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tv   Today  NBC  March 22, 2018 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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it's going to be a rough morning, folks. do try to slap on a smile and make the best of it. >> we're back at 7:25 for a live local update. . good morning. breaking his silence, facebook's mark zuckerberg speaking out for the first time apologizing for the user data scandal rocking the social network. >> this was a major breach and i'm really sorry. >> so is he willing say that to lawmakers on capitol hill and what is he doing to fix it? we are live at facebook headquarters. catching a killer, new details emerge about the clues investigators used to track down the austin bombing suspect, from under surveillance video to glfs to his cell phone as police reveal the 23-year-old left behind a lengthy confession video. >> it is the outcry of a very
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challenged young man. morning mess! millions up and down the west coast, waking up, digging out, after the fourth nor'easter this month. nearly two feet of snow and still coming down in parts of the northeast. power outages mounting. travel backed up on the roads and at the airports. those stories -- plus a deadly any counter, a deadly shooting of an unarmed man in his own back yard, caught on tape. to the rescue -- the dramatic moment two hero officers saved the life of a choking baby. and holly smokes, lawmakers go to extremes to use tear gas to disrupt a vote. this is march 22nd, 2018. >> announcer: from nbc news,
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this is "today" with savannah guthrie and hoda kotb. live from studio 1-a in rockefeller plaza. >> welcome. thank you for being with us on this thursday morning. >> we have lots to get to. mark zuckerberg is finally opening up about facebook's growing scandal. it has some users an by a doneing the site. it cost his companies tens of millions. we will sit down with the person who interviewed him last night. first, jo ling kent. good morning. >> reporter: that's right. embattled facebook ceo mark zuckerberg trying to pick up the pieces, admitting the company got it wrong and now he wants to earn or re-earn the trust of its users, after the cambridge analytica firm stole information from facebook users in 2014 and
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2013. >> this was a major breach of trust and i'm really sorry. >> reporter: overnight, facebook ceo mark zuckerberg offering an apology. >> our situation right now is to make sure this doesn't ap again. we need to make sure there are no other cambridge analyticas out there. >> reporter: he said he is willing to testify before congress about the massive data breach. >> i'm happy to, if it's the thing to drop. he pledged to make changes, saying the company is auditing thousands of apps with suspicious activity, restricting your data to political i name and e-mail address, facebook will show you which apps have access to your information and how to revoke that access. he believes bad actors are already trying to meddle in the 2018 mid-term elections on facebook right now. >> i'm sure someone is trying. what we see are a lot of folks trying to sew division.
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that was a major tactic we saw russia try to use in the 2016 election. i'm confident we will do a much better job. >> reporter: after the cambridge analytica breach, facebook hit with two class action lawsuits. u.s. lawmakers want answers, too. >> he can make millions of dollars in the united states and around the world, at least he ought to respect our laws. >> reporter: one facebook employees want users to know, facebook still tracks your moves. >> users need to be more aware. whether they realize it or not. every app they download, they're opting into all of that. >> reporter: cambridge analytica denied any i don't thinkdoing, also in zuckerberg's post on wednesday, he said they already made privacy changes back in 2014, employees inside the company are now telling me, they don't believe zuckerberg's plans are enough. >> all right.joe, thank you so
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let's go to kara fisher, she interviewed mark zuckerberg last night. it's good to have you with us. >> reporter: thanks a lot. >> what were you are impressions. >> you talked to him. were his answers sfishs? s a he done enough to quiet this storm? >> reporter: no, i don't think so. ii i think it's the beginning. it will be a long road for him. it's been a tough year for users of facebook at least and the company, they have never been subject to this much criticism. they really deserve the criticism he is getting. this is the beginning of it. he will have to appear before congress. there are european regulators. there are all kind of questions of what happened and what will they do about it? >> he talked about some steps. i thought, wow, it sounds like they're dock something. are you the techie, you know the inside. is he doing enough at this point? >> you know at one point he was talking in the television interview, yeah, things happens. he owns the restaurant. he owns the building.
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she should know what's going on with it. he's not just a passer by and he is responsible for the platform. i everybody has to keep in mind, facebook did not do enough to monitor what these third party developers were doing with the data. they gave a weigit away to them they didn't monitor it. >> that leads to my next question. part of what they're saying is, we will look back and i think look at that data, where it might be now, which i would say to hoda this morning. that's like losing $20 bucks at grand central and going back and trying to find it. by the way, you lost the $20 bucks four years ago. >> reporter: it wasn't stole him. it was given. let's keep that in mind. these were given to third party developers, it was done way back in 2007, which allowed facebook's program to grow. they wanted the app platforms to create excitement and things going on, on the site a social network, essentially. so what they did, they gave them
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a candy trove of da to to come i -- data to come in the dye was cast back in 2007 with these practices. >> the question comes, should mark zuckerberg testify before congress? he was a little cagey, i thought, when you asked him na question. what do you think will happen there? >> well, what he said, he is opened to it. i said, is that a yes or a no? he says, if i'm the right person, he's the ceo. i think he knows he has to development he has to go before congress and many times. it's not just here, it's in other countries, too. i don't know if he will appear in europe. they are certainly interested in him. i think he has to appear and talk about this quite a bit. >> thanks for being here and sharing your views. we appreciate it. >> thanks a lot. coming up, we will actually dive deep. we have an inside look at mike zucker berke's rise as a tech titan, what is motivating him,
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how he goes from here. >> there is a lot to get to, including what we are learning, police say the 23-year-old who blew himself up as a s.w.a.t. team closed in, left behind a confession video. gape gutierrez has more on that. hey, gabe, good morning. >> reporter: hoda, good morning. this is the suspected bomber's home. authorities have questioned his two roommates to find out if anyone knew about his bomb-making materials locked in one room in the home. investigators say he had been on their under surveillance for more than a week. this is under surveillance in the austin area, affiliate kxan reports he bought materials days before the bombing. this morning as fbi and atf agents find a treasure trove of unsuspected sources from the investigator's home, authorities reveal he left behind 25-minute recorded confession on his cell phone. >> he does not at all mention anything about terrorism. nor does he mention anything
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about hate. but instead it is the outcry of a very challenged young man talking about challenges in his personal life. >> reporter: austin's police chief brian manly says the 23-year-old mark conditt recorded that confession hours before he blew himself up wednesday morning as a s.w.a.t. team closed in. he knew you were coming for him? >> he made comments in the video he felt law enforcement found him out and we were closing in. >> reporter: now a clearer picture of a serial bomber is emerging. condit lived outside austin in pflugerville, he was home schooled the oldest of four kids, he took classes at austin community college though he never graduated. he wrote he was not politically inclievenltd he was unemployed but previously had worked as a computer repairman and had no criminal record. his family shocked he was the bomber. >> the family has grieved both for their loss and also for the loss of those affected by these
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heinous actions. >> reporter: nbc news has learned from multiple senior law officials that police identified the signature. he used foreign exotic batteries bought online from asia in his bombs. investigators used intricate cell phone analysis to narrow down a list of potential suspects. a key break in the case when condit went to a fedex store on sunday wearing a blond wig to mail two bombs. by tuesday night, they say they zeroed in on condit when he turned on his cell phone. before tactical vehicles could arrive, condit drove off. but a s.w.a.t. team disabled his vehicle and he blew himself up. >> the s.w.a.t. members were approaching his vehicle. you can see an officer bang on the windows. you see a tremendous explosion take pliechlts the police chief tells me it is not yet clear exactly how he learned to make those bombs. hoda. >> all right.
