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tv   Today  NBC  March 21, 2018 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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that's the law. >> we will be on for you live tomorrow morning at 4:00 to get you on your way safely. we will be back at 7:25 for a local news update for you throughout the morning. good morning, breaking news -- the austin bombing suspect is dead. after an overnight confrontation with police. >> as members of the austin police department s.w.a.t. team approached the vehicle, the suspect detonated a bomb inside the vehicle. >> a dramatic ento a string of mysterious attacks that left an entire city on edge. and investigators with more questions than answers. we're live at the scene. spring back -- to winter. another nasty nor'easter, the fourth this month takes aim at the east coast. 75 million people from tennessee to maine facing damaging winds, dangerous travel and a new wave of power outages, with a foot of snow possible in major cities
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like new york and philadelphia. our weather team has it all covered. trump's past, the president at the center of two more lawsuits over alleged affairs and sexual misconduct. the new allegations and why the president could find himself having to testify under oath. all that, plus a hero's response. the school officer being credited with saving lives after a student suddenly opens fire. facebook in crisis -- users deleting their accounts. lawmakers demanding answers. so where is mark zuckerberg? we're live at facebook's headquarters. and color controversy, first it was the dress, then the shoes. now the internet is serving up a new debate over tennis balls. green, yellow, you be the judge. today, wednesday, march 21st, 2018. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today," with savannah
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guthrie and hoda kotb. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> good morning, everybody, welcome to "today," nice to have you with us on a wednesday morning. >> it is a very busy morning. we have a lot to get to, starting with the breaking news out of texas. >> overnight police tracked down the suspect in the package bombings that have rocked the city of austin, as a s.w.a.t. team moved in on his car, officials say the suspect blew himself up. it brings an end to a nearly month-long reign of terror that included at least five explosions, we're going to talk live to austin's mayor in a moment. but first, nbc's gabe gutierrez with the latest, good morning. >> it was a night of fast-moving developments, over the last 24-36 hours, police zeroed in on their suspect, tracking him to a hotel parking lot north of austin. as he drove away, they followed his car. he pulled into a ditch and set off one last bomb. it was a dramatic confrontation overnight.
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police tracking the 24-year-old suspect, who two law enforcement sources identify as mark anthony conditt, to the parking lot of a hotel and chasing him as he drove away. >> the vehicle ended up stopping in the bar ditch on the side of the road behind us. as members of the austin police department s.w.a.t. team approached the vehicle, the suspect detonated a bomb inside the vehicle. >> austin affiliate ki obtaining these surveillance videos of a fedex facility. reports say pictures show a man in a blonde wig dropping off packages on sunday. investigators say surveillance images were key on zeroing in in on the suspect. austin was a city on edge, a false alarm sending police racing to a goodwill store after reports of an explosion. >> we're going to be attempting to move people away from the building. >> investigators determining it wasn't a bomb, but a box someone donated filled with old military items that ignited. five other explosions this month
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killed two people and seriously injured four others. >> the violence seems to be escalating. >> late tuesday, investigators were poring over surveillance video from this fedex facility where someone mailed two more package bombs. one exploded at the sorting center near san antonio. police intercepting the other one before it detonated. at this fedex building near austin's airport. investigators will try to find out more about who conditt was and his motive and why he terrorized the city for weeks. >> we don't know where the suspect has spent his last 24 hour hours. >> that no other packages or devices have been left to the community. >> one officer was injured when the suspect set off the explosive in his car. that officer is expected to be okay. and authorities are urging the public to still remain cautious. because they don't know if any more bombs may have been left behind.
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hoda and savannah, back to you. >> gabe, thank you so much. you can imagine how it feels to be in austin the last few weeks. let's bring in the mayor of austin, steve adler, thanks for being with us this morning. >> certainly. t of relief on your part, the part of a community that it appears the bomber is no longer with us and no longer able to harm anyone. do you know, can you shed some light on how it is that investigators were able to figure out his identity and get their man? >> you know, i think a lot of the details you're going to have to get those from the chief. at this point i don't know, with the investigation that's continuing, i don't think that he's been talking about those kind of operational details. but they are confident that they have someone who has been responsible for these bombs. going off and as a community we're just really relieved and just incredibly thankful for the
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army of law enforcement that has been in our community here for the last, last week or so. >> we talked a little bit about how he was nabbed in that hotel parking lot. take us through what happened in those moments, mayor. >> well what the police chief described is they were able to identify his car. they started gathering around it to bring in the teams. so hopefully make an arrest. while they were waiting for the teams to, the whole teams to be put into place, he drove off. they followed the car, eventually there was a stop and when the officers approached the vehicle, the suspect set off a bomb. it caused the officers to be pushed back. one of the officers. >> we know that the suspect, all we know is he's a 24-year-old white male.
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was he a resident of the city of austin? do you have any sense of why he would have targeted your city? >> you know, at this point anything else that's been released about the suspect or they're keeping that part of the investigation, that is continuing. and as for motive, we don't know at this point. hopefully with the investigation that's continuing right now, we'll get some answers to those questions. but the investigation is continuing, we're asking people to remain vigilant and to still identify things in the community that is suspicious or out of place. as we have been doing, we need to continue doing that. >> austin mayor steve adler, a lot of relief in your town this morning. happy to have you with us. thank you. on another major story this morning, it is the first full day of spring and tens of millions up and down the east coast are greeting it not with shorts, but with shovels. >> winter storm warnings stretch
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from tennessee all the way to new hampshire. with the potential for record snow totals. this late in the year for cities like new york city and philadelphia. >> the snow heavy and wet, it will intensify throughout the day along with winds, so like previous nor'easters, widespread power outages are possible. >> obviously a storm like this having a big impact on travel. dangerous driving conditions, thousands of flights canceled across the region. >> we have every angle of the storm covered, beginning with dylan dryer, who is in philly where a snow emergency has been declared. hey, dylan. >> hoda, yes, spring started at 12:15 yesterday afternoon but you would never know it. we've had mostly sleet here in philadelphia. but we are going to transition over to heavy snow within a few hours. elsewhere across pennsylvania and the surrounding area. heavy snow has started falling and it will last all day long. march 2, march 7, march 12 and now today, that's four
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nor'easters in less than three weeks that have wreaked havoc across the northeast and we're going to see this one do more of the same. schools are closed and amtrak is running on a modified schedule. this evening's commute is expected to be the most dangerous, with snowfall rates of two to three inches per hour. that will reduce visibility this is expected to be a heavy, wet, cement-like snow that sticks to trees, sticks to power lines, and with wind gusts of 40-50 miles per hour we're going to see more power outages across the northeast. nor'easters in march are not unusual, but this many back to back is certainly very rare. guys? >> dylan, thank you. let's turn to mr. roker. how is the day shaeping up? >> we can see already, the snow extends all the way back into indiana, down to virginia. and west virginia, and you're seeing it start to fill in here in the northeast and the snow bands haven't yet, the heavy ones haven't set up yet. as you can see, stretching down
