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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  March 20, 2018 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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after all so we are really excited about that. and still getting the winter storms, right? so we are going to see some rain moving in today all across the bay area, we are also starting to see some of the light showers developing for the north bay and this is all just offshore, you can see the big cluster of the rain that's already starting to stretch its way into sonoma and northern napa counties. so this is where we see the rain now in petaluma, reaching over toward napa, as well as st. helena. the bigger picture shows that we are going to have a lot more rain where that came from. i will talk more about the timing coming up and, mike, you were updating the rocks on the road in the north bay. we had reports of rocks and mud down over highway 101. overall the speed sensors looks great, south bay no problem, peninsula is great, it's 101 right around spencer avenue. as we thought just a few rocks and they are cleared from the roadway, it's not a rock or mud slide, that was just a category chp had to pick. no delays for the north bay. over toward the bay bridge a
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nice easy drive. the backup at the bay bridge a few cars deep and wash lanes on either side, we will check that with a live camera coming up. breaking news, a woman was rescued from flames when fire started in san francisco and the victim fell from the balcony. >> pete suratos is at that scene in knob hill neighborhood with information just coming in. good morning, pete. >> reporter: good morning to you, marcus and kris. yes, the fire is contained here on the 1500 block of jackson street, but as you mentioned a woman was rescued from the balcony in the process of this fire fight. i want to show you guys the balcony where she was when san francisco fire crews arrived here roughly around 4:00 a.m. now, they're saying they got a call about a fire at this apartment complex on jackson street and they saw that woman standing right there where we're showing you at that balcony asking for help or screaming for help when they showed up. so they were eventually able to get her down there through that ladder that you see there right now.
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we did speak to residents who were displaced as a result of this early morning fire that has been contained. here is what they're saying about that rescue and the fire that woke everyone up in this apartment complex. >> i saw flames coming out right behind the apartment, i live right next door. i came out and she was up there on her balcony. >> the hook and ladder took her out from her balcony. her door was on fire so she only has one way out into the corridor and that way was blocked off. so her only exit was from the balcony. >> reporter: take you back out here live to that balcony where that woman was rescued. in the past 15 or so minutes, in talking to san francisco fire, they say that that woman is okay. those residents tell us that she runs a café in this area. they say she is elderly, but as i mentioned it appears she is okay. the cause of that fire is still under investigation, but we will have more on this fire on this
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developing story in the next hour. life in san francisco, pete suratos for "today in the bay." >> glad she's okay. for sure. back to breaking news in texas this morning where a fifth explosion has austin on alert. still this is at a fedex facility this time, about an hour outside austin. overnight an explosion inside the facility forced evacuations. new this hour, a local police department says that one person was treated and released at the scene. also new this hour, that police department says this was, in fact, a package. it exploded in the sorting area of that facility and the atf says investigators are not sure whether this overnight blast is related to a recent string of explosions around austin. it is a big question that people have, where was this package being shipped. on the "today" show already in progress on the east coast justice correspondent pete williams says he thinks this new blast may be the work of a copy
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cat. >> now, how do authorities go about trying to link all these packages together? one is the type of explosive that was used, the triggering device. what's interesting here is that none of the previous bombs in austin have been sent through commercial carriers. none of them have been sent through the post office. they've been placed, basically. this one is different. so is it someone else doing it or is this the same bomber using, now, a different means of getting his explosives to the scene? >> we've been covering this month's events in austin where two people have been killed, four more hurt after four blasts around the city. as we get more details we will pass them along to you. to developing news at home. a nerve-racking night on 580, this comes after reports of two freeway shootings. that first happened near main street off ramp in san rafael. then hours later a second freeway shooting in oakland. just the latest in a string of shootings that started over the weekend. "today in the bay's" bob redell is live at chp
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headquarters in castro valley with what else we're learning about these investigations. bob? >> reporter: kris and marcus, we have learned that chp wp the past several hours has arrested one person in one of those shootings from last night. you can take a look at the map and the shootings we are talking about, you had the one on 580 in oakland, the other one in marin county westbound 580 once you get over the richmond-san rafael bridge near the exit for san quentin. chp says they have captured a shooter in the marin incident in what officers say was a case of road rage involving a bb gun. according to law enforcement the suspect was in a mustang when he cut off another driver a little bit after 5:30 last night. the driver who was cut off honked their horn, the suspect allegedly pulled alongside that car and showed what appeared to be a handgun at the time, fired it and took off. the driver of the other car reported the license plate, chp arrested the 18-year-old driver of the mustang, that was about three and a half hours later, discovered a bb gun and found a
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dent in the other vehicle consistent with a bb gunshot. around 8:20 last night, now we are in the east bay here, another driver was shot on eastbound 580 near seminary avenue in oakland. the bullet traveled through his windshield and hit his finger. chp shut down the freeway for a couple hours to search for bullet casings. there is no indication yet where that shot came from. over the weekend another road rage shooting that seriously injured a five-year-old girl and hurt a woman in her 60s. this happened around 9:00 saturday night on eastbound 80 near willow avenue in hercules. chp hasn't released any suspect info but is asking you to reach out to them if you saw anything or have any information that might help them with their investigation. reporting live here outside chp in castro valley, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> thank you very much, bob. developing in the south bay relief in a neighborhood near san jose country club. a dramatic evening ended in a controlled explosion. take a listen.
