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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  March 21, 2018 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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also have the winds starting to pick up this morning, so as you head out the door it still feels really humid, but also the wind is blowing around that wet weather that we've seen and storm ranger is tracking it all. that's the red scan you're seeing there from san bruno mountain. as we go into the north bay i'm also seeing heavier downpours moving into dillon beach and that will be approaching santa rosa within the next 45 minutes. also moving through sebastopol within the next 30 minutes. the east bay, the rain also scattered there with some heavy downpours. this is going to make your morning drive very soggy. as we widen out the picture, still a lot more rain to go. this will be sticking with us through saturday. i will detail that coming up in just a few minutes. mike is tracking the impact of all of this rain on the roads. we just heard about a new crash, we have westbound 24 at gateway, that's where our latest crash s you see this green highlighting here, that's our road weather index showing you
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where the roadways will be wetter. damp throughout the south bay, but throughout the east bay where we had the most recent rain very slick conditions possible at times with flooding reported here through oakland just off 880 and up in north bay, mill valley. we will track those conditions. pete is heading out there as well because the rain is out there, unfortunately for pete, but, look, this is the bay bridge toll plaza with mild backup. definitely wet conditions. there is that radar that kari is talking about. throughout the east bay, east shore freeway, really hitting san leandro and pushing toward the walnut creek interchange. kris, you have big developments overnight. right. breaking news out of austin, texas, where authorities say the man behind a string of recent bombings is now dead. he died during a dramatic confrontation overnight in nearby round rock, texas. here is a look at the scene this morning live. an interstate where that suspect died as he blew himself up in a ditch a little before 3:00 this morning. police say officers had already zeroed in on that suspect and a
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s.w.a.t. team was moving in and then the man detonated a bomb inside his car. for hours officers were tracking that suspect. he did eventually drive into that ditch and that's where he detonated the bomb. our reporter for our austin affiliate spoke with one witness who lives nearby. >> he got out and started, you know, to kind of like take a couple turns and we noticed that the highway was blocked off so we tried to find our way in, so we did, and we got up right next to where it happened and it looked like there was a couple cars that had collided and it looked like it ended pretty bad. so who is this suspect? police at this point are only revealing that the suspect is a 24-year-old white man, they are not saying where he's from nor what his motivation might have been. five explosions rocked the area around austin since early march killing two people. back to our microclimate weather coverage. a live look at our radar as you can see from nbc bay area storm ranger, showing that rain
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falling in parts of the bay area as you can see that green covering the screen there. "today in the bay's" pete suratos is live with how things are looking this morning. pete, you're always out in elements keeping us aware of what's going on. what's going out there with you now? >> reporter: good morning, marcus. well, the conditions are very wet right now as the rain is coming down near lucky drive near that quarter madera area. chp putting out a warning about flooding near lucky drive. look at that, you see the standing water as folks are driving through this rain, getting to wherever they've got to go to, whether it's work or wherever it may be. you're seeing they are going to have to go through that water right there where there is flooding in this area. as i was driving across the richmond-san rafael bridge this bridge i saw that warning sign saying there would be flooding in this area along lucky drive. as you see that car driving through you're seeing this could be an issue.
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in fact, chp is keeping an eye on this. they tweeted out telling folks to be careful when they are on the roadways this morning because of all the rain that's coming down, the possible flooding issues. we're also hearing reports of some issues on sir francis drake boulevard. we were there earlier. the rain wasn't as strong but we will go back and check that area out throughout this morning. we will continue to monitor the conditions in this area. we will have another report in the next hour. live near lucky drive, pete suratos for "today in the bay." >> good advice there. >> rooster tailing off the back of that car, that's how you know it's deep enough on the roadways. >> we haven't even gotten to the heaviest part of this storm. this is what we call an atmospheric river, it's connecting with that subtropical moisture extending all the way back toward hawaii. this is 2,500 miles away of some really deep moisture and as it moves over the mountains along our coast it really rains out a lot of what we are seeing, that moisture streaming in and it
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brings it down to the bay area. but we've also seen some of the heaviest rain across southern california and this is going to be with us more bouts of rain rolling through the bay area and also down to san diego through about saturday. so we will be tracking all of that and also the little cells that are popping up this morning. more on that in just a few minutes. thank you very much, kari. "today in the bay" wants you to get prepared as the brunt of this storm barrels through thursday, we will go on early starting at 4:00 a.m., our crews will be out overnight gathering everything you need to know by the time thursday morning commutes happen. disturbing new details on a string of sexual assaults at san jose state university. we are getting a glimpse the what court records are reportedly revealing about the suspect. "today in the bay's" bob redell is live at san jose state with what authorities are now saying about the series of attacks inside dorms there.