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gabe gutierrez, thank you. also on a busy thursday morning, millions here on the stormy wary east coast are once again digging out from a nasty nor'easter. the fourth time this month. it led to a new round of power out annuals, slight cancellation and for some the snow not even over yet. dylan is up if boston. how'd you fair up there? >> reporter: well, so far, so good. but the snow is coming down right now. this is the back side of that fourth nor'easter in less than three weeks and while it is moving through new england boston is not getting hit as hard as in the last three storms. down in new york city, several areas picked up more than a foot of snow as the east coast was dealt yet another blow from a massive winter storm. the fourth nor'easter in less than a month, pounding the northeast on the first full day of spring. >> where are the flowers flowing? where is the warm water?
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>> heavy snowfall and violent winds, ripping through the region, millions digging out along the east coast. >> my shoes are soaked. i'm going to walk through the snow. >> reporter: the conditions making it especially toughelers. more than 4400 flights cancelled wednesday. now, storm-wary travelers are trying to get home. >> it makes me feel like crying. i know i'm smiling but it's fought fun at all. >> reporter: with more downed trees and power lines, tens of thousands are waking up without power along the i-95 corridor. >> i think it's time to move on to another season. >> reporter: dangerous blizzard-like conditions turning deadly. multiple weather-related fatalities, including an accident voofg sninvolving a snn newark. officials up and down the coast stressing patience, safety and lending a helping hand as the system heads north. >> exercise caution, check on
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your elderly or disabled neighbors throughout the day. >> reporter: it's not all doom and gloom, some fans of winter enjoying a national snowball fight on the national mall. and this storm has been disrupting travel for the last three days. in all, so far, there has been 5800 cancellations and 9800 flight delays. so you make sure you check with your airline, if you are traveling today. but can we just think positively for a second? i was looking at the calendar the red sox home opener is just two weeks away. although, you'd never know it right now. >> exactly. appreciate it. we will get al's forecast in just a moment. congressional investigators may start voting as early as today on a sweeping $1.3 trillion budget bill that substantially reduced military and domestic spending. the bill also provides roughly $1.6 billion for physical barriers and technology along the u.s.-mexico border, but not a concrete wall the white house says president trump backs the
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legislation. he said in the tweet, had to waste money on dem give aways to take care of military pay and increase equipment. it would fund it through september and prevent a shutdown if that passes by tomorrow night's deadline. now an nbc news exclusive, the dektor of the fbi opening up about his agency. its crit i critics, including the president and what he is focused on. pete williams got that interview. pete, good morning to you. >> reporter: savannah, good morning. this is christopher ray's first interview since he became the fbi director nearly eight months ago, contrary to what you may have heard he says the fbi is not mired in the fbi investigation at the fbi academy of virginia, where respective agents are put through the places, fbi director christopher ray says there has been no drop in the number of ap ply can'ts, despite criticism from president trump and members of congress
7:15 am
who say the fbi favored hillary clinton during the election at the expense of donald trump. >> i have not seen a politicized organization. what i have seen is people fiercely focused on trying to do the right thing in the right way. >> what does it do to morale when some of the toughest criticism comes from the president, himself? >> would we prefer to not get criticized? of course, in our own way, we're our own toughest critics. >> he says the fbi can be highly critical, accepting 5%. >> the last time i checked 5% is better than comparable at the admission rate at harvard, aisle, princeton, you can go down the list. >> reporter: he says the fbi is tracking more than 3,000 terrorism cases nationwide, some in every state, 2,000 connected to isis or foreign terror organizations. some home grown. >> we have another thousand of domestic terror investigation, which cover the water front from everything from white supremacists to an ar consists
7:16 am
and everything in between. >> 3,000 cases, how could you posssibly possibly keep up with them? >> we have a lot of people. i think the best contribution we have towards our joint terrorism task forces are all over the country. >> reporter: he talks about that threat, he dismisses criticism that fbi under cover agents sometimes push potential terror suspects to commit crimes. >> we have way too many threats to deal with than putting ideas in people's head. >> reporter: another area is checking foreignt spice, especially from coin, which ray he's e says commits more espionage than any country by far. >> ultimately, it will have an impact on american jobs, american businesses and consumers. >> reporter: ray calls the recent rise in violent crime very significant and says it's taking an unusually heavy toll on law enforcement. >> since the beginning of 2018, there have been 17 officers,
7:17 am
state, local officers shot and killed in the line of duty. >> reporter: christopher ray also indicated support for the firing of former fbi director andrew mccabe. a source close to attorney general jeff sessions says that when he approved the firing, he didn't know that mccabe once authorize an investigation into whether sessions misled congress with the meetings for the ambassador. a lawyer he's he is no longer under investigation. savannah, hoda. >> pete pumps, thank you very much. >> let's turn back to another story we have been following. the weather, with mr. roker. >> some of the snowfall amounts, allentown, pa, over 13 inches, tom river new jersey, 12. now as we put the radar into motion, you can see this thing is wrapping up. still snow from montana talk to bar harbor. we are looking that at that. this is something unusual, a rare tornado in california.
7:18 am
this is just north of sacramento and while it didn't cause much damage, a few rooves were damaged, but this gives you an idea of just how intense this system is coming into california and parts of the northwest. we are streaming heavy, heavy downpours and thunderstorms. this will make a big problem for the pacific northwest on into california from san diego, los angeles, as this front pushing through. the rain will eventually shift tomorrow up into the pacific northwest as this big storm system comes in. but the flood threat is real. for example, this flash flood risk from montecito to oxnard to los angeles, all the way down to san diego, we do have the risk of strong flooding. in fact, a high risk from mont si to into ojai, additional amounts today. we could get up to five inches in the foothills in the mountain, hourly rainfall rates a half to an inch of rain falling per hour. >> that will cause big problems
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for those burn zones, where there could be mudslides coming in later today. we will get to your local forecast coming up in the next 30 seconds. ng only the a2 proten makes all the difference. cereal, smoothies..., everything! my first latte in 12 years. a2 milk®, real milk that's easier on digestion. love milk again. good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. still tracking the heaviest rain from the peninsula over to the east bay and on southward. we'll continue to see the rounds of rain moving through. also tracking the rain from vallejo down to richmond and oakland and over to san ramone. expect it to stay with you for a little while longer, at least the next 30 minutes. in san jose the rain picked up in intensity and it's coming
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down into the santa cruz mountains. very typical of an atmospheric river. we will see this winding down as the day goes along. >> >> and tease your latethat's yo weather. coming up, new video of a controversial police shootings as an unarmed man is killed in his family's own backyard. and mark zuckerberg in the spotlight and under fire. but first, this is "today" on nbc.