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this started during an estate sale. the estate dealer tells us that the homeowner stumbled on a box of grenades in the basement of a vacant home. >> there were five grenades, two were smoke and three were live. we didn't know that. she didn't know that. she carried them out and came outside and called. thank god we did it and it's all over and she's happy it's done. >> this morning the neighborhood is back to normal. happening today family members of a man killed by a bart police officer promises to continue their push for some kind of response. police have already cleared the officer from wrongdoing and that officer is back on the job, but back in january that officer responded to shots fired near the west oakland bart station. body camera video shows that officer shooting and killing shaleem tindall during the fight. police say tindall reached for a gun on the ground. family members plan to protest tonight outside of the oakland police department. happening today santa clara county supervisors will get an
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update on the changes being made to the county's jail system. the county is in the midst of carrying out dozens of jail reform recommendations in 13 different categories. that includes use of force, jail facilities and video surveillance. happening today, sonoma county supervisors will meet to consider extending their local emergency proclamation, this following last fall's devastating firestorm. the fires killed 22 people in sonoma county and destroyed more than 5,000 homes. in santa rosa alone 29 businesses were destroyed. developing news out of montecito this morning. people are preparing to evacuate right now. the sheriff's department issued a mandatory evacuation order effective at noon today. now, this is homes near the wildfire burnt areas. you may remember this past january a strong storm triggered a massive mud flow in montecito killing 21 people. starting to see some light rain making its way closer to the coast.
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i've taken storm ranger, this is our mobile doppler radar, gives us a very high resolution view of what's happening and then i took a query of the rain that's just about to make its way into the bay area and it's showing me the average amount of rain is very light, just a few one hundreds of an inch of rain per hour. it is making its way into the peninsula and farther off towards the east. it will be near castro valley within the next hour or so as it crosses the bay. so we will continue to track that. also some light rain moving through the north bay and that will become more scattered as we go into the afternoon. we will talk more about the rain coming up. mike, you were checking on an oil spill. >> it's a minor one after an earlier crash involving a big rig, but it's blocking your slow lane. let's give you a big look at the bay. silicon valley easy drive. peninsula moves nicely, so does the east bay and it's just eastbound 580 counter your typical morning commute at vasco
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where the slow lane is blocked by a little bit of debris and some oil from an earlier crash. no major injuries but chp is there. westbound a typical slowing out of the altamonte. there's the bay bridge toll plaza, it's actually really clear for a tuesday. back to you. >> that is nice to see. coming up next on "today in the bay," falling short. new this morning san jose is reportedly not meeting its annual affordable housing goal. how the city plans to address the issue tonight. next. plus -- >> they are not just a social network, they are also an information battle space. >> more trouble for facebook this morning. the actions the uk is now taking after the company is accused of misusing the personal information of millions of people. who are these people?
