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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  March 20, 2018 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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mysterious serial bombing. tracking another storm moving into the bay area. looking live at a radar showing that rain moving in. meteorologist kari hall is tracking the timing to you're ready as you head out the door this morning. "today in the bay" continues right now: marcus washington. >> and i'm kris sanchez in for laura garcia. we will get to weather in just a moment but we want to check with mike inouye. when bart says find a different way through the city that is not a good morning. >> they've stopped trains from going through the 24th mission station. major delays throughout san francisco because bart first found what was reported to be smoldering debris on the tracks. a little more smoke. they have now closed the 24th street mission station so no trains are going through it. no folks should be going down there, either, while they check for the fire. now, again, no flames seen, but they want to be safe. that is causing possibly a system wide delay. there's limited service getting
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towards the montgomery station from the east bay as well. muni throughout san francisco not reporting any delays so does sound like they're letting people on and off for the muni system. meanwhile, the roadways are moving very well. the bay bridge toll plaza has the backup for the metering lights, a smooth flow for the rest of the bay. this crash in san jose causes a bit of slowing for north 101 so the travel times are looking a little slower on that top number there. we will show that and explain more, but you have this storm coming up. yes, as you step out the door this morning it feels a lot more humid and that's because the pineapple express will transport a lot of rain into the bay area over the next few days and it's starting right now. we are seeing that as we get a live look at storm ranger, our mobile doppler radar, most of the rain is starting out in the north bay and the peninsula, but will work its wei-yin land as we go throughout the day. we are going to see some scattered showers off and on, the winds picking up and it's just going to be a very muggy
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day with waves of rain and gusts that may top 30 miles per hour throughout this afternoon into the evening. rain gets heavier in the forecast, i will detail that coming up in just a few minutes. 6:02. we are following that breaking news in maryland. a shooting incident that is now said to be contained, but at a school. within just the last few minutes we learned that the atf is now en route and there are reports of injuries. this is happening at great mills high school, a public high school about 60 miles southeast of washington, d.c., as you can see on the map there. the school is confirming that there was some sort of shooting that happened and we also know that the school is on lockdown. our d.c. area sister station is reporting that investigators are now going classroom to classroom on campus. we're monitoring the situation and will bring you updates as they come? also following breaking news out of san francisco where a woman was rescued from an early morning fire in the nob hill
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neighborhood. the woman was pulled from a fourth-floor balcony. "today in the bay's" pete suratos is live from the scene to talk about how that woman was doing this morning. you talked about folks who watched that rescue unfold. very dramatic. >> reporter: very dramatic indeed. good morning. we actually just obtained some cellphone video of that rescue in progress but before we get to that i want to show you where we are at. we are on the corner of jacken and polk street pointing towards the balcony where that woman was screaming for help roughly at about 4:00 a.m. when san francisco fire arrived on the scene. now, we will show you that new cellphone video. you can see seven seconds of that rescue as it was under way roughly around 4:00 a.m. now, of course, san francisco fire don't know exactly what caused this fire, but when they showed up they saw that woman on the balcony screaming for help. now, i want to go to some sound that we got with a couple residents who were evacuated at the time, they have since been let back into their apartment. here is what they had to say about the rescue and when this
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fire took place. >> i saw flames coming out right behind the apartment door, i live right next door. then i came down and she was up there on her balcony. >> the hook and ladder took her out from her balcony. she could not get out of her unit because her door was on fire. she only has one way out into the corridor and that way was blocked off. so her only exit was from the balcony. >> reporter: take you back out here live to this scene which is clearing up with san francisco fire who mentioned that it took some time to actually contain this fire. they said it had some difficulties bringing the hoses in and out through the hallways, but they eventually contained the fire about half an hour ago. they are saying that the woman they were able to rescue is okay, but the cause of this fire is still under investigation. we're live in san francisco, pete suratos for "today in the bay." >> certainly a scary scene. i'm glad no one was seriously hurt there. >> spatial after what we saw this weekend also in san
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francisco. thank you, pete. also now to breaking news in texas. a fifth explosion has austin and the surrounding area on alert. this latest explosion happened at a fedex facility about an hour outside austin. for the first time this hour we are now seeing daylight video of the scene there. overnight an explosion happened inside the facility, there were evacuations at the time and the local police department says one person was treated and released at the scene. the police department says it was a package that exploded and it exploded in the sorting area there. the atf and investigators say they are not sure whether this overnight blast is related to a string of recent explosions around austin, but a big question people have is where was the package headed? on the "today" show already in progress on the east coast justice correspondent pete williams says he thinks this blast may be the work of a copy cat.