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♪oh, it must be love ♪let me tell you now, oh it must be love♪ we )re in a microclimate weather alert. here good morning. it's 7:26. i'm marcus washington. we are in a microclimate weather alert and here is a live look near the 280/17 interchange. drivers facing another day of slick and wet roads. let's get the latest weather right now from meteorologist kari hall. it's still raining. we're going to see this slowly taper off from north to south as some cold air moves in. as it does so we'll have a chance of some thunderstorms by late morning and early afternoon. we'll still see activity here through at least 3:00 to 4:00 today and then it does quiet down and clears out for tonight before some more scattered showers return to the bay area tomorrow. once again here is what to expect. we're getting the brunt of the storm now. it will be clearing this evening and scattered rain returns for
7:27 am
tomorrow into saturday as well as sunday. and then we'll start to see some drier weather moving in with some warming temperatures. it will be chilly these next few days with highs only in the mid to upper 50s in san francisco. low 50s heading into the weekend. then by early next week we're looking forward to the sunshine. wednesday, 70 degrees and sunny. what's happening on the roads, mike? kari, we're looking at palo alto. slippery conditions all over the bay. those taillights kicking up here. we have a crash just south of our camera that may be blocking the slow lane. haven't seen the sensors change. looking around the bay, typical pattern but be careful. summit road off highway 17 just over to the east of there looking at some wires down and some closures. over here in the east bay recovering north 880 and whipple. a crash on the shoulder and slow out of the east bay especially
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highway 24. back to you. heading out, slow it down out there. more local news in 30 minutes. ♪
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we're back at 7:30. it's thursday morning the 22nd of march, 2018. >> it is, indeed. we will begin this half hour of checking the headlines, including the austin bombing investigation. search for motive, authorities looking for clues in a series of deadly bombings that terrorized austin, texas nearly a month. the suspect now dead confessing in a recording. >> he does not at all mention anything about terrorism, nor does he mention anything about hate. >> as investigators finds what they call a treasure trove of bomb-making supplies at his home. >> he knew we were coming? >> he made comments in the video he felt like law enforcement had
7:31 am
found him out and we were closing in. march misery. >> my shoes are soaked. i'm going to plow lou the snow. >> millions in the northeast waking up to even more snow and ice this morning. >> it's time to move to another state. >> reporter: that nasty nor'easter snarling across the country, wrooking havoc on the roads, the rails and the roadways. >> it makes me cry, i know i'm smiling, it's not fun at all. up in smoke, a smoke manufacturer recalling nearly half a million issues, they have issues detecting smoke. to the rescue, ohio police officers hailing to the rescue, saving a two-year-old child choking and unable to breathe. tear joker, kosovo's parliament breaks out in chaos when one political party sets off cannisters of tear gas to delay a vote.
7:32 am
today, march 22nd, 2018. >> i guess it can always be worse somewhere else? >> exactly. we move now to another story we are following, officials in sacramento, california released video of the controversial and fatal shooting of an unarmed suspect. this is happening as the man's family is speaking out. gotti good morning. >> reporter: here in sacramento, the outrage has been building and the plartd quick to release three different videos from three different perspectives. a quick warnings parts of these videos are graphic and disturbing. from a bird's eye view in the area. >> running to the south. >> reporter: to police body cams on the ground. >> i just want to check your back yard to make sure they're not pack there. >> reporter: neighbors initially alerting 911 about a vandal in the area. >> this kid's going around breaking windows. >> reporter: sunday night police were searching for a suspect breaking into cars.
7:33 am
>> he has a hoody on. >> a chopper overhead keeps an eye on his location. he's around the side of the home. above officers give chase as the man darts around the house, then flashes of gunfires. the police body cams capturing chaos in the dark. an officer shouting, "gun!" in all two officers firing 20 shots. for seven minutes the man identified as stephen clark is cuffed and left bleeding on the ground. police eventually detected he was unarmed. >> something in his hands, it looked like a gun from our perspective. >> reporter: about six inches, one guy remains mute. clark's family is horrified and wants to know what the officers were saying. >> you are muteing something you don't want the public to hear what you are saying. >> that means, few don't want the truth to come out, all of it
7:34 am
is a lie. >> i want justice for his family, my mother and grandmother. >> they say clark a father of two, was shot in his grandfather's back yard. sacramento police promise a transparent investigation, starting with the speedy release. >> shots fired, suspect down! >> we know the significance in our community. there's still a lot of answers that we're looking for, but it is still very early. >> both officers involved in the shooting now on paid administrative leave as police work to determine what went wrong. now, clark's family says he was in the back yard because clark's grandfather was an amputee. so he would knock on the window and his grandfather would let him in with a remote control for the garage. as to why those cameras are muted? that is a part of the investigation. savannah, hoda, back to you.
7:35 am
>> wow, terrible.di thank you ve story. >> we will go to mr. roker with a look at the forecast. >> our weekend outlook, we start with tomorrow, friday, sunshine returns to the east coast. that's good news. although, heavy snow will be developing across the northern plains. look for mountain snows moving into the pacific northwest. we head into saturday, we have a wintry mix developing. the reason for that, the storm system is causing rain today, it will bring a wintry mix into the mississippi and ohio river valleys. more rain moves into the west coast and then for sunday -- sunday! around the rockies, look for an early spring mix of rain and good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. still tracking some rain as our microclimate weather alert continues with storm ranger and some of the heavier rain now shifting off to the east.
7:36 am
we will get a little bit of a break later on this morning. some of the rain moving through fairfield into concord and the peninsula. as we go throughout the rest of the day, some scattered showers and possible thunderstorms into at least early afternoon before we get some clearing tonight. more scattered rain and the end of the workweek forecast. and that's your latest weather. >> all right. al, thank you so much. we got a lot more to get to this morning, including our special series, focusing on solutions to gun violence. this morning the school where arming teachers is already the norm. then the new study revealing what all that scream time is physically doing to your kids' brains. plus, can sister jean run her heavenly magic for tonight's march madness. that pressure on mark zuckerberg own the facebook data scandal, why it's not his first time dealing with controversy.
7:37 am
all coming up after these
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7:42 am
the success of the company and the man behind it are the subject of endless fascination. facebook chairman and ceo mark zuckerberg is just 33 years old. and although his bottom line took a big hit this week, he's still a billionaire many times over. the controversy over cambridge analytica harvesting user data has sent facebook stock prices tumbling. now he's being forced to defend his company and its mission. >> we're going to do a full investigation. >> and some critics are even calling for an end to the social media platform that has more than 2 billion users worldwide. but how did he get here? >> i got accepted. >> one of the newest members of harvard's class of 2006. >> zuckerberg was a talented computer programmer long before he was accepted to harvard. but it was there that he developed the facebook. >> drop the "the." just facebook. it's clean. >> that story going from harvard
7:43 am
to hollywood. >> we have an idea we want to talk to you about. have you got a minute? >> you guys look like you spend some time at the gym. >> where the social network made him a pop icon. from "times" person of the year to a surprise appearance on "saturday night live." >> wait, have you two not met? >> no. >> no. >> awkward. >> that same year, 2010, zuckerberg promised to donate 50% of his enormous wealth to charity. but zuckerberg has closely guarded his private life. his wife, priscilla chan, an accomplished pediatrician, voted class genius in her high school, also avoids the spotlight. opening up to savannah back in 2014 about her husband's iconic look. >> what do you think about the hoodie? are you pro hoodie? >> it's okay. i'm pro hoodie. he wears a fresh hoodie every day. as long as it's appropriate for where we're going. >> the couple now has two daughters. zuckerberg sharing family
7:44 am
moments on facebook like millions of other parents. >> play some songs that our whole family likes. ♪ the itsy bitsy spider climbs up the waterspout ♪ >> as well as glimpse into what make him tick. philanthropy, running and traveling. >> south bend is my first stop. >> including a tour of all 50 states, leading to speculation about presidential ambitions. but what truly motivates the man who's the face of facebook? he was very clear about that in an interview on tuesday. >> now i really just care about building something that my girls are going to grow up and be proud of me for. >> reaction to zuckerberg's interview was predictably swift and in some cases withering. critics were especially upset with how long it took him to come out publicly. guys, i don't know about you, but on my facebook feed i see a lot of hand wringing, some
7:45 am
people who want to ditch facebook, others saying you know what, this has had a really impact, positive impact on my social life. >> a lot of small businesses count on facebook. like anything, it's complex, or as facebook would say it's complicated. >> it's hard to see that this is the end of facebook. >> all right, steph, thanks. let's go over to craig. >> hey, craig. >> ladies, good morning to you. how sweet it is. march madness is back tonight. everything that you need to know everything that you need to know before t ♪ ♪ i can do more to lower my a1c. because my body can still make its own insulin. and i take trulicity once a week to activate my body to release it, like it's supposed to. trulicity is not insulin. it comes in a once-weekly, truly easy-to-use pen. the pen where you don't have to see or handle a needle. and it works 24/7. trulicity is a once-weekly injectable medicine to improve blood sugar in adults with type 2 diabetes when used with diet and exercise.