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into the south, up into new england, 75 million people under some sort of winter weather advisory or winter storm warning. what we're looking for today, snow and gusty winds developing along the i-95 corridor, with snowfall rates of one to three inches per hour, once the heavy snow bands set up. overnight, the wet snow ends for the mid-atlantic. your boston area is going to see snow continuing on into the morning hours. and then thursday, snow continuing for maine with improving weather overnight. let's break down the snowfall totals, right now we're looking for generally down in washington, d.c., about three to six inches of snow. baltimore, four to seven inches. moving up i-95 to philadelphia, knife to nine inches of snow. national weather service here in new york is calling for up to 18 inches of snow. and if we get the heavy snow bands developing, we could see that. but right now we're going to call for six to ten inches, the first couple of inches will melt
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before they do any kind of accumulation. five to nine for hartford and providence. boston, about four to seven inches snoef and the winds will be a huge factor. dylan talked about. we're going to be looking at gusts of 31 miles per hour in philadelphia. they're going to continue during the day today. airport delays, big problems, right on into tomorrow. flights canceled, a real mess. and we've got coastal flood problems stretching from the delmarva peninsula and new jersey during minor to moderate flooding during the late morning and late-evening tides, and moving up into new england. less of a problem, but still we're going to have to watch it very closely. hoda? >> all right. al, thanks so much. as al just mentioned, if you do have a plane to catch, you'll want to call ahead. the monster storm is impacting the airlines coast to coast with thousands of flights canceled. nbc's stephanie gosk is over at laguardia airport with more. >> hoda, good morning. it's like we've been battling
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some kind of weather war in the northeast with wave after wave of artillery coming in today we have another one. here at laguardia there are some flights taking off, but it will change as the snow and wind pick up. a nor'easter gets its name not from this region, but instead from the directions of the wind which come in from the northeast. today the winds in new york could reach 30 to 50 miles per hour. check out this board, there's a lot of red on it this morning. we've got nationwide numbers as well. thousands of flights have been canceled. hitting these weary airports in boston, new york and philadelphia. i would love to be able to tell you this is the last nor'easter for this region in march. but we've got another ten days and that seems like not such a safe prediction. back to you. >> thank you. >> we're going to keep our eye on the storm throughout the morning. a lot more to get to, including new trouble for the president, another woman who claims they had a past affair. is now suing to be able to go
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public with her story. and there's a new twist in the stormy daniels' saga as well. nbc national correspondent peter alexander at the white house with those details. >> hey, savannah, good morning to you. a former porn star, a former playmate and a former contestant on "the apprentice." the three women putting legal pressure on president trump. all of the accusations of affairs a and misconduct date back to before the president took office. but they preview what could be long legal battles ahead. in return to spotlight allegations about donald trump's personal conduct. >> this morning, another woman, another alleged affair with donald trump and another lawsuit. the latest accuser to come forward, former "playboy" model karen mcdougal. her lawyer speaking out for the first time. >> karen mcdougal had a sexual relationship with donald trump for ten months. it was a romantic relationship. they were together very often. >> the alleged affair was more than ten years ago.
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mcdougal says in 2016 she was paid $150,000 by the nation"nat enquire enquirer"'s parent company to keep her story secret. now she's suing the company, american media, inc. whose ceo is a friend of president trump. her lawyer claims the agreement is invalid. because the media company and her attorney misled her about the deal. mcdougal now the second woman this month taking legal action to tell her story following stormy daniels. >> do you have a nondisclosure agreement? >> do i? >> daniels' attorney posting this film of the actress taking a lie detector test in 2011. the polygraph report obtained by nbc news showed the examiner found daniels to be truthful when she said she had unprotected sex with donald trump. the white house is repeatedly called those claims false. overnight, daniels tweeted -- technically, i didn't sleep with the potus 12 years ago, there was no sleeping. adding i'm not going anywhere. on tuesday, a new york judge
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ruled in favor of former "the apprentice" contestant, summer zerba, saying her case can go forward. denying the president's lawyer's request for immunity because he's commander-in-chief. serba alleges that donald trump groped her in 2007. as a candidate mr. trump denied her claims and those of other women who accused him of misconduct. >> they're all false, totally invented. >> still silent on all of the accusations, first lady melania trump. instead she's speaking out about her anti-cyberbullying campaign. despite fierce criticism of her husband's social media habits and his frequent attacks on twitter. >> i'm well aware that people are skeptical of me discussing this topic. but it will not stop me. from doing what i know is right. >> as for those other women, karen mcdougal plans to speak out publicly late they are week. in an interview with stormy daniels could air as early as this weekend. this is a conversation that's far from finished.
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>> it is and there's another conversation happening right now, peter. some republicans and democrats criticizing the president for his congratulatory phone call to vladimir putin. can you tell us more about that? >> that's right. the president congratulating vladimir putin on his re-election. despite specific warnings from his national security advisers not to. the "washington post" reporting that the words "do not congratulate" in all caps were written inside the president's briefing book yesterday. the president also reportedly ignoring instructions to condemn the recent poisoning of a former russian spy in britain. he didn't bring up russia's meddling in the u.s. election, either. it is worth noting in 2012 president obama congratulated putin after his re-election then. president trump said that he and put-a good call, that the they'll likely meet soon. this is sparking a new round of sharp crit sin about the president's nonconfrontation tone towards one of america's biggest global rivals and all of it against the backdrop of the russia investigation.
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savannah and hoda? >> peter alexander at the white house, thanks. meantime, a school officer is being hailed as a hero this morning in the wake of yet another school shooting. two students at maryland's great mills high school were wounded when a 17-year-old fellow classmate opened fire. that gunman confronted and killed. nbc's garrett haik joins us from the scene. >> good morning, the school here behind me will be closed today, probably until the end of the week while the investigation here continues. we're only a few days away now from the national march for our lives, spurred on by the parkland school shooting and now it's a new community dealing with this particular type of pain. the great mills community praying overnight for 16-year-old jalen willie. still fighting for her life this morning. after being shot at her high school yesterday. >> willie's family telling nbc news, it's hard for us not to see her shining, smiling face and to see her light up the room with her presence.
7:18 am
>> police say 17-year-old austin wyatt rollins a student at great mills walked into the school with a gun. at 7:55 a.m., rollins opened fire. shooting willey, critically injuring her. police believe the two may have had a prior relationship. >> we heard screaming and a girl shouted out, a guy has a gun and they made us go on lockdown. >> school resource officer blaine gaskle, who is a s.w.a.t. team member, responded within seconds, firing at rollins. he's being hailed as a hero. >> this is a tough guy who apparently closed in very quickly, took the right kind of action. >> when the shooting was over, rollins was dead and a 14-year-old student also injured. investigators aren't sure yet whose bullet hit whom. some students fled. calling their parents as they ran. >> what did you do when you got that phone call. >> like i said, i threw on my shoes and said i'm on my way. >> meanwhile, police swept
7:19 am
through the locked down school room by room. >> i was in the locker room and the police officer busted down the door with a gun and the gun had a flashlight. >> this morning one more community learning it can happen here, too. >> if you don't think this can't happen at your school, you are sadly mistaken. >> i want to focus on how to keep schools like this safer. do lockdown drills here, but they don't have metal detectors. and at a school of 1600 students, hoda, they have just the one school resource officer. who happened to be the exact right place and right time to keep this from potentially so much worse. >> where he needed to be. garrett, thank you so much. coming up, going to extremes to keep kids safe. the surge in sales for things like bulletproof back packs as parents respond to the recent school shooting. let's check in with al. this is going to be a busy day for you. >> as we look at what's going on around the rest of the country.