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right now at 5:13 we start out with some dry weather in san jose. if you are about to step out the door, do not forget the rain gear. let's go to los gatos and see when the rain will arrive. it will be a chilly morning and we will be at 55 degrees and at 11:00 is when the rain starts to move in there. we will see it continuing to be off and on throughout the day, spreading into the bay area as the day goes along. we will talk more about that and where the rain will arrive at your location coming up in less than five minutes. and look at these travel times through the maze. great. you are at speed approaching the bay bridge toll plaza and you are actually at speed for the north bay. that's good news for the longer commute some folks have getting into san francisco. we will check over in the east
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bay. something is going on for the tri-valley, a change. happening today the san jose city council could take steps to address the housing crisis and all newer' looking through all that new housing process and report, this is from the city, and it shows that san jose only met 20% of its affordable housing goal for 2017. the report also says that san jose exceeded the annual goal for market rate housing units. annual rents have increased 30% over the past five years. a uk data company tied to facebook and now embroiled in the 2016 election controversy is under additional fire this morning. uk lawmakers are now seeking a warrant to search the offices of cambridge analytica. that is the company accused of trying to influence the presidential election. former trump campaign manager steve bannon founded that company. in a hidden camera exposé a british tv station seems to catch the company's chief executive talking about
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influencing political races around the world. >> we have lots of history. >> it is no good fighting an election campaign on the facts because actually it's all about emotion. >> cambridge analytica denies using entrapment of any kind but the british information minister is asking for a warrant to conduct a data audit of its own. she is also pushing facebook to back up from doing its own search of cambridge analytica's offices. and the news is making facebook stock plummet as we mentioned yesterday. >> and for that and a the rest of the news before the bell we turn to seema mody live at cnbc headquarters. good morning. >> good morning. that is certainly right, facebook is a big wall street story. the stock shed nearly $40 billion in value yesterday, it's worst day since 2014. the social media giant is coming under fire for allowing
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political consulting group cambridge analytica to access personal data for more than 50 million users without their permission. cambridge also held that data for years despite saying it destroyed those records. analysts say this represents a big public relations and regulatory risk for facebook. facebook is holding an emergency meeting today where employees can ask questions about this very incident. wall street is set to open higher after yesterday's selloff, the dow had its worst day in two weeks, nasdaq posting its worst day in more than six weeks. tech stocks dragging the market today. the fed will kick off a two-day policy meeting. they are widely anticipated to hike interest rates when it announces its decision tomorrow afternoon. the dow falling 335 points yesterday, nasdaq dropping 137. youtube is testing a picture in picture function for desktops mimicking what's already available on android and ios devices. users will be able to minimize and continue to watch a video while also browsing the web.
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controls will be available on the floating video includes play, pause and the ability to watch the next clip. back to you. >> thank you very much. okay. so at 5:17 we have new video for you. two best friends proving once again that we are not all wired the same way. this is video of florida state soccer players megan and dallas. they are waiting to be launched on a thrill ride, this is in south carolina. one of them pumped up, the other not so much. now, this is how they experienced it. >> okay. if that was you and me, kris, who would be yelling? >> you would be yelling, not me. i like the roller coasters. >> different strokes for different folks there. one laughed, the other cries. the ride travels at up to 100 miles per hour. now, the video is now getting a ride of its own. more than a million people have viewed it since they posted this
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just last friday. >> that's so funny. it shows you that opposites do attract. they're best friends, but they handle different situations -- >> also does misery love company or do we just like to see misery? >> i think we just like to see it. >> that was pretty funny. >> miserable or not. >> not great america weather just yet. >> not at all. we're tracking that rain that's going to be moving in for this first day of spring, we are about four hours away from the start of spring and we're tracking a winter storm as we get a look at what's happening right now heading out the door, storm ranger is showing the rain making it into parts of the bay area, it's been reaching into the north bay and also for the peninsula as we get a closer look at what's happening for the peninsula, san francisco, some light sprinkles starting to move in. this is making its way off towards the east. so it should make it around san
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leandro and hayward within the next 30 or 40 minutes. i've been tracking this with storm ranger in the north bay and for santa rosa and napa, the rainfall rates coming down very light, only at about a few hundreds of an inch of rain per hour near the napa area. this is what you can expect mostly starting out with light sprinkles this morning as you step out. it is that reminder that you do need the umbrella. we are going to see the heavier rain in the south bay by 10:00 or 11:00 this morning and we at times could have gusty winds. the winds will pick up as the day goes along. i'm looking at wind speeds at 25 to 30 miles per hour as this rain will be off and on. you can see it's not going to be just raining all day, it's going to be very hit or miss showers that will start to ramp up in coverage as we go into tonight as well as thursday as this rain continues, but even as we continue to take it through the timeline you just see some scattered showers off and on, but a lot more heavy as we head
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into thursday. starting out in the morning. so here is what to expect. rain starts today, mostly light, but this will be a windy and a warmer storm. our storm total between today and saturday will be at about one to three inches with some much heavier rain for southern california. for the sierra it does start out as rain, changes over to snow. we are looking at about one to two feet of snow. here is a look at what to expect over the next several days with the long range outlook this kind of just shows when we will see the heaviest rain shown by the darker greens and also some of the snow in the sierra shown by the whites and the blues and that once again will be off and on as we get ready to head into the weekend. your seven-day forecast shows it will be cooler as well. a little bit warmer tomorrow as we start to get a little bit of a boost in those temperatures, but then cooling off as we go into the weekend with rain through saturday and drying out on sunday. mike, you now have a traffic alert. a traffic alert but no
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reason for alarm, kari. we are going to keep our icons here, the name that cops up in that cool blue. if it was red i would tell you it was a big deal. looking at the south bay, the peninsula, the issue is over here, that one i have been tracking. chp has called it a traffic alert or sig alert officially. your right lane is blocked because the oil and diesel fuel spilled, they're waiting for caltrans and they don't know when that crew will arrive so they're saying that's an alert for folks, but it's counter commute and westbound really not showing any problems out of livermore or into livermore out of the altamonte. there is the build right around grant line. there is a fender-bender that sounds like it's reported near the dublin interchange. we will let you know. no slowing shows up there. like wise for the south bay out of gilroy, morgan hill in towards san jose, 101 moves at speeds, 17 over the summit, the same thing for both directions. another fender-bender reported around 680 and 101. we will check on this. an easy drive toward the bay bridge with no delays for your drive.