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bob? >> reporter: kris, court police records indicate that the suspect 21-year-old chemical engineering student goes by the name of luis ranegas tried to sexual assault one man on campus by putting him in a choke hold and allegedly sexual assaulted another man also on campus when he was, quote, blackout drunk. this reporting by the mercury news. vanega seen in court last week in san jose faces five felony charges related to alleged attacks on two men here at san jose state. san jose state police arrested vanegas on march 5th after they say he made advances on a friend two days before. according to the meshirc the ma resisted. vanegas allegedly performed sex acts on another friend, this is in 2014 and 2015 when that friend was passed out drunk.
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the merc reports the victim became suicidal after vanegas told him about the incident. vanegas remains at the elmwood men's jail in milpitas on $210,000 bond. san jose state police believe that there could be more survivors of vanegas, survivors is a term that the police are using to describe the victims. if you know anything, law enforcement would like to hear from you. reporting live here at san jose state university, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> thank you. at 5:03 right now, new this morning, check out this video just into our newsroom. that's a man not coming down off of that two-story roof in san jose. that man is in custody now after an hours long standoff. police say officers were called to a disturbance on berkshire drive near almaden expressway around 11:00 last night.
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that's where they found that suspect on the roof of that two-story home. it turns out that a person in that home had a restraining order against the suspect. san jose fire were called so those officers could use a fire ladder. the suspect came down after about three hours and surrendered to officers. he has not yet been identified. happening today, travelers using ma net at that airport in san jose may see more activity there than usual. emergency personnel will conduct a full scale disaster drill scheduled to begin at 9:00 this morning. this is video from last year during that drill which i airport is required to conduct every three years. this year's test simulates the response to a bird strike causing an airplane to lose -- to lose the use of its flaps. police, fire, and medical personnel will all take part in this. and as we approach 5:09 this morning, we are still tracking some rain. some of the heaviest downpours moving through parts of marin and sonoma county and also
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contra costa county moving into the delta. that's where we've seen the soggiest weather as of now. here is what to expect, the rain stays scattered today but there will also be thunderstorms possible. by tonight the rain gets more widespread and heavy with the winds picking up, we may have gusts up to 30 miles per hour. some of the heaviest rain the brunt of the storm hitting us in time for tomorrow morning's commute. as we go throughout the day we could have a break by tomorrow evening, but we won't be completely done with the rain as we still have a steady stream of moisture moving into the bay area. we will talk more about that, i will break it down for willow glen coming up in about four minutes. mike is tracking what's happening and already a couple crashes. >> that's right, in fact, a couple more crashes in the last few minutes. now, the south bay looks great and so does the peninsula. looking toward where all that radar activity is, kari storm ranger and giving you some of that readout over here, the east bay and north bay. we will zoom over here toward
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highway 24, we saw some slowing. i removed the radar, showed you the road weather index, it talks about slick roadways, that's where the green highlighting is and a lot of slowing. one lane blocked, i think crews just arrived. more slowing toward gateway. another single car crash, actually two of them reported in the same area, south 680 at sycamore valley. the road weather index talking about the possibility of slick roads throughout the area. a typical drive for 580 coming out of the altamonte. coming up next on "today in the bay," more fallout for facebook. our scott mcgrew is tracking controversy swirling around the social media giant. >> lots of people deleting their facebook accounts. there was another undercover report overnight. we will show you that. we've got to ask the question, where is mark zuckerberg? mike te
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right now at 5:13 i'm tracking the rain for you this morning before you head out the door. some of the heaviest rain across the north bay and east bay. san jose still wet, but rain not falling at this time. as we get a live look outside we are seeing a chance to dry out for a little while. willow glen, by the time more people get up and about by 9:00 more rain will be moving in. there will be some breaks today. we will talk about when we will see those breaks and when the heavier rain arrives. plus our vianey arana is tracking the winds coming up in less than five minutes. tracking the area where kari
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is talking about, the rain, lighter volume of cars but tough conditions. speeds are okay but watch them throughout the east bay. north bay a tiny bit of slow off highway 37 coming out of vallejo. we will talk about that coming up. good morning to you. the feds start a two-day interest rate meeting today. we do expect interest rate hikes by wednesday. amazon is now the second largest company in the united states by market capitalization, overall value, but the business story of the day, the week, the month is facebook. facebook lost more than $50 billion in market cap over the last couple days as it deals with the biggest crisis in its 14 years of operation. 15 -- 50, rather, billion dollars worth of value is gone. the big question has been where is mark zuckerberg in all of this? our jo lin kent said he will
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speak within the next 24 hours. this is video from last november. the u.s. congress may be facebook's smallest problem chblts the ftc is investigating facebook's connection to cambridge analytica and why it allowed so much of your user information to leak. huge fines a responsibility. the europeans are investigating as well. channel 4 in great britain ran another exposé on cambridge analytica last night. here is undercover video from last night's report as their chief executive says congressional republicans barely questioned them. five minutes he says. >> five minutes. >> democrats two hours. >> [ inaudible ]. >> [ inaudible ]. >> right. >> we have no secrets. >> right. >> they are not technical. >> right. >> they don't understand how it works.