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you can see clear skies, from the plains down to texas. a flash flood risk out west. we'll look at that in our next half hour. but we'll get to your local forecast coming up in the next 30 seconds. captivating exteriors dynamic lighting elevated comfort powerfully efficient and one more thing the world comes with it ♪you can go your own way... the 2019 jeep cherokee good morning, i'm meteorologist kari hall. tracking some scattered showers across the bay area this morning. it looks pretty soggy, especially for the north bay and parts of the east bay. we've seen rounds of rain moving through. there will be a bit of a break by early afternoon, but the brunt of the storm hits the bay area later on tonight as this
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atmospheric river continues to bring in lums of moisture. this pretty much tells the story of wet roads across parts of the bay area this morning as you head out. rain gets heavier for tonight. weather. guys? >> all right, al. thank you. coming up, facebook in x crisis, amid growing concerns over sharing your personal information. have your phones handy because we're going to show you how to stop that from happening. >> first, this is "today" on nbc. does this map show the
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next chapter ♪ here )s a live look at good morning. it is 7:26, i'm marcus washington. here is a live look at downtown san francisco. there is a steady douse of rain moving across the bay area right now. meteorologist kari hall is tracking that storm. kari? >> and the heaviest rain has been over parts of the authorities bay and east bay. we continue to see more waves of rain moving in with this atmospheric river. there will be more on the way. we are going to widen out the picture to show you the heavy rain continues for central and southern california and even some storms firing up, so that's something we will have to monitor here as well. as we go into the afternoon we will have a chance of a few isolated thunderstorms, but the rain will be very spotty. the brunt of the storm will be picking up and increasing our rainfall coverage and intensity as we go into tonight. our winds will be up to about 30 miles per hour between tonight and early tomorrow morning as we
7:27 am
go through tomorrow morning's commute a lot of that rain will be focussed from san francisco over toward the east bay and farther to the south. we will continue to track also those rainfall totals and what's ahead over the next few days with more scattered rain in the forecast. we will get some clearing as we go into tomorrow afternoon, but we will not be completely done with this storm system. highs reaching into the low 50s for san francisco and it will be drying out by this sunday. let's see how the roads are moving with mike. look at this shot from the east shore freeway. we have away from us at university eastbound 80 a crash just cleared in the last few minutes it looks like from that roadway. traffic moving smoother, but look how slow the westbound commute is. we have wet roadways around the bay north of the san mateo bridge and definitely the north bay. a closure for the southbound side of 280, they have a crash they are having to clear. should be reopening in the next few minutes.
7:28 am
we will continue to track that. your alternate is 85. i will have another located all news update in half an hour.
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welcome back. 7:30 on a wednesday morning, it is march the 21st. so naturally the snow is falling. here's a look at the white house. tens of millions of people on the east coast are going to deal with a fourth nor'easter just kind of getting started. >> the story of the day, we'll have al's forecast in a moment. let's look at the other top stories, including this breaking news in the austin bombing. >> bombing suspect dead. the man believed to be behind the string of explosions in austin blows himself up in an overnight confrontation with police. putting an end to a reign of terror that had a city on edge for nearly a month. >> as members of the austin police department s.w.a.t. team approached the vehicle, the
7:31 am
suspect detonated a bomb inside the vehicle. controversy over congratulations, the president being criticized on both sides of the aisle this morning for reportedly ignoring his advisers and congratulating vladimir putin during a phone call after the russian president's victory in an allegedly rigged election. >> what i look at a russian election, what i see is a lack of credibility. calling him wouldn't have been high on my list. charged -- after months of outrage and protest, the minneapolis police officer who fatally shot an unarmed woman behind her home is charged with third-degree murder as the city's top prosecutor blames uncooperative cops for slowing down the investigation. >> officer noor did not act reasonably and abused his privilege to use deadly force. a coast guard crew uses a helicopter to rescue a pilot who crash-landed on the oregon coast. and a man use as jet suit on
7:32 am
the world's fastest zipline, today, wednesday, march 21st, 2018. >> file that under the things i would never do. what could be a moment of reckoning for facebook and its founder, mark zuckerberg. >> the social network is facing a federal inquiry over a data scandal involving millions of users. lawmakers here and overseas are demanding to know how much facebook knows about you and how that information is being used. and it has some users even deleting their accounts. nbc's gadi schwartz is at facebook's headquarters. >> good morning. this scandal has now reached global proportions. and through it all, the big question, where is mark zuckerberg? users, investors, lawmakers all wanting to hear from the founder and we understand that employees here at facebook may hear from him in the next 24 hours. >> the industry won't solve these kinds of problems themselves.
7:33 am
we'll have to solve them with legislation. >> beyond the halls of congress -- >> it violates privacy. >> and the undercover video from our british partner itm channel 4, allegedly using companies to use facebook information to swing election there is are users who share, click likes and give information to facebook and third-party apps every day. earlier this year, facebook insiders telling nbc news that's gold for advertisers and for political campaigns. >> all the content is stuff that you like, right? it's what they think you like. but what it really is, is stuff that serves their business model and their profits. and making you angry. making you afraid. is really good for facebook's business. it is not gd for america. >> this week, a bombshell -- >> if you think about how do you fight a war, you need an arsenal of weapons. >> whistleblower allegedly info
7:34 am
on 50 million facebook users was improper improperly obtained in 2014. >> have you met mr. trump? >> many times. all the search, all the data and analytics. >> facebook has suspended the cambridge analytics ceo and launched an internal investigation at facebook. >> and mark zuckerberg and sheryl sandberg remain committed to vigorously protect our policies to protect people's information. >> facebook denies collecting information improperly. saying they never claimed they won the election for president trump. >> in the two 16 elections, fake news spread like wildfire because those who wanted to sway voters seemed to know where to pour the gasoline. facebook disclosed that 150 americans had seen ads placed by russians, in the case of cambridge analytica, an app was used to serve 270,000 people, wiley claimed it was used to
7:35 am
collect data on tens of millions of their friends, the details of how that information was used is just now surfacing. facebook says apps can no longer use third-party apps can no longer harvest data from friends, without specific permissions. facebook says they're tackling the issue of fake news, in the last week, last two days, facebook has lost about $50 billion in their stock value. we've already seen at least one lawsuit on that. so just a sign of the times. savannah, hoda? >> thanks. this has got a lot of people wondering how to protect their own personal information so we asked "today" national investigative correspondent jeff rossen to give us some tips. >> i want to you grab your phones on the anchor desk and you at home as well. i've about to show you how to shut this function off to protect your information. it's actually very easy. here's the deal -- when you download a new app like airbnb
7:36 am
or yelp or uber, they often ask something like this, you're familiar with the screen, create your own account or do you want to log in with your facebook account instead. i always choose facebook, because it's easier and i know you do, too. otherwise you have like a million user names and passwords for each app. here's what you don't realize, when you do that you are giving both the app and facebook permission to exchange information about you between each other. we're talking about information like your name. the date and time you visited each app. possibly even your location. even details about your computer or phone. and guess what, they can even see who you're friends with. facebook acknowledging on their own website they sometimes get data from those outside apps to help deliver ads to you which could explain why it always seems to know you so well. here's how you can stop this from happening. get out the phones, my iphone. we have mirrored in the big wall here, we'll do this together. i want to you launch the facebook app. i opened up the app, come right
7:37 am
down here, right to those three little lines on the bottom. then scroll all the way down. to settings. okay, you see settings right there? hit settings, it's going to pop up a account settings. hit account settings, then it will pop up. i want you to scroll down right over here to where it says, apps. okay? click on apps. now look at this. right on top, logged in with facebook. i'm going to click on that right here. on my phone alone -- i didn't realize this, guys, i have 23 apps, you maybe even have more that are all communicating with facebook. on mine it's airbnb, bitmoji, a bunch of others as well. i'll click on airbnb. scroll all the way down to the bottom, right there, remove app. hit that. gigts to ask you if you want to remove it. you hit remove. and that's gone. then you'll have to create an account with that app. now with all this news about facebook this week and private
7:38 am
information being shared, some of you may want to leave facebook entirely. can you deactivate your account, which is temporary. people can still see you on facebook or you can delete your account permanently. but you need to go on the web and fill out a form. we actually have a link to that form if you want to do it on our website right now. facebook says it can take a month to delete your account and three months to delete all your information. i hope this helps. we have all this information on if you missed all of that. but hopefully that step-by-step helps. >> you're like the i.t. department. >> thanks, jeff. we're going to turn our attention back to the weather, everyone is looking at this. hey, al. >> our friends out west are having to deal with some pretty severe weather. a big upper level low pumping in tons of moisture. especially central and southern california along the coast we have flash flood watches from
7:39 am
riverside up through the sierra and san luisobispo. we have winter storm warnings and watches for the sierra. they're going to get a decent amount of snow for the snow melt, they need that. however, the rain, excessive, three to five inches from southern monterey county into lower parts of southern california to los angeles. and we could see upwards of seven inches in the mountains and the foot we are on the outer fringes of that atmospheric river but we will still have a pretty big impact, especially as we go into tonight. right now we are seeing scattered rain that's being tracked by storm our mobile doppler radar. a lot of the rain across much of the north bay, as we get a closer look at the santa cruz mountains we are seeing heavy rain moving through there as well. into the north bay, the rain has been very spotty, but at times heavy for napa and sonoma and also moving through novato.