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7:50 am
there it is right there. but i'm not alone. more than 17 million people entered espn's march madness challenge this year. do you know how many perfect brackets are left out of 17 million? >> none. >> zero. not a single one. so what team should you be keeping an eye on tonight? one of the favorites is back in action, 11 seeded loyola chicago. they stunned miami, they stunned tennessee in the opening rounds. they will be taking on nevada tonight. the ramblers along with their now famous 98-year-old team chaplain, sister jean dolores schmidt. they have become viral sensations but they may need some additional prayers. las vegas oddsmakers give them a 100-1 chance of winning the whole shabang. but if you're looking for a different cinderella squad to root for, that's what makes the tournament fun, right? you've got nevada. in fact the field is full of them. four teams have never made it to
7:51 am
the final four. nevada is one of them, so is texas a&m, texas tech as well and clemson. the number 5 ranked clemson tigers from upstate south carolina, they're also still in this thing. let's take a look at our own bracket challenge right now. here we are. no surprise, still at the top of the heap. >> that's right, baby, come on! >> hoda kotb. >> we're not far. >> we're coming for you, hoda. >> carson not far behind. >> craig, where's yours? >> we didn't put mine up. >> thanks for point that out. we don't need to focus on that. >> did you have some heart breakers on your bracket? >> i had virginia going all the way. >> yeah, me too. >> who do you have going all the way? >> i had virginia tech but they lost because that was my -- those were my people. >> how about you? >> i have no idea. >> you had north carolina. >> oh, did i? okay. >> all right. craig, you're going to stick around because you're going to help us. savannah has a special assignment, you're racing out to catch a plane.
7:52 am
>> i'm making my way to the airport. still to come, your kids, tech and what it's doing to your brain. bye-bye. ♪yeah ♪and i just wanna tell you right now that i♪ ♪i believe, i really do believe that♪ ♪something's got a hold on me, yeah♪ ♪oh, it must be love ♪oh, something's got a hold on me right now, child♪ ♪oh, it must be love ♪let me tell you now, oh it must be love♪ test. test. test. test. ♪
7:53 am
♪ next chapter ♪
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i'm meteorologist kari hall. our microclimate weather alert continues. heavy rain still moving through parts of the south bay as we take a live look outside in san jose, a look at storm ranger as the rain starts to clear from west to east, we're starting to see the heavier rain shifting inland and we're still going to have some rain moving through parts of the east bay, over into san ramone and to discovery bay and also in fremont, down to the peninsula. we're still going to have the rain but it will be tapering off. much heavier in the santa cruz mountains. still waves of rain moving through and there may be thunderstorms. be watching out for that possibility even into early afternoon. the evening commute is looking much better. scattered showers and possibly a few thunderstorms in the forecast over the next couple of days with some much cooler temperatures.
7:57 am
let's get an update on morning commute. northbound 101, 280, 85 all crawling right now as we see at the bottom of the screen the build and the rain caused that combination. looking at recovery 880 and whipple road, the crash cleared. we still have a backup from thornton. northbound highway 13 jammed up from the split from 580 and a slower drive throughout the approach for 24. back to you. happening now rain has been falling hard this morning in the santa cruz mountains. at times it almost seemed it was coming down sideways with the wind. go to our twitter feed for a look at the best video. also you can track this morning's storm whenever you want and wherever you are. just look for that link for that interactive radar. classes at diablo valley college pleasant hill campus are canceled after some kind of
7:58 am
threat serious enough to take extra precautions. country prepan violence - by marching on washington. and it )s going to students preparing to protest gun violence by walking on wall street. >> it will happen here, too. the plans for the bay area and the message from the folks involved. good morning, it )s 7:26...
7:59 am
8:00 am
it's 8:00 it's 8:00 on "today." coming up, caught on tape. >> i said, wrong, justin, you -- >> status update. mark zuckerberg spe speaks out for the first time about facebook's major data breach. so what's next for the embattled ceo and the social network's billions of users? plus, your brain on tech. >> they found ways just like nicotine and tobacco to hook us. >> a shocking look at teens and technology. have smartphones made our attention span shorter than a gold fish? and born to run. bruce springsteen's big broadway announcement that's giving fans a hungry heart. today, thursday, march 22nd,
8:01 am
2018. >> we're from champaign, illinois. and we love "today." >> my cousin wanted to come to the "today" show. hi, jacob. >> we love savannah. >> i'm caitlin. >> and i'm rory. and we want to say hi to ohio. >> we're from high school in southeast kansas. ♪ welcome back to "today." craig is taking over for savannah. she jetted out of here because she has a big assignment we'll reveal a little bit later. but listening to meghan trainor gets you in the mood. >> listening to you sing meghan trainor in the morning. i enjoy it. >> we've got a lot to get to. we'll get right to your news at 8:00 because we have a lot going on. there are growing calls this
8:02 am
morning for facebook ceo mark zuckerberg to testify before congress about the social network's privacy scandal. let's get the latest from jo ling kent at facebook headquarters in california. hey, jo, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. facebook ceo mark zuckerberg coming forward and apologizing overnight for alleged theft of 50 million facebook users data. a breach that allegedly exposed that information of 50 million users. >> this was a major breach of trust, and i'm really sorry. our responsibility now is to make sure that this doesn't happen again. we need to make sure that there aren't any other cambridge analyticas out there. >> reporter: the company is now tightening restrictions on your personal data, and it's also auditing thousands of apps, saying that they'll ban anything that might be suspicious. there's two class action lawsuits right now, one from users and one from shareholders,
8:03 am
lawmakers are not satisfied with what mark zuckerberg has planned so far to fix the problem. they are calling for him to testify on capitol hill. he says he is open to it, but only if it is the right thing to do. guys. >> all right, jo, we shall see. thank you. this morning police say a video confession left by the suspected austin, texas, serial bomber may shed some light on a possible motive. austin's police chief says the cell phone recording from 23-year-old mark conditt is the outcry of a very challenged young man. the unemployed college dropout allegedly describes each of the six bombs that were used to kill two people and injure four others. but there is no mention of terrorism and there is no mention of hate. conditt blew himself up early wednesday as the s.w.a.t. team closed in. investigators found bomb-making materials inside a locked room in his home. so far they have not filed any charges against his roommates. this morning what sounds like a locker room feud between president trump and former vice president joe biden is escalating.