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>> reporter: how do authorities go about trying to link all these packages together? one is the type of explosives used, the triggering device. what's interesting here is that none of the previous bombs in austin have been sent through commercial carriers, none of them have been sent through the post office, they have been placed basically. this one is different. so is it someone else doing it or is this the same bomber using now a different means of getting his explosives to the scene? >> we have been covering this month's events in austin where two people were killed by explosions and four more were hurt in four blasts all across the city. as we get more details we will keep you posted. at 6:06 developing this morning, two more freeway shootings reported in the bay area. both happened just about an hour apart last night on 580 in oakland and 580 in marin county. "today in the bay's" bob redell is live at chp headquarters in castro valley. bob, do we know what led up to the shootings? >> reporter: marcus, in one of the instances we know it was road rage, within the past
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several hours chp has made an arrest in that shooting. you take a look at this map we put together you can see one of the shootings took place as you mentioned last night in oakland, this was on 580, the other in marin county on westbound 580. this is once you get over the richmond-san rafael bridge near the exit for san quentin. chp says that they have captured a shooter in the marin incident. what officers say was a case of road rage involving a bb gun. according to law enforcement the suspect was in a mustang when he cut off another driver a little bit after 5:30 last night. the driver that was cut off honked their horn. the suspect allegedly pulled alongside the car, fired what appeared to be a handgun and then took off. police arrested the 18-year-old driver of the mustang three and a half hours later. they discovered a bb gun and found a dent consistent with a bb gunshot. around 8:00 another driver was shot at on eastbound 580 near seminary avenue in oakland.
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the bullet traveled through the windshield, hit him in the finger. chp shut down the freeway to search for bullet casings. there is no indication where that shot came from. over the weekend another road rage shooting that seriously injured a five-year-old girl and hurt a woman in her 60s. happened around 9:00 saturday night on eastbound 80 near willow avenue in hercules. chp has not released any suspect information but is asking you to reach out to them if you have any information, any sort of information that might help them with their investigation. reporting live here in castro valley, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> thank you very much, bob. we don't usually see a resolution so fast so that's good to hear in that first one. happening today family members of a man killed by a bart police officer promise to continue their push for some sort of response. police already cleared the officer of wrongdoing and the officer is back on the job. back in january the officer responded to shots fired near the west oakland bart station. this is the body camera video
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showing the officer shooting and killing shaleem tindle during the fight. police say tindle reached for a gun on the ground. family members plan to protest tonight outside the oakland police department. relief in a neighborhood near san jose country club. a dramatic ending -- evening, rather, ended in a controlled explosion. take a listen. you heard it right there. now, this started during an estate sale. the estate dealer tells us that the homeowner stumbled upon a box of grenades in the basement of a vacant home. >> there were five grenades, two were smoke and three were live and we didn't know that. she didn't know that. she carried them out, put them outside and called. she's happy it's done. >> glass she had okay. this morning that neighborhood back to normal. >> they're still talking about it i bet. happening today a challenge to a california abortion law goes before the supreme court. the rules in question require
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medical centers even those that are faith-based to give patients information about state-provided abortion access. about 200 centers in california are challenging the state law which they say discriminates against pro life advocates. others say the law is merely a consumer protection. developing news out of montecito this morning. that's where people are preparing to evacuate right now. the sheriff's department issued a mandatory evacuation order effective at noon today. this is for homes near the wildfire burned areas. you may remember this past january a strong storm frig gerd a massive mud flow in montecito killing 21 people. >> that's all because of this atmospheric river that's mainly targeting southern california, but we are also going to get some of that rain, too. it does start out light and storm ranger shows that that rain continues to move in, filling in on the radar with rainfall rates that have been a few one hundreds of an inch of
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rain per hour around the santa rosa area. this is what's going to be moving in over the next couple of hours as we do get some of that rain moving into the peninsula as well as the east bay, also starting to see that rain farther to the south. here is a look at the wider view of the storm as it moves in connecting all the way to hawaii. so you can feel that muggy air as you step out this morning. we'll talk more about that coming up. mike also tracking a few traffic issues. that's right, kari. the traffic builds and it may be an additional problem, we may have more folks driving into san francisco via the peninsula or east bay because the 24th street mission station is closed and access basically from the east bay stops at montgomery, from the peninsula it stops at balboa because they're going to avoid what's going on. they are looking for a possible fire around the tracks at the 24th street mission station. muni sounds like it's unaffected right now. we will continue to monitor all the reports. bart is doing a great job getting us information on that continuing evolution of that situation.