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the backup starting for the cash lanes at the toll plaza and no delays for transit. remember, that temporary platform at south san francisco for caltrain, guys, back to you. coming up next on "today in the bay," skipping out on state testing. the reason some school districts in the north bay are opting out this year. plus -- >> as soon as i looked at that face, i knew exactly who it was. a little bit older, kind of like me, but, you know -- >> a miracle reunion, the way a cat lost more than ten years ago during a hurricane finally finds its way home. students in santa o
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survived the devastating at 5:25 new this morning, students in santa rosa who survived the devastating wildfires will reportedly get some relief this spring when it comes to state testing. the press democrat reports santa rosa city schools will not administer standardized test this is year. the district requested a waiver. 870 students in the santa rosa school district lost homes. the sometime normally used for testing will be used to catch up on that missed instruction. >> good call, i think. new this morning a cat lost during a hurricane is reunited with his owner. >> that cat went missing 14 years ago. t2 an orange tabby showed up at a florida animal shelter two weeks ago. it had a chip inside so that
5:26 am
owner got a call. >> they said, harry, what would you do if we told you that t2 was arrive? and i said, well, i would probably tell you that you're crazy because he died a long, long time ago. as soon as i looked at that face, i knew exactly who it was. it's a little bit older, kind of like me, but, you know -- >> the cat went missing during hurricane begginny back in 2004 >> how old is that cat? >> at least 14, 15. >> goodness. wow. coming up on "today in the bay," we have breaking news for you. we continue to follow that out of texas right now. now, this morning another explosion investigation is under way. this time at a fedex facility. the investigation now under way to see if it's connected to the previous explosion. plus back on the docket, the controversial judge who sentenced brock turner heads to court. what he's expected to do today
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to stop the recall effort against him. tracking the next s
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a live look look at the golden gate right now at 5:30 tracking the next storm. a live look at the golden gate bridge and our radar this morning. no rain just yet, but it is coming and you can see a lot of it's coming. it's not going away anytime soon. thanks so much for joining us, i'm kris sanchez in for laura garcia. >> and i'm marcus washington. right now we want to go to meteorologist kari hall tracking that storm that's heading our way. >> the good thing, kris and
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marcus, is that we can kind of ease into this storm, it's going to start out light and scattered and then get heavier as the days go along. we are already starting to see some of that rain moving into the north bay and peninsula. i wanted to give you a closer look at what's happening across marin, napa and sonoma counties. we're also seeing that rain that's just north of ukiah. we're seeing it pretty scattered and light here as it gets started and also some very light rain moving into san francisco that we are seeing on storm ranger parked on san bruno mountain. that's the red scan. we are going to keep it there because it will give us the best view. this will continue to make it into oakland. we are going to give it another 15 to 20 minutes and then it continued off towards the east, toward orinda, lafayette and walnut creek within the next hour. mostly light rain once again, coming down on the san mateo bridge and that may make your commute a little bit slower. we're going to continue to see more scattered rain throughout the day getting heavier for the
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south bay by about 10:00 to 11:00. i will be tracking this and also looking ahead to the weekend coming up in less than seven minutes. mike, you had an odd delay developing for bart. >> it was a weird report. sounds like there's something, maybe some trash smoldering on the bart tracks around the 24th street mission station so there is a slight delay developing as we get a crew to address that. it doesn't sound like it's electrical, doesn't sound like more than that, but we will follow that closely. plan on that minor delay right now for bart out of 24th. muni through the area is okay. this develops as well but building slowly culminating on all backing up on the bay bridge. all approaches to the bay bridge just fine, only at the toll plaza. and more developments over at the dublin interchange, rumor that chp is blocking a number of lanes, i will get that clarified and let you know. the slowing hasn't showed up just yet. we will check back with you. 5:31 now. breaking news, a fifth explosion