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they don't understand [ inaudible ] -- is never involved. you're told what to do by the campaign team. >> candidates or public? it is possible cambridge analytica was able to use its ill gotten facebook data to create a laser focused campaign in states like wisconsin, pennsylvania and michigan and that was enough to tip the election. in that undercover report the chief data scientist implies just that. now, a lot of people are talking about deleting facebook, you can do that but at the very least you should go into facebook settings and see what apps you are allowing facebook to share data with. this is mine from my facebook just a few minutes ago. this is just the as and the bs. i've been on facebook ten years so i have hundreds of these apps that for some reason i allowed to give me data to that i need to delete and unfortunately you have to delete them individually, which is quite a pain. really facebook ought to add a
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system where you can do it all at once. >> you're saying deleting it, though, is maybe not the solution if you are set up. >> you have two choices. if you're upset by this, delete facebook or go into these settings or at the very least delete why in the world did i give the monitor game access to my facebook page. >> all those things we play with. >> you're giving permission every time. yes. ten years. >> that's a lot of apps. all right. new this morning netflix and a chilled glass of white wine, parks and recs star amy poehler is showcasing napa and wine country had ner latest project. she is starring in and directing the netflix comedy "wine country." this teaser trailer was posted to netflix's account yesterday, you can see tina fey in there, too. "wine country" is about a group of friends who travel to napa for a weekend get away and there are reports that filming will start in napa this month.
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>> they probably already started. >> what's cool is when you have that much pull, you can kind of like -- where do you want to hang out? >> let's go to napa. let's do a girl's weekend and sell it to netflix. >> definitely a great thing. we have such beautiful places here, but it's hard to get out and enjoy places like napa when it's been raining off and on. we will catch some breaks here. let me get you out the door this morning with your forecast and where we currently see the rain. storm ranger our mobile doppler radar that's the red scan going around the bay area and it's giving us a second by second update on the rain as it continues to move through. we need that. we see several waves that have been all over the place and i just put a track on this one as it continues to move off towards the north and east, it will be in american canyon in about 45 minutes. so we will keep an eye on that. mainly some heavier rain. we've also seen it moving across antioch and brentwood and that
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will be also moving off towards the east, the cell over toward concord will be moving toward antioch as well. not much of a break as we see rain after wave of rain moving through. the roads are wet in palo alto but not raining right now. we will see another wave of rain by later on this morning, i think by 8:00 we will start to see showers coming through once again and still some rain into late morning into early afternoon. i also want to get you through your morning drive in the east bay. we will have times of rain that will be moving through. later on today not only will we have more rain, but also the winds picking up. vianey arana is out there live in santa clara with an update on the wind forecast. >> kari, immunize and dry, but it is a little breezy around santa clara university you can see behind me. obviously it's calm, not a lot of students out here, but come tomorrow morning these students will be facing off against heavy rain and wind. let's take you through that timeline. if i take you through tonight at
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about 7:00 we will start seeing those winds picking up, especially along the coast, half-moon bay, 22 miles per hour along the north bay, like santa rosa, 23 miles per hour. we could be dealing with pretty gusty conditions especially for the higher elevation areas possibly, we can't even rule out the possibility of maybe 40, 40 plus mile per hour winds. as we take you through midnight tonight into early tomorrow morning right when the brunt of the storm is coming through you can see the winds will be to be rather gusty, especially along the coast, 29 miles per hour in half-moon bay and then by 6:00 a.m. tomorrow morning that's when we will be seeing the strongest of the gusts not just for the coast but also for the east bay. definitely expect to see some very gusty conditions through tomorrow. i will talk about rain totals coming up in just a bit. kari? >> thank you, vianey. we will be also tracking the rain as we see more crowds of it as we go throughout the day. there could be a little bit of a break by early afternoon. that's your time to get out there and also run your errands, but as we go into tomorrow morning as vianey said we are going to be getting the brunt of
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the storm with not only the wind but the rain as well. we will be on early to track that for you. mike, you are also tracking the roads and a few spinouts. >> i think there's spinouts, kari, let's be clear, the chp reported a single car involved in a number of crashes this morning. one single car running in toward the center divide or roadway divider so that usually means someone lost their traction. south bay and peninsula looking at the radar data and it's moving smoothly. all the activity for the roadways heading up toward the north bay and upper east shore freeway, it's green over here, there's our red sweep for storm ranger talking about a lot of activity getting over toward the roadway making this the situation for the road weather index. slicker conditions for 24, the walnut creek interchange, 24 itself over at gateway we have had this crash and it's been going on for a while, the slow down, this big slow down out of lafayette and over in toward the orinda area, maybe gateway has that slowing blocked in, possibly more. sounds like they need two tow
5:22 am
trucks, the speeds improve as you approach gateway, i'm hoping that means they cleared roadways. the roadways are slick, this is the bay bridge toll plaza. we have a little build off to the right side, but overall the volume of traffic moving pretty smoothly. no weather related delays or any delays for these systems. bart running better than it did yesterday, but we will track to see if that weather demands they slow things down. back to you. coming up next on "today in the bay," a lifeline for children with me nut allergies. >> he's eating with kryptonite. >> people are severe food allergies.