8:04 am
it all started on tuesday when biden called out the president over his past crude comments about women. >> they asked me would i like to debate this gentleman. i said, no. i said if we were in high school, i'd take him behind the gym and beat the hell out of him. any guy who talked that way was usually the fattest, ugliest, s.o.b. in the room. >> this morning the president tweeted crazy joe biden is trying to act like a tough guy. actually he is weak both mentally and physically and yet he threatens me for a second time with physical assault. he doesn't know me but he would go down fast and hard crying all the way. don't threaten people, joe. the president, by the way, is 71. joe biden is 75. hoda, we could use a little boost this morning. >> i'm glad we can let it go. this morning we've got a nice gender reveal that came with a twist of humor. a couple in arkansas used eggs to find out if they were using a -- if they were having a girl or
8:05 am
a boy. they were looking for the one that was not -- the one that was not hard boiled but someone played a prank on the couple. the gender revealing egg wasn't even on the table. they had to go through all of them. splat. >> that confused them. >> eventually they did get the real one in the fridge and here's what happened. i guess you can see right there. you can see the egg that was broke was blue. that means they are expecting a baby boy. i like when it's an event. >> i have seen a lot of gender reveal. i've never seen a gender reveal like that, that ends with egg all over your face. just ahead this morning, the average attention span now shorter than a goldfishes. a look at what your kids' devices are doing that their brains. first, the controversial push to arm teachers to deal with gun violence. we'll take you to a school where it's been happening for years, coming up after this.
8:06 am
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8:09 am
we took all your wonderfilled moments of oreo and put 'em in a chocolate candy bar. that's the oreo chocolate candy bar. in the wake of recent school shootings in florida and maryland, nbc news is kicking comunidades enfrentan la >> this weekend's march for our lives and student protests nationwide, many are calling for tougher gun regulations. president trump and the nra argue that certain teachers should be armed. and some school districts have already taken that step. natalie morales visited one of those and she joins us now. nat, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, craig and hoda. that's right. i traveled to a very rural school in southern missouri that for the past four years has had armed employees on campus. their best option, they say, in a worst-case scenario.
8:10 am
dura, missouri, in the quiet and peaceful ozark region, far from the big cities where student walkouts have called for gun control regulations. and from the horrific suffering from the schools like parkland. but it's not far from the minds of students, like senior robert bigdoll. >> how often do you think about a situation where there could be a school shooting here? >> quite a bit, honestly. >> reporter: their solution, arming at least two school employees who have gone through firearms training. >> do you feel pretty confident that those who are trained here would be able to stop an attack? >> yes, i feel that the staff members that are armed would try their best to stop it or put their life on the line so the students wouldn't get hurt. >> reporter: the nearest police station to this k-12 school of 300 students would be at least 30 minutes away. school superintendent steve richards says they won't reveal which individuals are armed, but said that they did go through a week-long training program with a local security company and are permitted to carry concealed weapons on campus. >> we were looking at
8:11 am
temperament. can you make the decision under pressure. >> in at least a dozen states, hundreds of school districts, most of them small and rural, have similar programs. >> we have two grade levels in the cafeteria at a time, and i want to make sure those babies are protected. >> in a worst-case scenario, teachers and school staff say they're prepared to stop an active shooter in order to protect innocent lives. >> even if it means sometimes shooting a kid? >> well, we don't discuss that part. but we would do our best to stop the threat. >> no matter what, the person that is trained on this campus is closer than local law enforcement. >> no armed teachers have ever stopped a school shooter, but there have been accidents. most recently in seaside, california, when a teacher, who's also a reserve police officer, fired his weapon in the middle of a gun safety demonstration.
8:12 am
and critics argue that teachers are already asked to do too much for too little pay to have to also act as first responders. kindergarten teacher jamie king understands, but says in her mind there's no other option here. >> i think that with these students, they're our kids at that point. we will do what it takes to take care of them. and if that's an added responsibility to make sure that they're safe, that's what you've got to do. >> well, teachers and parents in dora, missouri, say that this is a unique situation. it's one that they say might not work everywhere, but again, it is a school where the nearest police officer might be at least 25 minutes away, maybe even twice that. craig and hoda, back to you. >> fascinating look there at both sides of this. natalie, thank you. tonight on "nightly news" another proposed solution to gun violence, red flag laws that empower people who spot warning signs of violence to ask authorities to temporarily take away someone's guns. >> also taking action, sandy
8:13 am
hook promise. a leading gun violence prevention organization is launching the say something anonymous reporting system for schools nationwide with a powerful new psa that shows just why saying something can be so important. >> most people think that the school shooting, you know, could never happen here. but the same people are the ones who saw all the signs and never said anything. being bullied, the obsession with guns, even posting on instagram about shooting up the school. no one said anything. i'm sure tomorrow somebody will wish they had said something. >> yeah, that is powerful. just when you think about nikolas cruz, the accused shooter, and his history and how so many people thought they knew things but it never really resonated or got through. >> provocative psa that's sure to get through. mr. roker, check of the
8:14 am
weather, sir. >> let's check it out and show you what's going on. we look again out here in the northeast. that nor'easter getting out of here, that's good. the snow starting to lighten up. still some from portland, boston, and we look at the west coast and there's heavy rain there. we're worried about mudslides. what happens is you've got these burn scar areas. there's no vegetation to hold anything in and so we're looking at places getting 3 to 5 inches of rain and it just creates that's what's going on around the country. here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. >> good morning, i'm meteorologist kari hall. the morning has been sloppy but the rain is ending from west to east for a little while. some of the heavier rain moving through the east bay as well as the south bay. but still creating some very rough conditions for anybody who has to get out there within the
8:15 am
next hour or so. it will continue in the santa cruz mountains. and then as we go through the rest of the day, there's still going to be a chance of some thunderstorms off and on as we go into at least early this afternoon. >> don't forget, check us out on our sirius xm channel 108. craig. al, thank you. we have more now of our ongoing series your brain on tech this morning. >> so get this, the average teenager now spends more time online each day than they do sleeping. >> wow. >> so what is all that tech doing to their young minds? we think this is a story people will be talking about. jacob soboroff is here with all of that. >> good morning to all of you. with mark zuckerberg accepting some of the blame for that massive facebook data breach, it has become painfully clear how much information we all give up about ourselves online. now with an entire generation of kids growing up with social media as familiar as a good old pb & j, one program is trying to teach hem how to protect their
8:16 am
data online before it's too late. with facebook facing fresh backlash for sharing people's personal information without their consent, these kids in california are reading the fine print. >> we've been learning about privacy policies and terms of agreement. >> does that freak you out? >> yeah. >> you guys have friends in seventh grade outside of this school and outside of this class. do any of them read the terms of agreement on social media? >> no. >> but they admit they feel the pull. >> who texts? everybody texts. who facetimed. >> oh, yeah. >> and in this class their devices aren't a distraction, they're their homework. >> what is this homework assignment. >> it's a digital chart. >> olivia did a lot of sheleepi, 12 hours. that's good. how many hours a day were you using digital media? >> eight hours a day which was surprising to me. >> so more than half of the hours you're awake you were on digital media. >> it was crazy. >> it seems the phones so many of us hold have a hold over us.
8:17 am
>> 12.5 hours total? >> yeah. i was like, oh, i should probably actually do something. >> their teacher, diana graber, did. >> think back to your previous digital diets. >> creating this class, now taught in 34 states. >> you teach a class called cyber civics. what is that? oh, sorry. >> it's learning how to use your devices respectfully and thought fully. >> there you go. >> there's a class happening in a few hours. >> let's try that again. when you walk around at the school here, do the kids look at you and say that's the teacher who wants to take away our phones? >> no, no, no, no. that's the teacher that lets us talk about our phones. >> one in three kids uses a phone before they can talk. by the time they're teens, they're on it 11 hours a day. but are smartphones making us smarter? think of it this way. a goldfish's attention span is only about nine seconds.