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the roadways move pretty standard. looking great for the speed sensors. starting to see more activity, more smaller crashes reported throughout the tri-valley and east bay. the south bay the build through san martin for northbound 101, a little slowing for 880 coming down through hayward. back to you. coming up next on "today in the bay," housing prices, the alarming new report this morning that shows the south bay is far from meeting its affordable housing goals. plus, breaking news about facebook. within the last few minutes we learned that mark zuckerberg is being called to testify in washington, d.c. we will show you the newly released hidden camera video that appears to catch the company's chief executive talking about facebook's influence on politics. you're watching "today in the bay." ♪
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right now it's 6:15. light rain is spreading all over the storm ranger mobile doppler radar. we are seeing lots of green here. san jose we have a few more minutes before it makes it into santa clara, another 30 minutes or so, and into downtown san jose at 6:54. alum rock at 7:05. as we look at san jose now it is dry, but that doesn't last long. we will get off and on rain throughout the day, much cooler temperatures. a look ahead to what else it is in the forecast as this storm ramps up is coming up in less
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than five minutes. and the 24th street mission station is still closed for bart but we just got an update from firefighters that the fire has been addressed. the fire is out. the station is still closed. we're following bart closely for developments. we hope to have more better news coming up. something that mike may be adding to his traffic report right now, breaking news also in san francisco, we are headed to a multi-vehicle crash at goff and bush. we know that four people were transported in critical condition this morning. this is the area of goff and bush and as you know there there is decent traffic through the area. pete is headed there right now and we will take a live report with pete suratos as soon as he gets there. happening today in san jose, city leaders could take steps to address the housing crisis. all new for you we're looking through the new housing progress report from the city and it shows that san jose only met 20% of its affordable housing goals.
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this is for 2017. that report says that san jose exceeded the annual goal for market rate housing units. annual rents have increased 30% over the past five years. breaking news, uk lawmakers are summoning facebook ceo mark zuckerberg to give evidence regarding the cambridge analytica scandal. that news coming from nbc news in just the last 15 minutes. as when reporting the uk data company tied to facebook and now embroiled in the 2016 election controversy is under additional fire this morning. uk lawmakers are also seeking a warrant to search the offices of cambridge analytica. that is the company accused of trying to influence the presidential election. former campaign manager steve bannon founded that company. in a new hidden camera exposé a british tv station seems to catch that company's chief executive talking about influencing political races around the world.
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>> [ inaudible ]. >> it is no good fighting an election campaign on the facts because actually it's all about emotion. >> cambridge analytica denies using entrapment of any kind, but the british information minister is asking for a warrant to conduct a data audit. she's also pushing facebook to back off from doing its own search of cambridge analytica's office. and that news is making facebook stock just plummet. >> and for that and a the rest of the news before the bell we go live to seema mody in cnbc world headquarters. good morning, seema. >> good morning. facebook stocks shed nearly $40 billion in value yesterday, it's worst day since 2014. the social media giant is coming under fire for allowing political consulting group cambridge analytica to access personal data for more than 50 million users without their permission. cambridge also held that data for years despite saying it
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destroyed those records. analysts say this represents a big public relations and regulatory risk for facebook. tech site the verge reports facebook is holding an emergency meeting today where employees can ask questions about this incident. now, back to wall street. set to open higher today this morning after yesterday's big selloff. nasdaq posting its worst day in more than six weeks. tech stocks dragged down the market led by facebook. on today's watch list the fed which kicks off a two day polly meeting. they are expected to hike interest rates when it announces its decision tomorrow afternoon. the dow walling 335 points yesterday nasdaq dropping 137. youtube is testing a picture in picture function for desktop. users will be able to minimize and continue to watch a video while also browsing the web. controls will still be available on the floating video including play, pause, replay and the ability to watch the next clip. guys, back to you.