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in texas, this time it was at a fedex facility. the atf says investigators are not sure whether this overnight blast is connected to a string of four other recent explosions in the texas capitol. the local police department, the shirts police department, says one person was treated and released at the scene. the same police department says this was, in fact, a package that exploded and it exploded in the sorting area of that facility. a lot of people are asking where that package was headed. this entire area on edge after explosions in austin, different spots, one of them an hour away from the center of the city. as we get answers we will break back in right here on "today in the bay." one of our top stories at home, happening today, santa clara county judge aaron persky will try to stop the recall effort against him. that judge has been under pressure after sentencing brock turner to six months in county jail for sexual assaulting an
5:33 am
unconscious woman on campus. "today in the bay's" sharon katsuda is live in san jose. talk to us about what's next with those efforts to recall the judge. >> marcus, this recall effort goes back to 2016. i was in the courtroom when judge aaron persky handed down that sentence. judge persky sentenced former stanford swimmer brock turner to six months in jail instead of giving him prison time for the sexual assault of a woman on campus. the judge's sentence followed the recommendation of a probation officer who handled the case. the survivor with much emotion described how she felt turner violated her and what she experienced after the assault. recall supporters say judge persky was too lenient on the former stanford swimmer, but judge persky supporters say he was fair and followed the recommendation of the probation officer. turner served three months in jail. he got out early for good behavior. the appeals court behind me will be hearing persky's case at 9:30 this morning.
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reporting live in san jose, i'm sharon katsuda, "today in the bay." it's such an interesting circle as you mentioned you were in that courtroom for the initial sentencing. thank you, sharon. meantime we're getting new details overnight on brock turner's effort to throw out his conviction and get a new trial. now, the dayton daily news reports california attorney general's office is responding to turner saying that he was not deprived of a fair trial. turner's attorney disagrees claiming people from turner's hometown in ohio were not allowed to testify about turner's character. turner is requesting a new trial, the same san jose court that judge persky is trying to get his recall effort thrown out. interesting coverage now, the families of three women killed at the veterans home in yountville are asking for privacy now. last night 1,200 people showed up to honor them. jennifer golick, christine loeber and jennifer gonzales. as we have reported they worked with veterans suffering from
5:35 am
ptsd. one such veteran ended their lives and the families are now trying to cope with that grief and their community is rallying to help them. >> we have survived earthquakes, wildfires, the deaths of three wonderful staff members who were truly heroes. >> there is no playbook for what we're going through right now. i think we're going to close ranks a little bit, hunker down, and find a way to grieve. >> the families took home flags that were flown in the victims' honor at the state capitol. new developments in a fire investigation in san jose's north beach neighborhood. this started saturday night on union street and ripped through a three-story building. this morning san francisco fire investigators say the cause of that fire is still under investigation, but they believe it was an accident. sf supervisor aaron peskin who
5:36 am
was at the scene when that blaze ignited claimed fire crews were slow to get water on the fire. no one was hurt here. ten businesses were evacuated and eight people living nearby that building were displaced. all lanes of posey tube in the east bay back open this hour. crews have been working around the clock since saturday after a sinkhole opened up there. this happened after an old underground storm drain failed. once again, all lanes on posey tube back open this morning. happening today, the san jose city council is scheduled to vote on the mayor's budget proposal. one council member is calling for the plan to include money to build a south substation for the police department. right now that funding is not part of that proposal. the city's meeting starts at 1:30. back on the chopping block in san francisco, today the board of supervisors expected to make a decision on whether to ban the sale of fur clothing. the supervisors have been talking about this for a while now. fur not a big business in the
5:37 am