7:40 am
we will be tracking this as we go through the day as the winds pick up this evening. savannah? >> thank you so much. coming up, the dirty business of love. the nasty feud between dating apps tinder and bumble. >> you never know what will happen when the great bill murray pays us a visit. and is your smartphone taking a toll on your relationship? we've got a theme going here today. a real opener, eye-opener for couples. but first, a troubling sign of the times, the new devices that parents are buying to feel safer about sending their kids to school. coming up after this. school. coming up after this. what? i switched to geico and got more. more savings on car insurance? a-ha. and an award-winning mobile app. that is more. oh, there's more. mobile id cards, emergency roadside service... more technology. i can even add a new driver... ...right from her phone!
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kohl's cash for you. kohl's. ♪ back, now, 7:45. in the wake of another school shooting, a lot of parents are confronting new fears about sending their kids off to school. >> in the past few weeks, many have taken safety in their own hands, spurring what is becoming a booming industry. kristen dahlgren has the story this morning. >> good morning, yeah. dilemma for a lot of parents as you guys can imagine. there's a lot of products and they're flying off of the shelves. parents saying they will do whatever it takes to protect their kids. bullet-proof backpacks, metal reenforced binders. families across the country, spending big on school supplies with a twist. >> i would rather teach them
7:46 am
math and science, instead of how to protect themselves. >> reporter: in the wake of another shooting in lexington park, maryland, school safety has turned into a booming industry. >> you can see here, it's shot a few times in the front. but nothing goes through the back. >> reporter: guard dog security said it sold six months' worth of its bullet-proof backpack after the parkland incident. >> this one was incident. >> reporter: samantha elliot bought bullet-proof backpacks for her sons. >> a story they have come up with covering themselves with blood so they can play dead if it happens. >> reporter: they cost between $150 and $200. for her, a small price to pay for peace of mind. it's not just parents. last year, schools invested $2.7 billion in security equipment and services, up $200 million
7:47 am
since 2015. in oklahoma, shelters, once meant to save students from tornadoes are now being installed as bullet-proof safe rooms. this school superintendent trying it out with live fire, to make sure it would work. in wisconsin -- >> i call this the justin case. >> reporter: justin developed a door jam to stop an intruder. his school district ordering one for every classroom. southwestern high school in indiana is called the safest school in america. bull bullet-resistant doors. cameras to track intruders in real-time. a $400,000 system, not all schools can afford. but for parents, security is now part of the budget, knowing the next incident may be just a matter of time. >> police will be there after the fact.
7:48 am
what's going to happen in those four minutes? hide behind a desk or hide behind a desk and a backpack. i've chosen a backpack. >> reporter: many of the products are not truly bull bullet-proof, when it comes to high-caliber rounds. but parents want to try to give their students something. many of these companies, guys, were started by parents who were disturbed and felt they needed to do something. >> i know. >> that's where we are at. >> kristen, thank you. just ahead, we're going to switch gears. the dating app wars. the dating app wars. did a popular site "you can't choose our ge your neighbors, with a but you can choose your premium finish." ooooh you got the black stainless. sleek. -thanks. i need your help with the backsplash. there are lots of ladies at miss bennet's. that's nice sweetie. maybe something stone or... three pizza guys just showed up. now the pizza guys just took off their shirts.
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7:53 am
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good wednesday morning, i'm meteorologist kari hall. we've been tracking some rain across parts of the bay area this morning and much of it has been focused in the north bay as well as the east bay. as we get a look at what's happening here we still have a steady stream of moisture thanks to this atmospheric river, but it does target southern target with some much heavier rain. as we go through the day there will be some breaks with some off and on rain and the potential of a few isolated thunderstorms. we will see the rain ramp up in intensity for tonight into early tomorrow morning, especially for areas south of marin county where we will get the brunt of the storm and also some gusty winds up to about 30 miles per hour. the rain will gradually taper off for tomorrow, but we won't be completely done with the rain just yet. there still will be some more showers in the forecast through friday as well as saturday. let's check in with mike for an update on the commute. good news for the south bay, that crash and closure i told
7:57 am
you about that had just cleared 280 just after the last report, so after a half hour things are great. no problem. in fact, northbound good and great through the silicon valley as well. westbound 580 slows off of the castro valley y. there is a disabled vehicle blocking one rain. the rain and wet roads have moved out of the area for the most part. looking at slow still for 24 and the upper east shore freeway. look at that, 50 minutes from highway 4. back to you. and happening now the latest round of rain is raising concerns about potential slide dangers, especially in those wildfire zones. so far there are no reports of any serious slides in the bay area, but residents in the north bay and in the santa cruz mountains are really keeping a close eye on the hillsides. link to more from our twitter feed. we are closely monitoring developments in austin, texas, and this morning's death of the serial bombing suspect who blew himself up as the s.w.a.t. team moved in. our latest on the homepage with details about his identity. i'm marcus washington. our team e
7:58 am
overnight. and i )ll use storm ranger to give you a more accurate look of what )s heading toward you. the rain, the impact, our live team coverage! we )ll be on early! tomorrow morning starting at 4. good morning, it )s 7:26... ♪you've got a friend in me celebrate friendship and beyond at the first ever pixar fest with all new fireworks and your favorite park parades.
7:59 am
only at disneyland resort.
8:00 am
8:00 on "today." coming up, breaking news, suspect down. >> the suspect is deceased from a blast that occurred. >> police confronting the austin serial bomber overnight. the suspect detonating a bomb in his car, as police closed in. we're live on the scene with the latest details. plus, i now pronounce you husband and wi-fi. >> it can really distract from being in that romantic moment with your wife. >> jenna takes a look at how our phones are distracting us, from the relationships that really matter and what you can do to save them. and icons in studio 1a. priscilla presley stops by to tell us about a new film looking
8:01 am
at elvis' rise to fame. and bill murray is here. the comedy legend unleashed in the new film, ""isle of dog." this wednesday, march 21st, 2018. >> from sunny arizona. >> to new york city. >> we love you, savannah. the sisters are hereo see the sisters of "today." >> hi, savannah and hoda. ♪ >> we came from michigan to the "today" show. and the cold's got nothing on us. >> from hershey, pennsylvania. >> and bristol, virginia. >> we love "today." >> love you, too. good morning, everybody. thanks for being out there. look at that. we're starting to see the snow come down. weather will be a big story today. we have other breaking news. nearly three weeks after the texas serial bombings began, the
8:02 am
suspect is dead. his life came to a violent end as police moved in to arrest him. gabe gutierrez has the latest from round rock, texas, this morning. gabe, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. police say the suspected serial bomber is dead after he blew himself up as a s.w.a.t. team closed in. the dramatic overnight confrontation ended a saga that had terrorized central texas for weeks. police say investigators tracked the suspect down near i-35 here, just north of austin, to a hotel parking lot. while police waited for tactical vehicles to arrive, the police chief says the suspect drove away and pulled into a ditch, where he detonated a bomb inside his car. one officer was slightly injured in that blast. but he is expected to be okay. now, austin was on-edge after a series of explosions, five explosio explosions this month that left two people dead and four others seriously hurt.