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>> seema, thank you. right now taking a look at the weather today. that storm like we said coming in our way. >> yeah, and it is going to bring us some rounds of heavy rain, but it does start out light and we're starting to see some of those showers moving into the bay area this morning. we have a radar that gives us a big heads up about five to six minutes over what you're seeing on some of the other stations and also with the national weather service radar, that's because we have storm ranger, that's our mobile doppler radar parked on san bruno mountain. we can see a lot of green here showing light rain. i'm going to give you a closer view of what it looks like for the north bay. santa rosa seeing the rain moving in, also san francisco down to the peninsula and then i queried the rain to see how hard it's coming down around ukiah and it's very light, only coming down at about 800 of an inch of rain per hour. we are starting to see some of that light rain moving in, but it's just enough for you to have to turn on the windshield wipers. as we look offshore light rain
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with yellows there and also showing a lot of greens indicating light rain, but we are seeing it coming down in san francisco and also around orinda and approaching also i-880 in the east bay. then we look at slightly heavier rain that's moving over the santa cruz mountains. by the time it gets to santa clara it will be at about 6:51 so you have about 30 minutes before that rain moves in. we are going to see a lot more where that came from as we see the center of this storm and you can feel the humidity as this taps into some subtropical moisture, but the heaviest of it will be across southern california. let's get a look at the timeline today. with he will start to see the rain filling in the south bay by about 11:00 to 12:00. this will be scattered off and on all day long with gusty winds and cooler temperatures and it continues into tonight as well. we will still see rain throughout the day tomorrow, but i think the brunt of the storm will hit us on thursday with the most widespread and heavy rain. here is what to expect, rain today through saturday and it
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will be a windy and warmer storm and storm totals will be at about one to three inches between today and saturday. once again, the heaviest rain over southern california with the possibility of up to seven to et a inches of rain and sierra snow will be at about one to two feet. we are tracking all of this and more updates to come. mike has a lot of updates and traffic alerts, too. >> all that info is coming in. first of all, we have that major crash at bush and goff. be careful through that area. pete suratos is heading over to that scene, a very big concern for the people involved. sounds like a number of critical injuries over there. pete will give you those details and the specifics. over here we still have basically the same situation for bart. system wide there are major delays, trains coming in from the east bay, turned around at the montgomery station, trains up from the peninsula turned around at the balboa station. they are not accessing getting to or through the 24th mission station.
6:23 am
sf fire says no injuries and the fire is controlled. i think it's out there, now but they have to make sure they clean up from that work and then they do the track inspections. this will take a while. this is going to be an issue. muni sounds like there are no delays there. getting into san francisco by the roadways, the drive from the peninsula and north bay and east bay, only the bay bridge toll plaza is the slower drive around the bay. very light for this tuesday. look how light that is. that's good news because that storm is coming in, we expect it to complicate things just a bit. no build over here coming down through hayward or up out of union city. back to you guys. thanks, mike. >> coming up next on "today in the bay," the reason some bay area students won't have to go through state testing this year. but first, airlines do not handle delays and cancellations the same. consumer investigator chris chmura suggests choosing wisely if you are jet setting across the atlantic. >> european airlines are held to far stricter standards than u.s. airlines. in the event of a delay, cancellation or baggage mix-up you could be due reaccommodation
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or cash compensation that u.s. airlines aren't required to provide. send us your consumer questions, the number is 888-996-tips, or online at sorry. i can't make it.
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but it's fine. yeah, it's fine. you ok? eczema. it's fine. hey! hi! aren't you hot? eczema again? it's fine. i saw something the other day. eczema exposed. your eczema could be something called atopic dermatitis, which can be caused by inflammation under your skin. maybe you should ask your doctor? go to to learn more. 6:26 now. new this morning students in santa rosa who survived the wildfire storms of october will reportedly get some relief from state testing in school. they won't have to do it.
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the press democrat reports santa rosa city schools will not administer standardized test this is year. the district requested a waiver. 817 students in santa rosa school district lost their homes and most schools as you might remember were closed for three weeks. the time normally used for testing will now be used instead to catch up on missed instruction time. coming up on "today in the bay" we are following breaking news out of maryland. a shooting at a high school. the new details we are just learning. plus breaking news here at home. we are just getting to the scene of a multi-car crash in san francisco just outside of japan town. a live report coming up. and a push to recall a controversial south bay judge heads to court. the steps judge aaron persky is taking to keep his job.
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narrator: public education has been valued for centuries. man: the direction in which education starts a person will determine their future in life. woman: the highest result of education is tolerance. woman: it's the road to equality and citizenship.