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reportedly generating big- 5:25 right now. and the plan to rename two palo alto middle schools is reportedly generating big time opposition. the palo alto weekly reports district leaders want to rename two middle schools including jordan middle school. one name being considered is fred yamamoto a second generation japanese american from palo alto who died in world war ii. according to the weekly, parents of chinese dissent have a problem with the yamamoto surname. it is identical to a japanese admiral whose history is tied to the invasion over pearl harbor. the district is not backing down. a promising new treatment is
5:26 am
raising hopes with families of children dealing with severe peanut allergies. there is one major hurdle to clear, that is the fda has to approve it. eating a daily dose of special peanut flour can desensitize the children to small amounts of peanut. it can apparently prevent potentially deadly reaction to even the slightest exposure. one mother involved in the trial test says that's enough for her. >> it's just such a wonderful feeling to know that he has that protection in his body. that he has built up a certain amount of immunitiy and that he has that freedom of mind when he eats. >> the makers of that drug plan to file an application with the fda for approval by the end of the year. coming up next on "today in the bay," breaking news out of texas this morning after weeks of living in fear some possible relief for people living in texas. police confirmed the suspect in
5:27 am
the string of explosions is now dead. we are tracking where that investigation goes from here. >> even with the storm over the bay area still a good time to go to the sierra as this starts out as some rain and only some snow for the higher mountain peaks, but tomorrow the cold air storts to move in and we could be anywhere from one to two feet of snow as we go into the weekend. we will talk more about the rain totals for the bay area coming up next.
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take a look at the radar before you get up and get ready this morning. you will want to dress for the rain. your workweek is about to get very soggy. a live look at the golden gate bridge and the bay bridge where the rain is falling already. we're tracking what's ahead for your morning commute for the rest of the week with team coverage. thanks so much for joining us, i'm kris sanchez in for laura garcia. >> and i'm marcus washington. i saw that backup there on the bay bridge. tracking all of that rain that we're seeing in the area. meteorologist kari hall and kari, this is something we will see off and on throughout the day. >> yes, that's going to be the story. we could see it in that camera behind you. it looks so cloudy and soggy in san francisco and some of the heaviest rain has been from san francisco on northward. as we get a closer look we've seen the waves of rain coming through, in santa rosa you are taking a bit of a break from the rain. what we were seeing over gern vil is heading in your direction. also some of the showers over novato and sonoma. we will be drawing a lot more of
5:31 am
this rain off of the pacific into the bay area as we go throughout the day. here is what to expect. scattered showers and even a few thunderstorms possible by this afternoon. heavier rain moves in overnight with dusty winds with a break tomorrow evening. we will get you through that forecast and look ahead to the weekend in seven minutes. mike, conditions are tougher in the east bay. >> because of the radar activity that you showed. a live shot at the bay bridge with that rain coming down, slick conditions and all this traffic that built up over the last ten minutes at the toll plaza. we should see the metering lights -- actually, we do see the metering lights turned on there now. getting to the bay bridge and the backup there is a concern. all the radar activity up here, the peninsula, south bay, everything is fine as far as the drive. damp roadways. that rain continues to brush through the area. kari showed you the forecast coming through for the rest of the week. the green highlighting shows you slick conditions, tough roadway conditions coming off the walnut creek interchange and a slow drive from lafayette to the crash, blocking your slow lane.