8:03 am
a sixth bomb had been intercepted before it exploded. the police are urging the public to be cautious because they do not know that the suspect may have left other bombs behind. savannah? >> gabe gutierrez, thank you very much. now, to the dangerous nor'easter bearing down on the east coast. it's the fourth one this month. it's going to affect millions of people with heavy snow, power outages and lots and lots of travel delays. we're going to mr. roker now. how is it shaping up? >> we're going to the new jersey turnpike. the roads are wet. but a lot of folks are heeding the advice, stays off of the roads. from new england all the way back down to the appalachians and down into north carolina, we're looking at snow. here, the impact we're expecting for today. we look for heavy snow, today into tonight. philadelphia, 5 to 9. 6 to 10, new york. h hartford, 5 to 8. boston, 6 to 10 inch of snow. and wind gusts through today, 20 to 30-mile-per-hour wind gusts all the way up to boston, where
8:04 am
it could get up to 40-mile-per-hour wind gusts. and coastal flooding, mild to moderate flooding threat. the strongest risk will be during high tides today and tomorrow. out west, rain and snow today through tomorrow. a flood threat for the burn scar areas and a few feet of snow added to the sierra. areas willo 7 inches of rain. savannah? >> al, thank you so much. the director of the fbi indicated tuesday he is satisfied politics did not play a role in the firing of former deputy director andrew mccabe. christoph christopher rey talked about it in an interview with pete williams. >> i'm committed to doing things by the book. that has to extend not just to our investigations, our intelligence analysis, but also has to extend to personnel decisions and disciplinary decisions. >> reporter: some people commented on the fact it happened 26 hours before he was going to retire. >> i want to be careful about what i can say about the
8:05 am
process. i will tell you my commitment to making sure our process is followed, that it relies on objective input and most importantly, it is not based on political or partisan influence is something i am unyielding on. >> you can see more of that exclusive interview, tonight on "nbc nightly news" and tomorrow on "today." 8:05. it's "morning boost" time. >> justin trudeau is getting upstaged on a regular basis by somebody younger. we're talking about his son. he just turned 4. he is doing a face plant during a recent family trip to india. he doesn't let formal settings stifle his meltdowns. if he is tired or board, he shows it. his antics have made him a social media star. "cosmopolitan india" magazine shared a picture of him stealing the show. he was busting a move in
8:06 am
traditional clothing. a lot more ahead this morning, including did the app bumble swipe tinder's idea? the feud between the two sites. and prince harry and meghan ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ...with its high-tech cameras and radar... ...contemporary cockpit... ...three hundred and sixty degree network of driver-assist technologies...
8:07 am
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seventh generation. #comeclean a heart transplant... that's a whole different ballgame. i was in shock. i am very proud of the development of drugs that can prevent the rejection and prevent the recurrence of the original disease. i never felt i was going to die. we know so much about transplantation. and we're living longer. you cannot help but be inspired by the opportunities that a transplant would offer. my donor's mom says "you were meant to carry his story". ♪ ♪ ♪ express yourself..
8:09 am
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♪ carefully made to be broken. new, from magnum.
8:11 am
♪ we are back with a growing feud in the business of we are back with a growing feud in the business of love. >> apparently all is not fair in love and war. the dating apps tinder and bumble are in a legal battle. what does it mean for you? nbc business correspondent jo ling kent has the story. >> reporter: match group that owns tinder, just filed a lawsuit against bumble, accusing them of infringing on two different patents and trade secrets. bumble calls it a bullying tactic. no love lost this morning between two of the biggest names in online dating. in a letter on their website and in "the new york times," bumble responded to a lawsuit by tinder's parent company match group. saying we, a woman-founded company, are not scared of aggressive corporate culture. the lawsuit says bumble is identical to tinder in its functionality and look and feel. both apps present users with a
8:12 am
stack of profiles and potential matches nearby. when people both swipe right, they can get in touch. >> it's all based on attraction. oh, man, she's hot. i'll swipe right. >> reporter: at bumble, which has nearly 30 million users, women initiate the first contact, a feature tinder says they planned to implement, but it won't be the default setting like it is at bumble. tinder went live in 2012. the founder of bumble, whitney wolfe herd was one of the executives to help launch the app. in an interview before the lawsuit was served, she says her experience leaving tinder motivated her to start bumble. >> i was very, very, very, violently attacked digitally by complete strangers. and i felt this duty to go out and build the answer to the internet that i hated. >> reporter: she filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against tinder that was settled out of court. match says this lawsuit is not about any bumble personnel's personal history with anyone previously at tinder.
8:13 am
instead, they claim bumble infringed on two patents and that several of the features were stolen by two former tinder employees when they left the company and later went to work at bumble. bumble disputes the lawsuit's claims, calling them baseless and saying they look forward to telling their story in court. the company is said to be worth $1 billion. and according to reports, turned down a $450 million buyout offer from match. in their letter, they say they swipe left on the allegations from match group and tinder and not to the rejection feature on both apps. we'll never be yours, bumble goes on to say, no matter the price tag. we'll never compromise our values. a rocky relationship between two dating giants, far from love at first swipe. in response to the bullying tactic allegation, a match group spokesperson responded in a statement saying the facts around this issue are simple.
8:14 am
a company cannot steal trade secrets and infringe on patents without repercussions. on monday, they also filed against tantan, a company called china's tinder. >> lots to follow there. thank you very much. turning to one of our biggest stories of the day, mr. roker and the weather. >> let's check you out and see what's happening. you watch and we have this flash flood risk out west. we're going to be watching that very, very closely. look at this. we got beautiful weather from the plains down to texas. back into the gulf coast, a little on the windy side. heavy snow through the northe really heavy pockets of
8:15 am
downpours and amusing through san rafael. all of this moving up towards the north and east. there will be some breaks in the rain but it gets more widespread and heavy. as we go into tonight we'll be tracking the rain and gusty winds thru tomorrow morning. >> al, thanks. now, more on our ongoing series "your brain on tech." this is all about the relationships and the impact tech has on it. our girl, jenna, is here. >> good morning, guys. between work e-mails and social immediate, it can be a struggle to put down our devices and disconnect. more studies are showing how damaging that can be to our relationships. we sat down with three couples and talk about love in the time of tech. it's designed to bring us together. but all of the technology and can dull the signal of our personal relationships.
8:16 am
>> people can become in solitude. once you lose your capacity for solitude, it makes you less able to be in a relationship. >> reporter: according to a survey from lasting, 79% of couples admit that mobile phones and computers distract them from connecting with each other. we met up with three couples at the company's headquarters and got real about how technology is impacting their love relationships. hand them over. hand them over. all right. they're all with me. who scrolls through social media more than five times a day? raise your hand if you thought about throwing your partner's phone out the window? >> both hands. both hands. >> james gets home before i do. so, when i get home, i'm like, i'm off work. james, i talk his ear off. i'm like a little dog. you know? but he has to work longer hours than i. sometimes i'm like, are you still working? are you still on your phone?