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man: education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. narrator: brought to you by the california teachers association. woman: because we know quality public schools make a better california for all of us. we )re tracking the storm moving into the bay area-- as we take a live look right now at 6:30 we are tracking the storm moving into the bay area as we are taking a live look at our radar this morning. >> and taking live look outside from we had wood shores this morning, the rain will start moving in as the morning progresses. now is your dry spot to search for your umbrella. thanks for joining us, i'm kris sanchez in for laura garcia. >> i'm marcus washington. we will get to weather in just a moment but first we want to track in with mike inouye. >> the bart system has the biggest impact for our commuters around the bay, so listen carefully, folks. there has been no change as far as the 24th street mission station. that is still closed. although san francisco fire tells us there are no injuries
6:31 am
and that fire sounds like everything is out, they have to still maintain that situation. they have to make sure the fire is completely out through the surrounding area and do track inspections. so right now traveling from the east bay you can only travel in on rains to the montgomery station and then they will be turned back and around and head back to the east bay. from the peninsula you can only come up to the balboa station. so you are cut off between balboa and montgomery. the 24th street station is closed until further notice from bart. muni has not talked about any delays or issues for their trains. a possible alternate throughout the city. around the bay we are seeing a lighter flow of traffic and that may be because we have schools in finals, colleges in finals, colleges on spring break right now as well. so that will really heavily affect a lot of the commute traffic. the rest of the bay, south bay up to the city a lighter build, in san francisco the traffic is an option for you on the roadways, but over here north of japantown at goff and bush we
6:32 am
will send it over to pete suratos, a big crash we have talked about. that's a serious situation out there. >> reporter: yeah, good morning to you, mike. look, we are right here on goff and bush. this is why there is a traffic issue. this is where this multi-car accident took place and i spoke to san francisco fire not too long ago, they're saying there were three cars all together but there's two cars, the two you are looking at right now are where you're seeing the most damage. five people all together were affected by this and they have been taken to a hospital for their injuries. three people were extricated from one of these cars. now, i did talk to a resident once we got on scene who said he heard a loud noise, didn't know what was going on at the time. here is what he said he saw when he came out. >> just my reaction was how loud it was. i feel like someone ran a red light, but i have no idea. just because it was loud. i mean, it was loud enough to wake me up and this isn't -- these aren't two high speed
6:33 am
streets. i feel like both cars had to be moving. >> reporter: take you back out here live to this accident that's causing a bit of traffic issues in that goff and bush area. we have confirmed five people are in critical condition as a result of this accident. the cause of it is still under investigation. of course, as we get that information i will continue to update you either in this show or through my social media accounts. live in san francisco, pete suratos for "today in the bay.." >> not the kind of speed you would expect in that location. thank you very much. we want to bring in kari hall, she has been monitoring that storm moving into the south bay right now. this is something a lot of people will have to bring out the umbrellas and keep them for a while. >> it's not just the south bay it's all over the bay area. we're tracking it with storm ranger. that does start out that rain in the north bay for that peninsula just now starting to make it into the south bay. as we see a closer look up san jose we are seeing some rain around sunnyvale and milpitas, but hasn't yet made it to
6:34 am
downtown san jose yet but you only have a few more minutes. we will continue to see some of the heavier rain ramping up for the south bay by about 10:00 or 11:00 this morning. off and on rain for all of the bay area today. umbrellas needed, but that may also get blown inside out later on today as those winds pick up. we are looking at gusts at about 25 to 30 miles per hour so maybe the rain jacket a better option for you today. it's going to be soggy on this first day of spring. i will talk more about what's ahead coming up in less than five minutes. thank you, kari. we are staying on top of that breaking news in maryland, a shooting incident at a high school that is now said to be contained. within the last five minutes we learned that the atf is en route and there are reports of injuries. this is at great mills high school, it is a public high school about 60 miles southeast of washington, d.c. we did just get in this new video from the scene and you can see a strong police presence
6:35 am
there. the school is confirming this shooting. we do know that there are injuries, we do not know if those folks who were injured were transported at this point because the school is on lockdown. we're going to continue to monitor this in the newsroom and will bring you the latest as we get it. and more breaking news, a fifth explosion overnight in texas as we get word of a second incident unfolding as we speak. that first incident happened early in the morning at a fedex facility outside of san antonio. the atf says that investigators are not sure whether this -- from overnight blast is related to the string of four recent explosions in austin. the local police department says one person was treated and released from that and a the police department says that this was a package. now, that explosion is in the sorting area. the big question a lot of people have is where was that package being shipped. now, this area is on edge of course as you can imagine after those explosions, some deadly, in austin, texas, about an
6:36 am
hour's drive from that spot. less than ten minutes ago the austin police department announced that the officers are helping investigate a new report of a suspicious package at another fedex facility, this one in austin. authorities have been asking people to report anything suspicious. the "today" show will bring us live reports after "today in the bay" at 7:00. controversial santa clara judge per sksky will try to tope recall against him. "today in the bay's" sharon katsuda is live in san jose and, sharon, what are we expecting with this recall effort? >> reporter: well, marcus, supporters of the recall effort have been very vocal receiving national attention and they say they will be here today for a judge aaron persky's case to appeal the recall effort this
6:37 am