5:32 am
mean while, the east shore freeway shows a build, a little slower from highway 4 to the backup at the bay bridge. back to you. breaking news, developments overnight in texas. police saying that that serial bomber that has terrorized austin now is dead. he apparently detonated a bomb in his car a little before 3:00 this morning. >> "today in the bay's" jay gray is live in round rock, texas, outside of austin with what police are revealing about the investigation and what we know about this guy. jay? >> reporter: yeah, absolutely, kris and marcus. let's walk through what we do know at this point. this began with a show down between police and a suspect just across interstate 35 in round rock which is north of austin overnight police developed leads, they say, from video evidence as well as interviews with witnesses. this had been a person of have, they deemed him a suspect and moved in. they found this vehicle inside a parking lot at a hotel across
5:33 am
the highway here. they waited for tactical units before moving in on that vehicle, but before those units got here the car started to move, the suspect driving away. three blocks down the highway he pulled into a ditch alongside the roadway and s.w.a.t. team members started to close in on that car. that's when according to police the suspect inside a 24-year-old man detonated an explosive devi device, he was killed. s.w.a.t. team members fired one shot into the vehicle as well and one of the s.w.a.t. team members, rather, were blown back by the explosion in the car. he is said to be fine. no serious injuries from that. there is concern that there could be other devices out there. police and federal agents stress still an ongoing and very active investigation. they have also surrounded a residence in pfluegerville, texas, not far from here. it is believed that that's where
5:34 am
the suspect may have lived. so they're obviously trying to get information there as well. still no motive in this case. they haven't released the name of the suspect. we will continue to watch things. kris, marcus, for now, though, that's the latest from here in round rock. >> jay gray reporting for us. thank you so much, jay. 5:34 right now. back to our microclimate weather. the latest storm blanketing california right now as you can see from our radar courtesy of nbc bay area storm ranger and that rain not expected to let up anytime soon. that has a lot of people worried about flooding and mudslides in the santa cruz mountains. "today in the bay's" sharon katsuda is live at summit with those precautions that a lot of drivers are taking this morning, sharon, and they should. look at the stuff behind you right now. >> reporter: yeah, that's right, marcus. traffic is pretty light right now, but definitely drivers have to take it easy out here and we saw an accident on the way here along with a caltrans sign saying slick roads, reduce speed. so listen to those warnings.
5:35 am
after seeing the serious damage caused by mudslides after fires in southern california the bay area is closely watching the hillside here and without the vegetation to soak up the rain burned out areas are vulnerable and there is a higher risk for mudslides. i spoke with a search and rescue expert who has responded to mud slide disasters and he says bay area residents who live near hillsides should listen to those warnings. >> as far as mudslides in the north bay you also have the potential up there with heavy rains and now that the area does not have the vegetation to hold the hillsides down you have a higher potential for mudslides in that area. don't take it lightly. look what you have near your house, look what the potential is and, again, be prepared. fires are one concern but what ends up happening after in those mudslides could be a major concern. >> reporter: and you can see here along highway 17 there's vegetation on the hillside so that's very good. that's keeping that area intact.
5:36 am
we did see on the way here some smaller rocks and some mud along highway 17. so definitely the rain is affecting some areas, but just be careful and it's a reminder just last year we recall a colleag colleague, was affected by a mud slide, he's okay, but just be careful along highway 17. reporting live, i'm caths, back to you. "today in the bay" wants to make sure you are prepared for the brunt of the storm as it barrels through. tomorrow morning you can go on early starting at 4:00 in the morning but our crews will be out overnight fanning out, gathering everything you need to know in time for tomorrow morning's commute. so do join us early at 4:00. also happening today in san francisco, the first court hearing on climate change lawsuit filed by young activists against the trump administration. you might remember this story, activists as young as ten years old are suing the federal
5:37 am
government claiming it is not doing enough to address climate change to protect their future. the administration tried to stop this lawsuit but the ninth circuit court of appeals is allowing it to move forward. fossil fuel companies likes exxon and bay area's chevron have joined the government in fighting this lawsuit. overnight we went through a new climate change report out just this week. the world bank behind the research that finds that 140 million people could be displaced because of climate change by the year 2050. areas affected will be sub saharan africa, south asia and latin america including mexico. the report says that people will be driven out by drought, rising sea levels and powerful storms. the report says cutting greenhouse gas emissions could save 100 million people from leaving their homes. all right. i know we have kari coming up in just a second but i do want to show you her radar quickly because that's what's the issue is this morning. a lot of activity up in the east