8:17 am
>> how many times a day do you think you look at your phone? >> easily, a couple hundred times. and with sports, i mean, you can double that. if there's a game on, i'm going to be on it. >> the scary thing, when it becomes subconscious. you don't realize you're looking at your phone. and then, she's got to wake you up like an alarm clock. we made rules at dinner. if the phone comes out on the table, she takes it. >> oh, yeah. >> if your phone comes out, she'll take it? >> definitely. i'm not having it ruin dinner. >> reporter: experts say tech habits can take a big toll, especially when it comes to communication. a recent study showed 70% of women surveyed said smartphones were negatively impacting their relationship. >> i saw couples break up that didn't need to. one of the most important things that couples can do is put away their phones when they're talking to each other. >> how many of you have gotten in a fight over text or e-mail? >> our schedules are pretty
8:18 am
opposite. so, if -- you'll see a string of me being, are you heading to bed? are you going to sleep? sounds like you're asleep. sometimes in the morning i look a little crazy. >> because he writes and he was like, good night. >> he's like, i'm asleep. i'm like, well, you didn't text me back. >> do you feel like it can hinder romance? >> one thing, when you get a text or an e-mail from either a co-worker, a boss, a customer, that you weren't expecting, and you look at it and you say, that was a curveball, it can distract from being in that romantic moment with your wife. especially if that's in the back of your mind. >> reporter: by the end of our conversation, some progress. >> hearing us talk, i feel bad that sports is such a big thing. i'm going to try to take a small step back. >> thank you. >> i support you, buddy. >> thank you. >> we'll see how it goes. >> so, professor turkel says
8:19 am
it's important when you realize when you shouldn't have your phone out. her three main no-phone zones, the car, the kitchen while cooking and eating, and the bedroom. she says everybody -- >> what does that leave? >> nowhere. >> you should buy yourself an alarm clock. the first thing you do, turn your alarm off, and instead of saying, good morning, honey. >> it's true. >> right. >> did you have the basket by the front door and you would leave your phone? >> yeah. it's a tupperware so haley wouldn't see me on it all the time. >> how long did that last? >> about two days. >> when you're in the middle of the conversation and somebody looks down at a phone, it can be infuriating. >> exactly. >> and if you get something, like you were saying in the piece, that bums you out, the whole energy is deflated. >> there goes the romance, getting an e-mail from your boss. >> exactly. what about your kids? do they have trouble putting down devices? tomorrow, we'll look at research how tech is impacting their lives.
8:20 am
>> that's going to be a doozy. let's head over to the orange room, ironically, where we talk about tech, and carson is serving up an online controversy. >> is my phone over there? i don't have it. i'm nervous. we have a new debate dividing the internet. you remember the dress. is this white or gold or black and blue? white and gold to me. >> black and blue. >> white and gold. >> and this sneaker. is this pink? now, the item at the center of the latest color controversy is this, the tennis ball. are tennis balls green or yellow? >> yellow. >> yellow. >> it's neon yellow. >> why is this a question? >> exactly. >> jose adding, how is this not yellow? >> michael says i've been staring at tennis balls for the past two weeks and i'm not certain. some people got technical. trying to find the official color code. the results vary depending upon the photo. social media users took it to the top. they brought in an expert to settle this debate. savannah, you may be familiar with roger federer.
8:21 am
>> what? >> let's see what the star tennis player says. >> are tennis balls green or yellow? >> they're yellow, right? are they green? >> i think they're green. my son thinks they're yellow. >> they're yellow. >> yellow. >> the expert has spoken. he says the tennis balls are yellow. do our viewers agree? this morning we went to twitter and asked you, what color is a tennis ball? 67% saying yellow. 33% saying green. seems like roger federer knows what he's talking about. >> yes, he does. >> it depends on -- >> we go around fringe colors. chartreu chartreuse. nike used a color called volt. the control room says that's what they think it is. >> i have to do a comparison. >> a highlighter. >> different shades of yellow. >> this is neon green. >> casts a little shadow on it. and you see -- our studio, it's like bright yellow. cast a little shadow, it's
8:22 am
green. >> we heard what roger said. roger said yellow. it is then yellow. >> savannah goes by anything roger says. >> this is taking away important time from "pop start." >> oh, yeah, "pop start"! >> it's different today, it's special. royal wedding news dominating "pop start." kelly cobiella has all of the details on the latest decision the royal couple has made. >> reporter: the bride-to-be already in white, meghan markle's first event with the queen. check. the royal venue. check. and now, the cake checked off the wedding to-do list. a flowery creation from california pastry chef claire ptak. the palace announcing the news on twitter. the couple have asked claire to create a lemon elderflower cake, with the bright flavors of spring covered with buttercream and decorated with fresh flowers. ptak's violet bakery, a small shop in east london. her creations, renowned for her
8:23 am
high quality seasonal organic ingredients, the palace said. no lemon elderflower today. but they did have plenty of cake. the baker, like the bride-to-be, was raised in california. markel, interviewed ptak for her now defunct lifestyle blog. in a statement ptask said she was delighted. lemon and elderflower sounds spring-like. >> it sounds delicious. in comparison to normal royal wedding cake, which is like fruitcake covered in marzipan that nobody wants. this could be the first edible wedding cake in history. >> reporter: at william and kate's wedding guests were treated to tradition -- a towering eight-layers work of art. british fruitcake with 900 sugared leaves and flowers. charles and diana served 27 cakes at their wedding, plus, a fruitcake five feet call. the queen's wedding cake was even taller, nine feet high, weighing 490 pounds.
8:24 am
and then, there's the price. a slice of royal wedding cake can fetch big bucks. remember this classic scene from "seinfeld"? >> inside that small college boy minifridge is my latest accusation. a slice of cake from the wedding of king edward viii to wallace simpson. the price $29,000. >> a piece of william and kate's wedding cake recently sold for thousands of pounds. if you get a little piece in a box, you happen to be a guest, you keep it. >> reporter: and that really takes the cake. kelly cobiella, nbc news, london. >> there you go. anybody in the mood for cake? our food team was able to create this. lemon and elderflower and butter cream frosting. they used fresh flowers to decorate it. to wash it down, we have elderflower and champagne cocktails. >> this is amazing. >> what is elderflower? did you have it? >> we had it in a shot of
8:25 am
liquor on the 10. and it's delicious. >> you drank it straight down? >> we drank it. >> have a bite and tell me what you think. "the daly click." you want me to do it so you can eat? >> mm! >> it's rich. >> it's all about the buttercream frosting. >> i can't take the buttelderfl. >> i can't taste it. >> you doing "the daly click"? >> here's. hold on. this little kid was bowling. he was two pins away from getting the spare. the pressure was on. >> oh, no. >> i think you got it, buddy. >> woo. >> yeah. >> yeah. >> that's me when i read the e-mail that says we're eating cake and drinking champagne this morning. >> yes. >> yay! >> a little help from the bumper. but look at that celebration. here comes his sister. i love you. >> that's great. >> that is awesome. >> job well done. >> good job, carson.
8:26 am
thanks for bringing cake. just ahead, bill murray and priscilla presley and the surprising connection they share. you know about this, guys?i )m here )s a live look at highway 101 in san rafael - where drivers are dealing with wet conditions. there )s a steady dose of rain moving across a look at 101 in san rafael where drivers are dealing with wet conditions. there has been a steady dose of rain moving across the bay area. chael is tracking the storm as the system gets stronger. >> this is going to get more widespread. right now as we get a look at storm ranger, you can see the rain here looks very spotty, although we've seen a higher concentration of downpours in parts of the north bay, especially the richmond/san rafael bridge, and also rain that's moving across parts of sonoma county. we'll see this increase in coverage going into the evening. we will be drying out, but it
8:27 am
won't happen until sunday. let's see what's happening on the roads with mike. >> the wet rails are what's causing delays for the pittsburg/bay point line. doesn't sound like they're running trains for that corridor. the south bay looking great. damp roads around much of the bay. oakland, still slow getting to the bay breakage. >> more news in half an hour.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
♪ welcome back, everybody. welcome to "today." 8:30 on a wednesday morning, march 21st, 2018. the snow is falling. our crowd is pumped and we are so happy to be here with you guys. >> yay. hi, everybody. >> hi. oh mishgs gos oh, my gosh. we made it. thank you for coming out on such a gorgeous day. hey, sweetie.