morning. judge persky sentenced former stanford swimmer brock turner to six months in jail instead of giving him prison time for the sexual assault of a woman on campus. the judge's sentence followed the recommendation of a probation officer who handled the case. the survivor with much emotion described how she felt turner violated her and what she experienced after the assault. recall supporters say judge persky was too lenient on the former stanford swimmer, but the judge's supporters say he was fair and followed the recommendation of the probation officer. turner served three months in jail and got out early for good behavior. an appeals court will listen to judge persky's case at 9:30 in morning. reporting live in san francisco, i'm sharon katsuda, "today in the bay." we're also getting new details on brock turner's effort to throw out his conviction and get a new trial. the daily news reports that the california attorney general's office is responding to turner
6:38 am
says that he was not deprived of a fair trial. turner's attorney disagrees claiming people from turner's hometown in ohio were not allowed to testify about his character. turner is requesting a new trial in the same san jose court that judge persky is trying to get his recall effort thrown out. all lanes of the posey tube in the east bay they are open again now. crews worked around the clock since saturday after that sinkhole opened up there on the oakland side. it happened after an old underground storm train failed. once again, the good news here all lanes of the posey tube are open once again this morning, the rest of the traffic picture a little more bleak. that's right, kris. better news from alameda. tough news from the east bay. 24th street at mission station closed. they have to make sure everything is addressed. basically bart service is cut off between montgomery and
6:39 am
balboa. you have to drive over from the east bay, that's one possible route and in fact the drive today is actually looking really good as far as the volume of traffic. look at this approaching the bay bridge, no major slowing, just at the toll plaza. that green highlighting, those are the road weather conditions, our traffic data comes from our weather system as well. along the left side the coast that's where the roadways are reported wet. the concern even though there's light traffic -- i stole kari's radar data. it's light right now. >> it's going to be soggy these next few days. as we look ahead to what we're going to do this weekend, maybe you want to make that day to get outside on sunday. here is a look at storm ranger our mobile doppler radar showing that range as it approaches and this is the start of what will be days of rain as this atmospheric river or pineapple express gets ramped up not only for here but also southern
6:40 am
california. keep that in mind if you will be traveling. we will still see some rain in the forecast through saturday, but this is when it will be wrapping up and our highs only in the upper 50s. by sunday the sun breaks out, we will all be rejoicing after several days of rain and maybe wanting ahead to the beach where it's going to be 59 degrees, still chilly, 60 daegs for the bay and inland valleys. russian river valley will see the rain wrapping up on saturday, maybe during the evening you can get outside for live music at one of the vineyards. on sunday bright sunshine, 58 degrees. l.a. will see all of this rain over the next several days, but it does look like it will be ending on friday and throughout the weekend, highs reaching into the low to mid 60s. for the sierra we are looking at another one to two feet of snow and it still will be coming down in squaw valley on sunday, but sunday is when we will get a break from all of that as you're
6:41 am
driving back to the bay area hopefully the roads will be clear by then. we will talk about what's ahead for us and how much rain to expect it's coming up in less than three minutes. coming up next on "today in the bay" and only on "today in the bay," a local singer is back on "the voice." and right now looking at the -- ♪ new this morning we sit down with brett hunter before his journey continues. his message to fans coming up and hopefully the markets look a little better. >> and right now we take a look at the stock markets. you can see the dow up 100 points as it opens today now sitting at 123 points and this is ahead of the feds meeting that kicks off and a day after a sharp selloff led by tech shares.
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it's 6:44 and storm ranger showing that much of the bay area is getting in on at least some light rain at this point. we will see this off and on throughout the day. a close look at san jose, it's just getting started there with some sprinkles and about to reach evergreen. we can see the clouds as we take a live look outside in san jose. it will be off and on with those showers coming down and much cooler today, only up to 58 degrees there and the rain continues not only for today, but the next several days. we will look ahead to how much rain we may measure before all is said and done. that's coming up in less than
6:45 am
five minutes. i just got word from our news desk, the 24th street station is open once again. bart service is returning to normal. that green is an overestimate, a little optimistic. there are delays we have to recover. we will get more details from bart and thing that to you, but the 24th street station we just got word seconds ago was reopened. that is finally some relief for those commuters there. a south bay supervisor talks about her plan to tie one significant upcoming anniversary to the 2020 census count. 2020 marks the 100th anniversary of the right for women to vote. santa clara county supervisor cindy chavez plans to use that as a launching point to mobilize women and other disenfranchised groups to be counted. she is concerned than undercount could impact california congressional seats and perhaps short change tax revenues for local communities. she will speak this morning outside the board chamber. university of california
6:46 am
president janet is that poll tan know is setting new goals for the public university system. she says that uc should guarantee admission to all qualified state community college students. she also says she wants to raise the graduation rate to 70%. right now it sits at 64%. she says she wants to enroll an additional 32,000 undergraduates from the year 2030. california's top judge says the courts need more money as it gets ready for an influx of lawsuits tied to last year's historic wildfires and mudslides. the state's chief justice in her state of the judiciary address yesterday said additional cash is needed to restore court hours cut during the recession. good news for warriors fans, steph curry is hoping to return as soon as friday when the atlanta hawks visit the oracle arena. sources tell nbc sports news bay area that curry's right ankle is
6:47 am
set to be reevaluated today. after that we should get an official return date. the warriors have described curry's injury as tweak, not a sprain and the team has lost four of its six games since curry has injured. i was at that game on friday night. i saw him on the bench but he wasn't playing. >> but we can attest that there is a difference between tweak and a sprain, right? happening tonight on nbc's "the voice" oakland's brett hunter goes head to head in the battle round of the singing competition. brent is on team blake which is a wingining team. he stopped by our studios. >> you're going up against swb who is entirely different, different age, different style and at some particular point for me it's about letting go and saying, if i show up and i'm myself, i can't lose. >> he loves his music.