5:38 am
bay and north bay. there will be slick roadways, peninsula and south bay is moving well. damp roads but we will watch as kari is talking about the forecast and the changes. here we just had this big change southbound 880, we had at one point all lanes blocked, now i think it's back down to just two lanes blocked by what turns out to be a couple of car fires. there is a crash at davis, southbound, look at that, you just saw the sensors build from green to red very quickly from haggen berger down to davis, northbound distracted as well. southbound 880 at davis your two right lanes are blocked, two slow lanes getting by the area. crews are on scene and we will track that. it looks like maybe some recovery west 24 approaching gateway, that was a tough drive as well and the conditions of course at the bay bridge with the backup and the metering lights. so tougher for the east bay right now. right now a lot of people are dealing with that wet stuff. >> i have had people saying, hey, my kids have baseball games this weekend, and saturday is
5:39 am
still going to be very soggy and sloppy out there on the field. it's because of all of this, what we are seeing coming in this morning. on storm ranger our mobile doppler radar showing waves of rain with a lot of it in the north bay. as we head into saturday we will have spotty showers moving through and cool temperatures. we will not have a chance to dry out until sunday. that's our day to get out there and enjoy the sunshine. it's still going kind of cool in the upper 50s to lower 60s. if you are going to hit the road, maybe heading to paso robles it's going to be up to 61 degrees and still some rain in the forecast. 58 degrees as we dry out on sunday and santa cruz is still going to be wet at times but you may be able to get out there and sunbathe in between those showers and sunday it's looking bright and sunny and i know a lot of kids getting ready to head into spring break. for monterey it's going to be in the mid to upper 50s and we do still have some rain in the forecast for friday and
5:40 am
saturday. napa valley will be cool and at times damp, but by sunday that once again will be our best way to get out there and soak in some sun. we're going to take a look at our temperature trend for today in san jose coming up in about three minutes. coming up next here on "today in the bay," preparing for the worst. >> i'm afraid of having to start all over again. >> an even closer look at the mud slide fears mounting in southern california right now. this morning the thousands of people forced to flee in montecito as the latest round of rain moves in. meanwhile, in washington it's a snow day. no official business. but president trump coming under some criticism for congratulating president putin. we will take a look when "today in the bay" continues. are you totally ready?
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mike traffic tease it's 5:43. as you get ready to step out the door in san jose the rain not coming down now, but those roads are still wet and slick. taking a live look outside now, we see the cloudy skies and it stays cloudy through 7:00, but by 8:00 that's when it starts to get busy and the rain will be coming down, too. so a lot of people taking the kids to school. make sure you have the umbrella and we will see the rain off and on throughout the day. we will talk more about this and what's ahead, especially as the storm picks up tonight. that's coming up in less than five minutes. and the traffic alert for the east bay, southbound 880 jammed up towards davis.
5:44 am
the two right lanes are blocked by a crash and possibly two car fires. we are tracking updates from chp. you see the slow drive heading down from just south of the coliseum. happening now we want to take a look at the radar loop. kari hall has been talking about what all of this means, there's storm ranger right there, but look at all of this moisture that is part of that atmospheric river, it's just a huge swath moving through the bay area but also through southern california. all of that rain and the threat of so much more rain coming off the ocean is causing more than just concern, it is now triggering a new round of evacuations in wildfire zones. tens of thousands of residents in areas including santa barbara, montecito and owe high are under evacuation orders right now. the fear is that so much rain in a small amount of time could trigger new devastating mudslides like the one we saw in montecito back in january. many evacuees say leaving was an easy choice this time.
5:45 am
>> the police said it's at your own risk if you stay. you have literally five minutes to leave. grab your stuff and go. if you are going to stay here, write your social security number on yourself and it's on you. >> wow. that is a pretty serious way to put it. the woman is blind, she says that the evacuations are causing her additional anxiety as she fears that she could lose everything, but she also says that as a resident of moentecit she was aware of the danger of staying at her home. an undocumented southern california woman is now out of custody. the video showed i.c.e. agents outside san diego pulling that woman from her three daughters. the government says that she was involved in human trafficking. she denies those accusations. a judge yesterday released her saying that she was not a flight risk. the judge also noted three other people tied to those same trafficking claims have now been cleared. the woman's case has now been sent to the federal court.