8:18 am
since 2000 the average human's attention span dropped from 12 to just 8 seconds. that's right, our attention span is now shorter than a goldfish's, and that's not all the science says. before internet addicted and look, pretty dramatic, right? in this mri machine, dr. david rosenberg, chief psychiatrist at children's hospital of michigan, says he can see a difference. >> look at what's happening in the brain's arousal reward system. >> he's studying two triplets, noah and samantha. she like most 14-year-olds won't put her phone down but mri reveals only noah is hooked. >> he stopped playing warcraft but replaced it with xbox. >> but i'm more active. >> what do you mean you're more active. >> and the brain on games looks a lot like a brain on drugs. >> they found ways just like nicotine and tobacco to hook us. >> dr. rosenberg recommends just
8:19 am
two hours total online for teens. >> and that assumes all homework and chores have been completed. >> back at journey school, students admit it's a process. >> my project is music of the renaissance, so i'm looking on youtube for the most popular songs. >> let me guess, when you're on youtube, you're not always looking for music. all of a sudden you're listening to -- >> like a banana song by the minions. >> still, their teacher, diana graber, is optimistic. >> i hope they go out and use their devices in powerful, wonderful ways, a lot of ways a lot of us forget they're designed to do. >> this is no joke addictive and there are lots of side effects. but there are a few simple things we can do to keep kids safe in the digital world and enjoying life in the real world. if you need your child to be in constant touch, start with an old school flip phone. try to avoid computer screens until they're 10 years old. ask your school to do the same. good luck.
8:20 am
parental controls are crucial. and then create tech-free zones for your family at home. as parents we have to keep up our end of the bargain. as another parent of a toddler, ain't so easy, right? >> 10 years old seems like a long time. >> really long time, sdedoesn't? >> but the max the doc is saying is two hours a day? >> and these kids are doing half the day, 12 hours a day. >> what are they doing online for 12 hours? >> i don't know. >> watching tv, they're doing it all. >> the goldfish thing is going to haunt me. >> the difference is you don't keep your kid in a plastic bag. mr. daly is in the orange room, carson, looking at what could be a major shift. >> my kid moved out of my house and into an apartment inside a fortnight yesterday. more on that later. today we're talking about the university of wisconsin at stevens point. they're planning to push a drop of 13 majors as a way to
8:21 am
increase enrollment and expand programs that have what they call a clear career pathway. let's dive into this. that means majors like english, history, philosophy, sociology would be dropped and they would expand programs like chemical engineering, finance, graphic design, management. these things might do you a little better in the work world, specifically in wisconsin. the university says here officially although some majors are proposed to be eliminated, courses would continue to be taught in these fields and minors or certificates would be offered. on wednesday the students there held a save our majors sit-in on the campus to protest this. they did 13 minutes for the 13 majors that would potentially be eliminated. people online as you can imagine joining in on this discussion. andy saying listen, in my business, i value the critical thinking and problem solving skills my employees learned in liberal arts classes and our university system should too. on the other side amy is saying there are schools around that offer these majors. don't see the harm in one school choosing to focus on something
8:22 am
else. we asked you on twitter, what do you think about the university's plan to drop some of those majors. right split down the middle as you might imagine. 53% disapprove, 47% have no problem with it. the university confirmed that students who are already pursuing one of the majors that's in question of being dropped, that they're going to have the opportunity to finish out their degrees. as of now the plan is still pending approval and the official review process is expected to begin in august. >> carson, you've got more coming up. you've got popstart. >> i do. actress margot robbie joined her cast mate elizabeth debecky doing an interview and much to margot's surprise, the reporter was none other than her brother, cameron robbie. so while margot was completely stunned that her brother is asking her questions, she urged -- he urged her to calm down, he got down to business and went right in on the hard-hitting questions.
8:23 am
>> i noticeded a lot of real life correlations between the character. she seems quite at times airy and dim-witted. >> does she? it's funny that what you took from her. i thought she was insecure and felt unheard perhaps amongst her siblings. >> a little bit dim-witted. >> interesting. >> i thought there was nice correlations between you two. >> that's funny. >> i call my sister dim-witted and she sits on top of me and tickles me. cameron is a real reporter for mtv. so a fun moment for the two of them. i'll move up to bruce springsteen, the boss extending his run on broadway. he made the announcement on twitter saying #springsteenbroadway is being extended through december 2018. december 15th specifically will be the final show of the
8:24 am
historic broadway run. he began his performances on broadway back in october. since then, he's extended the run several times but has now made it clear that december will be -- this will be the last time. that will do it. >> absolutely. >> after this no more. critics are now wondering whether the show will be considered for a tony award. >> has to be. >> those nominations are coming out in may. finally, mila kunis and kate mckinnon were on ellen degeneres and they played a game with ellen called speak out. they had to say a phrase with that large mouthpiece in but they had trouble getting to that because a case of the giggles kicked in. >> i can't do it. >> you are so much better.
8:25 am
>> patty poked that pig. >> were those snorts real? >> that was a real snort. >> a lot of drooling going on. there is a lot of drooling. if that's any sign, they're a great pair. >> do they do the whole movie with those in? >> i hope not. that comes out august 3rd. >> have you got your click? >> a little boy whose parents wanted him to enter his own birthday driving a toy car. he was not into it at all but it went down anyway. he wasn't into having it at all so he just kind of had a little protest there. eventually he would get up and greet his party guests and just let the whip park itself. this dog is a little lazy.
8:26 am
the dog didn't want to work up the energy for his daily walk. >> taking him for a drag. >> the owner was dragging him across the floor. come on,we )re in a microclimat weather alert - with rain coming dow good morn. we are still in that microclimate weather alert. as the rain is coming down pretty heavily at times this morning. this is a live look at 101 and palo alto. you can see the roadways are slick. meteorologist kari hall is tracking the storm. >> we're starting to get some clearing farther to the north. the north bay is finally getting a break here. in san francisco, an area farthest to the south, still some light rain, but the heaviest rain has moved into the east bay and the trivalley. so the rain will be cleared from west to east. as we go into the rest of the day, some isolated thunderstorms will be possible as some cold air comes down from the north and interactings with this atmospheric river. starting to see a couple of lightning strikes up there. i'll be watching that with some live updates as we go throughout
8:27 am
the day. >> it's wet and bart just announced a ten-minute systemwide delay. they're slowing trains so they can brake a little easier. brake a little easier on the roads as well because of tough conditions. look at how slow it is throughout the south bay. that rain causing people to tap the brakes. the rest of the bay, slow but steady, pretty much for the most part. but we have highway 13, a tree still down over at park boulevard. back to you. >> thank you, mike. we have more local news coming up for you in just a half hour. don't forget, you can take that radar with you to get the nbc bay area app.
8:28 am
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okay. welcome back, everybody. it's 8:30 on a thursday morning, march the 22nd. you guys, i'd like to say we have a monster -- >> it's a heck of a crowd. >> this is like a summertime crowd, isn't it? >> this is only spring break. >> right. this is crazy! >> let's get started. we've got a bunch of schools. come on over here. >> southwest wisconsin.