6:48 am
>> he did a little singing for the "today in the bay" crew while visiting our studios. take a listen. ♪ ♪ she's a bad mamma jamma ♪ oh, she bad, no, yeah ♪ just as fine as she can be >> you can hear him sing that on the big stage tonight at 8:00 right here on nbc bay area. "the voice" then "rise", bay area news at 11:00. >> he can also yuke. >> ukulele. >> is that a verb? >> it could be. >> i'm not really sure. all right. so we are going to start out with some rain this morning and this is the first day of spring. we're less than three hours away now from the official start of spring and we have a very springlike feel to the air. you step outside it feels so humid and that's because we have a boost in subtropical moisture. this is all thanks to hawaii.
6:49 am
it's coming all the way from hawaii, subtropical moisture, and bringing us some rain as you get ready to head out. it does start out light and with this we are also seeing some of the rain across the north bay, coming down at about 0.03 of an inch of rain per hour but we can see pretty much everyone starting to get in on this wet weather. it's a soggy one. even the rain i'm seeing offshore about to move in is still also very light as it continues to move into san francisco, the east bay seeing some rain moving through oakland and also orinda and approaching concord within the next few minutes. san jose starting to see that rain as well as the radar continues to fill in. we are about five or six minutes ahead of the national weather service radar so we can see it approaching 680 and also once again moving toward concord within the next few minutes. getting dressed this morning we see the clouds and that's a reminder that we do need the rain gear. i think a rain jacket will be better today because it will be windy. also long sleeves as our
6:50 am
temperatures don't warm up that much today. pants and rain boots as we start to see those budless developing with some heavier rain that will be developing later on today. off and on rain, winds at about 20 to 30 miles per hour and this continues off and on throughout today, tomorrow, thursday, but that's when we're going to have the brunt of the storm and still some rain in the forecast friday as well as saturday. ilk tracking it all. mike was saying bart riders are still delayed. >> they're still delayed. even though the 24th street mission station has been reopened with no injuries reported after the earlier debris fire, it's going to take a while. the entire system had major delays, we had five or six stations affected by this. again, all bart services being restored through san francisco but expect possibly 20 minute delays for your trains, maybe a little more. it will ripple down from here on out. no other transit delays. muni is a great option overhead or belowground as well. looking at your bridges, the bay bridge has a backup at the bay
6:51 am
bridge toll plaza but actually traffic today is light. we have some colleges are in finals, others in spring break even with this bit of rain coming through, the south bay and south county no major issues. that rain is coming across and here is that light rain turning to heavier that is an issue for drivers. a quick look at the top stories on "today in the bay." we are tracking several breaking stories across the country including a shooting at a maryland high school. and breaking news in san francisco, the way firefighters were able to rescue a woman from an early morning house fire. first happening now we are just learning the united states and south korea will start their annual joint military exercise early next month. the drills will start again on april 1st. it had been post pond for the pyeongchang winter olympics and paralympics. plus the world's last male northern white rhino has died after age-related complications. the 45-year-old rhino was
6:52 am
euthanized after he was no longer able to stand on its own. does this map show the
6:53 am
peninsula trail? you won't find that on a map. i'll take you there. take this left. if you listen real hard you can hear the whales. oop. you hear that? (vo) our subaru outback lets us see the world. sometimes in ways we never imagined. (avo) get 0% apr financing on all-new 2018 subaru outback models. now through april 2nd.