8:31 am
happy birthday. >> this is not tucson weather. >> we have a beautiful crowd moment to share with you. today is world down syndrome day. did you know that? >> no. >> come over with me. >> hi, sweetie. >> how are you? >> is this sofia? >> hi, sofia. >> hi. >> how old are you? >> i'm nine years old. >> you have a book that says what? >> "be you sofia." >> be you. we're so happy you came to visit us today. what's your message today? >> it's people. >> everybody is beautiful. >> especially you, sofia. >> we love you, sofia. >> we love all of you guys. >> we love you all your lives. >> we love you right back. >> thank you. >> you're a charmer. sofia, can i give you a hug?
8:32 am
>> yes. >> i can't help it. >> yay. >> love you. >> we love you. >> are you liking the snow, sofia? >> i do. >> she does. >> i do. >> this is cold. >> it's fun. >> all right. california girl. >> yay, california. >> we love new york. >> we love you guys. >> bye, guys. >> that's sweet. >> i think i'm in love. coming up, bill murray talks about his new movie. it is really cool. we're going to talk to him about that. and also, he has a new show that i think is totally unique. totally bill. also, we're going to talk to priscilla presley about a new site celebrating the life of the king, elvis. and enchiladas packed with the flavor and the nutrients with the love birds behind us. and we're launching a special project called neighbors helping neighbors. you know a dedicated volunteer whose work is making a difference in your community,
8:33 am
but can use maybe some help from us. we want to shine a light on people shining hope and happy to other people's lives. head to and tell us more about the extraordinary volunteers you know. and remember, it's a surprise. don't tell them. al, a check of the weather. >> no surprise here. it's snowing, right? let's look at what's going on for today around the country. we have the snow in the northeast. windy in florida. sunny through the gulf, tall way through the central plains. flash flood risk out west and rain in the pacific northwest. a high flood risk continues tomorrow along the southern california and northern california coasts. above-average temperatures in the plains. morning snow continuing through texas. and plenty of sunshine from the great lakes down into the we're still seeing a couple scattered showers this morning moving through the north bay right now. light rain. over san francisco, if i zoom in closer you can see storm ranger
8:34 am
is scanning. we have the majority of rain trekking off to the north. you can see a lot of it is near the santa rosa area, healdsburg. we'll keep these scattered showers through the afternoon with heavier rain expected for tonight into tomorrow morning. >> and that is your latest weather. got a lot of fun. you don't look like you're having a good time. what is your name? >> baron. >> you okay, baron? >> yes. >> you look a little testy. got a smile out of baron. there you go. >> al, thank you so much. what happened to man's best friend? that question is at the heart of a touching, new, animated movie, featuring bill murray. "isle of dogs" is about a boy's quest to rescue his pet after a corrupt mayor exiles all dogs to
8:35 am
an island. bill plays boss. >> i don't think i can suffer on any of this garbage. i am an indoor dog. >> i starred in 22-consecutive doggy chop commercials. >> i was the lead mascot for an undefeated high school baseball team. i lost all my depressing. >> really, the opposite of. good morning to see you. i ran in here and couldn't change my rain boots. >> very nice. >> what do you think? >> i think they suit you. >> would you rock a pair of red rain boots like that? >> i want to know who is the guy that would try to find a girl who fits that boot. >> are you saying my feet are big? >> no. let's talk about roker who has an answer for the 18 inches of snow on the street. i barely made it in time because they didn't plow my street.
8:36 am
>> it's a miracle you got here. this movie is so fun. my boots are distracting. >> i know. i guess i'm a boot guy. go ahead. >> the movie is animated. it's quirky. it's fun and full of heart. you play a dog. you like dogs? >> i do like dogs. i am a dog guy. >> there was an interesting quote. you said, dogs are here for the purpose of enlightening the humans that are their caretakers. >> i've been saying that for a long time. finally, i'm getting some notice on that one. >> you are. >> it's a good quote. have you been enlightened by any dog in your life? >> most of us that have experienced a dog being realized they're much calmer than we are. only a few rapid ones. fewer dangerous dogs than dangerous people. hands on that? >> getting a lot of amens in the studio for that. >> and some of us will be replaced by dogs. it's just a matter of minutes, i think. >> how did you like doing this
8:37 am
and being the voice of a character? >> well, it's okay being a voice of a character. and to be a dog, and to be in a room with all of these other actors that were a lot of fun to be with. >> did you get to do the scenes with the other actors? >> yeah. we were in a little cabin, kind of a recording studio, barking at each other. it was fun to watch people deteriorate and be more canine every hour. even though they were drinking coffee and eating doughnuts, they were becoming more dog-like every few minutes. >> what dog qualities in yourself were you able to discover? that's the first time i asked that of anyone. >> i'm not perfect. but i try to be nonjudgemental in a dog-like way. >> you're a little judgemental the about my boots, though. >> i like them. if liking is judgemental, bring it on. >> let's talk about your other project, called "new world." it's a show. a famous cellist and a couple
8:38 am
other classical musicians. >> you're taking the show on the road. they play their instruments. you sing, as well as do some spoken word poetry, correct? >> yeah. >> i didn't know you could sing. but you can. >> well, everyone can sing. >> not everyone can sing well. >> a lot of people say they can't sing. but everyone can sing. >> did you like singing? there you are singing "i feel pretty". >> well, i was feeling it that way. i had gotten a lot of sleep. i had been taking pretty good care of myself. i felt stunning. >> do you feel pretty today? >> i'm about a six today. maybe a 6 1/2. the snowfall behind me, yeah. it makes everyone a little more pretty. >> we just love having you around. first of all, remember when -- we got to sit together at the golden globes. >> we did. >> and i'm shocked that you remember this. but --
8:39 am
>> well, you know, it's not often a girl, you know, well-spoken, attractive, well-raised young woman sits at your table and eats all of the chocolate and drinks all of the champagne at the table. that was watchable. >> i was very hungry. there was no food. >> i guess they starve you people here. >> i know. >> all of the chocolate went away. all of the chocolate and all of the champagne. >> i know. >> and you were a better person for it. >> that happened and the night got better and better. we have priscilla presley across the studio. and this is another little-known fact, that you attended, uninvited, elvis' funeral. >> you didn't have to put that invited thing in there. but, yeah. i did. i was here working for "saturday night live." and something made me want to go. it was back when they have standby on airplanes. i was the 27th person on standby and i got on the plane. and i just went right to the house. and they just ended this
8:40 am
visitation. and i met a fellow that i knew was a photographer. and the next day, i ended up in the bus, in front of the cort e cortege. it was an amazing thing to see. an extraordinary thing to see. hundreds of thousands of people standing in a really hot day. and i'll never -- and waiting underneath overpasses, waiting in the shade because it was so hot. and every sign, every burger king said, the king salutes the king. everything had a sign on it. and we got to the cemetery. we were there early. there was a riot, people trying to get in. and i -- i got to go see that. and i started running across the cemete cemetery, as i ran across the cemetery, all of a sudden, the motorcycles came in. and the motorcycle cops look at me like, if you move, we will kill you. and i froze. and all of the cars are staring and pointing at me. i realized they were pointing at elvis' mother's grave.