8:31 am
>> okay. come down here. we've got another crowd. >> we are from columbus, ohio. >> i'll come on down here. >> we are hopkins, michigan, choir. >> what are you singing? >> we are singing at st. patrick's cathedral. >> fantastic. and then we've got another choir over here. what's your school? >> way trace. >> what are you singing? >> st. patrick's cathedral. >> st. patrick's cathedral as well. there you have it. back to you guys. >> should we give a little shoutout for the people back here too? it's a big crowd here too. >> coming up here, a parade of hollywood stars on the show this morning. tyler perry and taraji p. henson teaming up for this new movie that has a lot of folks talking.
8:32 am
they are here to tell us about that. >> al, are you okay? taking a knee, need some water, what do you need? al just ran a small mile down there. someone else has a brand new movie in the building, patrick schwarzenegger. it's his first time as a leading man. we'll talk about the movie and also about how his family feels about that. and it's time to satisfy your sweet tooth with a no-bake oreo pie. al will show us how to make that. but first you have more to do, you've got the weather. >> let's show you what we've got going on right now and you'll see for today some heavy rain and mountain snows out west. we're going to be really worried about this for the next 24 hours. freeze warnings in the southeast. gorgeous day in through the great lakes and snow ending in the northeast and new england. heavy snow tomorrow in the mountain plains, fire threat still a problem down through west texas. sunshine through the gulf and plenty of sunny skies along
8:33 am
that's what's going on around the country. here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. >> good thursday morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. the bulk of the heavy rain we had earlier this morning is clearing from west to east. as we look at the bigger picture there's still some rain and some thunder and lightning farther to the north as some cold air dips into this atmospheric river. as we go through the rest of the day, we'll have a chance of thunderstorms. also some small hail. but this does clear in time for the evening commute and also the overnight hours with more scattered rain in the forecast for tomorrow, especially during the afternoon. that's your latest weather. these folks didn't get seen so let's make sure we get a look at that. all right, now let's head back inside to hoda. >> thank you, al. in tyler perry's new movie, taraji p. henson plays a scorned wife who is tired, sick and tired of standing by her man, but she can't quite seem to let it go. take a look. >> i would do anything for you.
8:34 am
and i did. and you lie and you cheat on me. i'm done with you. >> but is she really done? tyler, taraji, good morning. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> i popped the popcorn, i popped this movie in. glenn close, i'm scared of you! this role must have just been something that when you saw it, you thought to yourself, yes, i've got to do that. >> yes, and of course mr. perry here kind of sold me. he was like trust me, taraji, it's your glenn close and fatal attraction moment. i was like i'm in. i gotta do it. >> tyler, this is a movie that has been inside you. >> yeah. >> for a long, long time. what -- give people a taste of what this movie is about. >> you know, after doing "gone
8:35 am
girl" i wanted to do something different. i wanted to do a thriller and taraji was the only person that i thought could pull this off. this is just about what happens when you can't let go. what happens when you absolutely can't let go. you see things one way, you only see it that way. no matter what reality is, you only see it that way. i'm hoping people may see this and think i've got to let this go. but she's amazing in it. she's amazing as melinda. >> taraji, first of all, the story starts off with there's a younger version of you who falls in love. i think we've all been there. we've been with a dreamer, a guy who says just wait, honey, a little further down the road it's going to happen. and you just couldn't take it anymore. describe how you got into this character. >> i mean, you know, love makes you do crazy things, you know. i've been in situations where -- >> here we go. >> -- i look back and i go i might have been a little off there. >> what was i thinking. >> what was i thinking.
8:36 am
>> did you ever have one of those moments in your life where there was a guy who did you wrong, taraji, and you just said, you know what, though, i can't let it go? >> you can't. it's this rage that takes over. no, you know, i've never busted a car window. i have not, i have not. because i don't want to go to jail. >> that wasn't camera phones then so i don't know, i don't know. >> well, i've snatched a door to get in a building to see what was really going on. >> and what was really going on? >> what i thought. >> exactly. we've all had that. tyler. >> she was so good at it. she tapped into something playing this role and i was like she ain't acting like that. that is real. >> it's all the things i wish i could have done but never acted on, you know what i mean? >> because this girl does not hold back. >> no. >> tyler, who did you fashion this character after? >> easy now, easy now. >> i can't tell you, but i have counselled a lot of friends of
8:37 am
mine who were going through things and couldn't let it go in marriages. and i would see both sides. i'm like how are you seeing this from this one side of your brain. there's another side to this. so i wanted to write it just as a neutral person. first her telling her story to the therapist and then you think, wait a minute, she's telling the story and then you see what's really going on and you go wait a minute, something's wrong, something's off. >> and there is a mental illness component to this that you learn. it doesn't really dominate the movie. in fact throughout the movie i'm just nodding my head because i think if you've been with someone -- he promises you the world and then all of a sudden your world ends up in some other girl's lap. >> yeah. that hurts. that's a hard pill to swallow. when you've given up everything. >> when you were the one there in the trenches working side by side trying to make it happen. then the marriage ends but all of a sudden everything takes off for one person and doesn't take off for the other. >> like the great poet rick
8:38 am
ross, she was shooting with him at the gym. shooting at the gym. >> rick ross, i love it, big rick! >> tyler, you were at some auction house the other day. >> yeah. >> it was a little bit ago. blue ivy and you were going toe to toe. this was quite the moment for all of us. >> there was this acrylic painting of sydney portier that i was bidding on. she's taken a paddle out of jay's hand and beyonce's hand and she's outbidding. i'm like this kid is not outbidding me today. you're going to learn today, little girl, i'm getting this painting. but it was for charity so it was a great cause. >> did you get the painting? >> i got the painting. i could not be outdone by a 6-year-old. >> y'all, this movie is a thriller. >> tell them how good it is. >> it's very good. it's a tyler perry special and you've got taraji in it. "acrimony" hits theaters nationwide next friday, march the 30th.
8:39 am
coming up next, patrick schwarzenegger on making his debut as hollywood's leading man. but first, this is "today" on nbc. [nature sounds]
8:40 am
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♪ welcome back, everybody. patrick schwarzenegger takes on his first leading role. it's a new movie called "midnight sun." >> his character charlie falls in love with a young woman without knowing that she's suffering from a rare genetic disease that prevents her from going out in the sunlight. have a look. >> hi. what are you guys talking about? >> we were just getting to know each other. >> thank you so much for letting me take her out, mr. price. oh, don't forget your guitar case. i'll hold it for you. >> hold on a second. i want to get a picture of this. >> patrick schwarzenegger, good morning, mr. leading man. how are you? >> i'm doing great. good morning, thank you for having me.
8:42 am
>> we're so excited for you. your first leading role. >> thank you. >> give me a little hint of that audition. you walk in there, you know you want to nail it. >> yep. >> is your heart pounding? >> first of all, he's still in college. >> i was going to usc, i was getting my business degree and my cinematic arts degree. but the audition was great because you do the audition and then you do the director's read and the chemistry read is when you go in with the leading actress or actor and read with them. very fortunate for myself, bella thorn came and met me prior. >> hello. >> so she met with me for an hour. >> before the chemistry. >> which is probably a no-no. but for me it helped me become comfortable and more normal in the room because usually your heart is pounding. >> but at the prechem sistry re, how was the chemistry? >> it was great. she's such a great girl, so nice. it meant so much for me because she's been in this industry forever. just to help me feel comfortable, it really helped myself. >> so again, first time as a leading man. >> yeah.