6:54 am
here are the top stories on today in before you head out the door, here are the top stories on "today in the bay." at least five people are critically hurt after a crash in san francisco. this happened around 5:45 near goff and bush streets. three cars are involved. that's all we know so far. fire officials are asking people
6:55 am
to avoid the area. and a dramatic early morning rescue in san francisco's nob hill neighborhood. crews rescued a woman from a fourth-floor balcony as firefighters were putting out the flames. this happened on jacksen street near van ness avenue. the woman is stable, but six other people are now without a place to stay. right now the cause is under investigation. and we are staying on top of that breaking news in maryland. a shooting incident at a high school that is now said to be contained. we are now learning that at least three people were shot and taken to the hospital. we don't know the extent of those injuries. this is happening at great hills high school at a public school. this is about 60 miles southeast of washington, d.c. about 30 minutes ago we received our first video from the scene. you can see there is a large police presence. the school is confirming that shooting and as far as we know that school is still on lockdown. more breaking news and another explosion, this time at a fedex facility about an hour
6:56 am
outside austin, texas. this is live video of the scene there. it is daylight now. the local police department says that a package exploded in a sorting area of that facility. the atf says investigators are not sure whether this new blast is tied to a string of four other recent explosions around austin. the entire area, though, is still on alert. as we speak police sent a hazardous materials team to that austin fedex facility to investigate new reports of a suspicious package. a live look at chp headquarters in castro valley. that is where officers are investigating two separate bay area freeway shootings that happened last night. in one case there is now an arrest. chp says an 18-year-old is in custody after into irg a bp gun during a road rage incident in marin. that happened on interstate 580. in the other incident that driver was struck in the hand by glass from a bullet on interstate 580, this in oakland
6:57 am
n that case that shooter is still at large. family members of a man who had been killed by a bart police officer plan to protest today outside of the oakland police department. police have already cleared that officer of any wrongdoing and that officer is back on the job. that shooting happened back in january. the officer responded to shots fired near the west oakland bart station, body camera video showing the officer shooting and killing shaleem tindle during that fight. police say tindle reached for a gun on the ground before that shooting. and now relief in a south bay neighborhood this morning after crews debt natded a box of grenades in a controlled explosion. this happened in a neighborhood near san jose country club. it all started during an estate sale, would you believe it? when the homeowner stumbled upon a box of grenades in the basement of a vacant home. this he called police who then exploded those ordnance and got the situation under control. a live look now at san jose. that's where the court hearing
6:58 am
arguments to stop the recall effort against aaron persky. supporters believe that was a lenient sentence for former stanford swimmer brock turner. turner received six months in jail for sexually assaulting a woman on campus. he got out in three months for good behavior. today's appeal is scheduled for 9:30 this morning. president trump's comments about special investigating robert mueller are sparking concerns on both sides of the congressional aisle. he mentioned mueller by name for the first time during a weekend tweet storm. he also called russia the investigation into it a witch-hunt. the white house repeatedly denied that mueller's job is in jeopardy, but despite that politicians from both parties are warning the president to let mueller do his job. meantime, president trump is also making waves with a new hire for his legal team, a former prosecutor who has said that the justice department is framing the president. and we're tracking rain moving into the bay area. taking a live look from redwood
6:59 am
city. looks calm but you can see it looks like little sprinkles there as we continue to monitor what we can expect through the day in the bay area. you're saying we will have to keep the umbrellas around for some time. >> it will be off and on rain throughout the day and windy as well as the day goes along. mainly starting out with light rain and as we track this atmospheric river more rain on the way. join me for a facebook live at 9:00, i'm @karihallweather on facebook. all right. thank you very much. and we want to check those delays. what a sloppy morning. >> fortunately because of the fire at the bart station 24th and mission we were worried about injuries, smoke inhalation. no injuries reported but major delays still recovering from 20 to 30 minute delays, all trains are back in service. richmond to fremont that does not travel into san francisco and that is completely without delay. the roadways are moving well because of a lighter commute today. i think a lot of colleges finals and spring vacation. >> sleeping in. nice. that is what's happening "today
7:00 am
in the bay." and now we want to toss to nbc news for a special report with savannah guthrie on that school shooting in maryland. we know that three people were sent to the hospital. of course, we will continue to monitor that as well. >> announcer: this is an nbc news special report. here's savannah guthrie. and good morning, we have breaking news at this hour. right now, a maryland high school on lockdown, after yet another school shooting. this is unfolding in great mills, maryland which is about 60 miles south of washington, d.c. nbc national correspondent peter alexander is monitoring these events. peter, good morning to you. what can you tell us? >> savannah, let me walk you through what we know. just moments ago we heard from the county sheriff who has new details telling our affiliate st


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