay area, christy smith joins us to tell us what the company is doing to try to keep this from happening. christy? >> well this its one of the newest bike stations near the square, in a neighborhood, a neighbor reported a troubling incident. someone had cut some of the brake lines. the company says this is an isolated incident. but as they expand, they're also keeping an eye on it. gobikes on the move with bike share stations at jacklin and square. >> i ride even in the rain. >> wendy wheeler riding from rockridge, towards uptown, a car was coming and she noticed something was wrong. >> grabbed the brake, there is no brake. on either side. and i swerved out of the way to try to, to try to save myself. and, then when i got off the bike, i noticinged my gosh, the,
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the brakes had been cut. >> she returned to shafter avenue says all the bikes had been tampered with. why, unclear. she says some people weren't thrilled when the station arrived. concerned with parking and the location. >> it is in the middle of a residential area. and i know that a lot of the neighbors on our next door community group complained. >> that was isolated incident. thank god you. know we are the bike share operator. it is, it its very top priority for to to make sure the bikes are in good shape. >> jean walsh with mote valivat. the incident was reported to police. and now, they check the location daily. all bikes are maintained. there is a button riders can use if they notice an issue. >> we look through the reports every day. we prioritize anything that might be a safety issue, or dangerous issue. get out there immediately. fix it. >> there have been incidents of vandalism in the system before. some believe that its tie to concerns over gentrification or
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commercial aspect. >> that will happen in any urban environment. >> two stations scheduled to come into oakland including north oakland area. a spokesperson for the company says they would like to meet with neighbors if they do have any concerns about the station. we also -- checked in with oakland police and they say, they have no additional reports of any vandalism to the bikes. reporting live in oakland, christy smith, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, christy. want to show you video out of oakland. some one broke into cat town. cat adoption center the they smashed the windows with a brick as you can see there which obviously scared the cats. made them move quickly. one of the cats is missing. tonight the volunteers at center don't think the suspect took anything. they think he is hiding somehow. the adoption center its closed until the two windows can be fixed. they're accepting donations to help out. as of no, no arrests made. >> pizza chain, shut down
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several locations. piology was shut down yesterday. this is on east brokaw road. sign on the door says closed because of mechanical issues. but mercury news reports some restaurants were having a hard time finding enough employees to stay open. pieology shut down restaurants in various locations. >> chief meteorologist, jeff ranie ranieri, on and off rain for the next couple days and impact is huge. >> really is. we made a lot of headway. by this weekend. over 50% of average. a few more feet of snow coming our way as we head throughout next week. take you into the microclimate forecast right now. and, take a look from san bruno mountain. puffy, cumulus clouds. not much height to these. we are losing some of the instability. but we could see more showers as we head throughout the evening. storm totals this week, impressive. especially in parts of, contra costa, alameda counties. on the 24 corridor.
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berkeley hills with one of the highest, three inches. orinda, 2 1/2. los gatos, 2 inches. san jose, 1 inch. storm ranger, mobile doppler radar is finding spotty showers. nothing to heavy at the current moment. we are seeing things pick up here. near los gatos, highway 17. continue through out, 30, 45 minutes. where do we go from here? at this point i think we are good here for scattered showers for tomorrow morning. so, still keep that umbrella close. and also, some chilly temperatures, yet again to start. we should have some sun though, peeking through the clouds tomorrow morning as well. 45 for the south bay. and 40 in the tri valley. start with a 37 in the north bay. san francisco, 46. and down to an average of 43 for the east bay. my hour by hour forecast. through saturday. will keep this chance of, scattered off and on rain. you can see, 7:30 in the morning. mentioned. best chance down toward the south bay. may get a few thunderstorms
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popping by tomorrow afternoon. could produce small hail. and, we'll hold on to a few straggling chances here for the north bay. and the east bay by 7:30. but, after that, that's when we start to see this wet weather kind of push out of here. and, we should set in with a dryer pattern on sunday. so, sunday is the day, when we get a break. but you will need the jacket all weekend long. the wind kicks up a little bit. 5 stew 10. it will make it feel chilly out here. 54 for a high in san jose. throughout. contra costa. alameda. 53. pleasanton. along the peninsula. 52, half moon bay. 55, san ma techlt o. san francisco. low to mid 50s from the soughter sunset to the embarcadaro. north bay. 54 in mill valley. forecast in napa at 55. on the extended forecast. we are seeing that clearing again on sunday. sunny skies. on monday. and enjoy it. because the way i see it right
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now. rain returns tuesday night into wednesday and thursday. with an additional 3/4 inch to 1 1/2 inches coming our way. you can see numbers, here for the in tear year vterior vallie. 50s into the 60s. wet weather next week. sierra snow will stack up as well. look at this by next week. a one to two feet, coming our way. it is going to start off warmer, tuesday, wednesday. i think by thursday, a wall of snow. is going to stack up looking good. >> a wall of snow. okay. thank you, jeff. >> you go out coming up, oj simpson first interview since getting out of prison. something to say about colin kaepernick and national anthem protest. tell you more after the break. trust and loyalty. you and lantus. you go together,
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former 49er colin kaepernick made a mistake taking a knee simpson sagrees with president donald trump on one thing, one thing is that former 49er, colin kaepernick made a mistake taking a knee during the national anthem. simpson says kaepernick disrespected the american flag in his opinion. you may remember, kaepernick started kneeling in 2016 to protest racial oppression. president trump slammed kaepernick and players for kneeling. simpson says he used to be friend with president trump they don't see eye to eye when it comes to politics. >> an olympian taking a break from skating. karen chen has withdrawn from the figure skating world championships which start next week in italy. a month after she skated at the winter olympics came in 11th. chen has not commented on why she is not participating next week but is saying she is dropping out. >> big win in san francisco for, the transgender community. city college of san francisco announced transgender students will be able to use their chosen name instead of birth name.
5:26 pm
they can use the new name for school e-mail addresses, class rosters and id cards. the college says the changes were made to ensure transpeople feel safe and have full access to education. >> time capsule under an elementary school. what was found? we'll show you when we come back.
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the plan to ease traffic on one of the south bay )s m coming at 6:00, is there any relief in sight? commuters could hold that answer. the plan to ease traffic on one of the south bay's most congested freeways. the store for you tonight coming up at 6:00. >> finally of students at one east bay school got a look at history today. take a look at this. teachers at glen view elementary, opened a time capsule in front of the students today. it's from 1927. >> whoa. >> it contained newspapers, also books, blankets inside. construction workers found the time capsule remodeling an old building. the school says it opened it up for students as part of a fund raiser and a read-a-thon. >> cute elementary kids. >> 1927. >> cool. >> think it is ancient. >> they do. >> okay. one last quick check. we have little rain left. for this weekend? >> yeah, little scattered rainfall there saturday. dry out sunday, monday. and next tuesday night through
5:30 pm
thursday. 3/4 to 1 1/2 inches. >> okay. we can use it. thank you, jeff. see you at 6:00. bye. tonight, inside the bridge disaster in miami as new questions swirl over why that road wasn't closed while crews worked on the bridge. and tonight we're hearing from a student who miraculously survived. >> i was scared for my life. i didn't think i was going to make it out of the car. >> his friend was tragically killed as the bridge came crashing down on their car. a bombshell new claim from the lawyer for adult film actress stormy daniels. >> was she threatened in any way? >> yes. >> was she threatened physical harm? >> yes. >> was there retaliation for her attempts to go public over an alleged affair with donald trump? a deadly chopper crash in iraq. seven american troops killed including two new york firefighters. a violent scene on the slopes caught on camera.


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