8:43 am
>> so you walk onto the set, there are like 30 people around. it's kind of your and bella's film. >> yeah. >> how did you handle that? >> in the beginning it was nerve racking. i think it's normal to have nerves. when you go on the set and are looking around and everyone is staring at you waiting for you to do your job, you're like oh, my god, i can't screw up. but over time you become a family. everyone wants the same thing which is a great product, a great movie. >> you look great on screen. >> thank you. >> bella is great. she plays somebody with xp, a real life condition where she cannot go in the sun. she's loved you since you were a kid watching you. there's different feelings happening there. you've prepared for other roles. you were at ft. hood for three months for the military stuff. how do you prepare for a role like this? >> this guy, charlie, is someone who on the outside seems to have everything going for him. he's a great-looking guy, high school all star, swimming team. as you learn he's a little bit more internally lost. he lost his scholarship, which i can understand from going to school what that's like, working your butt off every day trying
8:44 am
to get that job. and, you know, this -- preparing for this role was way different than something like you said ft. hood where i'm living on the actual military base for three and a half months and becoming a soldier. so -- >> you studied xp? >> yeah. like you said in the first two-thirds of the movie it's unbeknownst to me. i didn't know what xp was until i read the script. doing the research on xp, meeting people that had xp, meeting with the organization, it's crazy. >> you've got a lot of fans, which it's got to be fun when you're walking down the street. and we were thinking it would be kind of cool if one of your craziest fans just called in. >> they're calling in now. >> i think we do have one of your number ones on the phone. hi, are you here to talk to patrick this. >> yes, i am. i was wondering if this film was for women of a certain age or just young girls? >> that is the voice of your mom, maria shriver. >> hi, mom. >> can't shake mom. >> maria, you went to the
8:45 am
premiere, maria. how was it watching your little boy on the big screen? >> oh, it was -- it was so exciting. of course my entire row, we were all sobbing, but the girls behind us were like -- i thought they might need paramedics, they were crying so hard. >> maria, he's cute and charming in 99% of the movie. there's a scene where he does find out about bella's condition and he shows some real acting chaup chops. what did you think about that? >> he works so hard, he takes acting classes, he studies all the time, he has partners, he really takes it seriously. so i think whatever he puts his mind to he'll accomplish because he's very dedicated, he has a great work ethic which is really important. he goes out and auditions all the time and gets rejected, he just keeps at it and gets better and better and i think that's what it takes. >> he's like, mom, it's my interview. >> i know, good-bye. >> we love you, maria.
8:46 am
>> love you, mom. >> love you, love you. come home safe, bye. >> by the way, did you get any acting tips from your dad? >> yeah. and kind of what my mom just said. the amount of times you get rejected and stuff in this industry, it's astronomical. so my dad is someone that's never give up. really if you could just fall asleep right now and create the best dream ever, what is that? go right that down and utilize every day to make that dream become a reality. >> good advice. >> but never give up. the amount of times he was told no, no, no, and he kept persisting through it. that's what you have to do in this industry. i've been told no so many times. so i'm so blessed to have this role, it's coming out today and it's just such a dream come true. >> you're great in it. >> don't you think we'll be seeing a lot of this kid? >> absolutely. i think later in life given your pedigree maybe politics. >> maybe. >> have you ruled out politics? >> i haven't ruled out anything. i'm 24 so i hope to have a long career path of everything i want
8:47 am
to do. but i would love to come back here. i'm so happy to get one of these mugs. i've always wanted one of these mugs. >> we need that back, by the way. >> i'll go to the gift shop. >> his movie opens tomorrow. just ahead, a very talented cook and very tasty dessert recipe that your family is going to love. first, this is "today" on nbc. does this map show the
8:48 am
peninsula trail? you won't find that on a map. i'll take you there.
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we're going to show you how to do it step by step. you've got the cookies, butter, cream cheese and some extract. you can do this in a food processor. you take, i don't know, a whole box of oar yore coreo cookies a basically pulse it. or put them in a plastic bag and give the kids a rolling pin and let them start whacking. you're just going to keep pulsing it. by the way, you're also going to put in a little butter here. >> come on, al. put a little bit in there. and then you put it back in. and then you're going to end up with something that looks like that. you put it in a pie pan and you're basically going to mush this down and smooth out the edges. then put this in the fridge and let it set for a while. >> what's a while, how long? >> whenever you get bored go back in. in the meantime -- maybe things are slow, i don't know.
8:51 am
you leave it in there. how crowded is the fridge? anyway, you're going to take some softened cream cheese and then take some confectioner's sugar. you're going to take some vanilla, take a little more salt, some vanilla extract. no, it's not healthy, it's good. and some -- this is about a week too late for st. patrick's day, all right? and then you're basically going to whip that together, okay? eventually it all whips together. down, boy! and then you're going to fold in some whipped cream. the other thing you can do, you can either whip your own cream or you can save some time and just buy it in the fan. >> sour cream and whipped cream? >> no, cream cheese. cream cheese and whipped cream, all right? you're going to fold that together. eventually it's going to look like this, all right? and now you take the candy there and chop it all up. you fold it in. now you've got it.
8:52 am
now, you go to the fridge, you remember what we put in the fridge. >> we remember. >> you bring it back out and then you're going to just spoon that in. >> al, that's so good. >> no oven. so you don't have to worry about the kids burning themselves. they can help you with that. you smooth it out nicely. now because there's not enough in here, we're going to take -- >> i'll take that. >> just like that. >> that is good. >> that's good, al. >> bam! >> and you put this back in the fridge for how long? whenever you want. until it's set. >> al, you've got to try it, it's really good. >> it is really good. >> see, look at this pie. >> who knew? >> and there you have it. we should also mention tastee is a part of buzzfeed, a company that nbc universal is an investor in. if you want the recipe head to
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he does the weather, he cooks. mr. roker also specializes -- >> put a little smucker's jelly on this and finish that off. let's celebrate some birthdays with the help of our friends at smuckers. happy 100th birthday. dewey reeves of phoenix city, alabama. he built a crib for each of his seven great grandkids. that's great. bert glover is from oxford, north carolina, a world war ii vet. 102 years old. still holds a valid driver's license, drives a little blue pickup truck around town and we salute you for your service, sir, thank you so much. happy 100th birthday to leon campbell of new york. my college roommate was from there. he said the secret to longevity,
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taking it one day at a time. ms. virginia may have franklin. frank, a proud veteran from ocean city, maryland, honored with many awards serving in the army including the bronze service star. happy 110th birthday to rochelle pope. secret to longevity, farm grown food every day. what's coming up at rain ha the santa cruz mountains. good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall, tracking this rain as it continues to move through the bay area. some of the heaviest rain shifted to the east bay and south bay wipe tapering off farther to the north. issues as it is heavy rain continues into the delta and the east bay and trivalley and also some heavy rain for the south bay. for the north bay, we have a flash flooding warning in effect
8:57 am
for son momoma county. we've had numerous reports of residual street flooding from the rain that moved through earlier this morning. also, we've got five vehicles stuck. that's been happening just north of sonsonoma, also a few thunderstorms. >> all that rain is falling hard in the santa cruz mountains. at times, it seemed like it was coming sideways. you can go to our twitter feed to some some of the video. one of the patients injured yesterday in the gun battle in the barber shop has died. we don't know the identity of the person who died. we do know the officer who was shot in the leg is still in the hospital. complete news coming up in our midday newscast at 11:00. countrn
8:58 am
violence - by marching on washington. and it )s going to happen here. the plans for the bay area, and the message from those involved. tomorrow on )today in the bay ) join us - 4:30 to 7 a-m. good morning, it )s 7:26...
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