5:46 am
president trump under fire this morning for calling to congratulate vladimir putin. >> scott mcgrew, some of his advisers told him not to call at all. >> right. don't call a guy who probably won his reelection unfairly, who almost certainly messed with our elections. just don't call him. that was the advice. but if you do call him, do not congratulate him. the "washington post" this morning says president trump's advisers gave him a piece of paper to look at during his call to vladimir putin and on that paper in all capital letters was "do not congratulate him." president trump did. here we see president putin voting presumably for himself in sunday's election. president trump called him on tuesday. now, republican senator john mccain is among those criticizing the president saying an american president does not lead the free world by congratulating dictators on winning sham elections. channel 4 in great britain ran a
5:47 am
second exposé into cambridge analytica last night. the first one was devastating, it showed the company's leaders bragging they could put politicians into compromising situations and could influence elections. in our election president trump's win hinged on three states, pennsylvania, wisconsin and michigan. president trump won those so-called blue wall states. cambridge analytica's chief data scientist says the company was able to target those states. he says his company was also responsible for the crooked hillary ads on facebook along with hundreds of other ads. now, sorting out what's illegal, what was just distasteful will take some time. what we do know is extremely personal facebook data belonging to millions of users was siphoned out by an app delivered to a british firm which then used that data to influence american elections. what does that mean for facebook? we will take a look at that in about 30 minutes. we are always interested in what you think. you can contact me on twitter
5:48 am
and ironically enough if you still haven't on facebook, i'm scott mcgrew tv. all right. >> right now looking at what's going on weather wise. another wet one in the area. >> it's going to be off and on. we saw how much rain we have extending well out into the pacific and that's going to continue to roll in, but the brunt of the storm will start to hit us tonight. we will be tracking that hour by hour as we go throughout the day. i want to get you out the door right now with a live look at storm ranger and this updates every second while the national weather service radars give us an update about every five or six minutes. we are well ahead of what's going on as we track these little cells that continue to move through the north bay. we can see rain south of dillon beach, this will be reaching closer to santa rosa and rohnert park as we go into the next several minutes. heavier rain north of napa and that's moving off towards the north and east. we talked about the atmospheric river. what is that? it's a steady stream of moisture
5:49 am
that is definitely connecting all the way back to hawaii, about 2500 miles and brings in some very warm and subtropical type moisture, but it is targeting central and southern california while we're on the outer fringes of that, we're still getting a decent amount of rain. as you get dressed this morning you do need the rain jacket, that's probably better than an umbrella because at times the winds will be kicking up and you want something that the keep you all dry. also rain boots and all of the water gear as we are going to see this potentially bringing us about one to three inches of rain with some of the higher amounts along the coast. and our vianey arana is out live in santa clara tracking the rain hour by hour and when it picks up. >> that's right. i know we're also tracking rain totals out here and right now it's not raining here, i'm on the santa clara university campus, but i want to take you through the timeline. if we could pop up some of those rain totals so far so we can let folks know when they can expect
5:50 am
to see the heaviest of the rain. if i take you through 11:00 a.m. the numbers not so great, insignificant rain totals right now, but we are still seeing some of the higher totals for the santa cruz mountains, a little under a half an inch, but as we head into tonight and early tomorrow morning we will see that cold front also sweep in from north to south and that's going to start picking up moderate to heavy rainfall. if i take you through some of these rain totals, ben low men 11:00 tonight just over a half an inch. santa rosa close to a half inch. then it gets impressive as we head in towards tomorrow morning at about 7:00 a.m., right between your morning commute. over two inches and red wood over two inches of rainfall. still expecting two to three inches especially for areas along the santa cruz mountains and north bay mountains with the lesser amounts being here in the santa clara valley. overall just slow it down. we're expecting a pretty decent amount of moisture as we head in towards tomorrow. as we mentioned we are going to see that rain picking up by
5:51 am
tonight. windy conditions throughout the day tomorrow and our high of 57 degrees in san francisco. we're still going to have on and on rain through saturday, but it won't be this all day rain. it's hard to pinpoint exactly when and where we will see that rain and also as we look at the inland areas it starts to dry out heading from sunday into next week. mike, you have a traffic alert and a travel advisory. >> i do. a good wake up, mike, you are on tv. towards the south bay and peninsula, that's just fine. i put on kari's storm ranger radar, as kari talked about it updates very frequently, very quickly. we have the latest information translating to wet roadway conditions. the traffic alert right here you see additional build southbound 880 from basically the coliseum down to davis. there was a crash had all lanes blocked and now everything is pushed to the right two lanes, but sounds like two of the vehicles involved are both on fire or were at one point so fire crews are out there as well as chp. the northbound commute is distracted by the flashing
5:52 am
lights, the southbound because half the freeway is blocked. we're track that go out of oakland. west 24th through the gateway area we have that slow drive from lafayette over in through orinda, that crash blocking one lane. wet roadways through the north bay, slicker conditions and slower for highway 37 out of vallejo. travel advisory also coming across the golden gate bridge, minor flooding likely, usual suspects where pete is in the north bay past lucky drive. >> it is running behind you right now. next and all new this morning a super addiction to disneyland, the big change coming to the theme park and when you will be able to visit. first happening now, breaking news out of nigeria, 76 of 110 school girls an dublngted by boko haram are now free. the nigerian government negotiated the return of the girls rather than using military force. this kidnapping was similar to the one in 2014 when boko haram took 200 girls.