city, but if banned san francisco will be the largest city in america to do so. berkeley and west hollywood already banned fur sales. san francisco is proposing a $1,000 fine for violators. today we celebrate wildlife here in the golden state. it is california wildlife day. if you haven't heard of it, it's because it's brand-new. state legislature just recognized it as an official day last year. the point of all of this is to restore, preserve and honor the precious environment we have and all of the animals that live in it here in the golden state. today the linzie wildlife experience in walnut creek is celebrating by offering a $1 admission all day. you can check out more than 40 animals there. all right. let's give you the update starting with bart. we have a major delay now. i said it was developing and now bart says a major delay, no trains are traveling right now through the 24th street mission station. what i think is going on is because there was some
5:38 am
smoldering debris on the tracks they have stopped all the trains so they can get crews out there to address the fire on the tracks. we did just hear from bart pd and they say that it's not a fire, it is smoldering debris and they are addressing that right now on the tracks. i guess it's for the safety of all involved. and that's good news. hopefully we will get you better news in the next report. we want to make sure there is no other problem in those underground tunnels in san francisco. bart is experiencing delays. muni through san francisco is all right. over here is the other issue. you look at the south bay and the peninsula and they're moving smoothly. westbound 580 approaching the dublin interchange for a short period of time we had three lanes clocked by chp. they cleared them, so we have recovery there. eastbound al 0 counter commute is the oil spill blocking the slow lane. a couple issues for the tri-valley. top number shows you out of the altamonte it's over a half hour. it should improve over the next few because that crash at the dublin interchange has cleared from the lanes. right now we're taking a
5:39 am
look ahead as we look at how is the weekend looking? >> we will have rounds of rain starting today and it does continue into the start of the weekend. i wanted to get you out the door with a live look at storm ranger, already starting to show that rain and what will be a very soggy stretch of weather into the start of the weekend on saturday. this is when the rain starts to taper off, but we will have a chance of rain throughout the day and it's going to be chilly with highs in the upper 50s. sunday that's our dry day to get outside with some sunshine, reaching 59 degrees for the coast and the bay and the inland areas up to about 60 degrees. if you're planning to go to russian river valley, it's still going to be raining on friday, once again it will be ending on saturday and on sunday it will be up to 59 degrees with some sunshine. getting out of town, l.a. is going to get some sunshine after some very heavy rain. they are also getting in on this
5:40 am
storm system. so we will talk about the bigger picture and how much rain we'll see here in the bay area that's coming up in just a few minutes. all right. thank you very much, kari. coming up next on "today in the bay," new this morning, school threats trickling on to social media. >> i think any threat should be taken serious. small, big, a threat is a threat. >> what experts are saying about the widespread threats hitting schools across california and how parents and students should respond. plus expanding admissions at california universities, the proposal that could open the door to thousands of more students.
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it's 5:43 now already starting to see some light rain make it into the north day. storm ranger showing the rain across marin and napa and sonoma counties, also in san francisco and starting to make its way into the east bay, but still all clear in the south bay. as we get a live look outside in san jose, willow glen, we have about another hour or so before the rain arrives by 9:00, light rain already falling and it will be off and on throughout the day with highs in the upper 50s. we will talk more about the timeline of the rain and what else is ahead coming up at about 5:48. and we are talking about this. i was wrong, the vehicles are cleared from the lanes, but the lanes are not clear. the fire crews still on scene here west 580. you see it jamming up approaching the dublin interchange. this is a bad time at a bad
5:44 am
place. we have major delays for bart. we will talk about both coming up. we are following breaking news out of maryland. there are reports of a school shooting incident that is now said to be contained. this is happening at great mills high school, it's a public high school, about 40 miles southeast of washington, d.c. so far we know the school is on lockdown and we are awaiting confirmation about whether there may be victims. it would be 8:45 there. so likely the beginning of the school day. we are monitoring the situation, we will bring you updates as we get them. and new this morning an expert says kids are making more and more school threats through social media. thomas dodson works with schools and police departments on family internet safety. he tells us many students have no concept how an impulsive social media post or text message can affect others or them. >> you think a snap is i'm permanent or a tweet is tweeting. it builds. we are talking about children.