8:41 am
i was standing at her gravesite. it was an interesting moment. >> had you met priscilla until this morning? >> well, we were on tinder together. we don't go back. we get along -- she's pretty easy to talk to. >> she is, indeed. we're happy to have her. bill, thank you so much. "isle of dogs." >> "isles of dogs" is really good. i want movie theaters to allow people to bring their dogs into the movie. >> that would be a great idea. >> they do it in baseball parks and minor leagues. i think it would be fun. >> it would be fun. it is really humorous and touching and cute. all the good adjectives. thank you so much. we mentioned priscilla is here. >> she's right over there. talking about her like she's not here. she hears everything you say. >> hi, priscilla. >> actually, i'm not here. you're thinking i'm there. i'm gone. >> first, this is "today" on nbc. i'm goingo change my t
8:42 am
8:43 am
8:44 am
welcome back. elvis presley was a welcome back. elvis presley was a poor kid from tupelo, mississippi, who would become one of the world's biggest stars. that rise to fame is captured on a new two-part documentary on hbo called "elvis presley: the searcher." take a look. >> elvis was a searcher. he said to me, i want to be able to reach and feel what we all go through as human beings. ♪ right now >> priscilla presley is one of the executive producers. priscilla, great to see you. >> thank you. nice seeing you, as well. >> elvis would have been 83 years old. 83. >> hard to believe.
8:45 am
>> does it seem like that much time has passed? >> no. not really. i'm living it, especially in this footage and this film. it's been so heartwarming and emotional in every way. >> the film covers him from his early days until his untimely death. we were just talking to bill murray about his funeral and how everyone wanted to be a part of that. what do you remember of that time? >> you know, i was in a -- still shocked. it was too hard to believe. going out the gates in the limo and seeing the streets lined up on both sides, all the way to the cemetery, you see glimpses. you would see people crying, hysterical, fainting. that's how impactful it was. still to this day people are still there. >> when you bring up elvis's name to people, you watch their eyes soften. and i read where you said one of elvis's fears was that he would be forgotten. why was that one of his fears, do you think?
8:46 am
>> he just -- you know, he accomplished a lot in his life. i think that, you know, knowing that fans loved him and appreciated him, his body of work, of course, how popular he was. he wondered how fans would remember him, if they would. >> if they would. that's crazy when you think about it. this documentary is awesome in a lot of ways. it is a lot about his music. you have different people talking about his music, from bruce springsteen to tom petty to yourself. this is about elvis and video and film we haven't seen before. >> absolutely. our director, brilliant. he did bruce springsteen's documentary, as well. he just dove into this project. he went to graceland, and saw all the archives, brought things from the archives that i have never seen. we have gladys singing in this footage, as well. there's a recording. i didn't know that was there. i don't go through the archives
8:47 am
and look at everything. he had gotten him to go and came out with unbelievable things i had never seen. >> he wanted to be in the movies, too. he wanted to evolve. >> he did. >> he seemed like he was kept in a box by fans or managers or something, like trapped a little bit. >> he was. you will get answers in this film. this is a film that many people have asked about, meaning, wanting to have questions about colonel parker, his management, his label. all that is in here. the frustrations he had. people talked about it before. but why was he so frustrated? what was the problem? why was he, you know, so upset about his movies? this is the man behind the music that i think will answer the questions. it's emotional. but yet beautiful at the same time. and you walk away -- if you came loving him, you will walk away loving him even more because it makes him more human. people see him as rock 'n' roll,
8:48 am
the entertainer of the world, movies. here, you are closer to him. it's very revealing. >> beautiful production. it's two hours because you have to have two hours for elvis. >> you can't say it in an hour. >> right. >> it's three hours, actually. >> three hours. priscilla, thank you so much. i appreciate you being with us. "elvis presley: the searcher" debuts on hbo on april 14th. don't miss it. we're cooking up enchiladas with a healthy twist coming up. but first, this is "today" on nbc. with a healt twisthy c
8:49 am
8:50 am
"today food" is brought to you by magnum ice cream. >> we are back with "today food." in the kitchen with us this morning, the duo behind the successful blog called a couple of cooks. sonia and alex have tens of thousands of followers on social media who eat their vegetarian
8:51 am
recipes. now, they've wrapped up their first cookbook called "a couple of cooks." hi. >> hi. >> we feel pretty lucky. this is your first national television appearance? >> it is. >> how are we feeling? >> so good. thank you for having us. >> you're so popular out there in the stratosphere. it's nice to have you on television. you shared your story. people feel they got to know you. i know you're a cancer survivor and you tried to have children and you adapted a cute little one named -- >> larsen. >> are you in love? madly. eye candy. eye candy. that's all there is right now. that's it. sonja and alex, thanks for joining us. >> we're going to make enchiladas. we have two sauces. sweet potatoes and black beans.
8:52 am
alex is dicing up the potatoes. >> i see. you boiled those up. >> we boiled them and put them together with the black beans and the green chilies. >> got it. >> and we've got red onions, cilantro, cheese. >> this is all vegan. there's no meat. >> it's vegetarian. >> okay. >> and throw in the spices, alex. >> now, we're making the sauce over here. >> we have two sauces. they're blender sauces. they don't require any cooking. >> you have garlic. >> garlic and some spices. >> zoom that up. let's pretend that happened. >> pretend it happened. >> alex, show us the green sauce. >> tomatillos are the star. spinach for health. late jalapeno if you like spice. and you blend it up. >> you have two cause here.
8:53 am
>> we do. and we have tortillas waiting for us. >> we have our tasting table downstairs. what is happening? >> it smells so good. i'm smelling the food today, it smells so good. >> really? are you digging it? >> yes. >> we put in the filling. >> we wrap those babies up. >> how long do you cook those? >> 20 minutes until the cheese is melty. and you're good to go. >> alex. i love that alex is chiming in. look how beautiful the final product is. >> this is yours. >> carson, what do you think? what do you any? >> it looks great. the color is fantastic. it's also enticing. >> i love the presentation. >> it's delicious. >> you don't miss the meat, huh? >> well, al did say -- >> if you put some pork in here, it would be a little bit -- >> the beans are protein. >> if you did. >> it feels hearty. >> especially on a day like today. >> sonja and alex, a couple of
8:54 am
cooks. you can find the recipe on and to check out their cookbook, go to we'll be back in a moment. first, this is "
8:55 am
8:56 am
look who came in. sofia. >> sofia. >> look at that face. >> sofia, you're going to stay with us and anchor, okay? good morning. it is 8:56 and our storm ranger is still picking up showers making their way through the north bay spots, in the san francisco area saw a couple showers. in the north bay we're seeing showers moving through healdsburg and santa rosa. you can see we have a couple showers moving through the peninsula and into san jose for the next half an hour or so. expect to see rain.
8:57 am
we have showers near san jose. our temperature trend towards the afternoon will be in the 60s. mid 60s across the bay area and periods of moderate to light showers. heavier rain will move in tonight into early tomorrow morning. happening now, the latest round of rain raising concerns about the potential slide dangers, no sports of slides here in the bay area, but residents in the north bay and santa cruz mountains are keeping a close eye on their hillsides. we are monitoring developments in austin, texas. this morning the serial bombing suspect died, he blew himself up. you can find the latest on our homepage, our tee
8:58 am
overnight. heavy rain while you sleep. our team seas any damage overnight. >> i'll use storm ranger to give you a more accurate of what's heading towards you. >> live team coverage. >> early tomorrow morning starting at 4:00.
8:59 am
even if no one in your home smokes, secondhand smoke can be closer than you think. secondhand smoke from a neighbor's apartment can enter your home through air vents, through light fixtures and even through cracks in the walls and the floors. secondhand smoke is toxic. especially to children. protect your family. visit
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