5:53 am
and as the east coast deals with a major winter storm we're seeing the ripple effects here in the bay area. we just checked with sfo about an hour ago. more than 40 flights are already impacted. we're talking cancellations for flights headed east, so do all ahead if today is one of your business travel days. more news after the break. sic
5:54 am
we're talking cancellations for
5:55 am
we're talking cancellations for
5:56 am
it's five minutes to 6:00 right now. developing this morning, a lot of questions remain after a deadly officer-involved shooting in sacramento. police officers say they fired 20 shots at a man who they believed was armed in a backyard of a home. family members identified that man as 23-year-old stefan clark. the initial 911 call reported a suspect breaking into vehicles. a sheriffs helicopter later spotted that suspect breaking a sliding glass door on a home. the police chief took questions from community members and city council members during a meeting last night. a lot of folks wanting to know why officers opened fire. >> and the rumor floating around is that the individual was shot in the back. can you speak to that? >> yeah, the coroner's report is not completed yet and we don't have it, so i don't know where his injuries are. >> officer body camera footage
5:57 am
as well as helicopter video and the audio for that are expected to be released to the public by the end of the week. new this morning, an increase in the number of babies born with low birth weight. the cdc says that there was an eight-year decline in low birth weight, but then it rose by more than 6% in 2015 and '16. that rate was more than twice as high for black infants compared to white infants. low birth weights is defined as less than 5.5 pounds. new this morning new evidence that technology is impacting our relationships. that is according to a survey from lasting, which is a new marriage health app. 79% of couples admitted that phones and computers distract them from connecting with each other. an mit professor shares her experience working with couples who end up having communication problems because of their addiction to their devices. >> i've seen couples break up who didn't need to because in the way they texted each other and the way they used
5:58 am
technology, they were -- they were so busy presenting who they wanted to be that they lost track of who they really were. >> coming up on the "today" show, the steps that you can take to make sure that your relationship is not hurt by the technology that we love so much. today show starts at 7:00 right here after "today in the bay." and more changes for disneyland. a new superhero theme land is coming to california adventure starting in 2020, but you will notice those changes even sooner than that. the new land will be near the guardians of the galaxy mission breakout ride in the area where a buzz land is right now. it's tough to be a bug show already closed this week and the rest of the land will close this summer. california adventure is already undergoing major renovations in the paradise pier area and this is to make way for the new pixar-themed land. >> i loved the bugs. right now at 6:00 we are following breaking news out of
5:59 am
texas where police say the cereal bomber they have been tracking is now dead. >> the suspect is deceased and has significant injuries from a blast that occurred from detonating a bomb inside his vehicle. >> the folks in austin may feel relieved, but police are saying this may not be over yet. the investigation is only beginning. coming up, the reason city leaders say the danger is still out there. new information coming to light in the string of sexual assaults at san jose state university. what court documents are revealing about the suspect this morning. and we are tracking a wet morning commute as another storm is rolling through. if you've been with us you know our reporters are fanned out all around the bay area, as is the heavy rain that we are continuing to get through tonight. "today in the bay" continues right now. good morning, and thanks for joining us, i'm kris sanchez in for laura garcia who still has
6:00 am
no voice this morning. >> you are holding it down for us. >> thank you. i'm trying. i'm trying to fill her shoes, little bitty shoes, but they are big shoes. >> i have big shoes as well if you want to fill them. i'm marcus washington, thanks so much for joining us on this rainy morning. of course, this is something we're dealing with throughout the bay area today, we will have to get used to this for a while. >> those shoes need to be rain boots because we're going to see more rain coming through today and it's going to be soggy at times. we are already seeing this all around the bay area as we track it live with our storm ranger mobile doppler radar parked on san bruno mountain. we've seen some of the heaviest rain this morning moving through the north bay. it's been scattered all over the place. when you think you have a break it starts up once again. i've been tracking the rain moving across 580, through the tri-valley and also up towards san ramon. we're getting pockets of heavy rain. as we go throughout the day it's still going to be raining off and on and you can track it all with our mobile a


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