5:45 am
they don't understand the ramifications of many of the decisions they make in life and the digital ones are no different than that. so that digital footprint that they're starting out with at such a young age now is going to be with them forever and it's going to be with them when they apply to colleges, with them when they apply to jobs. that's not really sunk in yet with most of the young people we have talked to. >> that expert is calling for classes in schools helping kids to understand what they should post, what they should not post and what the risks can be. meantime happening today in washington, d.c., this afternoon house democrats will host a forum on school safety. this as they -- we take a live look at our nation's capitol right now. house minority leader nancy pelosi is among the democrat representatives holding that forum. it will examine issues of school safety and violence prevention. experts will share their research and best practices for promoting improved school climate. a teacher who survived last month's shooting at marjory
5:46 am
stoneman douglas high school in parkland, florida, has been invited to join that forum. a south bay supervisor talks about her plan to tie one significant upcoming anniversary to the 2020 census count. 2020 will mark the 100th anniversary of the right of women to vote. santa clara county supervisor cindy chavez plans to use that as a launching point to mobilize women to be counted. chavez is concerned that an undercount could impact california congressional seats and perhaps short change tax revenues for local communities. chavez will speak this morning outside the board chamber. this morning university of california president janet napolitano is setting new goals for the public university system. the l.a. sometimes is reporting details of her down hall. she said uc should guarantee admission to all qualifying state community college students. she wants to raise the graduation rate to 70%.
5:47 am
right now is sits at 64%. she wants to enroll an additional 32,000 undergraduates by 2030. the weinstein company is filing for bankruptcy protection. the company was founded by harvey weinstein who was fired as chairman after several women accused him of sexual misconduct or rape. the company is concealing any miss disclosure agreements that would prevent them from speaking out. weinstein denies all allegations. it was always a wonderful day in the neighborhood when mr. rogers was on tv. >> fred rogers if he was still alive he would be spleb bragt his 90th birthday today. the children's television show personality passed away in 2003. his show as many of us loved and watched a lot mr. rogers neighborhood ran from 1868 to 2001 on pbs. and america is not ready to say good-bye to mr. rogers just yet. a new postage stamp of the icon
5:48 am
is coming out soon, also a new documentary and movie starring tom hanks also in the works. >> i like it. and happening tonight -- i do, too -- on nbc's the voice oakland's brett hunter goes head to head in the battle round of singing in that competition. brett is on team blake, which he said he wanted. new this morning he stopped by our studios and i got a chance to speak with him about how he's getting ready for tonight's battle. >> you're going up against somebody who is entirely different, different age, different style, and at some particular point for me it's about letting go and saying, if i show up and i'm myself, i can't lose. >> brett did a little singing for "today in the bay" viewers while visiting our studio. i want you to listen to this. ♪ she's a bad mamma jamma ♪ just as fine as she can be
5:49 am
♪ she's a bad mamma jamma ♪ just as fine as she can be ♪ her body measurements are perfect in every dimension ♪ >> all right. that boy has some chops there. you can see him sing on the big stage tonight on "the voice" at 8:00 on nbc bay area. i'm hoping to see him go far. he has that unique voice that i think can translate to different genres. >> he hang out with us for a while. >> he did. >> just an engaging personality. good guy. >> sometimes that is the tipping point because they're all so talented. so we want to talk about that weather forecast and it is a long-term one. >> yeah, so the rain starts out today, but it's going to be raining off and on through saturday. we are about to feel several days of some soggy weather and it's starting right now. so let's get a look at storm ranger, that's our mobile
5:50 am
doppler radar, we're starting to see the rain filling in in marin county as we get a very high level resolution of what's happening with our mobile doppler radar truck storm ranger. seven-day forecast is coming up at the bottom of the screen, you can look at that while i talk. we are going to see a lot of rain but it does start out light. what i did is a query of what's happening around novato. the rainfall rate, very light, only about a 0.01 inch per hour. this is not that heavy at all. we're going to ease into this storm and then see it getting heavier as the day goes along and also the next couple of days. we are seeing some scattered showers moving across parts of the east bay and for the peninsula as well as we go through this forecast throughout the day we're going to see the rain off and on ramping up for the south bay. we're going to see more of this rain as we go into the afternoon, also some gusty winds at about 25 to 30 miles per hour and still a lot of rain in this
5:51 am
forecast through early tomorrow morning, but the heaviest rain will get here on thursday with some gusty winds. i will be tracking that and also a look ahead in the forecast coming up. mike, you are also tracking a sig alert and the bart delay. >> that's right. a major crash and bart delay and a sig alert. the sig alert the least of those three. the major bart delay reported at the 23rd street mission station, this will affect all your san francisco stations because no trains are going through 24th at mission. there is a possible fire so i think they may even be getting folks out of the station because it sounds like there's smoke and they just want to make sure it's just the smoldering bits on the tracks and not something bigger. again, everybody's safety will be the case. it sounds like muni is operating through the area, that's a good alternate for you. that's affecting the bart trains again. over on the roadways we do see the traffic starting to flow better approaching the dublin interchange but a crash reported possibly with fire crews this lanes west 580 approaching the
5:52 am
dublin interchange. i'm going to say everything is off to the shoulder now. the rest of the bay moves well. a little slowing for san jose. pretty typical. we will talk more about the south commute coming up. back to you. coming up, protecting kids who are home schooled. the new bill gaining steam after southern california parents are accused of starving and abusing their 13 children. we're learning the united states and south korea will start their annual joint military exercise early next month. those drills will start on april 1st and they have been post pond for the pyeongchang winter olympics and paralympics. no word on how long those drills will go. plus the world's last male northern white rhino died of age-related complications. he was 45 years old and was euthanized because he could no longer stand on his own. we will be back with more news after the break. e
5:53 am
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anot 5:55. the northeast is bracing for yet another powerful storm. another nor'easter that could dump more snow in the region. this is the fourth storm to hammer the east coast in less than three weeks. check out what that storm system did as it moved through the southeast yesterday, right there, a tornado touched down in alabama causing some of that damage. large hail damaged several cars. there are reports of injuries, but no deaths. that system is expected to gain
5:56 am
strength as it moves up north today. 20 million people are in its path. new this morning a state lawmaker is pushing for a new bill that o would focus on safety for children who are home schooled. assemblyman josé medina introduced that bill in the wake of the turpin child abuse case. police say the parents held the children hostage in that home. the new bill would collect homeschool data and is designed to protect children in those situations. some parents, though, and legislators protested the bill yesterday at the state capitol to rally around parents rights in california. homeschoolers say the bill does not follow the real issue which is child abuse. >> the proposed bill is supposed to help with child abuse. we know that child abuse is more prevalent in children and you
5:57 am
the age of five. that is not homeschoolers. >> a new political action committee called parents united for kids was behind that rally. by the way, seven turpin children who were rescued from inn vied their home in january were just released from the hospital. >> new this morning governor jerry brown is trying to sell labor leaders and lawmakers a high speed rail project. he spoke during a big meeting in sacramento last night and it was clear who the audience wanted to see in the governors office in the next term. >> well, you change the term limits and i will do it. >> you heard him right there. so they were saying four more years if you didn't understand that. so it was a warm reception for governor brown there who is coming to an end of his term. now, he told the audience that the people who will benefit most from high speed rail are those who feel surprised out of california. >> buying a house in santa clara, palo alto is not going to be as cheap as patterson or
5:58 am
coachella or ma dara. you go get a nice house cheaper, get on the high speed rail and come to work in santa clara if you want. high speed rail is affordable housing. >> the governor also urged labor leaders to help democrats take back congress in the midterm elections and said that he would do his part working hard to make sure it happens. a warning before you host more photos on social media. it could be helping predators piece together your life, your kids name, what your activities are, even the routes they take to school. that is known as digital kidnapping. the big issue is that there are hidden location signatures on some of the photos that you post. coming up on the "today" show jeff rossen teams up with a cyber safety expert and family to see what information a predator might be able to fwleen from those posts. he will break down the simple setting you can change on your phone to keep your kids safe. the "today" show begins right
5:59 am
after this newscast coming up at 7:00. new this morning social media might be more harmful to young girls than boys. that's according to researchers at the uk. nearly 10,000 adolescents were asked about their social media use and their overall happiness. girls who spent more time on social media sites at the age of ten had more emotional and behavioral problems compared to less frequent users. there was no such association among boys. right now at 6:00 breaking news, shots fired at a maryland high school and we know that there are people hurt there. what we're finding out as this story quickly unfolds. and breaking news here at home. this is brand-new video of a woman rescued from an early morning fire. this is in san francisco. we are live at that scene with more on how that victim is doing this morning. more breaking news, another explosion in texas. a package detonates at a fedex facility not far from austin marking the fifth explosion this month. the desperate search for that
6:00 am
mysterious serial bombing. tracking another storm moving into the bay area. looking live at a radar showing that rain moving in. meteorologist kari hall is tracking the timing to you're ready as you head out the door this morning. "today in the bay" continues right now: marcus washington. >> and i'm kris sanchez in for laura garcia. we will get to weather in just a moment but we want to check with mike inouye. when bart says find a different way through the city that is not a good morning. >> they've stopped trains from going through the 24th mission station. major delays throughout san francisco because bart first found what was reported to be smoldering debris on the tracks. a little more smoke. they have now closed the 24th street mission station so no trains are going through it. no folks should be going down there, either, while they check for the fire. now, again, no flames seen, but they want to be safe. that is causing possibly a system wide delay.


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